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I think this is a sad farce, the spectators don’t care, and the starring role has nowhere to go. If you want to scold the Virgin, you can scold it. I used to go to Teacher Li and said something that I felt that he might even make his debut and be ridiculed by the group. It doesn’t matter. Once upon a time, I also voted for Mr. Li, and then I stopped after the first pick was released because I thought he was right. He really shouldn’t be standing there. I’m not in a good mood right now, so the writing may be a bit messy and there is still a lot of nonsense, please forgive me. This draft was a complete accident on Teacher Li’s life. He thought he could go on a round trip, but he didn’t expect to be dug out of the carrot pit by the public. Whether it’s a first round or a second round, Mr. Li’s time is not too long. He can still return to the life he wants, but now he stays in the finals, and his popularity is praised too much. Taller. I’m very confused. I don’t know whether Mr. Li will make a good debut or not. When he debuted, he will live a completely different life from before, will have a lot of money and better resources, and will be able to realize his dreams more easily. But what about those who failed to debut, those who got stuck? For example, Bo Yuan, who is stuck in this round, is he bad? Isn’t he miserable or inspirational? Is his life easy? Are his efforts and dreams worthless? Then why did he miss his dream? But he won’t make his debut? He does not make his debut, and within a short period of time, he will not be able to return to the life he wants. He can’t even travel openly, because he will be recognized and surrounded by groups, and his dream is not a good way to go. Teacher Li doesn’t think he deserves to stand there. He doesn’t do the same for singing, dancing and rap, but some people think he is good. He is not the only one for the vase. Singing can be practiced, rap has a rap load, and dancing can be given to two dance kings. , Especially Riki is very good at Tibetans, what I see most is anyway Riki is afraid of such remarks. But why should Riki make sacrifices for this kind of thing? Backward compatibility is not easy. Teacher Li and Wang Xiaochen really couldn’t leave if they wanted to go, and couldn’t stay if they wanted to stay. Let’s talk about personally, Wu Hai. He is handsome and dances well. He is Lin Mo and Boyuan’s dance teacher, but he stopped in the third round. Is he really good enough? No, he is already very well, he is just out of luck, he was discovered too late, and there was no time for him to rush up. I sometimes think that Mr. Li should be under a lot of pressure to stand in that position, because he said from the first release that he is standing there because he is good enough, many people are stronger than him. He may feel that he is blocking the dreams of others. Teacher Li is now, and I can really see that he really has no ambitions. He is 27 years old and has lived in China for many years. I don’t think he really understands anything, he just doesn’t want to, but This time he really entered and left the Taoist position, so he was really panicked and angry. I have seen some people say that Teacher Li has a bad news and thinks that internal entertainment is about the same as Hanyu. Isn’t the things he will do in the future just the way internal entertainment? I think to be honest, even the things he will do in the future are not necessarily what he likes, and what he wants to do is just satisfying you. He should have truly felt your love for him, and in order to repay your love, he will do those things, in order to continue to let you see him. I have always felt that it is very uncomfortable to be pushed to a result that I don’t want after I express my refusal. He couldn’t help it. And I was one of the accomplices in this farce.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Did not touch his bottom line. So everything is easy to discuss. What’s the bottom line? Don’t get into a group if you say it a hundred times. Sanshun had a black face throughout this issue, and he was already angry when he spoke the word “sense of measure”. From his perspective, what does this mean? When Sanshun replied to comments on Weibo a few days before the recording, he knew that everyone only wanted him to enter the finals and did not want him to form a group. He chose to believe it and promised everyone, “You can continue until the end of the show.” Before the recording, Sanshun One day (probably), Qing Lian’s sister station called him “Leloxiu! 12 of you!” I guess that’s why he took the initiative to say “I’ll go.” when he was about to announce the 12 names. Prior to this, he had always been mentally prepared. He is ready to accept the 12th place. However, the reality is good for grabbing horses, good fellow, it’s time to go in and out. From his point of view, he feels that fans have “broken their promises.” “I’m particularly scared.” I remember this sentence very clearly. He usually doesn’t use extreme words like “special” in his usual words. Generally, he is “okay” and not “too” happy. I was thinking, it should be very, very, very scared. He was afraid that he would really be sent to the debut position. Regardless of what is planned outside, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t make his debut in a high position, or whether he’s making his debut. From his perspective, “They really seem to send me out.” That’s why he said, “I believe you have a sense of measure.” People.” I shed many tears because of his powerlessness, and I still can’t sleep. What else can he say besides saying I believe you? He was particularly scared, but he could only comfort himself optimistically and trust them. Maybe he had only the negative “I’m so tired and want to get off work” before, but this time he will have the fear of waiting for death before going to the execution ground. I can’t sleep, just talk more about some things. I said earlier that he happened to be the type of person I knew best. Until now, almost all the attitudes and behaviors of Lelouch I have seen are in my expectation. Let me make a bold guess about his mental state when he did not show up for 20 minutes on the day of the Weibo comment. That day, I squatted on Weibo all the way. Before I started, I flipped through Weibo comments. What would he think when he saw these comments? I think I might be shy, turning over the comments and speechless. After entanglement, I reluctantly accept the inexplicable love of so many strangers in his opinion, and then reluctantly accommodate them again. Then five minutes…ten minutes…twenty minutes…to be honest, I got a little angry when I didn’t reply in 20 minutes. In fact, it is more disappointment. It’s disappointment and anger at myself. I think I’ve misunderstood the person. If I don’t reply to a sentence for 30 minutes, then he is not the gentle person I think. He is far more indifferent and unfeeling than I thought. Later, he seriously responded to some comments, and even turned to some comments that were not like anything at all and responded. Ah, my mood became clear in an instant, and I tried my boyfriend with you, and then my boyfriend chose the direction you expected to be so clear! On the spot, he rolled over to the little window and shouted with the little sister: “Leloxiu! I love it!” Even though all kinds of stalkers in the super chat are playing, he said that he has no phone bills, and he went to see a thousand beauties and called the embassy. They made money…I believe even more that in those twenty minutes, he read every comment seriously. If I remember correctly, this should be the first time he has communicated with fans without any time difference. And understand that this support is not malicious, so even if he does not want this blessing, he still tries to respond to this love and to accommodate this love. In my opinion, before the Weibo comment, it was the crematorium chasing his wife, but on the day of the Weibo comment, my wife was chased! After that, he really did his best to satisfy the fans without touching the bottom line. This warmth and transparency is what fascinates me most. Ah… Yan is an unexpected harvest… I didn’t expect him to be so good-looking… The more you get to the back, the more you look at him, the more I feel that such a good person should have a good ending. At least it is a happy ending. It is precisely because he is worth it that I don’t want to see him unhappy. I don’t know if he chose the right path, but I know he must be unhappy not to let him go his own way. I just want him to be happy on the day of the team because he successfully went to the island. All the wind and rain in the outside world are secondary. He feels that happiness is better than anything else.

7 months ago

After reading everyone’s answers, they are all analyzed from the perspective of fans. As someone who is barely popular, let me provide a bit of perspective from the perspective of “public figures” themselves. I have been watching this teacher Li for a long time. At first, I thought it was fun, but now I can’t help but see him in the spotlight. Seeing that he is about to be tied up for his debut, I am very helpless, and I am deeply touched. Suddenly, I thought of the last year’s elder sisters who were backlashed by the heat, and even my face was as big as a pot of leaps and bounds, and I remembered myself who had been highly concerned for several days on the cusp of the heat in January. Fans love the people they admire and hope that they can become popular because every fan knows that a high degree of attention (that is, “red”) can give a person visibility, and visibility can do many, many things. Their starting point is really good for this person, there is nothing wrong with it. But the problem is that most of the fans have never been popular or formed into groups-and as long as they have not personally experienced the traffic of tens of millions and hundreds of millions, they will never know what a popular person will face. What is the huge price, and I don’t know how to be a group is an involuntary experience of “selling the soul”; I don’t even know that a red person wants to develop sustainably after hedging the price. It is so difficult to use this popularity to do things without losing money. First of all, when you become popular, every word and every action you make, whether publicly or privately, will be exposed and will be scrutinized by everyone who cares about you. Many bamboo shoots will say that Mr. Li is standing upright, what are you afraid of! But in fact, many things that seem outrageous in the eyes of the public are due to industry requirements, which are basically daily (for example, we will stand by for public opinion on the Internet 24 hours a day and night, because you people eat melons online day and night. Surfing formed such a requirement). Once this kind of thing is judged by tens of millions of people across the country, it will be made a fuss and become a negative incident at any time. For example, today Zhang Meng was scolded for sending WeChat to employees at four o’clock and asking why he didn’t reply after three hours at seven. This kind of reality requires you to be nervous at all times, have a strong public relations acumen, and understand that some things should not be used for the public to see, otherwise it is easy to say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing. Here is the simplest example: Artists use Mango Channel as a tool for recording variety shows. They often record until two or three o’clock, and then get up at seven or eight the next morning to do makeup and hair. This schedule, are you tired or sleepy? It must be tired and sleepy. But as long as you dare to say a word about this tired feeling, congratulations, you already have the potential to be cut into a hot tool by the show crew. Whether you are really cut, it depends on whether you still have the value of continuing to exist in this show, and whether you have a good relationship with the show crew. Under this kind of extremely high heat, you must be nervous every day. Although it’s okay to get nervous like this for a couple of days occasionally, if this becomes something you will do every day when you open your eyes for the next two years, are you still happy? Many fans will also say that this problem can of course be solved by signing a company to sign a professional team and letting the team help you deal with these things-but once this happens, you can no longer remain yourself, but accept the professional team. You can choose and “build”, and then selectively hide a part of your true self that you may cherish, and then continue to work hard to enlarge some of the parts that you may not have much value, but the public likes very much. This state of “cannot be yourself” is also quite counterintuitive.

7 months ago

Lelouch hasn’t seen Creation 101, hasn’t everyone seen it either? Haven’t seen Genesis 1 or heard of Wang Ju? When Wang Ju was released for the third time, he was second and ranked 15th in the finals. Isn’t this the current Lelouch’s script? Don’t understand? The meaning of Lei Lu Xiu is that the ranking is near him, or near the debut position, hurry up and spend money! Vote now! Otherwise, Liluxiu will make his debut! The question is, will the goose let Liluxiu make his debut? Of course not! Most of the eleven debut positions were decided early, and there are only three or four positions left, which is for fans to quickly spend money to vote! For example, in this issue of Boyuan, which is more obvious, isn’t this an obvious reminder! All aspects of Boyuan’s data and his own abilities are worthy of a debut position, but here is the card for you. As a Boyuan fan, do you have to spend money to death? This is the goose’s routine. By the same token, the high-ranking ones should also have a sense of crisis. The latter are working hard. Although you have made a stable debut in the front, who doesn’t want your brother and brother to make a high debut, after all, the ranking determines the future resources. Lelouch is the catfish. He is not the last salmon to hit the market, but he can make salmon fans die. This is the goose’s arrogance. What are the benefits of these things to Lelouch? In fact, it’s not good…If he doesn’t make it to the finals, his popularity is already there. Raising him to the tenth position does not make any sense to him. Does anyone remember that Wang Ju once ranked second? Has this ever been the second one does not affect her future resources. Therefore, if you want to scold you, you can scold the goose, and then spend money while scolding. After all, your brother and brother are in the hands of the goose. As for the bamboo shoots who want to continue to vote for Liluxiu, that is the freedom of others. It is nothing more than to save face. After all, you can’t let the last 25 of Liluxiu, and the bamboo shoots don’t have that much money to buy a Taoist position, so don’t snipe.

7 months ago

Put a part about Lelouch in your other answer. I have always thought that the probability of his debut is quite high (I don’t agree with this thing much), but after looking at it in the past few days, the hope has become increasingly diminished. As everyone knows, Genesis 4 is really “popularly elected” by Liluxiu. My “popular election” does not mean that he was really voted by the people (carried out by the people), but to indicate the scope of the circle. The out circle range is very limited, after all, it is very vague. Weibo is just a marketing software, but rs actually doesn’t mean much. Moreover, most of the rs of Lelouch are bought by geese. Why is it that the goose bought it? Because the popularity of any student in the creation is actually not at the level of entering the top 30 in a period of high traffic. And geese buy rs, never below 20. Why is it becoming increasingly slim? Because if Goose really wants him to make his debut, the character will not be so single. You can say that the social animal people who don’t want to go to work are very novel and interesting, but why the story line is called the story line because it needs to be progressive. If the goose wants him to join the group, they must start paving the way for him last week. Make an analogy. When the geese have negotiated, they will fix a new line for Liluxiu, arrange preparations or rely on editing, string up the friendship line between Liluxiu and the upper circle, and announce “I used to be timid because I felt unworthy, but The founder gave me the courage to dream” and other similar speeches, or let go of “take one step at a time” and so on. But so far, he hasn’t. Why I am inclined to his boss and goose did not negotiate, but negotiated with other platforms? Because of over-marketing. Goose is a big marketing player and a veteran of public opinion monitoring. The difference between marketing and over-marketing is clear. Long-line fishing for big fish and small gains are popular. Goose must give priority to big fish and discard small gains. However, to build a big fish, it needs to be packaged and cherished feathers. for example. Xiaosun loves to eat fish and meat. Recently, I have been spending money to buy it. Of course, it is a little appetite to let Xiaosun spend money for a long time, right? But there is no way, the fish in this pond will be taken away by others next month, so I want to make some money, so I can’t hold the fish in front of Xiaosun every day to tempt her to buy it quickly. Goose has been constantly buying for Lee Road repairers recently, and it will over-consume personal design (after all, the goose has not laid new lines for him) and aesthetic fatigue. Hot search for this thing, how many people can look at it one by one every day? Everyone was fresh the first time and twice, how many people actually clicked in now? Don’t trap yourself in your meal circle and think about problems. Weibo is a circle, star fans are a small circle, chasing idols is a smaller circle, and chasing is a smaller circle. If the goose signed Lilu Xiu privately, he would be reluctant to squeeze him into his thin storyline, and would plan for him, or at least consider it for him in the future. Goose now has no intention of extending and enriching the points of Lee Road Repair. It is not planning for him to just hold on to death. The goose didn’t make a deal with the boss of Lelouch, and people were tempted to go to another platform, so the goose naturally didn’t care where Lelouch left to create. He could use it as long as he was still with him, and eat at this time. If you don’t have a big fish, you have to put a long line to suffer a big loss? Imagine if I were his boss. I have such a cheap agent in my hand and I was hit by big luck. Goose wanted me to sell Liloxiu to other companies for two years, promising to give my artists a small chance in the future. Then my eyes rolled: What a small chance, Lei Lu Xiu’s popularity, even if the goose gives me a small opportunity to other artists, I can’t reach it. Besides, how long can Lei Lu Xiu’s popularity last? Wait two years. After returning to my hands, only the leftovers were left. I was stupid to sell. At this time, other platforms handed over the olive branch, telling me that they are good to discuss, I don’t need to sell, Lelouch is still mine, they just borrow it for a while and pay for it from time to time. Then this heat can be used faster for me, and realized faster, I break the company and break the network, what is the use of resources, money is the right way to the palm of my hand!

7 months ago

The first time I saw Lelouch ranked 12th, I was shocked + gloating. The second time I saw him ranked 10th, it was a mixed feeling and mixed feelings. Lelouch brought the most impact to the audience. You can’t easily convince yourself, simply bring it into a decision, and then feel at ease. On the contrary, you are constantly in conflict: should I support him? Should I ignore him? Should I pay for the opinions of other fans? Should I be ashamed of my behavior? Should I empathize with his feelings? I should… none of these things have a definite answer. Recently, I saw the blood and blood on Weibo and the operating staff of the Lilu Xiu Fan Club collapsed. They felt that they had paid too much but did not get any response. The live broadcast Lili teacher didn’t even bother to sing a song, and only hoped to get off the island. I understand the breakdown of this subcutaneous blogger, and I want to hug her and tell her not to put so much pressure on myself. A lot of things are like this. It’s fun to watch, and it’s fun to taste everything. But once you get caught up in it and bind it to certain parts of yourself, it will start to change its flavor and worry about gains and losses. It’s the same as falling in love. When I am ambiguous, my heart is often moved, I have invested too much, and I start to struggle to pay in return. But the sand that you can’t hold, the tighter you pinch it, the faster it will pass. Once they don’t have fun with each other, it’s a sign of separation. He still didn’t want to regard Liluxiu as a tool man, or he didn’t want to be a profound and sober expert in the world. It’s an ordinary player who can’t help but get an inappropriate script.

7 months ago

Every time I see a clip related to Lelouch, it makes me uncontrollably irritable. Yes, it is irritability. But it was not because of Lei Lu Xiu, but because of his group of “bamboo shoots”. It was a kind of sympathy, helplessness, and irritation that I saw that a bird that should have been free was locked in an iron cage, but I could do nothing. From the beginning to the present, Sun Si has always been a group with low empathy, likes to be hard for others, wishful thinking, and good at self-moving. I can’t even understand why this group appeared. “Thank you for your love, but I don’t want you to vote for me”, “I don’t like to sing and dance”, “I don’t want to be a group”, “I’m tired”, these words Lelouch said every time, he did so. Many times, so clearly express the idea of ​​wanting to go to the island, have you ever listened carefully to the bamboo shoots? No. How should he express his attitude? How to communicate with those who want to go their own way? He gave everyone the utmost respect, whether it was his teammates, or those who booed and voted for him for unintelligible reasons, or the goose factory, but did they give him a little respect? No. He once said, “If the tree is old, if it is changed forcibly, it will be broken”, and he is no longer young. Indeed, he signed a contract with Tencent to join the game, and those who voted for him are also in the rules. But now that you have voted, don’t use the name of “airy road repair” or “for the sake of road repair”, which is disgusting. After all, the basic principle of love is respect. Respect his ideas and listen to his wishes. If one day, this white birch from Russia is really broken, it will be the result of every “sunshine” that is carnival now. This is really an age of entertainment to death. He tried so sincerely to communicate with those who “like him” time and time again, but it only became a stalk in their mouths. They talked about jokes after a meal. They celebrated in the name of “being good for him” and moved themselves. , Even angry at him-really ridiculous. Those “fans” who voted for him, if one day, you will also fall into the same situation as him-life cannot be controlled by yourself, you can only hope that those who have never lived with him still have a basic sense of “provision”. , I hope you can fully appreciate all the absurd and ridiculous that he was forced to experience, as well as his incomprehension, fear, powerlessness, and anger. Lelouch once said that he was a “very pessimistic person,” and he was used to thinking about bad things when he encountered things. Those who support him on a whim may not realize that some experiences can change a person tremendously and can even affect his life. I have no feelings for Lelouch himself, but now I feel sorry for him from the bottom of my heart. I hope that after this show, he can live the life he wants as he wants. If he forgets this experience, he will not feel sad and completely disappointed in human nature. People shouldn’t be like this. People can’t do this. Finally, I want to say to Lelouch’s “fans” that respect is mutual. Only when you respect others will others respect you. To be honest, some look at the attitudes and comments of most Russian netizens on this matter. I also have Russian friends around me. Some, like Liloxiu, were very interested in the country and culture of China. “Why can’t they just take his words as he said?” My Russian friend once asked me very puzzled. I don’t know how to answer. Of course you can also say as before, “I don’t care about Mr. Li’s thoughts, I still care about the Russians’ thoughts?”, but it is also a fact that these people are embarrassed and lost abroad. Looking at your own fan names, it seems that you also know that you are the most polite and only worthy of being degraded “lost”. Discuss seriously. What is your behavior? It is his greatest restraint that Lei Lu Xiu does not get angry or curse on TV. Do you think that Lei Lu Xiu will thank you after he leaves the island? If one day you really see Li Lu Xiu, don’t let him know about you. Used to be a member of “Sun Silk”. His reaction is likely to break your heart. Ha ha. In that case, it’s appropriate to say “deserves it”. Lelouch is a Russian after all, this matter can be big or small. Attention has risen repeatedly in Russia, and it has been used by people to call it East Asian sweatshops, and Tencent will not be able to please. A considerable number of people on Zhihu seem to believe that Lilu Xiu will eventually let go. Let me put it here. As long as you make your debut, you still need to sign another contract. As long as Tencent doesn’t force it, Liluxiu will never be a group. It’s a pity that he was dragged by someone and wasted a month of his life doing things he didn’t like.

7 months ago

Since ancient times, human beings have liked watching animal performances, watching dolphins heading balls and lions piercing rings. In recent years, thinking has improved. More and more shots are aimed at the whip marks on monkeys and the lost smile of beluga whales. : Reject animal performances, and don’t base your happiness on the suffering of other creatures. Later, the animals on the stage were replaced by humans, and people liked to watch them sing and dance. Every human being wants to be the most dazzling in the circus. For this reason, they practice day and night. People who like them also spend a lot of money for this wish. At this time, a human figure attracted the attention of the audience: he shrank in the corner, struggling to escape the circus. Why would anyone not want to stay in the circus? Everyone thought he was struggling very interesting, so they kept voting for him to keep him a little longer. So he was forced to practice the dance he didn’t like, and was forced to appear on the stage. Everyone knows that he will not become the most dazzling human in the circus, his strength is not enough, he has not received enough money, and the circus owner will not allow it. So what? He was still nervous and apprehensive, worried about standing in a position that didn’t belong to him. After the tension and panic, the crowd dispersed. There will always be the next interesting human being, this time it will be the human who will say “I don’t want to be in a group”, next time it will be a human who sings badly, and next time it will be a human who likes to cry. “I don’t want to be in a group” he said again, in exchange for louder laughter from people who hadn’t detested him.

7 months ago

I quite like Teacher Li, but I really hate some bamboo shoots. Teacher Li is a kind and sober person. Even if he doesn’t like the stage anymore, he will work hard for his teammates. Knowing that he doesn’t like it or not suitable for debut, I have been persuading everyone not to vote from beginning to end. But what about bamboo shoots? The atmosphere at the beginning was pretty good. Everyone had the mentality of being a shooter and supported them when they had time. It’s best not to spend more than two yuan. But then the taste gradually changed, and it began to become [Ms. Touli is fighting against the capital and against the geese] [Ms. Li must be sent to make his debut] One answerer said that it was quite right. Now Mrs. Li is like a circus. The lion obviously wants to leave this ghost place very much. He tries his best not to perform and hopes to be free. However, if the audience wants to keep him, he likes to watch him perform hard and unhappy, and even pretend to be good for him. He strives for better conditions. But he is really in pain! What’s the difference between this approach and the kind of parents who force their children to read that they don’t like professions, and think that they are for the sake of their children’s good parents? I think I am fighting against capital, but in fact it has long become the biggest chess piece of capital. At the end of a carnival, the owner of the circus is full of profits. The audience who feels moved to save a lion, and the tired lion, the mentality exploded. Going farther, if Mr. Li is really in a group, then according to the urinary nature of the goose, there is a high probability that he will perform on the satellite TV this year. Maybe he will also open the whole wheat. Then the real passerby will be the teacher. What attitude? Lu people don’t care if you voluntarily form a group, no matter how funny you were at the beginning, they will only see [Why does this person make a debut?], or even open wheat madly. Is this really what fans want to see? In addition, half a year later, a year later, how many bamboo shoots will continue to pay attention to Mr. Li? Self-righteous made a decision for others, you can pat your ass and leave at any time. All the pain and abuse must be borne by a person who doesn’t want to be a group. Is this really [like him]? Bamboo shoots to the finals, it’s almost alright, let him go home.

7 months ago

Just take one of my answers from other places: take a step back and get more angry. I will now be passionately here to insult the Antarctic bastard: You are really trying to get money by any means. The word was carved on the forehead. Why I don’t like to watch auditions is because I don’t feel the show crew’s respect for the audience’s IQ in this kind of show. It is said that the national producer made a debut by voting, but in fact, which time is actually ranked according to the truth of the vote? The fakers don’t care at all. The audience can see it and make it clear: What do you see, don’t people in my hands want to give me money? This is the first time I have watched the draft, and I didn’t follow it seriously-people are too lazy to worry about the players every day. But I was still shocked by the complexity of the rules of the current draft. Before that, I defined the draft as a super girl-one person, one vote, the phone can vote every day, and soliciting votes is to send friends and relatives to send text messages. As a result, I understand the current draft rules. Good guys: Everyone has votes every day, VIP has extra votes, and there are votes for sponsored products. In addition to the main list, there are derivative shows. You can only shoot before you vote, and then there are this and that. Rankings-each has to spend money, each has to vote, fans are rolling around for the shots/middle shots that may only be a few minutes, and it is still a completely fanciful middle shot, the real passers-by are not at all Will pay attention. I was really shocked—Isn’t this really putting the word asking for money on the face? Is it really just to make money and don’t need a bit of face? I really admire the people who really feel like chasing the draft, sincerely-I like it so much to tolerate so many inexplicable rules and support every day for others. Speaking back to this ranking: Teacher Li 10 Zhang Jiayuan 11 Boyuan 12, I can see it as a person watching a talent show for the first time, this is urging Zhang Jiayuan and Boyuan fans to vote, just shouting “Did you see? Your brother” It’s dangerous, come and vote”, I almost reached under the fan’s nose to ask for money. People like me who watched the draft for the first time can see it. I don’t believe that the old fritters of the two fan clubs can’t see the trickiness-but what’s the use? Goose made it clear and told you: I dug a pit here, and you are the pit. Do you dare not jump? Anyone with a brain can see that there is more than 80% probability that Teacher Li will not make a debut. But as a fan of the other two people, you really dare to believe that he will not make his debut? Do you really dare to let go regardless of not making money? Impossible, this is really a degraded prisoner’s dilemma. You know that the goose is going to die. You know that as long as everyone doesn’t beat the goose, this trick is useless, but no matter how you scold the goose, you still have to beat the money. Because the person is in his hands and you can’t be sure that other families don’t make money. In the same way, the goose is not afraid of it because of this. The Antarctic beast is like a scammer, or a scammer who is too lazy to pretend: the scammer who swindles the old man’s money has to be sweet to make the old man happy. You guys are fools, eh, don’t fools have to come and send me money.” I don’t even bother to say about the previous rankings. Those Minghuanghuang’s blatant ones, and the whole network can’t see a few fans who have been dangling in high positions-the most ridiculous thing is that everyone actually accepted them and mentioned that they are “the debut set by the capital.” Bit”. I’m numb, isn’t this a voting show? Who gave these disgusting so-called “capitals” the confidence to make their way out? Is there really no law that can sanction this kind of fraud? This kind of talent show really treats the audience as idiots, and doesn’t mind that the face of asking for money is exposed to the public. For the ten thousandth time, I am thankful that I really don’t have a real sense of true feelings. Pick is purely fun-otherwise it’s hard to imagine how much I will suffer in this situation.

7 months ago

Anyway, I will not vote anymore. The suffocation of being forced to do things I don’t want to do, I can’t accept the feeling of empathy. Maybe you want to say that whether I accept it or not has no effect at all. I know, I can’t predict whether he will be put into the eleven people. Or maybe I’m as lacking in information as Liluxiu, and I don’t know if it’s the most beneficial for him to make his debut in a group, or if it’s happier to be an employee of a goose than to be an amateur. Regardless of Lelouch or me, they have no effect in front of capital. Some people think that they are in control of other people’s lives, but in fact they are just a tool of capital. So I sincerely wish Teacher Li good luck, that he can escape from this deformed ecology and do what I want to do. But apart from voting, there is no intersection in our lives, so I don’t care about how he will live in the future. I have received dozens of days of happiness from him, which is good for me. For the rest, I’ll be a theatergoer to see how this bizarre drama ends.

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