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In a word: After watching this issue, I was finally able to reconcile with all the players of “Chuang”, reconciled with the production team, reconciled with the fans, reconciled with the tears, reconciled with the elimination, and reconciled with myself. I know that this journey is about to end, and all you bring to me are joy. Nothing else but thanks. “Creation Camp 2021” Sanshun released, unexpectedly joyful. I mean, I thought I would be stabbed to death, broken defenses, and crying so badly that I didn’t look like it. However, none of them. You know, I started all the psychological constructions from the three-day notice, gave myself a lot of vaccinations, prepared a crash warning, and looked down on all kinds of “life and death” dramas… However, what was unexpected is that , Those emotions that thought the world would fall apart, no. Really do not have. In many, many points worthy of sensation, it is light, soft, and even sad. It’s like a movie with a tragic background, but laughs and scolds falsehood. It’s like a person on the verge of “death”, but he smiled and said to me, humiliation, why are you crying and crying? You see, the girl on the opposite side is so beautiful, she can catch her breath and live in a mess, but it’s so damn good. They were so clear that even the slightest heaviness seemed out of place. I saw the “anti-routine” of the production team. They didn’t want to make the last elimination before the clearance so bloody and lifeless. There have been too many tears in the previous one-to-two games. On the contrary, Sanshun is dazzling, impulsive, helpless and uncontrollable. In 120 minutes, 110 minutes of joy and 10 minutes of deepness. Of course it is sad, because parting is sad after all. Asking but not wishing is not satisfactory. But it is sincere. Just like for human beings, immortality is not a blessing or a curse. Only when your destiny ends, you will recognize the meaning of the process and learn to cherish what is worth cherishing. During the 81 days in the camp, the ups and downs of the hearts approached each other, not because the fate was worry-free, but because the future was uncertain and life or death was unknown. You and I were in a small boat, ups and downs, and it became deeper. Outsiders can’t see those pressures, sufferings, and growing pains, only they can see each other, understand and understand each other best. Because they are all like this. In the ninth issue, I shed the first tears in 10 minutes, for the sake of Bo Yuan. In variety shows, family interviews are always a heart-to-heart link. You can pretend to be a mature adult, but you cannot pretend to be a perfect family. Many of us are bearing the mark of our original family. It is so heavy, so heavy that sometimes you feel that the person who loves you the most can really hurt you the most. You try your best to find an understanding, but what they return to you is always cold-eyed. Boyuan waited for a long time before he waited for his parents to say sorry. Sorry, we shouldn’t stop you, sorry, we don’t understand you, sorry, we just start to understand you now. Mom and Dad, what I’m sad about is that there are millions of people trusting me in this world, but you are not there? I like this part of watching movies at Datongpu. It took me through the childhood of the players. And it is important because everyone is unique. Maybe the idol industry has turned them into a stereotyped appearance, but outside of the packaging, his origin, his temperament, the city he grew up in, the character of his parents, even the decoration of his home, the furnishings of his room, Tell me quietly, who he is, how he got here, and become himself. I like Zeng Hanjiang’s family. A proud trophy showing his son’s rap award, a confession that you are king in our hearts, and telling Mika that you are welcome to Chengdu. This is a loving and warm family. I understand why Mika said that Zeng Hanjiang is very firm. He does not change his ideals or what he wants to do because of anything, because there is always someone behind him who will firmly support him. I also like the anticipation and anxiety of every player when they see their family members, and the undisguised true feelings revealed. Something ran out under the leak-proof exterior. Xiao Jiu’s mother and sister are so warm. They remind me of my Southeast Asian friends. They are the same tough, warm and optimistic. They will always say hi to you in the camera, always confident, cheerful, brave and firm, and always have abundant love in their hearts. . I like that they hug and fall asleep after seeing each other’s family. On the night before parting, don’t go to bed alone, but use the day to exchange memories. Qing Lian, I believe he has passed the most memorable 20 years of his life. When I was 20 years old, I was doing an internship with my friends in the field. They asked me what kind of cakes I liked, and introduced them to celebrate my birthday without my knowledge. We had a “snowball fight” with the cakes. Everyone in the photo was messy but wept with laughter. It was the best birthday in my life because of the people with me. There are also lively pajama parties, gift exchanges… I think, after all this, the elimination and farewell after this is no longer important. Wu Hai said, I want to stay here because I want to stay with you two more weeks. I want to form a group because I want to stay with my friends. Zhou Keyu said that no matter where I am, I will do my best for this team. Zando said, I am in the top three with my friends, so the ranking doesn’t matter. From a certain moment on, boy after boy lost his mind. At the end of the Riki team on the cruise ship, Yin Haoyu took pictures of the sea and the music rang. I suddenly felt that the wind on Haihua Island came to me through thousands of miles. It’s salty, astringent, full of coarse sand, and the sun makes people unable to open their eyes. How do you say that? Rampage 20 years old. Just like them. I think, I really reconciled, and all the anxiety and panic disappeared in this blue. Even if I was only once in my life at the age of 20, I would never go back, it would stay in my memory forever. Whenever I think about 20 years old, I will remember the madness with my friends, and remember the youthful and fearless self. The world is so big, let’s break together, what are we afraid of, right? Even at this moment, a few years later, I haven’t handed in a full score to my 20-year-old self. Of course, I can’t do it. I still live a flat life, always safe and stable, and occasionally unwilling, grievances and freedom are there. Unexpectedly, I can really see so many stories in a variety show, which is more exciting than a growth series. The three-dimensional me, because they have made unexpected changes, try things I have never tried or have given up. After reading this issue, I have written and deleted, but I have been unable to write the answer for a long time. There was a song that sang, “Words have never expressed my feelings for a ten-thousandth.” At the moment near the end of the show, I didn’t seem to have my thoughts ready to say goodbye. But I know that I can say goodbye calmly, just like them.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This year’s creation camp made me discover that I am a very loving person. Zhan Mingda and Riki, but I also like the other brothers. I think AK Liu Zhang, Mika, Qing Lian, Yin Haoyu, Xiao Jiu, Boyuan, AMU are so good and excellent, Gan Wangxing, Teacher Li, Boiling Yangyang, Han Peiquan, Zhang Jiayuan, and Lin Mo all find it interesting. I see Later, I got Wu Hai, Zhang Xinyao, and Oscar. The more I watched, the little prince felt that he was pretty good… But there was only one person I didn’t like, and the more I watched, the more I became annoyed. Sometimes I feel like “Watching a variety show, why should I hate someone so much, why bother with myself”, but every time I watch the show, I still feel like “I really hate him. Without him, how perfect this would be? Show”. I feel so tired, why should there be such a person in such an excellent class.

7 months ago

Because I have known the elimination list a long time ago, I am not so nervous, thinking about how sad the students are. After all, after almost three months of relative day and night, the relationship will be deeper than the previous two batches. I cried so much in the first two eliminations, especially the last elimination. Because the emotional line cut was too full last time, I guess this time the goose will be gentler, otherwise the impact will be big and the audience will be rebellious. But I didn’t expect to be so gentle. The day before the pick, everyone gathered to read the messages from family and friends. It really felt very warm. Everyone seemed to be closer, especially in the last part of giving gifts to each other. What impressed me most was Boyuan’s parents. Boyuan is not very young, and many of his peers are supposed to be dads, so the opposition of his parents is really understandable. But in the end, they chose to understand their son’s support, especially the apology. I cried with Boyuan. I was also impressed by Qing Lian’s parents. In the first interview with the former media, Qing Lian was really mature in answering questions, including that he and his friends sometimes exchange ideas, always humble, grateful and hardworking. Reading the message from his parents, I really have to sigh that family education is really the first. His parents will mention his fans in such a short video, thank his fans, and tell him to be grateful. Finally, AMU’s beautiful sister! Sure enough, they are all beauties! But sister AMU is so cute! When watching these videos, I feel that each of them is a treasure in the palm of their parents, they are also protected and loved, and they are really reconciled with everything in an instant! How uncomfortable their parents felt when they saw their son being abused by a stranger they had never met before! This session has really had a great impact on me, mainly because I directly saw the parents of the students. I have to say that there are people I don’t like in this program, really unforeseen students, but for this link, I have to take care of my mouth! If you don’t like it, I will ignore it, ignore it, and never say anything bad! In the final ranking, I once again sighed Riki’s Buddhist mentality and Zhou Keyu’s calm speech. Riki is really, he is about to become a Buddha! The Chinese word “cultivation” can be said! I really want to rush into the screen to wake him up and stand up! Charge me! But, having said that, such a gentle and peaceful Riki, Riki with a naive smile, and Riki with a contrast on the stage are the reasons why I got into the pit. So, come on! Zhou Keyu’s speech is really calm every time, and it’s really amazing after a few years in the entertainment industry! And the lovely Qing Lian! The speech is so cute! If I don’t form a group at the end of Qing Lian, I will really burst into tears; at last, Boyuan, pray to step in and out of Taoism! I really like the idea of ​​creating these rankings and releases. There is tension and relaxation, and the effect is really full. However, everyone will be liberated in another week! I don’t want to chase the draft anymore! Worn out!

7 months ago

Quietly spit, the barrage in this issue and the comments below are somewhat strange ⊙ω⊙⊙ω⊙⊙ω⊙: “Brother Boyuan, come on, I only voted for you and Xiaoyu in the early stage. I expected him to be the first. In the middle, but you are not only the twelfth one!” “I am Sister Ka, but I think Liu Yu is the number one I am convinced.” “Lin Mo, sorry, this list shows me that we are not working hard. Because Liu Yu is the number one, so I think the list should be okay. Mosi guys, come on and vote!” “Oh, Wu Hai is gone, now I can only support Xiaoyu, come on, you are the only major dancer in the country!” Riki actually dropped, but it happened to be standing with Zando. Liu Yu was the number one, proving that this is true.” “Although I am a fan of Ke Yu, I think the eighth place is just right, Liu Yu. It’s the number one. This list is so real!” “Oh, good intentions are hard to equalize. I’m leaving. I will support Xiaoyu in the future. I must be number one! Chinese people must be upright.” “There are so many foreigners. Not quite right, but Liu Yu is still convinced, even though I’m just a passerby.” “Passersby, congratulations to Liu Yu for returning to number one!”? A lot of him and passers-by… Is this his fans trying to win others? Yes, it was me. I answered an invited question. It’s a pity Wu Hai, but gold always shines. In the good voice of China, Teacher Zhou Shen was also eliminated early, but it does not prevent him from becoming a super powerful singer, does it? Come on, don’t deny yourself! Looking forward to seeing you at the “Dancing Forest Conference”!

7 months ago

I see the unevenness of the world. Slightly digress, not in line with the requirements of the subject, not to talk about the ranking, let me talk about the part of selling feelings in the front. 1. Zhang Xinyao is a real man like a self-made man who respects his parents and has a sense of responsibility. I eat to death, just as Oscar said. After reading this passage from his family, I feel that he has been sublimated. 2. The most intuitive experience through this family video When the native family plays an important role in a person’s character, the mother who sees ak knows that such an elegant and enlightened woman will definitely raise an attitude son like ak. Ren Yinpeng’s home must be a cellist and he is a cellist. He is serious about playing the violin. Jia Yuan’s dad is so funny, no wonder he is a comedian, eh, Xiao Jiu’s work should be quite hard, he should have also received social experience, but his innocent and natural cuteness must be related to the optimistic and interesting mother. Xie Xingyang’s sister laughed and flew me from him. My younger sister can also see that his family must be very interesting. It’s like bamboo shoots. Several international friends have younger sisters in their homes. Let me say that sister amu is so pretty. I can. I can come next year. I pick you guys. Santa and Riki’s family are very similar. Santa’s innocent sunshine is a kind of warmth that can be raised by such a family. I have seen many children born in ivory towers. Their families are wealthy or well-off. They have enlightened parents and lovely brothers and sisters… I really see the world. The unevenness. Just talk about two examples. 1. What touched me the most was my husband Bo Yuan, a passionate idiot, how he did it for one thing for so many years. The parents did not support the company and colleagues. The atmosphere is very bad (yes, I am the real name connotation of a certain pot 9). I haven’t talked about it for six years. After being in love and focusing on singing and dancing, he told me that working hard will be seen by people. After so many years, he is recognized by his family. This is the standard idol. 2. The real big family has to look at the little prince’s study, which is very good. The photos of the high-class noodles when I was young are also villas, but they did not deliberately show this at all. (I am a real girl in the study room of a large family. I think that I can make arrangements for my son to learn how to arrange such a good noodles, or I don’t know much (laughs and cry) ) This is also the gap between the little prince and (). The upbringing of the little prince is naturally revealed, and () is still a little bit petty no matter how it creates a sense of superiority. This is also the reason why I feel that the little prince and () are more qualified to stand C from the beginning to the end. His upbringing aura is much better than the only beauty, and why I feel sad for (). When his mother saw that he was very demanding from him, he always asked him to do his best since he was a child. He grew up in such a high-pressure environment. I think it’s really not easy. Shao Mingming said that he lived a perfect life. We understand. Just live too fake. He is like this. His family must have a lot of responsibilities. His mother said that he would buy a gift for his mother when he got a scholarship when he was a child. Which child was not good at first. (It doesn’t mean to clean it up with (). It’s good if everyone agrees.) Let’s talk about it for a while and then change it.

7 months ago

Let’s just run the question. Lin Mo’s order is getting more and more selfish. I want to say something about Lin Mo’s Amway. I like him very much. He is a truly free and romantic child. He has a very textured soul and these hidden comedians and on the surface. Optimistic. He cleverly hides some pains and sorrows, and also hides the most artistic part, so the more you understand him, the more you like him. At first I saw that he only brought Lolo’s filters, but what really attracted me was his own charm. The stage style was changeable and there was no comfort zone, but constantly changing styles. The vocal was very stable. I love the stage. I love art. This is The most important. Looking at his Oshima diary, I can often find a sympathy. He is actually lonely in a certain sense. His thoughts are wild and unreliable. In fact, not many people who can understand him out of thinking are actually not many people who see this kid as a comedian on the surface. Some people think that performance art is crazy, but in fact, it’s all they get along with the world in their own way. I like his poems very much. He especially likes to describe some brightly colored objects. It can capture a small thing and then send rich metaphorical associations. This is the poet’s most important ability. He pays tribute to many appreciated artists in his Oshima Diary. Holding “Three-Body” while watching it, it surprised me very much. Romantic children often yearn for the universe. He is among so many idols I have seen, who has the most potential to jump out of this box and become a true artist. The entertainment industry is too impetuous, and I saw a pure, romantic, and textured soul in Lin Mo’s body. The more I write, the more I like him. So a certain family has developed a fan, stop scolding, be careful of your face swelling

7 months ago

After watching this episode, I feel a little sad. Now the number of trainees coming out of ordinary families in China is indeed less and less visible to the naked eye. Most interviews can tell that the family conditions are quite good, the decoration, the size, etc., not to mention the luxury house. , The big family can at least be regarded as the most outrageous AK mom’s interview is completely recorded by professional equipment. Most of the people in their family are very supportive or have related hobbies. It seems that the trainees have become a game for the children of wealthy families. This makes it even more apparent that the Gan Wangxing from an ordinary family, Bo Yuan, who was almost suspected of having a problem mentality, is precious to Zhang Xinyao, who is completely dependent on himself to bring a better life to the family. Speaking back to the ranking, Lin Mo shouldn’t be only in the ninth place. Teacher Li shouldn’t be in the top eleven. I still feel pessimistic about Bo Yuan’s smooth debut. Now the number of foreigners in the top eleven is seriously exceeding the standard (if according to what he said at the beginning, 4 If the number of places is calculated), the ranking in the next issue will definitely change a lot. A little guess at the final ranking. Now that the first eleven are not considered to be Lee Road repairs, Zhou Keyu has a total of six foreigners if he is a Chinese. If Tencent strictly abides by the four-person limit at the beginning, two of these six will be eliminated. There should be no one in Zandori Maru Mika who can change their position, so it is very likely that only one of the two Thais and Qing Lian will succeed in the end. Selfishly speaking, I would prefer Xiao Jiu Gao Qingchen, but according to my current perception, I still think Yin Haoyu is more likely. I still don’t think that in the end, Tencent will really let Mr. Li be in the top eleven. I can’t say it for reasons. Sunsi sees him just for happiness, and she doesn’t want him to leave because she feels that seeing him as a part-time worker is very real, or that she really feels that others are good, and hopes that he can have a better life. But he has reached these two goals by staying in the finals. With his current heat, it’s easy to go to variety shows, pick up business, and shoot magazines after he comes out. There is no need to go to the idol market to grab food. What). And forcing people to do it for 4 months, I think it’s still within the acceptable range. It’s too much to rush to do it for 2 years, and it will also drag down the quality of the performance of the entire team, which is really unreasonable. Lelouch’s speech this time was of high quality. He expressed his gratitude to the people who supported him and expressed his position that he did not want to make his debut. He also said that those who supported him are well-measured people, which is equivalent to saying that it is almost enough, and the attitude is neither humble nor overbearing. I have not been trapped by traffic and kept my head calm, which I appreciate very much. Moreover, he looks really tired. It doesn’t make sense to see too many sections where similar social animals don’t want to open business, isn’t it? I think the debut positions of the other people are quite stable and should not change (although I am not very satisfied with all of them). So if there are 3 people in the end who want to make good people (if Tencent really can’t stand the public opinion, it needs to increase the number of foreigners), then who will make up? I think there are several possible candidates: Boyuan, AK Liu Zhang, Gan Wangxing, Oscar. There are a few other people that I like, but I think the possibility of debut is very small. Bo Yuan should have the greatest possibility if he scores on paper, but I am always pessimistic. The main problem is his age. Although according to the strength and the passion of the script, the whole camp is ranked, but he is so old after all. If he is in the group for two years, he will be 30 years old when he is disbanded. Wouldn’t it be seamless if he came out? brother? Other young guys can shoot idol dramas all the time. But if he does make his debut, I will feel very gratified. It is rare in the world to be fair, and hard work may indeed pay off AK Liu Zhang. This is generally my selfishness and is generally the result of actual analysis. Tencent is obsessed with rap as a boy and girl group, so basically there must be a rap position in the group. After all, yamy made his debut back then. The most reliable raps on the list are AK and Oscar. Originally it seemed that Oscar was Tencent’s choice, but this time his ranking is so low, it makes me feel as if I have seen his hope of not debuting (although I think it is basically wishful thinking). But I really feel that Tencent’s choice of Oscars is worse than AK. AK’s lyrics have content and creative ability. Different people have different opinions on looks. I think it’s pleasing to the eye, and he is also a boy group when he dyes his hair unexpectedly. The advantage of Oscar’s words is that the typhoon is better than the so-called bombing, the dancing level is higher, and the appearance is more boy group. Oscar’s current ranking is so low that it is very likely that he will only save passers-by fans and abuse him, or he will make a debut, but I very much hope that Tencent will not make this choice. Gan Wangxing, responsible for the facade, look at Tencent’s thoughts this year, I think the possibility is quite high. After all, he is really good, and he has made great progress during the game. He is a good seed. And after all, he was born as an amateur, and I feel that the follow-up operations should control him well, so I think it is a good choice for Tencent to choose him. As for the others in the front. Daxiang Jing, the concentration of foreigners is already very high, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to have his place anymore. Zhang Xingte, it’s a pity that he cut plums directly on the stage at the beginning, and he kept his only shots only by catching the love that never loses connection. His vocal strength is really good, and he surprised me a lot when he was in the second creation. But in terms of the lack of his shots, the few exposure opportunities, the fragmentation of the story line, and the lack of support for fans, the hope of his debut is slim. Xue Bayi is similar to Zhang Xingte, and is basically in a state of no such person. Wu Yuheng, I was very optimistic about him. He looks very good. The theme song was also rated as Class A, and he has some strength, but the ranking has always been very average. Tencent’s advertisements are not too many for people to shoot, but the shots are not very good, so I can’t see any hope of debut. It’s a pity. The possibility of others not counted is even smaller. In short, this year’s final rankings are still something to watch. Unlike last year, I looked at who the last 7th place was given to, and there is really no hope of any change for the others. I don’t think that the final result will be completely free of human intervention, but I hope that even if it is compiled, it is also reasonable to make it more acceptable to us. that’s all

7 months ago

The only one to be defeated by Oscar today. His preparations made black fans not to scold his fans to scold him, and those who love his own fans. I feel so sorry for him. I suddenly felt let him make his debut, and love my brother Xiong. , After all, recently received a lot of happiness from his videos and emoticons.

7 months ago

The Pajama Night Talk is my favorite part of the creation camp so far. This is the talent show I want to watch. There are tears, laughter, and it’s easy. Think of where to write, record it. The blessings of the parents and relatives of each family are simply the secrets of the family. 1. Liu Zhang, your personality and IQ are genetic mothers, right? Liu Zhang’s mother spoke crisply and did not praise her baby, but she was born with self-confidence. The only regret is that I didn’t see Liu Zhang’s home (from the self-protection consciousness of the low-key rich man, how could he expose his home casually hahaha). Liu Zhang’s expression was so sweet and shy when he saw his mother. My kid, how much do you love your mother? Hahahaha 2. I saw Liu Yu’s mother on Douyin before, and heard that Liu Yu’s mother was mistaken for his girlfriend when she accompanied him to the “Green You” interview. She was really young. As expected from Anhui, there is a tea mountain hahahaha (Liu Yu: I have contracted this mountain. It’s okay, I just want to use this sentence hahahaha) 3. Xiao Jiu, which is sweeter than strawberry jam, is really genetic Mom. Although I didn’t understand what my mother was saying without subtitles, I could feel that from the expression that was exactly the same as Xiao Jiu, he was also an optimistic and happy person. (At the time of the final song selection, there was already a big vocal sentence. It was too overbearing. Hahahaha.) 4. Riki, you exposed your sister’s mother-to-child singleness before, and you hated it by your sister. Hahahaha, you refused to be photographed (bushi). In addition, the families of Riki and Zando all wore masks. It didn’t mean anything else, because the epidemic in Japan is still very serious, and the number of people in Osaka is increasing by more than 1,000. Feel it. (Unexpectedly, my handwritten sentence actually caused controversy in the comment area… Zanduo obviously recorded it outside, because of the mask worn by the epidemic, my dad pulled it up when his nose was exposed, let alone the kind that I wore. Masks are not anti-virus. Many Japanese now wear such masks. There is no way. In addition to the epidemic, there is another possibility that Riki’s mother does not want to show her face. After all, the ins comments were forced to shut down before, which can also explain why the sister did not appear. ) And the amu family is really rich. From the inside of his house, the family has a solid foundation (in Tokyo, this kind of large-scale house is definitely a high-end apartment, and there are pianos, three children, and the eldest son can afford it. The top private Keio University is definitely not an ordinary family) The sisters are so beautiful, amu seconds become the brother-in-law of the whole camp hahahaha. 5. Mika is actually a mixed race? ? Unexpectedly, Mika’s mother is actually Japanese and she sings so well (I feel that the art cell thing is really genetic, whether the parents who sing well can sing, and the family members who dance well can also dance) 6. Right before Wang Zhengxiong, oh no, the impression of Oscar is only in the emoji and brother Xiong, because his singing style is not my favorite type, so the stage does not pay much attention. This time, he was moved by his friendship with Taotao. In the beginning, I didn’t know why Wang Zhengxiong was mentioned. Oh no, Oscar is the emperor. There are not many shots, but it has become a target of public criticism. Taotao is also the same. Obviously he is not the only Internet celebrity in the creation camp, but he has become the most criticized one. Both of them are on the cusp, so Oscar wrote to him, it can be said that it makes sense. (Although they don’t hit the cp, whether it’s giving gifts or watching admission tickets together, this edition feels that Oscar and Taotao can get married in place.) 7. Zhang Jiayuan and Zhang Teng’s cheerful and optimistic personalities really come from family , At first glance, it is a particularly loving family. Pengpeng’s silly and cute young master temperament is really formed by the family edification and careful care, but this introduction from the corridor to the bedroom is really a bit like a ghost film hahaha. 8. I had no impression of Zhang Xinyao in the past. I heard him say that he had a bank card to give to Gan Wangxing, and I still wondered whether he was really generous or wanted to keep up the enthusiasm. After watching his parents’ videos, I knew why he took such care of Gan Wangxing. It turns out that he has also experienced hardships. (However, from the perspective of the script, Zhang Xinyao’s character set and Han Peiquan crashed, so there was no full character image of Zhang Xinyao in the early days. If such an excellent character image was erected earlier, Zhang Xinyao could go higher) 9. Li. Lu Xiu took the initiative to embrace Riki, too cute. The coffee and a bowl of water he prepared for everyone was smooth, but in fact his best friends were gone, and his friends all came with the dream of wanting to form a group, but he himself came to the end. , I guess Liluxiu felt very embarrassed. I just don’t understand why many people think that Lei Lu Xiu will make his debut. The specifics are written in the answer below. Let me talk about this first, and add it when I think about it.

7 months ago

Feeling distressed, this issue finally has a story line, the comfort of family members, the sublimation of friendship, and the commitment and growth of a man facing the pressure of public opinion. I also hope that public opinion will not criticize for the sake of criticism. 90 people have 90 lives. No one is born to be scolded. After all, all I see is editing, and the premise of evaluation is to understand.

7 months ago

Say something happy! Pajama party part1. I fancy Riki’s Donald Duck pajamas in “Does the camper enter a different dimension?”, this time pajama party also fancy his little ball pajamas~ 2. Zando to prove that he is not Japan The high school girl went around and sent back the doll that Wei Ziyue had given. (But later I took it back, hahaha) 3. When everyone sang a birthday song to Qing Lian, amu in the back row hugged Riki. 4. Everyone’s sisters are so beautiful! Seeing that Amu’s sister was boiling in the audience, even Boyuan, who had not been in love for 6 years, said that he would become a family with him hahaha! 5. Zando’s sister dances so well! The family genes are invincible! 6. The “amateur” calligraphy of AK’s mother gave me a sense of kneeling.8. Zeng Hanjiang is really a socialite, and many people give him gifts by name. (I’m so sad that he eliminated me QAQ) 9. When Riki gave a gift to Liloxiu, Liloxiu took the initiative to hug him (this is the first time Mr. Li took the initiative to hug someone else hahaha! So what do they usually do? Let me get along with the feature films, hello!) 10. When Zhang Xinyao picked up the bank card, Riki was the first to raise his hand (it turns out that you are Riki with this worldly desire!) 11. After turning off the lights, amu lay in praise Sleeping on Duo’s belly, Zando’s hands touching Riki’s legs (?????) Generally speaking, this part of watching family calls in the gym is warm and touching, and I cried again. Smile again, this is what we want to see ah hey! A group of young guys are enthusiastic about competing together on the beautiful island. From their relationship, it can be seen that language is never an obstacle to making friends, and the most touching feelings are from the heart! I believe that no matter what the result is this time, the younger brothers who come to participate in the competition will be deeply impressed during the few months of living together. It is a bit uncomfortable not to mention the elimination of the part, but it is really regretful that Wu Hai eliminated it. Announce the ranking part1. Want to know how much is this kind of flying? Seeing them so happy, I want to play~ 2. Lin Mo has been screaming and hasn’t heard his ranking anymore. (The ranking is a bit low, you deserve higher) 3. Zanduo originally had a chance to fly. After Riki, Zhou, Keyu and Yin Haoyu stood up, he almost spoke up, but was ahead of him by Zhang Jiayuan. Look at his aggrieved face~4 .Zanduo did not fly successfully, Zhou Keyu pulled Riki to show off to him. Hearing Zhou Keyu said he was hungry, he said that he had eaten a lot of food. xxj quarrels are both visual sense~ 5. Riki, why do you say “Good morning” 6. In When I asked who was the 25th place, Riki kept talking about himself (Be confident, man!) 7. When I asked Mika’s ranking, many people got a “1” 8. Qing Lian, this kid always speaks very heartily every time he makes a speech. , From “Because of you, this is home” to “A star cannot light up the entire sky, I want to shine with my friends”, to this time “If I don’t see the light, then I don’t I’m afraid of the darkness. When I think it’s the darkest, you are my light.” I also taught me to support myself. It’s so cute. I really feel that sincere feelings from the heart are much more comfortable than pretentious and strong relationships. Everyone has everything. Personal personality, if you want to be a passionate youth man, you must do it seriously, and having to add something out of place is really making people roll their eyes. It’s only a week since the group, and I hope that the final result will be the one in everyone’s mind! In the end, if the raging is not in a group, can you please give me a decent one?

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