The reporter learned from the Taiyuan City Government Information Office that at 8:36 on April 17, 2021, an explosion occurred in a workshop of the Xing’an Chemical Plant in Taiyuan City. After receiving the report, the main responsible comrades of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government rushed to the scene as soon as possible to guide the rescue and handling of the accident, immediately activated the emergency plan, set up an emergency rescue team, and carried out rescue work. After preliminary verification, 2 people were unfortunately killed in the accident and 3 people lost contact. The handling of the accident is still in progress, the aftermath has been carried out simultaneously, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. (Headquarters reporter Song Yunyi and Wang Xi)

First express condolences to the victims. Of interest, home is within 3km of the explosion site. 1. Brief introduction of the factory The Xing’an Chemical Factory was founded in 1953 and is located in Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan City. It is my country’s largest production base for propellants and propellants and is responsible for the research, development and production of high-tech products for national defense equipment. . The video of nesmto at the moment of the explosion of the chemical plant in Taiyuan on April 17, 1532 broadcast. Because the process and products produced by the plant are very dangerous, the explosion risk is great. Because the production technology and facilities cannot limit the destructive effects of explosion accidents to a local area, once an explosion occurs, there will be a high probability of mass deaths and injuries. The high probability of losing contact means that you are close to the heartbreak, and people can’t be found. From the perspective of safety production, the possibility of explosions in such a workshop can only be reduced but cannot be completely eliminated. 2. External safety measures in the production workshop 1. Carry out strict safety design. 2. The four walls of the factory building are reinforced concrete pouring structure, and the top is a lightweight structure, which is convenient to release the explosion shock wave. 3. There is a trapezoidal protective earth embankment around the workshop. The earth embankment can absorb shock waves and fragments generated by the explosion, and guide the remaining shock to high altitude. 4. There are strict regulations on the stock of explosives and explosives in each process and the number of operators. 5. The distance between adjacent workshops is very large, which can prevent the explosion from spreading to other workshops. [2] Appropriate design and employees who are not afraid of danger can avoid explosion hazards to a large extent. 1. The explosion in the workshop did not affect other workshops or outside the factory. 2. I remember that when I was in elementary school, there was an explosion in an ammunition depot in the nearby Jiangyang Chemical Factory. The on-site administrator discovered that the explosives spontaneously ignited and smoked and drove away immediately. After bypassing the earth embankment, the entire ammunition depot exploded and the explosion produced a mushroom cloud. Due to the reasonable safety design, most of the explosion fragments and shock waves were absorbed by the earth embankment, the earth embankment disappeared completely, and the explosion did not spread to other ammunition depots nearby. The administrator survived, the railway wagon parked at the gate of the warehouse was blown up, and the wheelset flew hundreds of meters away. The glass of the surrounding houses was completely broken, someone was scratched by the falling glass, and the leaves and apples on the apple tree were swept away. 3. In Taiyuan in the 1990s, an explosives transporter was driving on the highway. Smoke was found in the cargo compartment during the transportation. The driver immediately drove out of the highway when he noticed it, and asked the escorts to get off the vehicle and drive the vehicle to an unmanned area in the ravine. Next, he ran away from the scene. As soon as he fell, the explosion happened. Due to the mountain barrier between the location of the explosion and the residential area, the explosion did not cause other losses. 3. The significance of the Xing’an Chemical Plant. Our country needs a large amount of explosives in both the civil engineering field and the military field. Taking into account the possibility of war, although the production of explosives and guns is a very dangerous job, in order for soldiers’ guns, artillery, and missiles to be used during a war, and in order for the People’s Liberation Army to have the ability to defend national interests, someone must take the risk. Dangerous to do. Due to the extreme dangers of the production process and the environment, as well as the limitations of technology, it is difficult for the exploding personnel to survive the occurrence of more explosives. What they can do is not to endanger others in the unfortunate event. Tribute to all military manufacturers! At the same time, we hope to improve the automation level of production and let more work be done by machinery!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It’s too long to cover up… Given this special industry, I don’t think everyone can know the real situation. Even though, this industry is nothing more than a livelihood in their own eyes, and the accident attributable to the upper level is nothing more than an illegal operation. In the eyes of the public, this explosion is just a post-dinner talk, and they can’t help but mourn for their peers. . Sheng Shicheng has been working for a long time, and please don’t forget the people who have taken a meager salary but have broken the bones of this country.

6 months ago

My home is in that factory area, and my parents work in this factory. Since I was a child, I have always heard about various safety accidents. I went to school outside and saw the news at noon. I quickly confirmed with my family on WeChat. I have heard many of them from my childhood. Safety accidents, big and small, explosions, burns. I also know some classmates of the same age or younger than me. Their parents unfortunately passed away because of a safety accident in the factory. I sympathize with them, and because of this, I have always been extra cautious about security risks, so that I have been particularly sensitive to the chemical industry since I was a child. I hope to be safe and cherish every day R.I.P

6 months ago

People in other provinces are always worried when they hear about things in their hometown. Since I was a child, I have heard that the Xing’an Factory is very strict, and some workshops have strict restrictions on the number of workers. Alas, I would rather believe that it was caused by the enemy’s special destruction.
My grandmother is from this factory. She seems to have retired after 20 years of work. At first, she worked in the poisonous workshop. It was not easy. She devoted her youth to national defense.

6 months ago

At around 8:30 on Saturday morning, I wanted to take a nap, and felt the whole building shaking in a daze. The first reaction was an earthquake. After hearing a loud noise, I turned over and wanted to continue sleeping, thinking it was a dream. But then I thought about it, in case it is really an earthquake, I have to run quickly! But it may also be an explosion, because there are many chemical plants in the north of Taiyuan. I lived here since I was a child. I experienced the explosion once in elementary school. I live on the tenth floor and I can clearly see the thick smoke after the explosion. It should not have caused a second explosion. I saw that the thick smoke dissipated quickly. I have to say that the fire, public security, special police, and ambulances arrived very quickly. , About ten minutes or so, I can already see the fire truck that came first, praise our country, and finally pray for peace, I hope that this kind of thing will never happen again

6 months ago

As a former chemist. Feeling heartache. The teaching profession and the doctor profession are hurt, and the industry environment is not good. The IT industry 996 has been discussed many times on the Internet. However, people in the chemical industry have made so many sacrifices for the basic cause of the motherland, the pay is so low, and the working environment is so dangerous, but they rarely pay attention. Because of the poor working environment and low salary, I did not choose to work in the chemical industry after graduation. But I still admire the classmates and workers who are engaged in this industry. Every time I see a chemical accident, I feel heartache for them.

6 months ago

The first question I answered on Zhihu, I can’t get too familiar with it. My grandfather, my old father, all workers from Xing’an, went to Xing’an school, and I knew all the children of Xing’an around, and they knew a lot about Xing’an. First of all, to answer, Xing’an explosion is normal. In my impression, it seems to have exploded at least 4 or 5 times. I once heard my dad say that it exploded once in a year or two. After all, it is a military factory that makes explosives. The explosive power is still big. Kind. Don’t say anything about failing to pay attention to safety in production, it is really unavoidable. I remember my dad and his colleagues took their lives after the explosion (far away, running fast, and extensive burns all over the body). The cause of the explosion looked like It was because the gunpowder was poured a bit fast when it was poured, so it exploded. (I heard that after all, I can experience it personally on the spot, and now it is basically a cloak). There was a little friend around, his mother died from the explosion, and so did my dad and his master. This is how dangerous occupations look. Let’s talk about compensation. I remember that in the past few years, one person was worth more than one million. If the children did not have a job, they could go directly to the factory (regular work). Those who went to school would have all tuition fees included. They would go to college until they graduated and want to join the factory. Can still enter. Then, let’s talk about it, the front-line workers seem to have more than 10,000 a month, five insurances and one housing fund, and they have weekends and holidays. Recently, the factory has continuously increased its production capacity and is in urgent need of hiring. Everyone is welcome to join. (Actually, it’s very safe. It’s super strict. You can’t wear nylon clothes inside. You can stick it directly on your body if it catches fire. Then there are strict rules on the grams of each person. The safety is in place. My dad and them have done it for more than 20 years. Years, no big problem.) Finally, let’s talk about the power of the explosion. My dad said that a steel plate with a thickness of 10 centimeters can be twisted into twists, and the factory will be razed to the ground. The people around are almost dead (to be precise, no traces can be found). So don’t question the safety of such military-industrial state-owned enterprises. If there is a problem, it will basically explode every day. Add two sentences, every time the bombing is over, the Ministry of State Fang will go. I was curious. After bombing so many times, why did it get on the hot search this time?

6 months ago

A silent tribute to the brothers and sisters who were killed. The most unwilling to read every day is this kind of news. For us, we may not even know the name. It is just a cold number. But behind it is indeed a broken family. There are many comments. It’s all about when to stop it. In fact, in the past, things like this were often the only thing that our information was underdeveloped, and we couldn’t know it as quickly as it is today. When we are developing our economy, there are really a lot of potential safety hazards. Avoid, all we can do is to do a good job of ourselves, to restrain ourselves in accordance with relevant regulations, and to avoid such things as little as possible. There is no other way to go. Safety starts with me. We can’t always do it because of various accidents. Why don’t you complain about it? Just like a car on the road, isn’t it impractical to drive? I hope that the lost brothers can do well, because the three of you are affecting countless people’s memories, and hope that your family members can be properly dealt with as soon as possible.

6 months ago

Hearing this news, I was shocked. Similar fatalities continue one after another, but there will still be another occurrence. To strengthen the awareness of production safety responsibility and prevent problems before they happen, we have been doing publicity and education. We have to reflect, we have to investigate, where is it? there is a problem. Implement policies and pay close attention to the implementation of the inquiries system. Those who bear the main responsibility for the accident must be resolutely punished and never tolerated. They must have a deterrent effect on the aftermath, so that the accident can be resolutely strangled in the embryonic stage, starting from small things, starting from the details, and starting from the things around them. Start with everyone. Strengthen safety publicity responsibility education, raise the safety awareness of every citizen, and ensure everyone’s supervision and prevention.

6 months ago

I am also a son of Xing’an, and my grandfather died on duty in an accident in the factory. So although my father studied chemistry later, he didn’t work in the factory. Because of his talent, I had good chemistry scores in high school (manual dog head), and I didn’t do this job either. I think it will take a long time for you to know the specific situation, or it may be difficult to know. After all, there are too many secrets involved in military industrial enterprises. Workers in the factory may pass it on, but I don’t think anyone would dare to get it online, after all, ga is not a display. The efficiency of this factory is average, and it has gone bankrupt several times. In peacetime, our factory’s products are not used much. But the country still needs these military factories for emergencies. Let’s pay tribute to the older generation of military workers! To be honest, the wages in the factory are a bit low, and there are not many young people left. Basically none of the young people who entered the factory (of course, mainly because they can’t study well).

6 months ago

After reading the answers below, almost everyone feels that this kind of danger is far away from them, and the number is not that many. However, as a gas detector manufacturer, who specializes in the production of this type of safety hazard detection equipment, personally, I can meet a few customers who are looking for repairs almost every month. There are chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical plants, cement plants, flour processing plants, and even power plants… Many people think that only coal mines are unsafe. Buy this kind of equipment. Many bosses tell the purchaser that as long as the price is required, they can find anything worth 200 or 300 and take it back to the security supervision. Then when something went wrong, I knew I was panicking, and I really didn’t take my life as my life. Every time I saw such a push, I became annoyed. I really couldn’t help but want to complain today. The key is to know when to buy equipment and go back. No matter what gas reaches the explosion limit and the human body can withstand the limit, immediately ventilate it and stop production. This kind of bosses are a little better, and they can make up for it. There are a lot of people who just want to take five or six hundred equipment and go back to the security guard even if something goes wrong, I’m really convinced. Human life is really worthless. What kind of mentality are you doing these things? Are probes for measuring the explosion limit expensive? For such a small factory, I only need 100 probes for your 5,000-square-meter airtight workshop. I know you don’t care about the life or death of the workers, but if something happened, more than one hundred thousand two hundred thousand would be enough for you to accompany the workers’ family. Money? Can you afford it? Go to jail. This kind of person is just killing someone. He is a chemical factory who doesn’t know which production process should pay attention to and what risks should be investigated? He just knows that he doesn’t want to do it. It’s a day to live and don’t take other people’s lives seriously. Anyway, most workers have no culture and don’t understand this. Do people like this really take revenge on society?

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