This is not true, but it depends on the original family, the growth environment, the personal temperament, and the friendship between each other. If brothers and friends are respectful, sisters and virtuous brothers, coupled with a good growth environment, parents can hold a bowl of water, basically they will not break contact, after all, blood is thicker than water and it is not just a talk. But there are some special circumstances, it’s hard to say. For example, in a family, there are serious disputes over the interests of brothers, and one party behaves too much. In addition, let’s take a friend of mine as an example. My friend’s target family is not compatible with the parents, and the father is more jerk. The mother has always paid for the tuition and living expenses since childhood. Therefore, the friend has no feelings for the father, but is very grateful to the mother. The younger brother of the friend’s object is better, and he can still get some money from his father from time to time, but his younger brother is not a good student. During high school, he played truant several times and went to work in other places, and then he barely took a college entrance exam. While studying in the college, I also borrowed money from various informal platforms, and did not repay it overdue. In the end, it was his mother who helped to fill in the loan and interest, but also spent my credit. Just because her credit was not available, before and after the friend’s target got married, her mother and younger brother discussed that she would use her credit to help her younger brother buy a house, but the rhetoric was more euphemistic, expressing that she would buy it for her mother. Because the friend’s target personality is better, his mother is also stronger, and the mother has never treated herself wrongly since childhood, and she is also more grateful to her mother. Another important reason is that she is afraid of disagreeing with this matter. A love affair may encounter greater obstruction and setbacks. After weighing the pros and cons, he reluctantly agreed to his mother’s request. He used his credit report to help buy a house, and he also paid tens of thousands of down payment. The rest was paid by his mother and younger brother, but in fact, most of them were paid. His mother paid the mortgage and later his younger brother repaid the mortgage. Originally, it didn’t matter if the credit information was used, but the problem was with his younger brother. He always didn’t pay the money on the monthly repayment day, and he had to get the money three times or five times each time. Sometimes I don’t even say a word when I have no money. Anyway, there is no money. For a brother like this, I can only say that when his parents are alive, they can’t communicate with each other. If there are still hundreds of thousands of loans connected there, it is really the kind of old dead. Between people, family affection is just a fetter, but it is by no means an excuse to ask others to carry on for you. No one owes you. Why can you shirk the responsibility of being a man if you have no money. Such a man is not worthy of the word male, nor is it worthy of the word man. If there is such a person around him, he can stay as far away as he can. Because of such a person, doing more is the kind of borrowing you money and not repaying it. You feel justified. Kind of person.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Ah, it’s true. My parents haven’t left yet, so I have no contact with my sister. One can’t see the kind when living under one roof. My parents are very helpless, every day they say no matter how big or small they are not sensible. What should we do? My sister and I are a dozen years younger, and my dad always hopes to entrust my sister to me in the future. Then he taught my sister the same way. My sister gnawed at me comfortably, and even gnawed at my blind date because that is her future brother-in-law, she wants to investigate. Haha… I said, “It’s just right for you to raise me. If you don’t accept you, go and sue me!” I can go to you, little Jerry, everybody, listen to this person talking? I don’t want to be a helper demon. I told my dad, I said that if my aunt is like this, will you still marry my mother? ? My dad said, that’s different. Your aunt was at work when I married your mother. When you got married, your sister was still studying. Can’t you just leave it alone? I said that I care who cares about me. Is my future in-laws stupid? Marrying a daughter-in-law and taking a sister-in-law, is it because there are too few women or their sons are not good, I have to look for this. My dad said he would educate my sister. The result of education is: old girls, short hands, and desserts.

5 months ago

Let me make a point. I am not against the help between brothers and sisters. I have a junior high school classmate whose mother is not early. His elder sister is like half of his mother. He is already working, and is for his sister’s son to study. He said that when he reads, he will be offered. I am too envious of people who are rewarded for their kindness. My sister asked me for money without even a thank you. I opened my mouth and said, “I’m a child, why don’t you give me money as a sister?” He said that he wanted to know the future brother-in-law, added the WeChat date of my blind date, and asked people for more than 700 yuan for more than ten days. My blind date thought it was what I meant. Too much and too diligent, people told me later that it felt inappropriate to get along during this period of time. I’m still inexplicably good, why is it inappropriate? Until my mother wondered why my sister had so many stationery toys that she hadn’t seen before, and checked her WeChat bill. The money has been returned, and mixed doubles have been played, but this has turned out to be bad. My sister doesn’t apologize at all. She has a set of fallacies and heresies: “Anyway, he is not sincere. He really likes my sister. Do you still feel sorry for the money? I made more than 700. My sister has to pay back. It’s really an elbow Turn away!” I’m really drunk with these three views! I really don’t understand how my father and mother raised it! My account was moved out in the early years to buy a house, and I will leave after taking care of the trivial matters. Bye bye to you, you can gnaw whoever you want. Anyway, I will definitely deny that I have such a sister in the future.

5 months ago

After reading a lot of likes and comments from everyone, I was very moved. With the development of society, the days of big families such as “The Mansion Gate” are gone forever. As a middle-aged uncle, my grandparents have been away for more than ten years, and my father has been away for three or four years. The previous scene of making dumplings with the whole family can only be realized in a dream. Some netizens said that when their parents are there, there is a place to come, but when they are not, there is only a place to go. The reality is a bit cruel. I read a sentence recently, and I feel very emotional. The real courage is that you see the truth of life clearly and can still love life. The life of middle-aged people is to take care of their parents and raise children. Hope everyone is healthy, and we encourage you!

5 months ago

Really, my grandparents are gone, and our big family is slowly dispersing. When I was a kid, every weekend everyone would go to my grandparents’ house to party. I once asked my dad why he always made dumplings every time he went to his grandparents’ house. My dad replied that making dumplings is an activity that everyone can participate in. Some are filling, some are mixing noodles, some are rolling, some are making, some are making, and the child is responsible for playing. This is not everyone is idle, how good! For a while I was annoyed to see dumplings, but now I can’t eat them anymore. My grandmother lived in the hospital first, and she lay on the hospital bed for a whole year. My father and his brothers and sisters were filial. They all said that they had no filial son before the bed. My father and them really paid for it. My uncle has many friends, and then I found a friend to get it. Immune globulin (it may also be albumin, anyway, it is the kind of medicine that improves human immunity, which is more expensive and not easy to buy in the market). Give me milk every day. At that time, I was afraid that my grandpa was worried, so he kept downplaying that my milk was in bad health when he was older. Go to the hospital for a few more days. However, since my grandfather was hospitalized, his spirits have collapsed, and he hurried around at home every day. In the end, there was a cerebral hemorrhage, and he was taken to the hospital here, and the person would not do it. After we finished my father’s funeral, we still had to pretend to be okay and hide from my grandmother. It is estimated that the two old people have a feeling. In the last time of my mother, she always said that she saw my grandfather visit her. In less than a month, my grandma also left. My grandparents are gone, and my heart is really gone. Several uncles and aunts in the family have their own ideas. In the beginning, they got together every other time. Later, they got together for the New Year. Later, my dad also passed away, and now our family gathers for the New Year. After my dad passed away, one day I called my third uncle. I said that before everyone got together to make dumplings, now think about how happy it is. You are all brothers and grandparents’ children. Why are you doing this now? My third uncle was also a little excited. He called my nickname and said, “My boy, I can’t go back now.” It’s not the same as before! Your grandparents disappeared slowly when they were away. In the past, my elder brother (my dad) still listened to others. Now, who listens to whom? Don’t be stupid, kid! Now think about it, it was really sad when my grandma passed away, but I still had my parents in front to shelter me from the wind and rain, but after my dad passed away, I suddenly realized that I should stand up and give us this little boy. The house is sheltered from the wind and rain. People always grow up! I was really stupid a few years ago. Some things really passed away in the past. Can not go back. I just hope everyone is healthy! PS: I can’t go back. It’s compared to when my grandma was there. There are really very few people together. I don’t have the feeling of twisting into a rope and pulling the strength together. But it’s not the kind of old-fashioned one. If you really come to celebrate the New Year, you will still drop by. Usually the family group will discuss it. But it’s not the same as before, when everyone gathers together every week! On the one hand, after all, the tongue still fights with the teeth, let alone people? In the past, there were contradictions in some things that would not show up, but now the contradictions have become obvious. On the other hand, like my aunt, they go to Hainan every winter to spend the winter and wait until April of the following year to come back. My old uncle and they now go out every year during the New Year holiday or something. Let alone my third uncle, they just stay at home for a few months a year. Wandering around the world every day, if you really want to go. Now every Chinese New Year, I call my brothers who stayed over to come to my house for dinner.

5 months ago

Really. “When the parents are gone, the brothers and sisters are separated.” Is that true? Wen’s video 2190 shows that my mother’s grandma and grandpa have 5 children in total. When the old man was there, there were 4 uncles, 4 aunts, 1 cousin, 5 cousins, and nearly 20 children in the family every year. On New Year’s Eve, everyone will be crowded in a house less than 60 square meters, and everyone will celebrate the New Year together. On weekdays, relatives who are closer to each other often come and go. Later, grandpa left, and grandma also left the following year. The head of the family was completely gone, and after that, the five families never had a chance to gather together. My mother used to say: “When my father is away, everyone can often visit my mother. Now that the mother of one family is gone, the family is gone.” Later, the old man’s inheritance was divided among several families. In this way, it can be considered a separation. After the old man left, the five families have their own homes. Every year, they will also be in their own small homes… at most, call each other to greet each other and know where the next Chinese New Year will be. After a few years, the families reunited in my uncle’s ward and funeral…A few years later, several families reunited in my uncle’s ward and funeral… just like that, 5 children There are 3 left. The three people are also the heads of their respective families, and now they are all Benz 7 people. I once asked my mother, do I like to have so many brothers? My mother said, “I don’t like it. The past was too bitter. It would be nice if the child can live as much as possible.” Even if you have a good relationship, when you grow up, you can’t take care of them. However, it is precisely because the bosses and children are gone, only three of the five are left, and they call each other more frequently during the holidays. My mother said, “There are only three left. I can’t see each other, so I can make more calls. Maybe one less one day…” Because I’m an only child, I can’t realize the brotherhood of the older generation. But if my parents are not there, I will be an orphan.

5 months ago

Although my grandmother and grandfather have passed away for many years, my mother and her sisters still reunite many times a year, and the relationship between them has always been very close and harmonious. My mother is the eldest of the family, and there are four younger sisters and a younger brother below. As far as I can remember, my mother and several of her younger siblings have a very harmonious and very close relationship. Every Chinese New Year and New Year holidays, my mother and younger brothers and sisters have to go back to grandpa’s house. With the addition of our third-generation children, more than 20 people get together very lively, always laughing and laughing, leaving me with many happy memories. Not only my mother and their generation, but our third generation is also very close. Every summer vacation, we children will go to grandma’s grandfather’s house. During the two months of summer vacation, I basically have to live in my grandmother’s house for one month. Several children get together to play, it is very lively and very fun. At night, a few children huddled in a bed to sleep, you kicked me, I kicked you, slapped and squabbled, giggling. Later, when they were a little older, boys and girls would sleep separately. There are not so many places to sleep, so you have to hit the floor. But at the time, I didn’t think it was any bad treatment to hit the floor, on the contrary, I thought it was fun and interesting. Looking back now, my heart is full of happiness. In addition to the grandmother’s house, we also live in several aunts’ houses during the holidays. My sister and I have lived in each aunt’s house, often staying for a week. When the children get together, they just feel lively and fun, and there is no other feeling at the time. This intimacy of being together since childhood has continued to the present. We are all tens of years old, but the intimate relationship between each other has not changed. Grandpa passed away more than 20 years ago, and it has been ten years since grandma left. More unfortunately, my only uncle also left a year before my grandmother’s death. In the past ten years, the relationship between my mother and several sisters has not changed, and we have to meet at least four times a year. Every time my grandfather’s birthday, the memorial day; my grandmother’s birthday memorial day, I have to go to the grave together. In addition, I have to walk around every Chinese New Year holidays, so I feel even more intimate than before. Growing up in this kind of relatives still has a great influence on me, mainly reflected in the following points. First, I always feel that the world is very beautiful, and always maintain an optimistic attitude. My aunts, every time they see me, they are very enthusiastic about me and buy me all kinds of delicious and fun things. My cousins ​​and cousins ​​are with me, and they play very harmoniously and happily every time. These happy times make me full of beautiful yearning for this world, and there is always sunshine in my heart. The second is full of confidence in marriage and family, always believing that marriage is happy and love is sweet. It’s not that my relatives have no conflicts, but generally speaking, everyone is happy and the family is harmonious. Living in such an environment, naturally believe in love and marriage. Take myself as an example, even though I have encountered various problems in love and marriage, I have never been discouraged or desperate. Instead, actively think of ways to solve the various problems in love and marriage, and gradually make life better. The third is to encounter a crowded environment in foreign exchanges, not to be bored, not to get upset, and to be willing to enjoy the fun of such collective activities. I’m actually an introvert, and I don’t want to deal with foreign countries too much. But since I was a child, a large family often gathers together, and I am familiar with this kind of environment and very kind. When dozens of people or even hundreds of people gather together at work, I feel kind and enjoy the joy of collective life. Everyone in the family is optimistic, so the atmosphere of this family must be harmonious. Every family is harmonious and harmonious, and the whole society is bound to be happy and stable. A happy family constitutes a prosperous, happy and harmonious country like ours. I wish every one of us can be positive and sunny, and every family can be harmonious and happy. With our joint efforts, let our country flourish!

5 months ago

The sisters are a little better, and the brothers are a little scattered. Tell me about the situation in my family: My grandma gave birth to 2 sons and 4 daughters. The eldest son is my eldest uncle, my mother’s eldest daughter, and the youngest is my uncle. My grandfather was a policeman, and he passed away in seven years. My grandma lived until 2014. When my grandma was alive, my mother and a few sisters also visited my grandmother on New Year’s and holidays. My grandma passed away, and some of their sisters are still in contact. Of course, since the distance we live apart is several hundred kilometers, most of the time we use WeChat. Therefore, the parents of the generation are very grateful to WeChat, and to Ma Huateng himself, saying that Ma Huateng is a good person. Use WeChat to contact you, you don’t have to spend so expensive calls, and you can see each other. As for my eldest uncle, he was a second-rate son in the countryside. When he was young, he was a tomb thief for a period of time. When he was in his 50s, he had retribution and died of liver cancer. He is arrogant and domineering, and has a bad relationship with his sisters and parents. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after he died. As for my brother-in-law, he is spoiled and has a particularly big temper. Moreover, he was born indifferent and didn’t contact his sisters. My mother and his sisters thought he was ignorant. Let’s talk about my father’s one. My dad and his uncles and brothers, that is, the sons of my second master, didn’t get in touch very much. My pro-uncle, and my dad have been at odds since they were young. Basically, the number of contacts throughout the year is 0. My grandfather is a landlord and has married two wives. I can’t figure out the specific relationship. Anyway, I have several aunts, and my dad still keeps in touch with them, but the frequency is not very high, because I haven’t lived together much since I was a child. But for their children, they should contact and take care of them more. Do you see what is coming? Women are a little better and have a lot of emotion. Some men are slightly indifferent. As for the second generation, my cousin, cousin and cousin are all generations born in the 80s and 90s, and we are basically out of contact. I think this is also very good. Family affection is the same as all emotions. Keeping a certain distance is good for everyone. Although they don’t contact each other often, once they contact and meet each other, the things in the bloodline are better than meeting every day. After the parents leave, who will go to whose house every new year? Everyone is of the same generation, although there is a difference in age.

5 months ago

I have an eldest uncle (that is, my mother’s pro-elder brother), and the child of the uncle’s family is my cousin. A few years ago, when I was relatively young, during New Year’s holidays, family members ate and drank to the end, after most of them were off the table, my dad and my uncle would drink two glasses alone. Go to class”. At that time, I was relatively young and I didn’t know what it meant. During the observation, I found that my dad told my uncle about the stories of his brothers over there, what kind of brotherhood, what children’s filial piety, what must everyone be in place every year for the New Year… Oh, it turned out to be sharing the other side’s knowledge. I thought so. Several things happened later that made me aware of the other meaning of “teaching”. Grandma’s grandfather’s family is in the countryside. Both of them are over 80 years old. They live in the resettlement building allocated by the town government (there was a flood before). Once the water heater broke down, and the older uncle who was only one floor away from the old man knew Later, indifferent. After a lot of trouble, my dad drove 80 kilometers, sent a new water heater back from the city, and then found someone in town to settle it. The uncle in the whole process had no problem with this matter, as if he wasn’t the son next to the second elder. There was another time when the cousin (the granddaughter of the second elder) got married, and the family members were too busy because of the need for Zhang Luo, so the uncle and aunt took the second elder to the hotel by bus. The bus terminal is still some distance away from the hotel, so you need to take a taxi. My uncle’s sorrow operation was to make the two elders in their eighties pay less than ten yuan in the car fare… After letting my mother know about this, she directly called her doubts about life. Is his uncle poor? Absolutely not. Cousin (the cousin is still very filial) after graduating from university, he entered the electric power bureau in the next county town. It was smooth sailing. The sister-in-law is also getting better in the company. The two people still hold four to five million yuan a year. Don’t spend too much time in this small life in the county seat. It can only be said that some aspects of the life philosophy of the uncle and aunt are different from ours. This is a fundamental three-view problem. My grandfather lived in the hospital several times. My parents were the second most in bed time due to busy work. The first was my cousin, and the third was my cousin. I was in high school and couldn’t get out of school. Where are my uncles? I’m sorry, I went to the construction site to find a temporary job, but I couldn’t come. Medical expenses? Sister, if you have money, you put it up first, and then your brother will give it to you. Then it stopped. My mother never thought about asking for it. The money is not much. As a child, even without my eldest uncle, can my grandfather still not see the doctor? Although it is impossible to say what the future will be, if the two elders are gone one day, the bond between my mother and their brothers and sisters can be expected to fade. Today, when individuals do not rely on clan power for their survival, family affection will fade, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Family affection that can be diluted, in most cases, a factor that cannot be ignored is that you are not in harmony with each other, and getting together is just a blood connection. The existence of parents gives brothers and sisters opportunities to get in touch and get along with each other. They may not be able to walk all the way to the back, and more depends on the three views.

5 months ago

When the parents are there, the children naturally have to visit and care about the daily life of the lower body, etc., have the need to move around and talk about topics; after the parents pass away, the siblings gradually get older, and gradually withdraw from the main social group to the margins. Location, social needs, and talkable topics have also gradually diminished. When you were a child, you were taken away by your relatives by young and middle-aged parents to visit your grandparents, uncles, and other relatives. Older grandparents and grandparents greet you at home and at the same time inquire about your other grandparents. You take your children to visit your relatives, such as your parents, uncles, and other relatives. Elderly parents and uncles welcome you at home and inquire about your other elders. When you are old, your young children and nephews will take them. Your children come to see you and your spouse, and when you are old, you welcome them at home and at the same time inquire about your brothers and sisters. When I get older, I’m at home waiting for others to come. In the young and middle-aged, people are the backbone of the family and the main source of income, as well as the main social group. Social networking is not as simple as a bunch of people who love to eat melon seeds and drink tea when they have nothing to do during the New Year holidays. They have each other’s needs and desires. Relatives are also the objects of huddle to keep warm, or they have something to discuss, or Get in touch with each other in case of emergency. Just as if you invite leaders, colleagues, and customers to dinner, you also want something, not for nothing. When people get older, people will retire or don’t earn money. When people are idle, their needs will become less and they don’t need so many social networks. People who are not in that position will provide fewer social resources. In the leadership position, he became Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhang. After he retired, he became Mr. Wang and Lao Zhang. There were even fewer greetings. The children also grew up, and taking care of their grandchildren became an important task. It took a lot of time and time. energy. For many elderly people, socializing has become a very troublesome and unprofitable thing, because there is not much overlap. If you care about it, it is good to come every once in a while, and frequent gatherings are also very tiring. During this time, it would be nice to lie at home and watch TV and drink tea. At the same time, the children have grown up and established a self-centered social network. The elders can also be their social objects. If you can provide good resources, you can still visit your door continuously, otherwise it is just polite. Or the children’s filial piety. I am so lonely when I am old, and people have been repeating similar lives for generations.

5 months ago

I don’t know what other people’s homes are like. My grandma and her three sisters have passed away. My mother and her three sisters don’t get together anymore. My second aunts and I have almost no contact. It may be said to some extent. Well, after all, if you reduce the meeting, you will have less trouble. Besides, my mother seems to have nothing to talk about with her sisters. I think it’s good to chat on WeChat occasionally. By the way, my mother has been out of town. My second and third aunts and aunts have always been by my grandparents’ side. If I can describe the feelings between them, they are in harmony with each other, and there is no common language. But after the two elders left one after another, it was almost equivalent to announcing that the family had broken up, but my aunt has little ability to live. It can be said that many people in society don’t think she can do things that we don’t normally do. So later on, my second aunt and third aunt I continued to live in the house of the second elder. My aunt came to our city to live in my house. Our family lives with my grandmother. Usually, my mother has to take care of my aunt’s life, which is also worrying. (Moreover, even if my second and third aunts stay with their parents, they almost don’t care about the family. They think about going out every day, and thinking about their own work every day. Sometimes, grandma and grandma are sick or hospitalized. Usually it’s just one day of taking care of each other. In the later stage, I’m ready to do my own affairs. It’s nicknamed that I care more about my parents. In the end, I have to ask my mother who is far away to rush back to take care of the two elders. Fortunately, my mother retired early, or who else? Do you care? Let my aunt do it, she is someone who doesn’t even know the basics of life, so forget it) And for example, my grandma’s community also has a similar situation. The elderly in my grandma’s next door neighbor’s house have already passed away, and then Almost no one in his family will come back again. In some neighborhoods, many of the houses where both parents and parents passed away have also been sold by their children. Those who have slowly moved in are no longer familiar with them. Those who know The faces are also drifting away, maybe this is life. Now my generation has many only children, so I don’t have any brothers or sisters. My cousin or cousin is not with me anyway, and my uncles and aunts, including those who have nothing to do now. My aunt doesn’t have a lot of contact, except to have a meal with my uncle and aunt, and I rarely have any contact with my cousin, cousin, cousin, so I think it will gradually become a distant relationship in the future. is normal.

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