My girlfriend has a master degree in economics for two years, and I have a Ph.D degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 5 years. Now she is a senior year. She wants to graduate and works. She asked me what is the meaning of Ph.D. if I don’t engage in scientific research, I choked for a while and couldn’t answer. At one time I was full of doubts about my future. This question seemed unsolvable. For me, who is not clear about the future direction.

This happens to be the case for me. When I was still studying for a Ph.D., I was very clear about it. After graduation, I didn’t do pure scientific research, and I knew that I was not that piece of material. The experience of Ph.D. has a big impact on me now, that is really too big… Show up and talk about it. Looking back at the entire Ph.D. stage, what I learned the most is not to post a few papers, nor to get a PhD diploma (although this is also very important). It is the full growth obtained in the following three aspects (1) strict logical thinking (2) the ability to quickly lock key information (3) the ability to withstand stress. This has also laid a solid foundation for my work status and performance in the future. basis. Post a content written in the previous answer: So, it can also be said that the following points are the ones I personally think that I need to train during the PhD period; (1) Strict logical thinking, maybe everyone thinks that this is not everyone can read Is it a necessary talent for PhD students? In fact, I didn’t know how to be a logical ghost. Until I joined my boss’s group, when I first reported on the group meeting, my logic was broken. The daily training of our group is called hypothesis talk, which is actually like the whole group show. What kind of hypothesis is the research direction you choose, and then everyone asks a series of questions around your hypothesis and experimental design. In fact, this is very important, because basically if you want to carry out your project based on this assumption, then the quality of this assumption basically determines the upper limit of your project, or to be more straightforward, what level you can post Of paper. For four years of my Ph.D., the most common thing I heard from my boss is that it is only when you can carry out the next phase of research based on the results regardless of whether the final experimental results support your hypothesis or not. A good hypothesis (in human terms, no matter the result is good or bad, the paper can be posted). Just because of this sentence, my logic has been destroyed for four years, but looking back now, I do find that logic has no upper limit. As long as the destruction continues, it can still be improved. 2) The ability to quickly lock key information, yes, everyone has done this before, just look at the literature. When I first entered the scientific research circle, reading literature was very slow. I like to read word by word from abstract to result. What? You talk about discussion. In fact, I hate reading discussion now, because it is too much brainstorming. I personally feel that my ability to read literature has improved significantly, almost after reading 100 literatures a month or so at a time. It was also forced by my boss, and now I look a little bit frustrated in retrospect. Once I had a meeting with my boss to discuss the progress of the project. He asked me a question. What factors might cause this change? I said environmental factors. He said, OK, let’s not talk now. I will give you one month. If you can only answer the general answer of environmental factors next month, I will let you finish reading the current one in the 2 week class. All documents published in the direction. Well, in order not to delay my entertainment activities such as basketball, LOL, and werewolf, I decided to spend a month to read these damn papers. After a sea shopping, I found that I had downloaded more than 100 articles, then click I used to read the tortoise-speed reading method before, even if I was in a pit, I could not finish reading the literature. So I had no choice but to force myself to turn on the wave reading mode. I remembered that I stipulated that a paper should not exceed 20 minutes, and then I had to close the paper and write the key point of this article in English. Of course, it was very painful at the beginning, but the later I found out that the speed was faster. Of course, the project discussion after a month was smoother, and I found that the skills of reading literature seemed to have entered the next level from then on. In my current job, I actually have to read a lot of information every day, from industry, professional, investment field, oh yes, as well as materials that I need to read to write articles. I found that I benefited a lot from this ability. (3) Compressive ability. In fact, everyone should not be able to run away. It’s just the difference between rubbing on the acupressure plate or rubbing on the concrete floor. The experiment failed. As soon as the experiment result dragged on, the submission was rejected in seconds. These are all training our ability to resist stress. Of course, I have been crushed by a hammer myself, but since working, I have not felt that I can’t handle it. I have encountered difficult situations a few times. Think about the pressure before, the hammer, this is a ball. . Therefore, if you have not been hammered during the Ph.D. period, it must be incomplete, and it is also a pity. What kind of training is complete for a doctoral student,


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6 months ago

Go to the administrative post. Stupid to go to the research post. Do you think that going to a scientific research post is doing scientific research? Let your seniors come to science research posts. The so-called scientific research posts, the project book is written by you, but the project indicators cannot be determined by you. The instrument outsourcing agency will give you the choice, but the financial leader will not approve you. You will do the hard work. , But the year-end dividends are not your turn. More often it is not about what you want to study, but what the leader asks you to do. More often, it is a Ph.D. doing an undergraduate work, writing notebooks and PPT, clicking the mouse and pressing the keyboard. I didn’t study a PhD to go to a research post. If you ask me what is the meaning of my Ph.D. The meaning of my Ph.D reading is that it can make me stay away from work, because I don’t want to work, because I don’t know what I work for, because I don’t know 996 every day so that I am burdened with three. What is the meaning of ten years of debt? I don’t want to be capitalized as a harvest of leeks, nor do I want to exploit the next generation of young people to become capitalists, so I need a quiet environment, a period of time long enough, and a group of People who simply don’t ask about the world and are devoted to scientific research come to accompany me to not disturb my thoughts, and let me think about what my future life should be like. This is the meaning of my Ph.D. The meaning of Ph.D is to find a job. Isn’t this too simple?

6 months ago

In his novelette “Spherical Lightning”, Liu sarcastically described a professor who was a bit fascinated in scientific research. “If a needle is dropped on the ground, he will not look for the sound to judge the position of the needle, but will hit the cells on the ground and sweep over them one by one.” Although it sounds stupid, most of the scientific research is done. Trial and error in the dark. In addition to accumulating a large amount of theoretical knowledge in related fields, scientific research training is more important to train an objective and efficient ability to discover problems, deal with problems, and verify results. Even if you do not engage in scientific research in the future, professionally trained scientific methodology is very helpful.

6 months ago

[Value meaning] Is the meaning of human value evaluated by others, valued by others, and spoken by others? In that case, if others call you a certain doctor, you will start to be confused; others devalue you, and after so many years of reading, you are professionally okay, and you begin to feel miserable. Doing a PhD is a journey in life. In the world, a doctorate degree is the highest reading degree; in China, where higher education is backward, there are very few people with a doctorate degree. You have enjoyed this kind of knowledge climbing journey, obtained this kind of mental tempering, and challenged the intellectual difficulties of life. In the future, what difficulties and pressures will not be overcome? What are the difficulties that can’t be overcome? Although I graduated with a Ph.D. in the first half year, I was very tired and wanted to give up scientific research very very much, coveted ease, escaped the pressure, and made the wrong choice; but I quickly stopped the loss in time and adjusted myself. Go back to battle, face new pressures, face all kinds of uncertainties and difficulties, and even face greater difficulties and sufferings than before. However, that is the strength that a PhD student gave me by gritting my teeth, and I will be grateful for that time of hard work.

6 months ago

As a doctoral supervisor, after reading your question, my first instinct is that if you really read this PhD, 80% of your current girlfriend will change to your ex at that time, and of course you may continue to be single. , It’s also possible that you will find a fellow apprentice sister. Actually, although the description of your question on the bright side is that your girlfriend asks you “what do you do not do scientific research after a Ph.D.”, and at the same time, your response is not a clear answer (even if it means going to a high school as a teacher) but Choked up, combined with your girlfriend’s willingness to go to work after graduation, it is obvious that the two of you have already started to have conflicts because of the unsynchronized and non-equal degrees of each other in the future. Although I don’t know where your girlfriend goes to get a master’s degree, this contradiction may also include the difference between you and your girlfriend’s school. After all, the Chinese Academy of Sciences can be regarded as the highest level of scientific research in my country. And not surprisingly, your girlfriend is the one who reacted the most in this matter. From another perspective, I am more concerned about this issue. In my eyes, what she said was actually persuading herself to be ready to leave you at the right time in the future. Of course, there must be her reasons why she did this. For example, she felt that the degree was not equal, or when you graduated with a PhD for too long and you couldn’t give her anything during this period. Even if you enter a university to do scientific research after graduating from a PhD, the salary level of university teachers she currently understands is estimated to be far from the life she wants in the future, so she will ask you “What else can you do besides scientific research?” Of course, there may be a gap between your family and her ideals. After all, if your family’s financial conditions are good, you can buy a car and buy a house during your PhD period. She has no reason to leave you at all. After all, in the long run, the income of people holding a doctorate degree in this society is definitely higher than that of a master’s degree. It’s just that most PhD degree holders cannot be financially independent at the age of 30 without relying on their own financial support. Hehe, how should I put it, let’s do it and cherish it. As for what the doctor reads, this is a question that requires you to spend the next five years thinking about it. The logical thinking ability, basic scientific research literacy, psychological quality, ability to grasp and judge the direction of scientific research, as well as the depth and breadth of knowledge involved in related fields, and your final grades such as papers, which you have trained during your Ph.D. These conditions will Decide whether you have the qualifications to continue to engage in scientific research in universities or research institutes after completing your doctoral studies. Although I also went to colleges and universities to continue to engage in scientific research after graduating from my Ph.D., I personally don’t think this is the only way for Ph. This is also unrealistic. After all, China’s universities and research institutes across the country are not enough to digest 60,000 domestic PhDs and 1,000 overseas returnees every year. By the way, saying that you graduated with a Ph.D. to go to high school is not to belittle you. The kindergarten my daughter attended (the best in the province) in the past few years has already enrolled teachers who have graduated with a master’s degree from a normal university directly under the Ministry of Education. I doubt whether there will be a doctoral graduate going to this kind of kindergarten in five years.

6 months ago

Congratulations, praise you. I started to reflect on this question deeply before I read the Ph.D. The answer is too obvious: basically meaningless. Of course, if you want to pull some by-products, it still has some effects: you are not “unemployed” during the five to eight years of Ph. Think about what you want to do. Relatives and friends, the former thief, have face, and when they are embarrassed, when all the money-related questions arise, they can use “I am a Ph.D. student” against them, and then they can also question people’s academic qualifications. Then he smiled politely but indifferently. When you go home, think about whether you are studying EE/CS major, and then combine with 2 to either continue to ecstasy or get up and down and prepare to turn-forget it, I will say it clearly-“ML/AI major”. When I was collecting articles, I deeply realized that good scientific research is produced by “writing”, which destroys some unnecessary ideals, and also breaks the unwillingness that may arise when moving bricks in future work-99.9999% of scientific research is useless. It’s not even imaginary, but the article may be really beautiful. Combination 4. You will be deeply aware that limited expression and communication skills have greatly suppressed your hard work. If you realize this, you will not feel that you are just moving bricks when you work in the future. Combination 5, do you want to understand what your mentor relied on for cheating you into the group? Learn, you will use this trick to deal with leaders/new employees and investors in the future. The problem is, it’s too wasteful to read a PhD for the above stuff.

6 months ago

As a university professor, I often tell my students that the main significance of PhD reading is: (1) You can learn to observe what is happening in the world in a scientific way; (2) Learn to think independently Ability (critical thinking); (3) Learn to find regular problems from intricate things and solve them. This kind of scientific thinking ability can help you not to say anything, not to be at a loss when facing problems, and to be more tolerant and understand the diversity of the world. At the same time, you can find and solve problems more efficiently than undergraduates. I think this ability can enable you to deal with this complex and changing world more calmly. It also allows you to see through the appearance of things and live more “transparently”. As for articles, citations, and impact factors, if you don’t follow the path of scientific research in the future, they are actually all clouds. Just as the purpose of fitness is to make your body healthy and strong, there is no need to care whether you are more or less on the bench press than others.

6 months ago

I just discussed this issue before, and I also watched a video of the Ali Dharma Academy. It was about the youngest academician in China in 2019, who is engaged in basic mathematics. He said such a sentence. I suggest that most people Let’s all do applied mathematics, pure theoretical ones don’t need so many people, just leave some smart people! After listening to this sentence, if I was a freshman and sophomore, I would definitely be stupid, this academician would be too arrogant! And now I smiled indifferently, and I totally agree with what I said. In undergraduate, there will always be a few students in the class who usually like to ask questions and like to study very much. They should be the seed of scientific research at first glance. When they are undergraduates in the junior year, good guys, I’m just good guys, those top-notch students. Almost most of the big brothers in the base class have gone to study applied subjects such as statistics and finance. Only a few people went to the basic direction, and they were very interested in the basics. I have told you the above examples. I just want to tell you that almost all of us have to accept the fact that we are an ordinary person. If we are not suitable, we must quit as soon as possible. Nowadays, PhD and postgraduate studies are more to relieve the pressure of employment. It is not so much to ease the pressure of employment. It is more to escape. Many people are unclear. It is not clear whether they went to graduate school or graduate school. Ask him if you like it. Do you study a PhD? Do you like graduate school? They are not sure to answer you! At this stage, it is still in the stage of enrollment expansion. Almost all in China, there are few tutors and many students. Compared with our group, there is only one doctoral tutor and nearly 20 students. Of course, because we are statistics, the popularity is high, and other basic directions may not be the case. Before 2007-08 in our school, your master’s degree stayed as a counselor easily, and your Ph.D. stayed directly on campus to teach. Nowadays, you have to teach at 985, unless you are a postdoctoral fellow in a prestigious university + overseas study experience + high-quality thesis, which can be seen in its requirements. Not to mention that in recent years, there has been an endless stream of news about Dr. Qingbei’s delegation to Shenzhen Middle School as a teacher. It further shows what a roll is. To sum it up: Most graduate students are working as workers. The tutor pays you wages, and you do projects for him, and he is also responsible for your graduation requirements—that is, the thesis. As for many people nowadays that postgraduate study is for scientific research, of course it is scientific research, it is applied scientific research. To put it bluntly, everything must serve practical applications, otherwise the meaning of its existence will be lacking!

6 months ago

As a doctor of cosmetics after graduation (in the direction of Biochemical Huancai Tiankeng), let’s share my experience. For me, the greatest significance of reading a Ph.D is to exercise the ability to resist stress and solve problems. The former allows me to maintain a strong heart in the workplace and life, and the latter allows me to find answers quickly when facing difficult problems. It has been eight years since I graduated with a PhD. It is no exaggeration to say that the five years of Ph.D. study is by far the darkest time in life. In the first year of the Ph.D., because of poor English, I basically couldn’t understand it in class. In the second year of the Ph.D., I found that I could not continue to do the subject after more than a year, because technically, it was impossible to achieve the parameters for continuing to do it. So he was forced to change the subject, but at that time just during the financial crisis, the boss had no money. And he is the kind of person who doesn’t care about anything. So I can only figure out the subject of no money by myself. It is still the second year and needs to be qualified. However, because of the financial crisis, the school ran out of money. Change the qualification of the process to only a 50% pass rate. One of our lab who enrolled at the same time as me was honored to go home. After the third year, I struggled with new topics. The boss said that it is not important whether to post or not, the main reason is to form a complete story and logic. So I taught myself modelling and self-cultivation of cells. From fluid mechanics simulation, to reactor design, to culturing cell verification, the whole process is finally completed, and I feel that victory is in sight. In the fourth year, I continued to do experiments, sorted out the relevant data, and wrote my first paper. However, the boss said that my English was too bad and he didn’t want to read it, so he dragged it off for half a year. Finally, I changed a few words and voted. In the fifth year, I started preparing for an interview to find a job. At this time, the boss changed his rhetoric and said that I had to post four articles to graduate. However, it’s okay to submit an article, and it’s beyond my control to accept or not. In particular, there are two articles, which are required to be reviewed. After receiving the offer, I told my boss that I would submit a paper, and the boss satirized me. Say I didn’t even post the article, how to submit it. I patted my chest and promised that I could send the paper again after I handed in the paper before the defense. Under the circumstances, the boss asked me to hand in the paper. After working for a year, the boss asked me to reply. During this period, I posted two articles, and the other two articles are still under revision. The defense went very smoothly. The defense committee said that after the minor changes, the boss signed and submitted the final version within three months, and you could officially graduate. However, at this time, the boss stuck his neck again, saying that the other two submitted articles must be accepted within these three months. Otherwise he refused to sign the final version of the graduation thesis. Two articles, one was submitted soon, and the other reviewer came back to the conclusion that a major change was required, and I was already working and couldn’t make up the experiment. In the last week, I said to my boss that some students who refused to submit papers before defending, finally no student dared to choose this boss. Only then did he promise to sign for me. From admission to the final degree certificate, a total of six years and four months. The pain and suffering in it tempered me a thousand times. So that the difficulties after work are drizzle to me. No matter how great the pressure is, it is nothing but clouds. If the ability to resist stress is still a funeral, then the ability to solve problems is the wealth of a lifetime. The first is the way of thinking facing complex problems. The Ph.D. subjects were all boring and seemingly clueless. Reasonable assumptions are needed to find out the main contradictions and concentrate on breaking through them. This is exactly the same as the way we solve problems in our work and life. Then there is the ability to obtain information. If you are interested in a direction, but don’t know the answer. The best way is not to go to Zhihu or other Chinese websites, but to check the literature. Most of the Chinese Internet is second-hand information. I have always believed that no matter how unpopular the direction, no matter how boring the subject, someone will study it. Therefore, a direct search of the literature will lead to more straightforward conclusions. For example, in the cosmetics industry I am currently engaged in, 99% of the original research is done by foreigners. The Chinese Internet is full of pseudosciences. If you have strong search and literature reading skills, these questions can be answered easily.

6 months ago

I provide a new idea for the subject: We strive to make a lot of money and strive to obtain a high degree of education. The fundamental purpose is to “increase” our choices, not the choice itself. [1] To give the simplest example, if you have a deposit of 100 million yuan, you can still choose to eat egg fried rice every day. But the difference between you and other people who eat egg fried rice every day is that as long as you want, you can eat the Man Han Banquet every day, with three Michelin stars. The source of your happiness is not what you eat, but as long as I want, I can freely choose what I want to eat and do what I want to do. The same goes for Ph.D. The benefit after completing the PhD is “I have many career choices”. But this does not mean that scientific research is necessary. Take my friends around me as an example. At least half of my PhD friends went to the company after graduation, and many of them are developing very well and doing it very happily. So don’t stick to the rules and regulations of scientific research after finishing your Ph.D. After finishing your Ph.D., you can choose the job (or better development opportunity) you want to choose, which is the best choice.

6 months ago

Doing the same thing often has different meanings to different people. The subject is to ask what is the possible meaning of reading a Ph.D. Or what does the Ph.D. study mean to you? Perhaps only you can answer the latter, and there are many possibilities for the former, but work and scientific research posts should not be the only reasons. I personally think that Ph.D. is part of scientific research, and scientific research should begin with interest. If utilitarianism is the only driving force for scientific research, then scientific research is often not well done. So the first reason for Ph.D. study is probably: I like to do scientific research, even if it’s only a few years, even if it’s just a glimpse of the door, at least I really like the subject I’m doing. The other is that reading a Ph.D. is an experience, and this experience is valuable in itself. It’s like being a sailor is an experience, and being a volunteer is an experience. The whole life is actually just an experience. If you decide what to do and don’t do for the final destination, then everyone’s destination will be the same in the end. You know. Practically speaking, reading a Ph.D. is to train an ability to independently do scientific research. This ability is to use a scientific attitude to independently solve problems that are extremely difficult for most people. Life is inevitable to solve all kinds of problems, and there are many ways to solve problems, and the scientific method is one of them. If you think this way is good, then you can take a good training while you are young. No matter what industry you are in the future, you will Come in handy. A person who is good at solving problems will definitely be useful to society. Hope the above is useful.

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