Where is the aspiration to fight for? The wind and rain can still wait for the sky-an open letter from the alumni of the Hanqing Research Institute

We were shocked, puzzled, regretful, confused and sad to hear the news that the Hanqing Research Institute will be disbanded.

As graduated alumni, most of us have not closely tracked the specific teaching and research status of Hanqing, but we still maintain the love, care and return within our capacity for our alma mater: we can always see Hanqing The industry and academia continue to export outstanding juniors and juniors; we always remember to go home and have a look, share workplace experience with juniors and juniors, and discuss academic issues; we always pay attention to and look forward to the social media in the circle of friends, news, and seminars. Qing’s grades, Han Qing’s voice, Han Qing’s bit by bit.

Ever since we got to work, faced with different environments and engaged in different jobs, perhaps we were stumbling and stumbled, but we have never forgotten everything we experienced at Hanqing: Gao Hong, Gao Wei, Gao Ji, financial statements that we have learned The knowledge of analysis may be ambiguous in memory, but the knowledge of economic and financial logic, the attitude of rigorous scholarship, and the responsibility for benefiting the country and the people that have been honed in the process have become the motivation and foundation for us to continue to move forward; for various formulas , Theorems, and proof questions may not be as precious as they were back then, but the Hanqing spirit of “being a man, doing things and learning” and “aspiring to be high and down-to-earth” has become clearer every time when faced with choices and difficulties.

Hanqing is our home and our pride. We also hope that one day we can become the pride of Hanqing. “Science is important to people and science is important to people. People are known by science.” From the beginning of the difficult construction of the hospital to now, Hanqing and Hanqing’s spirit have become well-known through the joint efforts of everyone. Perhaps it is still immature, and only generations of Han youths continue to work hard. Students, graduate alumni, and teachers are all duty-bound to dissolve it lightly. What’s more, the abolition of the First House is not only about the adjustment of administrative personnel, but also about the survival of a spirit, the survival of everyone’s spiritual home, and the original intention of “looking forward, down-to-earth, accumulating and integrating Chinese and Western”. Explain the mission.

Han Qing students once expressed their ambitions in poems:

Economic prosperity is not a dream, and there is no basis to enrich the country and the people.

And with lofty ambitions to fight Xiao Han, look at the wind and rain waiting for the sky.

So sentimental, so affectionate. Therefore, when we heard the news of the dissolution, we were particularly shocked and puzzled, but there is nowhere to get an explanation of the reasons for the dissolution, nor can we know whether we can do our best. Full of nostalgia for the life of Hanqing, awe of the spirit of Hanqing, and expectation for the development of Hanqing, we hope to know the details of the dissolution and merger, and call on all parties to try their best to overcome difficulties and allow the spirit of Hanqing to continue. Hanqing students keep their homes and work harder for Hanqing’s mission.

Mo is a flash in the pan, wishing the foundation to last forever.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The signboard must be a pity. The NPC will sigh when they hear about this. The problem of Hanqing appeared very early, and there were more negative news in the overseas teacher recruitment market. Let the National Development Institute merge and split it into the Jingyuan and Treasury. These plans have been heard. The impact should be small. 1. The original Hanqing brand was ringing because only Hanqing recruited overseas teachers. Now all colleges can recruit, and the publication record is better than Hanqing. Hanqing is no better than the School of Finance and Business of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in terms of publication records. I think this is the main reason for the merger. 2. Let’s talk about talent training. Hanqing’s master’s three high-level courses are indeed relatively solid, at least more solid than the scholastic and financial institutions. The original intention of the Hanqing Institute and the quality of the source of students are both in the standard-definition north, and the results of the training should also be in the standard-definition north. But the doctors who graduated from Hanqing I know as teachers are all at the same level as me (have never met a senior who graduated from Hanqing). However, the reason may be that the number of doctors trained by Hanqing is small. To build a returnee college that year, so much money and resources were spent, and from the perspective of the school, it was necessary to achieve results. The most direct results are the publication of papers, social services, and personnel training (especially the training of academic talents, how many PhD graduates go to colleges and what level of colleges they go to). The publication of papers and the training of talents are not superior to Hanqing, not to mention social services. The Hanqing, Finance and Economics Institute are all on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th floors of Mingde Building. The teachers have a good relationship and often participate in seminars with each other. The students also have a good relationship. My undergraduates also go to Hanqing. Yes, but they have all gone to the industry; my wife and I have both attended Hanqing’s class back then. To say that an undergraduate student will definitely choose Hanqing instead of Caijin when he is undergraduate, that’s not necessarily. Several of my undergraduate financial juniors have the opportunity to go to Hanqing. In the end, some went to Hanqing and some stayed in the financial; if undergraduate students write articles with better teachers and are interested in Ph.D., of course, they will continue to follow. The teacher will do better.

6 months ago

Although outside the school think Hanqing is very good, but the school seems to have never felt that way. Of course, Hanqing offers will definitely not choose Caijin. Hanqing’s student source is better than Caijin, but it is not as different as saif and Antai. It’s very big. The school just thinks it’s the same. Hanqing is slightly better. There is no qualitative difference. When Hanqing had no money a few years ago, it was really the school and Caijin playing football. No one wanted it. A college that was initially set up for academic purposes was finally forced to start recruiting a large number of masters. Some people think that Hanqing’s financial situation is fine. In short, the merger is the general trend. Hanqing’s own positioning within the school is still quite embarrassing. After the merger, Finance Finance can directly open a new project to Hanqing students. After going out, you can continue to say that you are a Hanqing Academy. Why are so many people working like a student? Of course, Hanqing’s problems must be from the school. Angle to consider. In front of the school, it is hard to say that the students are not what Hanqing affiliated to finance is the most appropriate now. It is really no better than finance on the basis of resources. But you will know after reading in Caijin. What does the whole college say? I don’t feel that it pays much attention to the employment of students. The career service is average, and there are too many students. If Finance and Finance conscientiously integrate resources to Hanqing, Hanqing’s employment could be better. The gap in resources of the project itself is not as big as some students thought. Hanqing students changed the Hanqing on the resume to Finance. , There will be basically all the offers that should be made. The financial problem is that there are too many people recruited, and hundreds of them are recruited for postgraduate entrance examinations every year. Many people here can’t get the CV of the same level as the students in Hanqing, and even a big name internship before entering the school. Nothing is done anyway. Instead of spending money here, think about how to find an internship. It’s not that money has destroyed your family. After all, money is your next home…

6 months ago

Not to mention anything else. During the internship this year, I had an interview with another student from the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China. At that time, it was a and sa interviews. After we introduced ourselves, sa came, and then a briefly introduced us to sa and said this is From the National People’s Congress, this one belongs to Han Qing. Hanqing is absolutely more competitive in employment than financial resources. Not only the college has accumulated and integrated resources, but also the reputation of several seniors and sisters in the financial industry. Okay, now you use Hanqing as a signboard to recruit students, and you will tear down the college if you make a difference, and you are not allowed to compare the two options horizontally. In the hearts of some students, the money is not as good as Hanqing. Is this the student’s fault? Pull out the CVs of the Hanqing junior college students and take a look. Is the average value definitely above the financials?

6 months ago

As an insider, I didn’t want to answer this question, but it involves the diss NPC and diss finances. This is something I don’t want to see as a NPC, just say a few words. 1. The high probability of Hanqing’s current students is to maintain the status quo. After graduation, you can also choose Hanqing Diploma instead of Finance; 2. Teachers of Hanqing can choose to join Finance or Scholastics, instead of leaving the job as stated on the Internet. It is possible that some teachers’ contracts with Hanqing have expired and have not met the contract requirements. There may be some variables. But this has nothing to do with whether Hanqing is disbanded or not; 3. Hanqing’s master’s degree can only be recommended instead of students for postgraduate entrance examinations. This is the preferential policy given by the school at the beginning. Therefore, the source of graduate students in Hanqing is slightly better than the financial resources, because the school always has to give those students who are not so good undergraduates to go to graduate school, so the proportion of financial support and postgraduate entrance examinations is similar. If the money is also only recommended, Hanqing’s advantage is almost gone. Some commented that Hanqing was the one who was fancy, not the National People’s Congress. I can only hehe. 4. Hanqing has the advantage of Hanqing, but its shortcomings are also obvious. The teachers and students who cheated this Hanqing cannot be controlled, but since the establishment of Hanqing, there has not been a professor. Once someone is rated as a professor, he immediately resigns. Doesn’t this reflect the problem? How do universities develop like this? 5. Someone mentioned the faculty of Hanqing and the faculty of Diss Finance. Did you take the time to compare the published papers of the teachers? Caijin has more top publications than Hanqing’s! Both domestic and international top publications can be compared. 6. The quality of graduate thesis. This piece of truth is that Hanqing’s graduate thesis is better than financials. It is inseparable from the Hanqings recommended in Article 3, and financials is to allow more students to have the opportunity to study at the National People’s Congress. , A considerable part of the proportion is postgraduate entrance examination, the foundation is indeed somewhat different, but the gap is not so significant. 7. Some people say that Hanqing’s master’s requirement is equal to the financial and financial doctor’s requirement. I can only say that you don’t understand at all, so I don’t want to comment on your question. 8. The merger of Hanqing’s teachers into the financial fund is actually a great guarantee for them. This is back to the fourth point. How many teachers have Hanqing left over the years? How many senior teachers left? Everyone knows this. 9. Hanqing has 18 teachers and 20 administrative staff; there are more than 100 teachers and more than 20 administrative staff. Therefore, in terms of publicity and service to graduates, Hanqing did a better job than financial. After the merger is a strong alliance, everyone will be better in the future. I just thought of this, and it’s a matter of fact. Don’t dissociate money or Hanqing, or even the National People’s Congress.

6 months ago

I think this is completely irresponsible. I disregard the feelings of the interests of the students, and even limit the number of people when holding a seminar. I don’t know the questions and answers. It makes people feel that being selected is just a fish to be slaughtered, and there is no right to speak of. . I don’t know whether it can constitute fraud in law. Borrow the building to ask if there are channels for complaints and reports and good ways for rights protection. Anyway, this year the National People’s Congress is also considered “exhibiting the limelight” in recruiting graduate students. Maintaining this attitude of managing the school will never become a true double first-class. I wish you better and better.

6 months ago

The crux of the problem is that the school suddenly decided to merge after enrolling students under the name of Hanqing as usual. This has nothing to do with which is better between Hanqing and Finance, and how big the gap is. I hope everyone will not be chaotic. Although this kind of behavior is not fraudulent, it is more or less a false enrollment. Although I don’t rule out some students who think that Hanqing’s financial and financial difference is not too big to enter either, but now we are recruited in the name of Hanqing, and now we are going to merge the colleges. When enrolling students, Hanqing’s training plan, teachers, and How to continue to maintain the post. If there is no Hanqing, it is not for the brand of Hanqing, everyone would apply for other projects including financials when they were undergraduate studies. In fact, most of the students also got other offers of the same level. Now I chose Hanqing in the offer and you just eliminated Hanqing. I think it is really hard to accept. p.s. Merger, merge, disband, and disband, at least send away the last class of students, is it appropriate that there is still another class of freshmen who have not yet enrolled? In other comments, some people said that they value the title so much, why not go abroad and not go to other top colleges. I just want to say that everyone has different conditions and different goals and different environments. We have already made the most suitable choice for each of us when we recommend it. . We have been educated from childhood to abide by the rules and promises. We also hope that the school can lead by example and teach us the last lesson before leaving the campus.

6 months ago

This is also the side reflection of the financial paper. The internal economics and management college of the same school also scored a score of three or six or nine. When looking for a job, it did not score anything about the resumption of diplomatic relations between Qingbei and three middle schools and one China. The situation of computer majors is not so serious. Just look at the number of questions and the shredded algorithm. Even if you are a computer at the second school, as long as you are proficient, you can kill the average student in the 985.

6 months ago

As a graduated finance and finance undergraduate, he clicked in when he saw this push issue by accident. It was a little surprised that the Hanqing students were so angry. Being able to understand Hanqing students, after all, it is very important for the financial industry to have such a title. But my personal opinion is that sometimes people still have to reflect on what kind of person they are after removing the title. People who can only rely on the title are destined to not go far. (After reading some answers, I was stunned by the Hanqing students’ obsession with Hanqing’s titles. If you like titles so much, can’t you improve your horizons to get the degree from the top business school in the United States? I just stare at Hanqing’s level every day. Good guys, Sitting on the well and watching the sky also developed a sense of superiority.

6 months ago

There is no need to make a big fuss, the final plan has not yet been decided. If you can make money and keep the Hanqing brand, as a distinctive financial project, it will be the best result. The strong team will eventually be the target of the School of Finance of the People’s University of China. Wharton. Hanqing doesn’t need to have too much superiority. It is said that it is only on the big brand and platform of the National People’s Congress to give Hanqing so many resources. The alumni resources of the National People’s Congress for so many years are more powerful than those of Hanqing. He has given countless tangible and intangible help to the Hanqing people. Zhang Lei and Qiu Guogen are among the best footnotes in the financial discipline of the National People’s Congress.

6 months ago

Related interests: The disbandment of Han Qing, the National People’s Congress, made me panic, not only about the school, but also about the society. Today, I just finished reading the 2021 employment report of Hanqing, and I was still discussing with my friends in the group how many head offices and how many financial institutions the big brothers of Hanqing went to. As a result, Hanqing was about to disband? Alas, if the finances are okay, then why disband? Is the independence requirement of the Ministry of Education? I don’t know, but I don’t dare to guess. Only disappointed with the National People’s Congress. When I first came to Baoyan, I was very happy to meet many good friends and senior teachers, but later found that the National People’s Congress became impetuous and filthy. The party branch secretary of a certain class of this college, because he did not appraise the scholarship, reported the squad leader to form a private party, and he privately canvassed the lower grade students to discredit the squad leader. In the same group, the classmates discriminated against each other. In the college, the labor insurance counselors were also students, but they used themselves as cadres, arrogantly appealing to classmates, and tossing officials. As a result, the party secretary went to the ministries and commissions. There are such people. The result of this is that the party class assessment of the National People’s Congress has obliterated the hearts of many people who really want to join the party. The old teachers of some colleges are full of horizontal thinking and do not pay much attention to the cultivation of doctoral students. The so-called Chinese People’s Pay University, the so-called Second D School I used to be proud of being Ruc. I will always remember the joy and excitement when I first stepped into the door. It’s just that the happiness, joy and excitement quickly disappeared.

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