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Why can’t I find a job after graduation? Let me analyze it from external factors and internal factors. External factors First, let’s analyze the external factors: postgraduate expansion recruitment requirements 1. There are really too many graduate students. The 985 undergraduate graduates may not be able to find satisfactory jobs, let alone ordinary undergraduate graduates. I have a friend who is an undergraduate student in financial management of Sichuan University. She wants to go to work in a certain bank in Chengdu, but her resume failed. Asking the reason, it turns out that the ratio of recruiting undergraduates and masters is 2:8, which means that ten people are recruited, and at most two of them are undergraduates. Unless you have a very good undergraduate and strong strength, your resume will not pass. The expansion of postgraduate enrollment will result in increasing employment pressure for undergraduates, and after graduation, they will basically become unable to engage in high-tech positions. This is the development trend. 2. Recruitment requirements Nowadays companies have become more and more strict with recruitment requirements, and a skill alone can no longer meet their requirements. It’s like a photographer, you may be required to take photos before, and it’s enough to be able to repair photos. Now go to search for some photography positions on the Internet. It is required that you can plan, match, select scenes, take pictures, retouch pictures, use drones to make lights, shoot videos, edit and be familiar with various professional software in the later stage. Douyin understands Xiaohongshu understands Weibo understands ins. But the salary has not become higher because of the many skills you know and the many things you do. Not to mention that there are few such versatile photographers. Some photographers can practice a skill very proficiently. Now the data age of the Internet is changing too fast. People really have to keep learning so that they will not be eliminated by this society. I will analyze the internal factors for everyone. My own factors and methods are wrong 1. My own factors Many students did not put their minds on studying after they arrived at university. Some did not even take the Level 4 exam during college, played games for four years, and fell in love for four years. At graduation, there is no improvement in professional knowledge and personal ability, and there is not even a skill that can be used. What should I use to find a job? You don’t want to do this or that, low wages can’t match high wages and you can’t earn them, your heart is lower than the sky is high, the eyes are high, and you have academic qualifications but no ability. 2. The method is wrong. Now some people find a job with logic and some problems. Looking for a job is not to blindly touch and try, you must first have a clear understanding of yourself, what you like and what you are good at, and what you cannot accept. Then go to pick a job. Don’t think about the right money to be close to home and find the door by yourself. The above is my opinion on this issue today, and I will continue to add it later.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

At the beginning of the new year, I escaped the gloom of the Gengzi Year. As a “senior” student, with confusion and longing, he was pushed and shoved by time. After all, he entered the Xin Chou Year. Now that I have finally finalized my job, I want to record my 8-month journey in Braille, which is an explanation for my 22-year-old myself. In August, I missed the prime time of the autumn recruits in August, but the time to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination was quite self-disciplined, 7 in the morning and 12 in the evening, plus a daily weight loss plan, day after day, the time hurriedly came to October. , Also fixed the day of self-discipline to October. On National Day in October, under the banner of studying hard for two months, I can relax. I ran to Shanghai to play for a week. After I came back, my heart was upset. I didn’t want to activate my body again to adapt to a fixed routine, so I was lazy until the end. Choose to abandon the postgraduate entrance examination. (It turns out that going out on National Day is to tell myself not to take the exam.) The Bund is beautiful and I really like Shanghai, but it is very difficult to live here. In addition to this reason, there is another family I received an online application in mid-October. State-owned enterprise: China State Construction E-commerce interview invitation, the first time I had no leadership discussion at the first meeting, I had no experience but became a leader. I guess HR thought I was quite brave and sent me a retest notice, and then flew to Chengdu for a three-day tour ( It’s probably the happiest meeting with friends from Sichuan University). In the classroom of Sichuan University, sit and feel that you think you are fully prepared. Now that you think about it, you really want to laugh. You let Mengxin, who has never had an interview experience, come all the way to “show” how naive he is. The interview behavior should be understood. In the first meeting in the morning, the Director of Human Resources met me directly. There I said that I wanted to start a business and had some silly remarks. Although I was brave, the results were conceivable, but I am very grateful to Sister Yangyang. She is in the middle. The manager of an e-commerce company (the specific position is not clear). I am so enthusiastic and motivated. I also want to help me stay here, so I privately booked all the positions that morning (including technical posts). , So I was the first in that group to go in, and the last to come out, from nine o’clock to twelve o’clock. The environment is good, the new office, I am already thinking about sitting there better. Haha As the only undergraduate and more than 30 graduate students, not to mention the result, I feel very good about this experience, of course it turned out But none of the five departments wanted me. I received the news that I had not passed the CSCEC e-commerce interview at the booth of the double election meeting. Although I had expectations, I felt very uncomfortable. I was in a low mood for the whole day. I woke up the next morning, got up and started to replay. As far as I am concerned, I can accept the failure, but I have not summarized the failure and blood loss. I carefully recalled the interview process. What I did well was confident, brave, and insufficiently prepared. It is self-introduction and understanding of the company and position. Lonely but not alone, we came to 22 years old. At this age, we are full of illusions about life and very confused. Happy 22nd birthday. You have to become stronger psychologically. Publish your manuscript in the morning, recite it in the afternoon, and find an interview online. Skills and precautions, when you are ready, pinch the watch and practice in the mirror. Examples of possible problems include: the thing that impresses you the most, how you look at the job, your understanding of yourself, and your understanding of the company Wait for these questions to think about it again, and then simulate the answer by yourself. Four days later, I took my resume and went directly to the campus presentation and started my first interview. In the following days, I kept summarizing and practicing, and I went to the presentation meeting, not thinking about getting an offer, but carefully observing the interviewer’s questions and feedback, just like fighting monsters and upgrading, and constantly brushing up experience. On the tail of the autumn move, I got 5 offers because I faced 5 companies. In the end, I chose Zhengbang Group, but this path changed me again and gained a lot of growth. QR code automatic recognition) At that time, I interviewed Zhengbang’s purchasing post at the double election meeting, which belonged to their business department. When I was interviewed the next day, I set up a better position: Zhengbang management trainee, come before Our school recruited, but I missed it. So I wanted to call the hiring manager, talked for 30 minutes, and negotiated to fly to Nanchang headquarters for an interview in a week. This interview is also the longest interview I have experienced. It lasted for 3 days and finally got the offer. (Tengwang Pavilion was originally in Nanchang, I didn’t even know it with laughter)

7 months ago

The employment situation this year is still grim, with 9.09 million fresh graduates facing employment problems. Although it’s April and May, time is passing by in a flash. Why can’t I find a job? 1. There are many situations that are emerging now that some companies are short of people, and the conditions offered are not attractive enough to recruit people. Some recent graduates need to find a job, but they cannot find a suitable job, or many jobs do not meet their psychological expectations. So the employment problem is still unresolved. 2. This year’s postgraduate enrollment expansion, some friends have been preparing for the postgraduate exam in the early stage, some have just finished the re-examination, some have not passed the re-examination, and continue to look for work, so the current job problem has not been solved yet. 3. Nowadays, the threshold for recruitment of some companies is getting higher and higher, and many small partners want to join, but because certain conditions are not met, such as limiting party members, or must have basic-level work experience for such and such, these restrictions will Pass many partners directly. 4. Don’t get into a dilemma if high is not low. Just like me, people with low salaries don’t want to go, and those with high noses have good room for development. The influence of my major and academic qualifications could not even enter the threshold, so I was very distressed at the time. Later I thought about it again and again. It’s best to go home and test a preparation. In fact, it’s not just this year. Spring recruits are more difficult. Affected by the epidemic last year, some graduates are still waiting for employment. A colleague of mine, his son is a recent graduate of last year and a graduate student who took the exam last year. As a result, I was transferred to a less-than-ideal school, but later gave up, and now I am back to prepare for the public examination. I am studying environmental engineering, and I plan to apply for civil servants in second-tier cities. The family is also more supportive. It is precisely because they have experienced the risk of layoffs that they hope their children can have a relatively stable and secure job. Therefore, many small partners are now turning to the army of exam editors. On the one hand, the number of recruits is larger, and the national policy also favors fresh graduates. On the other hand, they can take advantage of the status of fresh graduates, and the number of applicants is small, and the opportunity to land is great. The welfare benefits are also very good in all aspects, especially the orientation selection and transfer. Various provinces have provided excellent conditions. Some will solve the housing problem, provide talent apartments, or rent subsidies, and so on. In contrast, private companies that are fast-paced and have little room for appreciation will face the risk of layoffs, and recent graduates are less likely to choose such companies. Fresh graduates are looking for jobs in two directions. A job that finds a professional counterpart can find a good platform. In the future, there will be a broader space for development, a more comfortable working environment, and a considerable salary. This is the ideal state of employment. So now many people are still watching, searching, and waiting. The other is the examination and compilation of public examinations. The establishment can indeed bring us practical protection. For example, last year, various provinces have launched directional selection and recruitment, and some 98521 first-class construction colleges. Including the prestigious schools in North Qing Dynasty, many candidates will choose to apply for targeted selection. The work pressure is small, the benefits are good, and the room for promotion is large. Compared with the instability and volatility of private enterprises, isn’t it very fragrant to choose the organization? There are also some small partners who may only be able to apply for the general civil service examination due to academic or professional issues. They are also at the upper-middle level in all aspects of salary and treatment in the same area, so it is completely worth trying. The identity advantage of fresh graduates is sometimes just one or two years. Partners must keep their eyes open when choosing a job, appropriately relax their choices, lower salary expectations, have a long-term vision, and choose platforms with potential or greater development space. . There is also the opportunity to take advantage of one’s own identity and try to apply for the preparation of examinations. The system is not only limited by the rules and requirements, but also can give full play to personal values ​​and abilities. Let’s keep cheering up, my friends!

7 months ago

The Spring Recruitment of 2021 is over halfway. You may not get the offer you like, and there are many doubts in your heart: It is the end of March. Are there any high-paying job opportunities for Spring Recruitment? Can’t get an offer, shouldn’t you give up the spring offer? Why have I submitted so many resumes and received so little feedback? After all, at this time in the past few years, large-scale corporate recruitment has basically ended, and fresh graduates have started working early. However, it cannot be ignored that the continuous counterattack of the epidemic has already had a significant impact on the job market. Whether it is shrinking recruitment, layoffs of large companies, or closing down the capital flow of small companies, this will affect everyone who seeks a job. Why might the spring recruitment of 2021 be more competitive? First, the job market is involved and the threshold for talents has increased. The epidemic will inevitably have an impact on the cash flow of companies. Looking at this phenomenon purely from the perspective of labor costs, companies will definitely lay off employees + shrink recruitment, and the number of jobs in the market will decrease, but there are still so many job seekers, and even the number of graduates is increasing every year. Growth, this will lead to an increase in the threshold of the job market, and companies turn to target mid- to high-end talents, and fresh graduates who have just graduated with no experience will not be the best option for corporate recruitment. Second, a large number of overseas students return to China, which intensifies competition. No one knows when the European and American economies will recover. At present, it seems that the repeated epidemics abroad are an important reason affecting employment. At home, there has been a steady recovery. Many international students have already set up their first job in China, and those who go out have to come back, and those who have not gone out include the return of talents who have cancelled their overseas study plan. This is another group of competitors. Third, under the general environment, past students have also begun to actively seek employment. As of December last year, according to a data analysis of a recruitment website, the number of unemployed people left behind due to low recruitment and failure in postgraduate entrance examinations in the previous two years accounted for 12% of the total number of graduates that year. . These people will definitely continue to participate in the company’s make-up recruitment this spring. The hesitation of whether to make up the recruitment (project expansion) was once again hit by the epidemic. In this general environment, too many people have made the plan to find employment before choosing a career. Even if they make up for it, they may be competing for the same role with large differences in academic qualifications. So what preparations should we do in advance? 1. Make clear our own employment goals. During school, we need to gradually improve our career outlook based on our own interests and determine our own employment goals. We need to pay attention to industry hotspots and trends, and understand the development status and prospects of a certain industry and company; understanding relevant industry information can not only help us establish a more accurate career outlook and employment goals, but also help us in the job interview process. Give yourself extra points. 2. To learn professional knowledge and obtain relevant certificates. At any time, people with excellent knowledge and ability are still in demand. Now more and more companies not only require academic qualifications, but even some positions in some industries require applicants to have relevant professional certificates. , Now the person who has obtained the relevant certificate or mastered a skill has already won the interview invisibly.

7 months ago

As a graduating class teacher, I briefly sorted out the following points: I will give some suggestions at the same time, and I look forward to getting supplements and improvements from my friends. It’s April or May, and there are still many students who have not settled on their graduation destinations. In fact, it is not difficult to implement them. The difficulty is to find a very satisfactory destination. The four factors cross-influence each other, and there may be some incompleteness. You are welcome to continue to add. I will not repeat them here, but I would like to give some personal suggestions: First: For a single-minded employment, but did not find a satisfactory unit Classmates. Riding a donkey to find a horse is the best strategy. The market is constantly changing. For example, if you want to be a teacher in the establishment, if you fail to pass the exam and are facing graduation, you can go to a private college to become a teacher, and you can experience it for a period of time to improve your teaching skills. , Go first to the door of this profession, and then grow into an insider in this profession. Set a small goal for yourself. For example, you must win it within three years. As long as your willpower is firm, there will be no problem. Second: For students who take the first test to the end. It is recommended that you first think about the upper limit of the price you can pay, which is the bottom line thinking. For example, you have to think clearly about the postgraduate entrance examination. What if you fail in World War II? What if the three wars fail? If the price is too great and you can’t bear it, you should enter the workplace as soon as possible, and try these as a goal for a few years. There are also students who have graduated for 4 years and have succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination. They have no head hanging, no delay in employment, and no delay in dating… Every year, they take the exam and then pass the exam. For the other group of students, if they think everything is clear, then do it. But now there is still some time before the exam. You can go for an internship and find a job. The country encourages students to find employment first. Otherwise, so many people preparing for the exam will really waste national resources. Some schools have introduced that non-graduates need to have six months of social security record requirements. An extra period of practical experience can also add points to your resume, re-examination, and actively implement your graduation whereabouts, and you can also draw a successful end to your university. Third: Students who are affected by the epidemic in stages, such as going abroad, can also take the circuitous route, such as first employment, domestic online classes, postgraduate entrance examinations, etc. Regardless of the social environment, school environment, and family environment, perhaps we can do or change relatively little, but what we can change is ourselves. Regardless of the external voices, we cannot deceive ourselves. Instead of complaining, it is better to step on your own. Take the first step and take the initiative to make difficult things easier, and you will succeed!

7 months ago

It’s not that you can’t find it, but everyone is very cautious and won’t decide too early. The usual job hunting routines for graduates are: Haitou -> various interviews -> a few successful companies -> choose the best one -> drag and do not sign the agreement -> continue to find -> various interviews…my classmates Even if they are signed to the big factory, they will find the next home. It turned out that the one who went to Byte went to Xiaomi, and the one who went to Huawei went to Byte… Life is not easy, and everyone is always looking for a better one.

7 months ago

As long as you are not bad, finding a job is only a matter of time. As for the early months or the late months, when you put it in the timeline of your life, these few months are hardly worth mentioning. You don’t get ahead of others just a few months earlier, and you don’t lose a lot of opportunities just a few months later. At the time of graduation, anxiety is like a virus, with the phenomenon of human-to-human transmission. Some people are so anxious that they can’t choose their way, and they are so anxious to go to the doctor. Your first job is very important. Don’t look for a job just to sign the tripartite. I feel that instead of panicking and clueless, it’s better to calm down, sort out what you like to do, and plan your future. This is more helpful to your life’s development. Signing early may not be a good thing, and if you wait, you may not wait for a good opportunity. Everyone should have their own rhythm, and everyone’s life progress bar is different. Just like eating, the twice-cooked pork that others love has already been served, but the sauerkraut fish you love has not yet come. A good meal is not afraid of being late. I believe that for the vast majority of people, there will be no big problems in signing a job, but sooner or later. If you leave early, you may not go fast. Wait a minute, the offer may be on the way. This is not chicken soup. If I waited a while when I signed the job, don’t rush to sign the job, maybe I would have a different life path. This is my experience, and it is also the experience of many people.

7 months ago

To be precise, there is no good job. Rubbish work is to take a 4k base salary to trick you, and then tell you 100 per day for four months of internship. I’ll take it. You won’t kick me right after the internship, will you? Four months? ? Then the internship is not given to social security. . Goodbye garbage job two, hello, you are very suitable for our xxx training organization. What is the basic salary? Hello, the basic salary is two thousand and five but the commission is a lot. . Goodbye to the next garbage job three. Hello, we are interested in xxx. . . Then it was all over. I want to ask where is the work place? Hey, this is indeed asking me, and you should be sent to work in the place where you are registered. wtf I wrote that I only find jobs in xx area? Don’t you read your resume? ? ? So I haven’t found a job yet, but I have taken a lot of written examinations. I hope some of them will be interviewed. After all, I have submitted almost 30 resumes, I’m going to throw up QAQ

7 months ago

It’s definitely getting harder and harder to find a job. Companies will try their best to subdivide the positions and make each position more and more substitutable. Most of the new graduates can only find a job transition like this first. This kind of job is naturally difficult to find a job because of its strong substitutability and high competition. Spring recruitment positions of various large companies are now getting more and more difficult, especially for some relatively high-value positions. However, no matter how difficult it is, you may wish to give it a go. Even if you try to cast your resume, don’t think that you have two books or three books or the school is not good enough. You will miss a lot of opportunities. Keep in mind that you can bring benefits to the company or be competent for the position. The academic qualifications are only used as a comparison condition under the same conditions, and there is no hard requirement.

7 months ago

Four years ago, I came to this city, and my freshman salary was three or four thousand. Four years later, in the same city, the freshman’s starting salary is still three or four thousand. My salary has risen to the average level, but I find that the work often gets longer and the salary It’s getting lower, and I’m a fresh graduate with a starting salary of three or four thousand, but the city has undergone earth-shaking changes. Walking in this city every day, I hear the wailing of my peers for survival and see my peers. The blood and tears of man-made survival have made my heart more sad. Has this society changed? Neither changed nor changed. The change is that China has completed the accumulation from relatively scarce material to relatively rich material. What has not changed is that more and more thresholds prevent us from having relatively abundant materials. The person who got on the car first welded the door and told it to get on the car later. For those who are in line, you must have a master’s degree and various certificates. If you don’t, you won’t even be able to line up. This society’s assessment of personal value and appendages has gradually divorced from reality and lags behind the development of the times. The city has not made life better, and I have no power to resent anyone. Thanks to the efforts of the previous generations, I have recognized this country in just a few years. So I chose to lie down and laugh at it, probably not wanting my offspring to be in the abyss like me, never married and infertile, rising from high-rise buildings, and smiling like flowers, the beauty and sorrow here have nothing to do with me. This is a running life, how dare you be greedy for leisure. Willing to be a star in the sky, shining all over the world. The hut catches the rain at night, and it has become a stream on the ground. When the body and mind died, the ashes fell into the Yellow River.

7 months ago

First, more and more graduates are a trend. Undergraduates have already changed from choosing the best to eliminating the weak. However, many students are still at the level of Jiaozi due to the influence of their parents. Jiaozi is a hammer, but when it comes to dumpling stuffing, they are second , The impact of the epidemic, the economic and economic damage, the demand for employment is small, a group of experienced practitioners also flow into the society, and compete with graduates. Some positions have advantages for fresh graduates, and some with experience have more advantages, which will naturally encroach upon fresh graduates to apply for jobs. space. Third, there is an unreasonable structure in the job search itself. Like many leftover men and women, the truly outstanding will not be left, and those with low expectations are easy to find. The rest are those who are neither outstanding to stunning nor willing to accommodate. There is a mentality of changing from a bicycle to a motorcycle.

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