According to a Taiwanese media report on April 15, Taiwan’s “representative to Japan” Hsieh Chang-ting recently posted on his personal Facebook account about Japan’s “nuclear waste water”, because the full text not only contains no words “against” or “protest” against Japan. He even tried to use attacks on the Chinese mainland to divert the anger of the Taiwanese people. For this reason, some politicians and people in Taiwan Province scolded Hsieh Chang-ting for being too infatuated with Japan, and his name was “representatives in Japan” as “representatives to Japan.”

On April 15th, Hsieh Chang-ting responded in an exclusive interview with the Taiwan Provincial media, saying that those who said that he was flattering Japan were simply “inferiority complex and self-abuse”. Xie Changting also used mainland China as a “shield” as always, saying that mainland China did not express any protest, “because they knew not to poke a beehive.”

However, compared with the Taiwan authorities’ “just take care of him” and “small curses to help” on the issue of “nuclear waste water” discharge in Japan, mainland China can be said to be a real “full firepower” and has been fighting for many days. Japan has made fierce criticisms and even plans to take further substantive countermeasures.

On April 13, when the Japanese government officially decided to discharge nuclear waste water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean, which is harmful to the marine environment. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said immediately, “The highest level of nuclear accident occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The waste water produced is completely different from the waste water from the normal operation of the nuclear power plant. Otherwise, the Japanese side would not need to seal the water tightly in a jar over the years. .”

At the same time, Zhao Lijian listed the opinions of various parties on nuclear waste water entering the sea to the Japanese media and emphasized that the Japanese side should respond honestly to the opinions of these authoritative institutions and experts. The sea fell over. As a close neighbor and stakeholder of Japan, China expresses serious concerns about this. China will continue to work closely with the international community to monitor developments and reserve the right to make further responses.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Since I learned about the theory of “surrender” by the deputy commander of the Taiwan Air Force, Zhang Yanting, no words from Taiwan officials have made me laugh. Zhang Yanting: The Continental Army aircraft flew over the center line of the strait, and when it encountered our aircraft, it swung its wings. What does this mean? They may have come to surrender, can’t live on the mainland, and want to come to Taiwan. Once the sea was difficult for water, with Zhang Yanting and Zhuyu in front, so much nonsense that Xie Changting said, I guess there is no desire to make Zhao Lijian laugh. Answer the reporter’s questions routinely.

5 months ago

I can’t laugh. This kind of servile thinking is not Hsieh Changting alone, but the whole DPP high-level thinking. But what is the state of a Taiwanese DPP voter who even voted for this kind of thinking? To put it pessimistically, is a large part of all DPP voters also this kind of slave thinking? Maybe Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party voters are the broken generation. They are really broken. They have no backbone and no real stand. For the sake of so-called independence, they would rather kneel down for Japan and the United States as slaves than come back and stand as brothers. What kind of thinking mode is this? Once the nuclear waste water concerned the safety of the people of Taiwan, the entire DPP chose to kneel and kneel to flatter Japan. The paradox is that the voters of the DPP accepted it calmly. No matter how ironic the KMT, the top DPP would still be like me. If it weren’t for their strong fundamentals, how could this group of clowns steal high positions. The DPP, dominated by slavery thinking, is so similar to today’s Ukraine. It would rather be a slave to outsiders than join forces with the same race, and firmly send its country to hell mode. The ideological power of democracy and freedom is so powerful. One sentence of democracy and freedom can make a group of people lose their minds. No one thinks deeply about the power of capital behind democracy, nor does freedom need to be subdivided, and freedoms are also mutually contradictory. . China is moving towards our own road of freedom, and we are realizing our own path, but we not only have to give the world a strong impression, but also a slogan for the world, so that we have a follower behind China.

5 months ago

It’s not that you didn’t feel it, it’s that you didn’t drive the destroyer. Wan Chai has also caught Amelika’s bad habit, and can no longer understand Mandarin Chinese, and has to drive the warship to Japan to feel that the mainland is protesting. The ears are not working, so I have to drink the Yuantritium Forest Fukushima nuclear waste water to make up for it. I have two absurd ideas. The first is the nuclear waste water that Japan dared not drink. The pro-Japanese officials in Wan Chai really dared to drink it. From the fact that Wan Chai can use the high-speed rail accident to claim a major diplomatic breakthrough, it can be seen that the only political correctness in Wan Chai is “diplomatic breakthrough”, which is the highest priority. Wan Chai has been blinded to be even more irrational than Western countries. This may be the enthusiasm of offshore converts. In order to gain the recognition of the so-called mainstream Western world, as long as the United States supports it, Wan Chai will support it, and it has to be more extreme. The United States supports Japan in discharging nuclear waste water, and Wan Chai dares to support it. Holding a bottle of nuclear waste water and blowing on the bottle. These three from the US, Japan and Taiwan are about to become three generations of grandparents. The second is that there is an accident in Wan Chai, and the United States will only kick it severely. Before Japan discharged nuclear waste water, the United States began to ban Japanese food from entering the United States. When you see this kind of thing, you always feel that the United States is dealing with diplomatic relations with two countries. On the one hand, it supports the discharge of nuclear waste water and on the other hand prohibits the entry of food. The two targets turned out to be the same country: Japan. It can be seen from this incident that once something major happens to the son and grandson, as Laozi, he will definitely pit his son and grandson. After all, it is a wild father. What does it matter? The U.S. is not willing to pay for Japan at all. If it is unprofitable, it will draw a line. Japan is just draining nuclear waste. If Japan is really hit hard, the U.S. will only run faster. In the same way, if Wan Chai is taken the first step, how will the United States react? The United States will only quickly draw a line and say: I don’t know Wan Chai, and I am not familiar with Wan Chai. Want me to fight for you? ? Are you crazy? He has a gun! What should I do if I am injured? ? It’s so plastic. The representative of Wan Chai in Japan is actually awkward and pitiful, and he can’t do anything to Japan, so he can only support it and join if he fails. You can say that Wan Chai’s current attitude is a trust in international relations. If you take the money to line up, it seems that the Western world has a strong right to speak. As for whether your own interests are guaranteed, it doesn’t matter, it’s on the island anyway. Which voice gets the most support, I just use which voice.

5 months ago

IMHO, be yourself. Under the concept of Western culture, the best thing is to open your eyes and talk nonsense, and give it a go. Only a few countries such as China clearly opposed it, and even said that the mainland did not protest. To tell an inappropriate story, an American who collects garbage has a good impression of a Japanese pig on a pig farm run by the Chinese, and takes good care of it. Suddenly, someone at the pig farm found this sow. I was pregnant and gave birth to a piglet who looked like a donkey. He thought it was a freak, so he killed it and sold it as donkey meat for a good price. Then, the obese American garbage collector was dissatisfied, so he ran and said, it was really tragic. The deprivation of pig rights did not get his consent. It is only natural for this pig to give birth to children. The most disgusting thing is that this Chinese who has been away all the year round has a child with a not very clever mind. He thinks he is born from an American and a pig, and asks in fear, why kill a pig? A joke, it’s not your donkey, why do you need your consent? Of course, the child in the question can’t recognize his father, and I didn’t say anything. Donkeys can really kick people and turn people into donkeys. This is a digression again, and it’s a long way off. In short, Taiwanese politicians must have learned the gene as stupid as a donkey. They are willing to kneel down in front of him, recognize the thief as his father, and be willing to be a vassal. They are dissatisfied with the father who raised him down and thought that they are not noble enough, but they don’t know this America. People are not his true elders, but Chinese talents who raised him up. It’s a pity that the child was not clever, and now he has accepted that set of thoughts. At this time, you find that the child has become more and more proficient with his upside down skills, making people think that this person is shameless, take a closer look, oh, This is also not very human. At this time, the child was standing next to the sow, looking at his father who was preparing to kill the pig and sacrifice the donkey with a deep gaze, and smiled idiotically. I said I was a pig, and you didn’t protest!

5 months ago

The “courage” of Taiwanese is basically only displayed when facing the mainland. Other than the United States, Japan, and Europe, even the island country with a population of 20,000, Palau can become the object of Taiwanese servitude, and this “courage” “It’s not courage in the true sense, it’s just a lip service. The DPP has long been caught up in legislation and governance. The threshold for “Taiwan independence” has long been crossed, but it has been five years and it has only seen the mainland. The “dependency” of Taiwan is getting higher and higher. Various previously signed “selling Taiwan” agreements have been retained, and the official said that they do not want the mainland to terminate the agreement, so it depends on the doorway to see things. To put it bluntly, how can Taiwanese have “courage”? When did “Tongzi” have combat effectiveness?

5 months ago

Xie Changting said this without any surprise. Xie’s title of “Representative for Helping Japan” has long become his political calling card. After graduating from the Law Department of National Taiwan University, Xie studied in Japan for many years. After many years of ups and downs in the island’s political arena, Xie Zishu often exhorted himself with the famous saying of the Japanese shogunate Tokugawa Ieyasu, “Patience is the foundation of longevity.” Xie was appointed representative to Japan by Tsai to flatter Japanese media: “Japan came to Taiwan to rule in 1895. It was when Japan was the strongest. At that time, Taiwan’s construction was probably the best, and Taiwan felt that it was very advanced at that time.” . If Masao Iwasato is the number one elite Japanese traitor on Taiwan Island, then Hsieh Changting would be a bit stubborn in second place. Xie’s loyalty to Japan can reach the point of embarrassing the Japanese. Japan drove fishing boats in Taiwan, and Hsieh Chang-ting said that “Taiwan fishermen are more lively and difficult to protect.” Xie always opposed Taiwan’s commemoration of comfort women, saying that it would affect “Taiwan-Japan relations” on the statues of comfort women. After the incident of Shihiko Fujii kicking the statues of comfort women, he said that this was a non-governmental act. “There are also people in Taiwan who are violent against the Japanese. Said to represent (all) the people of Taiwan.” Since the Fukushima nuclear leak, Hsieh Changting’s efforts to promote food from nuclear disaster areas on Taiwan have not been interrupted. Because of his act of betraying Japan, he was criticized by the media on the island as a “traitor”. Xie Changting claimed that he specifically looked up the dictionary. “Traitor” was defined as “a person who betrayed China.” He “has nothing to say.” With the profoundness of Xie Changting’s Meiri, his remarks are really not surprising.

5 months ago

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had just summoned the Japanese ambassador to China Takeo Hideo, not only strictly required Japan not to discharge nuclear waste water, but also hinted that Japan “dare to discharge the consequences at its own risk.” Maybe Xie Changting has never been tough no matter where he is in his entire life. He doesn’t know what protest is and what is toughness. After all, he only has the following words in his mind: “We must be soft in every day, and we must be rebelled in every way.” When Taiwan’s pineapples were not selling well not long ago, Hsieh Chang-ting hurriedly urged the people in Taiwan not to think about selling pineapples to Japan, because Japan is also under great pressure, and this will owe Japan’s favor. This time, Japan was upset and complained. While Xie Changting justified his non-“protest”, saying that the mainland was only “seriously concerned”, while trying to lower Taiwan’s moral standards, trying to treat the Fukushima nuclear waste water with the operation of Taiwan’s nuclear power plant. Confused about the water draining the sea to justify Japan, I don’t know if he wants to get Yoshihide Suga’s affirmation or Blinken’s praise. Xie Changting’s remarks naturally caused an uproar on the island. In addition to the “representative of helping Japan,” the Kuomintang “legislator” Lai Shibao “kindly” called him an authentic “Japanese representative in Tokyo.” Cai Baoxing, director-general of the Ryukyu Fisheries Association, was even more puzzled by Hsieh Changting’s words: It’s fine if you don’t dare to “speak hard” with Japan, but why you should say, “Taiwan itself has emissions? Will there be government officials who speak like this? Who dares? Eat Taiwan’s fish! After being scolded for several days, Hsieh Chang-ting raised his nostrils in an interview with the island’s media on the 16th and yelled to the people of Taiwan, “Why do you say that I have not protested to be a fan of Japan?” So this is low self-esteem! Frankly speaking, it is inferiority complex! Self-abuse! “Xie Changting accepted an interview on the island (how do you say it? It’s an honor to be a Daming doge) The Taiwan authorities naturally chose to endorse Xie Changting. Taiwan’s “Foreign Ministry” spokesperson Ou Jiangan said lightly on the 15th: it will be based on it. In 2014, the “Taiwan-Japan Nuclear Energy Regulatory Information Exchange Memorandum” continued to request Japan to provide Taiwan with relevant information. (Japan: I want to arrange! Taiwan: Row!) To this, the former chairman of the Kuomintang Zhu Lilun responded: Even the Japanese are opposed. As a result, the DPP authorities are “helping Japan,” and even the Taiwanese and food safety have forgotten the point of view. It is really incredible. “Chairman of the Council of Agriculture” Chen Jizhong said, “If there is an ecological impact in science two years later, Will seek compensation from Japan.” In other words, as long as Japan gives money, Taiwan is willing to rank as many as Taiwan is willing. “Legislative” Li Dewei sarcastically said that the supporters of the green camp will “lick Japan” and “anti-nuclear” in the near future, which can be described as “difficult.” “After all, it was the’big brother’ that I recognized. What’s more,’American Daddy’ also publicly affirmed the openness and transparency of Japan’s decision.” As if showing his own bottom line, Hsieh Chang-ting, who was eloquent, also called on everyone to ask themselves: Fu The island’s nuclear waste water was discharged two years later. “Will Japan’s purification capacity be worse than ours (Taiwan) after two years? A few days ago, didn’t Taro Aso claim that “nuclear waste water is okay if you drink it”? In fact, if the Japanese drink less than 500 ml a year, the nuclear waste water can be completely disposed of. Now you might as well add another Taipei representative to Japan, Hsieh Changting, Xie will definitely be happy to accept it. After all, “Representative Xie” is “proud and not self-abusing.” Besides, will Japan’s purification ability be worse than Taiwan in two years?? Xie Changting’s nostrils are so high that it is most suitable for receiving Two hoses supplying nuclear waste water. Finally, we carried the video of Qiqihar TV station reporter, Douyin domestic and foreign current affairs commentary blogger “Kingxin Kuaiyue” (kscxkscx), to introduce the “nutrients” in nuclear waste water and its effects. Xie, is your heart touched? Stop talking, come on, feed the two sons and drink water!

5 months ago

There was Ren Hao before, and Hsieh Changting, the current “Representative for Japan”, are both Japanese? Drink nuclear sewage with the Japanese, open your eyes and talk nonsense without shame! “Don’t get out of the beehive.” I’m so afraid of Japan. After staying in Japan for a long time, I will treat it as my own home. Eat inside and out! There is no protest in the mainland? “You go check it out”? In order to help Japan disregard the facts, he also said that it was inferiority and self-abuse to flatter him. He pointed his spear at his compatriots and posted a hot face to Japan. Anyone who didn’t know the tone of his speech thought it was a Japanese spokesperson! On April 14, Zhao Lijian emphasized: “The ocean is not Japan’s trash can, and the Pacific is not Japan’s sewer. Japan’s nuclear waste water treatment should not let the world pay the bill.” “As for the individual Japanese official you mentioned said, “These waters” It’s okay if you drink it.’, ask him to drink it. On April 15, 2005, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Wu Jianghao summoned the Japanese ambassador to China Torihide and lodged a solemn representation on the Japanese government’s decision to dispose of the wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident by means of marine discharge. This means that there is no protest in the mainland? Not learning and skillless, but learning the skills of distorting facts and slandering and spreading rumors of Japan and his father. In other words, this is the son of Japan, isn’t it the grandson of Lao Mei! Shame and conspicuous!

5 months ago

It’s not difficult to see what Taipei is. You no longer have to think that Taipei will do good things to “attack the mainland”. What is the level? Anyway, as far as I can see, it is worse than the West. This time Tokyo discharges nuclear waste water. The International Atomic Energy Agency has endorsed it. It seems that the credibility is very high, but does anyone really care about the facts? No, attacking the Japanese is a political point of view and has nothing to do with facts. Therefore, whether to attack the Japanese directly represents Taipei’s attitude towards Beijing and Taipei’s attitude is about treason change. I not only want to condemn it, but also want to sanction it.

5 months ago

When I was young, there were two colonies of ants on my windowsill. Once I read in a book, “Is restless, like an ant on a hot pot”, I suddenly thought about it, an ant on this hot pot. . . How restless are you? Then I found a piece of foreign iron, and patiently caught several ants. How to catch something that will die in one pinch? It’s very simple, just touch the milk popsicle with your fingers and stretch it out. Except for itching, nothing else. Soon I got the ants on the iron sheet and singed the iron sheet with a lighter. Soon, the ants who had been exploring the New World in an orderly manner suddenly accelerated their speed and their trajectories became chaotic. For example, those with a figure of eight, those in irregular circles, and even those with two steps forward and three steps backward. When I was young, although I didn’t understand good and evil, I still felt a little compassionate. So I tried to carefully twist an ant on the hot iron sheet, but I was bitten. I took a closer look at the ant. Normally, the ant’s palate is only about 20 to 30 degrees open. At that time, the opening angle of the ant’s palate was almost over ninety degrees. It was extremely vicious, flaring his teeth and claws, and angered me. I was so kind to save your life, how dare you bite me? So I viciously pressed the ant on the windowsill and crushed it with my fingers. You ask me how do I view the operation of 4v? It’s better to ask me what I think of that ant.

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