Jiemian News reported that on April 16, Dogecoin rose more than 200% in a day, and is now reported to be 0.397 US dollars per coin. The current total market value of Dogecoin exceeds 49 billion US dollars. As a member of the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is characterized by worthless endorsement, no technical features, and no application scenarios. Dogecoin, whose logo is derived from the emoji pack, is a typical “air coin”.

Ouke Cloud Chain Research Institute stated: “Dogecoin now has some fan-economy characteristics. It can be said that, compared with other mainstream encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin is not in terms of technological innovation or application. In terms of scenarios, they are all seriously inadequate. But Dogecoin is currently strongly endorsed by Musk, whether it’s Musk’s self-proclaimed “Dogecoin CEO” some time ago, or Musk’s announcement that SpaceX will put a Dogecoin Taking the moon to the moon has earned enough eyeballs for Dogecoin and a huge amount of attention. It can be said that the future ups and downs of Dogecoin will largely depend on Musk’s “carrying” effect.”

As a general equivalent, the development of currency is the result of users’ votes. For example, American aircraft carriers and soldiers swayed around the world. After the war, everyone “voted” for the U.S. dollar. For example, China’s economy is developing rapidly, and people are voting for China more and more. For example, Japan’s economy is more and more expensive than anything else. Sideways, the policy is highly predictable. Whenever they encounter problems, everyone will vote for the yen to hedge; for example, Southeast Asia and Latin America, where economic volatility is high, speculators especially like to vote for these currencies using the dollar cycle-fast in and out. Of course, in addition to voting for the use of functions, there are also voting for transaction functions. People who trade in the foreign exchange market will also formulate different trading strategies to vote according to currency characteristics. For example, for trading strategies designed from commodities, the Australian dollar is particularly popular. Cryptocurrency is also a demand for use + a demand for speculation. In terms of demand, with so many digital currencies in front of everyone, what are the reasons for voting? After all, voting in the foreign exchange market is almost equivalent to voting in various countries. Cryptocurrency does not have this concept. It depends on the design mechanism and the mass base. Unlike Bitcoin, there is no founding team behind Dogecoin to hold large-scale positions. It originated from a nonsensical idea (we can also tell from the name, right, manual dogtooth). The early development of Dogecoin came from the demand for rewards. These are actually very grassroots design ideas. Even I think Dogecoin was not so much a serious cryptocurrency (compared to Ethereum) at the beginning of the design, but the taste of performance art is stronger. At this point, Dogecoin is really “the people’s currency”. The early use scenes also had the meaning of “single fire”. However, as I said before, the current cryptocurrency market has one to count as one, and speculators are the mainstream. Many people think that the increase in market value means “a prairie fire”. In fact, this is the act of funding. All are high-leverage, all are fast in and out, sickle cuts leeks, sickle cuts sickles. The liquidity of the U.S. dollar has become like this, and the leverage of funds is convenient. It is not surprising that there is a big scene. I don’t know if Musk is not optimistic in his heart, but I know that Musk is a hot spot and a personal brand expert. If you are keenly aware of the itch of ordinary people, the entrepreneurs here (in the United States) are all rubbish. The excessive issuance of the US dollar, the lack of HTC narrative in the upper world of science and technology, the deterioration of the environment, and so on. Therefore, when Musk cross-border talks about things outside his company, the matter itself is not important, but his observation and expression of ordinary people’s emotions are important. To be honest, Dogecoin is really not at the forefront of technology. For Musk, who can buy a set of Tesla coins and Mars coins by himself in minutes, it is even less likely to be sincerely optimistic. A person who has the ability to command the sickle said that all the leek has to do is to see it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As we all know, the traditional cultivation of leeks is generally soil culture. Find a flat piece of land, put the bottom fertilizer on it, and pay enough water. After that, you don’t need to water too much. Cut once every 15 days, and there will be a harvest throughout the year. If there is no land, potted plants can also be used. Three or five clusters are planted in one pot, there are a few more pots where there is no place, it doesn’t matter if there is one or two pots where there is no place, the same fertilizer and watering can guarantee the harvest. The latest technology is hydroponics. Hydroponics saves space, shortens planting time, and reduces pests. The nutrient solution can replace the traditional fertilizer, and there is no need to add more, not to mention the waste, but it is not conducive to the growth of leeks. Environmentally friendly and low-carbon, you can eat and eat as you go, which is very suitable for the fast pace of life in today’s society.

6 months ago

Note: As a member of the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is characterized by worthless endorsement, no technical features, and no application scenarios. Dogecoin, whose logo is derived from the emoji pack, is a typical “air coin”. If Musk recognizes Dogecoin so much and thinks that Dogecoin is “the currency in the eyes of the people”, we strongly recommend Mr. Musk to stock up more, it is best to buy out Dogecoin, and monopolize it is best, so that the money is only Teacher Musk earns it alone. Naive traders generally have the attributes of leeks. One of the attributes of leeks is that people are crazy and chase after what they earn. They don’t even consider what they buy with their money. They only have carnival dreams in their eyes. Mature traders pursue the actual value of the target, that is, value investment, and will not buy air with real money in their hands. By the way, are you sleeping with the air in your hand? Building your own trading philosophy, trading system, trading psychology, and trading technology is the starting point for traders to succeed. In addition to reading, I usually look at the opinions of the big players who know about trading, save effort ~ traders, it should be easy It’s not easy to make a deal if you do a loose transaction, and you are exhausted every day.

6 months ago

On April 16, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (Doge) once again launched a violent rally. According to market data, Dogecoin rose by more than 200% in a day, and is now reported at $0.397 per coin. The current total market value of Dogecoin exceeds $49 billion. It now ranks fifth in cryptocurrency market capitalization. Dogecoin opened at $0.004619 per coin on January 1, 2021. The highest price on April 16, 2021 has reached $0.47 per coin. The price soared by more than 100 times during the year, and it only took 3 months. As a member of the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is characterized by worthless endorsement, no technical features, and no application scenarios. Dogecoin, whose logo is derived from the emoji pack, is a typical “air coin”. It was developed by a programmer and a marketer in cooperation. Compared with Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is completely inferior to the table. But it is precisely it that has become a dark horse this year. The crazy Dogecoin is not the first time to scan the screen. Since the beginning of the United States retail investors battled with Wall Street short-term institutions, Dogecoin has frequently appeared in hot searches. Moreover, there is a key figure Elon Musk cheering for it. On February 4th, Elon Musk tweeted three consecutive tweets to support Dogecoin: “There is no nobility and lowliness, and you don’t need to be a rich man to own it. Dogecoin is the people’s cryptocurrency.” Then this cryptocurrency The price rose rapidly by 60%, and the market value reached 10 billion U.S. dollars, making it the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the world. On April 1, he once again stated on his account: “SpaceX will send a Dogecoin to the moon. “Up”, Dogecoin once again staged a skyrocketing market that day. In March, American billionaire Mark Cuban announced that his NBA team Dallas Mavericks (formerly the Dallas Mavericks) will begin accepting Dogecoin payments. For Dogecoin, this is undoubtedly another major benefit. Later, musicians including rappers Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy and the lead singer of the Kiss band Gene Simmons (Gene Simmons) shared emojis and Twitter with their fans. ConAgra, a well-known consumer brand that launched Slim Jim, a jerky snack, also joined the ranks of Dogecoin, and called on Dogecoin to “go to the moon” on April 13. Although more and more people are optimistic about it, as a speculative product, Dogecoin still has huge risks. The skyrocketing will always be accompanied by violent smashing and callbacks. At that time, Ouke Cloud Chain Research Institute told the interface news reporter: “Dogecoin now has some fan-economy characteristics. It can be said that compared to other mainstream encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin does not matter. In terms of technological innovation and application scenarios, there are serious shortcomings. But Dogecoin is currently strongly endorsed by Musk, whether it’s Musk self-proclaimed as the’Dogecoin CEO’ some time ago, or Musk’s announcement of SpaceX. Bringing a Dogecoin to the moon has earned enough eyeballs for Dogecoin and brought a huge amount of attention. It can be said that the future rise and fall of Dogecoin will largely depend on Musk’s The effect of’carrying goods’.” Unlike Bitcoin, which attracts Wall Street financial institutions, the purchase of Dogecoin and discussions about Dogecoin are mostly retail investors, and the above-mentioned celebrities are only a few. Fanatic emotions have made its price rise. Even though it used to be a “three-no” product, it now has a huge community of fans, celebrity effect, and a charity plan. For example, the Dogecoin Foundation once donated $55,000 to NAS racing driver Josh Wise helped him participate in the race, and also donated money to help the “Jamaica Bobsled Team” and three Indian athletes set foot in the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the Dogecoin Foundation also sponsored $30,000 to solve the water crisis in Kenya. This has brought some new situations to Dogecoin. The bubble is indeed getting bigger and bigger, but the actual impact that follows is also more and more extensive. The follow-up will be the so-called “people’s currency” after the burst. “, it’s still inconclusive. Once, for many players in the currency circle, Dogecoin was the reward currency they used to issue red envelopes. According to a screenshot of a Weibo netizen’s wallet, in recent years, he has issued tens of thousands of Dogecoin red envelopes. Now The value has exceeded 100,000 RMB. I never thought that Dogecoin would skyrocket today’s price. I regret it now.

6 months ago

Definition of Dogecoin: Dogecoin, some people call “Dogecoin/Dogecoin”, was born on December 8, 2013. Based on the Scrypt algorithm, it is the second largest virtual currency in the world after Bitcoin in the number of users. Digital currency is a global currency initiated by the private sector. It does not belong to a certain country, but belongs to all mankind. It has the advantage of fast global transfers. For example, money can be sent from the country to the United States within a few seconds, and the cost is low, and the total amount is low. It will not be issued randomly like legal currency, and the total amount is relatively stable. As Dogecoin second only to Bitcoin, Musk regards it as a “currency in the eyes of the people”, which seems to be a long-term optimistic. Soul torture: Are the investment projects that the world’s richest teacher optimistic about suitable for ordinary investors to follow suit to buy and make money?

6 months ago

I heard that a certain coin has been unplugged recently. It’s better to hype flowers, and at least you can see for yourself in the end. ,,, I think leek coins can be developed. Potted leeks, the pots of leeks are miners, and upload data online. Equipped with solar panels to provide power for mining chips. You can mine with a balcony. The growth records of leeks, climate changes in various places, and changes in nutrient composition of the culture medium are unique fingerprints, which are consistent with uniqueness. The leeks can also be cut down and scrambled at any time, or eaten directly with sauce. If there is such a leek coin, I will also buy a pot of all kinds to play with.

6 months ago

Very interesting question. Stocks with a price of less than 1 yuan are generally called “Penny stocks” because the market value and total liquidity are very small, and only a small amount of capital can instantly stretch or lower the stock price, making ordinary investors unable to understand. , The risk is very high. Dogecoins with a price of less than 1 U.S. dollar (up to $0.47), we can also call it “Sencoins”, skyrocketing 200% in a day, 400% in a week, and 18,000% in a year (no more than 0), let Ordinary investors don’t understand it at all. Needless to say, the risk is very high. But what about this? Everyone with a discerning eye knows that this is a psychological game, in which the winner is king, and the loser eats the dust. Everyone knows that there is no foundation, there is a big pit at the bottom, and there will still be many wise people who will come and go. Because they came here with the mentality of gambling and with the dream of getting rich overnight. So there is no need to persuade, persuasion is blocking the way of people’s money. Take a small amount of money to play, and you can play without leverage, just like buying a lottery ticket. I just hope that every investor can bear the consequences.

6 months ago

Don’t know how to vote. What is the investment to make money? The first is the company’s operating money, which is vision. The second is the money that human nature swings. This is concentration. The third is money with compound interest, which is endurance. You can make money if you understand only one of these three forces, but they are prone to big ups and downs, and they are often shocked, leading to self-doubt. The most important thing to improve your eyesight is to read more books; to strengthen your concentration, you need to look more at people and understand the cycle; the most important thing for endurance is to control risks, and the other is to settle big accounts. After all three aspects are figured out, the contradictions are dispersed and the strength is twisted into a rope, then it can be regarded as the unity of the waist and the horse to be able to stabilize the output. At that time, investment was still not easy, but it did become simple. I said before that investment requires a distinction between ability and luck, so how do you divide it? I think how good investment performance can be (especially in the short and medium term) has a lot of luck, but where the bottom line is when investment performance is poor is really determined by ability. The rise is good. In many cases, it is really a matter of market style preference. If the wind blows, it has a big impact on you, but few people admit it. But it fell too badly, basically because there are huge loopholes in the investment system or investment concept. There is also a situation where it doesn’t fall too much, but for several years, the market style has changed so many rounds but there is always no money. This is usually conservative enough but the ability to find value and the execution when the opportunity arises is relatively weak. Therefore, if an investor wants to grow, he must first ask questions, and then he must dare to admit the problems, and finally have the opportunity to solve them. This year, Dogecoin was at a low point, but I really didn’t understand it after studying for a long time. Like btc, Dogecoin is also based on a distributed ledger and has functions such as anonymous transfers. Dogecoin mined 100 billion in the first year, and 5 billion every year thereafter. There is no upper limit. So what’s the practical significance? Why does not generate cash flow soaring? Do you rely on the endorsement of the richest man who smokes marijuana? Then this can only be spent in other people’s pockets. This kind of money is too murderous, and according to personal past experience, everything that I don’t understand cannot be held or run away, so I don’t regret it now. The reason is very simple. If you earn money outside of your cognition in a short time, you will also lose money with your strength…

6 months ago

After the downturn of the world economy, almost all countries are facing a problem that is that the economy “turns out of reality to virtuality.” A large number of speculative capital that successfully stopped losses during the economic downturn fled from the real economy. Then, because of the economic downturn, it was impossible to find a new investment direction. In the end, it became a kind of predatory liquid capital in the virtual economy, constantly making price differences through hype and bidding. Hitler strictly controlled these and used concentration camps to deter the speculative bourgeoisie when necessary. Regarding Musk, I would like to say a little bit of my own point of view: I agree with the half-Buddha teacher’s point of view on his evaluation. This guy is a complete liar, but at least a liar with a little affection. Some of Musk’s recent operations also let me see Bourgeois’s consistent characteristics, that is, the character of “selling hemp rope” and the obsession of “my Rolex”. What I’m talking about is Musk’s investment in Bitcoin. He is a representative. The U.S. dollar and Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum are not irreplaceable. If the gold dollar roll is worthless, the silver dollar roll will be issued. If the bitcoin is not good, I will make a Dogo coin or gold wool coin, which can be invented and created at will. The last time this happened was the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. Subprime mortgages were originally designed by investment banks as a tool for large households. Seeing that the large households in the market were eating a lot, they couldn’t help themselves. As a result, everyone saw it. Arrived. This is also the case with Bitcoin. At first, the capital industry was quite sober and contemptuous of Bitcoin. Now it has risen too much, and many bourgeois have entered the market overtly and secretly. Further development will inevitably be a chicken feather. Therefore, leeks, please see the situation clearly. If large institutions and large capitals enter the market and let leeks see it, it will be a little too late to run away. As for those who want to make a time difference with large institutions and large capitals, they will probably do so. Be stuck.

6 months ago

The sickle was sharp enough, and it was about to shine. Just waiting for the leek to come over by himself to give away the head. Virtual currency is even more cheating than the stock market. At any rate, the stock market has clear company endorsements. Any sharp drop and sharp rise will give a suitable reason. And there will never be such a confusing operation that the price of skydiving is repeated within a day-Feitian. Virtual currencies such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin do not have any currency characteristics at all. Currency is the actual carrier of socially necessary labor time. What is virtual currency? How long does the graphics card work? Without the guarantee of national coercive power, I believe that capitalists with natural profit-seeking can guarantee that the value of virtual currency can be kept in a stable range? Adding a coin is actually a word game, which makes people think it can be used as money. Now the virtual currency market is completely speculated, all in bubbles. Relying on the continuous plunge and skyrocketing, the news headlines are constantly hitting and attracting attention. High risk, high yield. This thing is not much different from gambling. But it’s legal, and getting rich overnight is right in front of you. So some speculators are willing to invest in the market even if they know the principles behind this. Everyone has a fluke, right? Now Bitcoin has ignited the popularity of virtual currencies. Then Dogecoin, which is more outrageous than Bitcoin, came out. No value endorsement, no technical features, no application scenarios. He even stated that he was an air coin directly. Bitcoin is still advertised with a limited number of ads that will not be deflationary and will not be copied. Dogecoin is sincere, saying that it is a bubble that has been speculated, but it is growing well and there are unlimited possibilities. Do you come as you like. What a shame. The problem is when people generally see through the falsity of this market, or when the country has ordered it to prohibit it (my country does not recognize the legal status of such “virtual currency” as currency.) speculation is similar to the behavior of luck. These virtual currencies will instantly become worthless. Lost money, bankruptcy, poverty, desperation, and displacement. It’s okay for a small speculation, add all your net worth, it’s better not to take this risk. Musk is watching Bitcoin, the leek in the leek garden, which is growing well and thriving, but the nutrients in the land are about to be absorbed. So another leek courtyard was opened in advance to bring in fine leek varieties. Then he continued to sharpen his sickle, which had become less sharp after being used too many times.

6 months ago

When I was a child, I only heard the idiom “Dianshichengjin”, but I couldn’t imagine that my life would really witness this happening. When I was very young, I have been thinking about a question, what is money? Is it really just a pile of waste paper leaving the government credit endorsement? Every bank in Hong Kong says that it is payable on demand. Why is “Pay by Voucher” printed on Hong Kong Dollars? Ordinary people think that money is paper currency, but Hong Kong is a voucher, and the Hong Kong dollar is a real thing that you can’t touch. I haven’t experienced the collapse of the gold standard, and I don’t know how people at that time completed the mentality change. Now Musk just made two emojis. One gold coin, one dog’s head. The believers felt that Ma Yilong was on the platform for dogecoin. So what is dogecoin anchored? Ma Yilong? Tesla? Spacex? If Ma Yilong dies suddenly, can dogecoin survive? I seriously suspect Ma Yilong is doing a large-scale human social experiment. To prove his omnipotent ability to fight against old money. This may be one of the roots of human inferiority. After success in a certain field, you will feel that you are omnipotent. If dogecoin succeeds for a long time, it will blur my thinking about money even more. The question is, who has the right to issue currency? Can a person (Ma Yilong) or a certain enterprise (not dead) be used as an endorsement without government credit as the bottom line? We may be the lucky ones. Come to witness this large-scale social experiment. The easiest way to kill dogecoin is social death. Didn’t the American emperor have just done this? Today, I saw a big v said that what currency is the result of people’s vote. Finally touched the edge of the ultimate mystery of money. There is that smell.

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