It turns out that it’s really cool to take a selfie with your phone generously on the street. Before, I always hid and took various low-angle ugly photos. Now I can find all kinds of angles until I get a good-looking photo (although it’s still ugly), but I don’t care anymore. What will I say in front of you. 2. The chance of having a boyfriend is greatly increased! There will be more opportunities to experience the romance of “turning to the corner to meet love”. It’s all deceptive. I’m wrong. Because if you are not good-looking enough, there is a high chance that you will directly become brothers with the opposite sex! ! ! 3. JK uniforms are so fragrant. I’ve always wanted to wear it before, but my introverted self is always afraid of others talking about myself. The people I met in JK uniforms were all junior high and high school students, so I couldn’t help thinking too much. 4. Talk to strangers, especially the opposite sex, and never stutter or blush anymore. I was very introverted before, especially when speaking to the opposite sex, my tongue seemed to be knotted and stuck. Even when I spoke, it was very hot and my blush reached the base of my neck. 5. It turns out that it’s cool to go out with friends to sing K and be a Maiba. Don’t worry about your singing badly or badly. I won’t tell you that if I had to sing K before, I could sleep in the K room, otherwise I would hide while eating and drinking, and sneak away without anyone paying attention. 6. Never over-interpret what others say. Sometimes, what others say is just what they mean on the surface. Introverts will think too much, interpret other people’s words excessively, and wonder if what they are saying is intentional and entangled for a long time. 7, get along with the object, will be more active, unhappy, happy or unhappy, will not be entangled in my heart countless times. If you share things between men and women, the relationship will be better. 8. Do things more decisively, and won’t twitch. For example, now, when I see an answer I like, I will take the initiative to double-click and click a like to directly express my encouragement and like. 9. Sometimes, many things can be solved in one sentence. When you encounter difficulties and need help, you will not think in your heart what others will think of yourself if you ask for help, will you feel that you are terrible, if others don’t help, you will be embarrassed…10. People will be more active. I like the guy on the opposite side of the studio. After half a year, I finally got the courage to express my thoughts. Although I was a scumbag, I took the initiative. At least recognize the essence and no longer waste time. 11. People who are as timid as a mouse and dare not enter the counter start to be bold. You won’t feel embarrassed even if you don’t buy anything for a walk in. I used to go to the counter to buy something. If I didn’t buy it, I would feel embarrassed, and I would also feel that the salesperson would have a strange view of myself. 12. Fooling boys is even better. As a sideline makeup artist, I have too many opportunities to have face-to-face and close communication (eye contact) with all kinds of handsome guys. I even add WeChat directly. Sometimes I feel ambiguous when chatting. I really want to put a picture of a handsome guy here, but forget it, you can’t watch it! 13. Chatting and looking at others is not so scary. Because other people really don’t have so much thought to care about things that have nothing to do with them. Whether you look good or not, whether your makeup is not expensive, it has nothing to do with others. 14. I finally realized the fun of traveling alone, eating and drinking on the street, and meeting different strangers. It was really fun and my knowledge increased. 15. I can finally say the words of refusal in a straightforward manner. It saves a lot of unnecessary troubles for not lending money to others, for not going to the wedding of a friend who has not been in contact for a long time. 16. At the weekend, there is no longer just lying down. After being outgoing, there are more friends and more appointments. As long as I want to, I will have appointments almost every weekend. 17. When someone else is talking, he glances at you suddenly, you don’t think too much, and you don’t think that they are discussing your bad. 18. No longer stay in the comfort zone, will start to try many new things. 19. It turns out that taking the initiative is not so scary. When you see the content you like, you will not hesitate to approve and praise the answers of others. If you click a like, others are happy, and you are also happy. 20. After being outgoing and cheerful, it’s so cool to eat hot pot alone. When I was introverted before, I really wanted to experience what it feels like to eat hot pot alone. I feel that eating hot pot alone is not only free but also very cool. But as soon as I go to the door of the hot pot restaurant, I will be very afraid of the environment of one person, afraid of others meeting, afraid of being too noticeable. But now, I just feel very cool and cool. 21. No matter whether it is introverted or extroverted, there is nothing wrong with it. Be yourself, not deliberately gregarious, and not too much to hide yourself. If you feel that you are introverted, it is difficult to change, or even feel worthless, I suggest you to read a TED talk: “The Power of Introverted Character”-Introverts are not useless, they still have the ability and talent to change the world . Introversion is often a fear of the outside world, but as long as you take the first step bravely, you will find that the fears you think are actually nothing at all, but you think too much. a formerly super introverted person who can burn his mouth when talking to a friend of the opposite sex, and blush to the root of his neck, but now I have a handful of handsome boys and brothers. If you like my text, I sincerely hope that you can take a second to like and cheer on the road in the future.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Probably, I discovered that I was a combination of contradictions that was both cold and enthusiastic. I relied on two answers more than a year ago, and gained the first batch of friends who followed me in Zhihu, as well as many unexpected approvals. One talked about “the truth that we understand after getting married”, and the other talked about “being indifferent by nature”. From then on, I fell in love with writing and speaking in Zhihu, mainly because of the emotions of the two sexes. And my answer style is basically the same as the tone of the two answers, centered on the direction of “Let those who love be closer together, and accelerate the separation of those who don’t love”. Mild on one side and indifferent on the other. Many readers have said that they like my answer. In fact, I also love to hear you say, “Zhenzhen, like your answer.” In the eyes of my parents, relatives and friends, I am an introvert. I don’t participate in chat interactions during social dinners, others toast, and I toast drinks, which is boring. So in real life, I have almost no friends, almost no interaction with relatives, maintain WeChat video communication with my parents, and communicate with customers purely for money, do not smoke or drink, do not play games, and my only hobby is to be at home with my wife to recruit cats. Funny dog, go out hand in hand for food. As well as having no children with his wife Ding Ke, they are very indifferent to the blood ties of offspring. Nowadays, people play Zhihu in middle age, and after answering hundreds of answers, even my wife says that I have changed. In the early stage, I was so stupefied that I was even more slippery when I was poor with her. I bullied her more often and my skin became itchy. The side effect was that the keyboard at home was broken quickly, and Yunnan Baiyao was bought frequently. What’s more, she is the first reader of each of my answers. I write more and she reads more. She said that I became more enthusiastic afterwards, and I laughed happily when I learned that I helped others, unlike the previous indifference and carelessness to outsiders. There are also fewer people, including those who don’t like in the comment area, no longer spray one by one. Just like when I was studying, I liked Han Han’s books, especially those critical views on the education system coincided with my thinking at the time. Han Han now feels a lot more kind, and many views and positions are expressed in a gentler but firm way. When he appeared on the watermelon video “One Says One in 2021″ interview program, he mentioned that when people reach middle age, they can’t help but become kind. As he said in the show, “I can understand that many friends like to watch’mutual spray’, because the effect of the show is there. I now think that these shows are not bad for me. In fact, in my life, I am very Nice person (laughs).” I think I am also a very “nice” person in my life. Maybe I can share the better side with more people. For example, he mentioned in his communication with the audience, “People’s desire to express and the object of expression will change. At that time, my desire to express was for everyone. Now I think there is something, one or two family members or friends, express to them. That’s enough.” And the change in my desire to express is from expressing to one or two people to communicating with more friends on Zhihu. “As I grow older, I will feel that as long as it is not a bad thing, I am willing to make myself a little unhappy for the happiness of others. This is just a small problem for me, but for others, he may be happy for a long, long time.” This is Han Han’s response to the audience’s question, asking him whether he is more “tender” in his middle age. The difference with him is that I haven’t found that such a change will make me a little bit unhappy, on the contrary, it is quite comfortable. Not only did I become a kinder self on Zhihu, I also communicated more with Zhiyou, and it seemed that I was not so “introverted” anymore. Probably this is my “middle-aged crisis”, and I started to become less like myself. All in all, this change is very pleasant.

6 months ago

Before answering this question, I would like to quote the lyrics “On this day, I began to look up at the starry sky and found that the star is not far away, and the dream is not far away, as long as you stand on tiptoe…” When I first listened to this song, In the first year of high school. At that time, I was very introverted and didn’t dare to take the initiative to talk to strangers unless it was the moment when I had to. There is something good in front of me, I dare not reach out, because I am afraid that my actions will attract the attention of others. Not to mention the eye-catching things such as campaign cadres who took the initiative to answer questions in class. At that time I was an invisible person. Later, I discovered that my behavior not only failed to bring me the desired results, but instead made my life a mess. When I was in distress, the literary committee copied the lyrics of this song on the blackboard and taught us to sing it. During those two weeks, I cycled this song every night, and my mentality gradually changed in the singing. Later, I was no longer willing to be invisible. I forced myself to squeeze into the circle of those classmates and actively chat with them… It turned out that what I was afraid of was nothing more than that. I’m only a tiptoe distance away from what I want. My personality changed during that time, and it can even be understood as changing my mind and being a new person. Slowly, what I want, will take the initiative to wave to me, and what I don’t like will gradually leave my life. So I took forced extroversion as my own way of doing things, until after I entered the society, there were problems again. Because the circle in my life is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more people who have to cope with it forcibly, my time is getting less and less, and my life is getting tired… Later, someone in the circle of friends shared a video about interpersonal relationships, which was what Cai Kangyong said when he talked about a variety show in Watermelon Video 2021. It probably means: “Don’t allow yourself to exist for interpersonal relationships, but for interpersonal relationships to exist for yourself.” At that moment, I seemed to have found the root cause of the exhaustion-forced extroversion and forced out of circles. I greet each other every day, it was too tiring, and the things I wanted no longer came forward as I did when I was a student. Just like what Cai Kangyong said in the video, “If you add 5,000 people to your WeChat and you want to get along with everyone sincerely, you must be crazy.” After listening to this sentence, I decided to change my behavior again. I no longer go to force integration, I only enter the circles I need, and only maintain the necessary interpersonal relationships. In fact, this has nothing to do with extrovert or introvert, because this is the real world of adults. 2

6 months ago

1. You can’t learn the world of human spirits. 2. Some people are naturally good at socializing, they also like to socialize, do not like to read books, do some meditation, time-consuming, effort-consuming things, it is not wrong to say that they are social activists. 3. Extroversion seems to have a lot of benefits, but after a long time, you will find that you are talking nonsense to people almost all day, nothing is done, many things have not been implemented, and they are vain. 4. Introversion is not that you dare not speak, but you don’t know how to speak, and you don’t know how many people are in the world. 5. When you grow up a little bit, you will understand that there are actually no introverts and extroverts, and some are just the accumulation of life. 6. Extroverts can easily create an illusion that they will be mistaken for the protagonist, but in fact, they are the protagonist in the world because they are speaking out and become the focus of everyone. 7. You are eager to be extroverted, but you want to be the focus, because you have not been the focus of people. The simple reason is that you are not good at words by nature. 8. If you talk too much, sometimes you will find the benefits of doing things down-to-earth. 9. If you are not good at talking, then you can just follow me and write and write things.

6 months ago

In fact, we media like to promote social terrorism, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, singleness, exquisite poverty, not because they understand you, but because these are the manifestations of weak people who have been unable to control their emotions for thousands of years. So it’s not that I’m not alone, it’s not that you have the same kind of people, it’s precisely because we media want to resonate with more people, it needs to be backward compatible, it needs to describe the problem a bit miserably, a bit miserable, and a bit stranger. . As a reader, do you really have such strong autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder? Do you ask yourself? He kept shouting: I am me! Too accurate, too accurate! This strong response is also a downward compatibility. You are not that weak, but you long to be accepted by the world when you lie flat. You are willing to play a lonely patient for this goal. In fact, an introvert is not a sin, but it is not worthy of pride. It’s a kind of human character, nothing special. When I was introverted, I often had an indescribable arrogance. I think my heart is like a wall, no one can break into my heart. I think if I choose this person to be my friend, then this person must be really, really good. I texted him, just like a dumb emperor awarded a knight medal. The question is who cares? Who is going to break in? It’s as if you are a fly restaurant with the bottom of the whole street business. Don’t study how to make it more delicious, but study how to set up a torii for yourself. It will only go from bad to worse. At the back, no one came to eat. Hey, redefine the standard. Who says that a good restaurant is good. We are a distinguished Michelin restaurant. If you don’t have good guests, you would rather not open the door! Self-deception is a set of six, but it can’t solve the hollowness of the heart. I walked out slowly behind me, and I found out when I started to turn outward. The control of degree is something I never thought of when I was introverted before. Nor is it an outgoing person, but something will come. It’s flattering, it’s vain. Many unwarranted charges are essentially my jealousy. Life in the real world is when you treat people sincerely, and people will treat you sincerely. As long as you start to grow, evolve your feet from your baby, and groping on the ground in this world, everything is so clearly visible, everything is not so vulgar and degenerate. There are friends, there are partners, some people are willing to take care of you, some people cheer up and gain strength because of your words. It’s really a good experience! I am willing to overcome my introversion, continue to shout to the world, continue to walk to the center of the crowd, and continue to open my heart. This is not because introversion is not good, but because I want to experience a more complete life. In an inch, there is an inch of joy.

6 months ago

Do we really understand what is introversion and what is extroversion? In our cognition in the past, introversion is Mensao, and extroversion is Mingsao. But in fact, the two concepts of introversion and extroversion were originally created by Carl Jung, and they are used to characterize the way people obtain energy. Its definition is simply that when socializing externally, introverts consume energy, and extroverts can store energy; when introspecting internally, introverts are constantly storing energy, but extroverts are energy-consuming states. But even if the difference between the two is screened, it is far from enough. Arbitrarily dividing oneself into introverted or extroverted dichotomy does not guide oneself to make more efficient and accurate decisions. On the contrary, it is being misled by public opinion. The reason why public opinion encourages everyone to “become extroverted” is that people who feel extroverted can receive more attention and get more opportunities. But is this really the case? Therefore, what the subject wants to understand is not “how introversion becomes extroversion”, but the question of “whether introversion or extroversion can be self-consistent”. It is precisely because of the lack of precise knowledge of the self that it will continue to be confused and repeatedly entangled. For example, I will struggle with “I am an introvert, so I can’t do sales well”, “I am not good at dealing with strangers, so I can’t do sales well”, “I really want to be extroverted like them”, “I want to If I do more and less, I can make suggestions, but when I say that I’m on the battlefield, I’m afraid. “Why can’t I be an outgoing person?”. This is also because many people don’t know themselves enough, they are trapped by the mainstream of the society, and finally have complaints and internal friction towards themselves, become sensitive and unconfident, and finally become a hindrance to their actions, and finally they can’t take the first step. , I mistakenly thought that I was “because of introversion.” This is actually wrong attribution and will affect all subsequent actions. How to attribute it correctly? It is necessary to classify people’s personalities more accurately, so I strongly recommend Gallup Advantage. This is a magical tool with 34 subtypes. Too many people have responded to me “more accurate than fortune-telling”. For example, Gallup’s advantage in communication skills, like close relationships, is good at digging the depth of relationships: when socializing with acquaintances, showing an extroverted state, two legs together to chat overnight; while socializing with strangers, Presenting an introverted state, restrained and afraid to speak. For another example, Gallup’s ability to please, like to make strange relationships, is good at broadening the breadth of the relationship: socializing with strangers, showing an extroverted state, and looking high; but for people who have been in contact with them, they often lose further understanding. Desires, waning. If you can fully and accurately know yourself, and accept yourself completely, then you can have unlimited paths and actions. For example, in order to achieve the goal of qualified sales, I have to attend a cocktail party with many strangers in the evening. I want to know at least 10 people. This is my goal. But I know that I am a person with good communication skills. I am not good at communicating with strangers. I will be embarrassed and cramped. This is my starting point. Then I can design a path like this: to pull on a person I know very well, and is very good at socializing with strangers, let him help me resolve my embarrassment, to help me expand my social circle. This is based on my starting point and goal, choosing the right path, and then the ability to act naturally emerges. And it’s definitely not self-blaming. “Why I’m not good at dealing with strangers! Why do I always fail to take this step! Why am I such an introvert! Why can’t I be as comfortable and emotional as a colleague! I’m really not Let’s do the sales stuff!” Back to the starting point: How do you find out what character you really are? Of course, you can be aware of yourself. For example, you must really be aware of yourself, “I pay attention to people or things”, “I tend to actively influence or passively accept”, “What can and cannot be done, what environment will make you comfortable, and what environment will Make yourself uncomfortable” “I have needs but the environment is not satisfied, how do I feel?” “I play well, but the environment gives negative feedback, how do I react?”. Also be aware of “what do I need”, “what do I hate”, “what do I believe”, “where does my motivation come from”, “where does my sense of mission come from”… At least based on the above understanding of myself, can “heart be like a mirror.” “Like many famous people, if you know who you are and who you are not, you understand your mission in this life, set your life ambitions early, and rush towards the right path. Of course, it is really difficult to detect by myself, so I have to rely on the “superior language”. The most accurate and professional tool must be the Gallup Advantage Recognizer. I have studied for three years, so I dare to recommend it and can handle everything. Difficulties and doubts about this. Back to the vision: when you understand yourself, the world is wide. Having a stable self-awareness is similar to having your own instructions for use. Then when you get along with yourself, when facing external feedback on “how should it be”, social requirements “must be like this”, and relatives suggest “how can you be like this”, you can accept your true appearance and gradually become self-consistent. When getting along with others, you will not be overwhelmed by the other’s kindness, will not speculate about the intentions of others, let yourself be frightened and walked on thin ice, and will not be arrogant to yourself and feel that your skills are not as good as others. You are good, and I am not bad. I hope I can speak up earlier, because my life has changed, and since I understand myself, it has begun to change qualitatively. I have talked to no less than 200 friends about their Gallup talent report. This report can indeed see a person’s true source of motivation, as well as pain points and stuck points that they can’t detect. Even many times, I am afraid of its accuracy. Therefore, from the beginning, I was scared of myself, and after more than three years of in-depth contact, I have become a diehard Gallup fan. In addition, I have seen too many internal frictions, pain points, stuck points, entanglements, and confusions of too many friends. I know that all of this is not due to personality, but whether or not I can “accept myself”. Drucker once said: Most people exhaust their lives to make up for their disadvantages. I want to say: Too many people, because they don’t know who they are, they are trying their best to live like others in this life.

6 months ago

1. It turns out that he/she is shyer than me. As long as someone is willing to take the first step, the other person will follow. 2. I found that the problems that I used to struggle with for a long time, I used my toes to pull the floor out of the 3 room and 1 hall and refused to come forward to solve the problem, it was just a smiling face, which can be solved in one sentence. 3. I found that teasing with friends and colleagues on some innocuous issues can really relieve the pressure. 4. I found it interesting to take the initiative to chat with strangers. Sometimes it’s like opening the door to a new world. 5. Finding that before you talk to someone, look up and raise the corners of your mouth, which will make the person softer. 6. When finding someone to help, as long as the time, place, point and boundary are determined, others will generally not refuse. 7. I found out that more friends, more gatherings, and heterosexual relationships are getting better. 8. I find that my emotions are more stable, and I will not poke in my heart for 500 times as soon as I have a little something like before. Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing something wrong? 9. I found myself becoming more confident. Open your heart, accept the kindness, knowledge, experience, and reflection from the outside world, squeeze out your own caution, and unknowingly you will grow and become stronger. 10. Find that you no longer fear the future. After being cheerful, I feel that every day is good weather and every day is worth looking forward to. There is nothing more worthy of joy than the future. 11. I found myself more secure. When people’s hearts are full, they will make themselves their greatest support. 12. I find that I don’t care so much about the things I thought about before. Understood: Let him go, it doesn’t matter much. 13. I find that I will be more optimistic when looking at things, and I will no longer complicate things to deal with. 14. I found myself no longer afraid of being rejected, because even if I was rejected, there were other solutions. 15. When something embarrassing occurs, everyone will forget it after a while, and no one will always pay attention to this embarrassing thing. So, don’t be too embarrassed, might as well follow everyone hahaha, let the matter pass, as long as I am not embarrassed, it is someone else who is embarrassed.

6 months ago

My own character probably experienced the process of extroversion-introversion-extroversion. I was a particularly “outgoing” kid before junior high school. If there is any group activity, I must participate in the first time. The class leader is the first to raise his hand. I will definitely care about which classmate is isolated by the group. After I grew up, I suddenly became introverted. I no longer seek to be able to integrate with anyone. More often, I am regarded as “highly cold”, “slowly hot” or even “low EQ”. I am always envious when I see those exquisite people. Now I look like an extrovert again. I can chat with anyone in a few minutes. It’s not a pleasant breeze, but socializing is no longer a barrier for me. However, in essence, I have not changed. It’s just that I began to realize that everyone is lonely by nature, and putting on an extrovert mask for emotions is a kind of considerateness towards others.

6 months ago

What does it mean to be introverted and withdrawn in this society? 1 There is no network, 2 the people around you do not want to be close, 3 affects work and life. So I think most introverts will want to change themselves when they find these problems; there are two types of introversion; 1. They are afraid of communicating with others, feel that they have weak language skills, and have social phobia. 2. They disdain to communicate with others, just like them. alone. However, people are actually social animals, no matter how arrogant you are, you cannot find people with a common language. Can you survive when you find that you are the only one left in the world? Without someone’s company, you will be lonely and depressed. Analyze the reasons; 1 Introverts are relatively cowardly. Why are they cowardly? It may be due to your natural personality, or it may be the day after tomorrow (there is a relatively strong relative at home, who influences you all the year round, scolds you, asks you, scolds you, etc., which leads you to learn to accept it.) 2 cares too much about others’ opinions and evaluations of yourself .Will the other person feel what I said when I said this? Don’t talk about it at all. . , Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to say these words? ? If I say these things, will he be bored? Introverts usually have this kind of inner struggle. In fact, no one in this world will pay attention to you that much. If you are embarrassed today, and tomorrow will be beautiful, others will only laugh at that time. Who will remember afterwards? 3 Born to be quiet, relatively quiet from birth, and been evaluated as quiet, quiet, and obedient since childhood; 4 Life has a narrow social circle, relatively few people have been in contact with since childhood, and there is no opportunity to exercise the ability to talk with others. 5 Family inheritance. Parents may be introverted and not talkative, without such an atmosphere. 6 Low self-esteem, I don’t think I can do anywhere. I think about so many negative emotions. I thought a lot of it under a little analysis before, but I forgot. You can add and change the method until the reason is correct. Let’s prescribe the right medicine for the above points. I feel inferior. The problem of is the most serious because it makes you always think in a negative direction, such as “I am stupid than others, I just can’t speak, I just have poor expression skills, everyone just looks down on me” Attention, students who have this tendency, Please stop your negative thinking, the more you think like this, the more you will become such a person, a vicious circle. Because of the Law of Attraction, for example, “People who like to complain will complain that their parents are sorry for themselves, and their husbands are sorry for themselves, who and who have hurt themselves, why is their life so bitter?” The daily complaining and complaining keeps reminding themselves who hurts. If you lose yourself, you have a hard life. As time passes, your body will produce a certain element. Even if your consciousness does not like others to hurt yourself, your subconscious mind will feel that if others want to hurt yourself, you will unconsciously know it. Create conditions for others to hurt yourself. . . I don’t know how much you can understand in this regard. If you don’t understand, please read a book, the secret. The original poster Zeng Jin is such a complaining person, at present. . . Haha, I really hate that I used to ;Inferiority complex is a vicious circle, so you have to cultivate your self-confidence. . How to be confident? Look for your own strengths, or create strengths, stop negative thoughts, and direct your thoughts to positive. . In this way, it is a virtuous circle.Okay, the problem of inferiority complex has been solved. The next problem is that of being timid and afraid to speak.  There is no other way but to keep trying to contact strangers.Why are you timid? 1 I am afraid of others laughing at what I say, 2 I am afraid of other people’s reactions 3 I am afraid of others knowing that I can’t speak 4 I am afraid of speaking and I don’t know why, so you must create conditions to create opportunities to contact strangers, and then force yourself to speak actively and not to force yourself. How can you see the colorful world and just settle for the status quo? Force yourself to talk. First of all, you can create a good condition for communicating with strangers. The best condition is that the other party is willing to communicate with you. How to create such conditions? 1 It can be a meeting of strangers and friends, everyone will bring It came out for the purpose of making friends, so as long as you talk to the other person, the other person will reply happily. In this way, you will find that communicating with strangers is not scary at all, on the contrary, it is very interesting. The more times you communicate and the more strangers you meet, you will find that there is nothing to be afraid of when you speak. 2 It can be a trip, and you meet on the way. Some travel companions are strangers who are willing to communicate, and try not to let go of communicating with everyone who has the opportunity to meet. In the actual operation process, it may still be difficult to speak at first, but as long as you force yourself to try to speak actively, you can overcome this fear after a few times.3 I want to do it myself, and there are still many ways to give examples one by one. The problem of talking is solved. Then start applying it in real life.

6 months ago

1. It’s so good that you have a thick-skinned face and refuse to do what you don’t want to do. In the past, I was always afraid of offending others, and turned out to be a soft persimmon that anyone can pinch. Now I care more about my feelings, and the more I live, the happier I am. 2. I was really afraid of meeting acquaintances on the road before, and I wanted to take a detour. Now I am not afraid. I will greet someone I know with you, and they will praise you for your good character. 3. The more people I know, the more opportunities. After all, when you are introverted, you like to be alone and don’t get along with others. Of course, you will miss a lot of opportunities. 4. When I was introverted, I blushed when I saw a stranger, let alone chatting. Now that the stranger no longer blushes, I can also find a topic to chat with. It’s actually not that difficult to meet a new friend. 5. It’s not so scary when there are so many people. In the past, even if I went to buy a cup of milk tea, I didn’t dare to go there when I saw a little more people at the door. Seeing such a scene now, I just feel that the queue will take a long time because there are too many people. 6. In fact, things that have been entangled for a long time can be solved in one sentence. For example, if you want to find someone to ask for directions, just ask directly, but because you are embarrassed to speak up, it takes a lot of time. 7. It’s really comfortable to tell what’s stuffy in my heart. Good friends will not dislike me for this, but will comfort me and solve problems with me. 8. Find that you can also drive the chat atmosphere of the audience and become the brightest cub in the crowd. In the past, people only listened to what they said. Later, I slowly communicated with others, and learned some psychology and communication skills from TED talks, such as self-deprecating, actively looking for topics, etc., not only improved popularity, but even got a dream opportunity . If you also want to start learning speaking skills, I strongly recommend you to take a look at the TED talk. These celebrities have not only made achievements in various fields, but are also the best in public speaking. Learning speaking skills from them is definitely the fastest way. I have summarized all the excellent TED talks in recent years on my public account “Feynman Senior Rich”. You can directly reply to “TED” to receive it. I hope it will help you~9. No longer live carefully. In the past, when replying to other people’s messages on WeChat, they always typed the information in advance on the file transfer assistant, and then dared to send it out after checking it over and over again, for fear that the wrong word would make the other person’s impression bad. Now directly enter the text in the chat box and send it to the other party. No more entanglement about whether you make a typo, and no longer worry about whether the other party will have a bad impression of you. 10. Now speaking in public will not be particularly nervous. If this were placed in the past, I really can’t imagine it, because before I only had to speak in public, not only did my voice tremble, but my hands and feet tremble violently. 11. When you meet someone who is not so familiar, you will not lower your head to pretend to be invisible, but smile generously at the other person, release your kindness, and leave a good impression on the other person. Although I can’t see your smile, you can click a like to let me know that you are releasing your kindness. 12. Dare to express your feelings when receiving gifts from friends. For example, if you really like a gift from a friend, you will directly say to him: “Your gift is too in line with my appetite. I have wanted this thing for a long time. I was planning to buy it recently, but I didn’t expect it to be delivered by you!” 13. The original person After becoming extroverted, the whole person will become more confident. After all, from introverted to extroverted, there are more opportunities to communicate with others, more things to experience, broader knowledge, and people naturally become more confident. 14. Faced with things that scare me, I will think about challenging it, rather than always thinking about avoiding it. 15. Facing new things, always hold an open mind and are more willing to try instead of repelling it. 16. No more cranky thinking. I used to be embarrassed, and I always worried that others would laugh at me. Later I discovered that everyone cares more about themselves, and no one has so much time to pay attention to others. 17. Have a correct understanding of yourself. You will not deny yourself completely because of other people’s criticism, and you will not fall asleep because of other people’s praise. 18. Become popular. People around me like to get along with myself and feel that I have a good personality. 19. I won’t think too much about being rejected. For example, if the confession is rejected, it doesn’t mean that I will not find a partner in the future. Yes, I am so confident! 20. Boldly speak out your own requirements. Once I went to a relative’s house for dinner, even if I couldn’t eat anymore, I didn’t dare to speak out. I just finished the rice in the bowl, which made my stomach feel uncomfortable. Now I will directly talk about my needs, such as serving food by myself, and I will talk directly if I can’t finish it. 21. In fact, extroverts also need time alone. After high-intensity social interaction, everyone will be tired, and everyone wants to be quiet for a while. This is not a question of personality. When I am alone, I like to sum up the book list and remake classic movies. Things that can withstand scrutiny are always newer. In the past few years, I read hundreds of books on weekends before going to bed. Naturally, I summarized a high-quality growth must-read list and shared it with friends around them. They all said yes. Later, I asked more people. Sometimes I did. I will forget to reply and put it in the backstage of the private official account “Feynman Senior Rich”. If you also want to read a good book, please go to the backstage of my official account and reply to the “book list” to receive it. 23. No longer so sensitive. I used to send WeChat to someone, and when I saw that the other party didn’t reply immediately, I would think a lot by myself, such as whether the other party hated me and didn’t want to take care of myself. Now I feel that the other party did not reply to the message immediately, maybe the other party is very busy and did not see the message. 24. I found that going out with friends to go out to watch movies and eat is also a good way to relax. 25. People are not as indifferent as they think. In the past, I would rather carry everything by myself than to trouble others. Now I find that as long as I am willing to send a signal for help to others, there are always enthusiastic people in this world. 26. It turns out that if you trouble others, you can also improve your relationship. Favor is established in such troubles of going back and forth. 27. Although extroverts are very active, they can become a good listener when needed. 28. Dare to fight for reasons. I used to go to the supermarket to buy things and was overcharged accidentally. Even if I feel uncomfortable, I dare not say it. Now as soon as you find that you have been overcharged, you can tell the cashier directly and ask the other party to recalculate the account. 29. Regardless of whether the personality is extroverted or introverted, there are only so few friends who can truly be regarded as close friends. 30. Introverts also have an extrovert side, but the labels they put on themselves trap themselves. For example, when encountering public expression, introverts will feel that they are introverted and not good at expressing, so they will not spend more time to make adequate preparations. The less prepared you are, the worse you will be. The less you speak, the more you will feel introverted. So it doesn’t matter whether you are extrovert or introvert, the important thing is that you do things well, that’s enough. Give yourself a thumbs up and cheer for yourself!

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1. Introverts who like to talk give people the main feeling that they don’t like to talk. Introverts are full of inner activities and are reluctant to express themselves on the surface. On the contrary, extroverts like to express themselves and talk to others. People who are familiar or not familiar will not feel unfamiliar. They are willing to talk to others, can create a more relaxed atmosphere, master the initiative, and are willing to take the initiative to talk to others. This has a great deal in the process of communication. Advantages, so you can also make a lot of friends. 2. Highly motivated and extroverted people are particularly positive. Whether speaking or doing things, introverts will feel shy and unwilling to speak, and rarely express themselves, while extroverts like to express themselves, show their abilities, and face When doing things, I always have a positive attitude in my heart, instead of negatively thinking that I can’t do well, and I will be more optimistic. 3. Enthusiastic, cheerful, enthusiastic and cheerful These words are used to describe extroverts. Introverts are sometimes more sensitive and think about more things. They are concerned about whether one thing is right or whether others will have it. What kind of bad opinions, and extroverts don’t care too much about these things. They just show what they should do. As for whether they are good or not, they don’t think so much. That’s why they are very cheerful and treat people very well. enthusiasm. 2. The advantages of extroverted character Extrovert is a kind of personality of a person. The opposite character is introverted. People must communicate with others in order to survive in society. Introverted makes people feel like they can’t speak, and they are passive in interpersonal communication, while extroverted. People who are more proactive and will be welcomed by many people. What are the specific advantages of an extrovert? 1. An approachable, introvert and non-talkative person will feel a little indifferent. In popular terms, it is a cold, introverted person. Maybe there are a lot of ideas in the heart and are more enthusiastic, but they don’t show it. From the outside, it’s like this. Extroverts are different. Extroverts are lively, cheerful, and enthusiastic. All these personalities are displayed. Extroverts will Taking the initiative to approach others to avoid embarrassment will make people feel approachable and easy to get along with. 2. Easy to make friends. People who are good at talking can easily make friends with others, and get along with friends very simply. They don’t care too much. Sometimes introverts think a lot, and they also have inner self-esteem and dare not dare to make friends. People who are too close, extroverts are more sociable and can reconcile the relationship between people and make everyone get along more harmoniously. 3. The most obvious difference between extroverts and introverts is speaking. Extroverts are very good at speaking and are not afraid of saying the wrong thing, while introverts are generally silent, not very talkative, not good at expressing themselves, and at work. Medium and extroverts will work more fluently, express themselves well and give full play to their own advantages, while introverts are more passive and can only wait for opportunities for themselves to play. They cannot take the initiative and often miss some opportunities. 3. Disadvantages of extrovert personality Many people think that extrovert personality is good. In a society with such frequent contacts, extroverts can have more friends, have a wider network of people, and they can be welcomed by more people and get job opportunities. There will be more. Compared with introverts, they have great advantages. In fact, each personality is not perfect. It has advantages and disadvantages. When you see the advantages, you must also think about the disadvantages. Then, what do people with extroverts have Disadvantages? 1. Interpersonal fatigue. People with outgoing personality like to talk, so they can quickly establish a relationship with others, but after the relationship is established, it needs to be maintained. It takes a lot of energy in interpersonal relationships. Everyone’s personality is different. Different, the side you need to show should also be different. Extroverts need the recognition of others. Some people who have passed will also experience flattery and ecstasy. It will leave a bad impression and make people feel insincere. On the contrary, The gain is not worth the loss, and sometimes I feel a little tired in my heart. 2. Ignore the details of things. Extroverted people are careless and enthusiastic about people and things, but sometimes they ignore the details of some things, fail to observe other people’s emotions in detail, or are careless in work, so that it will become more interpersonal for a long time. Although there are many friends in the relationship, there are very few sincere friends. There will be difficulties and uncomfortable work in the work. Extroverts need to change some of their habits of observing things in order to make themselves progress. 3. Not rich in the heart. Talking is a major characteristic of extroverts. To express yourself when you speak, you can say whatever you have, and you are very concerned about external things, but lack delicate emotions in your heart, and if your inner world is not rich enough, it will give you a feeling. It is a little superficial, and may be despised by others and not really trusted by others. Extroverts should also have some rich inner interests and broaden their inner world to make themselves better.

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