What a common routine, while saying you can’t do it, letting you stay. To put it bluntly, in his eyes, you are worth the current salary, and you are an old man, so you can use it easily, so as to avoid the adjustment period for new recruits, but he does not want to give a higher salary, so he will definitely depreciate it first. you. This kind of routine in the workplace is usually when talking about money, such as interviews, bonuses, or resignation as the subject of the subject said. The simplest, such as an interview: “I feel you are good, but you lack some experience in XX.” This sentence is equivalent to saying, “You can’t get the salary you expect, but you can only give you less!” Or, talking Before the bonus: “Little X, there is progress, but there is still a lot of room for growth.” It is almost equivalent to telling you, “The company helps you progress and gives you room for growth. Don’t care about money too much!” When you talk about capabilities, you will only talk about the cost-effectiveness of capabilities, right. Okay, now you see through him, do you still feel embarrassed? Of course, there is another kind of leadership that takes it as a habit to belittle others casually, and this kind of behavior should be more vigilant. I have seen a leader, this kind of trick is slippery, and it is almost reaching the level of PUA in the workplace. He’s just the people under his opponent picking faults every day, and cursing at meetings, saying that you can’t do all kinds of things. And the salary is not high, but there are still people working there, and there are still a long time to do it. I asked one of my sisters why she didn’t leave her job. She said that she was said by her boss that she felt like no one wanted to leave the company. There is another young lady who took a one-year break after leaving the company before returning to work in the workplace. What the boss did, let me review it for you. If you encounter the same thing, you must avoid lightning in time! 1. Draw a big pie, grow together and share together. The meeting lasts for half a day, and there is not much dry goods, but the glorious history and future plans will be mentioned, and the common growth will be emphasized. The tougher the environment instilled in you, the more opportunities it is for individuals to grow. Moreover, Tiantian said that he is working on the equity system and will share it together in the future. The bystanders sounded too vain, but being in it, especially the young white in the workplace who has an urgent need for growth, is easy to fight for it. Especially when talking about growth during the interview, most graduates are willing to accept a lower salary for the sake of growth space. 2. Pull you out of your comfort zone. For personal growth, staying in the comfort zone is not good, but for companies, they generally like to use the long board in the comfort zone of employees. But this boss is not, he is particularly willing to let employees do things they are not good at. For example, let the financial manager concurrently serve as the general manager, and let the interview planner do the project coordination. Of course, the reason is growth, and when I start to persuade you to accept it, I will tell you that the company will give you the bottom line, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it well. However, once you accept it, it’s another matter. After accepting the new job responsibilities, doing a good job instantly becomes a duty, and the previous trips are not counted. Once you don’t do well, you will be scolded, and you have no scruples, regardless of occasion. You might say, isn’t this sick? Resign! Indeed, those who choose to resign at this time, congratulations, escape the sea of ​​bitterness. However, some people, especially those who admit to death in peacetime, will choose to compete with themselves at this time. For example, I mentioned the young lady who left the job for a year off. She is a very good person, and when she encounters the task given by the boss, she feels “I can’t figure this out yet? I have to keep gnawing down.” So at the moment she didn’t jump out, and the frog was boiled in warm water behind. 3, praise you, then scold you. Of course, no one can bear being scolded all the time, so he will scold you for your ability, but he will praise some other aspects, such as sense of responsibility, structure, seriousness, good personality, and strong learning ability. But you must know that these exaggerated aspects are not enough to support you to find your next job. The first thing you look for is your ability. His ability to scold you will gradually destroy your self-confidence and make you feel that you can’t quit other companies, and no company will want you. On the other hand, he praises your moral aspect, balances your mentality, so that you will not leave your job due to thunderstorms. With these three points down, an employee who was originally responsible and motivated was tied up until he couldn’t accept it anymore. Oh, and I forgot to say that once an employee wants to leave, the first sentence of his conversation is definitely: “Little X, I think you have a problem.” So if you encounter such a boss, take lightning protection as soon as possible!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

What are you embarrassing about? You lead “you are not capable enough to go out alone” for such an embarrassing reason, he is not embarrassed, why are you embarrassed? If you don’t have enough ability to go out and stand alone, don’t you still have enough ability to stand alone if you stay? Is the company a school? Do I have to be alone in order to graduate? Besides, is the leader alone can decide with a word? The leader will always say that you are not alone enough, so you can never leave? Don’t you think this is ridiculous? You just say: “Leader, I really don’t believe it, I must go out and try. 』

6 months ago

He said to him: What does the leader know about Mengjiu? In the south, there is a bird yan, called the Mongolian dove, which uses feathers as its nest, and weaves it with hair. There is no end to the nest, but also the one tied to it. In the west, there is wood yan, its name is Shegan. The stem is four inches long and was born on a high mountain. There is a bird called “Mongolian Dove” in the south. It uses feathers as nests and knits the nests with hair. The nests are tied to the flower spikes of tender reeds. When the wind blows the reed spikes and breaks, the bird’s nest falls. All smashed. It’s not that the nest is not made up, but that it should not be tied to the reed. In the West, there is a kind of grass called “Shegan” that grows on high mountains. It is only four inches high, but it can overlook hundreds of miles away. It is not because the grass grows high, but because it grows on the top of the mountain. This means that choice is greater than effort. If I taste and think all the time, it is better to learn what I have to learn; if I taste and look forward to it, it is better to climb the heights and see. When you climb high, you don’t lengthen your arms, but you see it far away; when you shout down the wind, you don’t make your voice ill, but you hear it. Those who pretend to be horses are not profitable, and cause thousands of miles; those who pretend to be boats are not capable of water, but never rivers. Gentlemen are not different, they are good at things. I used to think all day, but I didn’t have as much knowledge as I learned in a moment; I used to stand on tiptoe and look far away, but I might as well climb up to see the vastness. Climbing to a high place and beckoning, the arms are not lengthened, but others can see it from a distance; calling along the wind, the voice does not become loud, but the listener can hear it clearly from a distance. People who use carts and horses do not walk fast on their feet, but they can reach thousands of miles away. People who use boats and boats are not good at swimming, but they can cross rivers. The aptitude of a gentleman is no different from ordinary people, but a gentleman is good at using foreign objects. I can’t be alone, but I can’t do it, but it’s the leadership. Peng Sheng Ma, does not support straight; the white sand is in Nirvana, and it is black with it. The root of Lanhuai is Weizhi, and when it gradually fades, the gentleman is not close, and the common people are not convinced. The quality is not beautiful, but it is gradually. Therefore, a gentleman must choose his hometown when he travels, and he must go to a scholar when he travels. Therefore, he is close to Zhongzheng to prevent evil and ward off evil. The canopy grass grows in hemp, and can stand upright without support. When the white sand is mixed into the black soil, it can no longer turn white. The root of the orchid is called fragrant worm. Once it is immersed in the smelly water, the gentlemen will avoid it. It is not that Ai itself is not fragrant, but that it is soaked and smelly. Therefore, a gentleman must choose a good environment for living, make friends with a moral person, and choose a good leader at work. Words can cause misfortune, and deeds can cause humiliation. Hope the leaders will think through their words in the future!

6 months ago

Where are you? . . When I left my job, the leader talked to me specifically for more than an hour. The main idea was to tell me that I was rubbish and should have fired me long ago. The reason why I kept it was a nostalgia because my job number was 001. Wrong, my job number is 001, the first employee of the company, who worked in the company during the internship period. The core technical backbone of the start-up technical team, an intern, is doing the completion of the project while sorting out the company’s business. I am the last person to be fired in the start-up technical team. The previous members have been cut. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in operation and maintenance, and there are algorithmic senior engineers from the Aerospace Academy, and there is the first generation. Blockchain experts from the smart contract training class, as a graduated intern in front of them, I can only study as hard as I can. With the concerted efforts of everyone, our technical strength has grown steadily, and our certain results have even generated great repercussions and praise in the entire circle. However, the leadership has encouraged them to make sales bragging and frantic, and then use the customer’s The requirements force us to work overtime technically. Not to mention others, I worked more than 500 hours a month at the longest time. I was so rotten on my body. I was very depressed. I almost got run over by a dump truck several times after get off work. My colleague worked overtime until he took Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, and when he had problems with his waist, he required expert consultation. Even working overtime directly caused severe conflicts in the newly married Yaner family of the algorithm eldest brother! It’s just such a team. Anyone with a conscientious management must take good care of it, but our unit actually tried to use various methods to cause us to fight in each other. People, break through each of us. . . In fact, I can’t talk about breaking down. First give him a false job, and then let him find faults during work, and finally openly swear or even fight against these technologies in the office. Pity some of my old technical buddies who have suffered from such humiliation and left their jobs in anger. Why hasn’t this happened to me? Because they know that I press iron, at least two tons of training a day, and then punch, boxer, 300 kilograms of sandbags, I can hit thunder, this villain has seen me punch him, knowing that I will kill him, so before doing it First hold me steady, saying that he will treat the algorithm big brother and the old operation and maintenance well, just hit the contract boss, I thought to myself that he has some ability to break the wrist with the contract boss, but I didn’t expect him to do all the tricks, and finally I was in a trance. At that time, he still wanted to move me, but no matter how tired I was, I slapped him on a chair and couldn’t move. They tried to insult me ​​when they saw that they couldn’t do anything with me. The promised salary increase was not at all. The code I submitted and the The document pretends to be invisible. As soon as there is a problem, I will say that I have a bad attitude and do not respond in time. You must reflect on it. Don’t indulge in the garbage team in the past. Study hard. You still have a lot of problems. Saying every day, saying every day, makes me feel really bad. In the end, I submitted resumes to all companies that were much stronger than my company like self-abuse. I went to interviews one by one, almost with the mentality of being humiliated. As a result, I was shocked. Many interviewers couldn’t catch my answering ideas. For some reason, I was taken directly to a lot of ctos to talk to me one-on-one. When they saw the six palm-thick notes I had recorded at the business level, they They were all stunned and amazed. This performance allowed me to get an offer nearly 8 times more than the current one. . . Everything was dreamlike, but I reorganized my mood and continued to accept pua like a shadow in the company until I finally resigned, my cto, yes, one can only write js., even the operation and maintenance felt that he was not in a variety of ways. A cto who understands technology, he tried his best to talk to me. The content of the talk was not to retain me, but to repeatedly emphasize that the company should fire me, but he did not do so. Now I put it forward by myself. I have self-knowledge and I should do more by myself. Reflect, what to do in future life, can I find the next company to train me in this way. I resisted the urge to smash the offer on his face. I just said: I just go to the boxing gym as a sparring partner. Don’t let me accept that my level is rubbish. If you say more, I’m not. If you mind putting you in the hospital now, I would rather go to jail than pay a penny. Now you choose to shut up or open your mouth and I’ll start to do it. He didn’t say a word, I got up and left the cto office. My story is rather nonsense, but I really believe that the company’s work and research hours have not been less than 12 hours a day. It is all counted as being sick. I stayed overnight by myself. I should I spent about 36 days all night, and I worked less than a year, but I also studied a lot of things. As soon as I finished the resignation procedure, many other units heard about this news from some technical forums and groups, and they came to ask me one after another. Various opportunities made me feel in a dream. But only I know that these are the results of the despair of lighting up the lamp and boiling oil all night long, and I have to call out the program even if I bite my teeth to solve the bug. Even if you are called waste by the leader, you have to be worthy of every day and every second you put in. You must have confidence in your hard work and believe that as long as you stand upright, you will always have a bowl of rice to eat. Don’t suffer that shit, and hold your head up. Some people just paid us some salaries and were not worthy of being our leaders. The gentleman takes revenge. It’s not too late for ten years. Waiting, I said to get him into the hospital.

6 months ago

After graduating from World University, my buddy went to a major real estate company. After working for a few years, a headhunter came to dig. His boss directly scolded: “I have a dogge, and I can take care of the nursing home for a few years after I have been fattened. You have just been able to do something, but you were hooked away by a few broken sticks!” (The original words are like that, I have a friendly attitude, and the little butler is cautious) After he finished scolding, he helped him get a raise. Then my buddies stayed. Of course, the curse is so ugly to stay, not just the salary. The buddy bought a house back then with money borrowed by his boss, and now the house price has risen by the same amount as his salary. There is still emotion in it. The leader in the question seems to be polite, but basically, it is not because of the ease and thinking of squeezing for a few more years. The boss of my buddy is also a squeeze, there is no difference in this point. The only difference is that one wants to run the horse without grazing. The other is to be full. In the world of beating workers, whoever sees what the other person says depends on what people do.

6 months ago

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What are you embarrassing about? Your leader can even say such things without embarrassment. Are you embarrassed? This is nothing more than a manifestation of Pua in the workplace. . . Once I was the CTO of a 500-person startup company. The new crown epidemic came, and the boss wanted to cut his salary. At the same time, he called a meeting of all the employees: you don’t love work, and if you don’t do well, it’s Loser. Today’s world has undergone tremendous changes. A bunch of people can’t find a job. If you don’t work well, get fired or you can’t quit your job, there is a high probability that you won’t find a job, and you will become total rubbish! Is this more ruthless than your leader, Pua’s more powerful? One month after this speech, the backbone of the team left one after another… Basically, the salary of double was changed to a new job. To be honest, when we were willing to work in this startup company, it was nothing more than a dream, trust and expectation for the boss. But when the boss is good, he almost regards the monthly salary payment as a charity. “I don’t think you can be alone.” Does he have the final say? Even if you can’t stand alone, will it affect your job-hopping? Using this kind of reason to retain people is not wanting to make any substantial effort to retain people in vain. This is a typical feature of Pua in the workplace. It is recommended that the subject of the question reply directly: Can you be your own business? Then walk away, leaving your leader astonished in the wind. After answering the question of the subject, let’s focus on more routines of Pua in the workplace. After all, there are too many leaders engaged in this set now, and the full text is longer. I suggest that you read it patiently. It will definitely help: If we encounter situations such as being denied, controlled and abused at work, we need to think carefully: What is it? Really meet a good leader, be valued and have a turnaround in life and opportunities in the workplace? Or have you encountered workplace PUA, been routine and used? So how do we distinguish common workplace PUAs? 1. Concoct anxiety and fear, and then control your spirit “The economic winter has arrived, and many companies in the same industry are laying off employees. People who resigned many years ago are still staying at home.” “You have to reflect on the company’s cash flow I’m nervous, so is it you who was cut in salary or laid off?” “The outside environment is so bad. You should be grateful for being able to work here, because many people want to get in but can’t get in.” “You will never meet again after you leave. It’s a leader who is so tolerant of you, so it’s easy to remain unstable.” “Your ability is not enough to go out and be alone, the risk is too high.” By exaggerating the bad external environment and degrading your ability to highlight the benefits of staying in the company The stability and safety of the company can stimulate employees’ anxiety and sense of crisis, and squeeze you more naturally. I can’t help but remind me of a sentence on Weibo: In order to make the donkey grind obediently, man invented blindfolding, plugging his ears, covering his mouth, and whip, telling him that the world outside the mill is dangerous. So employees who were “fudged” by their bosses using information asymmetry are like this donkey, imagining the scourge outside, and then humming and grinning, willing to be enslaved. 2. Draw a pie, write a bad check, deceive and deceive your judgment, Draw a pie-like workplace PUA, which is very common. The short story told at the beginning of the article is this kind of workplace PUA. I believe that many people in the workplace often meet bosses who like to “draw big pie” in the workplace, who like to portray a good vision for you, but they never cash it and write you a bad check. Describing a beautiful vision is not wrong in itself, and the key PUAs are not even ready to fulfill their promises. From the very beginning, PUAs have figured out how to use you and drain all you have! Let me tell you a real case around me: a good friend of mine started a business with the director of another big factory in 2013. The boss promised a lot of shares, and he worked hard. Every day of struggling, I think about the future of the company as a way of eating meat and soup. Half a year after joining the company, the boss signed an option contract for him. After signing the contract, the boss said that the shares needed to be signed by the board of directors and took the contract back first. After that, my friend worked hard for a few years, and this company was also fast-growing because of the trend of mobile games. The annual revenue was over 100 million, and the capital market was valued at over 1 billion. During this period, my friend found the boss many times because of the option contract. The boss always used various reasons to prevaricate, and also questioned him: “You don’t trust me? You are a good brother who helped me fight the country together!” So this buddy’s share contract never saw a second glance. No way, he finally left the field sadly. And because of working overtime for many years, I got sick. Don’t think this is a special case. There are many similar examples around me, and his examples will also be used by me to alert many friends who are going to start-up companies. 3. Constantly deny, suppress, and obliterate your personality and self-esteem. As mentioned in “The Crowd”: When leaders intend to influence the minds of the group with ideas and beliefs (brainwashing for short), although the methods used are different, there are three of them. These methods are the most important, namely, assertion method, repetition method and contagion method. “If an assertion is effectively repeated, there will be no objections in this repetition.” Repeated assertions will enter people’s unconscious deep areas of self, and at a certain point, people will believe in the assertion. If your leader or boss blindly denies your work or plan, but never makes constructive suggestions, there is no doubt that PUA is undoubtedly. “This picture is too ugly.” “It’s called an article if you look at what other people have written.” “It’s too inefficient.” They reduce employees’ self-esteem through verbal denial, and “train” obedient employees. , Obtain unconditional obedience from employees. American psychologist Sayli once did an experiment. He locked a dog in a cage and gave the dog an electric shock as soon as the buzzer sounded. Because the dog was locked in the cage and could not escape, he could only wailing. , Feces and urine crossflow. After many experiments, the experimenter opened the dog cage. At this time, the buzzer sounded. Instead of running away, the dog fell to the ground and groaned and trembled, waiting for the electric shock. This is the “learned helplessness” in psychology. Through constant denial, destroy your self-esteem, through personal attacks, so that you have nowhere to hide. So in the end, the victim of PUA in the workplace has forgotten to resist and even agreed with the other party’s evaluation. If a person works in a negative environment for a long time, personal uniqueness and self-confidence will be gradually eroded, replaced by low self-esteem, obedient and obedient. 4. Beautify and squeeze, so that you will be finally controlled by the mind under the name of “give you a chance to show”, “I value you very much”, “I am for your good”, and naturally squeeze you. For example, you are required to be on duty 24 hours a day, and send you a WeChat message in the middle of the night to ask about work, and take your overtime work as a matter of course. If you take a day off, you will be ridiculed and even let you be a life secretary to help with personal matters. Do you still remember Tao Chongyuan, a student of Wuhan University of Technology who committed suicide in the past two years? The tutor Wang Pan used his power to coerce and lure, and put forward many excessive demands, including having Tao Chongyuan on call, going to a tea restaurant to pack a meal, wake up service, and find Glasses etc. Usually they will find an upright excuse for this behavior, “professionalism”, “love of work”, what’s more, the reputation is “give you a chance to exercise.” If you get cheap and behave well, you will not only squeeze and bully you, but also have a grateful heart. So if we encounter PUA in the workplace, how should we break the game? I understand the workplace PUA as the dark version of the way to control people. To put it bluntly, it means that by trampling on subordinates or colleagues, they have to surrender or be more loyal. Further squeeze more value and benefits from them, and at the same time exercise mental control to continuously extend the time of exploitation. The following are my tips for dealing with PUA in the workplace: 1. People who understand their market value are social animals. We build our own value coordinate and system through feedback from people around us. The evaluation of authority figures such as bosses and superiors is particularly important for self-recognition. But you must know that what bosses and supervisors say often have their own purpose. You can call it brainwashing, so they are not completely objective and fair. Therefore, in order to quickly understand our own abilities and values, we need third-party evaluations and standards, and the most objective way is to submit a resume, participate in an interview, and see what the salary level of this industry is. Other companies are willing to provide you with How much. Once you understand your position, it is equivalent to planting a “vision” in the workplace, being able to see through the boss’s routines and careful thinking, and regaining the initiative in the workplace. 2. Read more, learn more, people with a thorough understanding, it’s harder to be brainwashed and Pua in the workplace! I always think that reading is the most cost-effective way to grow in the world. Books are cheap but heavy weight, which allows us to get rid of mediocrity. One of the excellent ways. Feng Lun also has a golden sentence: learn advanced sugar daddy money and go the right way. Feng Lun said that learning advanced is actually reading! In addition, regarding reading, I have a suggestion: If you want to grow professionally, I suggest picking a few good books and reading them repeatedly. If you want to gain the growth of life cognition and pattern, it is recommended to read extensively and read through. On this basis, select the classics that suit you, and then read them intensively. Here is also a set of super hard-core book lists that I spent a month to organize, a total of 200 books, I hope it will be useful to everyone: in 2021, know the hard-core book list ​t.1yb.co3. To yourself There is a clear plan for our future and growth. In addition to working to make a living, we must also have a clear career plan. Once you find that your superior can’t give you any long-term value at all, but just blindly ask for it from you, you must clearly counterattack at this time. It is not shameful to make your own demands clear, and it is more precious to fight for your own demands! If the counterattack is ineffective, then it is time to do some other preparations! 4. To maintain a sensible understanding of oneself and affirm one’s own value, there is no perfect person. Then the leader requires you to be a perfect person, it is naturally an unreasonable request. The workplace is originally a Shura field for upgrading and fighting monsters. What it needs is continuous exercise and improvement. You and your leader and the company are just a cooperative relationship. You contribute value, get the salary to support your family and future development opportunities, and the company makes more money because of the value you contribute. 5. Communicate more with friends and do a good job of psychological counseling in time. Most people in the workplace are under varying degrees of pressure. You must learn to relieve the pressure, otherwise you will eventually become overwhelmed by the accumulation, which will affect your development at least, and endanger your life! Communicate with friends more to release some pressure. In addition, you can learn the truth about things from different perspectives. Maybe it will let you discover the existence of PUA in the workplace in advance, so that you can deal with it faster. 6. Be sure to cultivate your core competitiveness as soon as possible in your work. Don’t just be a quiet screw. The stronger your core competitiveness, the greater your right to speak and autonomy. If you always be a screw, then you give your destiny to others, drift with the flow, and drift in the wind. Without establishing core competitiveness, once encountering a workplace PUA unfortunately, it may be a major life blow. 7. If you can’t beat it, just run! If the routines and gameplay of PUA in the workplace have exceeded your imagination, or exceeded your mental capacity. It’s time to say goodbye! Can’t we run away if we can’t beat it? The most important thing is not to fall into internal friction, to take into your physical and mental health. Stay with the green hills, don’t be afraid that there is no firewood, change the place, maybe everything will go well. END: The essence of workplace PUA is actually to materialize employees as the parts needed for the operation of the company’s big machine. If it doesn’t work well, just rudely think that beating or applying some lubricating oil is enough. And bosses who are good at using workplace PUA to “tame” employees do not respect employees in their hearts, nor do they agree with the value they bring, and take it for granted that they should be required to sacrifice their lives if they are paid. There is a famous saying in the philosopher Sartre’s play “The Confinement”: If you cannot treat the judgment of others correctly, then the judgment of others is your hell. Don’t use the evaluation and opinions of others as the starting point, you have to learn to establish your own coordinates. Once you have confirmed that you are experiencing a desperate workplace PUA, I suggest you stay away in time, protect yourself, and try not to consume it. After all, compared with a job, the health and tranquility of your inner world and the sustainable development of your future workplace are far more important! Encourage each other~

6 months ago

Don’t force yourself, you never know how much potential you have. I have stayed in a company before, but the scale is small. The boss likes to label his subordinates. 1. A production planning specialist who has served the company for 5 years. Have a good knowledge of product configuration, process, and craftsmanship. People are more practical, conscientious and hardworking. But he is more real and doesn’t talk much. It is precisely because of this characteristic that the boss gave a label and couldn’t manage it. As a result, his superiors changed one after another, just without his share. But what is strange is that he is also transitioning during the period when the upper level is switched. Once he couldn’t help it anymore, and asked his boss that he was qualified for leadership positions. The boss said that you are weak in communication and management, so take a look at it. The planning commissioner quit immediately. After resigning, I found a job as a production manager in the same industry. When he met him later, he said that fortunately he came out at the time, otherwise he didn’t know how long he was there. 2. A financial sponsoring accountant. This accountant has also served in the company for many years. Like the planning commissioner, they belong to the same type of person. Don’t talk much, do things pragmatically. Later, his boss, the chief financial officer, resigned, and he also wanted to become the chief financial officer. At that time, the boss disagreed, and the reason was the same, he did not have the ability to manage. (In the boss’s mind, he has already been stereotyped, labeled, and has no management ability). Later, the company hired another person as a supervisor, and this accountant also quit. I can’t keep it anyhow. Later, the accountant went to two or three companies outside, and finally became the financial supervisor as he wished. 3. A partner This partner has a technical background. The character is straighter, what to say, and the speech is sharper. Responsible for technical work in the company. The boss gave him the label: character kills. Later, after they parted ways, the partner also opened a small factory. It took about three years. Although the factory is small, it is not too badly operated. There are also many managers, and the boss will label them. And the boss likes to point out the reasons for his labels on different occasions. Over time, the people who work under him will lose their confidence and set limits on themselves. It seems that I really doubted myself as the boss said. These people later said: “The boss pointed out some of my shortcomings. There was some truth at the time. But in that environment, I was prone to self-doubt and had no motivation to change myself. And I have always been in my comfort zone, with no opportunities, no pressure, and very It’s difficult to make a big progress. I went out and forced myself to grow quickly. I was very lucky to be able to come out earlier.” So the leader felt that he was not capable enough to go out and stand alone. It’s just that his personal opinion is not necessarily accurate. And to a large extent, it is subjective, and part of the reason may be a routine that hits you and makes you stay. So if you have a good chance, you must try it. And there are so many things I’ve seen, it’s not as difficult as I imagined. When you encounter such a leader, you can answer: “Continue to stay here, I can’t see hope.”

6 months ago

An interesting question. The subject only paid attention to the embarrassment of a segment, and did not mention future career planning at all. I thought you were going to ask about the next step, or what to do. After resigning and bidding farewell, the leader was also embarrassed to know Santianhu’s video 1259. The subject only asked how to respond to this embarrassing situation. This shows that he has his own ambitions in his heart! In fact, this question is not answered, and it is estimated that there is no problem. Now there is an ideal way to deal with it, and time has passed, and it won’t help. From this point of view, the subject’s self-confidence is not very high. I looked for it and resigned determinedly. Does it care about the bad reviews of the “old club”? The leader said that you are “not capable of being alone”, which just shows that you are not suitable for this environment. At least there is no leader who appreciates you. You do not have enough room for development here. Don’t you think that leaders should be embarrassed? First, the subordinates ran away and stopped following him. Second, don’t say “peerless martial arts” with him, and you can’t be alone. How can you bring this together? Third, people are going to leave and are still in “bad reviews”. Do you plan to meet in the future? This leader’s emotional intelligence is also worrying. At this time, don’t be too quick to speak, just tell the leader, “I want to go out and have a look.”

6 months ago

The most modest answer: “I have found a place, closer to home, I will start next week.” Let me talk about why moderation, workplace relations, especially the relationship between seniors, does not need to be held. But there is no need to offend the opposition for a while. After all, no matter which industry, the circle is so big, it may come back someday. Besides, why the leaders said so, it made each other very embarrassed. There is an important principle in workplace relationships. Don’t look at what the other person says, but think about why he said that. Anyone’s promotion and resignation are nothing more than two circumstances: A. The current situation is not good enough to make people feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it is the salary, perhaps the superior, or the space. In short, the current situation is not good enough. B. It may be a better company to find a better one, perhaps a more salary, or a higher position. In short, it is better to find a better company. The boss never wants employees to quit their jobs voluntarily, because the cost of risks to him is too high, and they are dissatisfied with dissatisfaction. Those who can take the initiative and reason are qualified for the current job. In the face of resigned employees, the boss generally has only two responses: A. Improve your current situation. Help you raise your salary, give you promises, transfer you to other positions, and so on. B. Deny your new choice. Tell you that the current position is suitable for you, he knows that the new company is unreliable, you are not competent, and so on. These two methods are generally used at the same time. For example, telling you that it would be more appropriate for you to go out in two years. Originally, you were going to be promoted this year. You can improve yourself in your current position without going out. Let’s talk about your abilities. You can be old and say that you didn’t want to understand. In fact, this company is suitable for you now. It is very stable and the company develops quickly. Outside it is 996 or something. For this kind of retention, employees can actually respond very little. Because most of them have already made up their minds when they propose to leave, and have compared the above problems. Unless the goal is to retreat, and the purpose is to raise the salary, I would ask the boss why didn’t he do this earlier? Therefore, or for the sake of exasperation, directly deny the values ​​of leadership. For example, tell him that the outside world is better, that there are companies that pay you more, the new company you go to is bigger, and the position is higher. But it doesn’t make much sense. If you can’t wake up the person who pretends to be asleep, he can understand that he has known it, but he doesn’t understand that it has nothing to do with you. Or give him a reason that can’t be refuted but doesn’t irritate the other party, and everyone walks through the last few days of the handover. For example, tell him that you want to go back to your hometown for development, you want to work closer to home, and your family needs to take care of it, and so on. This kind of reason is objective, and based on your actual needs, the company cannot give it now. He can only default and help you go through the formalities. When it comes to resignation, the relationship with the former leader is the most delicate. On the one hand, if the other party deliberately suppresses the situation, it will make employees feel uncomfortable if they make a difference in back-adjustment, resignation date, resignation certificate, etc. On the other hand, when you officially leave, he has nothing to do with you. However, some industry circles are very small, and there may be partnerships, customers and other relationships in the future. Therefore, in the dialogue, it is good to be compliant outside and tenacious inside, and the brilliance is introverted and not obvious. The purpose and conditions that you want, never give in; but when you talk, just talk about things and just talk about work. Personal ideals and three values ​​have nothing to do with him, and he does not need his approval. It is good for you to understand your career plan.

6 months ago

First of all, I don’t want you to think, I want me to think. As for my ability, I feel that each of us in the workplace should have a clear understanding of ourselves. Each of us should keep abreast of market conditions and know our general situation and position in the industry under the premise of hard work. A clear set of metrics must be established. Secondly, does the leader feel that he feels right? This may be workplace PUA. Simply put, workplace PUA is the mental control of superiors over subordinates. For example, superior leaders attack and stab their subordinates, so that the subordinates lose themselves, doubt themselves, and ultimately obey their superiors. That is, the leader precisely strikes at employees’ self-confidence in order to achieve the purpose of spiritually controlling employees. What are the common PUA performances in the workplace? Punishment method, for example, a leader never praises employees, and always hits employees when they encounter problems, saying that you are not good, picking you up, and always dismissing you, saying that you are not good, that is not good, in short, it is to be stingy to praise, keep hitting you, and be fine The name is to spur you to make progress. Contrast method, always compare you with other employees, causing you to create a psychological gap, until you doubt your ability is really bad. Pay attention to usage and always give you the job, especially if it is not within your scope of work, it may be the personal affairs of the leader, and tell you that I value you and treat you as my own person, so that you feel that the leader can value me and let you Grateful. What does anxiety theory mean? The company has been emphasizing that the external market environment is not good, and from time to time I send you news about layoffs outside, which makes you feel anxious and does feel that the market is not good, so that you can only tolerate overtime and work hard here, and still dare not quit. Be grateful to the leader. To grab credit, the superior leaders continue to give you tasks and work, allowing you to work overtime, squeezing you, and at the same time giving credit to yourself, deliberately concealing your work performance in terms of work performance. Look, if you say you can’t do it, isn’t it just a blow? Most likely it is a PUA method. Again, looking at it from another angle, the reason why the leader says this means that you are still useful to the company. If you have no interest in the company and are insignificant, the company is eager for you to leave. The leader does not want you to leave, indicating that you are quite important. Finally, we must establish our own clear cognition and measurement standards, and have our own ability to judge things independently, so that we can see the logic behind things clearly and will not be led by the nose. Doesn’t the leader want to let you go? You can go out for an interview first without leaving your job to understand the market. What if it’s not what the leader said? What if you can find a better job?

6 months ago

Don’t talk about my leadership, even people who are really good to me, my daughter-in-law, and my father think I am not suitable for management. They think that it’s just me who is a straight man, doing technical work, and going to the direction of senior and veteran experts in the future, it is over. Manage people? Can’t control it. I think I can. Then, I changed jobs. I had 300 people under my name. When I was at most, I only managed 8 people loosely. It was very painful after a year and a half. To be honest, I regretted it, couldn’t sleep, and asked myself, is it because I can’t bring the team? Then I moved to the current company and continued to do management work. Because the company is small and there are few people, I manage the two departments. While thinking and working on it, the sufferings of the previous year and a half of the training slowly fermented, and it began to sprout, grow, and bear fruit. I gradually got a sense of understanding, and I became more and more organized. If there is a mistake, sometimes others will give pointers, sometimes you will think about it by yourself, and you will correct it in a short time, and also correct the same type of mistakes, and simultaneously correct your cognition and thinking methods. The boss said that I had broken through myself for more than two years. My daughter-in-law, my father recognized it. When it was all right, I chatted with my daughter-in-law and taught her how to deal with the relationship with the colleagues under the leadership and how to solve the problem. She tried it and the effect was not bad. She used to guide me, but I still don’t understand. As for the company’s colleagues, who has trouble getting through. I can’t see it. If you talk about 10 yuan, it can usually be solved. The team is lively and colorful, and he is becoming more confident and calm. Do you remember “Little Horse Crossing the River”? You have to listen to the opinions of others, but you have to try it yourself. Crossing the river may not be as easy as the big scalper said, but it may not be as evil as the little squirrel. Try it back. In the middle of the river, on the other side of the river, you will have other experiences. The big deal is to lose and not drown. If you learn how to swim, it will be over. The truth of life, the first grade textbooks of elementary school are quite clear. The road is yours, not someone else’s.

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