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As the new leek entering this year, answer your question. At present, if you want to conduct bitcoin transactions in China, the main way is to use digital currency exchanges. Digital currency exchanges generally have two deposit channels. One is legal currency trading, which is the deposit method of directly buying bitcoins with RMB; exchanges generally have legal currency trading areas where there will be many merchants specializing in bitcoin and RMB transactions. , They will list the relevant bitcoin sales information, you can find a reputable merchant with a large number of transactions to conduct the transaction. The other is a currency transaction, which is a transaction method of buying Bitcoin with a digital currency USDT that is 1:1 exchanged with the U.S. dollar. Because the specific operations of fiat currency transactions are very troublesome, it always requires cash and currency to be transferred back and forth. In addition to some policies issued by the state in 2017, in order to avoid risks in the circle, currency transactions have been derived. At present, the currency transaction is more frequent in the circle. Everyone will first convert the cash into the USD stable currency USDT, which is bound 1:1 with the U.S. dollar, and then use USDT as the common currency in the circle. This type of digital currency is bought and sold. If you want to cash out later, you can convert USDT into cash. Anyway, the price of USDT is stable at 1 U.S. dollar per coin. (To put it bluntly, currency trading is just a convenient way to go around. First, use fiat currency to convert money into USDT, and then use USDT to buy Bitcoin. It’s that simple) After that, let’s talk about digital currency exchanges. I read the comments. There are many people who recommend a lot of second- and third-tier exchanges, but my suggestion is to go to the top three exchanges. why? The reason is simple and safe. Although I bought it late, I paid attention to relevant news before. When the bear market came in 2018, I watched the news every day. Either this exchange scammed money, or that exchange ran away with money. If you put your money in a small exchange, the exchange is hacked, the money is gone, the coins are lost, this small exchange can’t survive, and it’s likely to run away, but you put the money in the top three In exchanges, like OKEx, if you are hacked by hackers, your coins will be lost, and big transactions will be lost. So choosing the top three exchanges is not my choice, but the result of the market. Of course, it does not mean that the top exchange will not fail, but the top exchange has a large volume and high profitability. Compared with other small exchanges, it has a lower probability of running out and our funds are safer. . Finally, take the three major exchanges OKEx as an example, attach a link to their home and a legal currency operation tutorial, I hope it will help you: legal currency operation tutorial: 1) First, you need to have an account, which can be directly on the website To register, you can also download the mobile terminal, and register at the upper right corner of the app “Login/Register”; 2) There will be a legal currency Tab in the middle of the bottom. This is the so-called legal currency trading area. After you click it, the following will appear On the page, the legal currency trading area is divided into a shortcut area and a self-selection area. There are many merchants’ information in the self-selection area. You can choose the merchant and purchase price yourself. In the shortcut area, the system will help you filter matches based on your bid. The right business. Then select BTC, enter the amount you want to purchase, and proceed with the purchase of Bitcoin. Note: In this step, the platform may prompt you to perform identity authentication and bind your transaction method. The binding transaction method is easy to understand. It is enough to bind bank cards, Alipay, and WeChat. After all, how can you trade without binding? As for identity authentication, the main purpose of the platform is to ensure the safety of your assets and to comply with national supervision and prevent you from laundering money. 3) After confirming the purchase, the platform will display the seller’s account information. You copy the account and choose the payment method you bind. , Just pay, click “paid, please release currency” after payment, the seller will release currency after receiving the money. Don’t worry here. If you make money but don’t release the currency, because the platform guarantees that, once the time is up, the other party does not release the currency. If you feedback to the customer service, the platform will freeze the transaction to ensure the safety of your transaction. After that, the currency will be in your account; 4) When you want to sell, you can follow the previous process, click App->Fiat currency->I want to sell, and instead of buying, just sell normally. After the sale, the money will be in your bound bank card or Alipay.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Bitcoin is a virtual encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P. Point-to-point transmission means a decentralized payment system. Bitcoin does not rely on a specific currency institution to issue. It is generated through a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors, and uses a cryptographic design. To ensure the safety of all aspects of currency circulation. Bitcoin is electronic cash similar to e-mail. Both parties to the transaction need a “bitcoin wallet” similar to an e-mail address and a “bitcoin address” similar to an e-mail address. Like sending and receiving e-mails, the sender uses a computer or smartphone to directly pay bitcoins to the recipient according to the recipient’s address. Many websites for tech players have begun to accept Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin has become a real currency in circulation, rather than a virtual currency like Tencent Q Coin. There are already specialized third-party Bitcoin payment companies abroad, similar to domestic Alipay, which can provide API interface services. There are two types of special currency transactions, one is spot transactions on a centralized trading platform, and the other is a transaction on a decentralized trading platform. The method is similar. Buyers and sellers trade at appropriate prices. 1. Centralized exchanges are similar to stock market transactions, pending orders, real-time transactions. You can refer to several well-known trading platforms Huobi OKEX Binance 2 , Decentralized exchange, through direct transfer between wallets, not through the platform side to receive and pay, similar to the platform side to match transactions, disadvantages: can not place orders, the transaction is slow.

7 months ago

Those who have been skeptical of the three major domestic exchanges (Huobi OK Binance) are all united navy forces, who have turned the three major exchanges into a consensus and then dumped the other exchanges. Don’t you watch the news? The Binance account was hacked, and many people suspected it was theft. Huobi always unplugged the network cable, how many rights defenders? OK pin, how many people are desperate? Don’t live with the lies of the “three big”, those who have come out all the three are the navy. If you really want to choose an exchange, look at the list more and study the oldest exchange to be reliable!

7 months ago

The domestic way to buy Bitcoin is to go to a digital currency exchange. So be sure to choose an exchange. I suggest you choose the four majors. Let me talk about Binance first. Binance has a lot of overseas users, and now it ranks first among major websites. Then let’s talk about Huobi’s successful entry into the industry with the declaration of permanent free transaction fees, and the number of transactions and users is also one of the best. Next, we will talk about China Currency. China Currency has done the best in risk control. It has never had any security incidents in the past 7 years. And focus on improving the user experience, and now it has formed a rich ecosystem of leveraged trading, currency trading, wealth management, legal currency trading, ZAPP, tens of thousands of hot chat social terminals, support for issuing currency red envelopes and other product lines in a rich ecosystem, and China Coin has more than 10 million users all over the world. Finally, let’s talk about OK. OK is one of the earliest exchanges in the domestic contract promotion, and its contract users are the most.

7 months ago

First, you need to choose a reliable platform. It can be selected according to the trading volume ranking, or popularity ranking, or related to handling fees. Currently ranked among the top ten platforms in the world: bitmex, binance, Bitoffeer, okex, Huobi, Matcha, etc. Among them, Bitoffer has the lowest handling fee, only 0.05%, and the others are around 0.2%, a difference of 4 times.

7 months ago

The sender uses a computer or smart phone to directly pay bitcoins to the recipient’s address according to the recipient’s address. After Bitcoin transaction data is packaged into a “data block” or “block”, the transaction is considered to be initially confirmed. When the block is linked to the previous block, the transaction will be further confirmed. After getting 6 consecutive block confirmations, the transaction is basically irreversibly confirmed. The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network stores all transaction history in a “blockchain”. The blockchain continues to extend, and once new blocks are added to the blockchain, they will no longer be removed. The blockchain is actually a group of decentralized user-side nodes and a distributed database composed of all participants. It records the history of all bitcoin transactions. There are also exchanges in China. You can buy fiat currency first and then trade. , Head transaction all: Binance, Huobi, ok and other small ones will not be mentioned.

7 months ago

Although Bitcoin is not legal in China, it can be traded in China. The trading method is publicly available. Many people have already talked about it, so I won’t repeat it. It’s not in the industry, rural folks, personal humble opinion, just for criticism. Although Bitcoin is called a currency, it is actually more like a bond. Unlike U.S. Treasury bonds, U.S. bonds are secured by the reputation of the United States. Although Bitcoin’s ledger is clear, there is no guarantee. After China and Alaska, the United States has drawn countries around the world to encircle China and rebuild its hegemonic credibility. Recently, 40 countries have gathered to “trial” China on climate issues in the United States. (The face-to-face confrontation of the right to survival) In order to protect the US dollar, the world’s hegemon must make such an effort, but how does an unsecured bond maintain its credibility? Constant appreciation, constant appreciation, constant appreciation, never depreciation. But we all know that the distribution of Bitcoin is quite concentrated, and manipulation is not a problem. If the dealer sells, the consequences will inevitably lead to catastrophic turmoil around the world. Of course, this may only be played once. When the U.S. printed money, out of obvious concerns about the depreciation of the U.S. dollar, the U.S. dollar poured in, Bitcoin appreciated rapidly, and capital from other countries followed suit. It has become a big bet that has never happened before. For the United States, its value depends on how much money from other countries is absorbed in it. Bitcoin is likely to be the second dollar. Perhaps, when the United States thinks that this crisis is difficult to overcome and needs to play this card, it is time to see the poor. The bet is about to fall. Of course, assuming that the United States quickly overcomes the crisis, this Bitcoin system will exist stably and continue to escort the U.S. dollar. But the money inside will eventually come to life.

7 months ago

I would recommend the Chinese currency. China Currency is a global digital currency exchange. Currently, it has obtained the exchange licenses of Thailand and Dubai, and has established operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Bangkok, Dubai and other places. In the past seven years of safe and stable operation, while allowing users to truly feel safe, convenient, and low-threshold, ZB has also integrated functions such as community chat, financial management, transactions, and wallets.

7 months ago

There are not many domestic choices. For investment related money, it is recommended to go to the head exchange to play. Here are four recommendations for you: Binance, which has a lot of overseas users, and then ranks first among the major ranking websites. Its strength is self-evident; Huobi is one of the few exchanges that supports large transactions. , So there are many large households; OKEx, contracts are their housekeeping skills, and most users also play contracts; China currency, a self-contained ecology, is very friendly to retail investors, and retail investors occasionally benefit from a red envelope rain event, so they are mostly retail investors. platform.

7 months ago

As the new leek entering this year, answer your question. At present, if you want to conduct bitcoin transactions in China, the main way is to use digital currency exchanges. Digital currency exchanges generally have two deposit channels. One is legal currency trading, which is the deposit method of directly buying bitcoins with RMB; exchanges generally have legal currency trading areas where there will be many merchants specializing in bitcoin and RMB transactions. , They will list the relevant bitcoin sales information, you can find a reputable merchant with a large number of transactions to conduct the transaction. For example, using the digital trading platform of China Currency, which has extensive information and high visibility, and higher security.

7 months ago

Domestic transactions of Bitcoin are basically based on Bitcoin website transactions. If you are a newcomer, it is recommended to trade on the three major trading platforms. Don’t think about which small platforms have cheap advertising pictures. First of all, the price of Bitcoin is originally unified globally. Lower than
Here I recommend to you the trading platform I have been using. I have been using Binance here;

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