With a college education and a good family background, these two labels combined seem to indicate a good job and a good future. But the truth is that some of these young people did not follow the script to follow the ideal path, but chose to be at home or in a rental house and become an urban “squat clan”. Different from the “nibbles” and “hibernated tribes”, the urban “squat tribes” specifically refer to young people who have a “good hand” and are highly expected, but “give up” themselves and are willing to be “invisible people” in society. Living idle in a way of “reality, low desire and more surfing on the Internet”.

Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Changsha… The Banyuetan reporter’s investigation found that the “squatting clan” in the first-tier cities of “Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen” had spread to the second and third-tier cities.

Let it go, let it go, I just know little transparency. The theoretical foundation of the experiment is not solid, and I have been studying notes from the big guys everywhere. Recently, I am busy reading articles and thinking about graduation, and there will be no high-quality answers. Some time ago, I was feeling depressed and just spit out casually. I must also like physics. Otherwise, I will not be able to graduate, and I will be more disappointed in myself. The brother who was transcoded before joining the group was persuaded to leave, thinking that he would not worry about financial problems, and brush the laboratory every day. Couldn’t there be big news? However, the reality is still skinny. After five years, he has not carried many top publications. Even when Qing Qian returned to the country, he had a flood of hats, holding a lot of money in his hand to point to the country’s ideals and courage. Just want to return to the ordinary life, it is enough to have a job that continues to satisfy your interests. Origin and effort do not necessarily determine the final achievement, and luck is sometimes very important. Not to mention really doing it in. Knowing the secrets of various industries also hurts academic ideals. The only depression may be that I am ashamed of the hard work of the previous two generations. I can only spend more time with my child to look at his homework. I dare not brag how much I have contributed to his life. Born in Top2, PhD in Physics in North America, I am about to graduate recently and want to see domestic positions. The newly opened Quantum Institute in Beijing has a target of 300,000 to 400,000 before tax, and it is estimated that it will only get 20,000 per month. It seems that there is no room for growth. The family recently rented out a vacant room, just over in Shangdi, 160 square meters with 3 bedrooms and 2 halls, and the rent is also 20,000 yuan a month. For a long time, I was almost 30, and I felt that I didn’t go wrong every step of the way to get a degree. Isn’t it better to go to work than to have a house at home? The most desperate thing is that my parents invested early. There are still two vacancies in Beijing, which is equivalent to renting out three me. Reading a blog is already half-life, and the article is not bad, but it is definitely not enough to find a faculty position. I thought that I would continue to post the post for 3 years and tenure track for 6 years. When I got it out, it was almost 40, and my hair might be gone. I don’t know what it means. The only thing left is to find a relevant position after graduation and don’t waste so many years of reading. Read the comments about Versailles, just add a few words. In fact, this question is simply asking why young people have a good starting point and good conditions, but do not shoulder social responsibilities and realize their personal ideals? The problem is that I don’t have any motivation. When I was young, I knew that I could buy a game console and computer when I was good at studying. But is there any reward and punishment mechanism at this age? If I continue with the direction I am most familiar with, the basic reward mechanism is salary, and then I also said that it is not comparable to a house. This is really discouraging. It means that since I was a child, I have heard that studying hard to have a good life is imaginary. It is better to buy a few more suites. Then why do I work so hard? My age and family background are similar. I have found an iron rice bowl for the elderly. I send out food and drink every day in the circle of friends. I will go out to dive for a swim every few days. Most of them start to hug their children. Most of the students in a class in the school are also working in transcoding, with annual salary and dividends of nearly one million or more, there is still room for expected growth, and they are also free to live. As for me, I read more books than others, and work day and night. Looking back at myself, it seems that my youth has passed, and there are no proud achievements. A happy family knows how to make samples every day. Look at my boss again. After doing two Ph.Ds for academic purposes, he was over 40 before he dared to buy a house and have children. I don’t think I have any academic ideals. Of course, I feel that my Ph.D. years have been wasted, and I don’t dare to continue to spend the next few years. Do simple work every day, eat delicious food, drink and chat with classmates is not good, why bother to force yourself to be endlessly involved with others.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Pay attention to the key words of the problem-high education. Many people may not realize that we actually have a different kind of “expectation glasses” for high education. Yes, it must be admitted that most people are overly expecting the “highly educated” group. Many people seem to think that a high degree of education should represent the strength of the future development of society or industry-they should have read more books, they should be more serious than others in class, they should know more truth than others, and they should be better than others. People work harder at work, they have this “good hand”, and they should be able to play louder than others…Then the question is: who is this “should”? ? ? The law of social operation? Taxpayer’s money? Or is it the common cognition of all of us? None, just some ideas imposed. Then someone will ask: But shouldn’t they be that way? Knowing more truths, reading more books, occupying more educational resources of the country, and holding a good hand, shouldn’t you work hard and work harder than more people? This seems to be true, but sometimes the more books you read and the more you understand the truth, the more you can see the true unspoken rules of the operation of society. My former college roommate vowed to be a Ph.D while drinking in the dormitory, and then became a great scientist. We once laughed at her and said, “This is the topic of your class teacher’s composition when you were young.” Later, she personally told me that the saddest time in her life was when she was studying for a Ph.D. Compared with that, Dachang 996 is nothing at all-now she runs a supermarket with her parents, no The size is not small, the passenger flow is average, but life is very good. Another best friend, who was an excellent student of the excellent class cadres of the year, was in the top 20 in the college entrance examination. Now, the theme of every meal we eat is nothing more than mortgage, car loan, and children. These three elements can even appear in the same sentence-I want to find a school district room with convenient parking, so that children’s education will not be lost on the starting line. . Perhaps the pressure of life has changed everyone’s shape-have we all fulfilled our expectations of ourselves? If not, why do you have special expectations for these people? Please respect every lifestyle and personal choice, nothing more.

6 months ago

This is the result of the rate of return on labor being far lower than the rate of return on capital. The rate of return on labor is much lower than the rate of return on capital, which directly results in that the marginal benefit of labor input to individuals is lower than the marginal cost after the basic material conditions are guaranteed. Therefore, when contemporary young people with no assets find themselves unable to significantly improve their lives no matter how hard they work, and they will not starve to death as long as they put in basic labor, they will choose to lie flat. I don’t know if you have played live football. There is a morale system in this game. To put it simply, when 1 to 0, 2 to 0, the computer still runs, it should be defensive, it should be counterattack. But the score is 8 to 0, 10 to 0, and the computer doesn’t bother to move.

6 months ago

Suffering has no value, and excessive efforts have not been rewarded. At this moment, young people are guided to take the initiative to choose suffering. It is a thunderstorm. Now it is marching in the desert. It is possible to walk out of the desert to save energy. Whoever runs will die fast. The youngest group is the most The clever group has long been aware of this problem. They are all entering the safe haven. There are also a group of people who die outside, fantasizing about dawn; the environment is changing too fast, and there are many basic logics that are not applicable, but some people still think. Taking up the last wave of demographic dividends, such as Ma Yun’s 996 blessings, apart from his pretending nature, is actually in line with the logic of their generation. In their era, being able to endure hardship was a skill. As long as you can eat the hardship that others can’t, and work harder than others, then you can really get excess returns. So Jack Ma feels that I have provided you with a position of 996, giving you the opportunity to suffer from the hardships that others can’t, and taking more money than your peers is really doing good deeds. I feel that he even feels that he is bringing charity. But from Nanjing to Beijing, capitalists are better than laborers. His reward is extremely deceptive. For example, the baseline for all workers is 8, and everyone can get 100% if they reach 8. He starts to reward the hard work of 10 to 200%, and then the second wave of hard work. If you reach 12 directly, there will be no reward for the struggle to reach 10, and you will still get 100%. In this way, after a period of time, reaching 12 will be regarded as the baseline, and only 100 will be awarded. Later, only those who achieve 12 or more will be rewarded until the person is exhausted and pulled out by an ambulance to replace a batch of younger ones. You think you can get more from overwork, but it’s actually just a game of capital. Capitalists use a small part of it, and even the white wolf with empty gloves allows workers to get from 8 to 12, but they still get the same. When this social climate is formed, workers have no bargaining power and can only do 12 by default… For workers, more work is not only worth less, but also makes the entire working environment worse. Long-term repetitive work is harmful The brain damage is huge, and the risk of sudden death is only borne by the individual. So I repeatedly mentioned that some jobs are better than going to jail. For capital, such benefits are huge, but the core of this model is that there is enough fuel. It is the demographic dividend. The acceleration achieved by the rapid replacement of fuel is not sustainable development. The fertility rate should tell you. This is already a way of development, and it is even doubtful whether it can be defined as development. The people have created a huge amount of social wealth, but the people’s life has not become easier. Many people have realized the problem. You are a fucking official media who still pretends to be foreign guests. Who are you disgusting? First of all, young people with a high degree of education are not stupid. The media take the cake of the last era and fool the young people of this era. They look down on our IQ a little bit too much.

6 months ago

I have imagined the future of material richness. A small number of people can participate in labor to meet the basic and even high-level material needs of the whole society. The remaining people do not need labor and can develop freely and comprehensively. There are more and more opportunities for education, and people can freely choose the content and direction of education. The era of great material abundance has arrived. People have plenty of educational opportunities, can enjoy modern life at low prices, and labor is closer to voluntary rather than survival needs. Isn’t this a highly educated squatting clan? Education has nothing to do with class, class is only related to means of production. More people are educated, and the distribution of the means of production remains unchanged, and there will only be more and more squatting.

6 months ago

What do you want me if you don’t lie flat? Not to mention the various types of 996 and 007 in the workplace. I read a book and worked on a topic. It is common for me to be unable to sleep for three or five days, but the topic still fails, and the paper still cannot be published. Even if it is passed, I am a second author, or the corresponding author, how many cents are there for me? You would say, why can’t you treat it as one? Of course it’s because my name is unknown. If I was a writer, the editor of the nuclear journal would throw it into the trash without even reading the paper. My roommate has been publishing the paper for two years, and he couldn’t even send a punctuation mark. His supervisor called and the editor over there informed him that it was finalized. Is hard work useful? I shook as I walked, and from time to time I used question marks and exclamation marks, but I just couldn’t send them out. Even if the social animals are nailed to their posts 24 hours a day, they still cannot afford to buy a house, marry a wife, or have children. Wang Sicong, you only need to lie down and you can spend it at will. A successful life is always accompanied by beautiful women. Is hard work useful? In the selection of outstanding party members a few days ago, I thought that I had worked hard for the collective for more than two years, and it would not be a big problem for me to give an excellent one. As a result, I didn’t even give me roots. In addition to the subject, I usually serve the grandparents in the class. As a result, the grandparents really regarded me as a slave and voted for me to be out of the first round. Those who didn’t do anything, praised them in the comment section every day for their beauty, and they were elected with high votes. You ask me why I don’t praise their beauty? Because they are really not beautiful, I can’t praise them. Is hard work useful? I have a major undergraduate degree. I went abroad and went back to study for a Ph.D. I lived like a dog without even a bone. I know that when I join the company, there will only be more such things. What can I do then? My knowledge can’t change the world, nor can it change others, nor can I make myself live better. If I don’t lie flat, can I stand and be beaten? I only won the college entrance examination paper once. I can only say that I am suitable for the examination, but it does not mean that I will be better off when I roll it up. From outsiders’ perspective, these are all top-notch masters, talents! I see myself as a dog that can’t find bones. It’s being tricked, deceived, and teased. Lie down, tired.

6 months ago

Yesterday I fought iron with a teacher in the gym. This person has a Ph.D at Peking University and Harvard, but his personality is quite Buddhism. I persuaded him to “work hard and become stronger.” He asked me, “Become stronger, and then?” I choked. Become stronger, then what? Can you air every second? Even if you can get the air every second, what then? A buddy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in June. His major is very unpopular, called archives. However, with a few internships, he got several offers with packages over 30w. It seems that they all have good prospects, but what he wants most is his hometown. Introduce talents from the development zone and assign them to the business. Do I need a reason to give up a few 30w+ offers? In terms of ability, I don’t worry about being eliminated, and my body is strong enough to withstand the pressure of work. I give up just because I don’t like it. You graduated with an annual salary of 35w. After a few years, it became 50w. What then? The volume becomes 100w in a few years, and then? You have grown and improved, so what? It is difficult for us to change the world. Young people nowadays are very tired of life. Why are they tired? In fact, writing code is not tiring, and doing ppt is not tiring. Unhappy is the most tiring. Are you happy to be driven forward by housing prices and forced to go forward by promotion pressure? Why not find an easy job? Just because the work of fishing is done by uneducated households, I should be a master of the world when I graduated from xx? I asked my mother, “If I also went out to read a book and then came back to find a job within the system, would you think I was boring?” My mother, a middle-aged woman with a junior high school culture, told me, “Worry no worries. Under the premise of food and clothing, your success can be to be a good husband and a good father. If you have to pursue the success of Zhongxing Pengyue, start a band and play.” If you have to pursue Zhongxing The kind of success of Pengyue, let’s play with a band, and there will be people watching. I’ll just ask you, singing, jumping, rap, basketball, which one is not more interesting than scrolling?

6 months ago

If you don’t see it, you can only do it: you have a college education, but the key to life is often the second half of the sentence: a good family background. I think that I have been in my life for more than 20 years, and I have been playing chicken blood for the first 20 years. It is so positive that my high school classmates sighed, why are you always so high-spirited? In retrospect, my answer is only one, it is because of ignorance. Fearlessness brings infinite vision and hope for the future. They motivated me to climb upwards. At the age of 18, I was brave enough to roll up and be willing to fight with others, although I didn’t know what it was at that time. I often use Chairman Mao’s words to encourage myself: struggle with the sky, struggle with the earth, and struggle with people, and the joy is endless. Crossing the single-plank bridge is a thing that makes me feel excited when I think about it. Everyone, feel how much I love competition at the age of 18. I like exams, I like fighting, and I like to do everything for myself. I am happy with a little progress. However, I am the one who can only do the first half of the sentence. When I was 18 years old and came to the future I once dreamed of, I found that now I am standing in the future, and I have no future anymore. I have no future. This sentence means that the so-called rise, the so-called climbing, and the so-called distribution according to work have nothing to do with me, because I am a person with only half a sentence. In order to survive, I took the postgraduate exam, hoping to breathe a sigh of relief in the internal volume. Then, we went to the Internet. Really rolled! ! A person who has a pocket and a backing, he can do what he likes to do, he can also do what others want him to do, he can also do what he wants to do, and he is more capable of not doing what he does. Willing to do. I don’t have one. I even ask for leave for half a day. When I graduated, my teacher, who is now the first in the Republic of China, said something that made me feel the most sincere and useful to me in the past three years. This sentence made me feel that they were in a high position because they were right. The compassion of the young life, the greatest kindness and hint to us in the mud: there are always some hurdles in life, if you really feel that you can’t make it, don’t pass it. After he said this sentence, I got goose bumps all over my body. Let me translate the meaning of this sentence: Live well, love life, and lie flat when you lie flat. Now I have tenosynovitis, lumbar spine strain, and cervical spine stiffness. My mother told me that someone will make money for you, someone will spend money for you, and someone will cook for you. This can be achieved, but no one can get sick for you. I think this is the truth, because now I and many people like me, people like me who only have the first half of the sentence, what we call a good card is just to be able to breathe after we have realized these cruel social realities. Be able to take care of your body when you are still young. Why lie flat? Why don’t you want to fight again? Isn’t 996 able to make more money? Isn’t fighting for yourself? Yes, it should be, but when I was sick, I was thinking: I should be more of a person than a capitalist’s machine, stay alive and lie down quickly.

6 months ago

After graduating from university last year, I took the national grid exam and went to work as an electrician in the county office. My mother in Beijing ridiculed me crazy, saying that there is nothing good about electricians, and there is no financial freedom for a lifetime. Look at the people in Zhongguancun, Beijing, and how many people are in a year. Young people must have dreams and passions. . I told my mother: 1. You and my dad have less than 20w plus a suite on hand. That is still your coffin. If I fail, I won’t even sleep on the street. 2. I am very aware of my own level. Although I am not the worst since I was young, there is a real gap between me and the group that can roll the most. Why is Guandu Chibi who wins more with less can be remembered by everyone, of course It’s because the probability of winning is low. 3. Not everyone dreams of being a great man or a boss-level person. My dream is to live a good life and have a little hobby. Why do I have to torture myself and get sick? Until now, my mother is still mumbling about this, but the current social situation, my thinking is more determined.

6 months ago

A classmate I know is a highly educated [urban squat] who has graduated from university for almost three years and has yet to find a stable job. After he got a job for a few days, he didn’t think it was appropriate to do it, so he chose not to do it. The year before last, he succeeded in an online interview. He came to my house to stay for a few days to participate in training. After the training, he went to work in the next city. He told me that he didn’t want to do this job after three days in the next city. I went back to my house to live for a few days, and then went to Nanning to lie down completely. At that time, he was doing medical equipment sales and needed exaggerated publicity. He felt ignorant and didn’t want to do it. Later, he went to an educational institution for an interview. During the interview, he passed the company. In his heart, he was not satisfied with many jobs, so he stayed there all the time. He wanted to take the public exam, but he didn’t work very hard, so he couldn’t even pass the special post teacher. In the rental house in Nanning Chengzhong Village, the rent is 300, and the cost of eating dried noodles and gnawing mustard greens is really not very high. It does not exceed 1,000 yuan a month, and low desires can really squat for a long time. I think that [urban squatting clan]’s biggest problem should be psychological problems. A classmate once told me that he has been squatting for too long and feels a little depressed. He usually wants to contact his old classmates to get together, but his current situation is different. Don’t want others to know. I suggested that he go back to his hometown in the countryside to prepare for the civil service exam. He told me that he couldn’t go back anymore. Even if he died of starvation in the city, he didn’t want to go back. This kind of urban squatting is not an isolated phenomenon. Another friend of mine hasn’t found a serious job yet, but it is a bit more chic than the classmate above me. He believes that part-time is better than full-time. Relying on his professional skills, he occasionally goes out to earn a little quick money, works three hours a day, and goes to work four days a week. The money he earns will generally be used online soon. The girls in the same city. Therefore, he often doesn’t have any money. It has become a habit to owe flowers, and he still owes me 2,000 yuan for a year. They chose to become [urban squat clan] because they had too high requirements for work, and then they couldn’t get out of that kind of life and couldn’t get out. Either they can’t accept their mediocre self, or they think they’re too mediocre, and they can’t find a balance in life. After squatting for too long, the knee will feel a little pain when you stand up, and the numbness spreads on the soles of the feet, just like a group of ants crawling on the soles of the feet. At this time, they finally knew that they were no different from the ants in the city, unable to change the status quo, and had to survive hard. Only on the day of real awakening, they will usher in their own dawn.

6 months ago

What kind of foreign guests do you want to pretend? 985 graduates are not considered highly educated young people, but they have a good reputation. This is my previous answer, and I understand it at a glance. In Sichuan University’s 2018 Graduate Employment Quality Report, about 22% of undergraduate graduates have a starting salary of less than 4000. About 16% of master’s degree graduates have a starting salary of less than 4,000. Is this a good card? Haidilao waiters can get more than 6,000, and the average starting salary for 985 college graduates is estimated to have not exceeded 6,000. I think what “neglected second life” is very popular recently, when can you care about our low-level 985? There is one thing to say, now the college entrance examination is a Ponzi scheme, and they are talking about 985, 211, double first-rate. Sichuan University is also regarded as one of the top 30 universities in China, just like this. I want to ask those who think that they can get rid of poverty and change their class if they study well, who gave you the illusion? Of course, the bottom universities in the double-class A have collapsed, and of course you can continue to play the Chinese five people Ke Qingbei. If you don’t have the wealth and power to give to your children, I hope you don’t want a baby, because it is very likely that your child will find it is a waste of time after graduating from college, and it will be logical to become a squat by then.

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