Freshman, Japanese is studying. My family can barely afford it, and I want to go to a better Japanese university. I am very worried about nuclear radiation. I am afraid of another nuclear leak in Japan, and I am afraid that Japanese food will be contaminated. Because it was recently said that Japan will discharge nuclear sewage, it is certain that Japan will be greatly affected. Am I unreasonably worried? I’m really scared. I beg you guys for advice.

To go ~ or not to go is really a thousand people, there is no generalization. It depends on personal needs. If you want to improve your academic qualifications, you can take the postgraduate entrance exam-you can take the exam in China, and you can take the exam in other countries. First look at what goals you can achieve and whether you can afford it. From the academic point of view, can you prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEFL if you study abroad. Can the domestic postgraduate entrance examination bear greater pressure and academic requirements? The cost of studying abroad: When it comes to studying abroad, the most important thing is to solve the problem of cost. The United States is more than 400,000 a year, the United Kingdom is more than 300,000 a year, and Australia is more than 300,000 a year. Canada is about 200,000 a year. The cost of studying abroad in Europe, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland ranges from 150,000 to 200,000 a year. As a family studying abroad, whether they can prepare sufficient funds for studying abroad is the key. Can’t wait for part-time job to earn tuition and living expenses. Now all countries are basically unable to realize the wish of working to earn living expenses and tuition fees. The global economy is shrinking, and people in this country are facing the embarrassing situation of unemployment. How can it be the turn of foreigners to have a job? The domestic postgraduate entrance examination is the most economical, but the pressure is the greatest. Choose the one that suits you to what degree of pressure you can bear. Now in the freshman year, there are still at least 3 and a half years to learn Japanese and English well, complete college majors, and build outstanding abilities from oneself. No matter where you are, you can make a difference. Instead of just taking self-pity, living with this mentality, you can get depression in less than two months. The road is right under your feet, no one is forced to take the same road, it’s your own choice. The second kind of study in Japan is not just to improve academic qualifications. The vast majority of people must live in Japan because they have been infected by animation and culture since they were young, or if they yearned for Japan during their travels. Then no matter what Japan becomes, you must realize your wishes. Do nothing, just play… you don’t need to talk about it. The goal you want, whether you can achieve your goal, and how you want to go this way depends on your own ideas. If you don’t study abroad, you can learn intensive language well. The essence of everything depends on yourself. This is a circle about studying in Japan. You can pay attention to it~ There are a lot of well-organized learning materials, good-looking Japanese drama resources, and seniors who have studied abroad to answer questions. You can communicate with each other if you have any questions about studying in Japan.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I just graduated and returned to China, I don’t recommend you to go. Just now I saw that a study abroad agency had clarified the answer to Japan in order to benefit, so I deliberately checked it. “Normal nuclear power plant wastewater is steam water for power generation and sea water for cooling water vapor. It does not touch the reactor and has no radiation. The wastewater to be discharged in Fukushima is the cooling water that directly contacts the meltdown reactor and the groundwater contaminated by nuclear leaks. There is radiation. It’s not the same.” (Reposted from Weibo) Although my experience of studying abroad has shattered all my filters about Japan, I generally don’t try to persuade people who want to study in Japan. Because I have personally realized the importance of seeing is believing, some concepts will not change easily without feeling. But after all, health is greater. For more than a year, Japan is still passively resisting the epidemic. I believe that many people have re-examined the so-called “national character” of the Japanese. Two years later, when wastewater enters the sea, other countries will tremble. Does Japan have the ability to protect its citizens? Bowing has no practical meaning, and we have to be sober. Personal experience has the meaning of personal experience, but now I don’t recommend anyone to go.

5 months ago

Don’t go if you’re afraid. I can’t go in the near future. Japan doesn’t open the door. You don’t need to consider normal preparations for the long-term. I discussed this issue with the doctor of Dongda a few days ago. There are countless students who go to Japan to gamble. Studying in Japan will never stop and the cost is relatively low compared to Europe and the United States. The school recognition is higher than that of small East Asian countries. There is basically no way to replace it. Moreover, Japan’s practice this time is too shameless. Polluted the entire Pacific Ocean once. Hello, I’m hello, everyone. This means that I’m not good by myself. Everyone reads my jokes, but I want everyone to be bad. It’s the same as everyone’s good. The above two things I’m sure, no matter what the epidemic in Japan is, no matter whether nuclear sewage is discharged or not, as long as the country is opened, there will be a lot of students going there. There are even many students who think that Japan is just like a grandma. There shouldn’t be too many students competing with him. After thinking too much, I am now in a state of lying flat, waiting for China to survive the sixth life, go out to the east, liberate Japan, and then rely on the experience of studying abroad and experience Japanese advantages to mix with a small cadre.

5 months ago

A few days ago, my girlfriend in the United States and I were talking about this issue. After all, it was really draining. I was at the drain, and she was at the water outlet, separated by an ocean. She didn’t express too much worry. As long as it is not ranked this year, the new crown epidemic that has been endless for more than a year is already going crazy. As long as the epidemic does not hit the peak again in July, she plans to take the risk of going to the beach for vacation. I did not express too much concern. After all, the most eye-catching cub in Japan now is the new crown epidemic-more than 1,000 new people are added every day in Osaka, and more than 700 people are added every day in Tokyo. The famous mutant strains from all over the world have been gathered. Waiting to summon the Shenlong. Japan: Guess whether we will breed the new mutant virus first or the nuclear waste Godzilla first. Oh, by the way, Kagoshima recently turned on the vibration mode. A small earthquake hit more than 100 times a day at most. My girlfriend and I also wondered if there will be a big earthquake or a volcano is about to erupt. (Oh, by the way, although you may have forgotten it, let me just say one thing. Japan will host the Olympic Games this year) I said this is actually to say: Japan has many problems, not just nuclear radiation. You started to worry about studying abroad even without a word. You are so easily anxious that it is not suitable for you to come to Japan.

5 months ago

It is recommended that the Japanese vaccine is not covered. I have not been home in Japan for two years, my mentality exploded, the professor urged me to order, and he was facing postponement. Facts have proved that the otaku who re-homed will also be mad. Since the incident in Wuhan until now, I have been at home every day, paying huge tuition fees. Well, during the epidemic, the exemption was strict, and I could only pay the original fee. The teacher did not attend classes and took online classes. The tuition fees shocked my dad. Can’t work, can’t go out, study at home, laugh to death, and have no fighting spirit at all. I can’t go on studying, stay at home, touch the school facilities, touch classmates and professors, and can’t enter the library. I really rely on my own research. I want to go to school. I might as well take a break from school for two years and live in a happy life. It’s much better than being downcast now. Of course, I have no self-control, nor can I blame the strange things. The key is that I haven’t been home for two years! No matter how wild children are, they miss home too! And finally I found out that I was a clown! Japanese people don’t care! They love what they do. It’s time for dinner and dinner to see cherry blossoms. Nothing can stop their 996 hearts. The tram is still full. The Chinese people around me don’t care anymore. Now I go to Disney to play. I am like a fan. What am I trying to hide at home for a year? In the end, Japan was still a mess and cracked. At first, I was afraid of death and life. Before I went out, I didn’t use masks and gloves. After I went out, I looked at the good guys. What should Japanese people do? Wear masks and show their noses. Now I think it doesn’t matter whether the new crown is not the new crown or not. I really want to be free. I came to Japan and came to Japan to take the exam before I had time to play. I just want to go to Disneyland now. I stay at home and have nightmares. . As for nuclear radiation, I said that so many new crowns have broken things. Do you think radiation is still important?

5 months ago

I used to plan for a long time to travel to Japan, but this time the decision in Japan really scared me and I don’t plan to go for the time being. However, the answers of the intermediaries under this question are quite interesting. Say something off topic. The purpose of my going to Japan is simply because of a little hobby of myself. Because I like a Japanese director named Henry Tsukamoto, who is extremely unpopular. The films he shoots are all in color. Someone may want to ask, this kind of films is not a lot of searches on the Internet. But this director is different from the one who only shoots meat. He also needs to shoot the plot, and the requirements for the plot are still very high, that is, the film must have the breath of life, the atmosphere of humanity, and the atmosphere of life. I watched Fengyue movies, and the requirements for the plot are also very high. Supervisor Tsukamoto’s handwriting can be said to satisfy me. At present, my financial conditions are relatively free, so I have always planned to go to Japan. There are two reasons for the plan to go to Japan. The first is to visit Supervisor Shitsukamoto as a fan. The second is to collect some of the works of Shimozukamoto’s supervision in the Middle Ages. His works were already available in the video era and reached a climax in the DVD era. His works were extremely exquisite in the 1990s. However, because his works are relatively unpopular in China, there are few resources on the Internet. At present, many of his resources on the Chinese Internet are already works after 2000, and the level is relatively moderate. Maybe in a few years, the DVD version of Supervisor Tsukamoto’s work will be out of print. Japan as a country can only stay away, life is so easy to regret.

5 months ago

Don’t come to the first place. A major earthquake that must occur within 30 years, nuclear radiation, and increasingly fierce anti-China sentiment are all reasons not to recommend studying in Japan now. Second, the difficulty of university entrance examinations in Japan has increased significantly compared with the past. I have stayed at more than 570 universities, and this year there are already 690 new students. In the past 690, Qingying was born early and it was as easy as playing. The competition between national and public universities is even more intense. The cost of studying miscellaneous food, clothing, housing, and transportation for private universities is two million yuan. It is actually more cost-effective to go to Australia and the United Kingdom, but now the two countries are not even at the same time. Tourists can fully appreciate the convenience of the country’s tourism culture and the beautiful environment. However, once living in Japan for a long time, it is the beginning of disillusionment. There are many places that can be praised, but more places are criticized. In conclusion, it is not recommended.

5 months ago

Radiation is a big problem. To say that this matter is not a big problem is obviously to fool people as fools. As for whether you should study in Japan or not, you have to decide for yourself. Decided to participate in the internal scrolling at home, or to go to Japan to see the impact of nuclear radiation on humans. You are only a freshman right now, and no one knows what the future will be like. It is possible that Japan’s nuclear radiation is not a big deal, but the exam for the monk has been rolled up. It is also possible that because of a major incident in radiation, no one went there, and the examination for the monk became easier again. Freshman, you still have a lot of time, you can concentrate on preparing to deal with the problems of the domestic postgraduate entrance examination, there is more time, choose slowly.

5 months ago

At the beginning of last year, a little sister from Shandong who was going to study in Japan was sitting next to her on the plane (should she be called a pretty little sister in her twenties?), and she talked about studying Japanese all the way to study in Japan and employment in Japan. Well, there is almost no advantage in employment for domestic first- and second-tier cities in Japan, but when we meet each other, we can’t pour cold water on others. We only talked about the current situation without giving conclusions and suggestions. The conclusion is: go if you want, choose for yourself. What you can get when you go to Japan: 1. Even if you still choose to be in the Chinese circle by then, you can ensure a good Japanese environment. 2. Good educational resources (as a finished product, Chinese students have a stronger foundation and better ability to complete tasks independently, Japanese students are more able to focus on teamwork, and have rich social experience (that is, net play)) 3. Broaden your horizons, See different consciousness and the origin of consciousness (provided that you have the ability to think that everything in Japan is so-called good without being preconceived), and experience different contradictions and solutions. 4. Increase relevant information, confidence, and self-confidence. After all, studying and living in Japan is different from studying Japanese and going to Japan. 5. Indifferent interpersonal relationships, relatively convenient and safe living conditions, eliminating Fukushima-produced food and backward electronic payment methods. 6. The Japanese little sister who has been immersed in abundance capital for a long time is still eye-catching (even if the quality is not high, it still has the support of national technology). 7. If you find a job in Japan in the future, you can get at least the top 10% of the salary in the country (the monthly salary of the new graduate is 23-26, and the year-end bonus is converted into RMB. It is also nearly 20. Although there is no such big advantage, it is still thin and dead. camel). 8. If you have the ability to identify the essence and dross, you can develop good working habits (focus on collaboration, focus on rules, standardize processes, focus on verification (not too good), and focus on instructions (let others understand, domestic education has not Pay attention to this one)) 9. Relatively standardized company system (very few black companies), and good training opportunities. 10. Advanced medical resources (the subject is not very useful at this age). Unfavorable points that can be thought of: 1.30 years of super-large earthquakes with a probability of more than 70%, the annual typhoon season, active volcanoes, and Fukushima pollution. 2. Although there are fewer stealing and fighting in life (the cost of crime is higher than in China), perversion is not restricted by law. And you need to be more careful about life scenes such as eating while walking, smoking in public or talking loudly (I won’t complain about female college students…), and be sure to act according to the established rules (restrictions) and not too much activity at night , Otherwise there will be more people and ways to make you uncomfortable (although part of it is supposed to be the so-called common sense). 3. If you have the idea of ​​integrating into the Japanese circle, then unfortunately, it is extremely difficult as the first generation to go to Japan. Of course, if you think that making a few Japanese friends, it’s okay to blend in. 4. Even with a good training mechanism, the Japanese workplace is still full of conservative and sluggish atmosphere (also because it pays attention to rules, processes, and responsibilities, and has a conflict of awareness of promotion pressure and avoidance of responsibilities), and life is also the supremacy of entertainment. Endless variety shows and TV dramas, as well as ubiquitous entertainment services, are no different from sy (obviously the country is also going through this process, and the rectification of the entertainment industry is as urgent as the previous rectification of the property market (capital flow)) 5. As a foreigner , Promotion is more difficult. 6. Thanks to the American father’s infiltration and control of the Japanese media, our wind reviews are poor (although there are some facts in the report, it is not the same as inducing the broadcast), especially for those who have little ability to think, judge or discern on the spot. Middle and low class in society. 7. Japan is a relatively more euphemistic nation, and when dealing with negative situations, the Cold War and isolation often coexist with euphemism, so the possibility of greater mental stress is higher. 8. For people who have not yet perfect personality and need care and attention, any choice to stay away from relatives and friends will bring (let yourself choose) a sense of loneliness. 9. Without a major reshuffle of wars, our country is blindly prospering, and Japan is just barely maintaining the last dignity of the traditional capital power accumulated in advance. Which (per capita) opportunity is greater, just judge for yourself. In the end, most of the above are probabilities and trends, and how to finally base on field experience.

5 months ago

1) The biggest objection to emissions is within Japan. The current decision is only a policy, not a formal decision. In other words, this is a political decision, not public opinion! 2) The United States expressed its understanding and support for emissions, but in March it began to ban aquatic products and rice in many parts of Japan, which shows that the United States is also worried about possible spillover effects. 3) What are you worried about? According to the Internet, within a few years, the entire Pacific Ocean will be exposed to nuclear pollution, and it will still affect other countries connected to the sea, especially the coastal areas. 4) Have you heard about the nuclear accident in the Soviet Union in 86 years? You also know about the Fukushima nuclear leak 10 years ago, but don’t you all know about the nuclear test in the South Pacific 60 years ago? The Marshall Islands has been conducting nuclear tests for a long time. As a result, where the highest concentration of nuclear pollution is more than 1,000 times (10 times-about 1,000) in the former Soviet Union or the local pollution exclusion zone in Fukushima, Japan, you can check the map for its location. Take a look at which country is closest to it and think about the impact of ocean currents. I can’t express my position specifically because I’m not an expert, so think about it yourself. 5) In fact, I also doubt that the sea’s ability to dilute nuclear pollution has already been polluted? ? I am also very worried about the impact on the major countries in the South Pacific region. What about Japan? Where is the Sea of ​​Japan? At that time, the nuclear test pollution was directly exploded in the sea, and the pollution impact of the treated water that tried our best to deal with and reduce pollution was incomparable. I think this is also the biggest basis for advocating “seawater discharge”? 6) During the processing of nuclear contaminants, at least 10 types of pollution sources cannot be completely eliminated. The most ridiculous thing about the Japanese media’s promotion of the “safety theory” is that it only emphasizes one of the pollution sources , but it is currently decided to continue. Increasing the production of contaminated water storage irrigation, and further diluting it, there are still two years to consider, how to deal with the final process, how to transparent processing process, whether to allow supervision and implementation of timely and regular publication of specific information, etc. is important. In any case, not only Japan, The nuclear power facility in Busan, South Korea, is also talking about the safety hazard wheel. This is humanity’s own mistake. Looking at the major countries, they are actively promoting nuclear… sea water and sky are all connected. The continuous destruction of the environment by humans is equivalent to self-destruction. Far beyond the level of manual repair, it can only make up for it… it’s just a matter of time! 7) Based on the above situation, if you are still worried, then learn it in China. There is still the impact of the epidemic, so you don’t have to force yourself too much. However, considering that you have already started to learn Japanese, it is not difficult to understand some of your expectations and yearning for studying in Japan. If you are still entangled in the specific plans after canceling Japan, your parents’ ideas, economic conditions, Japanese progress, etc., first Sign up for a language school. It won’t cost a lot to sign up anyway. It’s better to judge when you come or not. It’s better than rushing to plan a one-size-fits-all plan. I continue to study Japanese, whether I come to study in Japan or not. I have learned a foreign language for my own sake.

5 months ago

Let’s take a look at the Japanese attitude to this first~~Comment A from the news: Although it is said that the losses caused by the damage of the wind review are all compensated by TEPCO. The polluted ocean is a product of the earth. How to compensate the earth? Sea creatures can also be compensated. B: I don’t know why, this incredible thing happened several times. Everyone throws rubbish into the sea, and I can throw it too. Are you educated by your parents like that? You must be stopped with the high quality of the Japanese. If one cell is exposed to radiation, you will get cancer. Are you crazy? C: I think only politicians drink treated water by themselves. Swimming in the pool to promote safety. First, throw the former Democratic Party’s Naoto and Hatoyama into the treated pool to confirm their safety! D: The country is not credible, so protect yourself. E: With the current human capabilities, they have not been dealt with in nature. In addition to the ability to control waste from nuclear power plants, it is not allowed to discharge the treated water of the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant accident into the sea. As a profitable enterprise, TEPCO should assume the responsibility of not causing trouble to the society. It is only natural for TEPCO employees to use the treated water as domestic water. Although some people are opposed to it, in Yahoo’s vote, Japan is tentatively planning to discharge sewage into the sea in two years. I boldly guess that it may be this Japan: American Dad! I can’t hold it anymore. What do you say? The epidemic has already burned a lot of money, and the Olympics has also lost a lot. I don’t have an army or land, so I can’t handle it like Russia… I can’t control it, you can figure it out by yourself Japan: Then I’m going to the sea. America: ok Japan: I wanted some money… This is forcing me… Internationally now They are all condemning this kind of behavior in Japan. When things just come out, let’s look at it from a developmental perspective. Don’t worry about it. Those who are preparing to come to Japan for university can prepare for Japanese as well as study high school, prepare for the college entrance examination, and prepare for the monk. Similarly, prepare Japanese and English first. Even if the situation worsens and cannot come, at least the certificate is in hand. With the impact of the epidemic and nuclear radiation, the number of people coming to Japan will be reduced. By then, Japan will not have such a volume. If there is less competition from some people, the probability of applying to a good school will also increase. If there are advantages and disadvantages, you might as well give up. Even if you come to Japan, you will be worried every day, and it will be a great torture for yourself. Those who are here might as well seize this opportunity and rush for it! If you have any questions, you can privately chat about life in Japan, the current situation, and studying abroad~~~

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