Marvel fans, did not expect. I watched the zero-point premiere of the reunion three or four times, but this film did not spur my desire to buy tickets at all. A passerby with a mediocre appearance, reluctant action, and stereotyped impressions. The typical American’s view of China is probably another “Mulan”, which predicts the box office of this film will hit the street in the mainland. Weibo control reviews have gone crazy (it’s better now, it’s probably too many people who scold you), just say that the male and female protagonists are not worthy, and a bunch of people will chase you and curse you on which page of the mountain and sea classics or Can’t you be an actor with ordinary looks? The art is going to be sold, face outwards, now it’s impossible to comment on the looks of the actors? That’s not good-looking is not good-looking! I’m so ugly, I didn’t go to make a movie and act as a super British! How does Disney know to choose those handsome and unrestrained when it casts roles for other Premier Leagues? When it comes to the role of Chinese descent, the two stereotyped public faces come out. Why don’t you say such obvious difference? He also chose Tony Leung to be the father of the male lead, so he looked like the old king next door. There is not much information in this trailer. It is probably that Tony Leung started training his son when he was young. When his son wanted to get rid of his father, he went to the United States to work as a waiter for ten years. Then Tony Leung called his son back to his side, ready to do something. I couldn’t see it later. According to the routine, the father and son turned against each other. After a battle, the male protagonist returned to the United States after killing his father. I don’t know if Marvel will counter-routine this time. The ancient costume scenes in the trailer didn’t make sense. Could it be that there are two timelines? Another point I want to say is that the male lead is an ordinary person who knows how to martial arts? This level is at best a senior agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., like the one lying in the elevator in “American Team II”, which is very powerful among ordinary people, and there is nothing in front of the reunion group. Now Wanda has cultivated into a witch, and the Falcon is equipped with vibrating equipment, and Shang Qi is not enough for these two moments! How to link in the future? Or is it that Marvel didn’t even want Shangqi to interact with others? The comment said that the bracelet (original set ring) is a plug-in, so will Shangqi become a Kung Fu version of the beauty team? Finally, I can see a little action scene of the male lead in the trailer. I personally feel that it is normal. Chinese audiences almost always grew up watching the action scenes of Jackie Chan Jet Li and Donnie Yen. If the main selling point of “Shang Qi” is Kung Fu In the case of action dramas, it is estimated that the male protagonist will hardly satisfy the Chinese audience in these two moments. Finally, I am pessimistic about the future performance of “Shang Qi” after its release in China. The self-righteous “Mulan” is all rushed, and it is not bad for your “Shang Qi”.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The first one is the question of whether to humiliate China. I am very sure and sure that the film crew will absolutely not dare to have any insult to China when the film is released. But the crux of the problem is not whether it is corrected or not, but that the IP of “Shangqi” has been used to promote the Yellow Peril since its birth, representing a history of insulting China that has never been taken seriously. This kind of garbage IP was originally supposed to be swept into the historical trash can, but now it is brought out by Marvel. It patted dust and served it with some condiments to tell us that we have changed a dish? Let me make an analogy. Suppose someone wants to shoot Hitler’s infamous “My Struggle”. The Jews resolutely resisted, and then this person said innocently that I certainly knew Hitler’s sins were serious, and I was not shooting how to torture the Jews. Of course I would criticize Hitler if I wanted to shoot. So this “correction”? Is it too easy to compare history? Understatement? Is it because you changed that I should accept it generously and let the past go? Some rubbish should always be left in the trash can. If they think that by taking out the trash and using it, they can pretend that nothing happened and sell it to you, then who do you think this is insulting?

5 months ago

Everyone is discussing why not to watch this single film. What I consider is the future Marvel movie linkage, Women’s Federation 5, 6, 7 and so on. Will bringing this product too affect the viewing experience? There is one thing to say, even if you throw it The issue of insulting China is definitely not good enough for this film. Why waste money?

5 months ago

It’s over. The MCU feels unstable for the first time for so many years. Even if it was so controversial, I didn’t think it would collapse. But after watching the trailer this time, the first feeling is that Eastern culture and the super British theme are still difficult to integrate. It is very likely. It will become like Hua Mulan. This is my first impression. As for the content, it is not important anymore. I just hope that it will be a good MCU work without discriminating against the Chinese. Now it seems that it feels very good. difficult

5 months ago

Looking forward to it! I look forward to the release of the film after the release of the main commentary version of the up line, whoever praises me and who chooses. There are too many commentary ups that I pay attention to, and I want to get a part of it, but I don’t have the energy to screen. This time the test paper can be adopted. Who’s knees are soft, whose spine is curved, whose ass is on the cloud, come and see. Whoever praises the shooting techniques and storytelling, I am 100% off. With such a mature and developed film production line, can it not be seen through a commentary? What are you boasting about? I promise not to go back and scold after you get through. I still remember that this movie revealed the milky storm at the time. When I was a goldfish, what about Marvel, it may only take an opportunity to turn black. Especially now that Ruhua seems to have become the western wealth code? It’s okay, real money and silver will vote in the movie, let the market judge whether the wealth code is good or not. Let Bluestar’s only big market with positive growth, and what is a surprise for translators. It’s impossible to watch, let alone go to the cinema. Release it as soon as possible, please, I’m waiting for the screening.

5 months ago

Can’t understand it anymore. When filming Hua Mulan, Disney also knew that it wanted to hire Liu Yifei (although the acting skills are still pulling the hips), but why in other superhero movies the heroines have beautiful faces and strong acting skills. Is there no such thing as an Asian actress with a beautiful face and strong acting skills? Yet? You can have Li Bingbing in Transformers, Fan bb in X-Men, and Zhou Xun in the cloud map. It’s really not good. You can ask a beautiful Japanese actress with explosive acting skills next door? ? Anyway, English is all spoken in the movie. Does it matter if you can speak Chinese? It’s really wrong to judge people by appearance, but this is a super British movie. The female protagonist must be at least slightly taller than the general public, but the heroine in the film is obviously not up to the average level. The male protagonist is okay. Although the average level is a little older, the figure is also up. If the face is not heavy, the problem is not big. If you don’t make the fatal mistake of asking for the little fresh meat of both men and women, it just depends on the acting skills. Up. I feel that Europe and the United States do not change or want to change their stereotypes about the yellow race. In general, the preview is a bad review, and the Jingdong LOGO flashes blindly!

5 months ago

After watching the trailer, I feel that the actor does not look like the actor, but rather like the actor who lost to the villain after falling out with the villain, and finally lived in seclusion in the busy city.
But to be honest, he really doesn’t look like the male protagonist… This person looks like a poor 40-year-old man in sportswear.
As for the heroine, eh? The heroine appeared in the trailer? Is there anyone who looks like a heroine in this trailer?

5 months ago

Hey, with Marvel’s urinary sex, a trailer is very boring to cut out, which means that the film will be really boring. The shape of the male and female protagonist is really too crotch, the male protagonist looks particularly cumbersome, older than Tony Leung; the female protagonist is a typical oriental face with a crooked western aesthetic, in fact, her eyes are not squinted, for reference. Her previous film about visiting relatives in Changchun, but in this film it is again in this style. It can only be said that imperialism has never changed its idea of discrediting and suppressing us over the years. And Marvel really don’t think that Asians are the same as African Americans. Being a film of people of color becoming the world’s richest man can make everyone obediently pay and even hit the Oscars. We are not that stupid. Now the persecution of Asians in the United States It is obvious to all that it is ironic to compare it with the singing and dancing kung fu in the movie. The problems in real life cannot be solved. It is completely self-deception to only rely on culture to decorate peace. The stereotypes everywhere in the film and the Western ideology wrapped in oriental elements will only make Asians feel more divided and disgusting.

5 months ago

A character archetype based on the theory of yellow peril and insulting Huawei cannot change the disgusting fact no matter how much it is changed.
Now it’s a pile of shit that freezes, and some spirit kneeling people pretend to be ice cream. I really want to watch them take a bite and eat it and resist the nausea and say it’s delicious. But it’s also possible that they eat too much, and they already think it’s delicious.

5 months ago

The trailer has just been released, and the comment section below is very interesting. There are few who care about the plot, which means that it is either your premonition that is so shocking that there is nothing to refute, or it is too bad or too clichéd, and it is not worth the lip service. Most of the arguments focus on style and the main character of men and women, and the Mandarins have been talking about them. Style: Showa soundtrack + black-clothed ninja shuriken, which is the Asian hodgepodge in the eyes of the West. Does the Chinese and Japanese family know if Korea might have mixed into Southeast Asia? Don’t give me an example that it was passed from China. This thing is now a symbol of Japan. Marvel’s understanding of China is an enlarged version of Japan with added effort. The extremely fragmented scenes, there is an ancient battlefield, a street subway drag racing, and a cyberpunk-style high-rise fight. There is no unity at all. Jingdong advertising is very beautiful, win-win, win three times. Only the lens of Zhulin is good, with the flavor of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Chinese martial arts. Shangqi’s start-up style is also very fascinating, saying that it is a tribute to Bruce Lee, I always feel that it is not right, say no, and the more you look at it, the more you see it. Male and female lead: male lead…make do, can see, it is only possible to see, guessed from the death of a few handsome Chinese guys in the audition, and the expression of one of them has not changed after the preview. If it sounds good, it is called introverted facial paralysis, and it is unsatisfactory. It’s Sun Xiaochuan, Sima’s face. The heroine…Many people say that they are wrong with the role and the actors. They shouldn’t say that they are [ugly], and they think it is [disrespect]. So should we tell the truth? In all fairness, put this heroine together with the Korean female protagonist Dr. Zhao from Avengers League 2 (I rushed past it in shame). Who looks better? Compare with the Asian faces in Deadpool 2? Can’t Ming Chou say it, do he have to say “the artist has a different line”? Or is Muza not Mozart? I believe that the eyes of the people are discerning. I go to the movies. I like to watch beautiful women. Even if they are not beautiful women, they have to have good facial features. On the screen, I can’t see this face, just passersby. But you are The protagonist, I am an adolescent boy, I am a visual animal, I spend money to buy sin and suffering? Some people don’t deceive themselves. Hollywood deliberately picks an ugly one to disgust you and discriminate against Chinese Americans. You also convince yourself that “this is just the difference between the East and the West’s choice of beauty” for the ridiculous “recognition of objectivity and justice”, which is really boring. See you on piracy, I support piracy for this film, that’s it. Personal opinion, not convinced.

5 months ago

The trailer is terrible. 1. There is no good story. I think it is worth thinking about what this story means, whether it is poisonous or not. What is meant by “I raised you up, you are now a cow, come back and take over.” The male protagonist replied with Qi Yu Haotian: “No!” What do you mean? That said, I think the audience may be mainly Chinese. It is recommended that China not introduce it at all. 2. Without a good protagonist, the protagonist is too uncharming. From looks, looks, and fights, they can’t be a popular face, just like ordinary people who move bricks, and they have no demeanor. If there weren’t two sharp eyes from Liang Chao’s great boss, I couldn’t remember a face afterwards. The muscles are far worse than the US team. The point is that there are no decent clothes for TMD. Wear a jacket of 200 yuan for the whole journey. Reluctant to be a war uniform or something. What about weapons? Pile stakes at the beginning. . . Just this point? 3. The special effects are also poor. The trailer doesn’t include two special effects, so what about the Chinese New Year? . In this film, the special effect is to travel to ancient China? So the white-skinned Ironman beauty team can save the world and defeat the powerful enemies in the universe, but the limit of Asians is to come back and beat their own people, right. It is recommended that China not introduce it. Of course this is impossible. Jingdong’s level of investment needs to be self-evaluated.

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