According to a Reuters report in Geneva on February 22, UN Secretary-General Guterres warned on Monday that white supremacy and the neo-Nazi movement have become “transnational threats” and are using the new crown epidemic to gain support.

Guterres told the UN Human Rights Council that the danger of hate-driven groups is increasing day by day.

“White supremacy and neo-Nazi movements surpassed domestic terrorist threats. They are becoming transnational threats,” he said. “Today, these extremist movements are the number one internal security threat in many countries.” But he did not point out which ones. country.

According to reports, in the United States, racial tensions have gradually brewed during the turbulent four years of Trump’s administration. His successor, Biden, said that the capture of Congress by Trump supporters on January 6 was carried out by “thugs, rebels, political extremists, and white supremacists.” Source: Information

The Secretary-General of the United Nations said that “white supremacy” has become a “transnational threat.” In fact, the word “extreme” should be added. Otherwise, it is reinventing the “wheel”. “White supremacy” is not only an ideology, but more importantly. For at least 150 years, this is an objective fact. It is the basis of all the macro-system frameworks of politics, military affairs, rule of law, science and technology, culture, etc. on this planet. “White Right” is “white supremacy” (master and slave), and “white left” is also “white supremacy” (alms-giver and relief recipient), which are essentially unequal relations between races. In the final analysis, “white supremacy” is a kind of “existential hegemony.” No matter how beautiful the text is, the traditional global governance framework represented by the United Nations is in fact built on the fact that “white supremacy” is. This is the “original sin” of the United Nations, so the United Nations is in fact powerless against “white supremacy”. What is even more frightening is that “white supremacy” not only exists in the souls of most white people on this planet, but also in the souls of a large number of people with other skin colors. It is a cultural stamp of thought. This steel seal was branded with blood and fire! It was branded with death and fear! It was branded with bribery and bribery! What we Chinese are doing and will do is to completely knock this fact to the ground and step on one foot! To break the shackles on the neck of human civilization and erase the stamp on the mind is by no means an overnight effort. We must fight death and fear with prosperity and development! We must use strong military and technological strength to fight death and fear! We must use firm will and patriotism to fight against bribery and bribery! (At this stage, the opposite of internationalism is cosmopolitanism, and nationalism is precisely our ally) This is what I understand as a “community with a shared future for mankind”! This is “internationalism” as I understand it! (Actually, I remember that “white people” are really capable of fighting. The Secretary-General of the United Nations was killed by them. For example, Mahskjöld in 1961, this man must take care now!)


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Obviously, white supremacism exists in countries where there are white people. For example, the Eyeless Alliance. Joke, this kind of thing is useless by the UN Secretary-General. I used to think that the Secretary-General is a big official, but he is actually a balanced middleman, messenger, and puppet. After busying, there is nothing special except some courtesy. In the eyes of some major powers, they don’t care at all and don’t wait to see. Yes, I am talking about the United States. After all, the white supremacy is a major problem with the operating mechanism of the United States, and the people at the bottom are forced to be conservative. Forced to be conservative and forced to turn right. Why is that? No one can stand the darkness of myself and my descendants. However, it is obviously a resistance that has been oppressed to the extreme, but it has become a terrorist organization because of the long-term guidance and characterization of the US government, which is quite regrettable.

9 months ago

If I remember correctly, Guterres, a Spaniard, has been cleared of his “white book.” Spaniards are no longer worthy of being “whites”. White supremacism and neo-Nazis, I feel Guterres is talking about the same thing. This thing has always been there before, hidden in the hearts of every white man, but now it is organized and there is a tendency to form an international connection across countries. But to be honest, white supremacism has limited influence. Although there is a “transnational” trend, the threat is also limited. At most, it will cause internal divisions in certain countries. Not only is it not a bad thing for most countries, it may be a good thing. It’s even a good thing for many white people in America. White supremacists, these people are considered to be white ultra-conservatives who want to restore the old order. Under the old order, white supremacy is a consensus, and many people are vying to be “spiritual whites.”

9 months ago

Some ultra-conservatives want to restore the old order to ensure that they are not liquidated. Another part of the white people want to cut off from the “white people” and take the white supremacists out to liquidate the sacrifice flag in order to seek their own normalization. So white supremacy has always existed before, but no one said it was a threat. , That’s what the world should be like. The reason why it is now a “threat” means that white supremacy is no longer good. After defining the white supremacist as a threat, and then unite with other forces to defeat the “threat,” then everyone will be comrades-in-arms, and the other whites will be washed ashore. Only when the Nazis are liquidated can the Germans be normalized. In the same way, whites can be normalized only after the neo-Nazis are liquidated. This is internal and external, and the liquidation of white supremacy is also conducive to internally getting rid of the repression on the cultural level and spiritual level. In my opinion, white supremacy is not a big threat, it’s just that every country and race needs it to be a “threat.” Therefore, this declining white supremacy will be paid special attention to.

9 months ago

In fact, white supremacy was an unshakable fact all over the world only a few decades ago. The environment in which the current US President Biden grew up was white first, and when he was young, he was also an uncompromising white supremacy. Activists. Even to this day, the status of white people is still high: Southeast Asia is still white people’s back garden; Vollav’s “We China is really great” is still used by many people. In the past few decades, the economic status of whites was high, and they gave people of color a bowl of food. However, with the economic and social development of Europe and the United States, the need for capital appreciation, and the decline in white fertility, European and American countries have introduced immigrants, and ordinary white people live in the local area. The level was affected, which directly caused the recent resurgence of white supremacy and neo-Nazi movement. National equality is far from being achieved worldwide, or while it is still in progress, whites simply lose their privileges in the process of gradually equalizing relations with people of color, and they are unwilling to endure it.

9 months ago

Is neo-Nazism really dangerous? The Second World War was essentially a continuation of the First World War, and it resolved structural contradictions that could not be reconciled under the current imperialist system. That war will not change because of the presence or absence of Nazis. On the surface, it seems that the right-wing forces of neo-Nazism are threatening the world. The real danger is the soil for this kind of thought and the overall decay of the current world political and economic system. The Democratic Party of the United States won the general election. Has Biden come to power to bring chaos to the national line? In other words, I very much doubt whether the current Western politics has gained any real left-wing forces on the stage, or is it a politically correct left-wing force? Deeply speaking, this is the collapse of Western representative democracy under the global economy. Western superstructures are already inhibiting the development of their productivity.

9 months ago

The recent Blizzard disaster in Texas tells us that the liberal economy seems to have entered a situation where it cannot withstand a bit of hardship, as long as something goes wrong is a big deal. An army that can only fight downwind means that it can’t fight. What’s more dangerous is that most countries in the world are designed under the Western liberal economic system, and the entire version is poisonous. Wouldn’t it be a direct hit? Neo-Nazis are just a disease of tinea and scabies. In the face of deep-seated contradictions, everyone is secretive about it. Pasteurs, see how long it can be. If you don’t know the middle-term elections in the United States, you will return when you understand the king. When the time comes, the two saints rule the country, and the international community will continue to serve the ancestors.

9 months ago

Jiangnan Daru himself couldn’t stand it anymore. He felt that Nayan and his minions had tortured Harachu and Bohule a bit miserably, and suddenly remembered that he was still a scholar after all, turning a blind eye and turning a deaf ear to it. It was really inappropriate. But Naihe Academy was opened next to the government, so the Confucian scholar stood in the courtyard, chanting aloud, “At the beginning of man, nature is good…” But he sweated so much that he connected North Korea and Hua Lazimo on the bed. The princess couldn’t sleep, so she didn’t care whether Harachu could eat or die of smallpox. As for Borer… it’s quite troublesome to feed these laborers, and I’m not afraid of dying a few more. Anyway, they can still be taken away if they are gone.

9 months ago

After the outbreak began, Europe, especially the United States, obtained a large amount of vaccines at high prices. However, African countries, Asian countries, and South American countries are all in a state where no vaccine is available. With the help of vaccines in the United States, the weather has turned warmer, and the number of deaths and infections has been declining recently. If nothing happens, at the end of the year, it can reach a level similar to the current China. For Biden’s administration, this is a great achievement, and it will certainly gain a lot of popular support. But this political achievement was achieved at the expense of the world’s epidemic prevention and fighting. In particular, when the United States and Europe monopolize vaccines, they slander the vaccines of China and Russia everywhere, which is simply harming people all over the world. Not to mention the large-scale release of the US dollar, which actually used the health of the world’s economy as a backstop for the recovery of the U.S. economy. But this kind of America is the leader of the world and the hegemonic leader of the world.

9 months ago

The white people have been harming the world for hundreds of years since the time of the great voyage. How did the black people in America come from? Who can’t have a C number in their heart? This was not discovered by Guterres. Four of the five permanent members of the United Nations are all white countries. How can you stop people from engaging in white supremacy? Forget what Guterres said, no one would take it seriously. As for Europe and the United States to engage in white supremacy and neo-Nazism, how can love make them do it? If this method is really useful, they will decline? Besides, the Nazis have never been “new”, they are the old traditions of European and American countries. They have never regarded others as human beings, but they have not invented the term “Nazi” when they carried out massacres during the slaughter of various colonial races and wars in continental Europe.

9 months ago

The United States cannot win the trade war with China and wants to bind Europe to its own tank, but Europe wants to earn real benefits through trade with China, so it refuses. Who can blame this? Who makes the United States unable to draw out the benefits to win over its allies? What should I do? If there are no cards to play, how can you just wait without talking? Last month, I said I would visit Taiwan, and this month I will investigate Wuhan. Two days ago, I found a group of people who advocated opening up the financial market to reap U.S. dollar hegemony. In these two days, I asked everyone to use Xinjiang to spread rumors. None of them can really hit China. . Why do you say that? It’s very simple. If you are a capitalist country that recognizes money but does not recognize people, can you refuse to do business with China in the end? They were all shouting anti-China and anti-China. The Chinese are not good people. Don’t do business with them. In the end, it was the Australian beep who actually took action—

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