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Tesla owners will come with new accessories and a pair of silver bracelets: and a five-day tour package for national violence agencies, including food and accommodation, to promote deep reflection and re-being of customers. This wave, this wave is Tesla’s win. To be honest, I said before that from an engineer’s point of view, Tesla cannot be called a “car”. Cars must be loaded with people, they must drive on public roads, and they must be responsible for their own lives and the lives of others. A lot of people yell at me, Tesla, what an advanced thing, you know what a fart. I really know what a fart. I really can’t make this thing. I put a lot of complicated technologies together without a long time of testing and verification. I can only say admiration for anyone who makes this kind of thing. admire. As for public relations, that is the person who wipes the ass. The ass itself is not clean. You blame the person who wipes the ass. That is unreasonable. The key to the problem is that I will always remain seriously skeptical about the quality of this stuff. The car is undoubtedly a large system. Once any system becomes larger, there is a problem of a sharp drop in reliability. We use an indicator to describe this phenomenon: mean time between failures, MTBF. The larger and more complex the system, the more complicated the parts, software, and the cooperation between the various components involved, and the greater the probability of error. For example, a system has 10,000 parts, and the probability of each part being wrong within 1 year is 0.001%, and the probability of matching errors between two interrelated parts is 0.001%, then the system breaks within one year What is the probability? 20%. In other words, this thing has a high probability of being finished within 5 years, and it will be completely finished. To deal with this, you have to pass repeated tests, and you have to divide the large system into small systems, and test iteratively one system by one, so that the key components and systems have a very low probability of error. Finally, it is “innovation”. It is “forced” to play and spend. Because you are carrying human life. So I don’t believe that Tesla’s reliability is well done. For a company that has just been involved in this field for less than ten years, no matter how rich he is, no matter how many engineers he has, this is against the laws of nature and he does not have enough. Time to verify and wait for the problem to be exposed. No matter how delicate your design is, the problem will have to be revealed by time. What’s more, Tesla’s style of stealing the ears and stealing the bell? has a problem? It’s not enough to solve the person who raised the problem. With this attitude, I think his MTBF is quite low. The problem is on the bright side. It still looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water. What does this mean? He didn’t want to build the car at all. He also knew very well in his heart that he didn’t build a good car, but used gimmicks and so-called “forcing” to circle money. Run in a circle and take care of you. Then Tesla’s public relations and customer service behavior can clearly see the logic behind it: First, it is impossible to admit that the product is defective. As long as there are idiots, can’t we admit that the product is inferior and solve the problem? That’s nothing. Is it really necessary to make a good product? The second is to use the poor user rights protection experience as a filter. The word-of-mouth is all over, and they all took the owner and threw it out, but some people bought it. Then it shows that these car buyers have taken Musk’s set, in order to “force” the shameless and shameless people, this kind of customer is the real effective customer, no matter how bad the car is, it doesn’t matter what type. This is actually a routine with telecommunications fraud, deliberately sending that kind of particularly silly text messages, which at first glance is the kind of scam, to complete the first wave of scam target screening, low cost and good effect. Why not do it?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There is nothing wrong with disturbing public order and accepting punishment. If everyone defends their rights in extreme ways, then society will all be messed up. But after this sentence, there is another sentence. If the lady can successfully defend her rights through normal channels, how can she take such extreme actions to defend her rights? Regarding the incident, the front row brother @Kevin Zhang answered in detail with the owner’s detailed explanation. The merits have also been stated. Disturbing order should be detained, but if Tesla engages in bullying and hooliganism in disguise, the investigation has to be investigated. No matter what the truth is, there must be a conclusion and a solution. If you just bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, can you really not hear the outside world? Obviously not, it is only deceiving yourself and others. If it is true that the car owner is fine, wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to prove innocence? What is there to be afraid of, what are you afraid of?

7 months ago

If you tell him the law, he will play hooligans with you. After the previous car owner who sued Tesla for a one-for-three refund, Tesla appealed and continued to delay the court session in an attempt to drag the consumer to death, and also blocked his ID number to prevent him from entering the Shanghai Auto Show. You played a rogue with him. , He will tell you about the law. Just standing on the roof of the car to defend their rights. Yesterday, many people felt that they were criticizing and educating at most. They did not expect to be detained for five days. I can’t afford to offend. Anyone who buys a Tesla in the future will have to consider the risk of being detained.

7 months ago

The police reported that there was no problem and was detained for five days for disturbing public order, but the last sentence was obviously redundant. If you can make a claim and protect your legal rights through reasonable and legal channels, you will eat too much and go to the auto show to make trouble? Pulling down the old face and reducing the dignity, before being exposed to the people of the whole country, and finally being actively supported by two enthusiastic people, come for a five-day detention tour? Enthusiastic people will help the lady who is about to fall. When the awards ask deeply: what kind of people can use legal means to protect their legal rights and interests? Back to Tesla again, where is his confidence? I think Tesla should change its name to Te Youli, because every time it can find an excuse, it can provide back-end data as a stone hammer, but it does not delete the cloud data backhand so that you can’t find it. Tesla is not wrong. What is wrong is the external environment and improper operation of the car owner.

7 months ago

When Shanghai introduced Tesla, there was a lot of discussion in the world, saying that it was the introduction of a “big catfish”, which stimulated the rapid increase in the power of domestic car manufacturers. Today, you guys got it wrong, right? Tesla is obviously a big shark. Sell you a car that is said to be supported by 90% of people, and then send you a 5-day tour of the detention center. This kind of uncompromising momentum, just ask you to accept it, right? The female car owner rioted in public order and violated the rules of public security punishment. The 5-day penalty is understandable. From another perspective, it can be regarded as a protection for the car owner. Do you know how much Tesla wants to publicize the female car owner now? Well, they can’t go to the detention center for public relations. Five days later, the impact of the incident continued to ferment, and other car owners who had experienced similar accidents also stepped forward to seek a lawyer to engage in a class action lawsuit. Things get bigger and bigger, and in the end is a huge public relations disaster. Looking at Mr. Tao’s speech today, I suddenly had a thought: Will Mr. Tao deliberately commit suicide and force the boss to increase money because of Tesla’s abolition of public relations expenses?

7 months ago

Seeking truth from facts, the women’s disturbance at the auto show should cause chaos and detention, but who is going to take care of the rights protection? How do ordinary consumers protect their legitimate rights and interests in the face of such a powerful business? If there is a certain way, it won’t be a bad idea. Point out that a third party is specifically responsible for mediation! Tesla don’t just be stubborn, use data and facts to speak! Take a look at the previous Tesla incidents. If you have the ability, Tesla will give you a detailed explanation and summary: Tesla’s popular incidents! Heathcliff’s video 6557 broadcast 1. On January 7, 2020, Ms. Chen from Beijing bought a Tesla for 820,000 yuan, and it crashed into two cars just one month after the car was picked up. Ms. Chen said that the vehicle alarmed that it was too close to the vehicle in front. After three consecutive sudden stops, the vehicle accelerated and hit the vehicle in front. Tesla responded: At that time, the speed of the car was 20.5 yards, and the first braking distance was 19.62 meters from the car in front. The anti-lock brake system was triggered by the sudden braking. Women’s braking force was weak and the inertial forward rush made people feel that the car was accelerating and the braking distance was not enough. Cause a car accident. 2. On August 19, 2020, a Tesla Model 3 in a residential area in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, was involved in an accident. The vehicle in the accident suddenly lost control and ran into the toll gate of the residential parking lot. The car rolled over after flying and hit a lot. Cars. The front of the car was severely damaged and was almost scrapped. The owner, Mr. Chen, suffered multiple fractures throughout his body and also ruptured his intestines. It took more than 7 hours to save his life in the hospital. The customer service said: The car is no problem, as long as you don’t step on the acceleration and brake pedals when using the car. 3. On October 23, 2020, Tesla recalled the Model S and Model X electric vehicles imported between 2013 and 2017 due to the front and rear suspension problems of the vehicle. Tesla stated in a letter to the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it was a Tesla electric vehicle that was forcibly recalled by the Chinese regulatory authorities. The Tesla vehicles recalled this time did not have quality problems, although they did not agree with the Chinese regulatory authorities. However, in order to avoid complicated procedures, Tesla can only choose to actively recall. 4. The customer’s new car suddenly loses power and cannot be started, and the Tesla maintenance staff replied that “the current of the national grid is too large”. State Grid issued an angry post, saying that the pot would not be picked up! 4. A woman in Anyang, Henan, holding a horn sitting on the roof of a Tesla Model 3 to defend her rights, wrote in black and white, “Tesla brake failed”, while the big speaker played “Tesla Model 3 brake failed during Spring Festival. It caused a traffic accident, and a family of four nearly died.” Tesla responded: The woman insisted not to do tripartite testing, and the brakes were okay. (This is the woman who makes a big car show)

7 months ago

Here is a fact worthy of car buyers’ attention. Geely volvo was overwhelmed by a large truck and it was all right. I knew there was a hot search for this incident a few days ago. Tesla was seriously damaged by a girl who climbed onto the roof of the car and was detained. It doesn’t matter which is right or wrong. The police can handle it. You pay for the car yourself and you must treat it carefully. It is a must to buy a sturdy and safe car. Finally, thank this girl for helping everyone verify the quality of the Tesla roof.

7 months ago

There is a big chess behind it. You think that Tesla’s role is to enter the country as a new energy vehicle foreign company and compete with domestic new energy vehicle brands, so that domestic vehicles can have competitors and continuously improve their brand value and quality. You only see the first layer. In fact, Tesla has a more important mission: to increase sales in the medical device industry and the funeral industry, and expand domestic demand in the industry. Together with Passat, it has propped up the domestic medical equipment market and the funeral market. When the brakes fail, crutches and wheelchairs can only be sold. Crutches and wheelchairs, as well as the funeral industry, must not only be the elderly market, but also enter the vast young people market. Only in this way can the industry be highly sophisticated. On the third level, Tesla is a mainstay in promoting the flow of domestic classes. Because of the brake failure, it is very likely that the Tesla can only be driven once. The spiritual totem, also known as “the Tesla once in a lifetime”, is the Tibet in the heart of every middle class and the celestial burial. After enjoying a short speed trip, the brakes failed, and then he was martyred, tragic and poignant. Wang Jiawei said that there is a kind of car in the legend that there is no brake. Once it runs, it must run until the owner’s pigtails. When the car stops, it is the time when the owner will always have a rest. It is romantic. The leaving car owners formed a vacancy in the middle class, which was filled by later people and completed the mission of class mobility. On the fourth level, Tesla’s failure to defend rights, coupled with the rights of former Mercedes-Benz female car owners, made the domestic so-called middle class realize that foreign brands are not much better, just like Western capitalist countries’ attitudes towards China. We just want to If you want your money, you can ascend to heaven after you get the money. Therefore, we must break the industry myths and brand superstitions of foreign brands, and bring Western brands to the same level as domestic brands, so that we can establish a good nation. Confident and support domestic brands. At the same time, it also revealed who was secretly supporting Western forces, marking these people, and liquidating them in the future. It also makes the middle class aware of the weakness of the bourgeoisie, and only by standing with the broad masses of the people and beating the working class can they win the struggle with capital.

7 months ago

There is one to say one, here is meow to say one. I won’t talk about administrative detention. After all, the large-scale exhibition is made like a performance art, and it has caused commotion and disorder. The relevant departments can make administrative detention. The road to good rights protection is already full of noisy auto shows, getting on the roof, applying the law, administrative detention and many other factors. But think about it. Consumers use eye-popping methods to defend their rights. This also shows that the road to consumer rights is not easy. Everyone knows that it is actually best to be legal and reasonable. But how to control this degree is difficult for ordinary consumers. As a kindness, you often underestimate the enemy and try your best to pass the siege. In particular, disputes over automobile purchase and sale contracts are originally special movable property purchases. Consumers jumped up and made a big fuss in the venue, which also reflected the dilemma of rights protection in special sales contract disputes. There are two main considerations: First, in terms of legal personality, manufacturers and car owners are not equal. One is a professional manufacturer with a market value of 100 billion U.S. dollars, a new force in building cars, and the other is a car owner who has paid a huge sum of money. This kind of thinking is also illustrated in a case selected by the Supreme People’s Court in 2020. The judge held that the contract is called equality, meaning autonomy is the choice of the market economy. However, consumers are still at a disadvantage when they protect their rights. While the legal relationship between the two parties in the purchase and sale contract is adjusted by the “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”, it is also adjusted by the “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”. Xie Mouling is a consumer and a company is a seller. Although the civil legal relationship between the two parties is a civil legal relationship between equal subjects, based on the differences between the two parties in terms of information, ability, knowledge possession, etc., Xie Mouling, as a consumer, is often at a disadvantage when defending her rights and interests. . During the trial, full attention should also be paid to the substantial inequality of the legal personality of both parties in the litigation, and full attention should be paid to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Xie Mouling as a consumer in the distribution of burden of proof, interpretation and answering of questions. Second, automobile sales contract disputes are, after all, special sales contract disputes, involving technical specifications, large subject matter, and difficulty in producing evidence. Moreover, in civil litigation, the principle of evidence is emphasized, and whoever advocates shall provide evidence. How to prove that the brakes are malfunctioning, and who will appraise them is a problem. Especially the choice of a third-party appraisal agency is a difficult point. Tesla also said very clearly that we have designated a third-party appraisal. But it was the choice of this appraisal agency that the two parties could not agree. After all, it is a new energy vehicle. Whether this third-party appraisal agency is neutral and objective, and who specifies it, is the heel of Agathius that affects consumer rights. Zhang Moumou’s husband stated that on March 10, they and Tesla conducted a mediation under the coordination of the Zhengdong New Area Market Supervision Bureau of Zhengzhou. During the mediation, the staff of the Market Supervision Bureau and the staff of Tesla Said that “there is only one vehicle appraisal agency in the country.” Zhang Moumou’s husband said that at that time his family had doubts about the fairness of this “only appraisal agency”, so I wanted to consult with myself and find a trusted third party. Perform identification. If you want to cross the Yellow River, you will climb the Taihang and snow-covered mountains. It is precisely because of these difficulties and difficulties that consumers get on the roof of the car. . Consumers are helpless, but also powerful. If manufacturers have always regarded consumers as scourges, how can they talk about making money with peace? The most optimistic way to deal with this matter may be to reconcile the two parties under the coordination of the city supervision and other departments. Finally, let’s end with the sentence written by Han Han to Baidu Library. If Baidu Wenku still refuses to take a step back, then I can take a few more steps. Maybe one day, you can see me when you look downstairs in your Beijing office.

7 months ago

Japanese cars and South Korean cars went to Europe and the United States for accidents, and they lost money and kneeled down to recall them without any sloppiness. Japanese cars and Korean cars went to China for accidents, without compensation, apology, or recall, and did not admit that there was a problem in the slightest. why? This is because as soon as European and American consumers sue, the compensation starts at 10 times the original price of the car. If the recall is not in time, the number of people who sue will have to be compensated, depending on how much money you have to burn. As soon as a Chinese consumer complained, Chinese law does not support it, and the car company does not recognize it. Consumers may crash and die if they drive, and they will not be able to get a refund at the original price. They will be forced to make trouble and go to jail. This law is really irritating. admire.

7 months ago

Unexpectedly, the first case of China’s auto rights detention was not the Dongfeng Motor Plant, a vice-ministerial unit, nor a red flag with a deep background, but the Tesla of the United States. Shanghai’s pulling the side frame is too obvious. The most ridiculous thing is that there is a group of rationalists who wash there. The detention is legal, and it is understandable. It’s just that you are accustomed to getting used to it. If something happens, you can see the direction of the wind and just support it. If you see the entire Tesla above, then support and overthrow the capitalists. If the owner of the vehicle is disturbed, the public will be detained without any problems. Really know how to XX. Unfortunately, it’s only Shanghai at the moment, and the above is not qualitative. If the above is qualitative, I am afraid that the owner will be overwhelmed immediately. Haha. The car owner’s family was almost killed, and the rights protection was not dealt with. When the parties were playing the ball, why didn’t the Consumer Protection Law be enforced so neatly? It doesn’t count as if the owner of the car was towed away, he had to be detained, and he had done too much. Too double standard. This proves a bloody reality. The law is indeed a tool of the ruling class. The era we live in is indeed limited by its historical stage. We need companies like Tesla to revitalize the new energy track, and companies that do not pay attention to consumers can still survive.

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