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Double burning does not lie in development or online, but in that it solves Zhu Bajie’s most annoying problem: how to survive when there is no skill. The pig’s blood recovery used to be mainly based on skill damage. I was charged with a violent death without skills. Now I have been charged with dual burns and provided a little battery life to help me survive the skill window. With the blood recovery and control, I won’t die. Such pig soldiers are invincible in the fight on the edge of the line and in the wild area. The former gives the pig a line right, and the latter allows the pig to dare to 1v3 in the wild area. In combination, your jungle will be abandoned. In order to prevent the jungle from being abandoned, you have to Give up the development path, and the rhythm will be there. So your entire Miyue, Mengqi, Lu Bu, Ma Ke, Diao Chan… do not solve the problem at all, because the problem is not about killing pigs, but when and where to kill pigs, but the rhythm. You have to defend the jungle, you have to engage in double c. The most restrained sideline heroes of pigs: Ma Chao, Guan Yu. Because the pigs can’t run this kind of stuff at all, after a few waves of 4 to 5 wins, the pigs are discarded. What if you can enter the wild again? I entered the opposite corner of your house, which is actually equivalent to your jungler’s jungle. Guan Yu is better because he really can’t go because he doesn’t want you to support you. Ma Chao will also give you the opportunity to take the elevator. Pigs can’t be 1v5 in the late stage, just get rid of his teammates. 5v5 most restrained hero: Zhou Yu (can get stuck). Wild area combat ability is extremely strong, clear line quickly and casually support small group battles in the wild area, in the middle and late stages of group fights, a shop of pigs dare not enter the field; it can prevent the pigs from getting the buff in the early stage, and can not snowball in the middle stage. What does it do. What should I do if I don’t know how to play Zhou Yu? All masters with control and quick line clearance will do. Remember to help guard the wild area. The pig has two tyrants, so the pig doesn’t like to make tough shoes, but he only has two tyrants, three people in the past four or five control him can not release the skills, there will be no battery life, which is equivalent to sending. 5v5 sideways disgusting pig heroes: Mulan, secret letter… Hua Mulan and other squatting heroes fight a set, pigs have no place to recover blood, very annoying, effectively reduce the number of times into the wild; secret letter such heroes are also clear It’s annoying that you can’t make a financial difference when you enter the jungle, and you have to manage and can’t catch up with the secret letter. It’s very annoying and effectively reduces the efficiency of snowballing. The specific play is very simple: do not choose the weak jungle heroes in the early stage, such as Monkey, Lulu, Li Bai… The start does not pay punishment, the pig enters the buff in 33 seconds, remember, and the show operation: bird open (make him think you give up the buff ), ask the middle side to come over and eat this unskilled pig (the pig will definitely release the skill when buffing, especially when you think there is no one around). If you don’t choose the unskilled mid laner, Da Ji and Zhen Ji don’t do it. Now… don’t grab the sides at the start, just go to see the buff, after watching the buff, if the pig is joking and joking on the line, catch him to death. Don’t blindly choose sideways with shields, including but not limited to Lu Bu, Xiahoudun, Mengqi, Mozi… One of the three options for running fast, squatting on the grass, or entering the wild area. The goal is to beat him. His teammates consume his state and disrupt his pace of entering the wild area. If Mengqi can really limit Zhu Bajie’s performance, why didn’t kpl choose a counter pig? You say yes. Don’t choose power charging treasures such as Dunshan, Cai Wenji, and Xiaoming; choose Niu Devil, Gui Guzi, Xi Shi, which are more controlled and not weak in the early stage. Don’t choose the development path of Gua Sha, such as Yu Ji, Irene, Sun Shangxiang…choose kites, Jialuo, Mengya, Marco, wolfdog…choose ones that can be killed, Luban, Diaochan, Lu Bu, and old master. Magic resistance, because pigs do not have a grid to wear, double burns are all magic damage. Cai Wenji, Diaochan, Lv Bu, Monkey/Han Xin Marco (this lineup is a low-star selection) Diao Chan needs 40cd, Lv Bu needs level 8, Marco needs the end of the world to kill pigs, plus the three-way no line right to shoot directly 5min before the jungle, If you can’t stabilize it, you can just play it down. Lu Da, Zhou Yu, Guan Yu, Jing Di Renjie, in the early days of Lu Da, Zhou Yu, and Guan Yu’s protection zone, the mirror hurts outrageously, and the pig is sent in. Everyone is in control, and the three are group control. Pigs can be two domineering bodies. Half of it, why is it not completely cold, because the double burns continue to live; the team battle ability is very strong, it is easy to develop or play wild in 5 on 4; yellow cards reduce double resistance, and kill pigs quickly… Summarize 1. Lineup selection 2. Shouye district in two Yangs, engage in double c


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I am also playing the Bajie, and I will be the king of the 9-day solo queue in the new season. In fact, there are many ways to deal with it. Shuanghaoliu strengthens the developmental ability of Bajie, which has not reached the point where it needs to be weakened. There are many ways to deal with it. 1. The support needs to be optimistic about the field of vision. In general, Bajie will take a look at the field from the river grass in 26s. If you find that your jungle is buffing, he will reverse it. The opponent mid lane support will also support it. This wave of support You must have a good field of vision in advance, the time of the early jungler can’t be delayed at all, and the opposite party will change the buff. If your jungler is not playing the buff, he has two options: turning back to hit the side crab or stealing the buff. When he steals the buff, he will quickly go to support and lower his blood line, because their middle assistant will quickly support it, although this buff Can’t keep it but it is possible to kill Bajie, but don’t expect to kill Zhubajie, because he can jump from Longkeng. Punishing Zhubajie at level 1 is such a rogue. 2. The one who was completely restrained on the line was Ap Mengqi, especially the big book Mengqi, her shield was very full of blood, and the soldiers were cleared faster than you, and her shield would not be bloody if the double burns did not break her shield and the eight precepts. Steal the field line and enter the tower. If you don’t call your teammates for help, you can only clear the tower. Secondly, Lan Dao Mi Yue Ba Jie is not afraid of her in the early stage, but she is faster than you on the line to steal the dragon Qingye, especially after the little vampire book comes out, it is difficult to fight in the middle stage. You can’t hit her in the second stage with your 1 skill. She basically You can definitely hide 32 dizziness with your big move. You will find that it is not enough, and this Miyue is not good enough. From time to time, you will put 1 skill behind you and 2 skill to fight backhands. She is a clear soldier, sucking blood faster than you, stealing more dragons, stealing wild, and slipping away than you. You and her online development is basically just being crushed and beaten. Lu Bu will be suppressed in the early stage and it will be good in the middle stage. After all, not every Lu Bu will directly produce the witch’s cloak. If Lu Bu is the second witch, he will also be suppressed in the middle stage, but such people are very few after all. I have used pure meat Lü Bu to counteract it many times when I took the pig bajie on the opposite side. As long as the shield is thick enough to break the shield, the blood cannot be recovered. It’s also about Yuma Super can achieve restraint by supporting the other 4 people on the opposite side, so I won’t go into details here. 3. The power point of the double burning stream is 8-10 minutes. At this time, the Bajie is a level 3 jungler, the Sunyan Phoenix. Before this time period, it will break all the 2 towers on the opposite side. No matter how strong the Bajie is, it will be difficult to come back. 4. The nightmare of sanctions on equipment is also a restriction on the blood recovery of Bajie. Double burning current enhances a kind of developmental ability. Ba Jie is not easy to die and will not be targeted by the opposite. Double burning current brings fast line, fast anti-wild, single-player stealing dragon, high team battle damage, high recovery and resistance to injury In addition, many people play Lv Bu in the low stage and are still out of the Pojun Infinite Shadow Blade, Mi Yue still plays the yellow knife, and almost no one plays Ap Mengqi, so it is really easy for the low and high scores of the Bajie Rank.

7 months ago

First of all, the official service update Zhubajie on April 20 was weakened, and the version limited the strength of the first-hand Zhubajie. On the one hand, the passive recovery rate of Zhubajie was changed from 45% → 40%. On the other hand, the damage in the early and mid-term of Zhubajie was lowered. For Zhubajie, the reduction in damage also means reduced blood return. From the data, we can see that the basic damage of the first skill is the same as before when the first skill of Zhu Bajie is to be upgraded to level 5, that is, the hero level 11. Zhu Bajie’s ability to bounce and smash has two damages, which is equivalent to a reduction of 80 points of damage at the first level. This is undoubtedly a big blow for a hero who focuses on the early rhythm. Because the “double burning stream” Zhubajie needs to play the early online advantage, quickly clear the line and then control the crabs and invade the enemy’s wild area, quickly roll out the economy and reduce the enemy’s jungler’s economy. After this adjustment, Zhu Ba Jie’s early alignment is no longer so strong. Once it is stuck in a headwind and cannot invade the wild area, and the number of layers of wild junglers cannot be stacked up, the effect of “double burning current” will not be so great. In general, Zhu Bajie’s adjustment is a moderate weakening. The overall strength has dropped from T0 to the middle of the T1 echelon. After the revision, the strength is acceptable, but it will further test the player’s laning details and operations.-After talking about the version weakening, let’s talk again. Let’s talk about heroes who are good at fighting Zhu Ba Jie: ① Confrontation: Retribution Miyue, Meng Qi, Sikong Zhen, Guan Yu, Ma Chao Shuang Liu Zhu Ba Jie’s pre-production is a wild knife + shoes + red lotus cloak, that is to say five minutes ago At most, only one resistance shoe provides magic resistance. Therefore, the heroes who fight against the road with spell damage often have natural advantages when playing double-burning Zhubajie online: the blue knife has a higher battery life and has longer hands than Zhubajie. The ability of the early stage single-handed and anti-wild dragon control is even stronger than that of Zhubajie. Of course, it is also true that Zhu Bajie team battles are more effective than Mi Yue. Mengqi passively comes with dual resistance, which is very meaty. A skill CD is very short and can be used frequently to produce a shield, but Zhu Bajie cannot recover blood from a shield. Sikong Zhen has a displacement to avoid Zhu Bajie’s damage and control, and the hand length and spell damage can also suppress Zhu Bajie on the line. Secondly, Guan Yu and Ma Chao are quick to clear the line and play support. If the level of both sides is similar, it is difficult to kill Zhu Bajie online, but Zhu Bajie can’t help these two heroes. Zhu Bajie likes to go against the wild, and then Guan Yuma super-clears the line to directly support his teammates by using the characteristics of high mobility. With more and less defeating the opposite C position, Zhu Bajie cannot reverse the situation no matter how well he develops in the later period. ②Other heroes Diao Chan (real damage + high-frequency displacement), Marco Polo (real damage + percentage damage in the end times), Nako Lulu (Pig Ba Jie is afraid of instantaneous outbreak), Zhou Yu (preliminary field defense ability + continuous damage + mask percentage hurt). In addition, like shooters, mages, and some functional aids, the mid-term use of sanctions blades and nightmare teeth can also effectively limit the pigs.

7 months ago

First, let’s talk about the super-standard early rhythm of the Shuang Shao Liu Zhu Ba Jie side road: the first-level river grass discipline to collect the small wild, after clearing the line, go to the middle road to grab the spirit of the river, and then enter the other half of the jungle on the opposite side of the jungle. In this way, your jungle and side lanes are in a state of direct blasting. When Zhu Ba Jie comes back, it will be a level 4 Zhu Ba Jie hitting a level 2-3 side lane. It is basically stable and single-killed without displacement. Then I saw the outfit: Xiaoye Sword, Nakano Sword, straw sandals, flame armor. So there are two problems here. 1. Can you grab a crab at the first level? 2. There is no law to resist the early production. Then the answer is very simple. If it weren’t for Zhu Bajie, who can only burn with no brain, he will punish the knife Miyue and restrain Zhu Bajie, plus an ap Mengqi, but ap Mengqi is difficult, and it is difficult to play without proficiency. Or there is another method: choose a monarch in the cloud, enter the grass next to the tower at the first level, and directly open the pigs.

7 months ago

Come uninvited, I am A Diao, a sand sculpture! I have to say that the second brother of Shuang Shao Liu is indeed on fire recently, mainly because of the revised version of the Wild Knife. The burning effect and the red lotus cloak can be superimposed, and it becomes a Shuang Shao Liu. How to restrain it? Let’s take a look at the recovery skills of Bajie first; the nine-tooth rake is a magic weapon, and the basic attack comes with 40 (0.5% maximum health bonus) physical damage. That is to say, if the residual blood has a shield, the normal attack of the pig will restore the blood. Zhu Bajie jumped up, and when he landed, he caused 120 (+8% maximum health bonus) physical damage to the enemy he hit. After that, the extremely resilient body will bounce high again, causing the same damage when landing, and a stun effect for 0.5 seconds. When attacking multiple enemy heroes at the same time, each additional enemy hero will attenuate the damage by 20%, down to 60% of the initial damage. The point is the 8% health bonus, which is why the pig can recover so much health while a group of people beat him. Zhu Bajie lengthens the rake and hits the enemy in front, causing 150 (+50% physical bonus) physical damage and a 60% slowing effect for 1.5 seconds. If the rake is embedded in the terrain, Zhu Bajie will take advantage of the force to slam into the embedded place and knock back the enemy on the path to that place. When Zhu Ba Jie hits the terrain, it causes 150 (+6% maximum health bonus) physical damage and 0.5 seconds of stun. Passive: After using Reverse Rake, the next basic attack will use the nail rake to pull the enemy back; Zhu Ba Jie builds a high wall, The hero cannot move through. The wall exists for a maximum of 4 seconds. Chi Chi instantly inflicts 250 (+90% physical bonus) physical damage to the enemy in front of you. When casting a spell, Zhubajie’s tyrant body is because Zhubajie’s control skills need to assist the terrain in order to achieve the best results, so the 23 skills are all prepared for Zhubajie’s creation of terrain and control. Method of restraining the second brother 01. Equipped to restrain the blade of sanction and the tooth of nightmare, you can get the effect of serious injury: causing damage to reduce the target’s life recovery effect by 50%, thereby restraining the second brother’s recovery, which can achieve the effect of quickly killing pigs for the New Year. 02. Hero restraint choose real injury heroes, or heroes that can fly kites, such as Marco Polo, Nezha, Lu Bu, Jia Luo and other real damage control tanks, the master of Jia Luo is also the best choice to restrain tanks , But it’s best to take away the assistance of the insurer’s ability. 03. Skill restraint Because the second brother needs to use the terrain to control, we need to pay attention to our position at this time, avoiding close to the wall, and selectively walking to avoid his rakes. The second brother is a hero who is easier to be pulled, so many heroes who can be pulled restrain him, like Diao Chan and Sikong Zhen are both very good choices.

7 months ago

It’s weird to say that I have played 50 or 60 this season, and I have encountered 5 rounds of pigs. 3 of them were my teammates. I won all 3 of them. 2 were not teammates. I played one of them. Lu Bu, held the opposite pig, and finally won easily. There was one I played Marco, but I was blown up by the opposite Yu Ji (the opposite skill is too accurate…), this one lost, and the main responsibility lies with me. I should change the line with my Lu Bu… Let me summarize my personal experience. Personally, if I encounter a pig on the opposite side, I have a few choices. If I fight against the road, then I will be Lu Bu, with a small cloak of magic resistance at the beginning, and I can stand against the pig. If I hit the middle lane, I would choose Zhou Yu and add a nightmare tooth. If the pig dares to enter our wild area, I would dare to turn him into a suckling pig. After that, he can only be beaten. If he hits the shooter, he can use his horse or Luban. In the end, if you have to play wild, then I will pay Dianwei. Anyway, I personally play Dianwei and I am not afraid of pigs.

7 months ago

There is a saying, Zhubajie cuts too fast, Zhubajie just came to the end of spring. Ba Jie is very fierce this season, but it’s not difficult to target it. Let’s talk about a few ideas: First-level mid laner assists in clearing the line and strolling around in his own wild area. You will encounter a Ba Jie who secretly beats the buff. Just chase and fight. , The eight precepts that are not at the second level are not strong. Before the buff is refreshed, grab the Eight Precepts once, so that he has no status to go back to the wild. Mark Diaochan and Lu Bu played Bajie casually in the later stage, but he was not very afraid of these heroes in the first and middle stages of Bajie. Choose a line-master hero who is more fierce than Ba ​​Jie, such as Kuang Tie Mi Yue Sikong Zhen, without line power, there is no way to fight against the wild. Choosing a hero with fast support to blow up the opposing shooter, as long as his eldest brother develops Bajie, there is no way. After this weakening, Zhu Bajie can’t beat many heroes online, and it is easier to die suddenly in group fights, and can go to the sewers to eat ashes. Tips: Zhu Bajie’s blood return last time was cut from 50 to 45. Xiti had the last win rate against Lu. What about after this weakening. I don’t know if I’m playing games or playing games. Lan Jing bought a house in the ban and didn’t cut it for a few months, but Zhu Bajie had been strong for a few days and cut it directly. It’s a beautiful job.

7 months ago

The double-burning hero is currently easy to open a gold mine on the opposite side of the wild area. As for the current feeling, there are several ways to play: 1. You can’t lose in a fight, and you can grab resources with others. Xiahou is recommended here. There is a shield to limit the blood return, the early damage is high, and it can fight against the pig. 2. The hitting pig dare not look up. As above Miyue. Hua Mulan doesn’t know how to play. 3. It depends entirely on people. Lu Bu. With good luck, a knife and a knife crit to kill a pig like a dog. 4. Beat through teammates. Guanma and so on. Nezha is not particularly recommended, because I haven’t met anyone playing. Wait for someone playing Nezha to punish me.

7 months ago

If the rank is not high, it is recommended to ban it directly if you are playing jungle. In low-end rounds, do you still expect your teammates to clear the line and kill pigs in the defense area? If the first wave of your buff is gone, then it is basically a vicious circle. You will find that the pig can kill one by hitting two or three in your wild area. If it is a high-ranking game, the pigs are actually good to play. You can play with the right lineup. You must not be weak in the early stage of the jungle. Otherwise, if you play tigers and pigs on the opposite side, you can start with 0 buff directly, and either Diao Chan or picks in the middle. A fast line clearing line directly supports the wild area after clearing the line, and assists in control. The passive dual resistance of the bull and the devil and the 2 skills with good control time are very suitable for the early stage to be used to fight pigs. As long as the first wave of pigs is killed, Basically, his rhythm was broken, and the confrontation road kept putting pressure on the line of soldiers. The pigs could only shrink to eat crabs and brush Xiaoye on the line.

7 months ago

After playing for a few days, Lu Bu, Mi Yue, Cheng Yaojin and Guan Yu were troublesome in laning. This actually happens to be four different genres. Cheng Yaojin: Fight against the developmental stream. Cheng Yaojin must not fight against the pigs. It is to fight against each other and punish each other to steal from each other’s wild areas. You can’t beat them before level 4, and it’s difficult after level 4. Lu Bu: You can’t fight before level 4, but you can prostitution. After level 4, you can still prostitution, but you can still prostitution to ensure that you don’t die and support you. Use the killing heart of pigs to call teammates or counter-kill under the tower. Miyue: You can fight hard for punishment, but some Miyue’s attack speed is actually not a pig. It’s not as good as everyone thinks, and it doesn’t control team battle dd, so Miyue is basically not recommended. Guan Yu: You are strong and you are strong, and the breeze shines on the hills. When you develop, I will kill people and fight to support the gank ability. After playing so many rounds, winning a lot and losing a lot, the easiest way is to shake people. Pig level 1 is the weakest, and there is no control of damage without a meat knife. After the invasion of the wild area is also very weak, the support of the teammates must be fast, all kinds of Zhang Liangdonghuang arranged, and the fight is to support. A lot of the time I was clear of the field, and the red was all stolen. Suddenly, when I hit 3 teammates, they died late, and the previous advantage was pushed out. Similar to the previous secret letter, the difference is that the secret letter’s ability to escape max is very weak, and the pig is the opposite. It will be weakened when the version is updated, hahaha

7 months ago

To be reasonable, I don’t know how the planner came up with this gameplay. It gave such a high damage to the tank. I did not understand why the equipment is strong and the hero should be cut. This wave I call the good guys, I play pigs. It’s not too wrong to keep flashing. I play less on the side lanes myself, and I haven’t played this routine, but I have encountered it in the battle, and it is really ridiculous. I feel that the meat knife passive is changed to the same as the red lotus, and then the extra damage to the creeps and monsters is not enough. I personally don’t like to play while punishing. Reasonable sidewalk punishment does develop faster, but I abolished a summoner skill, and the upper limit of operation has also been greatly reduced. Furious Miyue, the treatment is white, the upper limit of weakening Nezha is not much higher than that of Huangdao Liu. The first and second skills of Zhu Ba Jie can be used with flashing (the ultimate move is also possible, but it is meaningless). The flashing pig is very beautiful. Bringing a punishment is equivalent to abolishing martial arts. It is okay in the early stage, but the upper limit is greatly reduced in the later stage.

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