Recently, the short video platform “show off the wealth” video became popular, spending 75,000 yuan for a night in the “presidential suite” and spending 1.99 million yuan on “confinement” and other videos showing off wealth, which caused controversy and was carried out by the Xinhua News Agency and other central media. criticism. Since April 17, many video bloggers have deleted “show off their wealth” videos and apologized. The reporter searched the blogger “Big LOGO” and found that the short video platform showed a warm reminder of “please consume rationally and establish a healthy consumption outlook”. On April 18, the reporter was informed that the internet celebrity anchor Da LOGO involved in the incident released a video, in response to apologizing for the inadequate consideration, and said that “the subject of the video will be selected more carefully in the future”.

Prior to this, there have been a lot of criticisms against short video platforms showing off their wealth. Not long ago, Xiaohongshu also focused on controlling wealthy videos, banning a total of 2,371 accounts.

Why such rich bloggers appear on the short video platform is nothing more than profitable. First of all, it is easy to create a “personal design” that shows off wealth, and it is easy to imitate others. Secondly, the way of showing off wealth can quickly attract the curiosity of netizens. The most important thing is that the content of the show-off video is easy to review and can easily attract the attention of others. After you have a huge fan base, you can “monetize” goods and advertisements. At the end of many videos showing off your wealth, advertisements for selling cars, selling houses, or selling watches will be inserted.

Some netizens made preliminary statistics on the Internet celebrity anchor “Big LOGO Eats Down Beijing”. A total of 1,327,851 yuan was spent on 228 videos of the big LOGO, and the revenue was 74.8 million yuan. It is not difficult to see how profitable this business is.

I think the big LOGO, which is quite wrong, started as a civilian food shop, and then turned to high-end life experience. It should not be a rich second-generation, nor a big boss, but an ordinary person. Saying that he is showing off wealth, in fact, I think he is showing everyone to spy on one of the wealth. Every restaurant and hotel he goes to is a real existence, clearly marked with a price, no distortions, exaggerations, no rumors and fiction, the price is not set by him. He didn’t open the shop either. He just went to consume so many high-end consumer places, and there were a steady stream of customers. We ordinary people didn’t know about it. We were afraid that ordinary people would learn from the luxury and high-end things, or ordinary people shouldn’t know about those places. ? Big LOGO apologized immediately. He had no choice. He could only apologize. So what is the standard of not extravagant? Can celebrities still use bags of tens of thousands of dollars? Will people go to those high-end consumer places? Will those who are really rich work hard and simple, and eat dry noodles every day?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Well approved! ! ! Such a person is only worthy to be nailed to the pillar of historical shame! Let everyone in future generations criticize it. Everyone thought that the rich were nothing more than hoeing the ground with a golden hoe. In this way everyone will be in peace. But you are so good, you even put out the video of the gold only suitable for laying the floor. What kind of style is this! ? Should we look at the lives of the rich? What’s even more annoying is that the big logo just posted a video saying that these videos are already taking care of everyone’s feelings. Some potentially uncomfortable videos have been deleted long ago. What do you mean?

6 months ago

He let everyone know life in advance, money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. The video should be deleted. Let more people know how poor they are, which will easily stimulate social instability, which is not conducive to building a harmonious society. In this world, the world panicked, but it is just a few pieces of broken silver, but this few pieces of broken silver can alleviate all kinds of panic in the world.

6 months ago

The pattern is smaller! What is the most feared by society? Since ancient times, “not suffering from poverty and injustice” has been the fuse that ignited class conflicts in Chinese society. Remember the latest personal account wealth report released by China Merchants Bank? I didn’t find last year’s, and replaced it with the previous one: Yes, this kind of differentiation is the most terrible thing, far exceeding the world average~ When you don’t show off your wealth, it’s okay, everyone can’t see such weird things, I eat The mango costs 5 yuan a catty, and there is still 1,000 yuan for each one? I live in a house of 120 square meters, 6 million yuan, not bad, there are even 500 million units? The pork I ate was 30 yuan a catty, but there was still 800 yuan a catty? Moreover, there are still so many people who can consume it? The important thing is that they are so young and don’t have to work? Human values ​​will be distorted. Everything I have accumulated through hard work, work and diligence in the past is not worth mentioning in front of the rich. The rich people in China are already rich to this point? Especially young people, or those who like to watch Douyin, have no independent thinking ability. People say it. They were just nipple music. As a result, everyone has a deeper understanding of class differentiation. Is this still good, hatred of the rich? Realize that you can never surpass in your life, decadent? anger? Helpless? All negative emotions, all dissatisfaction with society~ Chinese society is undergoing transformation, stability is very important, diligence is very important, I hope we can see the day when wealth is redistributed~ Finally, attach the essence of class struggle: to achieve social productivity For the rapid development of China, it is necessary to coordinate the interest relations between the various classes, and it is necessary to realize the reasonable distribution of value resources among the various classes. The objective nature of class struggle: according to the requirements of their own interests, each class uses economic, legal, ethical, military, and political means to re-adjust the interest relationship with other classes. Among them, military struggle and violent revolution are the last resorts used when class contradictions have reached a highly intensified state. The last paragraph of the objective essence is the most terrifying.

6 months ago

The layout of the short video platform is different from elsewhere: it is a large curved-foot-shaped entry on the homepage, and what high-end brands are in it, and the monthly income is over 100 million migrant workers. The workman, 996 opens the platform after work, smiles whenever I see it, after all, I have to make up for 40 years even for a 30-square-foot house down payment. This free video looks heartwarming. The big logo is one of many people who shoot luxury life on the platform. He is not to be outdone in the content of a certain foreigner filmed by Fu and Guo, and also by Daxiang and Xiao Ai. “Do you know the sect of wealth and honor?” The beater shook his head silently, “Hyun, Sha, Fan, Yin” and the big logo smiled slightly. “These four are the sects in the platform. Hyun is to show high-priced things. Shao. , Is to show pride and tell the historical price of the brand. Anyone who pretends that they don’t know how to tell a third party to tell the price; hidden, that is, the mediocre product has the brand blessing.” After more than ten days, the big logo deleted the video. Perhaps, he did disappear. But I saw that Guo and Fu were still filming videos of first-class cabins and high-end restaurants, and I couldn’t help but feel confused-then I finally understood that they were just recording their daily lives. Looking at a certain back wave living in a courtyard house, basking in a pile of millions of bags, I can’t help but feel that maybe it’s not life that is wrong, it’s just people.

6 months ago

1.99 million confinement merchants do not manage to manage a video shooter? I think it is understandable that many ordinary people can see the “live years series video” showing the real social gap. What impact does it bring? Did we see that showing off our wealth was robbed or embezzled and accepted bribes? We are just “loving to hear and see”, to make it lively. The masses are all grown-ups. They are not children who can be corrupted so simply. It is also an entry point to be able to fully understand this society, to understand the gaps in it, and to work hard for it. I like the short video of the big logo very much. He introduced some food and entertainment that many people may not experience in this life in a down-to-earth style, which opened the eyes of many people. If you have to say this is extravagant. , That can only be said that there are many extravagant people in the society, the big logo just lets us know the truth. Of course he made money by making videos, but the people we watched didn’t pay, and they were able to open their eyes. Personally, I don’t think there is any bad influence.

6 months ago

There is a paragraph in Guo Degang’s cross talk “Cowardly and Rich”: Yu Qian’s father, Mr. Wang, has a wealthy family and is determined to be the number one good person in the world. The poor”.
Then, he sent someone to drive away the poor people nearby, because “I have a good heart and can’t see the poor.”

6 months ago

When we were young, we often distinguished “good guys and bad guys” at a glance. This initial sense of judgment comes from the cartoons or TV series that he watched when he was a child. Decent is a good person. Even if he sometimes does two unforgivable things, we can forgive him from the heart and tolerate him “He is Good man, he has no alternative.” The negative character seems to be born a bad person, and sometimes he also does a few major things that give up his life for righteousness, but from the feeling in my heart, he is a bad person. He is just giving him atonement for good deeds, and there is nothing to be praised. When we grow up, we realize that good and bad are far from simple. But sometimes we still use childhood good and bad evaluation criteria to evaluate our lives and the people and things in our lives. We can allow extravagant lifestyles to exist, thinking that it is the fruits of other people’s normal labor. But no one can see it put it on the table as a statement. Seeing the light to die may not only describe the meeting of netizens, but it is also possible for other things. I only watched the shop-exploring video of the big Logo a few months ago, but I didn’t pay attention. In fact, I just took a curious glance when the Tik Tok interface popped out, just passing the boring time. Later, I read some more in a short period of time. To be honest, I didn’t feel the word “show off my wealth” after reading it. On the contrary, it is also a pleasure to be able to gain insights through video because I have no money. Of course, the final result was an apology. There is no doubt that one must be able to bend and stretch to seek life. In the end, the people who really showed off their wealth began to tremble, which is also a good thing.

6 months ago

In the past, some mainstream public opinions called for cracking down on the trend of “showing off wealth” based on short video platforms. I agree with both hands. Because the kind of showing off wealth is too simple and rude, it can basically be described as a big coin. From the beginning to the end, the theme of “I can do whatever I want with money” is created. Not to mention that entertainment does not affect people’s thinking. Many people, especially children, are formed in this subtle way. However, when it comes to the issue of the big logo, it is inevitable to feel the impression that “the mainstream media editor can’t complete the KPI this month, just find a target to hit it.” Because this is already a bit of obvious pocket crime, the big LOGO itself does not show off that high-end consumption should become the mainstream value of society. It is more a taste of “exploration” and “earlier”. In other words, sharing objective facts should not be labeled as “showing off wealth”. If he can be beaten, then we might as well think deeply about it: Now at the Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to the Wuling convertible, which has a high probability of being affordable for the people, there is also a red flag supercar that is said to be worth 17 million. Can it be considered that the Shanghai Auto Show is showing off its wealth by bringing out such a high-priced sports car? Expansion, in the future, private cars of more than 500,000 are prohibited on the road, otherwise it is to show off their wealth? For another example, people who like to watch sports often know that superstars have relatively high incomes and their living standards far exceed those of ordinary people. So, should it be forbidden to report on the daily lives of these superstars? Something like this: Otherwise, it should be said to be advocating to show off wealth? Obviously inappropriate, right? The more important point is that the mainstream media has used various seemingly lofty slogans for KPIs, and infinitely amplifies the “supervision power”. This does not really play a role in guiding public opinion. On the contrary, regardless of whether I am in Zhihu, NGA, Tiger From the perspective of platforms such as Pu or Tieba, many people understand that the big LOGO is criticized as “the official does not let the common people see the lives of the rich”, and then… (I associate it, type it out, but try it) Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? ? Can the head of the mainstream media be able to bear the public opinion backlash caused by this? For the relevant departments, it is not impossible to reduce these “phenomenons” of big LOGO sharing, such as strengthening administrative management, squeezing out the moisture existing in some luxury consumption, and better benefiting consumers, and so on. But if you can’t do this, you can achieve the purpose of occupying the moral commanding heights only by beating the sharer… This way, it’s not good.

6 months ago

A few years ago, I owed it to me, and liked to tell me what I saw in the homes of rich people. For example, a rich man took me to look at a pot over one meter high and told me that it was filled with tea. The tea inside is enough for me to pay down payment in Shenzhen. There are more opposers than believers. Opponents say that rich people are so smart that it is impossible to pay IQ tax, that rich people work hard to enjoy this kind of life, and that they make great contributions to society. As a result, Big LOGO is alone, with rich pictures and texts, and video testimony, which proves that the rich are taking unreasonable money and spending on worthless things to feed a lot of servants of the new era instead of doing it for society. Contribution makes people unable to speak for the rich. It’s too shameful, a video has done my life’s work. Deserve the title.

6 months ago

They are not showing off their wealth, they are exploring wealth. A confinement agency of 1.99 million yuan is allowed to exist, a luxury hotel with a roast goose of 8000 yuan and a night of 75,000 a night is allowed, but it is not allowed to be photographed for our ordinary people. You must first clarify the logic inside, and then look at this matter. The Gini coefficient is usually used to measure the income gap of residents in a country or a region. The Gini coefficient of our country was released in the 17th year of the National Reunification. It was 0.465 in 16 and 0.467 in 2017, and the next one will not be found. The stakes can be drawn from the table below. Combined with today’s big logo, everyone understands. If we have an average income and everyone has the same amount of money, these videos will not be allowed to be shot. The problem lies here. People want to own good things when they see it. Seeing that others live better than yourself, you will inevitably feel jealous, hatred, and class division. Isn’t there a word that has been circulating now? 996 is a good news. As long as the workers work hard, the boss can start Lamborghini as soon as possible. This is not a stalk, this is the reality. The world panicked, but it was just a few ounces of broken silver, but this few ounces of broken silver can relieve all kinds of panic in the world.

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