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According to the “List of Items Prohibited and Restricted in Beijing Hospitals”, five categories of items such as utensils and dangerous substances; six categories of items such as kitchen knives and sticks are prohibited or restricted from being brought into the hospital.
In order to prevent dangerous goods from being brought into the hospital, the “Beijing Hospital Safety Order Management Regulations” that came into effect on July 1 last year clearly require that people entering the hospital should actively accept and cooperate with safety inspections. For those who refuse to accept the security check, the hospital has the right to refuse entry. According to the latest statistics from the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, as of now, 237 hospitals in Beijing have carried out security checks, covering most tertiary hospitals.
Security inspection tools: metal detector doors, X-ray machines, hand-held security devices, etc. At the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, each entrance is equipped with metal detector doors, X-ray machines, hand-held security devices and other equipment. an examination.
Peng Mingqiang, deputy director of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital: Since the security check was implemented in the second half of last year, in the first three months, more than 1,000 prohibited items were found every month. In recent months, it has now dropped to more than one hundred pieces per month. We will confiscate some contraband and send it to the public security organs. For restricted items, we temporarily save, register the number and leave contact information. After the patients are discharged from the hospital, we will return them.
86 hospitals are equipped with “face recognition system”
In addition, in order to further enhance the technical security capabilities, 86 hospitals in Beijing are equipped with face recognition systems.
Peng Mingqiang, deputy director of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital: There are some traffickers and some medical troubles. We first store the image information of this group of people. When they go to the hospital again, even if they are now wearing masks, they will be able to get an accurate identification. Observe their course of action in the hospital through the monitoring system, we will not interfere with their normal activities, and deal with them in time if there is an abnormal situation.
Key parts of the hospital are equipped with “one-key alarm”
At the same time, according to the latest statistics, Beijing has 231 hospitals equipped with “one-key alarm” devices in key locations, and 164 police offices in hospitals above the second level.
Xia Yu, Director of the Security Department of Beijing Anzhen Hospital: After a doctor-patient dispute occurs, press a button to call the police. Our central control room will pop up a one-button alarm on the big screen and report our specific location and on-site conditions. Voice recognition collection. The security guards we support nearby will rush to the scene within one minute for disposal.


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7 months ago

Bai Yansong’s proposal to protect medical staff at the symptom level of the two sessions has finally been put into practice, and it is undoubtedly worthy of national promotion. “Violent wounded doctors are not doctor-patient contradictions, or crimes.” His heartbroken loud screams and the 2019 Christmas Eve Civil Aviation Hospital Doctor Tao Yong’s injury incident Regarding, when doctors across the country are in the rescue of the epidemic, there is a stark contrast with many medical workers who went to Wuhan without hesitation. We need medical personnel, not only to protect them when needed, but to increase protection and not let the doctors. Benevolence became sad and weeping. Bai Yansong proposed two levels, one is the root cause and the other is the symptom. Regarding the symptom, he clearly proposed that some hospitals can set up security checks to protect the lives of medical workers. Regarding the root cause, it is recommended that the state refer to the protection measures proposed in the “Police Law”. Similarly, the medical workers should be explored and constructed at the legal level, and relevant laws should be promulgated to provide scientific and effective protection from the root cause. Protecting medical workers is to protect our own lives. I hope everyone can have a clear understanding of this, so that medical workers in white clothes can take care of everyone’s health.

7 months ago

It should be promoted too. Although the root of the contradiction between doctors and patients lies in the contradiction between the people’s pursuit of a healthy life and the current scarce and unevenly distributed medical resources. But it is not ruled out that some patients are passionate about killing or hurting doctors, or deliberately creating doctor-patient conflicts for blackmail. In this way, the hospital security check is currently the most effective and most helpless solution to prevent medical disturbances. It is hoped that the country can further increase investment in medical development, further improve the medical insurance system, and at the same time reform the scientific research-oriented medical talent evaluation system, and impose severe penalties on medical troubles. I believe that if we take a multi-pronged approach, our doctor-patient relationship will get better and better.

7 months ago

When the Dr. Tao Yong incident came out, I analyzed it and conservatively calculated that at least 10,000 patients would lose high-end surgery opportunities due to Dr. Tao Yong’s injury. Preventing violent injuries to doctors protects not only the lives of doctors, but also the interests of patients. So this direction is definitely correct. What needs to be discussed is the pros and cons, how great are the pros and how deep are the cons. Is it really possible to achieve strict security checks like the airport? I am skeptical, because the flow and nature of the people in these hospitals in our country are more like subway stations in the morning and evening rush hours than airports. You know what the security checks at subway stations are like. Besides, your hospital is not a place with strict militarization management. If someone really wants to bring a knife in by some means, I don’t think it is too difficult. There will always be seams in the fence. This is Lee. What’s the disadvantage? Manpower and material resources, time cost. For a hospital with a scale of more than 1,000 people, it’s okay to hire a group of personnel and prepare a set of equipment to be responsible for this project. Where is the Hundred People Small Hospital? People don’t have the resources to do this. Doing it in a daze may not yield any results, but the income of medical staff will decrease significantly, patient satisfaction will decline, and a lose-lose situation. Besides, let me tell you the truth. In terms of social resource regulation, the lives of people and people are unequal. Someone slashed Dr. Tao Yong, which is a great loss to China’s ophthalmology department. The industry regrets it, but someone has to slash me. , Slashed a young doctor in the community hospital, and the injury hurt. No one cares except for the family, and it has no impact on society. So to what extent should the hospital security check promotion be promoted? Recommended or mandatory? How is the standard set? How to spread the cost? There is more room for discussion. It is not a matter of simple conclusions across the board. Therefore, the current gust of wind is mainly caused by the waves caused by Yang Wen and Tao Yong’s two big rocks that have caused a national sensation in recent years. I don’t know how many waves can be shot.

7 months ago

It should be said that it is necessary to carry out security inspection measures in various hospitals in Beijing, and it is also worthy of promotion and reference in various places. The current doctor-patient relationship is very tense, and their respective positions are very independent. Some patients or family members are very extreme and tend to use extreme methods to deal with problems. I just hope that we can stick to the subway, and don’t make the security check a mere formality. In addition, it is recommended whether to consider whether medical staff, patients and their families should be divided into entrances and exits, so as to avoid confusion and strengthen the identification. The most important thing is to handle the doctor-patient relationship. The doctors are kind, the patients and their families are grateful, and everyone understands each other, so as to avoid words and even violence as much as possible.

7 months ago

It should have been so long ago and should be included in the criminal law as an aggravating clause. Bai Yansong’s proposal to severely punish medical injuries and medical incidents is very good. It was first proposed by a member of the medical CPPCC committee. I made a live broadcast of a CPPCC proposal in 13-15. The core of her proposal that year saw that violent injuries to doctors is not a problem of doctor-patient contradiction. This is violent crime. In recent years, the high incidence of doctor-patient tension and injury can be traced back to the era of rampant Internet rumors in the era of 2005-2010. V are frantically cracking down on social credibility, attacking the system, the government and society, insulting heroic officials, doctors, and public officials. The image of doctors was severely discredited during that period.

7 months ago

Yesterday my friend called me to vomit, and he was very angry. My friend’s facial skin is allergic. In order to see a doctor, he asked the leader for a day off. He hung up a well-known expert account, got up at six in the morning, took the bus for two hours, and went to the hospital for another half day. It’s not easy to be at noon by the expert. Arrive in line before get off work, the doctor took a look and asked him to eliminate allergies. It took less than two minutes from entering the door to opening an order. The doctor only raised his head twice, once to look at my friend’s face, and once to order the next one. My friend was very angry and complained to the doctor for a long time, and felt that the doctor was not good-looking. When I wait for him to finish, I will make an analogy with him. I choose actors and sometimes I see dozens or even hundreds of them a day. Before I choose actors, I have already set a standard for the positioning of each actor in my heart. I see actors first to see if their appearance meets my requirements, and then to look at their acting skills. When the actor director organizes the actors, he will usually find dozens of supporting actors. My film investment is relatively small, and the actor positions I find are average. I am basically the one who is the big one in the . I know the status of the actors at a glance. , Immediately judge whether it meets your needs. Then I interviewed the next one right away. The producer next to me felt it dealt with it, and the actor said I was too dealt with, but my experience is to know the type of choice instantly. My friend still doesn’t understand. Let me put it another way. Some cultural relics experts enter a room dedicated to cultural relics, and each cultural relic can be known by just looking at it. why? It’s just that this industry has been in business for too long, and you can see the true and false by just looking at the shape of the artifact. As a well-known expert, he has looked at patients for decades. He has read tens of thousands of patients in this medical record. When he glances at it, he has counted them. He has to see a lot of people every day. This saves time and saves time. Your mental state, to delay the next patient. If the doctor looks at your face for a long time, there are two problems. The first is that you are seriously ill and you are going to be unlucky. The second is that the new doctor doesn’t know what illness he has encountered, so it’s up to you for a long time. Do you think the doctor is looking at you or not looking at you! My friend said to me: I still feel angry. I believe that many people are in a state. I am irritated by the attitude of hospital doctors. Many people have a bad mentality after getting sick. When encountering this kind of attitude, some people will definitely have a breakdown in their mentality. Going to the doctor to bring a kitchen knife, is it to cook a dish for the doctor after seeing the doctor, as a way of expressing gratitude. The hospital treats patients and saves people. It is not a place where people go to give a five-point star rating. Putian Hospital has a good attitude, but when you pay you, it will exhaust your imagination and pay out your money. So yeah! It should have been like this long ago.

7 months ago

I am a doctor, but I always feel that it is really unnecessary for a hospital to set up a security check. Setting up a security check will only increase the cost of the hospital, affect the efficiency of medical treatment, increase the conflict, and then the salary that can be paid to the doctor will be even less. Most people don’t bring a knife into the hospital in advance. Those who really want to hurt a doctor in a sneak attack can kill the doctor just like checking and moving bricks in the hospital. There are only two ways to really reduce the number of killing and wounding doctors. First, increase the cost of wounding and doctors to form a deterrent; second, form a society that respects doctors. This depends on the behavior of doctors and national policies.

7 months ago

It may be worth a try, but treating the symptoms does not cure the root cause. Although it can reduce the vast majority of injuries and doctors, or reduce the chance of serious incidents~ But the fundamental problem, the doctor-patient relationship still needs to be dealt with. In this case, it can only It is said that it is guaranteed that there is no sudden attack with a murder weapon, but in the hospital office, after all, pens are very common, and pens can also hurt people. Or in other words, if people with a grudge find that they cannot enter the hospital with a murder weapon, will they squat at the entrance of the hospital or track the home address? Everything can happen. More is to improve the quality of the whole people, and fundamentally solve the doctor-patient relationship~

7 months ago

See a doctor when you see a doctor, what are you doing with a knife and a stick? At the place to see a doctor, bring medical records and money, and everyone happily completes the examination and treatment process. One should also be added, face recognition, to prevent scalpers from scalping back and forth. I happened to know some scalpers in the hospitals, who were family-owned. They were beaten to the ground in order to get rid of their heads. Playing mahjong every day, directing the younger brother below to grab numbers everywhere. In Shanghai, Beijing did this in the early years, and there were only a few houses. Some people who are seriously ill also watch it open. When there is no money, jewelry and even houses are sold directly to these scalpers at low prices. People who come to treat illnesses from other places can’t afford it, so they can only buy them from them. When they meet rich people, sometimes one account can sell for thousands. But it doesn’t matter if the rich have more. The poor are miserable. Those who come from other places can’t register, and are reluctant to spend money to buy a number, and are reluctant to live in a hotel, often just looking for a corner to stay overnight. It’s very bleak to think about where I am going to be in the future. There are also many people who are grumpy and regard medical staff as waiters. They are not going to be happy at all. Children are crying for injections, the elderly are ineffective, and female nurses are slapped in the face.

7 months ago

It is worthy of promotion, but the implementation of security checks cannot fundamentally solve the problem of hospital disputes. After all, it is impossible to rely on the security check to prevent the use of a murder weapon to attack the doctor, especially in the hospital, it is relatively easy to find something as a murder weapon. Why do you say that? Because doctor-patient disputes are not only due to poor medical experience and insufficient care for patients, but also related to the uneven distribution of resources and the inadequate supply of medical resources. For example, at the beginning of the epidemic, Wuhan Fangcai Hospital admitted patients infected with the new crown. The patients got along with the doctors in the Fangcai, and even the medical staff could take the patients to dance square dances and practice Tai Chi, and doctor-patient disputes. The problem was greatly reduced, and only a few extreme disputes occurred. Why is this, because the government provides free treatment, because every patient has many doctors and volunteers to solve personal problems for them all the time, and any problem can be solved in a timely manner. But after the epidemic is over, when patients pay for medical treatment at their own expense, when waiting in line for a long time to see a doctor, but when doctors are in a hustle and bustle of crowds, when the doctors are silent, when personal expectations cannot be resolved as expected, doctor-patient disputes will be resolved again. Will appear again. Therefore, the establishment of security inspections alone cannot prevent vicious attacks on doctors. However, although the establishment of a security inspection system in hospitals will not reduce doctor-patient disputes, it will effectively reduce medical injuries. In order to alleviate doctor-patient disputes, the most important thing is to solve the problem of scarcity and imbalance of medical resources. Only by solving this problem can the possibility of doctor-patient disputes be essentially eliminated.

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