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It’s not. From “there is no superluminal technology, there is no wormhole to shorten the distance”, “we will always be trapped in the solar system, and civilizations everywhere in the universe will never be able to communicate.” Information can be communicated by means of the speed of light such as electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves. Many scholars in the last century considered the possibility of radio communication between civilizations in the galaxy, and SETI is still active now. In this regard, it is more important to allow civilization to exist for a long time in order to have enough time to transmit and receive information. Physical communication is also completely possible: Interstellar objects such as Oumomo[1] and Borisov’s comet exhibited mediocre large rocks and even the “hydrogen iceberg”, “nitrogen iceberg” and “cosmic dust rabbits” advocated by some scholars are extremely fragile The garbage can travel interstellar and will not be destroyed for billions of years. Our spacecraft can reach a speed faster than interstellar objects such as Omomo and Borisov’s comet, and far exceed the robustness of “hydrogen iceberg”, “nitrogen iceberg” and “cosmic dust rabbit”. At the speed of Voyager 1, it can fly 1 light-year for more than 17,000 years. A spacecraft of this level can fly to the vicinity of every star in the Light Century World [2] within millions of years. According to NASA’s mission to explore the heliosphere with solar sail probes, the speed of the solar sail vehicle can reach 15-25 astronomical units per year (about 72-119 kilometers per second), so it takes 2530-4217 years to fly 1 light-year. Hundreds of thousands of years will be able to fly to the vicinity of every star in the world of the Light Century. Some bacteria and archaea have long proven that earth-type carbon-based life can survive semi-permanently in a stable environment with minimal consumption. In 2020, scientists have found a bacterial community that lasts for 110.5 million years in resource-poor deep-sea sediments. This is not a spore but a normal living bacteria. The energy obtained very slowly is mainly used to sustain life. In the laboratory After obtaining additional resources, the normal cycle of rapid passaging resumes. A 250 million-year-old bacterial endospore found in a salt crystal in New Mexico revived in the laboratory [3]. In recent years, some scientists have successfully stored information in the genomes of microorganisms ranging from Escherichia coli to Deinococcus radiodurans. In the case of a significant drop in the passage speed of microorganisms, it can be expected that this information will hardly be lost for millions of years, and a large group of microorganisms can be expected to store information for billions of years as a backup of each other. There is not much to rely on organisms for storing information: other scientists have used femtosecond lasers to etch nanostructures and can expect to store information for tens of billions of years [4], enough to wait for macroscopic low-speed vehicles to cross the galaxy. According to the above facts, using our current technology to project a small amount of stone and metal armor to protect the earth creatures without genetic modification fortified to go to the vicinity of stars other than the sun, there is no substantial obstacle. The information storage density of single-stranded RNA viruses is 200 million billion bits per gram, and humans can do the same. Using a light sail vehicle with a speed of 300 kilometers per second to drop 1 gram of “mail” 100 light-years away, it will arrive in 100,000 years, and it would also take 100,000 to transmit the same information with the antenna before the Arecibo observatory collapsed. The transmission has been completed in years, and the energy required is at least one trillion times that of the light sail. If you attach importance to the efficiency of information exchange, physical aerospace is substantially better than transmitting radio waves-and since we are already calculating the information density of the virus, you can easily think “what is launched is a nanovirus, and it will collect all over the galaxy by itself. Materials, copy yourself and build launch equipment”, exploring the Milky Way is only a matter of time. All the existing life on earth may come from a common ancestor[5], and your biological body also developed from one cell. Then, it is not that far away that the projection can lay the biosphere on the target celestial body and make the device for human beings.
Mankind can also imagine the technology of subluminal space flight and slowly advance it in reality: in the twentieth century, many scholars have discussed nuclear propulsion methods that reach 5% to 15% of the speed of light in a vacuum. Since the controllability of the nuclear fusion device of the Daedalus Project [6] is a little higher than that of directly throwing a nuclear bomb to blow up the butt, there are actually no special obstacles. In 2016, the “Breakthrough Star Project” supported by Hawking discussed the use of large space lasers to accelerate the light sail vehicle to 20% of the speed of light in vacuum to explore Proxima. This is completely feasible in theory, and there are no obstacles that seem unsolvable in engineering. A simple structure can gather huge energy from solar radiation and solar wind to propel spacecraft, such as the Dyson-Harrop solar wind power satellite. Unconventional lasers such as solar pumped lasers and nuclear explosion pumped lasers can all be used in this field. SWIMMER (Spacecraft With Interstellar Medium Momentum Exchange Reactions) [7] can reach 5% to 50% of the speed of light in vacuum, and effectively slow down within the reach of the electromagnetic beam. SWIMMER’s engineering challenges are not small, but its structure is very simple and simple, does not require any surpassing science and technology, and is far easier to slow down than the light sail aircraft. Depending on the scale of your construction, it can deliver a large amount of payload to other nearby stars. There are many difficulties that are currently insurmountable, such as near-light-speed aerospace and warp-speed flight. However, related physical theories are still being developed. At present, we can be optimistic about them: even if those cannot be achieved, humans can still travel between stars.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This passage needs to be read separately. If there is no superluminal technology and no wormhole to shorten the distance, then are we trapped in the solar system forever? So far, it looks like this. Our Voyager 1 and 2 have been running for more than 40 years and have not completely escaped from the solar system. This is the situation in our trapped solar system. Once the sun’s nuclear fusion energy is exhausted, the core of the sun will collapse and the outer layer will expand (even catch up with the earth and Mars), causing the sun’s gravitational pull to decrease. Maybe the earth itself will escape the solar system first. Of course, it is said that after five billion years, it will not be forever anyway. Civilizations everywhere in the universe will never be able to communicate? This question has nothing to do with the previous question. The topic only considers the active situation, in fact, there are also passive situations. If there are alien civilizations, ghosts know what technologies they use, what methods they use, and how they got there in the end. It’s just how we communicated with us, we may not know it yet. Other extraterrestrial civilizations, gods fighting, as mortals, how can they know, how can they predict? It is said that some organic matter also exists on some meteorites. It is the origin of life on earth, and there is also a theory of extraterrestrial origin. Maybe we are all descendants of extraterrestrial civilization.

7 months ago

It seems impossible for a colony of ants in Beijing to communicate with a colony of ants in Shenzhen. But ants can multiply and spread, and ants have spread all over the world. In addition, ants can take the high-speed rail to Shenzhen. The universe is so big, there must be something like a more civilized high-speed rail. Living bodies such as viruses, which have a range of several meters and demanding survival, can also spread to the world. The solar system is carrying us for travel, and the galaxy is also traveling on a larger carrier. From this structure, even if life is not waiting at home, there are opportunities to collide with each other. Speaking of ants, if Beijing ants can observe Shenzhen, they will lament that it is impossible to reach Shenzhen with their own ability, but from our perspective, it is very common to get Beijing ants to Shenzhen, and such things happen all the time. The ant who concluded that it was impossible to reach Shenzhen found himself in Shenzhen one day.

7 months ago

How did the African Homo sapiens spread to the world? The advancement of one stronghold one stronghold. We can also adopt this stupid method. As long as we can solve the energy problem, we can transform one planet by planet, and advance planet by planet. The planet is our stronghold. When human civilization has as many strongholds to a certain extent and has the driving force to advance outward, it is like cell division and proliferation, exponential proliferation is very terrifying. The key is still the energy issue.

7 months ago

When sailing in Europe, people did not have airplanes or radios, but there were still people who were willing to isolate themselves at sea for months to explore the New World. The same is true in the interstellar age. Although people do not have hyperspace navigation methods such as curvature engines and wormholes, they can use technically feasible means such as light sails and fusion engines to accelerate the aircraft to near the speed of light, and endure decades of conflicts. Isolation and several years of communication delays, to explore a new world-as long as there is sufficient motivation. In the age of great navigation, the motive may be money; but in the interstellar age, the motive will be an energy crisis and a resource crisis. In addition, to refute a Gao Zan’s statement that “wormholes are completely feasible in principle.” This is just a hypothesis of scientists based on the framework of relativity and playing with mathematical water thesis. At present, there is no experimental method that can change the space beyond the framework of general relativity. Structure, even in particle physics, there is no such theory.

7 months ago

The way to exchange energy for speed is the most primitive. Since humans have learned to run, they have been moving in this way. Continuous time and space and universal gravitation deeply constrain human beings, making it difficult for humans to look up at the starry sky, but it is difficult to travel in the universe. Human beings are currently ignorant of long-distance (light-year-level) travel. The theory of relativity limits the speed of motion in continuous space-time. The ability to transmit information beyond light has to be based on discontinuous space-time and a deep understanding of gravitational fields. At the beginning of knowledge, the development of these fields is relatively slow at present. These main fields are all the categories of theoretical research. The in-depth research needs to modify and supplement many current basic theories. In addition, this field has a greater impact on productivity. Any breakthrough will be Many experimental data and theories are not suitable for public publication. Unconventional aircraft and physical phenomena have long existed. Tesla’s dynamic theory of gravity (something from 100 years ago) has long implied the relationship between gravity and space-time, as well as electromagnetic waves. The superfluid of condensed matter physics is also applicable to the study of gravity, but the relationship between electric field and magnetic field Translated into the relationship between the magnetic field and the gravitational field, the angle and frequency are also very different in parameters. I can only say, “If there is no superluminal technology”, this hypothesis is difficult to establish from the existing information, and it is inevitable to leave the solar system. Wormholes appear in the theoretical model of modern physics. Actually, this model can hardly allow humans to pass through this framework. The great curvature of time and space brought about by wormholes will tear people apart. In fact, maintaining a wormhole is extremely difficult. Curvature engine (wrap driver) essentially bends time and space, and it takes a lot of energy to bend time and space. The difficulty of bending time and space is far greater than that of shielding gravitational fields. The theoretical speed limit of the curvature engine can only be close to the speed of light, and cannot exceed the speed of light. For the universe whose expansion speed is greater than the speed of light, the curvature engine is still an extremely slow vehicle due to its sub-light speed. The exchange of universe and civilization is another big topic. This title is also Not suitable for large-scale discussion. The exploration of extraterrestrial civilization has never stopped. In fact, many viruses on the earth come from space. The cryogenic meteorite nuclei in space can retain viruses for hundreds of millions of years. To some extent, the evolutionary history of mankind has never left extraterrestrial organisms. The communication between humans and extraterrestrial creatures or civilizations has never stopped. Human beings are only good at transportation and communication and ignore the development of other fields, even if they travel to other galaxies, it is extremely dangerous.

7 months ago

Even if there is no superluminal technology and no wormholes, humans still have a way to conquer the boundless universe and spread the mark of humans to all corners of the universe. 1. About superluminal technology: it looks beautiful. The Mexican physicist Akubiri proposed the concept of a warp engine in 1994. Influenced by the sci-fi drama Star Trek, Akubi seriously considered whether there is a warp engine, and then published an article in the journal “Classics and Quantum Gravity” titled “The Warp Engine: Under General Relativity”. Fast Sailing” article. Our general idea is: how to achieve super-light speed navigation. Akubiri’s thinking is the opposite. He assumed that there was a distorted space-time that would allow the aircraft to fly faster than light, and then calculate the distribution of matter corresponding to this distorted space-time. After calculation, a spacecraft with a warp engine can distort the height of time and space around the hull, opening a fast channel in time and space, and the spacecraft flying in the channel. The space in front of the spacecraft is compressed, and the space behind is elongated, so it seems that the spacecraft is not moving, but the space is twisting and flowing through the spacecraft. The spacecraft can achieve an effective speed of 10 times the speed of light, and will not break the speed limit of the universe at all. Just like people who take an escalator walk on the escalator, although people walk slowly on the escalator, the speed of the escalator is extremely fast. However, calculations show that only negative-energy matter can produce such a curvature of space-time, which is the same as the situation encountered by wormholes. The speed of light has a price, and negative-energy matter must be found. Even if a negative energy material is found, it needs the mass energy of a Jupiter to drive the spacecraft. If human beings really achieve warp speed, all the planets in the solar system will be consumed for three voyages. Therefore, the speed engine looks beautiful, but it is actually not feasible. 2. Wormholes: only exist in calculations. Wormholes are only the mathematical solutions of Einstein when studying equations, and have nothing to do with actual physical phenomena. In 1930, Einstein and his assistant Rosen obtained a solution when they solved the gravitational field equation of general relativity. Later it was called the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or Wormhole. It is actually a tunnel connecting two distant time and space. Passing through it can directly cross time and space without being restricted by the speed of light. So far, scientists have not found any wormholes during astronomical observations. Even if a wormhole is discovered in the future, to use it, you need to use the Casimir effect: to pour negative energy into the wormhole, that is, strange matter. So far, no strange matter with negative mass or negative energy has been found. Even if a wormhole is found in the future, and a strange substance with negative energy is also found, it is impossible for humans to pass through the wormhole. Because, through theoretical calculations, scientists have discovered that it is necessary to open a tiny wormhole to the width of one light-year to ensure that humans are not torn apart by the tidal force of the wormhole when they approach the wormhole. To open a wormhole to the width of 1 light-year requires at least 6 times the total energy of the universe, which is simply impossible for humans. Let’s change our thinking: as long as we change ourselves, we can conquer the vast sky. 1. The reason why human beings cannot tolerate low-speed navigation is because the life span of human beings is too short. Not long ago, astronomers discovered a super-Earth that is 6 light-years away from the Earth-Barnard’s Star b. So far, the fastest man-made spacecraft is the Parker Solar Probe launched by NASA in August 2018. The fastest speed it can achieve after changing its orbit in the future is 192 km/s. It takes nearly 9,400 years to fly to Barnard’s Star b at the speed of the Parker Solar Probe. In 9400, it was so long and desperate. However, if our life span is 100 million years, then 9,400 years is only 9.4/10,000 of our lives. Based on our current average life span of 75 years, it is 9.4 per 10,000, which is equivalent to our 2.56 days. In other words, if our life span is 100 million years and we fly to Barnard’s Star b at the currently achieved speed of 192 km/s, it feels like we are going out for a three-day vacation. In the face of life approaching immortality, time and distance are no longer an issue. Our bodies are changing every day. Every day, hundreds of millions of cells die and die, and hundreds of millions of cells are newly growing. Modern medicine can change the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. After the change, there will be various sequelae, but they will not affect our consciousness, and we will not become other people because of the change of organs. Even with high paraplegia, there is no sensation from the neck down, but as long as the consciousness is clear, human nature will still exist, and you can still think and deal with problems normally. For example, Hawking. Therefore, the essence of man is the operation of consciousness. Descartes said: I think, therefore I am. As long as we can find a way to preserve our consciousness, so that our consciousness can still function normally after the body is destroyed, and can continue to think and continue to deal with problems. Our life can live forever. The following person has already shown us the dawn of eternal life. The Neuralink brain-computer interface chip released by Musk is the first step in uploading consciousness. At the Neuralink conference, Musk introduced two devices. One is the size of a coin and has 1024 channels that can be placed inside the skull to read brain nerve activity information and transmit brain wave data wirelessly in real time; the other is a chip that can avoid blood vessels and make a small hole in the skull , A surgical robot that quickly and accurately implants the chip into a predetermined position. Musk said that the implantation of the device can be discharged in one day, the operation will bypass the blood vessels, there will be no obvious damage. “We have a healthy and happy piglet. She was very shy at the beginning, but she was full of energy. She has been implanted for two months.” At the press conference, Musk showed 3 piglets. They are brains. Control group of machine interface surgery. The brain-computer interface system has more than 3,000 electrodes, which can monitor more than 1,000 neurons and implant them into the brain through surgery. When the piglet walks on the field, its brain wave signal is transmitted to the big screen through the brain-computer interface device, and it is displayed very intuitively in the form of image + sound. Although the current brain-computer interface is still far away from the upload of consciousness, this is the direction of human evolution. In the future, human life will be divided into two stages, one is the natural body stage in the physical state; the other is the consciousness stage in the electronic space after the death of the physical body. At that time, death is like breaking the cocoon and transforming into a butterfly, the process of transforming the natural human body into the human consciousness. When the space navigation technology and electromagnetic protection technology are mature, the human consciousness will control an interstellar spacecraft the size of a space station to fly to a distant galaxy, without freezing dormancy chambers and life support systems. Equipped with intelligent mining, construction, smelting, and construction machines, once a planet with rich mineral deposits and suitable resources is found along the way, it will immediately land on the planet. It takes thousands of years to survey, mine, smelt, build, and manufacture to complete the development and construction of this planet. Build a supply base and communication node on this planet, then build a brand-new spacecraft and set sail again. After billions of years, the human consciousness will spread across all galaxies in the universe and become the supreme god in the eyes of natural life bodies on all planets.

7 months ago

Is this possible? Vigorously research genetics and self-assembled robots? Carving the modified DNA on the stone, launching countless stones to the entire universe, the first batch of DNA launched inherited the pioneer gene? If there are other civilizations in the universe, will they use the acquired DNA to conduct research and even incubate humans? If there are no other civilizations in the universe, after these modified DNAs are lucky enough to be captured by the planet’s gravity and fall to the ground, will they be reproduced by themselves?

7 months ago

Even if it doesn’t exceed the speed of light, you can go out, just take a little longer. If the lifespan of intelligent life forms can reach hundreds of millions, are they afraid that there will be places they can’t go? Even if the life span cannot be increased, referring to the wandering earth, then with the inheritance of people from generation to generation, mankind can be spread all over the universe. Time is actually a very tolerant concept. Liu’s ultimate brain hole in the universe, he compares stars to neurons, and starlight to a thought pulse in the brain of a giant. Then this giant’s thoughts are enough to make the universe. The vicissitudes of life.

7 months ago

Guest officer, your question has a BUG. First, it does not require superluminal technology or wormholes to break out of the solar system. Voyager 1 is expected to be the first to break out of the solar system; secondly, even if the solar system is trapped, it will not affect the exchange of civilizations in the universe. It’s a meeting between civilizations. There is no progressive relationship between the speed of light and the wormhole, the trapped solar system, and the inability to communicate with civilizations in the universe, and there is no causal relationship between the three. The answer to the question is: there is no sign that we will be trapped in the solar system without these technologies, nor is there any sign that we cannot communicate with other civilizations in the universe.

7 months ago

I don’t understand the professional, but I know your question is a typical use of existing technology to speculate on the limitations of the future. It is like ancient humans wondering “If we can’t raise enough horses, will we never reach the side of the mountain?” And the development of science and technology can basically be said to be unpredictable. The long river of mankind is very short for 100 years. But 100 years ago in 1921, human beings would never have thought that modern society could send voice and video messages to people on the other side of the earth with just a finger. At the 1900 World Exposition, Paris artist Jean Mark’s prediction of the future shows that humans’ inferences about the future at that time were also based on existing technology, such as the big-horn phonograph in the picture. Therefore, in fact, we cannot accurately predict the future, nor can we accurately infer how much the development of a certain technology will affect humans.

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