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The intelligence of wolves is not so low, and they are not stupid enough to easily attack adult men. In one-on-one situations, the wolf’s winning rate is almost zero. I have had about 6-7 experiences of encountering wolves in the wild, most of which were lone wolves. Only one encounter was a pack of wolves, but they were far away and not close. Lone wolves dare not attack adults. The only time I had a close confrontation with a wolf was in the mountain at the junction of Sichuan and Qinghai. At that time, I was alone at nine o’clock in the evening. I was looking for a place and was getting my luggage down from the car to set up a tent. I saw it when I turned around. Very close, about ten meters. I judged that it had the intention of attacking me, because the eyes were completely different from the wolves I had encountered before. In the previous encounters with wolves in the wild, the wolves kept a sufficient distance, watched you, and then they would do their own thing and ignore you. But this time was different. The wolf stared at me very intently, and he could see that his body was tight, not as relaxed as the wolf I encountered before. So I judged that it might want to attack me. According to my conscience, I was quite flustered at the time, mainly because I was afraid that there would be companions nearby, but I had to solve the current situation. I threw what I was holding to my feet, slowly took off the denim jacket and wrapped it around my left arm, and pulled the car door with my right hand to find out the stone picker (roughly the shape of a screwdriver) that I placed in the door storage slot. But the front end is a shape with a pointed head and a hook, used to remove the stones stuck in the tire gap, a dozen on Taobao, very easy to use.) During the whole process, I always looked at the wolf with my back leaning on the door. After doing all this, the wolf still did not act. I felt that it was not a way to keep facing up like this, so I took the initiative and raised my left hand across my throat. The purpose was to make the wolf bite my protected arm instead of the fragile throat and face. , The weakness of a canine bite not letting go will expose the fragile abdomen of the wolf in front of the sharp edge of my right hand. Because there is a possibility of being thrown down after leaving the back door, lower the center of gravity and approach the wolf with a lunge. The wolf was as nervous as I was, and he yelled while backing away. When I pulled in about two meters, I suddenly yelled and rushed forward, and the wolf turned and ran away without saying a word. After confirming that the wolf had run away, I picked up the luggage on the ground and threw it back into the car. I drove all the way back to the county seat and found a hotel to stay in… Since then, I have never been afraid of dogs.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Fight casually with weapons, and only talk about hand-to-hand combat. The wolf has only one output skill, that is, biting, which is too bad for tmd. A tiger can make you reincarnate with a slap. The wolf’s scratching damage is too general. As long as the neck and the chicken are not bitten, it is basically difficult to lose heads-up. You are not afraid to hang on to the lottery and fight to the end, and you can win. Just as the advantage of human beings mainly relies on the long-distance output of holding groups, holding weapons, throwing, and even playing yin, ambushing, digging traps, poisoning, etc. Lone wolf hair is not used, wolves rely on team fighting, encirclement and suppression alone, long-distance attacks, consuming opponents. There are many output skills of human beings. 1. Wangbaquan chaos hammer, the physical advantage is there, you can still win the bloody battle in the end, it’s a big deal. 2. Elbow strike. The output of human elbow blows is very high, and the bones of the elbow joint are one of the hardest bones in the human body. The wolf’s head, abdomen, and back cannot withstand your elbow blows too much. 3. Football kicks. Kick the head and belly. You can kick it to cry. 4. Naked twisting is also a big killer. Locking its neck and strangling him will make it difficult for his limbs to exert force. Of course, everyone is flesh and blood, and the brave wins if one of them does not have enough fighting will. It is impossible to win a heads-up. Take a step back and talk about the wolf’s bite force, send an arm to it to bite, and sell this flaw. What output skills does he have? It is more than enough to hammer it and hang it.

7 months ago

I met jackals when I was in high school…..and it’s not a deep mountain or old forest. We are a prefecture-level city here…but there are many mountains…There is a mountain between my home and my school. It is convenient for me to not love it. Take the bus in the city and go to school all over the mountain. Once I didn’t know which of the tendons was wrong, I went to school before dawn… As a result, a dog that looked like a fox sprang out in the woods, not too big, so I bend over when I saw it. I picked up a stick and ran away.

7 months ago

My daughter-in-law: “Why does your phone keep ringing? Let me see who!” Me: “It’s okay. Daughter-in-law, a bunch of shovelers. If you have to find a wolf to practice, I can’t persuade you.” My wife: “Slide Shovel? Isn’t that for tigers? The wolf is not much taller than our dog? How can people shovel under their stomachs? How short is that person? Is it as short as a bastard? Hahahaha” Me: “Not a wife, Slippery shovel can’t be used against tigers. Slippery shovelers are not good people. They teach people to commit suicide.” My daughter-in-law: “I don’t care, you show me, Xiaobai, come here!” My dog: “You two have TMDs.” Get sick! Yesterday, you barely wringed, today you shovel, if you dare to slip me today, I will dare to piss on your face! “You look at you, you are doing evil… My wife, like a person who doesn’t touch Yang Chunshui with ten fingers, knows It’s a slippery shovel, I beg you to be your own people. do not! again! hair! slip! shovel! Up! The following original answer is that my Samoyed (male dog) is 52 jin, and I am 180 jin. In the case of playing around, I can easily subdue him, that is, hold or hold him, and hold him tightly. If I use my strength to twist naked, or take advantage of my weight to choke my neck, I can put him to death in a short time. If it weren’t for fun and fate, I would observe a dog of 52 kg and its canine teeth at 3 cm. My dog ​​would have no chance of winning against a man of 180 kg and crushing him with strength. The trick is still the same. The dog will suffocate and die, and I will have some scratches and bites. Human-wolf ratio, bite force is given for nothing, so don’t think about biting, not to mention bite force, it is a problem how blunt human teeth break through the dense hair of animals. People’s advantage lies in the flexible and powerful limbs, especially the upper limbs. Of course, if you have practiced, and there is life on the legs, the legs are more powerful. So the routine I can think of is that the wolf rushes over to bite you, swiftly locks your neck and hugs it, but if you can’t react, just fist your non-conventional hand in your mouth, then use your weight advantage to press it, and then strangle it. The extra power can also be hit with the elbow joint. But the above is all my imaginary. If I lose weight to 140 and encounter a wolf of 70 catties, this thing is not a dog, but a predator in the wild. I am a waste sitting in the office. I must have great fighting skills and skills. After calculating the weight, the advantage will certainly not be as simple as 140:70. So I can’t give an answer to this matter. I’m convinced. You can also discuss this kind of problem. Is it because you can’t live in the city, or the game is not popular? 1. I am 180 kg, I can only make gestures with my 52 kg Samoyed, because he will not be anxious with me. As for whether I can beat a bigger dog, I haven’t tried it because the owner may call the police. A madman attacked his pet dog. I have a medical insurance card, but the money in the medical insurance card can only cure pain, but not brain damage. 2. Don’t mention unreasonable demands, why should I go to fight with bulldogs or wolves to answer this question? You go to find out, go to other answers to find if there are any fierce people. I can’t say that I’ve played or failed. I don’t even have the qualifications to answer this question. 3. It’s really true. If you try to find a bulldog, you will know how many catties you are. How convincing it is to answer questions at that time. Don’t look for a bit, fierce is fierce, too small, no Dugo Tosa, overweight. Don’t have to be so troublesome. There are riot dogs at the airport. I think that stuff is similar to a wolf in physique. You can go to him and do it without the presence of the police. 4. I have heard of the encounter between a lone wolf and a man. My fifth grandfather was a railroad worker when he was young, and he met him during an overhaul along the line. After a few minutes of confrontation, the wolf left. Instead of running, the wolf would not be as persuaded as the dog, but left slowly. At that time, my fifth grandfather was too scared to move, but he had a large wrench in his hand. This is what I know. The assessment of the combat effectiveness of a lone wolf in the wild against an adult man holding a blunt weapon: “It is more difficult and risky.” My fifth grandfather’s assessment of wolves is as follows: “I was scared at the time. I was really scared. Unlike dogs, those eyes have no emotion, and I can’t tell whether I’m afraid or excited. I’m just evaluating the prey. If I’m not young and strong. , Plus there is something in his hand, the wolf must have cut his mouth. It seems that the beast hesitated for a long time before leaving, and he didn’t panic at all, he was not afraid of me at all. “This is the only thing I know about people and wolves. And it didn’t fight, and naturally there was no comparison. Some comments are more objective: under some premises (thirst for survival, willpower), people hurt wolves to death, I think this probability is relatively high. Unless it is a wolf with excellent skills, it will kill you a little bit without leaving any flaws. That’s it. I’m 180 kilograms this year, and I can beat a 52 kilogram dog that I raised myself. I know that this result has disappointed everyone. I will train well… My dog, let him gain weight, so next year I will Can beat a dog of 62 pounds. As for what you can play, feel free to play. If there are talents in the comment area, you should learn more, so don’t learn about sliding shovel.

7 months ago

When I saw a wolf, I couldn’t help but think of the “Tibetan Code” I read in elementary school and Pu Songling’s classical Chinese short story “Wolf” in the junior high school textbook. Although it is a long time ago, the wolf in “Tibetan Code” left me behind. I was overly impressed. The three gray wolves of Hoh Xil remember that there seems to be the super invincible scud war god in the depths of the Himalayas. The giant and strong non-bone flute can’t compete with the pack of wolves leading to the mysterious Pabala Temple. There are so many countless, so many spiritual advancements in the jungle. The feeling described in the wolf novel: the wolf is too team, he is too agile, he is too brave, he is too smart, according to this impression, the wolf wins; Pu Songling’s “Wolf” is used by the group leader of the grade language group The public class in our class. At that time, this class was rehearsed in advance, and the impression was also quite deep. The human camp represented by the butcher was too calm, too witty, too decisive, one hit two double kill, and the violent slaughter. Split the wolf’s head with a knife, and kill it with several knives. …Tu Zi later broke his shares and died. Nai Wu before the wolf false sleep soundly, cover up to lure the enemy. The wolf is also stunned, and two are killed in an instant. How can the beast be deceived? Just increase laughter. After reading this, a standing person beats 140 catties and a 70 catties wolves. I have neither personally played nor watched other people fight. Haha, the real wolves don’t seem to have ever seen them (Is there a wolf in the zoo? I have no impression at all). Hole questions, please take a look at the answers you wrote, don’t be serious, yes, my answer does not analyze factors such as weight, weapons, etc. Hey, I don’t use the information on the questions, just play

7 months ago

Wolves are very smart animals, very good at controlling the field and attrition. Their cunning level can quickly analyze the degree of casualties and results of possible fights. Generally they will not take the initiative to single adult men because the results are uncontrollable. If this happens, This kind of thing, then it will definitely be constantly tested at the beginning. I think different men’s psychological qualities and fighting determination will have a great impact on the struggle. A 70-pound wolf should be considered medium size, but in our country this size wolf is considered very big. Adults of 140 pounds should be able to fight if they don’t consider the pain and fear for the time being, but they are generally afraid of pain and fear of death. Most of them have not experienced hand-to-hand combat without fate, and wolves are more sensitive. The reaction speed is also very fast. If you can’t give it a fatal blow in time, you will be pulled and bitten by it, and you will be injured everywhere. The severe pain will quickly lose the ability to fight back and you will not be able to continue fighting. Therefore, I think the possibility of wolf victory is higher. the above.

7 months ago

The wolf has never beaten a dog, a large dog. I have raised many kinds of large dogs. I have probably raised a dozen of them in the past 20 years. The largest is St. Bernard, and the smallest is a VIP. In addition to this VIP, other basic large dogs, Cathrow Rottweiler black back have been raised. There have been several incidents of sexual assaults by dogs, and there is also an incident where Rottweiler’s food protection is so serious that it later develops to actively attack people. It was all subdued by me. Rottweiler just had the intention of attacking and confronted him. It was subdued with bare hands. Due to the long time of raising a dog, some dog friends did not raise the dog well, and helped to deal with it several times, just helping to subdue the dog and then put it in a cage. Let me put it this way, a normal man, as long as you are sure that the dog will attack you, don’t persuade yourself, the dog will definitely not be able to do you. If you learn how to catch a dog again, you can subdue a large dog without injury. Many people have exaggerated the fighting power of dogs. In reality, the situation of being bullied by a dog is nothing more than the following reasons. Either I didn’t expect that the dog would bite, and I was assaulted by a sudden attack. I have never been bitten before, and my mentality of being bitten by a dog immediately collapsed; the last one is the children or the elderly who have no strength to really beat them. The other basics can win. In fact, many people don’t know that the biggest damage a dog causes to a person does not come from the bite. You should pay attention to the length of the dog’s canine teeth, which is actually much worse than that of the beast. The biggest damage a dog can do to a person actually comes from the tearing after biting, and as long as the person is not stunned, the damage can be greatly reduced and then you can control the dog, as long as you don’t panic. Based on my personal experience of raising dogs for 20 years, the answer is that normal adult men, as long as they don’t panic, it’s okay to win a dog with a minor injury. If you have experience, you can be harmless. If you have a stick in your hand That is complete abuse. I see that many people in the above reply say that people are otakus, why don’t they have the courage or physical strength, in fact, dogs have counseling dogs, and wolves have counseling wolves like wolves. You can’t always compare with an otaku who has no power to bind chickens. I’m never afraid that I won’t persuade an experienced wolf to compare. An ordinary adult male, I am, 175, 75 kg. Facing a sudden attack from a large dog, I have uniformed with bare hands two or three times. Other simple things such as clothes and hands are six or seven times. Others have guys such as dogs. Let’s not talk about the fork, there is no suspense. Of course, if you have the conditions, you will definitely take the guy. The problem is that sometimes things happen suddenly, and there is really no way. He was injured only once, it was not serious, and the others were not injured. I don’t know if I can beat a wolf, but the dog must be unable to beat me. Not discussing sneak attacks, just talking head-on, I should be fine with a high probability. If I have another stick, North Grey will give it for nothing. I still have confidence in this.

7 months ago

Stop talking about stress responses, fears and other special cases. If you are so arrogant, it would be better to say that people have a cerebral hemorrhage and thrombosis when they are confronting each other and they are sent away directly. The following is the original answer: Don’t say anything about the addition of wild wolves. The fact that human beings can stand at the top of the food chain was hit one after another. Don’t hide behind the tools for a few years and forget the ancestor’s field ability. There is something called adrenaline. Most people have never really felt this stuff. But when you are in danger, adrenaline secretion rises sharply. At that time you were a fighter machine that knew no pain and ignored fear. A 70-pound wolf can hardly bite a human’s neck while maintaining balance, the only weakness facing wolves. As long as the center of gravity is lowered and not thrown down, whether it is strangling, elbow or whip, even if it is a 140-jin fat house, the force that erupts cannot be borne by a wolf.

7 months ago

As long as you don’t panic, you have a better chance of winning. The main reason is that lone wolves will not easily attack big guys like adult men. But it will follow you when it is hungry. After all, you are not a tiger or a bear. It is not afraid of you, but does not dare to act rashly. It follows you to find your flaws. At this time, you are also looking for it, but not for its flaws. Those of us human masters who are indifferent and indifferent, you can’t see the flaws in the wolf. What you are looking for are stones and wooden sticks to weigh your hands. The sticks must be very strong and not light or heavy. You can find a few more stones and pile them together. Then you use a stone to chop the wolf, and most of them will definitely fail, but it doesn’t matter, you have unlimited output when you chop with a stone. As long as it dares to get in, hit it with a stick. As long as it succeeds once, for example, a stone or a wooden stick hits the wolf’s head, or hits its leg to make it inconvenient to move. He immediately took a stone in his right hand and a stick in his left hand and rushed over. He slammed the stone down at its head at close range, and then hit the wolf’s head with a wooden stick until the wolf escaped or was beaten to death. Once this time, the wolf didn’t die and didn’t dare to follow you. If you can find an edged stone chip, hide in a tree and sharpen the stick, you will be basically stable.

7 months ago

In the case of a single wolf, there is a high probability that this wolf will not attack, it will only look at you from a distance, and is very defensive. Unless it hasn’t eaten anything for 10 days and has red eyes. The horror of wolves lies in the wolves. If they encounter larger wolves, the lions and tigers will be avoided from a distance, let alone a man of 140 pounds. When I was a child in the countryside, I had the experience of encountering wolves in winter. At that time, I was only 15 or 6 years old and weighed only 100 kilograms. The wolves came to steal pigs, sheep, and chickens. They didn’t attack people, see. When I arrived, I was facing away from a distance, much like a dog. After watching for a while, turning my head for a while, I was too scared to move, but after a stalemate for 10 minutes, it left, and after walking for a while, I looked back. Now that I think about it, he looked back not to assess whether he was going to attack me, but to see if I walked away so that he could continue to steal pigs and sheep. Later, I drove home and talked to my grandpa about this matter (Grandpa had the experience of beating wolves and eating wolf meat). Grandpa said that the wolves that came down in winter all ventured down because they hadn’t eaten the mountains in winter, and they were very cautious. They are only active at night when they are asleep, so they are still very alert and will not attack people unless they are children who are shorter than it. But who would let a child out alone in the middle of the night. So I have not heard of wolves attacking people for many years. If you encounter accidentally, don’t run, stand still, raise your hands, raise tools such as wooden sticks, and the wolf will leave soon. That’s it. The wolf is still very smart. Will not be so stupid to attack a creature taller than himself alone.

7 months ago

It’s a big brain hole to think of such a scene. In fact, in this scenario, weight is not the key factor. I have two friends, both are 140 Jin. One is a programmer, who is less than 170, weighs 140, and can breathe after walking a few steps. If he encounters a hungry wolf, or is bare-handed, there is a 70% chance that the wolf will win. There is also a fitness coach, who used to teach Muay Thai. He is 180 and 140 pounds. The strength and speed are beyond ordinary people. If this person is going to fight with wolves in the wild, there is no doubt that he will definitely kill the wolf, whether it is Fist or foot, as long as the head is accurate and the explosive power is enough, you will surely be able to eat wolf meat within ten strokes. If it is an ordinary person who is not so extreme, a tie is more likely.

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