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In August last year, I bought a car with a loan of 40,000 yuan and paid it back for two years indefinitely. The monthly repayment was 1,667. There was no pressure in the first few months, and 10,000 yuan was deposited in it. Later, after half a year, the money was gone and I started to put my salary in it. Save, suddenly feel the pressure is overwhelming. Many people would think that it is more than one thousand yuan, not that. Then I will calculate the account for you. My husband and I work in a small county in a second-tier city. The salary for the two people together is only 8K. The mortgage is 13 thousand and the car loan is 1.7. The baby was born last year, and every month we have an extra 2,000 yuan for milk powder urine. For other expenses such as wet toys, clothes, etc., these proper five thousand dollars are gone. Now I live in my hometown, and we don’t need to pay for the living expenses of parents-in-law to take care of the children, but I can’t ask the elderly for my personal courtesy anymore. If it’s too much, it’s 1,000 yuan. When my husband works the night shift, he will live in the county and will not return to his hometown, so he will pay more for utilities and living expenses, even five hundred. It takes 50 kilometers to go back and forth to my hometown every day. When the weather is good, I ride a tram. When the weather is bad, I will drive. When I take a rest, I will take my baby out to go shopping. The fuel cost is about 500. The remaining one thousand bucks will be gone to buy some clothes, shoes and fruits. What does that mean? My suggestion is actually to buy if you have the ability to repay the car loan, after all, it is not a must. I wouldn’t buy a car if it wasn’t for the birth of a child. After all, if you include fuel, insurance, maintenance, and loans, it costs two thousand and five. Although the money is not much, we earn less, so the pressure is high. It will be over in more than a year. If you say you regret it, you will regret it, but what is the use of regret? Thinking about changing the status quo is the way. I think the main reason is to earn less. I hope that the days to come will get better and better!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

If I succeed in getting out of the circle, should I help him repay the loan? I have been a good friend for many years. Recently, I don’t know if my brain was squeezed by the door or something. Maybe it was a relationship. I bought a Ralink hybrid with a loan and landed about 160,000 yuan. The crux of the problem is that he is looking for the kind of low down payment installment company, 125,000 of the 160,000 miles are instalment company loans, and the remaining 35,000 down payment is actually a credit card?! It’s equivalent to this kid who didn’t put a dime in his pocket, so he went to complete a new car and came back! The current situation is that he has to repay 125,000 of the principal and interest of nearly 4,000 every month, and then there are 35,000 credit card debts that need to be constantly moved back and forth between the credit cards. It is said that the monthly cash-out fee needs several hundred. Then he earns 3,500 a month, with a bonus of about 15,000 at the end of the year. Now it has successfully turned the 125,000 instalment company’s arrears into credit card arrears. If it is not enough, open a new card and cash out various kinds of cash. Up to now, it is said that there are more than 10 cards, but the actual cost of 160,000 principal is not much. It’s all spent on handling fees and interest. Now it seems that I still owe 100,000 to the instalment company and several thousand have not been repaid. The 35,000 for the credit card is actually more than 60,000 for the daily cost of buying insurance and refueling, which is needed to cash out every month. The cost of procedures is increasing. Now every month, I have to settle my credit card for several nights in order to repay the money. Hey, we are all 30 years old, why are you doing this? If you don’t sell cars, you will have to go online to make up for the hole. Anonymity is impossible, it is better to see it! You are the one scolding! Do that irrelevant thing when you get older!

7 months ago

Regret, regret it! I bought a car in 19 years, Nissan, Qijun, a regular SUV; why did I buy a car? Mainly because I am getting older, I often go home with large bags and small bags, and my hometown is also Shankara, so I considered buying a car. When I first bought it, I used less down payment and more loans. The loan cycle lasted for 5 years, and then more than 4,000 per month. According to this situation, it must be okay, but why do you regret it? 1. The driving skills of the vehicle are average, and there are often scratches; I haven’t driven much since I got the driver’s license, and I have been driving after picking up the car, but in general, I still don’t have much experience in driving. During the first time after picking up the car, I was frightened every day, either because I was afraid of being hit by someone or I was afraid that I would hit someone else. Within half a year after picking up the car, both front and back, left and right, had been repaired. This repairer regretted his death. 2. Although the monthly payment for buying a car is not much, the comprehensive consumption is very high. In Guangzhou, parking fees are required for places where you live, and parking fees where you work. In addition to parking fees, there is also a gas fee; comprehensively, it is better than not buying a car. It will cost about 3,000 more; 3. In addition to the above, there are maintenance fees, car wash fees, tolls, insurance fees, etc., when combined, it will cost about 2,000 per month; so far, when combined, the above costs are :4+3+2=9 thousand; 9 thousand, if you buy a car or not, you have to pay so much more every month; if you don’t buy a car, what can you do with this 9,000? 1. In Guangzhou, 9,000, you can pay for a suite a month, of course, provided that you have a down payment; 2. Even if you do not provide for the room, you can take 6,000 to invite friends for dinner, and invite all kinds of friends; You can still play freely if you pay 3,000; 3. Even if you don’t use it, you can save 9,000. It’s not easy to save such a sum of money every month. In short

7 months ago

I don’t regret having a loan, and I’m a little tighter. After three years, there will still be trolley left. No loan, a little loose on hand, the money for the car may have been spent elsewhere, and as a result, there will be no gross left after three years. It’s like renting a house. After ten years of rent, there is nothing left to help the landlord repay the loan. After buying a house for ten years, the house is your own. After the price rises, you can still make money by selling it. (This example is not appropriate, please ignore it.) I just checked it, and there are still five issues left. After I get the green copy, I will start to look at the next car. Work hard to get the last six-cylinder car.

7 months ago

I’m glad I didn’t have a loan to buy a car! I bought the car in June 19, and after driving it for half a year, I caught up with the epidemic. Because I was working in an educational institution in a private enterprise, and during the epidemic period, no wages were paid, so there were actually no income for two months. In addition, the daughter-in-law gave birth to a child at the end of May 20, so the economic pressure was still relatively large. . Fortunately, at this time, there is only a monthly mortgage of 3,000. If there is a car loan, the life will be more difficult. In January 2021, Shijiazhuang was closed for another month due to the epidemic, and it was another period of no wages and no income. Similarly, fortunately, there was no car loan. I personally feel that there is no need to borrow money to buy a vehicle that exceeds my own economy for the sake of face. The car is just a means of transportation.

7 months ago

With an annual income of 120,000, the mortgage has been converted to provident fund loans. Ordinarily, if I take a loan, I can buy an Accord or A3 without any pressure, and I might be able to get a4 by gritting my teeth. Later, I learned about the truthfulness of the mess of interest handling fees, and I couldn’t figure it out even after twists and turns. I bought a gk5 for 87,000 yuan (including insurance purchase tax). I swiped more than 10,000 credit cards and paid it back within a month. After driving for two years and one month, more than 29,000 kilometers, I am used to +95, 4 hair per kilometer, small maintenance 8k kilometers once, 280 yuan, 60 bottles of Earth Dream engine additives, and a total of 340 maintenance. The insurance has just been renewed for the third year, 2100 yuan including three responsibilities for vehicle damage and so on. I asked about the selling price a while ago. Someone took it for 7w. I’m glad I didn’t have a loan to buy a car. This car includes depreciation loss (1.7w) and daily expenses (30,000 kilometers 4 gross per kilometer, total oil 1.2w, insurance 2800+2100 for the second and third years, and several maintenance 1,000 Yuan) Wait, these 25 months, it took 3.5w, and the average cost was only about 1k4 per month. If you don’t include the loss, it’s about 900 a month. This money has absolutely no effect on my quality of life. If I buy a car with a loan of 80,000 as the down payment, and then borrow 100,000 to buy an Accord (with a high probability of 11, because there are still fees and interest), if I install 36 installments, it is estimated that I will have to repay 3,400 every month. about. According to the fuel consumption of my car, and the increase in insurance premiums and maintenance for model changes, the Accord will spend at least 400 yuan more than the Fit every month. Then for the first three years, I have to pay 3400 car loans +900+400=4700 yuan every month. Coupled with parking fees and illegal scratches, the cost of using a car for the first three years went to 5k a month. If it takes 5k to pay back the loan in one month and keep a car, to be honest, I am a little unhappy, after all, my income is really not high. Of course, the Accord is much more comfortable than the Fit, and it seems to be a bit better in terms of face. But I think whether I drive the Fit, drive the Accord or ride the Mavericks, it feels like I will always drop Honda. The next car should be the Accord, and loans should still not be considered. This is what our Honda bad boy looks like

7 months ago

Let me talk about the point of view first, it’s not regrettable. The car is a second-hand car bought in September 19, 19, the price is 40,000, the down payment is 10,000, the loan is 30,000, and the total interest is about 4,000. , I’m really sorry that I didn’t find a friend to borrow money to buy it, but it’s also considered a lack of affection. What can be solved with money is to solve it with money. After I have a car, I add a mortgage. The monthly repayment amount is 3000, accounting for about 65% of personal income. In fact, it is okay. It is a coincidence that I encountered an epidemic in early 20th and sent my girlfriend back to my mother-in-law for the first time. Home, I’m currently married, and returning to work from our hometown, we are all very fortunate to have this car. Otherwise, we really don’t know how to solve the transportation problem. After the epidemic has improved, many colleagues in the company also bought vehicles accordingly. After having a car, the radius of the activity has increased. From then on, it is much more convenient to return to my hometown. I just leave, and every time I go back, I can bring special products such as fruits and vegetables in the trunk. The misery started after I decided to renovate with my wife, the total amount of renovation was 130,000, the loan was 96,000, and the monthly repayment amount was 1,800. From then on, the monthly repayment amount was 4,800, accounting for 95% of personal income and 65% of household income. , The renovation is seriously over budget, and it has entered a stage of heavy debts. 20 years of year-end performance and turnaround. In March this year, I consulted the bank. The current repayment is early and the interest can be reduced by 1,500. Resolutely choose to repay early. Monthly wages. Come on!

7 months ago

In the second half of last year, I borrowed 70,000 yuan to buy a BYD e2. Don’t regret the 70,000 yuan of interest-free loan for 2 years. I repay more than 3,000 a month, and I paid a handling fee of 2,000 when I bought the car. This fee is considered cheap during the lap I watched. When I bought a car, I saw a lap of cars. The joint venture brand is usually 4000-6000. If there is no existing car for popular models, the fee will be increased. Go, the domestic ones are between 2000-3000. Because it is an interest-free loan, it is still a good deal. After buying the car, it is still acceptable to calculate the monthly expenditure on the car in half a year. The insurance is 5000, and the average is 420 per month. At present, the charge is more than 100 per month, the parking fee is 200, and the maintenance is sent for 6 times. On average, it’s about 4,000 yuan a month. Compared with the previous petrol trucks, it is relatively economical. The postage for petrol trucks is 700-800 per month. After I bought e2, I went to the surroundings more often, because the electricity is cheap, haha, the other one is that e2 is much easier to drive than my previous petrol truck, and I don’t have any psychological burden to drive with my children. This weekend of six months The kids are happier, and it’s worth the fare. Of course, there is the most critical point. The car loan is paid by the husband. When there was no car loan before, I didn’t know where the money was spent. Now I have at least paid off the car loan. I feel like I finally saw the money. I plan to build a small house in my fourth- and fifth-tier cities after the car loan has been paid off in the past two years and let my husband pay it back. This is really helpless. Fortunately, my husband never knew my Zhihu account. Haha

7 months ago

At first glance, it is a question of car buying skills. A closer look is a matter of financial management…Whether money should be borrowed is a matter of different circumstances. But remember, the loan to buy a car must be within the scope of your own financial support! Don’t buy a car that is too expensive. I think the price of the car is equivalent to the annual income. The conditions that are suitable for buying a car with a loan are as follows: 1. The cost of using money is higher than that of using a loan. If you are a boss, the company usually costs more money than a car loan, so using the money on the company will benefit more than investing in the car. If you have investments and need to borrow money, then you must borrow money to buy a car. 2. Consumption of a car in advance is not the same as a house. A tool that can be used to produce great value. For example, buying a car with a loan to drive Didiru, buying a car with a loan to work at a distance, such as buying a car with a loan to improve the quality of family life It is recommended that people who buy a car with a loan regret it. There may be only one situation where they regret it, that is, if you have money in your hand and don’t have the right investment, you still choose a loan and you regret it.

7 months ago

How many people regret buying a car, and what are the reasons? 1. Repay the car loan. Generally, a 30% down payment is paid to buy a car with a loan. The loan period is two years. It takes two years to repay all loans. In addition to living expenses, a monthly salary must be repaid. High car loans, so some people regret buying a car. 2. Cars consume money. Cars are consumables. After buying a car, you need to refuel, pay insurance, parking fees, and regular car maintenance. If you run a red light, you will also pay bills, which is a lot of expense for ordinary working-class people. In addition to the pressure of repayment, individuals will also pay for car-related expenses, and the pressure will be even greater. 3. The value of cars has depreciated. Many young working people hesitate when buying cars and houses, whether to buy a car or a house first. House prices in our country are rising fast, but cars are decreasing, compared with previous friends who bought houses. , Personal fixed assets are greatly discounted, so there will be regrets about buying a car. Since the Mercedes-Benz heroine’s rights protection, the “hidden income” in the car loan industry has also been widely discussed. I will show you the tricks behind buying a car with a loan; buying a car can be done through full payment or bank loans. Now 4s shop highly recommends Personal loans to buy a car, because compared with the full amount, the loan will generate greater profits, and there will be the following tricks. 1. Loan service fee. As a car dealer, 4s shop is not eligible for loan, but will contact the bank to help us with the car loan. During the loan process, a certain service fee will be charged, usually 3% of the loan amount. The higher the fees, the higher the fees charged. This is already an unspoken rule of the industry, but it is actually illegal. 2. To purchase all-insurance, and to buy a car through a loan, you must purchase all-in-car insurance from the insurance company that the 4s shop cooperates with, regardless of whether some commercial insurance is purchased by personal wishes.

7 months ago

I am a super conservative person. I don’t know how to buy a house and I don’t know that I feel a lot of money when I buy a car with a deposit of 500,000 to 600,000 yuan. Then I buy an office or not to buy a car. The monthly mortgage is about 10,000 yuan, and other expenses are increased. It costs 10,000 to eat. Later, during the epidemic, I wanted to buy a car. My brother asked me to buy Jietu. He said that the engine is guaranteed for life. The seven-seat Jietu is not good at all. The car seller is also very stupid. I didn’t even think about buying a Wuling at the end. Everyone laughed to death. Of course, they all laughed secretly. Hahahahaha, Wuling Hongguang plus is the best match. I feel very comfortable at the moment. Maybe I have never driven a luxury car. I think this small five is the most suitable for us. Then it is cheap and durable, and has a lot of space.

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