I remembered an idea from my junior year, but unfortunately I was a short man in action, only dreaming. There are two reasons: 1. After three years of university, I don’t know much about my campus. I haven’t been to half of the places. I basically live in the dormitory and restaurant of the teaching building every day. I play games in the dormitory on weekends. If it weren’t for an event, I wouldn’t know that the school had so many beautiful places; 2. I went to high school classmates to play on a weekend. He was at Henan University of Technology. After arriving at the school, he wanted to visit the school, but he didn’t know how to go. His eyes were darkened, and he had to stand at the door waiting for a friend to pick him up. Therefore, there is this idea, and I hope that capable bosses can make it to benefit college students across the country. The first step is to use the map APP as a carrier to develop a simulated campus. Just like the map package of each city, you download the map package of which city you go to. Similarly, you can download the map package of which university you are admitted to. If the school cooperates, it can also carry out the student certification of the school and open more permissions. The following will discuss in detail the initial development. As one of the answerers said above, a school recruits a campus ambassador, opens the interface, and strives for 1:1 restoration. Real campus scene. And maintain the campus changes in real time. On the one hand, college students are allowed to bring mobile phones and have more free time; on the other hand, the number of college students is relatively large. After the app is developed, there will be enough users to ensure daily living. And, I think if this app is developed, college students will come Said it will be the kind that is just needed and used every day. In the second step, after the large frame is completed, start to fill in the details. 1. The student certification of this school should require the cooperation of the school. After certification, you can use the curriculum function, course reminder, and teaching building navigation. Here I think you can directly navigate to the classroom to avoid the embarrassment of going to the wrong classroom. In the simulation of the teaching building, it is also possible to display the current courses and classes in each classroom in real time. After certification, the school can issue various notices in real time. It’s like we were in the past, when a notice was passed on and then disappeared. We only knew when certain activities started. People may prepare for half a month or even a month to participate. Up. Although we were relatively homeless back then, it was also related to the lack of information circulation. 2. Restaurant comment function. Because the restaurant is also a 1:1 simulation, students of our school can comment in real time after eating at a certain window. Everyone knows the pain of not knowing what to eat when you are in school. Now there is a campus version of the public comment that comes in, and it is recommended by the seniors and younger sisters of the school after personally tasting them. Will this pain still occur? In the same way, the comment function can also be added to various attractions of the school, small supermarkets, etc. The third step, for the map app, after the construction of the simulated campus is completed, it will be simulated shopping malls, simulated parks and other simulated public places. Imagine eating around a certain shopping mall. It is no longer a list display but a direct display. The simulation shows how beautiful the real scene is, and then ar navigates to the business you go to, which is more convenient and fast for both the business and the customer. The disadvantage may be that maintenance and updates may not be timely. After all, the human cost of social people is more than a little bit more expensive than college students. I personally think that this is the development direction of the future map, detailed and refined. At present, AutoNavi Maps has already appeared lane-level navigation, and Baidu Maps has not moved much. Of course, it can be developed independently by a big boss, but it is more convenient if it is not embedded in the map. In the end, as for how to realize the development, I won’t make any trouble. With so many precision customers, someone really needs to develop it. I just want to ask the big guy to cut the sickle slowly.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In other words, interesting functions such as stepping on the right foot with the left foot and going to the sky, purple sand, etc. are gone forever. Some students in the comment area said that Zulong started doing it a long time ago, but at least for now, I don’t think it can be justified. First of all, the code is more or less ported from “Dragon Fantasy”; secondly, with my superficial knowledge of programming and game production, I can’t imagine why five or six are all scenes without interaction with textures, and the installation package can reach 1.7G. There may be many incidents that are “not for the outsiders”, but I don’t plan to go into it, after all, I can’t find out. I just need to know that after a long time, I will still remember the afternoon I fell to death at Cyber ​​Tsinghua University. Even more: In the comment area, a few friends who know the game well said that 1.7G is normal. I think the previous assertion is indeed a bit reckless. In fact, I shouldn’t be beaking in areas that I don’t understand. This is my problem. So whether the game is well done or not, it still needs to be viewed dialectically. At least it does bring a lot of joy to everyone (original answer: it is recommended to update the faction system, you can choose “Tuanpai” or “4-14″ when logging in, and at the same time make the second school gate a destructible object (in addition, I have to praise the fineness of the game. Tsinghua students can even simulate jumping from a building with purple sand in the game (by stepping on the left foot and right foot to go to the sky, and then falling down, see the other answer to this question). I just don’t know that the purple sand will pop out after ” What does the “pet” and “speaking spirit” interface mean? Does it mean “Farewell in bloom, reunion in another world”? The death interface of “Dragon Fantasy” and the death interface of “Tsinghua Fantasy” have been solved. It is Zulong’s “Dragon Fantasy”, the code Did not change cleanly, this may explain why the installation package is unexpectedly large (1.7G, in contrast, the installation package of GTA3 is only 700M). Of course, Zulong programmers must be thanked for their efforts, but This game is obviously another “product of rushing work under the zz task.” As for whether this game can be worthy of the Tsinghua 110th anniversary celebration gift, I can only say that I do not agree with my point of view.

6 months ago

This game is quite suitable for friends who want to travel to Tsinghua University. The buildings inside are quite restored, and there will be an introduction to each building in the main mission. It is very suitable for students who want to study at Tsinghua University and want to experience what Tsinghua is like in advance. It is also very suitable for freshmen who do not fully understand the way. But the real Tsinghua University is more beautiful! The map is quite big. (Or to say that Tsinghua University is quite big), many places are more pleasant than expected. It can be said that even for experienced studios, it is not a small project. The development team of this software is Zulong Studio. Zulong should be one of the earliest studios in China. The engine is also self-developed. Representative works include “Dragon Fantasy”, “Pocket Journey to the West”, “Demon Land”, and “Zhu Xian” “, “Freedom and Glory” (1997) and so on. This team joined Perfect World in 2004 and left in 2014. Recently, many works have been distributed by Tencent as an agent. The current CEO, Mr. Li Qing, was originally a 1993 graduate of the Engineering Department of Tsinghua University and a major supporter of “Shuimu Extraordinary State”. In 1997, Mr. Li Qing founded Zulong Studio. In the past, he was the chief development manager of Perfect World. It can be said to be the first creator and witness of Zulong Studio’s history. The history of the dragon fantasy Zulong is extremely glorious. I personally think that Perfect and Zulong have missed too many opportunities when NetEase and Tencent arbitrarily divided the game market 10 years ago and when a large number of high-quality games were imported from abroad. Zulong and Tencent are currently cooperating deeply. I don’t know what kind of development there will be in the future? I don’t really understand, but I know that it is really not easy to make games in China. Some disadvantaged state-owned enterprises that are willing to make high-quality games really deserve our care and support. But if the resources are not in the hands of content creators, the creators will always be weak due to some force majeure factors. I also wish that Zulong Studio will get better and better, produce more high-quality games, and have a good commercial reputation!

6 months ago

This hot search is too interesting, as an old player of Dragon Fantasy Abandoned Pit. Just glance at the game interface and you can understand it in seconds. This thing has nothing to do with the new game, the second dimension, and the Mihayou game. The game is produced by Zulong, and I take my own dragon fantasy Kassel Academy The scene is changed so casually, without even changing the skin, it becomes this brand new “Mizuki Extraordinary Realm”. Of course, the production quality of the Dragon Fantasy game itself is quite good. The Unreal 4 engine 3A-level mobile game RPG masterpiece, but the krypton gold system and mission system are quite unfriendly to ordinary players, and more than 90% of the game group are students. , The overall gaming experience is still very poor. I just never expected that this game was used to simulate Tsinghua University. This has to be downloaded and played. Wouldn’t it be more fun without the krypton gold and the mission system of the Tsinghua version of Dragon Fantasy?

6 months ago

Do you call this a game? It’s more like a 3D tour… Originally, I thought it was the kind of birth setting that I could choose Jinggangshan, 414, the publicity team. Entering the game, first come with a 3D animation that knocks down the gate of the second school, then start to lead the task and make equipment. You can choose to use a steel pipe to get close, or to use a bow and arrow slingshot for a long distance, or you can assemble your own chemical grenade and electronically controlled mine. Divided into different battlefields, such as the Dongda playground is Capture the Flag. The 9003 building, the science museum, and the main building are for offensive and defensive warfare. The kind of siege weapons can be made and operated by multiple players. There are collective tasks, one is to find a way to do the task and start tanks to attack the main building, the other is to collect materials to make a rocket launcher to prevent the tank from advancing… There is no resurrection mechanism, and it can be set to hang up and re-register the account. To be entertaining and entertaining, we must respect history without forgetting history. Hmm… The high probability is that you won’t get the version number…

6 months ago

Tsinghua: Don’t you guys love to play games? I’m launching a game. Come and play! Me: This is different from the game I love to play. Hey! Tsinghua: Huh? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, “Xiu Xian” soaring, VR somatosensory…Isn’t these all your favorites to play? Me: Does Tsinghua have any misunderstandings about these? The above is a small theater in my brain that is irresponsible, and I see this The intuitive experience of the game. This is actually a gift for the Tsinghua campus, not to let everyone know how beautiful the Tsinghua campus is. Maybe it was in the form of documentary before. Tsinghua didn’t think it had any creativity. This time it made a big move and launched a game? I think this idea is great! So curiosity drove me to download the game~ Wait for me to play for a while to add my feelings, hahahahahaha! During the game download, I have to challenge the network speed of the campus network~ I don’t know if I can recite 50 words with “Level 6 Vocabulary Flashing” during the time of downloading the game?

6 months ago

After seeing this problem in the hot list, I went to download it enthusiastically. I thought I could see a real-world map. I haven’t been to Tsinghua, so let’s go to the online cloud for a tour. The result opens, exm? Characters This is not the kind of dress-up game that my sister plays in Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen? (Thanks for the reminder upstairs~) Whoops! It’s okay, I just came to see the beautiful campus of Tsinghua University. After entering the game, what is this? Why is it not a real picture? Is this all animation? It’s still too late to know. I looked upstairs and said that there was the function of flying in the sky before, and riding a bicycle in the sky, but now I can only run to see the house, bike to see the house, and see that the stairs can’t go up, and the house enters. Don’t go. If you want to upgrade to a game, I think you can do it again, but as a tour item, bad review! (Don’t scold me, I will write the reason in the next paragraph.) After all, I was thinking about visiting the beautiful Tsinghua campus that is visible and undesirable on the cloud. When can I have the real picture I want, or whoever has the link, give me a chant. Let me recite the vocabulary first. Today, the high-frequency vocabulary of “Level 6 Vocabulary Flashed Over” is almost done. perfect!

6 months ago

When I saw the answer, I stepped on my left foot and went to heaven. I was crazy. When my brother was reading novels, I was amazed that many boys read novels. Then I clicked on a male-frequency book and took a look with girls. What’s the difference between the novels I read. Then my eyes, it, is not clean anymore! The story is probably about a boy with an ugly face and a poor family background. He was led by an old man to practice on the mountain for a few years in a black wind and high night. During the years on the mountain, he and various masters learned all kinds of things, including But it is not limited to martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, poisoning, being a sea king, aphrodisiac… After going down the mountain, he has the domineering spirit, looks handsome, and captured the hearts of all kinds of beauties, including but not limited to the money in the same class School beauties, classy beauties with rich monitors, beauties with rich head teachers, beauties with rich celebrities…If you want to talk about his domineering spirit, you must talk about his undead skill when he fell down the eighteenth floor. Step on the right foot with the left foot and the flying magic, and after drinking his urine, the skin will become better the next day… You ask me, what about the back? To say that the previous one is justified, seeing the third magical skill, I finally made sure that I read the novel wrong…

6 months ago

Very good mobile virtual campus life display platform;
The characters and stories moved by Tsinghua can be moved to the cloud on the virtual campus;
Make campus character’s demeanor more extraordinary in the online world;
You can feel the architectural charm of Tsinghua campus here, so that everyone can see the elegance of famous schools.
Allows you to learn about the various characteristics and interesting things of the campus on your mobile phone
Really good

6 months ago

Both the account number and the password cannot exceed 16 characters, and the most basic length imposes serious restrictions on self-deception to detect the strength of the password
The account only allows English letters and numbers, and no other symbols are allowed
Bad reviews due to the above two reasons.
(Is it possible that you think that the id of the info will do? Then you have to assign it? And info does not limit the length of the password?

6 months ago

Hahaha, my god probably read the profiles of other students in the front row. This is not the career planning class assignment that we took the first place back then. It was an idea that was put forward at that time, and we didn’t really make it. The big guy has practiced it, it hurts, and the dream is wrong~ Practice Xingbang (manual dog head), learn from the big guy!

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