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Don’t rush to hold gala to such a high height. It’s not a good thing for a player who only started playing professionally in 2019. Let’s not say anything, at least wait for Gala to maintain its current competitive status on MSI, right? ? First of all, let’s compare the styles of the new and old RNG ADs. How does gala feel about me? It’s the kind of AD that is so stable that it doesn’t give a chance at all. Take this year’s Spring Finals as an example. The second Tiger’s Jess on the road was directly destroyed by Niu Bao’s Swordsman. At this time, RNG pulled the Tiger back to the game with the strength of the whole team. At this time, Gala was on the road alone. Hanging up, even if the pawn line just doesn’t eat, and is 40 dollars behind Lin Weixiang, he will never die once. He is really too stable. At that time, when I was chatting in the lounge, Aya Hingo shared with me: Korean AD players will consider a lot, and they will consider issues such as jungle squatting, etc. As long as it is a more risky behavior, they will not Go up desperately. Many domestic AD players will be very aggressive and will find ways to get the advantage of blood volume in the bottom lane. Of course, there are exceptions to Korean AD. For example, Imp is worthy of a tie, and Imp is an old partner. Also through the words of the tie, I want to emphasize that gala is a very standard Korean AD player, or it can be said that it is a bang AD. I always think that bang is handsome as long as it is thinner. Rather than compare gala with UZI, it is better to compare bang with UZI. Even if bang has won several championships, now whether bang is stronger or UZI is stronger, you can fight for more than a long time. Of course, I won’t cite the war here. I just want to emphasize that Gala has few honors right now. Don’t worry about giving him such a high reputation. We have seen too much in the past few years. Then back to UZI, since I am more familiar with UZI, let’s focus on the second part. Here are some professional players’ understanding of UZI, so that everyone has a different perspective on UZI. I asked Langxing, how does he evaluate UZI? UZI is the kind of player who will give influence as long as it is in the bottom lane. Why do you say that the jungler will lean on the bottom lane unconsciously? Because UZI can always get the advantage through its strong laning strength, maybe it can beat the opponent by 30 dollars in 10 minutes, so as your own jungler, you definitely want to continue to tear the wound on the dominant road, right? UZI has superb skills in making up the knife, and the ultimate alignment details, as if embedded in the distance control of the muscle memory. At that time, the scene of the crazy Kaa level A in the summer finals seemed to be still in sight. How did doublelift evaluate UZI’s alignment? UZI’s APM is ridiculously fast, and may even be twice as fast as his own, so he can gain an advantage in blood volume with his small moves during the laning phase. Even if he clicks the mouse crazy pointlessly during the laning phase, this frequency of clicks will allow him to quickly adapt to the rhythm of the team fight. When UZI is playing live broadcast, sometimes the hand speed of A is crazy when the attack speed is 2.5 or higher. Anyway, when I watched a lot of highlights, I can’t find where his mouse flies. Maybe it was the frequency of clicks that made his hands overwhelmed. Of course, as a teammate, Wolves is a player on the road after all. I also heard that I have never seen doublelift in person. I also asked the question of smile at the time. Smile has a very high evaluation of UZI: Viper is really strong this season. Proper T0 grade AD. But Viper is the kind of very stable player. He is like a stable top student, always keeping 98 points, but only UZI can reach 100 points or even exceed 100 points. There may be many Viper, but UZI really only has one. We also always say: “Fresh puppies downwind, Jane proud against the wind, UZI desperately.” Maybe it’s the meaning of “beyond 100 points” that a smile wants to express. Of course, if you evaluate UZI in this way, I feel like I really become a dog. Objectively speaking, players like UZI are a double-edged sword for the team. The advantages are very obvious, with its own system, strong line-up suppression, full team battle output, and sometimes even in desperate situations relying on personal operation to turn over, and one-handed command ability. But there are also disadvantages: 1. Restrict the direction of the jungler. Because the influence of UZI’s bottom lane is too great, it will cause its own jungler to lean on the bottom road unconsciously, but after a long time, its own jungler will form muscles. Memory, the characteristics of a single play style will definitely be studied by the opponent, so in the S9 life and death game, in addition to the classic counter position Lulu, it is Karsa who chooses his most confident blind monk, but he also keeps leaning down. The incense pot has also emphasized many times on the commentary stage that the snake girl in the middle is not purified. It is very simple for the blind monk to cooperate with Ryze to kill the snake girl. Including Wolf Xing also said when he shared his experience, in fact, that one can be caught on the road. But they played like that for two years. UZI’s EZ in the group stage was indeed very C. As a result, RNG still chose their most familiar way of winning. It was their strongest advantage, but they couldn’t. It becomes the biggest disadvantage. 2. It is inevitable to sacrifice other lanes. The reason why RNG is so strong in 2018 is that letme is really stable on the top lane. Even if RNG has designed a lot of attacks around the upper half, it is not possible. To avoid, the bottom lane is the line they are most familiar with, which requires a strong foundation in the top lane. At the same time, due to UZI’s strong laning, it will tie up the support to a certain extent. When UZI is there, Xiao Ming’s wandering frequency is far less exaggerated than it is now. Gala’s early and mid-term game without resources can be largely able to Liberate Xiao Ming. I didn’t say too much, it was a little off topic, and then I wrote it down and it became a special analysis post for two ADs. Through this not very comprehensive analysis, I just want to tell everyone that gala at this stage has not yet been able to compare with UZI, after all, the qualifications are still lacking, and the results have not yet risen. But just talking about Gala’s performance this season, saying that he is the successor of RNG in AD after UZI left. I think this is no problem. As for gala and UZI which is stronger, I find it difficult to define the concept of “strong”, just like bang and UZI who are stronger? I can only say that the bang and gala of Korean AD are basically plug-and-play players, and any team can accommodate such a lower limit AD. As for UZI players with their own system, they need to design a set of tactical systems around him, especially a strong assistant to help him play the match period. Did not say which kind of AD is correct, only said that a more suitable team, a more suitable style of play. But I think for gala, it has gradually begun to be recognized by everyone. After all, looking back on RNG’s AD, you may not think of the early years of carelessness, or even Nami, the first reaction must be UZI. LPL has many powerful domestic ADs. Lin Weixiang and JackeyLove even won the championship, but when it comes to domestic AD, the first reaction of many people must be UZI. The influence of these three letters permeates the entire world, enough to show how magnificent his footprints in Summoner’s Canyon are. The AD position of RNG is a highly exposed position, but it is also a position of great pressure, because there is a legendary professional player who has kept him in this position for most of his career. Gala stood up, and played a performance that convinced everyone, just like his five kills Kai’Sa, in the dark as if we saw the shadow of another man through the Icacia torrential rain, this is A kind of soul inheritance in the team. Regardless of whether Gala can surpass UZI in the end, now I wish him and wish him the better and better he can play in the AD position of RNG.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It is stated in advance that the use of the world’s number one adc (historical status) for uzi and the uselessness of uzi are indeed against the sky. This question has a tendency to move closer to the latter. When can I take a spring crown to create a god? Why did loken take a spring crown last year and didn’t have a similar topic? Some people don’t have a long memory, and rng has made a great ad and started to think about it. Wouldn’t it be okay to ask this question after msi is over? Don’t you understand the situation of the previous ad in rng? Originally, msi was about to face a strong enemy like dk, not to mention winning the championship, but Gala didn’t perform well,” Wo Liheng’s title of “Civil War Illusory God” had to be taken by the sunspots, and the backhand was used as a tool for deifying uzi. Then there was another round of war of words about uzi. At this stage, this topic is not to put Gala on the altar. Maybe it is to push him into the altar. When Gala’s poor performance is hacked, people like you will have half the credit.

7 months ago

Uzi’s Vn show, but the real arena status is only achieved by the two runner-ups in S3 and S4 and the dominance of the S8 Msi period. If you insist, uzi’s social reviews before S8 are still more CJB. S8 was his peak until the time before the S game. In addition, the version is suitable for bot C, and the times make heroes. The excellent performance of Kasa EZ on Msi turned the tide. At that time, the opinions of all major social platforms were that they had not won a championship in six years, and won six championships in a year. Many of my S6 and S7 college students came back to watch the RNG game together, wanting to see the first LPL champion of our own. Of course, the champion LPL was still taken, although it was taken by IG. The huge gap made Uzi directly turn from a so-called “hero” to a sinner. Team dominance, one person eats 4 groups and fights with 0 output, interferes with the coach bp, picks up lanterns, dismantles the team crazy, and the e-sports giant baby becomes talked about The most label of his time. People have forgotten the performance of this man in the intercontinental games, in Msi, and in the Asian Games in Jakarta. Personally, I suggest that e-sports, reduce the popularity of the red and the black, and reduce the non-challenging diode argument, only then will it be healthier and develop better. Speaking of Gala, the strong is really strong, but in the current version, the sound of the bottom road requires a two-piece set, and the time is still early for the collision of Ue Nakanosuke. Therefore, for ADC, it is really not a good version of “Feng Shen”, and I hope to try not to watch a player play well and then “Feng Shen”, backlash is too terrible. It is better to encourage each player and encourage the team.

7 months ago

In fact, in terms of the team configuration of each team, you will find that the ADCs that eat low economy/do not eat the team can help the team go further. Hey, don’t say that I’m dirty, but at least I don’t think RNG can go one step further. It really stains the first pot. Except for the S9 World Championship, after all, in the entire RNG that year, except for stains and wolf walkers, everyone else was dreaming in the World Championship. However, the S9 World Championship also has a famous scene, EZ exchanged the advantage of Lu Tie Nan’s game. Whether it is BANG, IMP, DEFT, or Ah Bing, smart, or GALA nowadays, their most typical feature is that they can develop steadily without helping me, and their ability to play groups is first-class in the later stage. Ceiling BANG has always belonged to an ADC who grazes and milks. Officially, because of such an ADC, SKT never has to worry about getting down the road. You can let Nakano do things, you can give the upper road an advantage. In the mid-term, only with the damage of the upper middle field can AD better harvest and eat the line, thereby widening the economic gap and quickly forming a three-piece suit. From my personal point of view, an ADC that is fierce on the line and always wants to kill on the line, the gains obtained are not proportional to the risks. The AD position is not like the top laner with long hands and short hands, which can suppress more than 50 dollars. For all current competitions, ADC matchups with 20 dollars are already very awkward. If we convert 20 dollars into economy, it’s only 300 dollars. Even if you think it’s not enough, is 500 okay? What impact can the 500 economic gap have on both sides? A long sword costs 350. In team battles, this suppression is really absent. On the contrary, if you press the line to fight and kill, it is easy for the opponent to find a chance, but when you want to kill someone, you may also be killed, so in order to suppress the rare 20 knives in the line, the fight is so big. The team’s care was also devoted to the risk of the situation, and there was no need to worry about the fact that the opponent would be arrested at the second level. Back to the question itself, can GALA become an opponent beyond UZI. It’s hard to say that the future is true. It depends on whether GALA can enter the World Championships and achieve certain results this year. Uzi is also an ADC with two world runners-up in hand. If GALA can win the S championship in the future, then the historical status can indeed climb UZI. If not, it is still a bit difficult to exceed UZI. After reading a lot of answers, I said that UZI is a redefinition of bot…. I am embarrassed. I insist on who is the ADC that defines bot. No one has ever dared to say this except for a smile. The smiling style of play until today is a serious style of play for all ADCs. You can’t say that an ADC that relies on pressure to eat economically is redefining the bottom lane. For UZI fans, his style of play is indeed unique, just like I like THE shy, but from a certain point of view, THE shy redefines the top road by redefining the unique Kerry ability of his top fighter. His long hands and short hands were just icing on the cake, not to mention that he himself was backlashed by long hands and short hands.

7 months ago

Do you know how the Korean-phobia of our generation of old audiences comes from? Since 2013, SKT won the championship. That year, the S3 royal family was taken away 3:0, completely crushing all aspects. S4, OMG3:0 White Shield, broke the status quo of the Korean team dominating the S game for the first time, but we all know in our hearts that although the White Shield that year was strong, it was nothing more than Samsung’s blue and white cannon fodder. The suffocating operations and team battles of Samsung White in the finals were almost like 5 robots operating. The wish of the explanation was not to be 3:0… The fear of Korea was magnified as never before… But at this time, Uzi stood up, Xiao The artillery jumped through the Samsung, and struggled to win a game in the cracks… Everyone knows what happened afterwards. Han Yuan came in. Although I don’t dislike the Korean aid, I really want the five Chinese to win. International laurels. Up to now, there have never been five Chinese who have officially debuted in the LPL have won the championship in the S game or MSI. To be honest, I watched Uzi from debut to retirement. I am not a fan of him, but I understand his contribution to LPL, which cannot be replaced by any means. You ask Gala if he can surpass him. It is very simple. It can be surpassed. Whether it is fame or achievement, it can be surpassed. Pioneer is used to be surpassed. This is the way he stays.

7 months ago

It’s possible, it’s impossible to compare, it’s better to compare the situation of the same case in that same period (I don’t think there is anything comparable, gala is gala, uzi is uzi). Uzi is not a World War I Conferred God, it is considered to be famous in World War I. The first World War Conferred God is the operation of double robbery. There are many reasons for the conquest. First of all, it is difficult to do it again. I feel that he himself can’t do it. Secondly, this mode is no longer possible. It won’t appear anymore. In the end, it can’t be reproduced. Whether it’s the blind selection at the time or the 2:2 big score, it’s at the level of the gods. All the next difficult scenes can be replicated, and even there will be a chance to reappear in the future. There are a lot of five kills in the league records (including regular seasons, playoffs, and world games), and there must be no less than 10. So Lunfengshen, uzi is fine, but gala is not currently. I recognize the fame of World War I. The transcendence will not be discussed, but Gala’s age will never be able to surpass uzi.

7 months ago

For example: in the 2018 spring game, the regular season was a double round-robin system. When ig met rng in the second round, uzi chose ad big mouth. The general situation of that set is that the development of uzi is very good, there is late-stage guarantee, and the team as a whole has no disadvantages, except for the captain on the road, which is directly killed by theshy sword girl. The time came to almost 30 minutes (this is already a long time, at that time the average duration of the ig game was terrifyingly short) in the Dalonghe Road rng to catch Jack’s Verus a position error and prepare to catch him to death and directly drive the dragon, it is a pity A wave of small mistakes, Jack ran to the middle line without death and blood. The rng formation was scattered. There were only two people around the puppy. Theshy sword girl shadow shot out. Three swords instantly hacked the puppy to death, and rng was directly pushed to the ground by a wave. , Lose the game. The reason why I mention this game is not to demonstrate uzi dishes. Uzi in 18 years does not need to say too much, nor is it to demonstrate that theshy is strong. That version can come up with Jian Ji is an intuitive evidence. What I want to say is-in a public opinion environment where heroes are judged by success or failure and honor, the victory and superb performance of a spring show is far from being a criterion for judging and predicting a player. The reason why uzi was named God was not because of Wei En’s still alive, nor his outstanding performance in the adc position all the time, but because he won the championship of MSI in 18 years-one of the highest honors of lpl so far. It was edg who won the msi championship in 2015. Theshy was appointed to the gods, not because of the three-knife solo rush to kill the puppy, not in the single line and operation and dominance performance, but in the 18th year of the gods to win the s8 championship-lpl until then There is no one of the highest honors. So to see if Gala can surpass Uzi, the simplest thing is to look at two points 1. This year, the Icelandic MSI can play a dominant performance without mixing and win the MSI championship. 2. Whether the summer can maintain the dominant performance and win the summer finals and win the championship in the s game. The second point may seem controversial, but my reason is also very simple. Uzi’s previous best result in the s competition was the runner-up in the world competition, although his head was shaved by skt. In addition, although Jack won the s game championship, [look and feel] it was not that he led the team to this height through dominant performance. And how difficult it is to achieve these two points, I believe I don’t need to repeat them. There are too many variables, and although the rng team is currently strong, it is obviously the same as the dominant team in the past, relying heavily on the positive version. And under the pressure of the rhythm of such problems, any loss of rng, including gala, will be magnified by public opinion and become the greatest resistance to positive judgments of gala. the above.

7 months ago

Related interests—OMG fans personally think that UZI is never a god. I watched that game. The reason why UZI played the so-called god’s result was actually the injury of his teammates. Even if UZI didn’t UZI and the team are out of touch) After the round, the royal family has also won the team. In addition, gods are not used to seal, gods are originally gods, and people will never be gods. The closest to God is FAKER, but it is only the former FAKER, but when FAKER is close to God, there is always a jungler around him. It is hard to imagine a God. He has no results for 6 years and no champion. Even winning the championship at the end of his career is anticlimactic, and the most important game ended hastily. In the end, the sentence of UZI One True God is always followed by a question mark. When did it turn into a full stop or an exclamation mark? In addition, Gala is only 18 years old and won the league championship early. Why should I become UZI? It shouldn’t be JK, LWX, or FAKER!

7 months ago

Since many people think that I am trying to cross-talk, and can’t wait to wait for me in the comment area to match up with me, please post this paragraph to the front: I’ve never said in this answer that Uzi is the number one in the world. If it is, they are all people who have watched various competitions in the four major divisions in 1978. Everyone knows who is strong and who is weak. Is a fan of a player and he is number one in the world or is there a relationship with a black spot? Is it possible that this year’s RW or OMG players don’t have supporters? Shouldn’t it be a human being? Still the same sentence, if you think there are many black spots in Uzi but not too strong, then you are right, and I suggest you write an answer yourself, what you want to say, and there is no limit on the number of words. Isn’t it beautiful to put all the emoji packs on? Original answer: I have been a fan of Uzi for seven or eight years. In my opinion, Uzi has two points that ordinary AD players cannot surpass. The first is the ability to suppress the line. This is not only caused by his personal positioning and distance control accuracy, but also caused by the team’s tactical tilt. In the early stage of the previous few years, the version of the Uechuno auxiliary belt, he did this The style of play is no longer applicable. If you want to surpass, you have to have both strength and luck (referring to the version). The second is the long-term maintenance of personal strength. This is related to the individual’s desire to win, the ability to adapt to the version, the hero pool, the physical state, and the psychological state. I personally think that it can better reflect the overall strength of a player. The longer you can maintain at your peak (and must be world-class) with rapid version changes, the stronger the player is. Uzi was a small peak in S3S4, and then ushered in a big peak in S7S8. There are few top ADs that can maintain the level of more than 6 years. This is really not so easy to surpass. Uzi is indeed the eternal god, but no one has ever said that Uzi is the only god. If there are other players who can surpass Uzi, my 7-year fan would be very happy to see it. Gala performed very well this spring, but he has not surpassed Uzi yet, and I sincerely hope that he can surpass Uzi in the future. It would be too ignorant if one cannot see that others are good, and that others are clever. Records are used to break, and myths are used to surpass. There is always only one god, and that’s an e-sports. Given that many people think Uzi is covered in black spots, let me say a few more words. Uzi is my favorite AD player, but I also know that he is not the strongest AD player. Whether it is honor, mentality, or the peak longevity mentioned in the previous article, he can’t be top in the same position, and even very good in some aspects. Pull. To be more extreme, would you think of a person looking at Uzi’s laning style? That is Theshy. That’s right, Uzi’s line-pressing style requires a jungler to squat, loves to show and dares to show, which is exactly the same as Theshy, so his more suitable position is actually on the road rather than AD. As we all know, the AD template is Bang, and Bang’s peak teammate level is not available to Uzi. So you can see 9 people staring at Uzi in a team battle. When the royal family is in Uzi, they will only keep four guarantees and eat three ways. It is really a chance for the rest of you but it is not useful. By the way, when it comes to eating three roads, the AD position, especially the AD position of the royal family a few years ago, has no choice but C can not lie down in the later period, which infinitely amplifies the behavior of giving Uzi resources. It’s a pity that you didn’t notice that Taobaoquan was not able to brush even one of your own wilds at that time. All of them were clocked by God Wei. Unfortunately, you didn’t notice that Doinb’s Ryze brushed nearly $300 in early 20 minutes. His jungle was Where to eat economically. I really like a sentence someone said: I saw the word Uzi on the Internet, and I want to flash up and open a group to pick up all the black materials of his parents. In the game, I queued to Uzi and wished to deny myself to Uzi. Letting a 300 yuan economy let him hurry up three-piece suit.

7 months ago

I have also played Uzi before. The Uzi in 18 years is really fierce, but gala is gala. There is no need to be with Uzbi. Gala is a large C-type AD that does not require resource tendency. No matter how gala was abandoned in the early stage, he must Being able to develop in awkwardness, and if you can get the advantage in the early stage, you will definitely be able to play the suppressing force it deserves (Xiao Ming’s contribution is indispensable). what is this? This is a real competition-type player, and his mentality is much stronger than Uzi. It may also be his trust in his teammates. Moreover, during the five kills of the spring showdown, Gala also proved himself that Gala is the kind of AD that rng needs. , Do not need resource tendencies, do not need tactical tendencies, royal need gala. And the most important thing is that this person is not arrogant or rash, and will not swell. If wei + xiaohu form the upper limit of rng, then gala + ming is the lower limit of rng. With such an AD underpinning, msi I believe that even if it loses, it will not be too ugly.

7 months ago

You are so strange that you always have to compare with others every year. You always feel that you can’t prove yourself if you don’t surpass others. Last year, I played 369 for the whole year. The left hand surpassed so and so and so and so and so. As a result, after playing the World Championship, 369 became the 360 in your mouth, and the left hand became sales. So to be honest, an audience who has watched the game for several years will not ask such a question, at least not before the end of the s game, or it will be a scam!

7 months ago

The reason why UZI can be sought after and hated by so many people and become the top traffic of LPL is not only because of how good his performance is. It is because he has always existed as the core of the team’s tactics since his debut. If you watch the game long enough, you should know that during the LCK rule of the world, this game belonged to the middle lane. The middle road is the starting point of the rhythm and the engine of a team. Having a strong enough mid lane is the guarantee of winning the game. T1’s Li, Hou, and SSW’s pawn, the only exception is SSG’s Crown. He only won the runner-up at the peak, and won the championship when he was the most “mixed”. In that context, UZI is the only player to carry the team forward in the AD position. In other words, so far, only UZI can make the four guarantees and one a sustainable conventional tactic. No team has ever relied so much on AD. There has never been an AD that can withstand such a heavy pressure for so long. S3, S4 two runner-ups. S7 regrets the top four. It was UZI who told the whole world that ADC can carry the team forward! Some so-called first-year fans who started watching the game in S8 will sneer at the runner-up. Without a champion, it is just a loser after all. Yes, but you have not experienced that era. From S3 to S7, for five full years, the world was ruled by LCK. After the fall of the royal family, S5 and S6 were held twice, let alone runners-up, and even the top four of the LPL team could not be seen. Do you know why OMG was so popular before? Because OMG has entered the World Championship twice, the S3 group stage defeated T1, and S4 won the NJ White Shield, and it is proud! I said so much, just want to say: In those five years of desperate time, UZI boarded the World Championship three times, and as the core of the team won the highest honor we could get at that time: runner-up. In the LPL, which now has two S championships, the runner-up seems to be sarcastic. But this runner-up was my only consolation for an old asshole who saw four consecutive LPL missed the finals during that time: we have the possibility of competing for the championship. He is the forerunner of LPL. It is no exaggeration to say that he is also the player who has been active in the arena for the longest time, won the most honors, and is the most persistent in winning among all the forerunners of LPL. Even the S8 that disappointed everyone.

7 months ago

difficult. Gala’s performance in the Spring Finals cannot be overstated. Strictly speaking, the performance of the entire Spring Split was very impressive. Emotionally, I totally agree to give him full marks, but the problem is that it is too short. A compliment that the future can be expected, young comrades continue to cheer! The players are nothing more than two perspectives, honor and actual performance (or highlight performance and ratio). In terms of honor, why s8 and s9 play Ah Shui and great intelligence? Aside from betting on career flashes and undead ads, the most important thing is that they won the s crown of the year, which is a prerequisite. In this regard, the current gala only has spring crowns for the time being, which is obviously insufficient. Even if it is said that a championship is the best, Uzi’s double s match runner-up plus msi champion, in the impression that he only lost Ashui, lwx, and imp in lpl, not to mention the legendary record of s8 almost a Grand Slam. Gala has become famous from this spring festival, and the time given to him will indeed be shorter than that of Uzi, and it is more difficult. Then from the operation, that is, the famous scene, dodge the cash to hide the second company, and the team battle is perfect output. The ultimate five kills will become the highlights of the future, but compared to Uzi, it is still a lot less. This is no way. It is still above. Said the length of the career. Although Uzi also has a lot of stalking shots that have been blacked out, there is no doubt that there are more famous scenes in the show. The only thing that is good for gala is time, not the time of the players, but the age, generation and time of the audience. Regardless of whether he returns, it is undeniable that the influence of Uzi, who retired as the anchor, is declining. For the audience who enter the pit late and watch the game late, the extreme point is, for example, the first year fan, only the champion fan. In their experience of watching the game, they saw the gala show with their own eyes and saw the previous Uzi show in the video. the same. A typical example is the insec roundabout kick. After Uziad circumnavigated, the still alive created a precedent, but now more and more evaluations are about having a hand. Gala’s current explosion is due to its high-density and high-level performance, the combination of rng’s grassroots legend this season, the s8 feelings of old RNG fans and many other factors. This must be realized objectively. In my opinion, the current answer to this question is definitely no. The only point for overtaking in a corner is that gala wins the s crown as the main c, and even so, the answer to this question is definitely still controversial. But with the current strength of RNG’s lineup, version changes, and mentally handicapped management, it is indeed too difficult. PS At present, for the ceiling ad bang, which is generally considered by the wind reviews, the peak period is only two years in s56. It is difficult to say whether gala can maintain the current level for two years. . . Of course, if he pierced this ceiling, he would definitely come on! Attachment: sensible comments, friendly interaction. The brainless dog is a little more conscious. As a veteran audience who started contacting lol and watching games in s3, of course I prefer Uzi, but I also tried to be objective and neutral in the evaluation. Therefore, the fishermen are too lazy to deal with the porcelain.

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