I am a fan of military and history. I love studying battleships, tanks and weapon models. Some models are well done and sophisticated war games, such as World of Warships. I also love Wan, but I found that many people in the battleship circle play ships. c ship r, feminine, cute, and two-dimensional warship, usually playing wows will also encounter many players playing the ship mother stalk, I find it very uncomfortable, the inexplicable disgust connects the iron-blooded feelings with cute girls, Why can weapons of war, such as particularly masculine and masculine things, be forced to be cute? Recently I saw girls and tanks. The first thing I felt was that these weak girls can drive tanks? Actually, I really don’t like to combine these things with cuteness. I have talked with many people in the military fan circle about the connection between the two-dimensional element, the girl and the like, but they obviously don’t understand the feelings in my heart. I want to know when this phenomenon or ethos started? The deep reason is what?

In fact, I think this has to be discussed from the perspective of ACG itself. Although other respondents have mentioned that in reality, soldiers’ anthropomorphism of weapons. But you must know that the soldiers simply imagine guns, tanks, airplanes and warships as their girlfriends, and they are indeed usually born and die with them, and there are emotional factors. Most of the A Zhais had never touched a gun, had never been on the battlefield, let alone were born and died together with aircraft, warships and artillery. And their imagination is not a simple girlfriend-whose girlfriend has a torpedo tube on his back? Therefore, the A Zhais can call their wives at a ship that is three rounds older than him and has already sunk in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The military sprouting of the second dimension is different from the personification of the soldiers. There are usually two types of military girls in the second dimension: ordinary women participate in war as soldiers (such as girls and tanks, aircraft warfare); or military equipment is personified, but retains its characteristics, and manifests itself in the form of superpowers (such as warships). Mother, Girl Frontline, etc.) So I humbly thought that the more important thing here is the contrast. Contrast Moe (Japanese: ギャップ萌え) is a kind of cuteness where the character suddenly shows a completely different character from the previous one. The character destroys a type of cuteness previously shown, creating a sense of contradiction or contrast. At the same time, it has a sense of beauty that is contrast cute, which contains a large category of common cuteness attributes in the ACG subculture. Contrast cuteness-Moegirlpedia The main charm of this kind of encyclopedia is that “differences in appearance and appearance” give people unexpected surprises and a sense of humor. Especially refers to the characters showing completely different characteristics from the original image, and the cuteness produced in contradictions. To cite a real example, “the heart has a tiger sniffing the rose”, the decent teaching director is actually the gold medal old 0 of the gay website, the murderous gang boss comes home and sees his daughter instantly transforms into a gentle dad, etc.


By loveyou

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5 months ago

Personification of warships and fighters is actually a very well-understood thing. When you really drive your own landline or serve on your own battleship, you will more or less have feelings for this steel machine that has always accompanied you and fought side by side. The warships like to use her instead. Soldiers maintain, clean, and dress their warships and fighters. They are usually very delicate and need care, just like a little girl, but when on the battlefield, they are the same as this war machine. Life and death, pin your own emotions, homesickness, love, family affection, now the only ones who accompany you are your comrades-in-arms and your warship (fighter). It is completely reasonable to anthropomorphize landlines or warships in service.

5 months ago

But the first person to do this was not a second dimension, but a serious pilot/crew. Especially for ships, not just battleships, even freighter cruise ships, crew members are called she, lady, etc. It is not surprising that tanks, fighters, and even firearms are regarded as female friends by users. Although they are originally unconscious man-made objects, for soldiers, they are partners who live and die with soldiers when fighting. When not in use, maintaining them is more meticulous than caring for girls. The lives of the soldiers themselves are pinned on these steel creations, and it is not strange to pin their feelings on them. As for why you feel so uncomfortable, after all, you are just a military fan, not a companion who advances and retreats together with these steel creations.

5 months ago

I’m sorry to make you feel uncomfortable, but this is not a problem of the second dimension, it is a problem of the entire military and civilians. In military history, especially after modern times, most countries will use female pronouns for weapons of war (especially warships). Motherhood weapons are a phenomenon that has a long history and exists in different cultures. On the one hand, because male soldiers have been unable to contact women for a long time, they pin their emotions on the guns, chariots and battleships that they get along with each other day and night. On the other hand, men have liked two things since ancient times, powerful weapons and beautiful women, while sissy weapons are masters.

5 months ago

War is not masculine, especially modern war. Of course, most military two-dimensional animations are just fun, military weapons are just ACG paperman attributes, like princes, princesses, knights, warriors, magicians, beasts and elves, etc., which are just eye-catching gimmicks. But the subject point of view is not valid. War military is not about men who are masculine and women walking away. War is a political extension, an irreconcilable product of the intensification of social contradictions. It is a naked interest struggle. Weapons and equipment are representatives of the military industry and the science industry. These have nothing to do with men’s iron-blooded masculinity. The modern army relies on well-trained organization and discipline, not the bravery of muscular men. No matter how brave the soldiers are, there is scum in front of the steel torrents such as machine guns, artillery, aircraft, tanks, etc. Now the absolute victory is not based on soldiers charging and fighting bayonet, but by nuclear bombs, intercontinental missiles, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines. From the beginning of the First World War and the Second World War, the world entered the general war phase. A large number of women came out of their families to work as workers in factories to produce arms and materials, to the army for medical care, civilian propaganda, logistics transportation, communications, etc., and even to serve as ordinary soldiers on the front lines. , Pilots, tank soldiers, machine gunners, etc., carry their guns to kill the enemy. Such as the Soviet Red Army female soldiers, the Chinese Red Detachment of Women, and the Middle East Kurdish Detachment of Women. Regardless of whether men or women are strong or weak, pulling the trigger and shooting a bullet is as deadly; under the general mobilization of the state machinery, you will not care whether you are a male or a female screw. The army needs courage, loyalty and masculinity, but it is not the courage of men and women. It is that both men and women join the army as citizens of the Republic, organized, disciplined, ideal and will, and brave in battle without fear of sacrifice.

5 months ago

How should I put it, Lexington, the personal pronoun used by all the soldiers on the ship is she. The brother company even had a pornographic joke that Babe Hefron’s girlfriend broke up with him before a skydiving, and the woman painted on the parachuting plane happened to have the same name as his girlfriend (my own understanding, because I didn’t fully understand it. ), and finally canceled because of the skydiving, the original saying is that he no longer has to risk entering her body. To be honest, in the army, a large group of men live together all the year round. Even if it is PLA or conscript, there will be two years of life where women are basically not seen, so it is natural to habitually feminize some equipment. Satisfy your inner desires. There is a saying in Hacksaw Ridge in the bloody battle, treating the gun as a girlfriend, as a mistress, as the love of this life, and maybe even the only love of this life. After all, military equipment is only used in a small part, and most of it is maintenance and maintenance. The gun needs to be disassembled, wiped, oiled, adjusted the front sight, and so on. Warships also need cleaning, maintenance, semi-decomposition maintenance and so on. From the perspective of normal male psychology, would you be willing to scrub and maintain for a man? And this has led to an embarrassing problem. Most men still have a certain desire to control, and they deeply believe that what they love should be monopolized by them. Then, a tank with five people, a destroyer with hundreds of people, and a battleship with thousands of people. The aircraft carrier is not right. So many people think they are wives. Is it unreasonable? Everyone is not happy, but! If it is a daughter, is it reasonable? Did everyone just say that raising a daughter together? So do you guess why the second element is even cute? ? The tradition has been around for many years, but it has only spread to the people.

5 months ago

Because you are not high enough in the chain of contempt. WOWS looks down on ship C, basically like the J League looks down on the Super League. Those who really love battleships, there is nothing to look down on. There are a few people who know the difference between destroyers and battleships. It’s always good. Don’t despise the niche things. Don’t despise them. There will always be hundreds of meetings If you look at the official history, dozens of them will go deep, which is enough. Speaking of naval battle games, WOWS is not considered to be a contempt of the top of the chain, not to mention WITP, even the strategic thinking of the Pacific, the decision of the admiral can be sneered. What about the ship’s mother, we are not allowed to board the ship if we are not allowed to board the board? Do I need a WOWS cook to give pointers? In Pearl Harbor where I went on my honeymoon, let my little Lori take a photo with the MK13 torpedo, and go on a business trip in Tokyo to take a photo with the Olu main gun. Is it enough to offset the contempt? I don’t read the notebooks. Look at these books, the big guys are always okay.

5 months ago

This trend began before the U.S. and German forces began before World War II.
The German army directly compared the tank in the operation manual to a charming and powerful but tantrum who is okay, and requires a squad of lads to circle around.
In the navy, the ship is also called lady, etc., have you even thought about subtly, a ship that can park planes is called mothership

5 months ago

As we all know, the more powder you wear, the harder you beat people. The German Armored Forces Manual of World War II clearly drew the tank as an Aryan girl, and also matched her body parts with the parts on the tank one by one. There is also Maozi’s Katyusha rocket, the first atomic bomb in our country, Miss Qiu. It is the equivalent of real deal, the power of real deal, and it is not vague at all. In fact, I personally believe that the second creation of the private sector that conforms to the core values ​​of socialism and the spirit of the new era of our army embodies the praise and support of the people’s army. The people like to hear and see. The army is inconvenient to say clearly, but it is not too repulsive, and it is also secretively happy. (The linkage interface of a domestically produced ship girl game during the Air Force Festival last year) If you still feel unacceptable when it comes to this. How about actual combat drills, criticize the following one? Editing on 4.20: Looking back at more than a hundred likes, I know that Xiaotransparent is a little flattered. As a ship B player, there is naturally a lot of inventory in his hands, but most of them cannot be posted on a certain. But being alone is not as good as others, so let’s do more. 4.20 I was scared, I didn’t expect it to be so strict.

5 months ago

I think there is nothing wrong with it. Many weapons and equipment themselves are called feminine in the army (the self-propelled artillery in the Soviet Union during the Cold War was even named after flowers), and anthropomorphism obviously makes the image of weapons and equipment more vivid, which is more suitable for quick memory and outward circles. Popular science (I want to put a picture of a real warship, you may need to judge through the details for a long time to figure out which ship it is, but you may understand it immediately (doge) by putting a cute girl). The key is that the three views should not be crooked (at least not to beautify the war of aggression), and no ooc (various file stalks) should be used in human settings. There are no other problems. What’s more, now the officials often use this way of nymph and cuteness for publicity.

5 months ago

If one day you suddenly realize that the military house on horseback is all male and there is no opposite sex, then you can understand. This is simply an instinctive need. When a strong-spirited person goes on the battlefield, desperately working all day long, he will feel bored after watching too much, and he is also prone to psychological problems. In the past, Amelika did not have many girl soldiers. Men were on the front line and women were produced in the factory. It became customary to use she her to refer to it. Japan, as one of the countries most affected by the United States, plus long-term male superiority and inferiority to women, has changed. Up. By the way, my country’s aircraft carriers are still using him.

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