I think as an old player, I still have a say, from S4 to now. Many people talk about ancient heroes. Which hero was not strong at that time? There is a saying that the king was originally based on the popularity of the League of Legends, although I am not used to the game contempt chain between players. What heroes were there at that time, Li Bai’s ultimatum’s blood return, Miyamoto’s three-stage displacement, and a skill blast’s blast and acceleration. Of course, there is also Mulan imitating Riven. Some people say that Miyamoto is abnormal, but they ignore Hua Mulan. Hua Mulan has four stages of displacement, with shields, control and beheads. At that time, Hua Mulan was an endless master. Not to mention that Miyamoto was great, there were too many dominant heroes at that time. When is it not an ancient version, I think the real time point is from the revision of the Four Great Wars of the Side Road. Closer to home, in which version and which hero is the true god, I will simply talk about the darkest time in my memory. The first time of darkness was Mulan. When Mulan was first revised, even if he didn’t stay silent for a second, he could achieve a dominance effect with a high amount of money. By the way, at that time, many players of Hua Mulan were dominated by the second skill. There is no need to adjust the position in a flash. Just relying on the second skill push can push people to death. They all know that Miyamoto has been weakened, but Who knows that Mulan is really miserable, the value drops again and again, so many people almost forget the fear of being ruled by Mulan. The second darkness is Mengqi, the real overlord of the side road, don’t tell me anything about Blue Blub, in front of Mengqi’s super high value is scum. At that time, Mengqi was playing AD Mengqi, no one Can beat Mengqi, no one can stop Mengqi’s development. In the later stage, no matter what kind of hero it is, as long as Mengqi can be beaten, he will have to die. Whether a team fight is won or not depends on whether Mengqi flashes. There was a time in the middle that was not considered dark, but the style of play at the time was really abnormal, yes, it was Yu Ji. At that time, Yu Ji’s passive escape would be strengthened, allowing critical strikes, super high damage, three or four thousand at a time, but after undergoing a change in the middle, Yu Ji’s second skill would immediately be passively strengthened. This was the Grandmaster’s endless break at the time. The origin of Junyu Ji, A+2+A, a crispy skin will evaporate, there is no need to avoid injury, big moves to release control, super high single-point burst, no one can handle it. The third time of darkness had to be Li Xin. He was beaten to death by Li Xin countless times. In the end, he couldn’t help but join in, and finally found that it was really fragrant. Super high value, although the hand feels really spicy, but who cares, a big move is directly crispy, the second skill does not need to be supplemented, the second skill is the long-range consumption of fighting, super high damage, and considerable blood recovery ability. No one can come. A skill doesn’t need to be released, no one can get close to Li Xin’s body, all corpses left on the road, operation? Not to mention, put a piece of meat on the screen, and a dog can knock the opposite side apart. There was another Yuange in the middle, but because of the high difficulty of Yuange, even if 1433223 could kill people, there were still few people playing. At that time, many Yuange players made a fortune. It’s just that Yuange didn’t reach the level of dominance, and it left no shadow. The fourth time is Hou Yi, the violent stream of Hou Yi, with Xiao Ming’s violent descendants, the violent has just been revised, the excessively abnormal blood sucking and toughness, so that Hou Yi ascends to the top of the canyon overlord, walking is a waste of time, standing up all the heroes, as long as After Hou Yi was released, he had no chance to play with the madness. I don’t know how many people were crushed by the violent Houyi. At that stage, the players’ minds were highly unified. As long as Hou Yi was selected, they would basically guarantee four guarantees and one, because everyone knew that keeping Hou Yi would win. In my memory, only these four heroes can be called gods. Hua Mulan, Mengqi, Li Xin, violent Houyi. The other hero, Grand Master Yu Ji, although perverted, did not reach the dominant level. There are also Yuange and the current Lan. Although buying a house in a ban has a certain sense of dominance, but because of operational restrictions, it has not reached the level of full rank dominance, let alone Ma Chao and Jing. Some brothers would say that Hua Mulan is also a hero who needs to be manipulated. No. Although Hua Mulan had a higher upper limit for high operations at that time, it could produce good results without operations. For example, the second skill can only release the second skill. You can’t do anything with the opponent, let alone at the time. The range of skills, the damage reduction effect is much stronger than it is now. I am a little monster, that little monster under the mountain!


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6 months ago

day! Where is the version of God? Isn’t it the existence of invincible bugs? The god of the version = the bug of the version! What impressed me was the “shark”-when Zhuang Zhou first came out, it was adjusted together with the revision of Hua Mulan. But despite how strong Hua Mulan was at the time, she couldn’t make it out in front of Zhuang Zhou at that time. That week, Wenyu was discouraged, and ban ranked first! The damage of Zhuang Zhou’s second skill at the time was very high! And the big move is passive and harmful to avoid control. The early Zhuang Zhou was able to hit thousands of AOE damage. Who is not afraid? If you have a fish, you will win more than half! It was really chasing the assassins and warriors to kill, a real shark, and Han Xin went round and round to kill, to see who ran fast, I played this kind of fish very happily at the time! Don’t be too cool~

6 months ago

Speaking of this question, one cannot fail to talk about Liu Bei in the S3 season. How strong is this hero, Tianmei has never had it before, and was officially banned from the official server of this hero! You can’t use this hero even if you match the ranks and buy it! At that time, Liu Bei shot an endless shot to kill the assassin shooter mage, and three shots to the death of Xiahou Dun Xiang Yu. At that time, there was a joke, Liu Bei came out to fight a dragon, Miyamoto Han Xin Li Bai and three people were squatting, but Miyamoto Li Bai went to grab it, and he took control. Miyamoto and the dragon were both killed by Liu Bei. Li Bai’s big move was finished. He was shot to death by Liu Bei. Liu Bei was full of blood and left. Han Xin laughed, not as fast as running.

6 months ago

Cao Cao of s1, blood-sucking had an effect on the defensive tower at that time, and my friend had the experience of one person carrying five people to export the crystals. S2’s Miyamoto was the real god when Li Bai didn’t come out. There were still fewer players back then. Han Xin is a rare product. As long as a set of various jumps makes other players very bored, Miyamoto is the only one who can catch up. Han Xin’s people. The first skill blows, and each basic attack reduces the CD by one second. The second skill. The third stage of displacement. The third skill teleports directly to the hero to cause range knock-up and damage. Well, the range knock-up and damage can be directly controlled by five people. Seeing the third skill, the first skill, the first skill, the second skill, adjust the position a. Li Bai of s3, Li Bai caught up with the end of the skill vampire, the residual blood brushed out a big move and then a full blood. s4 monkey, monkey three sticks

6 months ago

Before 2017 Nvwa and Pangu Nvwa before 2019 descended on the Canyon of Kings, it was an ancient god who used his own power to instigate the situation. After the arrival of the ancient god, it became a scavenger who only grabbed the archer’s economy; Pangu descended on the Canyon of Kings. In the past, it was a super-intelligent life form that was groundbreaking. After the arrival, it was a super crumb that a jungler could break his axe. It was clear that there was supernatural power in the background story, but when the hero came out, it was a group of weak (especially just Gang When infestation strengthens) Hey, if you have supernatural power, you don’t need it, just play

6 months ago

What impressed me the most was that Li Bai in the S2 season was the peak when Li Bai debuted. The most classic image is that he hangs a wine gourd around his waist and walks in the canyon. Afterimages pass by, I can’t see where he is hiding. He is simply a handsome man with both strength and appearance. S2’s Li Bai does not need to return to the city if he has blue. A big move in 3.6 seconds, a big move returns 50% of the blood. At that time, my main player was a mage, and the most feared was that the opponent had Li Bai. When I want to travel up and down to support, I saw an afterimage passing by, and when I saw that I had been lying in a wild area or in a river, it was simply a history of mage being abused. Looking at Li Bai now, it can only be said that those have become glorious history and can only be used for memories. I hope that Li Bai can be strengthened in the follow-up, and I look forward to strengthening Li Bai!

6 months ago

A street in the canyon hero, then see who is Dad! Speaking of the god of the version, it must be that the magic armor can’t run away. Kai is the magic armor Kaihuang, also known as Kai Dad. Maybe some fans have asked why so many characters only Kay is Dad? It is said that Kai is a crit stream + tank stream + a knife stream. Once weakened, no one loves it. When the violent bursts, it bites gold and tears. Look at Kai, this slogan is quite powerful, and it can be said when it first came out. It’s crispy at a time. He stunned the air, and if he didn’t return to the city with blood, he would kill when he saw people. If you don’t believe it, just look at the analysis of the authoritative person. Moreover, in that version, Kai is one of the strongest top lane heroes, and everyone else is the son of the version, and he is the father of the version! Of course, the flash of the Kai belt is usually not for retreat, usually quickly cut into the opposite back row to play the role of hunting down.

6 months ago

I said that a few people know, it used to be very strong but no one mentioned in the answer, even in the version at that time, many people didn’t know it. It was discovered by the government in just a few days and changed back. It was the first time I went to the king A ten-game winning streak is also a test for this hero. In the bounty game, if you take this hero without brains, you will win. Other versions of strong heroes say that one hit three is exaggerated and requires manipulation or a much better economics than the opponent. , This hero can hit three with the same equipment in the later stage. It’s about Zhuang Zhou in June 2017. A skill adjustment was made. The official originally wanted the skill damage to be linked to the skill level. As a result, there was a bug. The skill damage was linked to the character level. The second skill damage was several times higher, half a half. I made a vampire book to let you swim in the canyon. At that time, many people didn’t know. I immediately grabbed the Zhuang Zhou when I found out. Then it took two days to be the king for the first time, and the bounty won ten consecutive victories. Sledgehammer skin). About three days later, the official found the bug and immediately changed it back to the sledgehammer skin, which was won by the Zhuang Zhou Bounty Tournament. s7’s first win in s7 showed that Zhuang Zhou had the highest seven consecutive victories. There was no ten-game winning streak because the opponent also took Zhuang Zhou.

6 months ago

Or Luna, the eternal god. I don’t know that this is my Luna’s tens of season resident hero ban. Occasionally there was a season (there was no peak game at that time) Luna was not strong and no one was banned (the winning percentage was less than 50%), but she was still hit by a streamer with a winning streak. (It was originally planned to strengthen Luna, but later I thought about it.) Later, Luna used Luna to dominate the list of anchors and professions one by one, and they were more than one by one. Also let Luna strengthen for a while and weaken.

6 months ago

Old version, like Li Bai and Han Xin in S2. At that time, the assassin could fight against the shooter without meat. Because of his excellent mechanics, Li Bai had no role to counteract. There is no damage reduction in the ultimate move. Basically, your Archer Mage will go home after a big move, and the tank will not have half life. As for Han Xin, at that time, an assassin’s ultimate ability to avoid injury was so high that he usually shifted so much that there was no character to catch up (Luna has not been fully developed). That’s how Han Tiaotiao came to the title. Later, the battle of stealing a home without a line of troops became famous, but the intensity of the confrontation at that time was actually there.

6 months ago

Just say a few, not in chronological order. Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Hua Mulan (reworked), Lao Miyamoto, Miyue, Mengqi, Dianwei, Lan, Guiguzi, Li Bai, Zhao Yun and Han Xin who have not changed the long distance and range of passiveness. (There may be omissions) These heroes have all been gods in a certain version. For those who mention monkeys, the buff crit can indeed be close to 10,000, but the old Mulan can also exceed 5,000 (after a small cut), but the upper limit of the monkey is obviously limited, because the monsters used to have low blood and small maps, like Han Xin Zhao Yun. It is especially popular with long displacement and short cooling. So for a long time it was the assassin fighters fighting each other.

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