Dogecoin (Dogecoin) is issued a fixed increase of 5 billion per year, and the output of Bitcoin is halved every four years. In other words, the total amount of Dogecoin is unlimited, and Bitcoin will become scarce. This leads to Bitcoin belonging to a deflationary model, and as the market demands, the price will rise accordingly. Logically, as the global currency issuance continues to release water, prices will also rise. Looking at Dogecoin, additional issuance is bound to bring inflation. From the underlying mechanism, the original intention of inventing Dogecoin is not for investment, collection and circulation. So those who want to store Dogecoin for a long time deserve careful consideration. But from a short-term perspective, Dogecoin can indeed be used by speculators as an object of speculation. As of now (2020.04.18), the opening price of Dogecoin on the day is 0.262 US dollars. Yesterday, the intraday fall was 28%, and the price the day before yesterday reached the current high of 0.47 US dollars. From the opening price of this year to the current highest point, it has reached a one-hundred-fold increase, and the total market value has once reached the top five in the market value of encrypted digital currencies. As far as the current cycle is concerned, as a worthless air coin, Dogecoin is constantly setting records, but it is also gradually approaching its ceiling. The bubble may burst at any time. Dogecoin was founded in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The original intention of its creation was only to mock the chaos of the digital currency at the time. It is more of a joke that people use to “play stubbornly” to express This cryptocurrency is the dog’s favorite. Almost worthless endorsement, no technical features, no application scenarios, it is a typical “air coin”. From January 2018 to December 2020, the price has been less than one cent for a long time. It was not until the self-proclaimed “dog fan” Tesla founder Musk “calls for orders” on Twitter, and the influx of funds caused the price of Dogecoin to rise sharply. This allowed us to see that Dogecoin is extremely powerful. Fluctuating magically. Although Dogecoin is an ancient currency, its popularity around the world remains unabated, mainly due to its super active community. It can be said that it is the “dog fans” who have created a unique and interesting currency circle culture. In my opinion, although Dogecoin is a high-risk currency and is not suitable for long-term investment, its speculative value still exists. As a popular currency of such decentration and international, as long as investors’ feelings are not extinguished, there is no reason for capital to ignore it. As a trader, Dogecoin is not just about watching from a distance and not playing near. Performing once in a bull-bear cycle (referring to ambush in a bear market, sell at the ideal point of the bull market, small positions, non-stud) is a suitable trading strategy to buy low and sell high, so as to avoid the market turning bearish and profit taking. . Although Dogecoin was favored by the richest man in horses before, Tesla Motors still not only supports “Bitcoin”, an encrypted digital currency payment…


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Forget it roughly, 4390 Dogecoins are worth 9778.72 yuan as of April 19th. If there is no shortage of 10,000 yuan, it is recommended to leave it, and you can check it again in five years. Five years ago (2016) I traded the remaining bits and pieces of Dogecoin. You read it right. There are almost 97,000 bits and pieces… No pretending, no pretending, no pretending, and important things are said three times. This amount of Dogecoin was really only a piecemeal five years ago. I used to trade Dogecoins of hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think I am a big player with assets of hundreds of millions? Then you are wrong. Five years ago, Dogecoin worth hundreds of millions of dollars was only about 100,000 yuan, and most people can buy it. At that time, Dogecoin was really worthless in 2016. Under the Amway of a certain big V, they began to buy Dogecoins in large quantities, with hundreds of millions of them at the highest point. Later, I was lucky to catch a wave of gains and sold it after earning 20%. It made me happy at that time! But thinking about the current price of Dogecoin, I really regret it. But fortunately, I still have some “fragments” left, not because I am optimistic about it, mainly because the amount is too small (it was about 100 yuan at the time), it is a bit troublesome to change the current, and it was still in the account at that time. During the Chinese New Year this year, Musk sold Dogecoin crazy in pyramid schemes. At that time, I remembered the remaining Dogecoin in my account, and I didn’t remember how much it was left, so I wanted to check it out. Fortunately, there was a backup to the mailbox, and I tried the password dozens of times, but when I was about to give up, I actually tried it out. 97684 Dogecoins… At that time, it was worth almost 40,000 yuan on March 8, which was more profit than I made from playing Dogecoin 5 years ago. At that time, I recharged decisively to the Ouyi OKEX platform and cashed out…you will know later. One month later, Dogecoin went up frantically. On April 19, it was almost 2.3 yuan. If I didn’t sell it at that time, and now I sell it, the 90,000 Dogecoins are already 225,000…Now I really want to kill myself. So, I use the experience of people to persuade you, if you don’t care about the 10,000 yuan, take another one. Take a look at it, maybe you will receive a surprise!

5 months ago

Just hold 4000 Dogecoins. Let it go for a few years. Don’t watch the market or watch the news. Maybe when the btc rises to 1 million usd, the Dogecoin will also rise to 200,000 usd. In other words, there is a possibility that a few thousand RMB will become 800 million usd. Can you invest a few thousand RMB on something now? Dreaming about this, I woke up with laughter. I was thinking about whether I should sell the hard drive that doubled the hundreds of dollars I had on hand and buy 100,000 Dogecoins. For nothing else, it just feels more dreamy than dreaming. Seeing that everyone is asking how to buy a dog, I am going to write a guide, and I will post it in a few days. Please continue to pay attention to @Jack Wang.

5 months ago

If you look at it from the perspective of appreciation, it is definitely not worth it. Don’t look at the low price, 4000 seems to be a lot. . . But the total amount is more than 100 billion, and an additional 5 billion is issued every year. Think about your thousands. It’s a big increase to 1 yuan. Dogecoin is now among the top 15 in the world in market value. The market value of tens of billions is for Dogecoin. It’s a bit high. It’s just an ordinary currency with no functions. Relying on the tipping culture and Musk’s call to survive, it is better to buy other low-market value coins that have more room for appreciation.

5 months ago

The maintenance of normal financial order and the protection of the people’s property safety has reached the point where there is no delay. The country can never allow crooks to fly in the sky during the reform process, right? What Dogecoin, what AD. . . Do you know how they splurge? There are dozens of tables when you go to the field to promote, high-level tobacco and alcohol, on-site interaction to build momentum, cry for a while, laugh for a while, the means are exhausted, I tell you, as long as you can withdraw cash, as long as you can get out of the currency market, withdraw cash, cash out and flee quickly. What are you waiting for? Waiting to hurt the bones? On May 1st of this year, the State Council’s regulations on dealing with illegal fund-raising were implemented, clearly stipulating that those who participated in illegal fund-raising should bear the responsibility for the economic losses caused by their participation. That is to say, in the past, for the sake of stability, the local finance provided advances to participants for meals, accommodation, and special groups with financial difficulties. The defrauded money was provided for the needs of maintaining stability. Now let you participate in personal responsibility and increase In view of the risks, see if you dare to go to private fraud groups and illegal fund-raising groups to invest blindly, see if you can get rid of buying Dogecoin, AD is a daydream of buying money and making money.

5 months ago

What altcoins, zero coins, air coins… I only have one name, lottery coins. You don’t really expect to win every lottery ticket, do you? If you buy a card for 2 yuan and change to 10 yuan, it is a big profit, don’t think about 5 million. In these lotteries, some may hold a higher amount of rewards for a long time, and some are simply jokes. Although I don’t know which lottery belongs to the former, DOGE…Well, at least he still has Ma Yilong as the mascot, which is the most enjoyable in jokes, so it still has advantages. It just feels that you are asking such serious questions with high expectations and illusions (and even cut a position chart!!), I think it is better to wake up early.

5 months ago

I spent more than 2,000 or more than 3,000 in February of 2018 and bought nearly 120,000 Dogecoins. I was dying of urgency these days. I changed my computer, but fortunately I didn’t sell it. I found out the original wallet and started to update the block. The file was updated for almost two days before it was updated by 2%. Seeing that it went from less than one to three and then fell to two. Three years ago, it was a hundredfold. I forgot about it. I only remembered that Dogecoin has skyrocketed on Weibo two days ago. I don’t know if I hold it now.

5 months ago

I first learned of the existence of DOGE, it should be 2018. At that time, I didn’t know that the pronunciation of doge was “bean finger”, just as many Americans didn’t know that the pronunciation of Arkansas was “Achosa”. Shiba Inu emoticons are not deeply rooted in people’s hearts now. At that time, I also knew that DOGE was a meme coin, and there was no practical application for unlimited additional issuance. At that time, I was still researching what EOS I knew, and I hardly paid attention to DOGE. And earlier this year, of course, I also knew that Musk was carrying goods in a weird manner. In the early days, I even lost money on DOGE, because I chased high, and the increase on the day of bringing the goods would drop sharply soon. Then I set a little bit and I directly chose to chase other hot spots. I still prefer to choose coins based on the actual application prospects of the currency. I chose to throw DOGE in my own choice and lie down. Of course, I bought it two days after I found out that DOGE was bursting. I dared to drive more than ten times before most people knew what DOGE was. But the problem is that I set a take profit. I obviously did not expect such an exaggerated increase that day. From the results, it is of course good, because I still made a lot of money anyway, and I avoided the exchange of the network cable. It has risen now, sitting on the highest rate of increase this year. If you pay attention to the various speculation groups in the United States, you will find that Americans are almost fanatical about DOGE. (Obviously, the Chinese are almost the same) at least 60% of the discussion is DOGE. Based on this, I think DOGE is very likely to hit $1 or even higher. But long-term holding? I think it’s fine after this bull market. You can hold it now, but I think the possibility of not falling sharply after this year is very slim. Look at another example of XRP, which has been cashed out by high-level executives in the past few days. Although it is not a panic, it has lost its upward momentum. Of course, if you can hold it especially, hold it until the next bull market… Then I respect you as a wolf. There are two main reasons: 1. Any rubbish in a bull market will rise. 2. Although DOGE has skyrocketed, this round is still an extension of the mood of the game station retail investors holding a group to warm up, and the market driven by temporary hormones is difficult to last. In fact, there is another reason, that is, DOGE whales hold 65% of DOGE. The gains they have gained by raising prices in this round of retail investors have been very exaggerated, and the more concentrated the chips, the harder the plunge will be. Take a look at the game station. Now the US stock market is still in a bull market, so it doesn’t seem to have fallen too much. How many days did the game station hold on to a high position? There is no lasting day for a banquet in the world. (Actually, I liked Musk before this round of bull market. I have been watching his Twitter and thought he was very playful without being a celebrity. But when I think of DOGE’s future plummet…fans become passersby)

5 months ago

I tell you from my hard-working experience, it is worth it, but you must remember your account and password, and you have to pay attention to the platform you registered at any time! About 13.14 years, I came into contact with some new things, split plate, capital plate, mutual aid plate, digital currency, the first three earned, lost, earned, lost, now think about myself as a leek, at that time There are too many things to understand, and now I understand that it is actually a Ponzi scheme, and the trader cuts leeks! But digital currency thinks it’s good, that’s because decentralization is pretty good, so I bought some Dogecoin, which is less than 1 centimeter in Dogecoin RMB, and Litecoin is only a little over 20. Bitcoin seems to be higher. It’s already five or six hundred (At that time, I estimated that the high Bitcoin was driven by 3m, and a lot of people who played 3m at that time paid with Bitcoin), I remember a lot, and there are a lot of coins, and I can’t remember what Ethereum is now. , I can only remember that I have two Litecoins and a Dogecoin with more than 600 yuan. In fact, I am more fancy Dogecoin. I think it has a lot of circulation. I think Lao Mei will use it if it wants to replace paper currency with digital currency. , Bitcoin is only 30 million, too few, but that is because the digital currency is too slow to play, and the money invested is not too much, so I didn’t care too much. Friends of the pit are no longer messing around with this, and I am even more ignorant! About 18 years ago, my colleague had a meal together and said that there is a new digital currency that is very good, Bitcoin. I sneered after hearing this. I thought I knew it a few years ago. That thing was just like that. In the end, he said there were tens of thousands of them. , I hurried to look at it online. There are 60,000 Bitcoins, Litecoin has also risen, Dogecoin has also risen a bit, I hurried back to the Internet to have a meal with Bala, looking for my account password, grandma’s,, 2017 The transaction was stopped, and I couldn’t find the place where I logged in. Sad, I smiled and said to myself that Bitcoin didn’t get in the car, and Litecoin didn’t have much money! But at night, I saw that Dogecoin rose to more than 2 yuan. Now it is more than 2 o’clock in the morning, I think I am going to lose sleep!

5 months ago

Since you are talking about long-term holdings, then speculation in short-term skyrocketing and falling is excluded. It means that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and big-platform currencies can continue to rise, and each bull market easily breaks through the previous high. Then let’s see if it has any value. First of all, Bitcoin is limited to 21 million pieces, Ethereum is limited to 110 million pieces, and there are 200 million BNB in ​​the platform coins, which are still being repurchased and burned every month. HT is now circulating more than 180 million pieces, and it is paid back every month. In the repurchase and destruction, the mainstream platform currency is becoming less and less. How about Dogecoin? For the time being, 118 billion pieces are produced every year, and there is no upper limit in the long run. Secondly, Bitcoin as a symbol of virtual currency, its value is reflected in the fact that most of the major altcoin projects use Bitcoin as collateral, and most importantly, the sunk cost of Bitcoin is already too high, such as the current one. The equivalent power consumption of a mining machine in a year: Bitcoin power consumption —- equivalent to 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in a year, 1Twh. Even if 2 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity, it is close to 3 billion RMB a year. This is only one year, and the electricity bill is handed over to the power supply company and will not return to the players. There is also the cost of purchasing a mining machine: the latest ant mining machine data—–sold out—supply exceeds supply. The total hashrate of the whole network is 180EH/s, and the latest ant mining machine is 90TH/s. 1EH=10^6TH, so if it is converted according to the most advanced mining machine, it is equivalent to 2 million machines running in the entire network. And a machine sells for 36,000, with a total price of 72 billion. In addition, there are maintenance and replacement of mining machines, labor costs, operation and maintenance costs, site costs and so on. What is the value of Bitcoin? These high investments are the manifestation of its value. If it crashes, then after paying so much electricity bills, all the mining machines will be zero, and the sunk cost will be too high. Ethereum is similar. The difference is that the underlying blockchain technology on which Ethereum is based is more mature and the derived ecology is more diverse. Finally, there are platform currencies. There are 3 reasons for optimism: 1. Platform currencies cannot be shorted, contracts cannot be opened, and fluctuations will be relatively small. 2. The big platform will take a part of the handling fee every month (usually around 20%-30%), repurchase the platform currency and destroy it, so the platform currency has capital inflow + deflation. In the long run, it will appreciate. A stable net inflow of funds means that no one can lose money by buying platform coins. 3. Bitcoin soars, the transaction volume of the platform generally increases, the handling fee increases, the repurchase intensity increases, and the inflow of funds increases, the platform currency will rise. The same is true for other currencies, but the difference lies in the increase. But what is the share of DOGE coins? Are there large sunk costs? It collapsed. Apart from the blood loss of retail investors, there is nothing wrong with it. Are there any new altcoins backed by doge coins? Is it deflation? Are there projects, ecology? Nothing. Its birth is the virtual currency that the founders used to ridicule and bloom everywhere. Of course, if you are a gambler or play a little, you can, if you stud, it is recommended to be cautious. Behind every ‘successful person’ who left the field by a factor of 10 and started to boast, there are 9 dishes that jumped off the building.

5 months ago

Get angry when you talk about it! After the Chinese New Year, I decided to test the water coin circle, so I downloaded the okex platform. At that time, Musk blew a wave of Dogecoin. I saw that it was in a sideways shock! So from my “professional” investment perspective, the future will definitely skyrocket! So I bought 100USD and rounded it up, haha, that’s it. Then on what day of April came, I opened the software and took a look, fucking? Has it become more than 200 dollars? ? what happened? ? It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, your mentality is messed up. Although there is only one meal in it, it is a pie from the sky after all, so I feel flustered! So my show operation started. Anyway, it was the money from the wind. I just happened to have not played the contract yet, so I took this opportunity to try it. So go short or long Dogecoin perpetually. At the beginning, the leverage was 10 times. Later, it became more and more addictive, and it was 75 times leverage! ! After working for most of the day, I actually earned 50 dollars! Now my spirit is coming. But it was already more than 10 o’clock in the evening, and I predicted that it would be lowered overnight. After all, it had more than doubled before, which was quite scary. So I placed an empty order, 10 times. Then…there was no more…I got up in the morning and saw that there was still 50 dollars left in the account…So if I didn’t move the 100 dollars, there should be 500 dollars now. After my show operation, only 50 dollars are left! Therefore, the leverage is untouchable! Lever can’t be touched! Can’t touch the lever! In the end, I learned from it and bought 500 dollars yesterday and deleted the software! Resolutely do not operate! (The software is gone, I’m not interested in taking screenshots after downloading, don’t doubt the authenticity)

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