I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination last year, but I didn’t pass it, and then I started looking for a job. But I haven’t found a suitable job yet. I started to wonder if I could use my expertise to try to be an internet celebrity blogger. I His specialty is that he is good at cooking, taking pictures and painting. The most interesting thing is cooking. Since junior high school, I have liked to study and cook various kinds of food in the kitchen. The taste of cooking is well received by my family. . So I wondered if I could be a blogger in the food field to support myself. I belong to a person who has no idea. Do you think this idea is reliable?

High probability is not reliable. The three major capabilities of Internet celebrities: production capacity; operational capacity; liquidity. First of all, the production content is very annoying. The difficulty of production rises from text to image to video. Text production is the easiest in terms of external conditions. I can write in American style while smoking an electronic cigarette on the sofa. The problem is: First, the monetization ability of the text is poor. Under the same number of fans, the income is generally one-tenth to one-percent of the video (unless the leeks are cut in person); second, the sustainable production of the text is important to creators High standard. Not only must there be a desire to create, but also a complete set of capabilities for more efficient information collection and processing output, otherwise it is easy to write for a month and the pen is stiff; third, the creation of text is highly dependent on individuals and it is difficult to outsource, so the above pain will be concentrated for a long time. For one person. Therefore, those who still want to be online celebrities in the industry are basically in the field of short videos and live broadcasts. In particular, the live broadcast seems to have eliminated the pre- and post-production work such as script creation and video editing, which is very “lightweight”. Hey, if you want to think like this, sooner or later you have to run and pat on the face of “Brother Ramen”. Fat friends who have an idea about the director knows that live broadcast may be more difficult than text to some extent. The better the live broadcast effect, the more difficult it is, because there is an iron barrier to “real-time”. When I write this answer, I can run to a conference call, hang out in a daze, and change my words and sentences. But live broadcast is impossible. Cold scenes and jams will immediately cause negative feedback to the audience, which requires the host’s strong ability to respond to the scene. Some live-streaming celebrities who are good at “giving up” for a few hours are really good for a meal, just like the heroine in “Listen to My Radio”. Can you draw and cook? It’s hard to be a live broadcast of pure projection and drawing without talking. Have you thought about how to express how delicious your cooking is with language expressions and actions? Try a few times, open an account in the middle of the night and try to talk for an hour, and then think about how you want to do this for at least a year. Why do many Internet celebrities end up chasing hot spots like flies? Because the ability to produce content by myself has been “done”, only some repeater-style routines are left. If I want to stimulate the audience, I can only put other people’s hot spots into my own lens. Second, there must be operational capabilities, especially interaction with fans. This is also the place where I have been trained the most by the organization. The comment area does not respond. I think that it will be posted on Weibo…not just to produce content, but also to ensure the stickiness of fans and you, and stimulate their interaction with you. , This is to prove to customers that they have the important value of “charming power”. Many Internet celebrities have to stay in the comment area for a long time after finishing the video and live broadcast (in fact, this is generally a team work), just to maintain this stickiness. And can’t interact blindly. On the one hand, we must understand the fans and not reduce their goodwill; on the other hand, we must show our commercial value, such as “I can understand the car but like the car”, so as to pave the way for this type of potential cooperation. (I also like cars and driving) This matter is very broken, and interacting with a few active fans in the early stage makes it feel like there is no end in sight. But in order to form a sufficiently responsive iron powder basic disk, you can only do this for a long time. Can you survive it? Especially when facing a lot of sounds you don’t like? Finally, the most difficult thing is the liquidity. Where are the customers? It’s definitely not with you. Those who take the initiative to come to private messages are treated by the head. You gritted your teeth to be a fan, and when you look back, you have to go to the mcn agency to grab an order with a ticket. If you can’t get the order, give it for nothing; if you get it, congratulations, and enter the “A, B, C” tripartite state, the client is Party A, the organization is Party B, and you are Party C. You find yourself in a cumbersome communication system, adapt to how to deliver various advertising cooperation, how to complete your own Party C’s work according to Party A’s will and Party B’s retelling. Moreover, this is different from conventional content creation. There are too many requirements and restrictions that ordinary creators cannot adapt to, and it is impossible to get it without torture several times. Attention should also be paid to controlling the erosion of the perception of fans from advertising cooperation. Even if you get started, advertising orders often fluctuate. Be prepared for not receiving orders for a month. If you are here, you are still alone, and you have to be exhausted; if you already have a small team (or full-time) here, you will be forced to death by the algorithm because your hands stop talking. In short, when you find that a job category seems to have a low threshold but good returns, what you see must be the head, and there must be a hidden threshold. Internet celebrities have a very happy life, but are they not popular?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let’s be half of those who are in the circle, let’s be honest with you. If you know and understand as you are now, I don’t think you can achieve the goal you want. Everyone thinks that the success of their own stage is actually a state rather than a result. If you can understand this, I think you should be able to understand that the success of the Internet celebrity in everyone’s eyes is actually experience, vision, The sum of connections, resources, and opportunities, that is to say, none of them are indispensable. I really think that you have a talent for food/painting (in fact, everyone in the family says that the food you cook is delicious because of lack of thought. Everyone knows how much water they have in their evaluation of themselves), then you are ready Which platform do you go to? Which specific vertical are you going to do? How much do you know about the traffic distribution algorithm of this platform? How much overlap does it have with the big players in this field of this platform? (Can you be familiar with your face) Is there a basic starting flow? (Buy it yourself or based on fans) In this vertical field, can you do it without others? (Typical prominent selling point) Are there any organizations or individuals willing to push you behind? (Purely because of your personality charm or the exchange of interests) I think from your current description, you seem to have not considered one of the above points, purely as a “retreat” to choose from the postgraduate entrance examination, but In fact, from the current situation, let alone your lack of foundation, even we are facing higher oppression. If we rush into the industry or go on our own, I really don’t see your hope of coming out. But it can’t completely block your path. If you really want to do this, find a media company or mcn in your city and do it for two or three years. Maybe you can really figure out what to do. But if you are like this, I really find it difficult for you.

6 months ago

Is it reliable? Of course it’s not reliable! Don’t be angry, listen to me slowly. Being an internet celebrity and engaging in self-media are also entrepreneurial in nature. What are you selling? What is sold is service and information flow. Try to show your talents to everyone, so as to gain traffic, through traffic or direct advertising, or the wool of the platform, or you have become a celebrity, you can be an endorsement, you can also use your successful experience , Opening classes and apprenticeship… all for making money! All in all, in short. As long as you become famous, there will be a bright and smooth way to face you. If you are not famous, there is not much loss. But we must pay attention to the following aspects. First: the heart is strong enough. The matter of being an internet celebrity is not something that you will gain if you work hard. It is likely to be: suffering from hardship, in exchange for heart block. Jade is not polished, it is not a tool. After you try it, you will find that you are a brick by yourself! Only a small number of people are successful, and most people are on the street. Be prepared to hit the street! In addition, most people think that being an internet celebrity is extremely unreliable. Although you work extremely hard and leave the rest to God’s will, in the eyes of people around you, you are an unemployed vagrant without a job! Street slipper! Not doing business properly! Second: Set a deadline for yourself! I will succeed, I must succeed! But when will it succeed? None of us knows. Don’t think that our lives are very long. In fact, the time of young and middle-aged people is very short, and every day is extremely precious! One year is too short, so let it be two years. In the past two years, try and work hard! It’s better if you succeed, and that’s even better if you fail. Third: Economic issues Economic issues are the most important! Before you became an internet celebrity, you were just an ordinary netizen! It’s okay for a netizen with a job. Once you plan to enter the path of Internet celebrity, it means that there is no stable source of income for a certain period of time. This is the top priority. Don’t get in touch with online loans, don’t max out your credit card, that’s the way to die. Fourth: What can you do after becoming an Internet celebrity? This seems very advanced, but not advanced. The Internet celebrity is not very reliable! A lot of people are only red for a while, and have not been red for a long time. Even if you are lucky, you are really red! But sooner or later it will be bleak, because the uncertainty is too great. Or you can hoard your house after earning money, or become your own boss. Can imitate the Papitube of Papi sauce. Or Simba’s team. The strength of a person is really too weak.

6 months ago

Let’s sprinkle a wave of poisonous chicken soup. What does it depend on to become an influencer? Do you rely on expertise? I believe that eight of the ten answers will tell you, relying on hard work. Today I will tell you that it is luck. Imagine a scene like this. You are walking on the side of the road and you see two dogs talking to each other. You are bored and amused. You take a picture of them, and pass them to Kuaishou. When you opened it again next time, you were stunned. 999+ messages appeared on your homepage, and the likes and comments rose steadily. You may not even realize that you are on fire. Yes, in contrast, those carefully planned video content have never been able to increase clicks. No way, this is good luck, congratulations, you are on fire. To be precise, it is your video that caught on. What’s going on when it gets hot, there are fans, traffic, attention, and short but very hot heat! Why is it short-lived? Because the replacement frequency of public attention is very high, if you don’t seize the hotspots or opportunities for marketing in the morning, you will be forgotten in the evening. When you have a popular video, seize the opportunity, because this is your closest distance to the popular video! Hold those two dogs, buy these two dogs that talk to each other, and insist on changing them every day. Those who favored you because of the previous video will most likely continue to stay and become your fans. Therefore, a popular video can depend on luck, but if you want to dominate the traffic, to become a popular online, you need persistence and hard work. Just like those mediocre creators who insist on po video, they may just be people who are enthusiastic about life, like to record life, and accumulate a lot of pictures, videos or text materials; they may just be very self-disciplined and have a sense of body management. A strong person who insists on exercising for a long time; may just be someone who has a skill and has achieved the ultimate hobby. They have simple packaging for years and output short videos with real materials. One day they will break away from the ranks of amateurs and become one. A shining star. Just cite a few examples. I don’t know if you have watched “Some People Live Like a Poem” by Kuaishou. There are many typical examples in the film, including young and old men, women and men. Go see them. Dig into their influencer points, and you will find that no one is not persevering all the way, and no one is not working hard all the time. Just like Li Xinyong, a guy called “Global Brother” in 1997. Traveling around the world poorly, harsh environments, limited resources, and a budget of 40,000, he has traveled to 69 countries. During this period, even if he was attacked by an elephant and the camera was damaged, he still insisted on updating. From 2018 to the present, Li Xinyong has taken his travel diary into 293 short videos and shared them with Kuaishou. Li Xinyong insisted on sharing the long distance. The courage, optimism and tenacity displayed in his body attracted a large number of young people who yearn for spiritual freedom, and also allowed him to make a group of like-minded friends. At present, Li Xinyong has gained more than 1 million loyal fans. When he returned to China, some fans spontaneously organized a group to the airport and raised banners to pick him up. All this is the case, would you still believe that Internet celebrities can become popular only by luck?

6 months ago

First of all, packaging this stuff is not so easy to do. If you can operate, have methods and resources, you can. Otherwise, it’s mostly useless. The game anchor, Director Ao, is now considered famous. When he was not famous more than ten years ago, he was advertising himself in the game post bar, and he couldn’t delete anything like psoriasis. All the energy of the dead skinny face is used up. Later, he kept flaunting himself, belittling others and exalting himself. In short, shame is also a way, but you have to have a way after all. And now, people are not so well packaged. Now even the broadcasters who play the piano are beginning to scroll, and they are beginning to show their breasts more than anyone else. In the network environment more than ten years ago, there was not so much information. As long as you can attract attention, you can catch fire. But in this era of information explosion, even if you pierce the sky, it will be a small ripple at best. But of course, I will not discourage your enthusiasm. I’m just getting older and want to be safe. My suggestion is: Should I look for a job or look for it. As for being an online celebrity, this kind of thing still needs to be done in spare time. Even if you resign after success.

6 months ago

Frankly speaking, this is not reliable! I usually like to cook, and I often pay attention to some gourmet internet celebrities. After reading a lot, I summarized several common routines: First, there is indeed hard work under his hand, such as Wang Gang. This kind of cooking is honest, and the video is cut well to satisfy a wave of people who really want to learn how to cook. ; The second is to work hard on the ingredients and make some rare ingredients, such as roasted camels, big Australian dragons, etc., to satisfy the audience’s curiosity; the third is the sexy chef style, you know this, find a sexy beauty, Do the dishes casually, anyway, no one really cares what the dishes are, to meet the needs of a wave of lsp; fourth is the funny style, it doesn’t matter whether you cook or not, and it doesn’t matter, this bamboo rat seems to be in a bad spirit today, or else Baked it. The most important thing to be funny is to satisfy the people who read the jokes; the fifth is the original ecological style. Find a place with beautiful mountains and green waters, beside a stream or something, and use various primitive cooking methods to satisfy a wave of wanting to return to nature. Demand. I see the meaning of your title, it seems that you are going to go the first style? This track is really full, with a lot of professional-level people mixing, and it’s basically a team operation. Everyone in the family says something delicious, just listen to it, it has no reference value. If you don’t work hard enough, look for a job honestly.

6 months ago

Follow my boss’s answer. . . Hey, internet celebrities are not easy to do. I have known this for a long time. The time can be traced back to many years before I did e-commerce. It’s early for me to get in touch with the Internet, why open a shop online? That’s just not wanting to show up. But I didn’t get it done, I didn’t toss it up. In the autumn before the epidemic, I withdrew the deposit to prepare for the winter. I have a very natural feeling for freelance or the Internet. The store is gone and I can’t sit and eat, so I picked up a pen… I wrote an online essay, a book I wrote 6 years ago, and later …I tried both male and female channels, but it still didn’t work, and then I suddenly lost my way…I used Douyin while recuperating. I didn’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate. I ran into the entertainment anchor again. This is not a job for me, and it has been crossed out of my mind a long time ago. Really, the kind of things that are washed and stripped, sitting in front of the camera with a smile like a flower, and talking about it is too difficult for me. That is a spectacle that only appears during the Chinese New Year. Among the girls, I belong to the kind of very casual and sloppy person. A sweater and a pair of jeans can go through three quarters. Sitting in a chair for more than three minutes requires cross-legged, hunched back, and nostril picking…Is it possible for me to sing a few songs, is it a specialty? Then the benevolent sees benevolence, and the wise sees wisdom. Well, just one mouth is verbose and endless, just talking about yourself, haven’t answered the subject’s question yet. In fact, I want to tell the subject, if you have a choice, don’t do this, don’t go to the lone sail of freelance work, and don’t become an internet celebrity. You will regret this. Few people can afford the disapproval from the outside world and the pressure within themselves. Really, as long as I still have the strength, I will work as a housekeeper, a salesperson, or find a place to be an apprentice. At least you can get your salary by the end of the month, so you don’t need to watch the balance on the card and grab your hair, right? Many people think that I want to be famous and want to be crazy, the book is not written, and I am so naive to be an anchor. Hey…Actually, I now want to do something that I can do, and eat a bite of rice that I can get with a hard effort. I advise the subject not to take a chance. Nowadays, the Internet celebrities, no matter how “simple and natural” they look on the surface, the people who really become popular have teams and are quite large. As for the pig on the tuyere? Yes, there must be, but they are all breeding pigs. What do I do with you? If you have really moved your mind and have to do it, then try for two months in a corner where no one is applauded. If you can survive two months, I lose.

6 months ago

Unreliable, because engaging in the self-media industry is not your active choice based on your own advantages, but not being able to find a suitable job in the postgraduate entrance examination, trying to support yourself by doing the seemingly free and easy job of self-media packaging into a net red Passive choice. What’s more, those specialties you think you have are not specialties, and you cannot label your videos or texts with differentiation or uniqueness. The cost of imitation is extremely low, and this kind of identity positioning is everywhere in the self-media industry, but You yourself are a newcomer who passively chooses to enter the industry. How do you compete with them and reflect your differentiated characteristics? In today’s fast consumer era, never be impetuous, don’t think that the chicken feathers will go to the sky, the flying pigs, and do what you should do at this stage. In this job, complete the existing main tasks. Even if what you have done from the media has improved afterwards, if it can’t make you worry about food and clothing, please find a job instead of devoting yourself to it. Perhaps you have seen its professional freedom, but how much water is behind this freedom? Or how difficult and difficult is it? We media’s bonus period has passed, and today’s competition is under even greater pressure. There are top-ranked big bulls in front, and there are countless big-time figures who are new to we media but full of knowledge. Are you Have the confidence and strength to beat them? Don’t let yourself become a deceived member of the Internet celebrity economy. It is better to really improve your ability and level, and find a job that satisfies you first.

6 months ago

In order to get a slice of the traffic, net celebrities take turns to take turns. It is said that good content is difficult to make now, and users see more and it is increasingly difficult to be impressed. But there are a group of short video experts who insist on recording life and sharing ordinary bits and pieces day after day. This truth and hard work has moved fans. Take the short video creator Rural Huijie I often use as an example (who makes me a foodie…). Huijie said in her self-introduction: “I am an ordinary rural person, and I will share some ordinary home-cooked meals with you every day… The work is only to record life and to record the children’s growing up. “Song (brother) brothers and sisters, today I teach you how to cook pork stew with potatoes. First, let’s blanch the meat.” Huijie taught everyone to cook in Mandarin with a Henan accent. Her video does not have cool editing and special effects, but only presents the rustic and authentic rural life. Their family lives in an ordinary rural village in Haidong Township, Puyang County, Henan Province, surrounded by mountains, no different from the wilderness. But in the most remote yard of such a village, it has the hottest popularity-every time the sister’s home cooks and eats, there are 10w+ fast users watching the live broadcast in front of the mobile phone and interacting with the sister and his wife in real time. Before becoming popular, Huijie’s family lived on farming and depended on heaven for food. Sister Hui’s husband called himself the “fourth”. He used to work outside and got sick from exhaustion, so he returned to his hometown to recover from the illness. Sister Hui changed the way to make food for him every day. The days of not working are somewhat boring, and there is no income and anxiety. The fourth child downloaded Kuaishou and wondered if he could make money from live broadcasts and short videos. At the beginning he filmed everything, and the number of people in the live studio was pitiful. Once, the fourth child randomly broadcasted the meeting sister’s cooking, and the number of people in the live broadcast room suddenly increased! It’s a godsend opportunity to increase fans. The meeting sister said, you can just shoot me. From that day on, Sister Hui merged her life with Kuaishou live broadcast, broadcasting at lunch and dinner, in spring and in winter. She wears the simple smile of a rural person, the occasional greasy head, the tanned face, and the thick and chapped palms. Without the slightest modification, she is familiar with the neighbor’s aunt, making every audience feel enthusiastic and restrained. The intimacy of living. When she first came into contact with the live broadcast, Sister Hui was so nervous that her palms and forehead were sweating, and she couldn’t speak smoothly. Someone left a message in the live broadcast room and said, “You are a rural woman who doesn’t look good, doesn’t speak, and cooks mediocre food. Why do you have so many fans?” The fourth child said that my sisters are just ordinary old ladies, and they can’t compare with chefs in cooking, but the kids love to eat and the family likes to watch, and they need bicycles. The elder sister on the side smiled naively, and continued to say in her Henan Mandarin: “I don’t speak like a machine gun. I just use an ordinary pistol. I will break and hug the machine.” There were a few hundred people in the live broadcast room, and then It has slowly grown to several thousand people. Now, after a two-hour live broadcast, 10w+ viewers have become the norm, and the number of likes often exceeds 100,000. The short video brought a great sense of accomplishment to the meeting sister. She used live broadcasts to sell high-quality agricultural products from Puyang County to all parts of the country, and made great contributions to the poverty alleviation of her hometown and the realization of rural revitalization. Huijie became a “star” in the village and a leader in using short videos to increase income and improve life. The sister not only insisted on live broadcasting, but also did not make videos. Open the Kuaishou account of the rural sister, a total of 3251 videos, live broadcasts that have been uninterrupted for almost a year, and more than 14 million fans. Those who have perseverance have Hengchan, you are talking about creators like Huijie, right? In the promotional video “Some People Live Like a Poem” of the Kuaishou Photosynthetic Creators Conference, active and creative users like Huijie, as well as the highlights of their real lives, have become the most valuable platform of Kuaishou. Of wealth. In the same way, Kuaishou helps them find what they need and give play to their strengths, not only realizing their self-worth, but also realizing them. This is the true respect for people, labor and creation. Back to the question, do influencers rely on luck or hard work? After reading this sister, do you understand? Of course, it must be a persistent effort!

6 months ago

As a person who has come to tell you, these thoughts when you were young, don’t care whether they are reliable or not, if you really love it, just do it if you have an idea. Some people did think about the research and found a right direction to go on, and finally became strong. But more people, in fact, only because of a small opportunity, a small change, the accumulation of less and more, and finally become gods. I have seen a lot of people who started from scratch and started working in Internet companies. They can also develop a sideline job. You don’t need too many fans to find a job, hundreds or thousands are fine. Even all the big Vs you see are made from scratch. It’s just that you have to really love what you do. If you do it just to avoid looking for a job, it’s hard to stick to it. So your idea is reliable, but don’t abandon everything to do it, do it small first, and after some achievements, go find a job in new media operations, continue to operate your own small account while working, and slowly find your feelings. Even if you can’t support yourself, it’s very happy to make some pocket money, and you don’t know what you will experience in the future. What if you do it? If you want to learn a little bit of operation and the underlying logic of We Media, you can go to Nuan Shi, the free zone is enough for you. But we still have to emphasize it again, we must persevere, and we must gradually love it.

6 months ago

There is nothing wrong with thinking. But if you want to ask if the success rate of this idea is great, I think the biggest problem is that you may not even know how many hurdles or difficulties you have along the way. To be cold, this idea is only limited to dreaming and fantasizing. Stage, there is still a long way to go to the implementation of the plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pouring cold water. Any achievement has a fantasy stage at the beginning, right? For example, there are three stages in this matter and anything: planning, implementation, and problem solving. You are now in the planning stage, which is about 1% to 5%. It is too early to say that it is not reliable. For example, it’s just an example and not a provocation. You said that the food you cooked “every family said it was delicious”, and you just bought a piece of clothing like me. My family said it looks pretty much the same-anyway, I think about clothes. , Whenever my family says it looks good, I will immediately go back; in case my family frowns, “How the clothes are designed now, can this be worn?” Bingo! I bought this dress right. Far away, in short, doing things is step by step. Since it hasn’t started yet, don’t think too much. At least the work that can be done will start first.

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