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Ace has the potential to become One Piece, the reason why he did not become one is because the protagonist of the anime is Luffy, and the other reason is that Ace took the initiative to give up his dream of being One Piece. After Ace’s “death” in Sabo, Ace turned One Piece into his second ideal or even the icing on the cake from the bottom of his heart, rather than the first ideal like Luffy. Since childhood, Ace was discriminated against because of the son of One Piece, like Naruto Naruto of Naruto in Naruto, so Ace’s ideal is to become the strongest One Piece and be recognized (at the same time, there is also Oedis who surpassed his irresponsible father. Complex in). But if Ace is not the son of One Piece, Ace will be educated as a navy by Karp with a high probability. After getting to know Luffy Saab, Ace was recognized by his relatives and friends, and his goal became just to become the strongest One Piece. But after Sabo’s “death”, Ace realized the importance of his family’s brothers. He grew up overnight and became an eldest brother. He began to put his younger brother Lu Fei (family) first. Become a gentle, polite, well-mannered elder brother who can take care of others. From this meeting onwards, Ace’s first ideal has become the first in his family (same as White Beard), and becoming the strongest One Piece is just his second ideal when the first ideal is realized. It is the icing on the cake. (Different from Doflamingo’s family concept, Ming values ​​family, but in front of his own ambitions, his family is a fart. For Ace, compared with his family, One Piece is a fart! Although Luffy treats One Piece As the first ideal, but he will never sacrifice his companions like Ming Ge. When in Daughter Island, Lu Fei did not hesitate to choose to save people in the choice of saving people and going to sea). After truly integrating into the Whitebeard Pirates (with his father, Whitebeard, whom he really recognized in his mind), Ace really recognized his ideals, and the so-called second ideal was abandoned by Ace. Ace’s only ideal is family first (Luffy, Karp, Dadan, White Beard Pirates). So after Sabo’s death, Ace gave up his potential to become One Piece. Later, when I talk about being the One Piece, it is more about the commitment between the brothers (the three brothers have made the ideal to be the One Piece) and the pursuit of childhood bonds. The starting point has changed. In terms of panel attributes, Ace does have all the necessary qualities of a hot-blooded anime protagonist, but in terms of personal pursuit, Ace has become the second white beard imperceptibly. Ace caused a big storm shortly after going out to sea, became a supernova, and received an invitation to become Qiwuhai. This salary is slightly worse for Luffy (even if Luffy succeeded in the challenge for Qiwuhai, he never received the invitation to become Qiwuhai. Wu Hai’s invitation.). And on the ground, he fought with Shichibukai at fifty-five percent on land (Although Lufei at the same age challenged Qiwuhai twice, his personal strength did not reach the level of fifty-five.) Plus, he has been overbearing since he was a child. And unlike the master belt of Sabo Youlong, this talent is really the strongest at present (second only to Aunt Kaido). If Ace did not die, even if he became the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, he would take Whitebeard as his lifelong pursuit instead of becoming the Pirate King.


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7 months ago

Very interesting question. Ace is one of the few people who possesses true kingship qualifications. Talent, strength, hard work, and development path are all on the right. These other respondents have said. However, although Aisi is more qualified than Luffy, the king’s spirit loses slightly. In terms of knowing people and using people, and uniting the power of the entire sea, Asby Luffy missed a very crucial point. Luffy is surrounded by heroes, but when Ace went to sea, the pirate group was his one-man show, which can be seen. Ace will not become a king. Because the so-called king, to a certain extent, must be someone else. And Ace would not shout “I want to fly you and become the One Piece” like Luffy did. Every time he met a friend, he would blow up his younger brother, and whenever he met an enemy, he was proud of the captain of the White Beard Pirates and vowed to uphold the banner of White Beard. Ace’s goals and demands are not as pure as Luffy, and have a strong altruistic complex. Where Ace traveled, no one was impressed by his sun-like gentleness and personality charm, but his own goal was to make the white beard king and let Luffy complete his dream. What he cares about in his words and actions, and what he wants to do his best to achieve, are all father and younger brother. The reason is that since childhood, Ace has longed for the recognition and acceptance of others, and he has a sense of responsibility and protection engraved in his genes for the “people behind”; as the “second generation of kings”, he has become a king. not interested. When he was young and frivolous, he would use “prove himself and keep winning” as a disguise. But when he had Luffy and Sabo, and met his father and Margao, he finally realized that he regarded other people’s dreams more importantly than his own dreams. So much so that Ace would die for Luffy, and before dying with a smile, the last regret turned out to be “I can’t see you complete your dream.” Therefore, one of the biggest ironies of One Piece is that White Beard has always hoped that Ace will become the king, and Ace sincerely hopes to assist White Beard in becoming the king. Fortunately, in the end, both of their lives sought benevolence and benevolence. Before his death, the old man was finally satisfied that he was a qualified father; and before Ace died, he was finally satisfied that he was loved by everyone after all. It can only be said that Luffy is the real king. And Ace will not become a king. His will of fire, but like the sun, illuminates and nourishes every place that his sunlight can touch.

7 months ago

some. In terms of strength, it is the same generation as the supernova, but it can fight against the blue pheasant in a weak state, and is restrained by the red dog without being seriously injured. If the state is good, I am afraid that it can last longer, at least the star level, and the output is even higher. , One level higher than Supernova. If you escape from the top and practice domineering hard, you can refer to Sabo for strength, and you will be close to the emperor. In terms of character, when Ace was defeated by Whitebeard, his partner desperately died for him. Ace also defeated many people on the Whitebeard boat. Ace has the potential to win people’s hearts, but he stayed next to the gold medalist Baibeard. It’s a bit abandoned. But after experiencing the baptism of the war on top, if Ace survives and is guaranteed to be reborn, there is no need to worry about the potential in this area. Therefore, Ace has the potential to be the One Piece regardless of strength or character. If anything, it lacks luck. Luffy is lucky, Bucky will be struck by lightning if he wants to cut Luffy.

7 months ago

Some can’t be reproduced. Based on relationship, talent, fruit, and strength, Ace has completely surrounded the protagonist Luffy. You take off Luffy’s halo and put Ace on his head. Ace is the proper One Piece. , Even if you don’t pick it, Luffy has no advantage. He is the son of One Piece, the godson of the white beard, and the overlord. For Ace, development is a matter of time or not. It depends on the author’s willingness. So the sea was overwhelming. The red dog is a red dog. When it is red, I wonder if these people have any brains. If Ace doesn’t belch, when will the One Piece get you to fight?

7 months ago

Originally there was. When I was a child, I awakened the overlord’s appearance. When I went to sea, I had a natural element. Qi Wuhai was strong, but I was moved by the love of the white beard father. Concentrate on being a good son, and hope that the white beard will be gone when he becomes the One Piece. Lost and surpassing everything, the sea allows me to swim the king domineering. In One Piece, people like Doflamingo, Luffy, and Blackbeard have different understanding of One Piece. But they all firmly believe that they are unique and become the man who will eventually conquer this sea. The way of heaven is not afraid, and the ancestors are not enough. Ace is too short of love. After he became the son of the white beard, it was not for him to become the one piece king as the person he admired the most. So he lost the potential to become One Piece.

7 months ago

Ai Sicheng also lost Roger and lost Roger, this can be regarded as the fate of blood. Ace has the potential to become One Piece because of his strong strength and sturdy personality. Ace could not become the One Piece because of fate. His lack of paternal love since childhood, and his resentment and rejection of bloodlines made him make up for the white beard and chose his destination, making Whitebeard the One Piece. So: Ace has the potential to become One Piece because of Roger. Because of Roger, Ace did not have the potential to become One Piece.

7 months ago

Have. In terms of talent: 17-year-old Ace has already played back and forth with the veteran Qiwuhai, Jinping. In terms of strength: The 20-year-old Ace has firmly occupied the position of captain of the second team of the White Regiment. Affinity: This is very important in One Piece World. At the top of the war, there are countless people willing to die to save Ace. For example, little Oz saved Ace more out of personal feelings than the command of the white-bearded captain. In the country of Wano, the grace of Yifan gave Xiaoyu what they felt was unnecessary, and they firmly believed that Ace’s coming again could save them. In terms of dreams: No. What Ace seeks is to be loved, whether his own birth is good or bad, and whether it makes sense to other people. White beard never dies, Ace indulges in his father’s love and brotherhood. At this time, Ace would not pursue the throne of One Piece. If the white beard is dead and Esgor survives, then Ace will stand up to protect the white group. In this case, Ace is very likely to continue to grow stronger and eventually become the One Piece.

7 months ago

No. Ace lacks the most important ability to be a king, which is to win over people’s hearts. Even our protagonist Luffy, Oda keeps emphasizing the similar ability of Luffy. Pure benevolence and righteousness are meaningless. Being a minister is the ultimate. To claim a king, you must have your own political property, no matter how you get it. Does Ace have? He is the successor of White Beard, but it is also the political legacy given to him by White Beard. Without White Beard, he is the benevolent idealist who single-handedly pursued Black Beard. Destined to be a loser. The difference between Ace and Blackbeard is the difference between Zhu Yunqi and Zhu Di. What do we think Blackbeard did after becoming Qiwuhai? Robbery find a partner! Although the methods are bad, this is the king’s aptitude. There is no lone king in the world. Even the protagonist Luffy in our most ideal state, Oda keeps designing various passerby partners for him so that he can reasonably defeat the enemy. These interpretations are the charm of personality. Therefore, Ace does not have the potential to be king, he has generals and handsome talents. But when he single-handedly pursued the enemy, it just proved that he did not have the potential to be a king.

7 months ago

No, even if I don’t die, I don’t know how much he can become a king when he recognizes White Beard as his father. And he doesn’t have the Luffy’s ability to gather people around him. In the end, many people said Have you ever seen it from the perspective of strength? Why did the seventeen-year-old Ace drew evenly? Pay attention to whether the land is equal or equal to the green pheasant and the wave, then why don’t you talk about the red dog and the wave, the hand and yelling? The red dog green pheasant wins for ten days and ten nights. Negative, how big is the sea where the blue pheasant is released? Becoming a captain at the age of 20, can this be blown too? Wake up, seventeen-year-old Luffy in the same age group has done it. Ainiro, Lao Sarucci and Moria have done it. Nineteen-year-old Luffy has already hammered Kaido. The false One Piece: Twenty-year-old is already Whitebeard II. The captain of the squad is the real One Piece: I can hold the Four Emperor’s Hammer at the age of twenty

7 months ago

Ace is just a son. At least in the comics, he is just a son. He is also very good in terms of strength and personality charm, but the key shortcoming is expressed in Jiang Wen’s “The Evil Does Not Suppress Righteousness”: He He is not ready to find a son for himself. This is also one of the reasons why he must die. The person who lacks the love of the father finds the love of the father and is complete. Once the father dies, the son should end. One Piece is not the pursuit of the white beard, nor is it Ace’s quest, Ace does not have enough motivation to become One Piece

7 months ago

From the perspective of strength, the 20-year-old Ace is positioned in the middle of the Qiwuhai, not high or low, but the 20-year-old Qiwuhai is definitely qualified to cross the imperial general level. (As for what the fruit is, the degree of domineering mastery is completely trivial, as long as you think about it, two or three years, one or two death fights can be raised back).
Judging from the appealing power, it is not only the white group that tops the war for his life and death.

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