Ah, I didn’t expect to have 1k likes in just two days (shy) I just wrote a paragraph at first, but I didn’t expect it to cause such a big response… I also saw a lot of comments. I think memorizing Chinese is something that many people may not like. But as long as you work hard to memorize it, you will never regret it. If you didn’t memorize it for a while, and you actually passed the exam, you can’t fill it out. In the end, you might just miss the school you want to go to. Maybe you will regret it for life. The original answer below. My next words may be very ugly. If you don’t want to listen, please skip me. As long as you take time to recite, you can get points and six points, don’t you? Yes, maybe you can recite a text in classical Chinese. You can indeed recite a unit of English words. But you are so sure that English word filling can fill these six points of the language? You are so confident of filling in the blanks in mathematics and choosing the final pressing question. Can you do it better than others? With all due respect, I’m afraid that people like you who are too lazy to recite the basic mathematics problems are doing wrong, right? Words are difficult to write. You can’t remember and learn? There are so many articles. Wouldn’t you start sooner? You can give up the second question of the derivative problem of mathematics. I totally agree because most people don’t know it. To put it bluntly, it is reserved for those outstanding students. But the Chinese thing you want to give up? Did you give up or fill in the blanks, which is the easiest way to score the entire paper? To be honest, almost no one in this place would choose to give up. As the saying goes: Kill 1,000 people with 1 point. You can count the 6 points you lost. Can you afford it? For you, the college entrance examination is so easy to ignore in your eyes? The comments below are all saying that it may be just a few minutes away from entering your favorite university, and so on. But with all due respect, I’m afraid that it is still a problem if you can’t get into college with this attitude. How do you feel that you are superior to others? You think you can give up these six points? I ask you, you may have worked so hard to write for a long time before the exam, and practiced for a long time in composition, narrative, explanatory, argumentative, letter, and even fairy tale genre. The result of the exam topic still leaves you scratching your head. Then can I come to the conclusion that it is useless for you to learn composition, so why not give up composition? If you still don’t realize the importance of ancient Chinese poems like this, you can measure the six points: Where can you chase these six points back? You find a subject, find a six-point question that only you can come out, I will delete this answer immediately. Wake up, kid! Or I shouldn’t call you a kid anymore. After all, I’m only a sophomore in high school. If you don’t want to take these six points, just don’t take the college entrance examination and go directly to the construction site to apply for a brick mover. Maybe no one wants you because they require brick movers with a bachelor degree or above. Of course, the above words are based on a premise. If you are the kind of college entrance examination with a score of 750 and a score of 740, you will assume that I have not said it, and I personally apologize to you.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Isn’t this who I was back then? At that time, I felt that I had to recite so many ancient poems for the sake of six points, and some ancient verses were easy to memorize, and I often recite them and write them incorrectly (mental explosion). It’s totally outweigh the gain. After throwing those six points, there are still 144 points for the Chinese curly face. I just need to spend my mind on other aspects, it is much easier than competing for the six points. However, in fact, when it comes to the actual test, you will find that in addition to the six points, other questions that you did not do correctly are still done incorrectly. It was originally possible to test 120 points, but now it only has 110 points. Because this is a typical thinking misunderstanding. People usually assume that the college entrance examination has a total of 750 points. You can deduct a few points somewhere, and some points will be deducted somewhere. The final score is the total score. In fact, you were a pauper when the exam started, with a zero score. You have worked so hard to get the right one, and you have a chance to get that point, and you may get incomplete points because of the difference in words. How many points are scored for a question, and you are lucky enough to finish the test papers. Add up the scattered points and dozens of points on these test papers to get your final score. Moreover, you later felt that the finale of mathematics, the last multiple-choice question is not worth doing, the translation of ancient Chinese is not worth doing, and the English cloze is not worth doing. In order to learn to do the problem easier, do you have to give out a few more points? It’s like: cut five cities today, cut ten cities tomorrow, and then have to go to bed overnight, look at the four realms, and Qin soldiers will come to the end. Brother, since I chose the path of the college entrance examination, there is no retreat. No matter what ancient poems or translations of ancient texts, Chong Chong Chong is right! When you reach the upper-middle level, you will find that these six points are not a burden to us at all, it is just a free question!

5 months ago

When I was in high school, my head teacher used to say this to us, and now I also send this sentence to you who are about to take the college entrance examination. “Remember, don’t think that you deduct from 750 points and one point down for the college entrance examination, but add up from zero points a little bit. Don’t always feel that the six points are not important and it doesn’t matter if you throw it away, it’s not from 750 to five. Seven hundred and forty-four, but starting from six points to zero points, understand!” This is some of the classmates at that time always can not memorize ancient poems, and the Chinese teacher “cries” to the class teacher after she told us. In fact, if you think about it, this is true. These six points are not “I don’t want it anymore” but “I can’t get it.” Some people will say that I have memorized all the must-remember poems and articles in middle and high school, and remembered all the words. The time and energy spent on these six points is “half the effort” and is not worth it. Indeed, I don’t deny this. How many times have you struggled with pain, and how many times have you “talked about” with your teacher in the office, most likely because of these poems. As for the methods and techniques, what I said before can’t be more detailed. I won’t show my ugliness here, but there may not be much to say. After all, I was easy to recite at the time. Maybe I was very “arty”. I have read a lot of poems outside of class, so the in-class must not be a problem (funny.jpg). However, before taking the Chinese test, remember to bring the poem necessary small book, although you are very nervous outside the examination room and don’t have any thoughts about a piece of paper. Look, but before you go in, you can turn a page randomly. What to see on that page is amazing. This is metaphysics. Sometimes, this metaphysics is better to be believed.

5 months ago

Or specific issues specific analysis. My suggestion is to reach a level of two, three or four hundred points. If you want to study hard for a year or even less than a year, you can make a second or one book. Then you can give up tactically. Because, for these students, no matter how time is spent there, it is faster than using it here to raise points. And there are too many places to raise points, and they are not ranked here in order of importance. A classmate near the line can’t give up here, but don’t use it, and can’t spend a lot of time on it. When I was in school, Qu Yuan’s articles and the preface to the Pavilion of the King of Teng were also difficult to memorize and were not recited in the back of the textbook. The full text is not memorized. Six points are enough to keep four points (but in the end I should have scored 6 points). However, you can’t be so-so. If you write all 6 so-so, you may not even be able to keep four points. As for the students who want to rush to 985 at 211 level and top 985 at 985, there is nothing to say, let’s recite. For this level of goals, one is to definitely strive for all right, and the other is to write silently in a small way. For these students, it is not enough to discuss the issue of trade-offs. In addition, this is only a specific analysis angle, such as the efficiency of memorizing ancient poems. Is there a big gap between investment and return? Does recitation of ancient poems have an auxiliary effect on one’s own poetry appreciation, classical Chinese translation and writing? (Normally speaking, ancient poems can be translated, so it is easy to memorize. Translation is very important for poetry appreciation and classical Chinese reading. Knowing how to memorize may be useful. Writing is helpful. Because I rarely see situations in which I can translate but I can’t memorize. Even if I do, it’s only a small step from translating to memorizing. It’s just a small step, a little bit of effort, and it’s done in four, five or six. .

5 months ago

After the college entrance examination, all 6 points were lost, and they all got together. ——The ancients warned us not to lose the big one because of the small one. Now these 6 points are like a fluff on the head of a fly, a hair on the horn of a snail, and a photo in a 1T hard drive. It is really not worth our effort for it! ——I heard the ancient saints said that the accumulation of earth and rocks became high mountains, wind and rain rose from here, and the water flow became an abyss, and the flood dragon came from here. The ancients’ words can be said to be very correct. Think about your ancestors, exposed to the wind and rain, cut off countless thorns, and then there is a place for you to study. You don’t want these five points, and you give up six points. It’s as simple as throwing away the grass and mustards. This is really not cherished-such remarks in the morning are really worth hanging up at night. I know that there is a big guy who spent half his budget before starting his own business. He brought about 750,000 people and was burned. There was a son who was still lingering, although he ran two days and nights and invited big guys to help rob the place. The site has saved a rich family business, but it can’t help but make it indiscriminately! Yu Nai understands the laziness of the ordinary day, which produces the bitter fruit of today. If you are diligent in recitation, there is no need to worry about it. Therefore, this article will tell you all that the lessons for the past are already in sight. Those who come later, don’t repeat the same mistakes!

5 months ago

Are you really thinking too much? This may be the voice of the majority of students! After five years of education, I have contacted nearly tens of thousands of students, and one out of every ten has such an idea! Chinese silent writing is only 6 points, I give up and I can get another 144 points. I really don’t understand physical chemistry, I gave up, and there are 550 points left. I get more than 90% of the points and I can still take the exam! classmates! You think too much? You have no chance to give up any subject in the college entrance examination! The score of silent writing is almost the most cost-effective in the college entrance examination, because you can get at least five points or more by just memorizing. If you give up even this, you are really confident in poetry appreciation, modern essay reading, and composition. Is it six points higher than other students? Tell you clearly: Those who work hard to get these 6 points will not be too bad in other test types! So we can do our best to get as many points as possible in each subject. But don’t choose to give up. For example, physics is difficult for you, but it is only the few questions that are difficult. There are still many easy-to-understand questions, and we can also get points. Believe me, you give up one subject to study and leave time for other subjects. The cost-effectiveness will never evaluate your own strength. Six subjects are also high. Give up slowly, you are already called the pauper of the college entrance examination room before you reach the examination room

5 months ago

Discussing what you should learn regardless of your current level and goals is a hooliganism. If you can only test seventy to eighty points in math, you can make 10 errors in English cloze test, and you can hardly know anything about literacy and essays. I really don’t recommend that you spend time looking for places in Chinese. I even suggest you Don’t study Chinese at ordinary times. Anyway, there are 120 people who study Chinese hard, and many people who don’t study at all can take the test more than 100. The scores of other subjects are much faster than Chinese. Seize the time to do other subjects. It costs 15 points to get a comprehensive elective question in theory, and 12 points to get a big math problem. Isn’t it faster than you do some dictation? Your goal is double first-class, now you can test 620, 630 Yes, then you can’t lose a single point. The optional finale of mathematics, the finale of the finale, and even English composition and Chinese composition, you have to grind everything. If you do one less question, your upper limit will be one question lower than others. The higher the level, the harder it is to earn points. The more you have to pay to get a point. On this basis, it can be said that the silent writing of Chinese is the easiest to get among these points.

5 months ago

If you are in college, you can have fun and go to bed from morning to night, regardless of the college entrance examination language. If there are three days left in the college entrance examination, you can go to review the other key points and give up the six points. If there is one month left for the college entrance examination, you can memorize the old poems every morning in a small book. If there are still six months left in the college entrance examination, I will give you a fist. Why don’t you have fun? Go recite ancient poems? If you are three years away from the college entrance examination, I will give you five calligraphy books and textbooks for me to study hard. I run in the morning and memorize words and poems every morning, and I will have no food if I don’t finish memorizing it. Then you don’t have this problem.

5 months ago

For the national one-volume college entrance examination candidates in 2020, I completely gave up on memorizing Chinese and classical Chinese in the last few weeks of this extreme (but I still looked at the key points, that is, some important sentences in the materials must be memorized. I memorized them anyway. It’s impossible to memorize everything in a month, and I can’t remember it after memorizing it. The price/performance ratio is too low, and you may not take the exam if you memorize it.) But it depends on how long you are from the college entrance examination. There are still more than two months left. I think I still have to read it first. Look at the important thing, first memorize a few important long texts in classical Chinese, such as Xiaoyaoyou, and then memorize the ancient poems. If you have a few weeks left, you should go to the Lizong, mathematics, memorize English composition and good sentences. I took the college entrance examination last year. Although I didn’t memorize it very much, I can still write it, but it’s two points wrong because of the wrong writing. If you want to get all 6 points, you still need a long time to compile the words in each article and the new words in each sentence of ancient poems. Write at least all the classical Chinese and ancient poems. 64 articles, but it’s definitely not good. I still can’t ensure that they are all right. Even those who have worked hard in high school for three years are not necessarily full marks. If you give up in the last few weeks, it’s not worth it~ I wish the friends who read this article a good score in the college entrance examination!

5 months ago

This problem also bothered me, but then I figured it out. If you just study for the college entrance examination, I think it is not worth it. After accumulating so much, it is for these 6 points (in fact, the composition will also be used), it is really tasteless, it is better to give up. However, if you change your perspective and treat the college entrance examination as just a stage of your life growth, you will come to different conclusions. After all, your real goal should not be limited to the college entrance examination, but to constantly improve yourself, enrich yourself, and enrich yourself. When your mood has changed, you will think that it is necessary for you to learn, foreign, political history, geography, because you can get rid of your ignorance, you can avoid being deceived, and you can talk more with your friends… If it’s me, I I still feel that it is far from enough. I still want to study economics, law, psychology, and I also want to dabble in quantum mechanics, group theory, functional… It is understandable that good steel is indeed a better choice for the blade. However, if you are only measuring the cost-effectiveness from the utilitarian point of view, I still suggest that you read more books. If you read more, this kind of question will naturally not be raised again. Perhaps, “Life is like a traveler, I am also a pedestrian” will never take the test, but when I feel down, I will use this to comfort myself. Perhaps “a career in a rough cloth, with poems and books in my stomach” will never take the test, but when I am impetuous and unable to enter the book, I will remind myself. Perhaps “Lang rides on a bamboo horse and walks around the bed to make green plums” will never be tested, but if someone mentions a childhood sweetheart, I can tell him the source of this idiom. Maybe “Wish to be one-hearted people and stay together” will never take the test, but when I meet a girl I like, I don’t have to say “I like you” in a daze. Maybe “I see how charming the green hills are, and what should be the way I see Qingshan” will never take the test, but I can silently recite it thousands of times and feel its beauty. Perhaps “dwarves have never seen a play, they just say short and long” will not take the test, but when I see a group of keyboard men indiscriminately following the trend and criticizing some problems, I will smile faintly. Maybe “Ercao will die with fame, and will not waste the rivers forever” will never be tested, but at least let me know that when you swear, you can not only use “TMD” and “I fuck” to hurt the enemy a thousand self-defeating Eight hundred crude words. All in all, I don’t care if they take the exam or not. It’s good if they take the exam, but there is no loss if they don’t take the exam. Moreover, the three-year knowledge of your high school, the 750-point test paper is far from covering.

5 months ago

I have a national volume in 2020, 116 points in language, four points of which are silent writing. The wrong two points are what I deserved when reviewing. I reminded myself many times to read the punctuation before the exam, but I kept dragging it. In the end, the head of the water-tuning song didn’t know whether it was the last sentence or the previous sentence of “It’s too cold to be in a high place.” In one sentence, simply deduct the conclusion first, and you should not give up why. First of all, I think comprehensible dictation. The difficulty of comprehension is relatively low for the college entrance examination. Before the college entrance examination, I have read the 15-19 national paper dictation. Most of them are as long as you can translate (and for these you have learned countless It’s not difficult to translate all the ancient texts.) You can figure out the sentence. It can be said that as long as you don’t write a wrong word, you can basically get a score of six (the mock test for the second and third year of high school, I only deduct the dictation. After two points, it was a sentence that was misunderstood in the escape, no typo.) Since there is a chance to score six points, why should I miss it? Some of the college entrance examination questions have large knowledge fluctuations and some knowledge fluctuations are small, but the dictation is one of the few questions that can be filled with a small amount of effort. During the college entrance examination, if you can fill up these questions that have a certain nature of sending points, then you The consequences will not be too bad. Take mathematics as examples, like the finale questions with ever-changing methods, which you may prepare desperately but you can’t write it out in the end. I did hundreds of college entrance examination derivatives finale within a month before the college entrance examination and saw a lot. The practice I have never seen has expanded my horizons a lot. I am familiar with a lot of frameworks, but I didn’t get a score for the second derivative of the college entrance examination. The derivative of that anti-routine directly makes my preparations equivalent to useless work, but in the end my mathematics score is actually not low (141). Why is it actually because I used three-dimensional geometry, the number sequence of the college entrance examination, etc., to be relatively simple. , Through preparation, you can ensure that the correct topics are accurate. If the language, you can get the guarantee points for the more stable topics such as dictation and classical Chinese translation, then I believe that even if the topic of the novel and poetry was strange, your language score It’s not too low. Since there are stable six points, why not? Unless you have full confidence, you can get more results by throwing the time of dictation every day to the subjects you lag behind. So in the end, it depends on your own personal situation. What kind of review plan will help your total score the most, so you can do it. I personally recommend taking 1-2 classes every day to see the silent writing of Chinese. It is not a waste of time, but it is very effective.

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