When I watched Chef Lin Shuwei’s live broadcast of Sichuan cuisine in the evening, I found that the chef’s cooking process seemed to be no different from that of ordinary people, and there was no big difference in the choice of ingredients. To say that there is a difference, it is reflected in some details. For example, when making twice-cooked pork, the neck of the garlic sprouts is cooked and the roots are cooked first. When making Mapo tofu, you must choose old tofu, and you must thicken it three times. , When making Kung Pao Chicken, be sure to fry it quickly on high heat to ensure that the pan is not sticky. If you think about it for a moment, whether cooking is delicious or not seems to be closely related to these details. From your life experience, what details do you think you can tell the level of a person’s cooking skills?

I don’t know much about cooking, so I can only answer questions from the side. The person I have personally met with the highest cooking skills is a roommate of mine. We lived together for two years. I personally think that the key to a person’s cooking skills is whether he really loves cooking. Since I was little, I have seen too many people cook, and I have cooked many meals myself. Some people cook, they have to do it to feed themselves or their family. Some people cook because they like food, and they like to make delicious food, not the cooking itself. Some people cook for work, or want to do this job, be a chef to open a restaurant, or want to be an online celebrity, and be a host of ups. Some people cook simply because of their specialty. He can cook for various reasons and has good craftsmanship, so he likes to give Others cook and eat, listen to others praise him for his good craftsmanship, and receive compliments. Only my roommate is the first person I have ever met who simply likes cooking. His attitude towards cooking is more like an artist’s attitude towards creating artworks. My roommate has cooked beef with sauce. Go to the supermarket to choose the best beef, mix various seasonings, use a stopwatch to calculate the time for boiling and cooling the beef, and finally freeze it in the refrigerator for several days to cool. The moment the finished product was taken out, the beef was crystal clear, as if brown marble mixed with brown crystal. He shared with me, I said it was delicious, and he said it was okay, it just made the taste he wanted. Write a summary, take photos, keep files, and end. He did not post to Moments, did not show off to anyone, and never cooked this dish again. It is enough to complete a work with heart and enjoy the joy of success. My roommate has cooked three lobsters. My mother came to the United States to see me. To entertain my mother, I went to the supermarket and bought three large lobsters (with my roommate). I wanted to bake it, and my roommate said that he could use some complicated techniques to deal with such a large and fresh and good ingredient, and it could be regarded as a reward for his eating my lobster meal. I agreed. Eat three, namely steamed lobster, baked lobster, and fried lobster balls. Needless to say, the steps of steaming lobster are the most important to keep the original flavor. My roommate still uses hand-made ingredients, and a stopwatch is used for timing. Baked lobster is a Western-style recipe. My roommate rarely cooks Western food. This time I made some preparations specially for me. I went to the supermarket to buy the most suitable cheese brand and strictly followed the video instruction of the Western food chef. Deep-fried lobster balls are considered a luxury. The largest lobster only makes three lobster balls, one for each person and one bite. For these three shrimp balls, he took care of them for a long time. In the evening, three lobsters were served, and my mother and I were shocked. Anyhow, we are also people who have met the world, and we are still impressed by the craftsmanship of my roommate. In the first year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, my roommate made mooncakes by himself. Buy pork and chicken, and fry lard and chicken yourself. Buy red beans and lotus seeds, and make your own red bean paste and lotus paste. Buy different varieties of flour, prepare the flour you need, and make the cake crust for moon cakes. At that time, he went home early every day, and the kitchen was busy until late. It took about a week and the mooncakes were finally completed, no more than six, each of which was small and lovely and delicious. I, a person who had only bought mooncakes since I was a child, praised it, but it’s a pity. The roommate was very satisfied with the results and said that he got the taste he wanted. In the second year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, my roommate wanted to chase a girl, after much deliberation, she decided to give her mooncakes made by herself. So repeat the above steps, but this time he added the jam he made to make a modern fruit-flavored mooncake. The girl was very moved and agreed to him. So he won’t be my roommate next year. I have never eaten his food again.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It just depends on being exquisite. For a person who can cook, if he is a person who is particular about eating, his culinary skills are often not bad, and as long as he is particular, he will continue to learn and evolve, and his culinary skills tend to increase with age. On the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to food, you can make do with filling your stomach, and you will not have the motivation to learn new techniques and research new ingredients. Cooking skills will not be much better. Originally, our ancestors discovered that the animal meat burned by the thunder and fire of heaven and earth is more delicious, and then gradually switched from raw food to cooked food, and took the first step towards exquisiteness. Later, with the abundance of ingredients and the maturity of techniques, the level of human catering and culinary skills has become higher and more exquisite. Can the stew be eaten without blanching in advance? can! But it tastes different from blanching in advance…is it possible to cook fish without scraping the black mask on the abdomen? can! But maybe the fishy smell is more serious… Can it be done without the clear soup? Row! But it looks cloudy and not bright, making people lose appetite… Isn’t vinegar good for eating dumplings? Doesn’t sesame oil drip when mixed with cold dishes? Doesn’t use starch to thicken the noodles? Drink lamb soup without green onion and coriander? Can’t fry fish or stir fry? People who are particular about eating three meals a day often have certain standards in cooking, show some obsessive-compulsive temperament on the road of pursuing a perfect color, fragrance and taste, and show extremes to “criticisms” that do not meet their own standard practices. Great discomfort. For example: Can you still eat mutton stew? ! How can the pancake fruit not have crispy and fried dough sticks? ! It’s a crime not to fry sugar well and use soy sauce and cola! Although these obsessive-compulsive disorders may not be all right, after all, eating habits are very regional and personalized. People in the world may have different tastes, but for foodies and those who are in charge, paying attention is a very important trait. Only when there are more and more sophisticated people, can our catering level improve more and more. Regardless of whether it is sweet tofu brain or salted tofu brain, as long as it is done carefully and eaten, it is good tofu brain.

5 months ago

The details are the result of a process, paying attention to-practice-observation-summary-analysis-improvement-practice again. Repeating the above, from qualitative change to quantitative change, the details can only come out after the spiral rises to a certain height. A person who has not experienced the above links does not know the details, even a smart person cannot know it at the beginning. In addition to the choice of ingredients, the process of cooking is actually a process of practicing overall planning, a process of optimizing the combination, and it must seem pleasing to the eye. There are too many specific details, a few thousand words can be written, but it is not necessary, it depends on whether he is well-informed in the whole process, and it is fine.

5 months ago

When looking at the raw material, it is not meticulous. What kind of chicken is it in your hand? Is it thick or not? Is it a young rooster or an old hen that is more than a year old; is a handful of leeks tender or old; a piece of beef girth does not lead, is it boiled or alkaline? Made. These are directly related to what the dish will look like after being cooked. Many fat and lean meats should be made separately. The raw materials are good, all in one go, all sharp, it is actually difficult to make it unpalatable. How to pack the same thing in your hands is a test of a chef’s experience and understanding of techniques.

5 months ago

The most intuitive judgment of the chef’s level depends on the quality of the prepared dishes. If it is delicious and looks good, then it is really more powerful. Often high-level chef cooking methods are unpretentious and can make some common dishes a different taste. The design of dishes is the key foundation. The preparation of ingredients, the skill of using tools, and the control of heat are all the basic skills of a chef. Some chefs make cooking like performing acrobatics, for fear of misunderstandings about cooking. . Of course, except for program effects

5 months ago

Of course, every detail. Every detail is refined and the dishes will be delicious. Every detail is almost adequate, and the dishes made are at best quite improvised. Of course, the prerequisite to strive for perfection in every detail is a complete knowledge system and proficient operating skills, which will take time to accumulate. Just like in the question, you definitely don’t know why the details are handled in this way, so you don’t think it matters. And the chef knows why this is done, and if it is not done, the dish will be overturned in what way, so it will do it. You think it’s just a matter of details, but actually the lack of the entire knowledge system

5 months ago

Fire, pot, oil, salt, material, quantity. Fire-big fire and small fire? How big is the fire? When is the big fire and when is the small fire? Pot-what kind of dish (staple food) is used in which pot? Wrought iron pot, cast iron pot, non-stick pot, stainless steel pot, glass pot, enamel pot, casserole, (electric) baking pan,…? And, how many pots are served at the same time? Oil-what kind of oil, raw oil, cooked oil, shallot oil, pepper oil? Animal oil, vegetable oil? For vegetable oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil? Butter lard for animal oil? Salt-when to add salt, how much salt to add, whether to add salt several times, whether to marinate in advance, whether to soak in water, if soy sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, bean paste and other salty condiments are added , How much less salt should I put in? Ingredients-what are the ingredients used, how to make fresh vegetables, how to deal with stale or old or wilted ones, how to write thin and thin meats, how to cut old ones, how to cut them and slice them Dice, cut into strips, cut into pieces, cut into four-square hob blocks or diamond-shaped blocks? Red pepper or green pepper, dried ginger or fresh ginger, green onion or shallot…If you don’t have this material, you can leave it alone, or if there is any substitute. Quantity-what’s in the refrigerator, how many people eat this meal, how much meat and vegetables are eaten, and whether the ratio of starch, protein and fat intake is reasonable. How much can a pot with the maximum firepower of the gas stove be able to fry?

5 months ago

I say the simplest dish, and one of my favorite dishes, scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Many people need to put MSG in this dish of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. In fact, this is a very wrong approach, because the egg itself contains the same ingredient as MSG, glutamic acid, so there is no need to put MSG when scrambled eggs, because MSG will Destroy the natural flavor of eggs. Therefore, if a person puts MSG in it when making scrambled eggs, then her cooking skills must not be as high as that.

5 months ago

wrong. You can’t see the real details. How does the chef know how many seconds to burn the sesame oil after thickening? How does the chef know that the fish in front of him will be steamed for a few minutes and the meat will be fried for a few seconds? You see, he just slapped the spoon very casually. How long did he train for this action behind his back, and how long did he practice it? Look at him cooking a juice and slipping along the side of the pot. It looks simple, but this is a skill summed up by many generations. Any technical work is inseparable from the two stages of theory, guidance, and practice. Simply put. Old fan bone, have you heard of it? I have never heard that you can search for their videos. The uncle inside, he looked at Parkinson with shaking hands, feeling that he would chop his fingers when picking up the knife. But people cut a chicken slice and planed an eel at random, and I couldn’t catch up with it. Don’t talk about me, there is one of those present here, and 90% of them are not comparable. Why do you say this? Don’t underestimate any kind of technical work, it is not a sentence that you can simply sum up. They all cook the food, and the executive chef of other people earns 100,000 yuan a month. I don’t smell the dog after I cook it at home. Can this be the same? Back to the question, how do you look at the details? The vegetables are cut evenly, the steps are clear, the movements have a sense of coherence, and the air is calm and relaxed, and can easily explain why. This is the detail worth seeing. Rather than how to do each step in detail.

5 months ago

We are a low hand in the kitchen. Apart from looking up at the high-level cooking skills, we have no ability to see the beauty from the details. Strong talk is also nonsense. I can only talk about the actual operating conditions of a low-hand like us, maybe this is the appearance of low cooking skills. 1. Unconscious flow of selection of ingredients. I wanted to fry shredded beef but bought a large chunk of tendon meat, and then changed it to braised beef. 2. Point to a fresh carp and ask: “Boss, how do you sell this crucian?” 3. If you can’t learn and resist the flexible use of seasonings, you will always only make spicy and sweet and sour. 4. The kitchen is messy, utensils are placed everywhere, knives are basically not polished, and the sink is often not cleaned. 5. Chop the bones with a chopper, and cut the meat with a chopper. A plate of shredded pork can be cut into some as thin as cotton thread, and some as thick as a thumb. 6. The taste of the finished dish should be salty but sweet, the color is hot and cold, the aroma is unspeakable, there is basically no serving, and various reasons will be found. 7. Occasionally try your luck and make a more pleasing dish, which will never be copied in the future. 8. Once when I made braised pork ribs, I was dreaming of sleepwalking magically. I didn’t notice it when the soup was dry until I smelled the house full of burnt smells. 9. I heard people say that the noodles taste better in a cold water pot, but I believed it and cooked it to the old man like a treasure. 10. Stir-fried vegetables can be fried until they are dry and dark without a mushy taste. I can’t help but admire myself. 11. Others make hot kidneys which are tender and fragrant, and make a pot of thin soup for themselves. 12. It is the first time to make chicken feet with tiger skin, and the chicken feet are not covered under the oil pan, so I have to look closely. 13. The chef Gou Huo Dian pot on the video of learning food was handsome and deliberately caused a fire in the pot, and then there was no more. 14. A friend sent a chicken and steamed the whole chicken if he forgot to go to the crop. After boiling it, the chicken soup was filled with corn kernels. 15. Once confidently introduced to people, the fragrant and thin chives are made from small garlic cloves. The table was quiet immediately. 16. I can’t help but post a few home-cooked dishes to the circle of friends to be moved by myself. 17. Buy all kinds of kitchen utensils and hang them all over the kitchen, but there are not many that can be used well. 18. You can’t control the amount of cooking, and you may subconsciously feel that the quality is not enough to make up the quantity. 19. There are three reasons why the dishes are not well received: the stove fire is small, the ingredients are not good, and the diners have little knowledge. Nothing wrong with cooking. 20. Summarizing the cooking experience, a sentence came out after holding back for a long time: “We never use MSG in cooking”.

5 months ago

The selection of ingredients, the selection of seasonings, the use of tools, and the control of time. Familiar with the origin of all kinds of ingredients and seasonings, and achieve the level of delicacy. For example, it is best to choose Sichuan Hanyuan pepper. Whether the ham chooses Jinhua or Xuanwei depends on how the ham is used. The combination of seasonings and ingredients, such as braised meat, poultry, and aquatic products, are suitable for which seasonings. Whether the tools are easy to handle, such as the complicated knife work (cutting a kidney-shaped squid flower), the control of the heat (simmering slowly, the fire is boiling), the adjustment of the temperature (what is the meaning of the upper and lower fire at 220 degrees), and the basic techniques (such as Stir-fried with sugar, sizing, pickling, thickening, etc.). Whether the time control is accurate, the food is heated and cooked, the pan is not sticky, and the pan is fully tasty. If it is even more advanced, it seems to involve the selection of dishes and utensils, the matching of wine and water, the contrast of the staple food… The so-called color, fragrance, and culinary skills show a comprehensive level.

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