Look at the Xiuchun knife to cut the opponent’s knife with a knife. There are similar bridges in the Rurouni Kenshin movie, and Hu Che was also chopped. Is it true that ancient cold weapons always open their mouths? If you use the current metal craftsmanship What kind of metal should be the most suitable metal for cold weapons, tungsten steel? Boron steel? Manganese steel? Chrome steel? Can the weapon made out of it be able to achieve the existence of a nightmare for other cold weapons?

The knives made of modern steel can be placed in ancient times. They are first-class magic weapons. Even the most common spring steel knife can easily cut a gap out of the ancient treasure knives. But if you want to be truly invincible, and slashing with other knives can be crushed like cutting tofu, then I am sorry that you can’t do it, and this kind of material does not exist in the world. The two factors that determine the performance of a tool are toughness and hardness. The higher the hardness, the less likely it is to roll the blade, but it is easy to chip or break. Conversely, the higher the toughness, the less likely it is to chip, but it will roll and bend. Attributes have upper limits. The higher the hardness, the worse the toughness. Therefore, no matter how good the material is, it is nothing more than looking for a balance between toughness and hardness. It is impossible to achieve infinite hardness and infinite toughness at the same time. In addition, the sharper the knife, the thinner the blade, and the thinner the less durable it is. If you want to be durable, you can’t sharpen it too sharply. Look at the machete for cutting big bones and the knife for sashimi. It is impossible to cut iron as mud and blow it decisively at the same time. Just like you can’t ask a person to be fat and thin. And the knife is designed to slash people, not to slash. A good knife can cut a person in half. There is no need to seek to cut the opponent’s knife. The masters of the cold weapon era are not like ping-pong-pong as a martial arts drama. Time, if you don’t cut me with one cut, I will be cut to death with one cut.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Depleted uranium, don’t look at this thing is uncommon, the physical properties are really not bad. In addition to the radioactivity of depleted uranium, its metallic properties are also irreplaceable by other metals. It has high density, high hardness, high toughness and other physical properties. The density of depleted uranium is as high as 19.1g/cm3, which is comparable to tungsten and almost twice that of lead. Moreover, it is easy to cause particles to remain in the wound and enter the body to form internal radiation. Basically, a cut is half life, you say strong or not. ps: It’s a bit expensive for users.

6 months ago

Controllable soft and hard section stick short-edged ejection gun. The gun attack is a straight stab, the defense is hard, and the three-section stick has the advantage of circumventing, but it is a short weapon, it is not easy to control, and the defense is weak. If you use modern technology to make a long gun with a mechanism, if you want to be hard, it will become hard, and if you want to be soft, it will instantly become a spring bar. The tip of the gun is also equipped with a mechanism, either straight or horizontal, or stabbed or swiped, or shot or whip, there is always one suitable for you, there are 6-7 kinds of 18 weapons, not to be invincible, but to be invincible in the world .

6 months ago

The current modern craft metal, no matter what kind of metal is not possible, unless the science fiction technology, such as single molecule vibrating knife or something. That’s the situation because of manpower. Nowadays, industrial metal cutting can be so easy, because people are equipped with machine tools and special steel cutter heads, and you can’t reach the level of industrial machine tools. If you want the cold weapon of modern craft metal to cut gold and jade as indestructible in ancient times, unless you are no longer a human being. Otherwise, give the monkey a precision pocket watch.

6 months ago

No matter what metal/alloy is used to make a knife or sword, the blade will be very thin, so that it will be sharp. This is determined by the laws of physics. And this kind of blade will have a gap when it hits other slightly harder things. For example, if your blade hits the other’s blade, it must be a gap in both knives where it hits. The weapon that meets the subject’s requirements, I have only seen it in science fiction movies, and that is the lightsabare of Star Wars. It is a nightmare existence for any other cold weapon.

6 months ago

How to say it, mainly because modern swords are easy to make artifact-level swords, and even online shopping swords can be counted as famous swords. The problem is that swords are consumables and are easily broken. You can use your magic sword to cut iron like mud (this is still the skill of the user), and you can indeed do it. The problem is that the sword has broken several times. The Juggernaut General in the Warring States Period of Japan took dozens of famous knives and killed dozens of people, and most of the famous knives were damaged. Let’s find an example to tell us that even a good knife can hurt a bone.

6 months ago

It is impossible to be invincible. Don’t think modern materials are too strong. Just cut down to the two points of stone or cut with an ancient knife, any modern material will show obvious damage at present. I am a knives enthusiast, material control, and violent testing of various materials. Including the most common carbon steel/alloy steel/stainless steel, more than 20 kinds, basically covering common high-end knife materials (toughness is as strong as 5160/3V, hardness is as strong as zdp189/hap72/v3n/rex121), and high-hardness titanium alloy/nitinol60 /stellite6k/ Carbide h10f, pn90 and other non-steel materials that are fascinating. The two most difficult levels are 1 cutting granite (very light force), either piled up the edge (insufficient strength) or collapsed (insufficient toughness); 2 opposed to the ordinary art knife blade. (The utility knife is made of ordinary carbon steel, and its hardness is similar to that of traditional carbon steel with good quality in ancient times. In the end, 3V and cru-wear in steel will perform better, mainly due to the combination of toughness and strength. Non-steel Among the materials, tungsten-nickel-iron alloy performs well (the armor-piercing bullet core material), and the nickel-titanium alloy with a phase transition temperature of about 0 degrees also performs very well (it happens to be super-elastic at room temperature). However, even the best material, cut it After the stone, the cutting edge will also be severely destroyed. Almost loses cutting ability. The result of matching the knife with the utility knife is 37. (The utility knife is cut to a greater depth and the utility knife collapses. The knife is cut to a smaller depth and does not collapse. The tool is cut to a smaller depth and does not collapse. The core is geometric design (especially the shape of the cutting edge and the overall center of gravity), and the material is just the icing on the cake. If the knife-shaped ornaments made of modern high-performance materials go back to ancient times, even if the personal force value is bursting, don’t even think about 55. (Not only It’s the ornaments in Longquan and Yangjiang. There are many ornaments in foreign countries. The center of gravity is not right, the hair is not strong, the shape of the cutting edge is not suitable, the efficiency is low, the grip is not good, and so on. There was once an abs masterpiece, and I went to the mountain to clear the miscellaneous. Tree, I really want to throw it in the ditch when I come back.

6 months ago

If you want to deal with particularly hard objects, you can use a miner’s chisel and a sledgehammer. If you want to deal with tough objects, of course you use a knife.
As for the material of the tool, the durability of the tool made of titanium alloy should be the best, regardless of the cost. However, the cost of processing this material may be more expensive than making a diamond knife. As for the hammer, I don’t pay much attention to it, as long as it is hard enough and high enough density.

6 months ago

It’s impossible. Various types of modern heavy metals, when they act on ferroalloys on a machine tool, the force will be very large (rapidly rotating), and the force of a person’s slashing is difficult to reach the force of the machine tool. Therefore, the cutting iron in various film and television works is like mud, more It may be: at a certain angle, the force is large enough, and the weapon has hidden injuries, so the so-called destruction, cutting off is worse than breaking off. If it is broken, as long as the force sinks, a piece of iron ingot can be invincible.

6 months ago

No, it doesn’t exist. Modern science can’t reach the level of sci-fi movies, that is, the US team’s shield, which is known as super strong in sci-fi movies, hasn’t been chopped to pieces by the purple potato head.
Modern physics is what let you eat. There are always people who treat modern science as theology.

6 months ago

Spring steel blade, manganese steel or bearing steel blade, steam hammer forging, diesel quenching, chrome plating, ergonomic sword hilt. For bows, buy ready-made compound bows. Aluminum alloy armor + Kevlar lining. They are all artifacts.

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