Even a game has to pay attention to the grandfather? I wonder if ow is the one who stinks it? You said Blizzard doesn’t give resources? If he is a deputy general manager, would he be so short of resources if he plays a decent project? The new hero squeezes toothpaste, the new map squeezes toothpaste, and the festivals have been used for several years. Just come out of the skin, just come out of the skin. There were a few event venues that were very popular, but they just didn’t stay resident, and they squatted out once in a long time. Then Jeff, the Symmetra player, was puzzled by digging out resources to reset Symmetra twice. Can there be new heroes with that skill? Originally, the balance was rubbish. Since I made an owl, my hips have been pulled day by day. The project team also has a group of rice buckets. The devastating hammer girl in the first season of owl doesn’t know which design passed by B. After cutting 8 times, it is still strong, which directly led to the birth of Invincible 303. Some people may not know how strong the first version of Hammer Girl is. Let me explain it this way. One mode is a random hero. When playing this mode, which side will play the Hammer Girl first, and which side has more Hammer Girls, which side basically wins, if you can’t beat the Hammer Girl, you will lose and you want to kill. Either send the first class to us to get the hammer girl out or look at luck. There is also Tekken that teaches you to play games, which teaches you to walk alone and players are not humans. Good teaching, teach a group of magical people. “Iron fist is so good, won’t you control the fire?” Let’s not mention this kind of mechanism that requires at least three people to gather fire to deal with otherwise it will be reduced. I will play fast and classic fast. Where can I find someone to accompany me to gather fire? By the way, I play a monk. It may be that players like me don’t deserve to play ow. Later, the rice bucket began to balance according to the owl. Ordinary player? It’s a fart, give some skin to sit in front of the fireplace and blow water to lick the dog! Is it not easy to play professionally? Enhanced! Playing professionally too strong? cut! What if 303 is too strong? Cut all of them all over again. By the way, the shadows have also strengthened. Then the son of the new version, with Sombra 213 was born. At this time, the multi-c system could also be played. Originally thought that the rigidity of the lineup had been improved, he came up with a confused 222. 222. Even if it is, the position is still fixed. . Can’t even adjust. Of course, the lineup is still rigid, a generation version of a lineup. Oh, right, we did 222. What about the t-position that was cut just before? emmmm, nothing happened. Later, he was in a hurry and created a rotation ban pool. Just listen to tm want to laugh. Rotating the ban pool, as long as the hero has a little more ban selection mechanism, it will not do such a bad job. This ban pool is still based on the playing rate of the previous round. The result is obvious. Those few ban pools back and forth are still their own rigid lineups. Since the echo came out, it has been completely smashed, claiming to pile resources for ow2, new heroes can’t come out, the balance is repeated horizontally, the gameplay is changed, and the game is changed. What is the king’s glass cannon, this kind of really changes a few parameters It’s just a new model. It’s not that fun, but you can come up with a few more sets. Just use this stuff for two or three years. Only the new skins for rewards have not been replaced. As for the other bad things, the guy who came up with the ridiculous setting of nt level like gay and dare to align online. The balance team was scolded by him for “righteously speaking” by hanging up people’s ban. There is also the well-known cooooooooool. It’s too late for this stuff, and it’s time to get out at the end of 2016. Those who can miss this kind of b-person, either haven’t played for a few days, or are also b-person. Wdnmd actually said in the answer, “Never hear him say coooooool”. Did you come from the cloud? Do you think coooooool is a good word?


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Seeing the news in the middle of the night, I couldn’t help crying. The following will be some emotional things. I originally believed that my brother-in-law would stay on the watch all the time, just like Winston. He and his colleagues created the huge world of Overwatch, which contained the joys and sorrows of countless players. Although everyone likes to scold him, his hard work for Shouwang is obvious to all. But now he resigned. In the future, no man with a mottled beard will tell us about the changes and interesting design of the game in the developer interview. Watching may be just a memorable project for brother-in-law, but I hope it’s more than that. I entered the pit in 18 years, and it is a bit late. I have never experienced the excitement and excitement of Shouwang when I first opened the service, but I think the Shouwang I experienced is also very good. So when someone invites me to answer questions like “Watching is not hot”, I always say, Watching is not hot, and there are still many people playing. At that time, I thought I was so cool. I was fighting for my beloved things. Overwatch will get better and better, right? I had never questioned this idea before, but now I am about to hesitate. Some of the creators have already left, can new personnel be filled? Can Overwatch 2 really recast glory? Too many unknowns are before us. I wish my brother-in-law all the best in the future, and don’t worry about graying his hair again because of the project. Finally, to borrow a sentence from Dr. Winston, from Jeff’s resignation message, “Never be satisfied with the appearance of the world, but have the courage to explore the unknown.” The past is a prologue. There is still an unknown possibility in Shouwang.

5 months ago

Let’s practice guns together from 0 and then become more and more proficient. Although it’s still pretty good after a long time, I still can’t help but call him for being clumsy. I still say he is awkward for operation errors, but he’s never discouraged. You still think he’s on schedule. He suddenly retreated when he played this game with you forever. Maybe there will be more powerful people playing this game with you in the future, and you will never lose the game because of operating errors, but no one will explore Numbani with you that summer. Goodbye, jeff. I hope you can get better and better with my friends who have never met before.

5 months ago

Just one Brigitte can nail Jeff and Overwatch to the shame of game history.
In the true sense, one hero brought the entire game into the abyss.
The design of this hero is stupid, stupid enough to explode, and standard headaches are painful.
Afterwards, the handling of this hero was even more stupid, which can be called a classic negative teaching material for game operations.

5 months ago

It’s also a season one player, I don’t know what defenses the upstairs have broken? The same is the first season player. I found my wife in this game, talked about it for 4 years, from a different place to the same city, and now I am preparing to get married. It stands to reason that my feelings for this game are deeper than that of ordinary people. I don’t understand what defense you are breaking. Shouldn’t he be held responsible for this game? It’s not that I don’t want to play Overwatch, I was invited out by this game and his production team.

5 months ago

Although the situation that Overwatch operates to today is inseparable from Jeff’s unique cool understanding, as one of the founders of the project, Blizzard’s veteran employees, it can be said that no one knows Overwatch better than Jeff. If it is said that Jeff’s Overwatch is dying, then the prospect of Overwatch, even if Jeff has resigned, will only be even more bleak, and Shouwang 2. I hope Shouwang will have another chance to surprise people.

5 months ago

Good for both parties.
As the game director, Jeff should be responsible for the stylization and iteration of the game. In these two points, Jeff is not good, at most one qualified, quite satisfactory, and not passionate. Ow has become a game of ea, not a game of Blizzard.
It’s best that you can burn three fires for another person.
It is also the best for Jeff to find a position that suits him better.

5 months ago

It’s sad, I don’t understand the role of Jeff who said it would be better for Jeff to leave ow. He wants to ensure the stability of most of ow’s players-platinum, gold and silver. He did succeed, but failed again. The biggest problem lies in his competitive design, the unmatched position and I can not help me, rather than the novice being scolded and forced to talk about ow several scolded facts. First, novices despise the chain. In fact, this is mostly due to the novices tearing each other and the people who rent and buy out numbers. The strange thing about ow is that in other games, old people scold the newcomers, ow conversely, the newcomers scold the old people. You can always see the teammates at level 300 or 400 or even less than the level 300 or 400 scolding other people. At this time, their consciousness has just developed. I came out and found a little New World, but unfortunately I was not educated by the top 100, so I always felt that I would, it was normal. Second, the actor industry chain has a lot of silver upwards. Because the studio is now being targeted, a lot of small workshops come out, and then a computer can’t drive six numbers, so right, three, the professional mixing circle does not have a broad pool of heroes, but you can’t just play in one position. You are familiar with it. You will know what the position is. The relationship between Chinese people is very special. You will see that the milk of the team is sometimes very concerned about a person. Don’t think too much about it. This milk has to lick him/her, regardless of game or life. This kind of generally doesn’t care about winning or losing, more than fast. So, do you really know your ow?

5 months ago

First of all, I wish Jeff all the best in the future. I am not familiar with Jeff, Director of Overwatch. But know the Jeff who used to be blz very well. Jeff’s experience in blz is very special. It is the so-called play and excellent. From the top EQ players to the world’s most successful mmo rpg designer. It fully shows how hardcore the online game players of that era were. Joined the company with Natpago, and met his wife in wow. He also had the famous Arathi five-point concept map made for E3. Then came the more familiar Titan’s trough and the rise of Watchman. Things are wrong, and there is no excuse for family reasons when Jeff leaves this time. I hope players can always remember the joy and touch he brought.

5 months ago

The veteran resigns, Blizzard seems to be exhausted. Although it is said that the brother-in-law is a low-ranking dish, I think the Watchman player is still very reluctant to teach us to play the game. After all, for so many years, he has been one of the representatives of Watchman in front of the camera. Let’s not say that I’m a little emotional. Jeff has always liked to fool people. This time the player is hoping to be fooled. Fantasy for two years. Overwatch 2 conference: Hello, everyone. I’m Jeff. I didn’t expect it. I resigned from Shouwang and joined Shouwang 2~ Do you think too much? My friends~ the audience is full of enthusiasm, but to be honest, the player’s focus is more that the brother-in-law is gone. The new director will turn the game into a full seat or a piggy breeze. Wait and look forward to it.

5 months ago

It is enough to make a bold guess for Jeff to find another job, because from the previous news, ow2 has been completed very high, so it is understandable that Jeff has left under Blizzard’s current situation. After retiring or finding another job, Jeff left, his successor is not only his former assistant (the same ow veteran level), but also the author of King’s Road (do you know what I mean, come to ten King’s Road) The pit time is not long, I hope Jeff will go well in the future, Blizzard and ow will get better and better. But if ow2 is strangled to death, Activision biss okay

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