Objectively speaking, the performance of the Moon Jae-in administration cannot be said to be very good. Especially in internal affairs, the officials underneath have been bursting out scandals. Although the political opponents must retaliate behind the scenes, the politics of votes is the fact that different parties search for political opponents. Burst out. So instead of accusing political opponents of revenge, it is better to review why the party’s atmosphere is not good. After all, Moon Jae-in did the same to the ruling party when they were in opposition. Strictly speaking, the scandal and corruption of the Moon Jae-in administration, Park Geun-hye and her predecessor, Lee Myung-bak, must be considered insignificant, but it cannot be because other parties are also corrupt and more serious, so the people have no right to oppose Moon Jae-in. Isn’t the Yin government embezzled? Qiu Meiai, Cao Guo, and two consecutive cronies have fallen under the reform of the prosecutor system. Although behind this is the counterattack and obstruction of the reform of the prosecutors’ vested interests, the scandals they broke are not fabricated out of thin air, but genuine. . What’s more, from an objective point of view, Moon Jae-in’s prosecutor reform can easily give the impression of strengthening the power of the president. The legal power of the South Korean president is already large enough, and if he continues to expand his power, he can’t be wrong if he is mocked by the military government’s restoration, right? In fact, compared to Park Geun-hye and Lee Myung-bak, I support Moon Jae-in more, but while the Moon Jae-in authorities have performed well in the epidemic, they have also made mistakes in many places, such as increasing housing prices and even neglecting control. Certain vested interests took the opportunity to speculate in real estate. For the Korean people who expressed criticism on this point, I don’t think they are wrong. It doesn’t make sense to be obsessed with why the Korean people are harsh on the Moon Jae-in administration. Originally, their Gangnam Leftists will be scrutinized with a higher standard. You can say that voters are double-standard or unfair, but this is the reality. What’s more, Qiu Meiai can be said to be just a little bit willful, giving her children a few more days off when she is a soldier, which is not bad compared to the direct exemption of military service by the chaebol. What about Cao Guo and Park Won Soon? The Minister of Justice uses his position to help his daughter go to a prestigious school for fake thesis? Are women’s rights lawyers secretly harassing or even assaulting women? It can only be said that the Moon Jae-in administration has no shortage of idealists, but in the real political situation, idealism is not naturally more noble than realism. In the final analysis, the ruling team that can earnestly strive for a better living environment and a fairer social system for the people is qualified to win the people’s respect and votes.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Moon Jae-in’s face is so good, and his resume is also very beautiful. He was born to be the leader of South Korea. But at least in terms of foreign policy, the Moon Jae-in administration’s gripping can be said to be improper-in fact, some foreign policies themselves are simply the opposite. The diplomacy of the Moon Jae-in administration places great emphasis on “autonomy”, but this “autonomy” is indeed lacking in nature-South Korea cannot separate from the United States and maintain its national defense. On the contrary, South Korea must rely on the United States to arm itself and use US troops in South Korea as a strategic bargaining chip to deter North Korea. Based on the support of the United States, the Moon Jae-in government proposed that 100% peace on the peninsula must be maintained, and on the other hand, it pressured North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons from the international diplomatic and military levels. important role). From the perspective of nationalism, this is an act of introducing “external forces” to interfere with the “internal affairs” of the “Koryo nation”. It is hard to say how “peaceful” it is. The abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons violates its principle of national defense and self-defense. The deprivation of Korea’s national autonomy. Regardless of party and era, unifying the peninsula is the eternal goal of the South Korean government, but the Moon Jae-in government’s act of holding on to the United States’ self-respect has indeed trampled on the so-called “three no principles” (not seeking the collapse of North Korea, not seeking Absorptive unity, does not seek artificial unity). Moreover, the Moon Jae-in government assisted the US military in conducting high-density and high-intensity military exercises in the peninsula area. These military exercises are aimed at rapidly destroying key North Korean installations during the war, and even “beheading” key North Korean personnel. It can be said that Moon Jae-in’s so-called “New Sunshine Peninsula” is not even as sincere as Marshal Kim’s “Korea Federation” mindset and Kim Dae-jung’s “Sunshine Peninsula” policy. Now that the policy level has already fallen, Moon Jae-in turned to the economic level, hoping to promote inter-Korean relations through long-term economic cooperation. However, the emergence of the new crown has steadily punched economic diplomacy-North Korea’s almost paranoid determination to prevent the epidemic has almost interrupted personnel exchanges between North Korea and South Korea. The economic weakness of South Korea during the Moon Jae-in administration and the various difficulties within North Korea also made large-scale economic cooperation impossible. What’s interesting is that in the “new economic map” proposed by the Moon Jae-in government, North Korea can only exist as a “northern road”, which is in line with the “main body thinking” pursued by North Korea and even the North Korea government’s own autonomy. There is a fundamental conflict in the demands of the people. This is also in serious conflict with the high-profile “three no principles” sung by Moon Jae-in. This contradiction is essentially a malformed product caused by South Korea’s dual diplomacy. The Moon Jae-in government requires more national autonomy, but on the one hand it wants to weaken the autonomy of the North, and on the other, it’s unwilling to give up its presence in the North. The political bargaining chip of the US military in South Korea has damaged its own national autonomy. The reunification process of East and West Germany is not the same as the Peninsula issue, but we can still feel the minds of the North Koreans from the fate of the GDR. After the GDR was “absorptively annexed” by the Federal Republic of Germany, not only all state-owned enterprises were annexed by West German capitalists, but the people’s property was also subject to forced transformation, which was almost plundered. Politically, it was equivalent to being annexed in disgrace by West Germany. Of course, whether the economic development of the eastern region after reunification is good or not is not a matter of opinion. However, this almost “unconditional surrender” treatment is what makes the unified party feel uneasy. This is equivalent to putting myself on the operating table, not knowing that the person who will operate on myself will be a “doctor” like the Federal Republic of Germany who is expensive but has a conscience, or a doctor who just wants to dissect all his organs in exchange for money. “Butcher”. In the foreseeable future, if the Moon Jae-in government still cannot get rid of the shackles that the South Koreans of South Korea put on themselves, then all diplomatic actions towards North Korea are nothing more than dances wearing shackles, except to further create the North. Apart from the unreliable impression of the South, there is no meaning. However, judging by the current performance of the Moon Jae-in administration, weak economic growth, soaring housing prices, and open political corruption, the only labor law reform can only be regarded as a half-hearted-they may not even have the future.

6 months ago

The control over the air losses of the Special Operations Division is the core combat capability of the South Korean President. Xiaopu couldn’t adjust the air loss, largely because Kim Jae-gyu and Chun Doo-hwan had already seen the strange relationship between Choi Taemin and Xiaopu as early as the Pakaka period and were not optimistic about her. Even when she was with Tongyong, Shu Mingbo’s faction was like her. Wen Dai Tongyong came to power to be “liquidated,” and the Department of Maintenance (that is, the original Security Department) and the Ministry of Security and Enterprise (the original KCIA) were directly adjudged. Although he set up a military security support command and a new KCIA behind him, although he is an old black beret, Zhang Shidong is his old boss, and the teenager awarded him awards, but he failed to strengthen the special warfare. Division of control.

6 months ago

In the case of Park Geun-hye, I originally judged that the South Korean leftists could basically establish 20 years of governance.
As a result, politically, North Korea’s negotiations could not be reached, and economically, housing prices rose faster than during Lee Myung-bak’s era, and it was discovered that there was a sexual assault scandal
South Korea is very similar to the Third French Republic. If there were no figures like Charles de Gaulle, it would end up being unified by North Korea with a tenfold advantage.
The details will be written later

6 months ago

First of all, I think that if you want to say that the article is unsuccessful, the external reasons are not the most important. Think about the impact of the epidemic and US intervention on the “high housing prices” that many replied. If there is no alternative to anyone else, I don’t know why Moon Jae-in has the answer. Now they are all talking about housing prices, in fact, that is just the result. Many people say that the epidemic is a help from heaven. From another perspective, how can the epidemic not be a double-edged sword? How can the epidemic not be the main cause of housing prices and inflation? Therefore, the epidemic or housing prices are not the main reasons for the failure of the article. Now let’s try to analyze the main reasons for the current situation from the structural problems of Moon Jae-in and South Korea. But this has to start with the fight against the epidemic. For the fight against the epidemic, you can adopt the “Chinese Anti-epidemic Law” or the “East Asian Protest Law”. The price is the short-term economic downturn, and the society has to resist pressure and endure. You can also let it go in the short term, at the cost of long-term impact, loss of life, and paralysis of the medical system. The similarities between the Chinese Anti-epidemic Law and the East Asian Protest Law are cultural similarity (including the Confucian cultural circle and the mask cultural circle), low governance costs, and the convergence of social understanding. The difference is overall coordination, economic, political, cultural and social coordination, and On this basis, the ability to touch capillaries. Taking a simple look at Wuhan, its economy has undoubtedly been hit hard during the epidemic, and the current policy tilt is not unreasonable. Poverty alleviation experience also allows coordinated control and economic adjustment to reach communities and even individuals. Looking back at the typical Japan, it is difficult to coordinate various aspects, administrative efficiency is low, and it is difficult to reach the capillaries. An accident in Fukushima, a nationwide dumping of the pandemic, an epidemic report, handwritten fax. The fact that reforms cannot provide real benefits to the bottom is the dilemma that many leftists or leftists often face when they try to reform. Like many left-wing reforms in Latin America, they tried to “tack the local tyrants and divide the fields”, but in the end, the fields were not allocated to the bottom. what is the reason? If the reform relies too much on the old administrative route and cannot provide blood transfusion to the bottom layer, the legs and feet of the bottom layer will not support the trunk and brain. And to reform the administration, we must first reform the judiciary and legislation. If the legislation and Congress’s pursuit of the ruling party is a cerebral infarction, then administrative inefficiency is a chronic thrombosis to the bottom. But where did the impetus for the reform come from? For Mr. Zhong Fu, the reform began with the transformation of the people’s ideology and culture. To put it bluntly, if you want to be unobstructed, you have to send talents with new ideas to various systems and let new blood vessels go to blood transfusion. But the limitation of Wen is that he is a civil rights lawyer and is familiar with justice, but he can only start judicial reforms. He is not a teacher or a teacher, and he is not good at delivering talents (refer to Cao Guo’s case). Although he had served as a soldier, he was unable to get rid of the garrison country, let alone replicate the revival of a certain African country. He has never been the president of a large group, so he can only use the legal and administrative methods he is good at to force the chaebols to submit from the outside. How to put it, if you want to play within the rules, you have to be played by the rules. If Wen really wants to change his way to become stronger, then he has just stepped out of his legs. What is the situation facing Wen? The people’s ideology and culture have been in Busan for a long time. Administratively, thunderstorms continue to surround themselves, and the army is useless at all. It can also open up the judicial gap. Achievement? Controlling the epidemic, reforming the judicial system, and rising housing prices. This paragraph is my own complaint. What’s the matter, just work for five years, do you want to have something constructive? In the five-year term, isn’t it a matter of luck if nothing happens? Isn’t rising house prices a manifestation of the free market? Wen Zaiyin was unsuccessful, but “if the reform is successful, the work does not need to be mine”.

6 months ago

Moon Jae-in, like other South Korean presidents, is a general manager who does not have sufficient financial power, personnel power, and strategy formulation power. There are shareholders and chairman at the top, major customers and monopolistic upstream suppliers (China and Japan) at the bottom. Department managers with ghosts. Even worse, Moon Jae-in’s previous experience was neither business management (no local governance) nor administrative management (supported by a large number of chaebols), but a union leader. Under such circumstances, it is great to be able to survive the term of the general manager, where there will be real political achievements.

6 months ago

Yonhap News Agency reported on April 16 that the polling agency Gallup of South Korea released a survey on the 16th, showing that President Moon Jae-in’s praise rate for his administration dropped by 2 percentage points from the previous week to 30%, which was the lowest in his term. People are good people, but there is really not much to evaluate in terms of political performance. I won’t mention it in terms of foreign affairs. Basically, the small countries between China and the United States don’t have much dominance. Everyone is the same. The division of the Korean peninsula cannot be resolved by the Koreans themselves, and the freedom of the Korean people cannot be temporarily changed by them. Economically, the economic report card produced by the Moon Jae-in government is quite bleak, and none of the indicators such as employment, investment, export, production, and private consumption are commendable. Although advertised as an “employment government”, the actual employment indicators are near disaster, especially the youth unemployment rate hit a new high. The campaign promised to raise the minimum hourly wage to 10,000 won. Although there was an increase, it has not yet been realized. Most of the time, Moon Jae-in’s favorability in South Korea comes from his friendship with North Korea and his toughness with Japan. If he evaluates his actual political achievements, he does not have much practical effect worthy of praise. Of course, it is not to say that Moon Jae-in has no actual achievements. At least he has gained some achievements in advancing the reform of the judicial system. He has passed the “Criminal Procedure Law Amendment”, “Procuratorate Law Amendment”, and “Regarding the Establishment of High-level Public Officials. The Act on Investigation and Punishment and the Act on Establishing and Adjusting the Investigation Power of the Prosecutors. In addition, it has also done a good job in fighting the epidemic. The Chinese people like Moon Jae-in who is quite charismatic, it is worth it, because we are not Korean. According to the stringent requirements of the Chinese for leaders, Wen’s political achievements are not worth bragging about. It is true that he cannot do what he wants to do, and what he can do is indeed not very good.

6 months ago

Sparsely. He and his elder brother are really good brothers. Insanely writing bad checks to North Korea, angering Kim Sam, and leading to a complete abortion of the Peninsula policy; arrogantly spreading fat among the internal Communists, Cao’s abuse of power, Qiu Mei’s greed, Park Won-soon’s lust, and Roh Moo-hyun’s era of corruption and abuse of power repeats; People, arrested the chairman of the Democratic Labor Force Jin Minghuan, house prices jumped 24 consecutive times. The only possibility that is better than his elder brother is to improve foreign relations. If Li Zaiming conducts the Moon Jae-in Criticism Conference next month, he may win the party, otherwise he will wait for the Civil War.

6 months ago

It’s too embarrassing. Both Sima’s face’s junior general and his “close comrade” Lu Maonu have a better record than the current military commander, who is so respected in China. The editor caused Roh Moo-hyun to be persecuted by the chaebol. The military commander endured the humiliation and lay down his courage, only to avenge his hatred one day. For Roh Moo-hyun’s true gentleman, he simply became “there is no Republic of Korea without Moon Jae-in”, and Roh Moo-hyun and Moon Jae-in I was blown up as a story of the ages-I was just bullying the Sima face of Junior General Quan, and his face was too bad?

6 months ago

Because of housing prices, Moon Jae-in’s policy support rate fell to 32%, a three-week decline to a record low in his tenure. According to Yonhap News, the results of a poll released by Gallup of South Korea on the 2nd showed that the public’s praise rate for President Moon Jae-in’s performance fell to 32%, a decline for three consecutive weeks, a record low in his term. Gallup of South Korea conducted the above survey on 1,001 people over 18 years old across the country from the 30th of last month to the 1st of this month. The results showed that the positive and negative ratings of the interviewees on Moon Jae-in’s governance performance were 32% and 58%, respectively. The praise rate dropped from 37% in the third week of March to 34% last week, and this week it dropped again. The negative review rate fell by 1 percentage point from last week. Among the reasons for giving bad reviews, the housing market policy (40%) accounted for the largest proportion, followed by ineffective economic and people’s livelihood issues (7%), unfairness, and “state officials set fire to the people” (4%). Ten years ago, I considered whether to buy a house and where to live, but now because of the Democratic Party, there is no need to worry anymore. Anyway, the increase is too high, the loans are not enough, and I can’t afford it. There are no rental houses in Seoul anyway, so there is no need to worry. After the expiration date, I began to consider which city to go to in Gyeonggi Province, and the commuting time only increased by 2 hours. But the air is good. Thank you dirty Democrats for reducing our troubles a lot. Are the comments made by Korean netizens very, very familiar?

6 months ago

I have to say that there are too many people who know or pretend to understand. When it comes to South Korea, it is a chaebol and chaebol. Is it only the chaebol who really harms society in South Korea? Of course not. In addition to the chaebol in South Korea, the biggest threat is actually the inspection agency. In South Korea, the inspection agency has too much power. On the one hand, the police is controlled by it. On the other hand, it also provides sentencing recommendations to the court. It is equivalent to who to arrest, how to arrest, and how to judge after arrest, the inspection agency can talk about it. In the case of artist suicides that caused a lot of noise in the past few years, many people only saw that the chaebol was involved, and they shouted and screamed… In fact, there were many prosecutors involved in the case. The biggest thing he did during his tenure was to promote reforms to weaken the power of the prosecution and give the police a certain degree of autonomy. Regardless of what Wen did in other things, I think the Korean history books will give him a fair evaluation in a few years.

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