According to related reports from the local Japanese news NHK, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force plans to conduct large-scale military exercises in the Kyushu region of Japan from September to November this year. Moreover, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces no longer concealed themselves, and made it clear that this large-scale military exercise was mainly in response to China’s possible “invasion” in the southwestern region of Japan. What do you think of this military exercise?

The respondent thinks this is a very smart operation in Japan. This operation looks stupid. On the surface, it greatly offends China. In fact, this operation in Japan is much better than all previous operations that have offended China. Let’s compare Japan’s previous operations. If Japan really wants to engage in military confrontation with China, or want to forcefully declare its determination to fight for interests with China, the usual operation is to strengthen the preparedness of the sea and the air, such as the issue of island purchase. Haizi and the maritime police are patrolling in the direction of the Diaoyu Islands, or intensifying the emergency dispatch of air vehicles to verify Chinese military aircraft on the air defense zone issue. And this time strengthening Lu Zi’s military exercise capabilities in Kyushu is very confusing. Because although Japan’s statement is “mainly in response to China’s possible “invasion” of Japan’s southwestern region,” China, Japan and the United States all understand that in all China’s military plans, there is no plan to land on Japan’s mainland from the southwest. The Diaoyu Islands are small in size. Even if China and Japan invest in military forces, they can only rely on the navy and air force. The ground forces of one to two hundred people on the island are superfluous. Although China is vigorously building a landing force, it obviously will not use this force. Invest in Japan before solving the Taiwan issue. Therefore, although Japan organized a large-scale maneuver in the direction of Kyushu by Lu Zi this time, although it is openly in the name of defending against China, in the eyes of the Chinese government, it may find it inexplicable. It is as confusing as Turkey used Germany to invade France through Belgium, so it has to gather army troops on the Turkish-Russian border to conduct exercises in order to prevent North Korea’s invasion through Russia. And did Japan conduct this exercise simply to disgust China? Not necessarily afraid. We know that the United States and Japan are now allies, and China is their opponent on the surface. In the early days of World War II, Britain and France were also allies, and on the surface they were also joining forces against Germany. But after Germany defeated the British and French army, when France was about to take refuge in Germany, Britain immediately sent the Royal Navy to beat the French Navy in French ports to prevent this former ally from being used by Germany. Nowadays, China and the United States are likely to have a big battle around the Taiwan issue. In this big battle, if the main force of the U.S. navy is severely damaged by China, Japan will see that the situation is not right and will jump off the ship of the United States and change from an American ally to a Chinese ally At the time, you said that the US army deployed in Okinawa Prefecture, the southwestern territory of Japan, would learn what the British Royal Navy did to its former ally, the French Navy during World War II, and physically fix the central government of Japan to prevent Japan from falling. car? And if officials in the Japanese government see this possibility, will they find an excuse to strengthen the Japan-US alliance against China? Foreign army units in the southwestern territory of Japan?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Since Japan has less than 160,000 people, the core responsibility is to prevent large-scale enemy landings. Because the conscription system cannot be used to maintain the standing army, professionalism is excessive. Recently, the Japanese youth’s intention to join the army has weakened, and Lu Zi has gradually fallen into an aging trend. . It is worth noting that according to a report by Xinhua News Agency in 2020, this military exercise is expected to use more than 140,000 Lu Zi. The mobilization of troops is not limited to the western front team stationed in the direction of Kyushu. It is almost all out. This is also Japan’s first nationwide military exercise in the 21st century. The scale and importance are very high. It is comparable to the fact that the main forces of China’s five major war zones are concentrated on the southeast front line. It is definitely not a simple, political trivial battle. On the contrary, it is prepared for war. attitude. The specific acting situation has to wait until September to see the real chapter, but the time is just after the end of the originally scheduled Olympic Games (August 8th). It can be said that the front foot is big and peaceful, and the back foot will come to the end. The focus of Lu Zi’s military exercise is to test its ability to quickly assemble the nation’s army and put it into battle. It is more difficult to mobilize supplies, communicate, and command smoothly, not to mention the coordination with air and sea. If it does well in the end, it will undoubtedly be a long-term despise of the Japanese Self-Defense Force in the public opinion field of surrounding countries, and it is also an important link in increasing its own bargaining chips. To put it more realistically, the situation in East Asia is overcast, and the internal pressures of the neighboring powers are gradually swelling. The powers behind them have too long battle lines and lack of focus. Japan is no longer prepared to defend itself, and it will be too late to wait for it to abolish martial arts like a certain southeastern province. .

6 months ago

Hello everyone, today we will show you the classic military overhead novel “Minsk Attack”. The Japanese and his American master simply changed the performance venue from Hokkaido to Kyushu and the Southwest Islands. Sending out 100,000 tens of thousands of people to act at a time is really a big deal. We made “The Great Battle” and the former Soviet Union’s “Defense of Moscow” and “Liberation Series”. Compared with them, it’s really petty.

6 months ago

Japan has always been an unstable factor, and we really attach great importance to it! Seeing this military exercise plan, think about it in reverse, besides this reason that can be “accepted” by the United States, is there any other reason? Why did a military exercise “blow out” six months in advance? Obvious “thief shouts to catch the thief” type of temptation, be bold. Japan’s NHK reported on April 17 that on April 16, local time, Japan carried out a large-scale mobilization of the three armed forces and prepared to use almost all of its troops. Between September and November, large-scale military exercises were held in Kyushu, Japan. It is reported that the total number of troops deployed in Japan’s military performance has reached 140,000. Almost all the troops in Japan will participate in this large-scale military exercise. It has created a record for nearly 35 years and is a historic military exercise. I read some comments, emphasizing Japan’s involvement in the Taiwan Strait. In my opinion, these are all excuses and pretexts. Otherwise, his American master will not acquiesce. At present, the United States is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and is fully responding to China and Russia. Japan’s move is ostensibly an assist to the United States. In fact, under the conditions of the declining national power of the United States, it has seized the opportunity to seek “independence” and get rid of the control of the United States. I hope that the United States will not be deceived. Who is this military exercise for? Historically, Japan generally fought undeclared wars. We must be highly vigilant on both sides of the strait! The world should also be vigilant!

6 months ago

In 2021, Japan is deeply mired in the new crown epidemic. Failure to successfully host the Olympics may cause Japan to lose hundreds of billions of dollars in pre-investment. Many key monopolistic industries in Japan are gradually being replaced by Chinese manufacturing. The balance of power between China and Japan is gradually widening the gap. The current 3:1 may gradually become 4:1. Japan no longer has a strategic threat to China, and even a large-scale military exercise cannot pose a threat to China. Japan’s strategic depth is too narrow, and the development of its military power has been constrained, and it cannot become China’s true opponent. Japan already has two hearts with the United States, and today’s military exercises are nothing more than a show for the United States. If China wants to beat Japan, it does not need to launch a war. As long as Japan’s overseas energy channels are cut off, Japan will lose without a fight. Japan’s move is to distract China’s strategic focus and allow China and Japan to engage in an arms race. We must recognize Japan’s tactics. We must focus on our own development, strive to develop high-end manufacturing, and actively replace Japan’s high-end industries with Chinese manufacturing. When Japan provokes us, it immediately strikes at Japan and eliminates Japan’s strategic ambitions in time. Japan is destined to be an ordinary power that can only carry out a wave. As long as Japan’s ambitions and lightning offensives are defeated, China will inevitably win the final victory in the war. For countries like Japan, they only recognize the strong, not the king. Beating Japan in a timely manner is conducive to maintaining peace, and compromising with Japan may lead to war.

6 months ago

In the international public opinion, a situation of “forced to respond by threats from major powers” is formed, and this is to give the United States an excuse to pressure the Asia-Pacific, and organize our landing operations. This kind of response should be desired on our side. Japan will play its cards and the United States will follow suit. , And then we will also play cards. Maybe Russia will follow in Udon. This is just a “communication” before the landing war, and the overall situation will not be affected. Governments all over the world understand this.

6 months ago

In all likelihood, accidents will happen. Since the large-scale military exercises held in 1985 to prevent the Soviet Union’s possible invasion of the Hokkaido region of Japan, there has not been such a large-scale military exercise for the first time in 35 years, and now Japan will conduct such a large-scale military exercise again. The exercise was also an eventful time for the East Olympics, the end of the epidemic, and the discharge of sewage, which was opposed by some countries. Obviously, it contained many purposes. The author believes that this year is not only an eventful year for the sewage Olympic epidemic, but also the eventful demands of Europe and the United States for Russia, the mainland for Taiwan, and the United States for China. The latter two will mean that they are very close to Taiwan and the US military is in Japan, which is the core strategic base in the Asia-Pacific region, is bound to be affected and involved in disputes. The first item also means that the time for Japan to take advantage of the chaos to reclaim the four northern islands is coming. It seems that this wave of nearly 100% active personnel exercises is indeed a sharpening. Come prepared, coupled with the liberalization of the right of collective self-defense, the so-called right of collective self-defense is actually the right to military intervention even if the country’s allies are attacked, even if they are not attacked, so I am afraid that the nature and the special performance are not essential. the difference.

6 months ago

Basically it is a “warning” for the situation in the Taiwan Strait (it is hard to say whether it is a warning here), expressing a sense of participation in regional affairs; also showing his military strength in a gimmick manner to a neighboring big country (Especially netizens in a big country) said that I am not as weak as you think. Of course, I would not believe this without the support of his American father. So this matter is essentially part of the contest between China and the United States. The world’s two largest economies, possibly the two strongest military powers, and the third and fourth largest countries in terms of land area, are the contests between Japan and Japan. Small countries can’t have their own will at all, they will always be in a crack. As for what we think, sit and watch.

6 months ago

The scumbag took the failed transcript to go home and asked his parents to sign it. Generally, he would not show the transcript first. They may take the initiative to sweep the floor, take the initiative to cook, tell their parents that I ran and ran first in the class. Today I picked up a dollar and gave it to the head teacher to be praised, and then waited until the next morning before going to school and hurriedly took out the report card… …I did not answer the wrong question. I just want to say: Yesterday, Osaka Prefecture added 1,153 new crown-infected patients, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds was 99.2%. Tokyo added 711 new crown patients yesterday, and there are still two months to open the Olympic Games. Recently, you can see the earthquake news from your mobile phone every morning when you open your eyes. A few days ago, the earthquake in Kagoshima over the first class quake occurred more than 200 times in three days. So how do you think about it? Let’s live till September.

6 months ago

This exercise is very funny, even if China hits Japan, it is directly violent Tokyo. Our country has never been interested in Kyushu. This exercise of Kyushu does not know what it means. 150,000 Ground Self-Defense Force tank divisions will leave 10,000 people stationed in Hokkaido. Ten thousand people gather in Kyushu? Tokyo has no soldiers to defend. It is recommended that our army choose elites to raid Tokyo and win over Asia’s largest cities in minutes. It’s a joke. This time, it’s good to read the news. It’s probably to give the U.S. Emperor an explanation. At the very least, I will get some naval exercises. The kind of civil servants who are working from 9 to 5, let alone the Chinese military, even if they are fishing in the sea, he knows what the situation is. If it is true that Japan’s hostile exercises against China will not move the sea, air, or air That’s all face engineering. Japan’s most powerful combat force is that the main force in the defense exercises is not good. You still let me see.

6 months ago

Especially in the past two years, there have been more and more remarks such as: “China cannot bomb me with hydrogen bombs” “The United States will definitely fight a full-scale nuclear war with China in order to protect me.” Chinese Embassy; China’s technology is backward, so it’s impossible for China to bomb me with hydrogen bombs by mistake.” “You China can’t bomb me with hydrogen bombs. The rules of war I made are one plane versus one plane, one warship versus one warship…, no Playing according to this rule is a shame”…I wonder why some people’s IQs have deteriorated to such an extent that they are not as good as those of young children? Or does this kind of self-deception have become their habit?

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