In China, the vacuum flask is regarded as the standard equipment for leaders. In fact, not only leaders like to use thermos cups, from high school students to middle-aged and elderly people, regardless of men, women, old or young, like to use thermos cups. This has developed into a social culture in China. What is the magic of the vacuum flask that can make the Chinese people, especially the leaders, fall in love with it. My analysis may have the following reasons: First: physical needs. First, provide heat to the body. Most people who can achieve leadership positions are still a bit old, mainly middle-aged and elderly people. At this age, the body’s metabolism slows down, and the body’s calorie needs cannot be met by the body’s own metabolism. Therefore, they can only find heat sources from outside the body. And boiled water is the way many Chinese people replenish heat every day. So, in order to be able to drink boiled water at any time, a vacuum flask has naturally become a must-have for everyone. Secondly, provide moisture to the body. As a leader, it must be that the conference is constant every day, small meetings are commonplace, and the time to deliver speeches is very long, and the result is dry mouth. At this time, you need a cup of hot water to moisturize your throat. If it weren’t for holding a thermos cup in his hand, wouldn’t he have smoke in his voice? Second: work needs. Some people may wonder why a thermos cup is needed for the work of a leader. The thermos cup should be a very ordinary and civilian object. The reason is here. Leaders need us to do our work well, and they don’t want to have a strong sense of distance with ordinary employees. Therefore, we will also look for some ways to get closer to ordinary employees, and the vacuum flask is a good choice. Employees need to drink hot water, and leaders also need to drink hot water. When they met in the hot water room, they said hello to each other and talked a few words, and the relationship between everyone became more friendly and harmonious. The work can also be better carried out. Third: health needs. When people reach middle age, various physical discomforts begin to appear. Nurturing is an important part of work and life. Soaking wolfberries in a thermos gradually becomes more commonplace. On the one hand, using a thermos cup can be more convenient and sanitary. In fact, cups, tea, etc. will be prepared at the venue. However, these things are used as public goods. I don’t know how many people have used them. I don’t know if the waiter can clean the cups. Therefore, it is more hygienic and safe to bring your own cups. On the other hand, the thermos cup is convenient for drinking medicine, tea, and health tonics. When people reach middle age, it is inevitable that some people will have some chronic diseases and need to take medicine regularly. It is much more convenient to have a thermos cup in hand. Of course, more often than not drinking tea and health products. Whether it’s brewing black tea, green tea or American ginseng with wolfberry, the vacuum flask is easy to use and convenient. Nowadays, the vacuum flask is not only the standard equipment for leaders, but more young people have also joined the vacuum flask team. At the end of last year, Liu Haoran’s photo of holding a thermos mug went viral on the Internet for a while. Some netizens ridiculed “Is the wolfberry soaked in the thermos, Master Beijing”, “The health preservation is very good”, and some netizens made funny comments saying “Let I will become a thermos.” As a post-95 Liu Haoran, holding a thermos cup in hand, showing off the image of an old cadre, people can’t help but laugh. But it also shows that more and more young people like to use thermos cups. I am also one of them. In fact, I have been using a thermos for a long time, starting from high school and continuing to university, and it is even more inseparable for me to participate in work now. When I was in high school, I used a large plastic cup of 800 ml. After every morning study, I had to dry half of the cup to relieve the fatigue of my throat. After arriving at university, I slowly began to pursue the quality of the cup. Replace the plastic water cup with a stainless steel thermos cup. Now that I have joined work, I have income, and my budget is more sufficient. Not only is it required that the thermos cup can have a good insulation effect, but also have a high value, which is not only easy to use, but also beautiful. No way, this eldest lady is Yan Kong. At Christmas last year, the male ticket said that he would give me a thermos mug, and said it was a limited edition for Christmas. I definitely like it. I’m quite looking forward to it. Later, on Christmas Day, I saw him downcast, and I didn’t know what was wrong. After asking, I realized that this silly boy didn’t grab the Christmas limited edition water glass. This is the one below. Then, he bought a non-limited edition LOCK&LOCK vitality mug, which is the following. To be honest, I actually prefer this non-limited edition. I am more enthusiastic about minimalism, and I also demand the same for my daily necessities. So, as soon as I saw this pale green thermos mug, I liked it. In particular, its one-key open lid design has greatly appreciated. Every time one hand is playing on a mobile phone, the other hand can also easily open the bottle cap to replenish water in time. But I am still a person with clear grievances. For the male ticket to choose a cup for me, I was satisfied in the end, and I rewarded him with a kiss. But I didn’t understand my preferences for him for so long, and I punished him to make my humanoid cup holder. As long as I go wherever I go, he will be responsible for helping me to follow with the Lock and Lock vitality cup, huh. Later, I also sent him a black lock and lock vitality cup of the same style. Two people holding a thermos together can be more energetic!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The thermos cup is a good thing for officials. Officials often have meetings and have to sit in one place for a long time, but he doesn’t drink a lot of water. One cup is enough to support a meeting. If you don’t use a thermos, you need to constantly change the water (not add water) to him and move around. The service staff will be a disturbance to the atmosphere of the venue. At the same time, many conference topics are subject to level restrictions. The attendants are not allowed to enter the conference room at will, and they cannot change the water for the leaders. At this time, the role of the thermos is reflected.

5 months ago

In fact, there are many meanings for the leader to drink water every day. This little boy is giving me a problem again. Drink some tea and think about how to fool him. This little boy has rebellious intentions. Drink tea for a while and think about how to fool him. This little bastard is at a crossroads in his life. I blocked it when he was going forward. Drinking a sip of tea to see where he chooses to go is so difficult to make a decision. Drinking a cup of tea to see if the little bastard below has suggestions for reference. I feel uncomfortable. The doctor said that drinking more hot water will lead to difficult meetings. Whoever proposes a solution and who is in the back of the pot, the parties are too anxious. I came to see the lively leaders and smoke cigarettes, but drinking tea is still okay, otherwise the meeting For such a long time, it seems too boring and easy to get trapped by the big leader without any reason, and I can’t find a reason to go to the toilet and sneak out to ask foreign aid. This document is for me to sign. When I pick up the pen, I have to think about it. It is better to put down the pen and drink tea first. See what thoughts the kid who came to find a signature with this thing has in mind. Would you like to take the opportunity to beat and beat, and let him show his loyalty? When I ran to check work, I didn’t have anything on my hands. It was too bureaucratic when I put it behind my back. I was too embarrassed when I put it in front. I was afraid that the kid would be too enthusiastic and ran up to shake hands. If I hold this hand, I have to say good things to the welfare. Then get a water glass. If you are thirsty, you have to replenish it at any time. The little bastards in the unit are much cuter than the debt collectors at home. They are all talents, and they speak nicely. If there are problems, I don’t need to end up in person. I like them so much. Let’s see what’s there. We can fight for the benefits. Today, I’m sitting in the office of the big leader with a teacup. The big leader doesn’t miss any practical things when he comes out. I rob him of his tea and can’t leave. Hey, the big leader is also looking at the teacup. I, the look in my eyes was saying that I was thinking about fart, then boil it, and go back to the business when it is almost done, and I have not won anything for an afternoon, but at least the kid below also knows my difficulties… Today, the little boy below is full of energy. I heard that there is funding from the top. The big leader’s tea is good. Bring an empty cup to go over and confirm the authenticity of the news. If there is any, then Cheeky begging for a share, the emperor is not short of hungry soldiers…you are so young, but it’s a pity that I can only keep up with them by relying on wolfberry

5 months ago

In the early years, everyone used canned bottles to refit the cups. The lady at home helped us knit an anti-scalding sleeve with wool or plastic rope. The handy hand also added some patterns of flowers, birds, fish and insects, and put them on the canned cups. Beloved, there is such a canned water cup. Of course I can’t find the original picture after I have been with him for a long time. Later, with the advancement of technology and economic development, more and more water cup models have just left the job. At that time, I usually use the disposable cups in the meeting room when I go out for meetings or research. Anyway, someone pours water… Later, the township I corresponded to once hosted a watermelon contest organized by several townships around me, and customized a batch of them. For the printed cups, I also went to say something to give prizes to the watermelon champions. At that time, one of the participants sent a cup as a souvenir. Then I wondered whether to try? ? It’s really fragrant. It’s mainly because some people pour water in a disposable cup, but the speed of pouring water can’t keep up with the speed at which you drink water. At that time, the mileage can be 200 kilometers a day. I really can’t hold it. There’s some wolfberry in this cup. When I pour the water, the deepest part is dark and invisible…Of course there are also people who drink less water. For example, when I was on the job, we were standing next to him when I was in a meeting. A disposable cup, a dozen issues in the morning, From civil affairs to economy to finance and finally to the road and traffic, a lot of things were negotiated, but he didn’t drink a sip…I was next to the disposable cup and it almost broke, so I changed it again… After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, I also suspended my job. After I returned to my original unit, there was a holiday. I went to Sichuan to meet with classmates. He took me to drink Xijiu. For the sake of political correctness, I took the cup of Xijiu as a gift. The good thing about this cup is that the first cup of hot water can quickly cool down to about 50 degrees…

5 months ago

Some people ridicule: The last stubbornness of the middle-aged crisis will never hold a vacuum flask filled with wolfberries. The fact is that the leaders drinking water with a thermos is just to pass on the culture of the times. How can the analysis be so mysterious, so connotative, and so cloudy. The hot water in the thermos cup is a manifestation of the leaders’ belief that it is the most health-preserving, healthiest, and people-friendly. Working within the system, you will find that the higher the position, the more accustomed to holding a glass in meetings. On the one hand, it saves resources and does not waste disposable cups. On the other hand, it advocates environmental protection and health, and pays attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness. Drinking water is equivalent to drinking tea, and it has also brewed the tea culture respected by the Chinese people. After all, it is tea to meet friends. It’s just that different age groups have different choices of cup styles. The trend of young people’s pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of middle-aged people is simple and practical.

5 months ago

First, when the leader has a lot of social activities, the stomach is generally not good; second, if the stomach is not good, drink hot water and cool it off, especially in winter; third, you can bring tea. Coffee milk tea in hot drinks greatly affects appetite and mental state, and it is one-off. Most milk tea tastes not as good as Assam, and most coffee is at Starbucks level. Good tea, there are so many different tastes, some are fragrant and sweet, some are bitter and astringent, and so on. Finally, if you get used to what you like, the taste on the outside is hard to say.

5 months ago

Because using a vacuum flask is good for your health, you may not believe it. Don’t worry, let me say a little bit. 1. Material safety Insulation cups are mostly made of glass or stainless steel, and plastic materials are rarely seen. Therefore, the precipitation of harmful substances in the material of the water cup is rare. The most common hazardous substance is bisphenol A. Although the use of bisphenol A has been banned for 11 years, isn’t the banned substance still in use? Even if it does not, the safety of the substitute bisphenol B is questionable, so it is best to use glass + silica gel for baby products. 2. Health Benefits Many public places in China provide drinking water, basically boiled water. At this time, the thermos cup should not be too easy to use to prevent hot hands, and because of the characteristics of the thermos cup, people can drink more beneficial water or tea instead of buying juice or milk tea to quench their thirst (sugar intake). In this regard, you can add it at any time Moisture + reducing sugar intake is hin’s healthy behavior. 3. Personal image thermos is very different from other portable water cups in terms of user image. The 2000ml water bottle and 450ml thermos are completely different carrying experiences and carrying purposes. Suppose you, as a leader, travel to other places and bring a 2000ml water bottle. What will your colleagues think when you take it out? Is it hard to drink water in the office? Do you want to take the opportunity to come out and play? However, the vacuum flask not only does not have the above problems, but can also create the image of an honest person (honest people love to drink boiling water), why not do it? Of course, the thermos mug I use myself, tell you, the thermos mug can not only hold hot water, but also can hold cold drinks. Not only will it not be cold in the hand, the temperature of the drink can also be longer! Ma Ma no longer worry that I am afraid of slow drinking cold; the operation is… Bring your own cup to Starbucks to have two concentrates, and add ice to it to be delicious; drink cold drinks in summer, you deserve to have a thermos!

5 months ago

Drinking water from a thermos cup is a kind of office culture and official culture. It has a very practical effect. Compared with other ways of drinking water, the thermos cup is undoubtedly the most suitable for leadership. 1. Convenient to carry. Leading cadres are not simply office workers. They spend more than half of their time in conference venues, back seats of cars, airplanes, high-speed trains, hotel accommodations, various sites, and social places such as wine shops. The stainless steel vacuum flask is undoubtedly the one that can take care of the drinking water demand in these places. The stainless steel vacuum flask is easy to carry, and it will not leak when tightening the lid, and it has a heat preservation function. In state-owned enterprises and institutions, even if they are not leaders, most people have a thermos cup because they often have meetings, and the meetings are very lengthy. Those who travel frequently cannot do without thermos cups. This shows that a cultural habit has been formed. The office is not suitable for purple clay pots and tureen. The glass cups often break, so stainless steel cups are undoubtedly the most practical. 2. Health and safety. It is definitely the most hygienic and safest to bring a cup to drink. Other ways to drink water on various occasions include porcelain cups with lids and bottled water. The former is unsanitary and unsafe, and the temperature of the latter cannot be guaranteed. Assuming that the leader goes out for inspection and does not carry a thermos cup, then the subordinate units must not prepare tea? What kind of tea does the leader like to drink? Thousands of dollars per catty? What teacup does the leader use and how is it sterilized at high temperature? How to drink water when going deep into the workshop and talking with the masses? These are all things, it’s much more convenient if you bring your own cup. Of course, for higher-level meetings, for the sake of beauty, the rostrum uses a uniform ceramic cup with a lid, and a dedicated person refills the water. But note that the security measures and sanitary conditions of these high-level meetings are very good. When leaders with real power go out, the thermos cup is usually carried by the secretary, not for refilling wherever they go. 3. Make tea and make wolfberry. In Chinese culture, drinking water requires making tea and medicinal materials. Most of these leaders are middle-aged people, most of the age who like to drink tea and medlar and chrysanthemum. Each person holds a thermos cup, and 99% of them are made of their favorite things.

5 months ago

Leaders have many meetings, and the meeting time is so long. What are they doing while sitting? Below is a lot of attention, maybe there is a camera video recorder facing, watching the phone is not suitable, snacks are impossible, smoking is not advocated, nap and yawn is a sin, you can only sit in full face, and drink tea and coffee to relieve fatigue. The tea set provided at the conference is not necessarily hygienic, the tea provided may not be the same as the taste, the beverages that come with it are the most pleasant, so they are all brought with them. This is the last way for the leaders to relieve fatigue.

5 months ago

Where are so many interpretations?
The most important thing is that except for high-level meetings, the teacups provided in the venue are not necessarily clean. I only participated in a legislative survey of the National People’s Congress yesterday. The two ministerial-level water cups don’t look like sterile.
There is another one that is convenient to drink your own tea. An old leader of mine likes to drink some tea from his hometown. It is cheap, but for my own taste.

5 months ago

It shouldn’t just talk about leadership. Nowadays, many people in society like to use thermos mugs. The youngest have children, and the older ones have the elderly. And now middle-aged people also like thermos mugs. People nowadays have relatively high requirements in life, and they don’t like to drink drinks and cold water very much whether they are away or at home. Especially when you are playing outside, it is very convenient to carry a thermos cup, and now you can refill water in many places, and you can add it after drinking. It is also very convenient for children to make milk powder. Personally like me, I like to use a vacuum flask. No one in my family has a thermos mug, and I personally like the face, because there are many types, so I buy it there. Children’s, my own, my husband’s, mom, dad, grandparents’s are really handy. Even if it is not commonly used, it is convenient to use occasionally.

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