It’s almost a maternal solo. Sometimes I really feel like I’m so bad. Why is the relationship of the opposite sex so bad? It’s harder for me to get out of the singles than to go to the sky. Sometimes I think about it and it’s hard for others to ask me how I can be single for so long. I don’t know how to answer in time

In order to get out of my 27-year-old solo state, I decided to jump out of the ivory tower, change my current state, and actively make friends. My situation is like this: female, 27 years old, height 151 cm, weight 94 kg, (I am insisting on losing weight, and I am quite inferior about height…), she is often regarded as a middle school student, which is extremely embarrassing. When others were in premature love in adolescence, I: Ah, this comic is so good-looking! Ah, this novel is so wonderful! Ah, this anime is so well done! When others were in love in college, I: Ah, the dry pot chicken at the school gate is so delicious, I want to eat it! Ah, the beef hot pot on the street next door is delicious, I want to eat it! Ah, which street or alley in the city center has a barbecue that is super delicious, I must go to eat it! (According to my mother, every time I call me, every time I ask what I’m doing, I say where and where to eat…) When I go to work, others are dating, and I: work overtime, gym, overtime, gym… Suddenly I found out one day , My latest chat record was from my girlfriend and I last week, and suddenly a strong sense of loneliness surged. Suddenly, I want someone to share with me and listen to my feelings. I also want to get up in the morning and say good morning, and in the evening to say good night to each other and fall asleep… In the past 27 years, I have completely lived in my own small world. Boys don’t have much contact, and there are only a few friends of the opposite sex around him. Maybe my friends and family think that I am still a child (my temperament is like a child, which is probably caused the illusion), and I have never mentioned going on blind dates or introducing friends… Take this opportunity to take this opportunity to make friends , We treat each other sincerely, I may not have time to reply to the message when I am busy, please forgive me (everyone at work knows that I’m really busy when I’m busy). Because I lose weight, I don’t have anything to go to the gym for a while. I love cats, dogs, and life. Bad hobby. The above is my determination to jump away from the ivory tower! Hope to get out of the order this year! Come on, sisters! ! Life is still good!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I, 91, will be 30 soon, and have never been in a relationship. I was suspected by my graduate student roommate if I don’t like boys. I laughed to death. I like too many boys! There are also self-analysis, star chasing + house + rot, I may not be saved! I am also confused. Sometimes I wonder if I should give more opportunities when others are chasing, instead of directly rejecting it, but I don’t want to waste everyone’s time; sometimes I may have to keep going alone, should it be for myself When the plan is old, he will also wonder whether he should take the initiative and have a good boy directly take action, but he can’t help it; I don’t want to find a similar one, but I still look forward to love! But the circle is really that big. Even if you change to a new environment, the circle of friends will be fixed in less than half a year. If you don’t have a relationship within half a year, you will basically not have a relationship in this environment. Love is too difficult. Moreover, I analyzed myself, I may not fall in love, will not show weakness, will not give others the opportunity to help, it is better to be comfortable with girls than with boys, and I have no good friends of the opposite sex, and I will not take the initiative to find them. Boys chatting and the like, sweet love may really have no place for me, there is really no rescue. Fortunately, there is no urge at home, there is no pressure, and I hope that in our generation, not getting married will become the norm, and we will not be treated differently, and will not be influenced by the environment whether we want to get married or not. Marriage and love are just the one I found the right person! I hope everyone can be happy!

7 months ago

Just experienced, some experience. I am 96 male and I met Peony last month. She was introduced by a friend, (I also have 2 romantic experiences. The experience of chasing girls is considered to be a bit of experience, but it is basically offline. It is the first time to be accurate online, because I have always felt that it is unreliable . But my friend introduced me and finally agreed.) I was skeptical and not very patient, so I was very straightforward and pointed out that I was here for a blind date. The girls also refused at first, but because they talked about two dimensions, both parties were very happy. During this period, I introduced myself. I drew from elementary school and I painted very well (probably at the level of the Central Academy of Fine Arts). Singing five tones is also considered complete, and I sent her a song I recorded before. (Usual trick, tried and tested) The girl is very happy, saying that I paint very well and sing very well. After talking for two days, I also talked about some of my own experiences. The girls may also feel my sincerity, talk a lot, and send some intimate expressions. I am very happy and think it is a good start for the blind date. Afterwards, my friend asked her how she was. She said: She is very nice. The friend said: That’s it? The girl said: I’m so good about people, I’m very highly rated~ (WeChat original words) After talking on the fourth day, I played a game with voice (she was underground), and then watched an episode of Creation Camp. Also because the episode was funny, we both laughed the whole time. In short, it was pretty good, so both of them thought it was good. I also think we should pay attention to this. It’s Girls’ Day right away. I think we should create a little romance and add some material to this matter. I told my friend that I wanted her to buy flowers and gave me her home address. Unexpectedly, the friend asked her directly. So the girl came to me and asked me what was going on, and I said I wanted to surprise you. The girl said: This is a surprise for me. I am very happy if you have this intention, but I don’t like hypocrisy, and I may not be so happy when I receive flowers. Upon hearing this, I was pleasantly surprised. Can I not buy it then? I did not buy “flowers”. I carefully selected a flower made of strawberry lanterns. I also said on WeChat that I would buy something to eat for you, but it is suitable for evening meals. She is very curious and I am very happy. The price is of course not cheap, but I like to make romance, so I bought it from Pidianbidian, and made an appointment to deliver it just after dark in the evening. Just to make a little happiness. So, what surprised me for the first time happened. The flowers arrived as scheduled, the girls were very happy in their words, and my emotions were mobilized, and I really felt that there was a sign of love. Just when I felt each other’s immersed in the pleasant atmosphere of your words and words, suddenly the other side stopped talking, and there was silence for almost an hour. At first I thought it was shy? But I can’t think about it. During this period, I asked my friends, is this normal? While talking, I stopped talking, and when this emotion was being mobilized, I had to say something and talk about something at least. Besides, she is at home, what can be particularly urgent. She came back an hour later and said that someone at home was looking for her to talk to, so she went. Well, I am too sensitive. But how much do you think it is not so normal? Maybe my expectations are too high? So this little surprise didn’t happen. I want to take it slow, but in the next few days I found that she was really slow to reply to me, and it often took at least 3 hours before she returned to me. I doubted what the other person meant to me, but a few days later she caught a cold and got sick. My chance came again, before and after she went to the hospital alone to do nucleic acid, and became ill and coughed and became sick again. I took care of my relationship. Late at night, she coughed and couldn’t sleep with her to watch the show. I was very happy and didn’t feel hard, and the girls slowly accepted me. The illness lasted for half a month, and we talked closely. During this period, I often make voice calls at night and watch some things. When talking about some of her hobbies and opinions, I found that I really agree with her. So our emotions quickly heated up, and even I conveyed to her what I wanted to confess, she said that you said, chanting, I also need to have a little confidence. I think it’s the first time for her to fall in love. I have to be serious and at least talk about it offline. Besides, I want her to feel that I take this matter seriously, so I said I wanted to meet and talk about it. She was very happy, and she said that every time I asked to meet each other, she confided in her words. Both of us are really looking forward to it. I imagined a lot of scenes of meeting her. Let’s hug? Still respect each other as guests. I look forward to every picture. But I revealed these thoughts, especially after embracing an intimate gesture, she suddenly became very angry and said that if you want to do this, don’t come. . To be honest, I was quite ignorant, very ignorant. In my opinion, the relationship has reached this point, which is very normal and romantic. So I am also quite puzzled. She came to me on the initiative that night and explained the reason. She said that she could not make physical contact with people, neither boys nor girls. I was frustrated when I heard this, but I didn’t expect it. Later, I asked a friend, and the friend said that she really doesn’t like others to touch her, neither men nor women do, she is ticklish. Ticklish? what? But because I liked her later, I asked her, do you and your family have any concerns about this? She said that there is no such thing. So I accepted it. I think I can slow down a bit, even if I can’t hug it for a few months and a half. . But I feel a little bit lost in my heart, feeling that the emotion is stopped abruptly. But some of the later conversations made me feel strange. I said, I’ll send you to work after I go there, because she sometimes goes to work on weekends. At this point in the relationship, most people should think this is very romantic, at least they will not refuse. She said no, it would make me feel pressured. pressure? He also explained that your sudden concern will make me stressed. pressure? Isn’t this a very happy thing? How can there be pressure. I began to wonder what she thought of me again. Because I still don’t understand why I should refuse this kind of thing. I can only think that her understanding of accepting couple relationships is not the same as my understanding. But why is it different? I haven’t figured out how we met the next day. My friend said that she never put on makeup, and it didn’t seem to be up that day. But my friend said that she had worn what he thought was the best dress today. Although from the perspective of passers-by, she looks mediocre, even the best-looking clothes are quite ordinary. But I think she cares about it at least, in my eyes she looked pretty that day. Eat, watch movies, go to the park, fly kites. The process was very happy, at least not embarrassing. I think it’s okay. When we were leaving, we were sitting on the seats in the park. I asked her what she meant to me, because I felt that she seemed a little restrained offline, and the news was always very slow. doubt. She said that she really didn’t have the habit of looking at the phone, and always forget to read it when she started doing things. For me, she said, I don’t like you and I won’t come out with you today. This sentence is like a reassurance. To me, although she is ordinary, but we have this kind of experience, we are willing to affirm each other, she is the most special to me. So I have to treat her with my heart. But I still didn’t confess that day. I wanted to give her a ceremonial confession. I said I will go to you next week and I will buy a cake. I have prepared a long confession. I want to face you. Later, I went back, and her news came back quickly, from the previous 3 hours to now within 10 minutes, or within seconds. This should be a kind of recognition. Everything seems to be developing in this good direction, but a fight three days later brought this journey to the end. After we met, the relationship further improved. I wanted to talk to her by voice after returning home, but she did have something to do in those few days. In addition, I went to bed earlier, and I fell asleep without waiting for her a few times. That night, I asked her what she was doing as usual, just want to talk to her by voice. She said she was eating with her dad. I was a little bit lost. I left home in October last year and did not go back during the Chinese New Year. I do feel a bit lonely and a little homesick. But now there is her! I said, you are so cool, then you can eat. After a while she said: There is a handsome takeaway guy. I actually wanted some comfort from her just now, but I didn’t say it. When I heard this, I felt like I was pretending to be jealous, so she could comfort me. So I said: There was some agitation in my heart? She said: No. I was quite satisfied with her answer, so I said: Yes, the desire to survive is OK. After saying this, I prepared her to say something like haha ​​and said goodnight to her and I went to bed. Because it’s not easy for someone like her who doesn’t know how to say this level of love. As a result, she came to a sentence: There is no desire to survive, but simply walks too fast. After she said this sentence, I thought she was really boring. It was the same a few times before, but I didn’t express it. This time I really want to care or comfort her. I have been taking care of her and sympathizing with her this month, so I should have responded a little bit. Even if it’s a wooden knot, and admits the other party in his heart, there should be a little care of this level. So I said a word, which brought this relationship to an end. I deliberately wanted to convey my angry emotions. Simply put, I wanted to do it and let her comfort me. It’s been a month. You like me. You have to show it. So I said: It’s boring to chat with you, I fell asleep. At that time, I was worried, and I wanted her to say, “What’s wrong with you?” Are you angry? I’m quite happy. But after a few minutes, she typed: 88. This has made me a little disappointed and annoyed: So I said, are you here to piss me off? She still didn’t ask me what was wrong, she said: I’m not angry when others are angry, right? A lot (I learned that it was her catchphrase later). I understood the literal meaning at the time, so I was really angry and a little disappointed in her. Now that I have admitted the relationship, I can’t feel the temperature at all. I can accept that physical contact is unacceptable, and I can’t care about each other. Then I will be a couple in the future. At that moment I really felt that she didn’t understand anything, and she was self-righteous. It seems very reasonable to say that everything is firm. I always think that I am such a person. I think that, even if we like each other, I don’t make a change (my friend says she doesn’t really have a relationship with others), she I also mentioned that I don’t want to make changes because of her. She will feel pressure to make changes. So these negative feelings towards her all burst out all at once, and I said the cruelest sentence at the time: I think you are better off alone. Finally, I think you still want to know the relationship between our two. Being in love is a troublesome thing. I thought she was very dull at the time, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. After chatting for a month and seeking care for the first time, I poured such a big bucket of cold water directly on me. But the next day I still felt that I was wrong, and I shouldn’t get angry. At least it is not easy for her to accept someone. Let her care about people, it may take a year or a half, and it must be nurturing. So I apologize, sincerely, funny, good words and soft words for 4 to 5 days. She stopped talking. In the last two days without saying anything, she told my friend what she thought. She said that she had a good impression of me and liked it. But everything I did to couples made her feel pressured. We met that day and asked her how she felt about me. She also felt pressured, sending her to work, and caring about me. Simply put, there is pressure in addition to normal chat. She is tired. She accepts me, but doesn’t really want physical contact, because contact feels uncomfortable. I don’t want to pick up some love words, and feel tired after speaking. From the perspective of a normal person, I admit that the relationship between men and women is not normal? (To mention here, she is an only child, and she is more caring and loving at home. She always says that it is tiring to work, and it is tiring to take two steps. Anyway, it is the lazy kind) I said you gave me a chance and said it many times. To no avail. Later, she explained her thoughts to my friend. Everything was fine before that quarrel. It would be a bit too fast, but she could accept it. She also accepts me and likes me (but it should be a superficial like). After that quarrel, she felt that falling in love was indeed too troublesome. She was tired, so she was ready to end it. Just yesterday, because of that quarrel, she suggested that we were inappropriate. The last thing I said to her: Don’t you think I don’t care about you, or is it not empathetic of your feelings, or you have some special problems and I have not made any understanding or concessions. I still feel that I did something wrong and I never apologize again and again. I said that I know that there is a problem and I will change it. This change is positive for me and it will make me more considerate of others. Where do you get so much pressure? But feelings are two-way. I missed home even before I went home during the Chinese New Year. I just want you to care about me. I know you are slow to enter the state, but a little bit is fine. Why can’t you give it to me. I think they are individuals. They talked and laughed for a month, and they would say at least two things when they saw this sentence. But she didn’t say a word, she didn’t want to respond, she was tired, she found it troublesome. Caring about others’ troubles, loving others’ troubles. She feels troublesome, tired, and tired even when others care about her and love her. Even if it makes her happy, but once more, she will be uncomfortable and she will feel that others are invading her. Since then, my heart has also been cold. I can’t be with a person who doesn’t have temperature anymore, so I deleted each other on WeChat and ended up with this experience: the feeling of the mother’s fetus is that the mother’s fetus wants to be a hedgehog, from the inside to the outside. Even though she yearns for love, in her eyes, many things that couples do make her uncomfortable. Will not feel as cozy and romantic as ordinary people. So if you walk into the heart of a mother and fetus, you must have enough time and patience, and you may not feel her psychological preparation for your love for a long time. They do prefer to be alone. I used to think that they chose to be alone because they feared love for a long time, but now I think they just like to be alone. Also, first love rarely goes to marriage, you have to be prepared not to go to the end with her. Huo, finally finished writing, I hope I can find my sweetheart.

7 months ago

terrible? The female classmates of my university can regard this as a kind of capital! “I’m still a virgin. How can I find a good husband if I’m not a virgin?” “Don’t have a relationship with your boyfriend in college. Once you are not a virgin, you will be worthless. This is the weight of your future marriage. Code.” When she said these things to another girl, I was stunned. She was so blunt, I wanted to say something but couldn’t find the right words, and then chose to evasively ask her: “In case Do you love him? The first time you shouldn’t give it to the one you love?” “Whatever you love or not, no matter how much you love, you don’t necessarily get married. Can you accept that your wife is not a virgin in the future?” “I.” I was speechless. , What she said seems right and wrong. She regards this as an exchange, feelings as a weight, and quantifying the things that cannot be quantified on the table. For this kind of mother-feet solo, it is really terrible.

7 months ago

In fact, it’s not terrible. It’s just occasionally a little trance, I feel that life’s life is too plain. I think back to elementary school, middle school, high school, and university. It seems that the memory has been drained by the years. There is only the loose dust left. The wind blows away and it seems to be what I experienced. Looking at this big dream from the third-person perspective, a memory of the faces in the river, all the faces appearing on the stage and then quietly leaving, there is no turmoil in my heart, just looking at the back of the other person, a few words, I wish you happiness for the rest of my life, and I also have many close friends who walk hand in hand. I have been with each other for more than fifteen years. It’s just too calm and terrible. Although it has been rooted in each other’s lives and becomes a territory, it is always invincible. There are so many passionate memories. The occasional flashes of memory are jumping and jumping in my mind gradually. Fuzzy, I have had moments of heartbeat, and there have been blushing cheeks under the sun, but it is a pity that if life is only as good as the first time, some people have not been able to make a connection, each of them bid farewell to the sea of ​​people, and love rushed back to the sea After the wind passed by, there was no trace left. I was standing at the scattered crossroads and remembering the regrets of the past, bearing the stars on the road, the moonlight on the body was a cold romantic thought, walking with the night breeze, melancholy and heartbeat accompanied me I have spent countless sleepless nights. Actually, I also want someone to love me for a long time. I can firmly hold his generous palm and look at his eyes and tell him that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But he hasn’t come and I start to be a little slack. I have read a sentence before I meet someone I like. I feel very sorry to want to come. It would be nice to meet a few years earlier. Those enthusiastic, joyful, young, frivolous, and rebellious, together with the whole world, will be given to you. But you came too late. I have learned a person to send away the setting sun, and a person to wait for the stars. My love has become arrogant and calculating in countless moments of isolation and helplessness, and it has never been as pure as it once was. Will you come again? I think it will be, but the time hasn’t come. I’m thinking about giving you the best things I have, thinking about giving you the love that is warmed by the body temperature in my pocket, you go slowly and I’ll wait slowly I’m glad to think you can come

7 months ago

Peony itself is not terrible, what’s terrible is the logic behind it. I am not Peony myself. My undergraduate degree is in civil engineering. The ratio of men to women is about 30:1. So many college classmates are Peony. Before I was 19, I thought I would be single for a long time. Recently, I talked about this topic with my good friends after having a barbecue. Combining with the experience of Peony for a period of time, I roughly summarized the following points. If you feel uncomfortable, please consciously quit! Knowing that users are of different ages, I basically summarized them as keeping peony during college and still peony after three years of graduation. 1. Not facing up to one’s emotional needs. Falling in love does not mean that you have to decide whether to stay with him at the first glance, where to buy a house, which city to live in, and what the child’s name is. One of the most important feelings of love is appreciation, and the other is warmth. You think it’s not hard to get along with him, and it’s enough for him to have his own unique points to impress you. People are the sum of social relationships. We all desire to appreciate and be appreciated. We should face this emotional need. Don’t think that the game is fun. Why do you want to fall in love? Then why do you have to sleep after eating? These are two different needs. 2. I am an unattractive person. According to the law of attraction, if you are not attracted to anyone, it means that you are not a person who can attract others. You have not cultivated a unique self for more than 20 years. 3. Lack of self-confidence and the courage to try and make mistakes. This corresponds to having a goal and not daring to try. These qualities are very important for a man, and women are also important, but generally speaking, the active pursuit of love is started by the boy. . There is no self-confidence and the courage to try and make mistakes in love, which will lead to lack of exercise in personal growth qualities, which is often said to have no masculinity, glass heart 4. Don’t dare to bear failure, and have weak stress-bearing ability. Many boys and children do not The reason for daring to take the first step is to be afraid of failure, afraid that the other party will withdraw after being involved in the feelings, which will lead to weak pressure-bearing ability of personal qualities and risk of gains and losses. In summary, if you have not been in love after graduating from university for three years (calculated based on the age of 25), there is a high probability that you will not be able to face your needs, lack of characteristics and attractiveness, lack of confidence and courage, and have weak pressure-bearing ability Or several situations. Therefore, love in college is not only about being with a person, laughing and laughing, but also a shaping of your own quality. Few people before the age of 25 have these four points and can’t get out of the single. If there is, then it means you have not. Find a place that suits you and someone who appreciates you.

7 months ago

Ah…I suspect that I have misunderstood that selfishness means that I don’t pay and wait for everyone to treat him well? Liang Jingru sings to me ten thousand times with courage. I don’t dare to think so. What I mean by selfishness is that when I eat with others, there is a food that everyone likes on the table. The other party will consider giving me more instead of what I think. When the same thing that everyone likes appears, I can only think of splitting, but the other person wants to make me more. This idea is enough to make me ashamed. I went shopping before going to bed and found it so lively. I saw a lot of people commenting. I suddenly Thinking of one thing, I think I am an eternal caretaker. Maybe there are many reasons for selfishness in it? Only child in the family? In short, since I was young, I will not subconsciously consider others. This is when I get along with my classmates a lot after I live at school. I will find that others are accommodating. Even if I find out, I feel guilty, but I still can’t think about it well next time, so I feel like I’m here. Interpersonal communication is a dragged option. This may be one of the reasons why my mother is single… right? I think what’s terrible is not being single but because it’s been twenty-six and seven years now. I still don’t know what love is and how to interact with the opposite sex. Just like everyone says that love is sweet and painful, I can understand their mood changes but I can’t understand why The current mood seems to be that the TV series gave me a fixed template. So in real life, I see someone who has the same experience. I can put their situation in the template to understand, but I still don’t understand that it may really have to be experienced. You will understand and interact with the opposite sex. Obviously this opposite sex is different from the elder relatives and friends of the opposite sex, so the identity during the relationship is also different. Or from the source, I don’t even understand why two unfamiliar opposite sexes will associate with each other. Excellent ability and beautiful appearance. Of course it is one of the reasons, but is it necessary? What else is there besides these? I thought about this and thought that maybe I won’t have an object in my life because I’m not worthy…I don’t seem to have any merits that make people worthy of being with me. Another point is that one day my mother asked me the person you kept talking about introducing to the elders. Without a common language, don’t you talk to your male classmates when you go to school? I suddenly found out that everyone has an identity, and indeed they would chat with boys when they were students, but their position is to be classmates. Otherwise, why didn’t they become lovers? You have to know that nothing can stop love (said in the TV series). Then again, what kind of situations will be possible for love to happen? Obviously these problems that I can’t solve are the reasons that caused my mother to be single

7 months ago

Mother-fetal solo does not mean that you are bad, it can only mean that you have been spinning around after knowing the problem, and you haven’t really taken the steps to change. The cruelest reality for the mother-to-child solo is that there is a high probability that they will not meet the expected person, even if they do meet, they will not be able to catch them. Mother-fetal solo represents pure as white paper and the ultimate purity of love. However, it is precisely these purity that will be played in the face of reality so that there is no bones left. Your purity will only make you raise your expectations day and night, because this so-called “first time”, you will obsess with every beautiful trace, watching those husbands and wives in Korean dramas, watching Looking at the sweetness of others on the video platform, you will definitely be tempted to think: “It would be great if my boy/girlfriend be like this in the future.” Then, this thing will be planted into yours like a cancerous tumor. In the bones and blood, it becomes part of your subconscious, and once you meet someone, these things will turn into the unspoken rules of you to tame the other party. If something is wrong, the crystal glass in the dream will be violated and cracks will occur. This kind of crack will sting your purity again and again, make you shake, make you doubt, make you ask what love is in the world, and make people want to vomit. Your mother-fetal solo will only make you in contact with others, unconsciously will produce a posture of high eyes and low hands, the phrase “just better” pulls you, but the most realistic is that more and more People, stay away from the white people. Neither has the experience of a person who has been on the battlefield, nor has a more correct and independent understanding of love, and it is like a child coming to a novel world, focusing on his own experience, so that the other party does not have much sense of quality participation. (Because the number of consultations is relatively large, a group was created specifically for everyone, which can help you solve all emotional problems such as leaving orders, salvation, marriage and so on. If you want to join the group, click on my avatar on the upper left and pull you into the group through private messages) The solo of the mother and fetus will only make you even worse when you are sulking, and even more melancholy with a small cigarette and a small wine. The loss of intimacy to contemporary people must be on the rise. Therefore, mother-to-fetus solo is not popular at all, just like fresh graduates. Most mother-to-child solo people, after finally falling in love for a period of time, most likely are not saying “God is so happy”, but “What is this tm thing”. Is love actually so unbearable? No, absolutely not, symbiosis is always better than single life. The reason for the discomfort is that the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. In fact, these are just normal conditions. There is reality everywhere. This is an inevitable factor in operation. Su Su didn’t deliberately poison his tongue, but just wanted to wake up some people. In “Little Times”, Zhou Chongguang said: “You have to believe that there will be someone you love in this world, and he will pass through the turbulent people in this world, walk past them one by one, full of enthusiasm and heavy love. , Come to you, hold on to you. You have to wait.” This sentence makes many people believe that “the best will always come” or “the best is always at the end.” This sentence makes many people stick to it. The belief of waiting, pick and choose to the end. Expectation and accessibility are absolutely happy things, but there is a high probability that most people in this world will only meet a “not bad” person in the end, which is already lucky. You really shouldn’t take the “waiting for the best” as the truth and consume yourself. Life is alive, not getting is always the norm. Having said that, are those who do solo solo definitely not good? No, there are a lot of good people, but in a relationship, being good is only a prerequisite, and it does not absolutely help you get along. There is no basis for you to judge after reading people, and there is no management strategy when you are together, then you say, why can mothers and fetus solo meet very good people? On what? Do you rely on Amitabha? I also believed this sentence. The best people will pass through the turbulent crowd and come to me. Those who have been in love with each other laughed again and again, and some said that sentence in a tone that I didn’t believe in. “There will be”; some patted my shoulder and told me an example. They were telling me that love is not an absolute good thing. If you don’t learn to love, you will only consume each other. They seemed to see me through the time and saw the shadow of themselves in the past. Their expressive voices almost convinced me to stay away from love, but people, chasing warmth is almost instinct, so I can’t stop because of that unknown anxiety. But after understanding each meridian of love, the three words “best” become more and more blurred in me, because after fully understanding love, you will find that the most important thing is not “best”, but “Choose”. “Best” never ends, it will only corrupt a healthy relationship; and “choice” is to inhibit human nature, it is taking the road of managing love. Therefore, don’t hold on to any few words in your relationship, whether it is “mother-fetal solo” or “very good and best”, you might as well try and try more. This is not a stain. It’s as if everyone has their own talents. The reason why they didn’t find it was because most people didn’t have the space and concepts to try, and the same is true for love. (But I don’t mean to let you play with feelings, just relax.) At the end of the trial, I believe you will find that the so-called “very good person” may be someone who can be with you in the real world. The person who is ordinary on one side without losing the interest of life, is determined to move toward the future, and support each other to walk down, is a person who lives with you. So don’t wait.

7 months ago

In fact, it’s still a bit scary. Take me for example. I’ve been single for 24 years. It’s about 25. I haven’t been in a relationship so far. My friends have dropped out one after another. I received another one this month. I was single when she was invited to a wedding. I was single when she was in love. I was single when she got married. I guess her baby was born. I was still single. I found that the longer I was single, the harder it was to get rid of the single. I was used to the life of a person and I was alone. My life is quite happy, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fall in love. At this time, a problem arises. I found that as long as someone introduces me to someone, my first reaction is not to ask about the other person, but to subconsciously refuse. , My goodness! I don’t even know what to talk to them, it’s so difficult! ! ! If someone expresses a good impression on me, help! I just want to run far away. If, when I get along with a boy, I find that I have a good feeling for him and start to care about him, then I will slowly start to stay away from this person. There is something wrong with me! ! ! The appearance is ordinary, and he is home, and I feel that I am alone in the foreseeable future.

7 months ago

It’s really scary because I will keep going. I’m 92. It’s 30, and I haven’t even touched a boy’s hand. The man I’ve said the most is my dad, and my mentor otz. My popularity is not good. No one has introduced a blind date. It’s a tragedy at my age, of course. I am anxious when others hear that I am not at a very old age, and I have no money and no face, they start to brainstorm whether I am sick or too picky; in fact, I just have a small social circle, so what can I do if I am not good at socializing? It’s long and ordinary, and nobody came to chase me in love at first sight. I posted it on the Internet and added a blind date group. As a result, people came up and asked me to talk about a few paragraphs. This is embarrassing to say no, it seems I’m too weird. Let’s say yes, I feel too weird and yp. It’s even more difficult to explain in a word. It really lowers my impression of the male community. I haven’t had much contact with living men in the first place. And at my age, the chance of meeting first love is so terrible. I actually mind the impurity of the subject’s body and spirit, but I can’t say such a request. It makes me seem abnormal. My age. I’ve never noticed that a single male with a mother and a baby. I feel that males are too easy to find someone. Even single guys who want to find someone on the Internet have their own stories. I can talk about them in JPG, and they can get married. , Little girls and boys, be early! Otherwise, at the end of the day, everyone is married and has talked about it. If you want to find a pure first love or something, it will be a needle in a haystack. After all, the first time I talked, I wanted a sense of ritual, and there would be a lot of small expectations. If the other party is very experienced, it would be embarrassing. , This emotional level is misplaced, and matching conditions is also uncomfortable. In addition, the Internet is really malicious towards women of my age. It is not to say that the eyes are good or the temperament is tricky. Alas, ordinary people just want to find an ordinary person, it’s too hard to find a single person at this age.

7 months ago

I wonder why so many respondents are anonymous? Is the mother bill really so shameless? I am also a mother’s single. The mother’s single in 1997 is 24 this year, but I am not forced to make my own choice because I know what I want. I have been very busy since I was young, and there are things that need to be done at each stage, and the same is true after college. Although I haven’t had a relationship in the four years of university, I have a very fulfilling life. I should go to class, do internship, do textual research, find a job and find a job. Falling in love is really not a necessary thing, it is more like icing on the cake. It is a luxury. Pure liberal arts professional boys are a rare species, and there is no chance of getting to know other opposite sexes, but I don’t feel regretful. The most regrettable thing is that there are not enough books in the library. In the past few years, no one has shown favor, but I don’t believe in love at first sight. I can’t see the future impulse and cannot develop into love, so I refused. After graduating, I was quite confused and changed two cities. Now I know how I am going to go in the future. I start my career first, and when I stabilize, I naturally have the leisure to find my significant other, and I don’t need to be too entangled in the problem of a different place. My parents don’t rush me (well, my mother is getting anxious for the Chinese New Year this year), and I don’t think it’s a pity not to talk about an unforgettable relationship at the best age. I hope to meet a couple when I am mature. People, just talk once. Besides, friends and classmates around me, most of them have been single for four years in university, and there are not a few who are still single. This is normal. As far as people with higher education are concerned, they are already twenty-two or three after graduation from undergraduate. If you are like me The same is true because of the serious imbalance in the ratio of men to women due to the specialty of the profession. There are no people around me who marry prematurely. I think this is normal. Getting married and having children before 20 was a matter of the previous generation. So is it scary to be single? I don’t think, I think the talents who think that mothers are single are terrible.

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