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As one of the early Java developers, our team did try to use 360 ​​garbage cleanup to garbage collect Java. In the early years, we released a trial version of Java using 360 garbage collection. After using this version, some users successfully returned to single noble families. In order to express our gratitude for their efforts, we invited these users to visit our Java Fish Frying Lab. Since unnecessary love and marriage expenses are eliminated, these users have more time to work overtime. We received thank-you letters from hundreds of companies’ heads. They said that their employees now have more time to concentrate on their work. Of course, the company’s working hour system has also been followed up in time. And innovation, there are several well-known working hour systems, including large and small weeks, super large and small weeks, 996, and 007. These new working hour systems are really great innovations in the history of human work. One of the leaders of Fahrenheit Group happily told our business that now their employees are very motivated, actively contributing to the company, and shining. The tasks that used to be several days can now be completed in one or two days. Therefore, the company has also achieved huge revenue in the short term. At the same time, in the job market, employees and management who have resigned from such companies are also particularly popular: an ordinary employee named Zhang Xiaofang, because of this work experience, gave him more than three years of work experience after graduating for two years. Salaries have also increased by 0.5 times; another executive named Huang, inspired by the working hour system of the former company, founded the Zhan Dou Company after returning to China, and the whole company started the super hard core struggle mode. In three years, the company successfully developed the company. To the listing. However, on the other hand, international organizations such as the International Health Organization, the International Health Organization, and the International Human Rights Organization regret that we use 360’s garbage collection in Java. A Zhou Dashu from China once publicly published a condemning article. The article condemned these companies that started the hard-core struggle mode and condemned us as the initiators. His article published in “Labor’s Song” compares these employees who have tried out the 360 ​​garbage collection function to weeds. He said: Weeds are not deep at all, and the flowers and leaves are not beautiful. However, they absorb dew, absorb water, and absorb Chen. The blood and flesh of the dead will be deleted and trampled when it survives. Eventually things developed to an extent beyond our control, which is not what our Java development team expected. Because 360 ​​garbage collection has a large user group, we directly adopt it in Java. Although it can reduce the learning cost of some new Java users, the scope of the incident is also relatively wide. So why does the use of 360’s garbage collection in Java lead to a significant increase in the number of single employees? We felt incredible about this phenomenon at first. Later, we set up a special investigation team. Thanks to the hard work of our colleagues in the investigation team, we finally found the truth: As we all know, 360 garbage cleaning, as the name suggests, can only work 360 days a year. It can’t work for 5 days, and we all know that the Java virtual machine generates garbage every day, which obviously cannot meet the requirements. Java is generally used for the development of large-scale server back-end services, and its traffic is very huge. If it can’t work for 5 days a year, the reliability can only reach 98.9%, which is far from enough. Moreover, excluding leap years, the period of inability to work in a leap year will change from 5 days to 6 days, which is unacceptable for Internet companies that use Java as a development language. Most young people left their hometowns after graduating from university, went to the city to work hard, and then met the other half. Explain this phenomenon with a popular sentence among them-“there is no spring, summer or autumn in their hometown”. Therefore, they usually have time to go back to their hometown only in winter, that is, the last few days of the end of the year, so they went with their mother-in-law. Of course, the days for meeting, discussing marriage and marrying are arranged in these few days. Imagine that you and your girlfriend make an appointment to meet your mother-in-law in the last few days of the year, and transfer the bride price to your mother-in-law’s card after meeting. However, in the last few days of the end of the year, Alipay and related bank servers adopted Java, and Java adopted 360 for garbage collection. In the end, you were unable to complete the gift transfer, causing the mother-in-law to refuse to marry your daughter. You finally: Wife-1 This is unacceptable to most people, because many unmarried young people go back to negotiate with their mother-in-law at the end of the year, so in the end: Unmarried young people: Wife s-10086 so there are more bachelors in society, society Too many bachelors is not conducive to social stability, so eventually the relevant departments will intervene in the investigation. After the investigation, the cause of the problem was finally located because the Java using 360 garbage collection could not work in 5 or 6 days at the end of the year. Of course, we also tried to communicate with the 360 ​​team. The 360 ​​team refused to provide services for the remaining five days of the year. They explained that this would cause their colleagues to work overtime. They did not want the 996, 007, etc. that have been formed in the society. The bad ethos spread to their company. Therefore, we finally did not use 360 ​​garbage collection in Java, and reluctantly dropped the Java version that uses 360 garbage collection. Both the Java team and the 360 ​​team are great teams. The work they do in garbage collection is equal, and they deserve our respect.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

360 Junk Cleaner will clean up many junk files including useless registry, temporary files, IE browsing files, etc. It has many scanning locations and is affected by disk IO. The scanning time is very long and the cleaning speed is relatively slow. If Java uses 360 for garbage collection, programs written in Java will face a long waiting time for garbage collection. For example, a website written in Java will have problems. When a user visits the website, the page will not come out after a few minutes. At that time, the user has already crashed, so the 360 Trash Cleaner cannot be used for Java garbage collection.

7 months ago

In fact, 360 is good for cleaning up Java garbage, but programmers don’t like to use it. Because at runtime, 360 will always display “the cleaning degree exceeds 35% of the JVM.” And this value is based on big data, which is more informative. So this value has become the de facto evaluation standard for Java programmers. Therefore, during the interview, the interviewer will ask “How many programmers are you?” If your virtual machine exceeds 35% of the virtual machines, you are a 35-point programmer. Your virtual machine exceeds 98% of virtual machines, and you are a 98-point programmer. This is a naked face for programmers with low scores. Therefore, programmers with low scores do not want to use 360 ​​to recycle garbage. Gradually, anyone who uses 360 to clean up the virtual machine garbage is a great god. Therefore, among the great gods, it becomes more difficult to surpass more people to get a high score. This is the root cause of involution. Now, real JAVA masters still use 360 ​​to clean up the virtual machine garbage. Programmers who dare not use 360 ​​to clean up virtual machine garbage are garbage programmers! Regardless of me, I am a senior architect. I have published books on source code analysis and high-performance architecture. The books have also been published in traditional Chinese.

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7 months ago

This is indeed considered in the early stage of Java, using ready-made garbage cleaning tools to carry out. After comparing and filtering the ready-made garbage collectors, I feel that 360 is the best choice, and then I have made certain attempts to use 360 ​​to clean up the garbage. , But a huge problem was found in the test… This problem is that 360 garbage cleanup is just like its name. It can only run 360 days a year, and it does not work for 5 days, especially in leap years. In this case, there will be 6 days of inability to work, which is an unacceptable disaster for a Java system that produces garbage all the time. This requires all Java systems to be out of work for 5-6 days a year , Can you imagine such a disaster? Then, when communicating with the 360 ​​garbage cleaning team whether to develop a 365 garbage cleaner, I was strictly rejected. This is considered to be forced labor on the machine. The right to rest for 5 days a year for 360 garbage cleaning must be guaranteed. Therefore, this The negotiation did not reach a conclusion. In desperation, the Java developers chose to develop a garbage collector that works all the time, 365 days a year. This tradition of working hard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is passed on to the culture of Java users, so there is 996, and even 007, which is a tribute to the Java garbage collector.

7 months ago

In fact, Java can use 360 Garbage Cleanup for garbage collection. I just tried and verified using it to recycle Java garbage. The effect is very good. After using Java recycling, the whole world is clean, peaceful, stable and efficient all the time. Yes, the garbage generated by java code, even small garbage with a trace of dust and paper scraps, was immediately found by 360 garbage cleaner, and it was immediately removed and absorbed. I used 360 to clean up java garbage, eat full, sleep soundly, have no back pain, no leg cramps, and live better than a living god. It can only be said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Chinese Java programmers are too lack of imagination and self-restricted. They have never dared to use 360 garbage cleaning to recycle Java garbage. This is due to years of failure in education. Caused a distressing situation

7 months ago

You can look at the source code of java. Now Kaspersky and Tinder are used for gc. Kaspersky has excellent effects but takes a long time. It is generally used for gc of the old generation, tinder is lightweight and efficient, and is generally used for gc of the new generation. Probably before java8, 360 was indeed used for garbage cleaning. But the 360’s stw (stop the world) problem was very serious, and it was not solved for a long time, which caused the whole program to freeze during gc, so it was abandoned. In addition, 360 will have some bugs when doing write barriers. It will ignore the newly generated variables such as Tencent, Baidu, and Ali, which will cause them to be eliminated in the next round of gc. However, the 360’s own variables have not been colored, so that they will persist throughout the entire life cycle, which is prone to memory leaks. GC does not have a silver bullet, and needs to make different optimization choices for different scenarios. It’s not that using 360gc is bad, but 360 has certain limitations and is difficult to optimize.

7 months ago

Before 2003, java was collected with 360 garbage. In 2003, 361° garbage recycling, which is also a domestic brand, did better. It not only achieved energy saving and emission reduction, garbage classification, and created employment opportunities for local provinces and cities, but also insisted that garbage is a resource that is misplaced. Jinshan Yinshan also has the concept of green water and green mountains to achieve sustainable recycling. The most important thing is that it is 1 more than 360. So now 361° garbage collection is used. After the introduction of 361°, there was another problem. After all, 361° buys clothes and will not clean up the virus. Therefore, computers after 03 are prone to get sick, and they will get a high fever when they get sick all the time, and then they are scalded and scalded. The subject suggests that the subject should make an appointment for a new crown vaccination.

7 months ago

Think about the following sentence: Java uses 360 to implement garbage collection. If one day 360 comes out with a java implementation version, replace 360 with “java implemented 360”, in fact, this is a recursion that can go on indefinitely: java uses (java Achieved (java-implemented (…))) to achieve garbage collection. So it is doubtful how to implement garbage collection in Java. At this time, throwing “Java with 360 to achieve garbage collection” into Google’s automatic translation will cause Google to crash, but Baidu does not take this set. Baidu’s editors have long learned about recursion: Java uses 360 to achieve garbage collection. It is well known that 360 is written in Java, and Java uses 360 to implement garbage collection. So how does Java implement garbage collection? Let’s take a look with the editor~

7 months ago

Let me add that java is aimed at cross-platform use. In order to be used in many countries, java will sort garbage before garbage collection. As a domestic brand, 360 had no garbage classification until two years ago. This is illegal in some countries where garbage classification is required by law! So from this perspective, Java cannot use 360. Of course, 360 now also supports garbage classification. As for the problem of only working 360 days a year, I think it can actually be solved: just use two 360s and let them take a break. For smoother performance, 73 360s can be used, so that the rest time is evenly distributed throughout the year.

7 months ago

Damn, New World, when I saw the title, I thought the host was stupid. I didn’t think about it. I was the clown. This is too much. Crazy refreshing my concept, awesome, the host is awesome, strong, I thought 360’s garbage collection is just a simple deletion of files. Unexpectedly, memory garbage can be recycled

7 months ago

Java needs to run in places with limited hardware, such as printers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, etc., but the installation package of 360 is too large, so this is one of the reasons, and the other is if it is in microwave ovens, rice cookers and other equipment If you use 360, it’s not easy to deal with the definition of rubbish. For example, if you like to eat salty, your girlfriend likes to eat sweet, and the sweet and sour pork tenderloin in the microwave is not easy to define. Just in case it crashes. It’s awkward to eat raw. It may also be recycled as garbage, and you will have no food to eat.

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