Isn’t this a great affirmation of Huawei? For an enterprise, technical beautification packaging and publicity is a very important ability. Even, the importance is no less than the technology itself. The video of Huawei’s autopilot this time is amazing. After careful consideration, there may still be some problems, and these problems can determine whether Huawei can really pick down the major autopilot companies. Regarding technical analysis, I know users: What do you think of Huawei’s public road experience video for autonomous driving announced on April 15? The autopilot company mentioned in the answer showed no worse ability than Huawei’s in the video, but before I inserted the answer, the playback volume was only a pitiful 200. This is the difference between propaganda noise. There is one more thing not added above: Huawei only released a test video of one road section. Does it have such a performance on other road sections? Nobody knows. For example, the autonomous driving test section of Shanghai Anting Auto City, zoox, baidu, and didi all have a large number of autonomous driving test vehicles running, and the experience is also good. Continuously collecting data on the same road section, if you only do rule optimization, there will be certain limitations. The takeover rate that I am most interested in, Huawei proposed 1000 kilometers. In fact, if you think carefully, you can know that this is a way of publicity. Regarding generalization, Su Qing said: At the end of the year’s mass production, the automatic driving function will be provided in the four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Other cities can only use the ICA+ mode, which is between automatic driving and cruise control. In the state, it is convenient for the machine to learn the traffic environment and self-composition. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen do not even have the test conditions for 1,000 kilometers. How can there be test data for 1,000 kilometers without taking over? As for whether the technical capabilities are on par with Tesla, there is actually no way to make a good comparison. According to the performance of the road section in the video, it is indeed better than Tesla, but after the opening, whether the actual performance of each road section can be stable, I Unable to evaluate temporarily. At the same time, Tesla and Huawei are not taking the same route of autonomous driving. Tesla’s mass-produced cars do not use lidar. So in fact, it is difficult to compare the level of technology. The ideal of Wang Xing’s investment is not to mention autonomous driving technology. So at this point in time, Wang Xing is just envious of Huawei.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This year. After winning a few at the gambling table, they all thought it was his destiny. A company the size of Meituan has raised a million-dollar salary for so many years. Can’t you do your own program well and plan the delivery route of the courier brother? The little brother engaged in asking for directions in the community every day. Is it difficult to make house numbers in the community? Isn’t all the positioning of the order given to the program? Oh, the map is a basic service. It’s tiring to do it, it’s not pleased, and it can’t make money immediately. It’s convenient to dare to goug your little brother’s flesh, just invent an “algorithm” that drives the little brother crazy and chases time like crazy, drives the little brother crazy like running a red light, and pushes the little brother crazy just like asking for praise, Boss Wang Smart people, making money is easy money, basic technology? Let those fools do it. Smart people don’t do stupid things. Wang Xing can make money. But after making money, the flood is so great.

6 months ago

IMHO, the Meituan algorithm is indeed better than Huawei, because the Meituan algorithm also has its own PUA function, which has great commercial value. Day 1: There are 100 takeaway boys from A to B. It takes an average of 60 minutes. Meituan algorithm v1: The estimated delivery time from place A to place B is revised to 59 minutes. Day 2: There are 100 takeaway boys from A to B. The average time is 59 minutes. Meituan algorithm v2: The estimated delivery time from place A to place B is revised to 58 minutes. Day 3: There are 100 takeaway boys from A to B. The average time is 58 minutes. Meituan Algorithm v3: The estimated delivery time from place A to place B is revised to 57 minutes. Day N: There are 100 takeaway boys from A to B. The average time is xx minutes. Meituan algorithm vN: The estimated delivery time from place A to place B is revised to xx-1 minutes. The year-end PBC summary of the person in charge of the Meituan algorithm: Through algorithm optimization, the average delivery time of Meituan food delivery has been reduced from 60 minutes to xx minutes, increasing efficiency by xx%. //Additionally, some people say that this algorithm is too simple. In fact, the core of the algorithm does not lie in its mathematical form, but in the ideas behind it. The awesomeness of Meituan’s algorithm is that its algorithm not only contains a simple but efficient logical idea, but also conveys values ​​and controls human nature.

6 months ago

I was a little surprised. How did Wang Xing have the confidence to insinuate Huawei’s “fudge”? Huawei has been steadily engaged in research and development over the years, and the achievements it has achieved are obvious to all. Although the terminal business is temporarily frustrated, other business lines are still developing rapidly, and its autonomous driving technology is even more impressive. On the other hand, Meituan has been interviewed many times for alleged monopoly operations, and there are countless examples of big data familiarization. Not much to say, who is the real fool, who is the hard power, is fair and comfortable.

6 months ago

Wang Xing’s IQ and EQ are not lower on the day of Meituan’s listing, so this sentence must be dialectically on par with Tesla’s ability and technical ability. Is it praise or derogation? I personally think that this is a compliment. Some people think that Wang Xing does not understand cars, but Wang Xing has invested in ideals. In 2020, Meituan will obtain billions of billions of dollars in book profits due to the soaring ideal stock price. Wang Xing even wanted to go into the water to play the car himself, of course he knew the strength of Tesla, the leader of the industry. Tesla’s technical ability is beyond doubt, of course, the ability to flicker is also of international standard. From this perspective, this sentence is undoubtedly the highest respect for Huawei as a competitor’s investor.

6 months ago

Yes, Huawei is not perfect. It is also a growing company. It is both an honor and a spur to get Wang Xing’s evaluation. Companies like Huawei should humbly learn from Meituan, develop community group buying, study two-way big data, study business commissions, and innovate high-interest online loans, and other things that are beneficial to society. Huawei has made money not to engage in monopoly investment, but to engage in research and development of basic automobile technology. This is simply too foolish!

6 months ago

Wang Xing belittles Huawei? If it doesn’t exist, just look at Wang Xing’s fanfou, and you can see that he is a fan of Huawei, and he likes Huawei very much! In terms of industry appeal, he first proposed that HAT should be used instead of BAT. His main mobile phone is Huawei. His “adoration” of Huawei’s technology. As early as 2019, he was optimistic about Huawei’s autonomous driving technology. He burst into tears… This is what he has said about Huawei in the past two years: As a student of Tsinghua Electronic Engineering Department who has not worked in the bank, I must express my deep respect to the colleagues of Huawei HiSilicon. · Since Mate7, my main Android device has always been Huawei. HTC, Samsung, OPPO and nexus have all used it before. Just checked, Mate7 was released in September 2014, so I have been a user of Huawei mobile phones for more than four years, but I have not used Huawei’s cloud services. ·There are many stories about Mr. Ren, and the one that made me most tearful: It is said that his mother had been frugal until his unexpected death at the beginning of this century, because she felt that her son’s career was not going well before, and she saved money, and maybe Huawei will meet him in the future. I can help a little bit when it’s difficult. Zhuan Wang Xing As long as your parents are still alive, you are still a child no matter how old you are. ·Why hasn’t the media widely used the term HAT (Huawei, Ali, Tencent) instead of BAT? Technology companies have crossed borders in various ways. Huawei Cloud is the most powerful competitor of Alibaba Cloud, and the Android market that comes with Huawei’s mobile phones is also Tencent. A powerful opponent of Pingbao. ·It’s time to use HAT instead of BAT. Huawei is China’s well-deserved leading high-tech enterprise. ·Ask a friend who is still quite knowledgeable, which company do you have the most optimistic about in the long term for autonomous driving globally? Answer: There will be no play for any of them in three to five years. In the long run, if you must choose a company, I will choose Huawei…

6 months ago

Low EQ: Wang Xing actually said that Huawei is a big fool! High EQ: Wang Xing is so optimistic about Huawei building cars? Tesla has encountered an opponent in China! When other manufacturers announced that they would build cars, Wang Xing did not give such a high evaluation. In business, technical capabilities and marketing capabilities are equally important. Technology alone is not enough. Is the biggest gap between domestic manufacturers and Tesla in technology? ? ? Technically, in the field of electric vehicles, there are still many that are better than Tesla, right? ? ? If the technology level can catch up, can we harden Tesla in China? Isn’t it okay? Have to “flicker” and persuade! How to convince consumers that domestic electric vehicles are more worthwhile than Tesla? In this regard, when Huawei is making mobile phones, it can compete with Apple 55 in the domestic high-end mobile phone market, and what will happen after it is fully engaged in electric vehicles? Oh, yes, Huawei will not build cars within three years. What about three years later?

6 months ago

Everyone is welcome to criticize and scold Huawei’s products more. Don’t have too high expectations. Cars don’t happen overnight. The first-generation products will definitely have many shortcomings. Please also be more tolerant of Huawei’s car development. Huawei is a long-distance runner and will listen to the voice of the market and make rapid improvements. For consumers, for the industry, one more player is a good thing. Su Jing’s words are not a new point of view. New ideas must be kept secret and will not be mentioned in the media. I have also exchanged such views with car company customers on different occasions. Traditional car companies sneer at this view, which is well understood. A few years ago, many customers maintained their politeness on the surface and did not hide their contempt for this view. But I say these words to open the door of communication. At this point in time, customers will no longer simply dismiss it, and are more willing to exchange ideas. My personal opinion is: For the whole machine factory, these words are wrong. For ICT equipment suppliers, such positioning is required. Regarding Wang Xing’s comments, Huawei has a big gap with Tesla in terms of its technical capabilities and flicker capabilities, and it must continue to learn. It is difficult to be able to market to people with the same knowledge background, and to market to people without relevant backgrounds. Finally, it is recommended to comment more on things and less on people. Everyone can comment on what Wang Xing or Su Jing said, there is something wrong with the matter, there is no need to say that this person has something wrong.

6 months ago

I am actually very disgusted. Wang Xing has no right to talk about Huawei? I am a foreign trader. In 19 years, I had the opportunity to travel to Mexican cities: Mexico City and Guadalajara. I saw promotional posters and advertisements of Huawei large and small at the airport. At that time, to be honest, I thought I was A Chinese, I am proud that my country can have a mobile phone brand comparable to Samsung and Apple (although there is still a gap, but I firmly believe that it will catch up). I don’t want to put pressure on others to say that it is a national brand, but I just hope it can be stable. Healthy development continues, and Huawei didn’t start by selling mobile phones. It was a communication base station, and it was a technical industry. Since the trade war and the neck is stuck, I believe that the Chinese people have their own judgments. We are very supportive of Huawei. We hope that he can continue to walk. We hope that we can help him. Chinese people have deep feelings for Huawei. . What about Meituan? From the first time I ate takeaway in 15 years, the delivery fee plus the ordered meals were so cheap that I don’t know how much. At that time, a Dick’s chicken drumstick could cost 3 yuan for a large pistol leg. Six years later, Meituan is no longer a simple ordering app. He has reached out to movie theaters, entertainment, and even credit cards, and has also launched the Meituan grocery shopping business. I really can’t figure it out, why are you so ambitious? The key is that Huawei can benefit the people. What has your Meituan done? From more than half a year to the Meituan knights, one after another, until now, each single express fee has increased to at least 6 yuan. The money is not given to small shops and restaurant owners, not to takeaway riders, but to platforms. Meituan has never given a good impression. I’m wondering whether the anti-monopoly is about to be your turn according to time.

6 months ago

A Meituan “Internet landlord” who collects rent on the ground, what qualifications does it have to evaluate technology companies engaged in engineering, industry, and manufacturing? What qualifications do you have to talk about technical capabilities? Your family’s Meituan is able to access the Internet, and you have to thank Huawei for the communication equipment provided. Thank you for starting to pull network cables and install base stations decades ago. Thank you for designing basebands and chips and laying 4G and 5G networks… People are building bridges and paving the way. You are collecting rent on the ground, which one is more skilled? Which one will fool you more? Could it be that the technology you are referring to is “big data mastering”? Cut consumers’ leeks? Gouging out the meat of small merchants? Suck the blood of the takeaway boy? Today’s Internet companies are getting worse and worse, and Meituan and others are indispensable. When you order takeaways or take a taxi, you find that the prices of goods and services are unknowingly rising, and you have no choice; you have a hard time using chat software. To share product links and video links, instead of copying and pasting a bunch of cumbersome so-called “passwords”; you have to buy several members to watch a TV show, but you can’t buy a member, you have to buy an “Advance Show”, you listen to a song, and you have to download it. There are several apps; you use different mobile phones to order takeaways and find that the prices are still different……. This is “technology changes life”. Yes, Huawei “flicks”, Wang Xing never “flicks”. The bosses of most Internet companies in China like to call themselves “tech companies”, and they all speak very well, but they still cannot do without “traffic, profit, model, track, and gameplay”. To pull it apart, it is the logic of making money through channels and monetizing traffic. Many people are just playing models, telling stories, gaining traffic and users, monopolizing the market, cashing out on the market, and completing the financial freedom of a few people. They have clearly made so much money, but the income and living environment of Internet bottom-level practitioners, small businesses, delivery workers, and couriers have not improved, and even worsened. They are full of brains, and they don’t want to do some human affairs for the country and the people, and take on some social responsibilities. They actually become opinion leaders aloft and give pointers to the country. I think there is still too much money, and Minzhimin has eaten too much.

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