This question, former Coca-Cola CEO Bryan Dyson (Bryan Dyson) has already given an answer. As Coca-Cola CEO Brian Dyson has no special deeds, but his “five balls” remarks are widely spread— —Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them — work, family, health, friends and spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball.If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls — family, health, friends, and spirit — are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked , damaged, or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life. Translate: “Imagine life as a game, this game is to throw 5 balls, these 5 balls They are work, family, health, friends, and soul. You must keep them from falling on the ground. Soon you will find that only work is a rubber ball. If work falls on the ground, it will bounce. The other four balls-family, health, friends, and soul-are all glass balls. Once they fall on the ground, they are irreversibly destroyed, or even broken, and can never be restored to their original state, so you should know how to work hard to balance Your life is gone. Simply put, except for work, you can’t overdraft everything else. Only work can be put down, but all other things can’t be put down.

Since it is the least overdraft, then only one can be selected. I choose the least overdraft to be healthy. Look at why many elderly people are so keen on health care products now, you will understand. According to Maslow’s theory, we can divide needs into physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect and self-fulfillment needs. We can attribute health to physiological needs, which are the lowest-level needs. Without food, we will be hungry. After a long time, it will naturally affect our health. When we have health, we often fail to realize the importance of health. When we were sick and hospitalized and our health was threatened, we began to sigh the importance of health. In the first year of the college entrance examination, I had the first operation in my life. Before the operation, I was in a coma. I was always healthy before, and for the first time I truly realized how important health is. That is to say, since then, I ran every day, regardless of the wind and sun, I persevered and ran for a whole year. It’s hard to make up for health if it’s overdrawn. Just like a worn-out car, with replacement parts and repairs, the performance is far inferior to the original. You can buy a new car if it breaks down, but it’s hard to make up for the health overdraft. When I was young, I was overdrafting health for work and life. When you are old, you have the conditions to enjoy it, and you will often sigh without blessing to enjoy it. I am Sanyang Kaitai, and with this three Yangs, we should Kaitai.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

vitality. This morning I explained the movie “Death Poetry Society” to students, and I was deeply touched by this issue. In this film, some words are repeatedly mentioned: passion, passion, love, romance, strength, struggle, searching, discovering, shouting… The human species has a great advantage in being curious about new things. We like adventures, learning and research. But this behavior has risks. Therefore, the elders or managers will formulate various rules for safety needs and management convenience, and put the lively little person in a cage. Don’t let you play with water, don’t let you play with fire, don’t let you climb trees, don’t let you fall in love, don’t let you ask why, don’t let you do this and that. The beautiful name is: good for you. Then your vitality will be continuously lost and overdrawn in all kinds of imprisonment. You have lost enthusiasm for life, the desire to explore the world, you have no interest in learning, and the ability to love… The performance of losing vitality: you brush the vibrato and can’t stop, even if you are tired, I still can’t help but continue to slide my finger. You are lying on the bed, sleeping until you have a headache, and you feel weak. You don’t want to lie down anymore, but you still lack the motivation to get up. You play the game until you are exhausted, but you are still bored with the mouse and your eyes are dull. You frequently talk to the fifth girl, talking about being groggy, and still don’t want to let go of her. You have lost a strong sense of your own life. You are lost in the form of boring repetition, unable to extricate yourself. Lost the enthusiasm and hope of life. Lost control of the self body. Lost the ability to perceive things. You are tired, weak, weak, and feelingless, and remind yourself that you are still alive by repeated stimulation. I think this is the manifestation of overdraft of vitality, it is the worst state of life, there is no one. Why do I feel so deeply? I recently communicated with students and found that many of them are already in this state of overdrawn vitality. You ask him what he has aspirations, hopes or things he wants to do. It seems that there is no, or even if there is, it is not sustainable. So they can only mess around in a muddle-headed manner. Why are so many people depressed, suicidal or lying flat? Because their vitality has been overdrawn and exhausted, they have no enthusiasm for life, no hope, and no confidence. Before he was twenty, he lost his wildness, ambition, passion, and desire. This is a sad fact. So don’t talk about becoming a talent, it’s hard to live an ordinary life. This will be a lifeless life. This is the consequence of not paying attention to humanistic education. Life needs care, boldness and unrestrained personality, and free air in order to grow up healthily and resist the wind, frost and snow sword of reality. But in the name of love, we deprived the children of their vitality, making them withered before they bloom.

6 months ago

One is the ability to love others, which is not infinite. This kind of thing is scarce and not everyone has. If it is overdrawn, it is really scary. There is a book called emotional blackmail, which actually refers to the consequences of a person’s emotions being overdrawn and squeezed. The second enthusiasm, when the overdraft is over, begins to feel frustrated, especially unhealthy. You should learn how to keep flowing water. The third is health, but everyone knows it, but it’s hard to do it. Many people are middle-aged and elderly people who start to keep healthy, because young people don’t like to play? Who doesn’t want to squander youth? So you can carefully observe that some rare people who started self-discipline and health preservation when they were young actually still have a huge and long-term enthusiasm for life.

6 months ago

The power to live. Living is not easy. If you feel that there is no pressure to live, it is not that you are awesome, but someone has taken care of it for you. I seem to realize this uncomfortable fact when I was in junior high school: our teacher is worried about class performance, which is closely related to his performance; my parents are worried about not earning enough to gain a foothold in the big city; I also have all kinds of things. Stress, studies, social relationships, and confusion about the future. This state has continued until the high school, the teacher said that it would be good if he went to college, but he was still confused and entangled in college. After work, various pressures and problems were added. Falling in love, getting married, having children…everything is not easy, you need to face it with strength. I have seen various theories. Some people say that there are eight sufferings in life, some say that to live is to practice, and some say that to live is to atone for sins. These widely circulated theories do not sound positive and optimistic. To live seems to be facing a problem, solving a problem, and then looping endlessly. Some people cannot bear this pressure and commit suicide; some want to escape such pressure and go crazy; some choose to numb themselves and indulge in emptiness and nothingness. Life is like a bullet, hitting us, dissolving our strength. I enlighten myself in this way: one is to accept this reality and then solve it. Just like writing a story requires “conflict”, and playing a game requires “task goals”, without these, the story cannot go on. The same is true in life. Solving various problems is to give yourself experience. The other is to find something that can give you strength, such as supporting my partner, such as the words I like. It can even be people and things in the virtual world. In this way, I am not being consumed, but growing, and others will add BUFF to me. When I was in my second year of high school, I wrote an article for myself called “Talking about Death”. At that time, I encouraged myself to “live well so that I can die safely.” This sentence has been a great encouragement to myself, and I hope you can find alive too. the power of.

6 months ago

The least overdraft is money. What hopes, what ambitions, what galaxy’s hot ideals in the world… After the early morning, you think you are participating in a grand carnival. I woke up early in the morning and began to figure out whether I could add eggs to today’s pancakes. Squeeze your own pockets and fulfill the ideals of others, and then you will understand that carnival is the carnival of others. There are too many tests related to money. If you don’t overdraw, you can easily choose the usual truth, goodness and beauty. If you are overdrawn, sometimes you want to be a good person and it will move China. Money is not everything, no money is absolutely impossible.

6 months ago

Have you ever experienced the feeling of a waist exploding? Yesterday morning, I turned on the computer and brushed Zhihu in the store as usual. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the business was too bleak. This has almost become my daily pleasure in the store. Sometimes it takes a whole day to do it without water. Drink it, it seems as if the butt is stuck on the stool. But after not brushing it for a long time, the left side of the lower abdomen started to feel a faint pain. I wondered if there was something wrong with the food I just ate, but it was not as painful as eating a bad stomach, but I still ran to the toilet and squatted for a while, feeling completely. Unexpectedly. I went back to sit on the stool and continued to brush my knowledge. Fortunately, I thought maybe it would be fine after a while, but after about ten minutes, I got more and more pain. I couldn’t relieve it when I pressed my abdomen with both hands at the same time. It seems that someone has grabbed the internal organs, even if I use force to beat the pain, I can’t get the slightest relief. Before a moment, a cold sweat broke out on my forehead, and the whole person squatted on the ground and hummed constantly. It was so uncomfortable… …After another while, I couldn’t help it anymore. I picked up my mobile phone and sent a message to my friend asking him to come for me. It took him more than half an hour to come, but I waited as long as half a century. His clothes were wet with sweat all over, and I waved to him feebly, and I didn’t have the energy to say anything. I slapped my stomach and drove out and drove straight to the hospital. Because of the epidemic, I went through three or four stages when I arrived at the hospital. At that time, I felt that I was almost at the point where I was almost dead, as if I would pass away without seeing a doctor. But the facts have proved that I am too naive to find out the cause and solve the problem quickly. I overestimated the efficiency of this hospital. Even if I went to the emergency room, I am still suffering from this suffering today. I went to the emergency gate first, and when I reached the door, I was stopped by a staff member who was covered in protective clothing and said that the entrance was changed. This can only be out. I had to continue to press my stomach and ran to the other side. I hurriedly prepared to register for payment. Because I had no medical experience, and there were few medical staff at the time, I went around and asked several people to find the payment window and apply for the medical card to charge 400 yuan. Then I found an emergency doctor, who seemed to be a young man, and asked me a lot of questions as he wrote, what hurts, what color my stool, what I ate, and after about five or six minutes, he let me lie down. There were a few presses on my left abdomen on the consultation table. Don’t say, the doctor is the doctor. Those presses were really comfortable, and finally made me jump back from the near-death state. But as soon as his hand left, it returned to its original state. I don’t know if his hand has magical power or something. I can’t use the fart when I press it. If it hurts, it hurts. Then the doctor said he suspected my gastrointestinal bleeding. , Let me do a color Doppler ultrasound first, take a blood sample, and have a urine test. To be honest, I was in terrible pain, and I was about to be able to take care of myself, but I still went to do the color Doppler ultrasound. I turned around and found the color Doppler ultrasound room. The operator was eating and he frowned when he saw me. What was going on today, and then slowly got up and said that I would get dressed for a while, and I waited for her for a few more minutes after saying that I was okay. I don’t know if she fell asleep inside, and after waiting for a long time, she finally came out of the office. At this time, I had been shaking the wall for a long time (I’m not trembling smartly, or trembling with pain). When I entered the color Doppler ultrasound room, she asked me to lie down. I didn’t know what I took and put it on my belly. So I took a lollipop-shaped thing with a thread attached to it, and turned left and right on my stomach while turning. While I was operating the computer, it seemed to me that pregnant women did the same when they came to take pictures of the doll. After the transfer, I lost two tissues to wipe my belly and asked me to go back to the emergency doctor. I was so confused. When I went to the emergency department, I forgot about the blood test, feces test, and urine test. Then I went to the laboratory to get a lot of feces and urine. As a result, I didn’t eat or drink early in the morning. I just suffocated for a long time to complete the task. Then I went to the laboratory to put down my shit and urine. The feedback I got was that the result was half an hour later. I was already at the hospital. Two hours passed. I was sitting in the laboratory, scratching my heart with a hundred claws, my stomach was so painful that I wanted to take my stomach off of my body and throw it in the trash can next to me. The test result hasn’t come out yet. I have already vowed a hundred times in my heart. I must do it earlier. Sleep, eat well, exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables, and never eat the ones that are not there anymore. After half an hour of my crazy thinking, I finally got through the test results, and I didn’t understand it after a glance. What do you mean, I went downstairs with my stomach to find the emergency doctor. As a result, there was an older sister in front of her, who talked to the doctor for ten minutes like a small chat, thinking in her heart is this particularly retribution? Is it easy for me to bear it now? Are you finished? After finally waiting for her to finish, I immediately ran to the doctor to help him look at the test results. The doctor turned over four test sheets and looked at the color Doppler ultrasound results, and said to me, everything else is fine, and the digestive tract is fine. It’s just you. There is a stone in the right kidney, and the kidney is not very good. I was noncommittal. I told the doctor that staying up late every day would definitely affect my kidneys, but what caused my pain on the left side? The doctor told me that the color Doppler ultrasound may not be too clear, and it may also be a kidney problem, so let me find another doctor to see you. In this way, I waited in the emergency department for nearly half an hour. During this time, the doctor didn’t know where he was going. The doctor showed up again when I was about to gnaw my posterior molars. I told the doctor, Can the doctor help me, I’ve been waiting for a long time. The doctor said with a smile, embarrassed, let me urge it. Then I finished the call and saw that I was still holding my stomach. I think you seemed to be in pain. Otherwise, I would give you a painkiller. Would you like to get an injection first? I was really deep-fried at the time. You should let me pass away. If you have such a good thing, you don’t take it out sooner. You have to wait until I have been in pain for three hours before you realize that I am in pain, your sister. Ah, is my appearance not painful enough? But I still showed an ugly smile and said okay to the doctor, thank you, you can take it. Then I queued up to get the medicine, and finally took the medicine and ran to the nurse’s station for an analgesic injection. After the injection, I ran to the doctor. The doctor said that the outpatient clinic was too busy and there was no time to come over, or you should find it yourself. Faster. At that time, I couldn’t get angry anymore. After the damn painkiller was given, except for a butt injection, I felt that there was no use for the egg. I nodded and ran to the clinic. Fortunately, it’s not very far away. The outpatient doctor said that there might also be stones like the right kidney, but you still have to check carefully. Then, you should take a CT scan first, and you will understand it after a CT picture. You will not be able to see it like color Doppler ultrasound. Let’s say it costs more than 500 to take a CT scan. The money on your card is no longer enough. Let’s recharge it. When the picture is finished, come up and find me. I was too weak to make complaints. I thanked the doctor silently and ran to the line to pay the bill. After five minutes of waiting, I was told by the toll staff, why don’t you charge more at once? The official account is also If you don’t pay attention, you bother me. You didn’t tell me how much to pay, or what public account, I don’t know. Of course I didn’t say it. After paying the fee, I rolled away and came with the doctor’s order. CT room. There are very few people in the CT room. A female staff member told me after completing the procedures for me to hold back the urine before taking the CT, so that the effect of the bladder filling can be good. My heart was cold for a while. I haven’t eaten it for a day. It just happened that I gave you the last bit of my inventory when the poop test was conducted. Now there is a ghost pee. I’m afraid I can’t even hold my fart… but I don’t have any money. I have paid it, and the pain has been painful for so long, can’t it be wasted? I had no choice but to go out to find water. I finally found a vending machine and bought a 500ml bottle of Nongfu Spring Gudonggudong. I went back to the CT room and waited for ten minutes. I just wanted to pee. No. After that, I ran back and forth four or five times. I filled a total of two kilograms of water and almost didn’t drink and vomit. I thought that if I was going to die today, I would be swollen to death by myself. Why did God treat me like this? Why is it so bitter? The water was drunk, but there was still no urge to urinate. Surprisingly, my waist didn’t hurt anymore. I don’t know if it’s due to drinking too much water or the painkiller. I just walked around in the corridor. Go, so as to speed up my metabolism. During the period, I saw a woman drinking water next to me, huh? Doesn’t she want to pee either? After tossing for about three hours, I had all kinds of feelings that I was almost suffocated by urine over the years. The urine factor sleeping in my body finally had a slight reaction. After talking to the impatient doctor who was waiting. , Quickly took pictures for me and let me roll back to the outpatient doctor. After watching the film, the outpatient doctor also confirmed that I was a stone, and it had fallen from the kidney to the upper ureter, and it was still quite large. He said that I usually drink very little water, do not exercise much, and eat too much. Not paying attention to something. Such a big stone needs to be hospitalized. Today, the left side will hurt. Don’t worry, the right side will also hurt next time. Damn it, don’t be so scary, okay, I will actively cooperate with the treatment. Today is the first day of stone removal. I did not take the method of hospitalization for surgery. I still don’t want surgery. I have found other doctors and said that I can remove stones with medicine, but I now drink more than two kilograms of water every day. Jumping around, many people thought that I was sick. Whatever the strength of the jump, I was indeed sick. I saw this problem just now. I was jumping while drinking water (imagine what it looks like). You should also understand what is the most important thing for people to overdraw, right, health! Let’s not talk about anything else. If you are sick, it hurts. Is it uncomfortable? It affects your life, you can’t eat anything you want, you can’t go where you want, and you can’t be normal. It’s inconvenient to see a doctor. You have to suffer a lot like I met such a heartless doctor. Even if the pain is long, we can endure it. If you go to see a diarrhea, you have to pull yourself through to find out. Your cause comes. Money is like running water. Although I spent a long time in the hospital for examinations, I didn’t even prescribe the medicine before I had a small 1,000. Not to mention the health, money, and feelings will be farther and farther away from you. In short, you must pay attention to your body. The old saying goes well, don’t get sick if you have anything, don’t have money if you don’t have anything, and you’ll talk about your health in the second half.

6 months ago

Have you ever had that kind of experience, digging your heart out to a person, almost humbled into the dust for him. I tried so hard that I didn’t recognize it, but in the end it came back with the phrase “not suitable, I don’t like it, so be it.” My friend Dawei is like that. I saw him crying bitterly for the girl late at night, and then let it go completely, and never met him. The story takes place in the freshman year. The protagonists of the story, Dawei and Xiaodong, met in that young summer. Dawei is an uncommon boy in our class, there is nothing particularly outstanding. If you have to say an advantage, it should be that anyone will not get tired and comfortable when getting along with him. In the crowd, you can catch a lot of boys like Dawei. But Xiaodong, there is only one, she is very special. If Dawei told me at the time that he liked Xiaodong, I would definitely tell him that you were talking about dreams. Because I know that there should be no fewer than three people who were pursuing Xiaodong at the same time, and they were the kind of particularly good boys. I once asked him why you like Xiaodong. He said that one afternoon, he came back from the study room and walked on the way back to the bedroom. He and Xiaodong walked face to face that day, and had a face-to-face meeting, without even saying a word. He had never felt this way before, seeing a person, he would be so throbbing. He said that whenever he recalled that day, the sky was blue and the sun was shining on her face, and the woman who came on her face was gentle, brighter than the sun. I can’t interrupt his dream. I know what this ignorant young man is holding in his heart at this moment, not just like it, but also belief. I patted him on the shoulder and told him to act as soon as I liked it, at least I wouldn’t regret it. I have a foreboding that this is the beginning of a long story, no one can guess the ending, just an understatement at the beginning, but the ending is unforgettable. For at least one semester, Dawei didn’t think too much about Xiaodong except secretly going to the study room every day. He is not a boy who can express his thoughts easily. His heart is turned upside down, but the surface is calm on the surface. Xiaodong didn’t even notice that there was one more person in his life paying attention to her silently. In the long unrequited love, Dawei learned to surprise himself. For example, he knew what books Xiaodong likes to read, what constellation she is, and what dishes she likes to eat. These are all good medicines for him to comfort himself, as if knowing these, he is closer to the dream. Maybe this is how an ordinary engineering schoolboy likes a girl, but dumb but enthusiastic. The story began to take a turning point in the first semester of the university. Once we ate together, Dawei, who had been drinking for three rounds, told us a lot. I have never seen him have so many words, and I have never seen a boy who writes poems for a girl. Dawei is the first one. We sat on the steps downstairs in the dormitory that night, looking at the girls’ dormitory in Building 5, and Xiaodong’s dormitory with the lights on for a long time. That night we all advised him to summon the courage to confess, and don’t take everything to heart. “People Xiaodong didn’t know that there was a person like you until now. Even if the confession is rejected, at least you can understand it.” Ali said to Dawei that night, I know he listened to it, so I have a back The plot of the. For Dawei, perhaps the bravest thing to do in his life is to confess to Xiaodong. At least at that point of life, for a young and shy boy from an eighteenth-tier small city, Dawei has never done anything more brave than this. After the evening self-study that day, we had already helped Dawei arrange Xiaodong to the door of the study room early on, and he had to rely on himself for the rest. To be honest, we were more nervous than him that day. For me, this expectation is not just his dream. If the dream comes true, it will also be an encouragement and comfort to me. Because boys like us who don’t understand expression are also worthy of being loved. When Dawei confessed that day, we watched from a distance to see that their atmosphere was pretty good, and Dawei also had a smile on his face. We guess that this matter should be 70% to 80% certain. Young people are always like this. They only know that there is joy in laughter, but they don’t know that there is deep helplessness. The ending was counterproductive, and Dawei was issued a good guy card. You know, for this confession, Dawei practiced alone in the dormitory for a long time, for fear of saying the wrong thing and using the wrong expression. But in this world, not everything will be fruitful by hard work. That night, we went to the playground for a run. I knew how much emotion he wanted to get rid of his body through sweat. It was not an easy task. I don’t know how to persuade him, but I just asked faintly, “Brother, do you regret it?” “At least I confessed it, and I don’t regret it anymore, or I am not good enough…” Dawei smiled and said, I never asked again. What, maybe only he himself knows how uncomfortable it is now. Later, Dawei never contacted Xiaodong again, except that he soaked himself in the library as before. He went there all day. I also developed a habit of running at night, just like we were running together that day, going to bed late every day. Once I went to the playground to look for him and saw him sitting alone in the middle of the playground after running. It was very cold that day, our campus was originally short of people, and there were almost no people on the playground that day. I didn’t bother him, and left silently, because I knew some emotions, and I could only chew it by myself. The days were as plain as water. After a long, long time, we all forgot about Dawei and Xiaodong, so that this incident seemed to have never happened. Until that day, Da Wei rushed to our bedroom and said to us, “You might have a show, buddy!” We were silly looking at where he was, but we didn’t know why. Later I learned that when the first half of the semester was about to end, Dawei had to transfer his major to the school headquarters because of his excellent grades. He wanted to tell Xiaodong separately. So he asked Xiaodong to eat together, Dawei said that he felt that this might be the first time they had a meal together, or it might be the last time. On the day of the meal, he and Xiaodong talked for a long time, and said all he wanted to say. The sadness and joy that were once buried in the heart, let time ferment, slowly turned into a story to be told at that moment. For Dawei, that moment was satisfying, at least he delivered the words that lingered in his heart for countless nights to the person in his heart. They said what they were saying that day, went to see the sunset on the beach together, and took the No.5 bus back to school together. Dawei told me that that day was the highlight of his life. The world suddenly became so gentle that day, even the sea breeze was sweet. When parting, Dawei said that he wanted to be friends with Xiaodong, but Xiaodong did not refuse. As a result, the end that I thought became the beginning of the journey at the other end. After changing his major, Dawei would take four or five hours by car every Saturday and Sunday to find Xiaodong on our campus. Even if he came back just to take a look at Xiaodong, Dawei was satisfied. In the days at the school headquarters, Dawei would send messages to Xiaodong every day, telling her to wear more clothes in the cold, and ask her what interesting things have happened recently. At that time, WeChat was not very popular, and everyone used Fetion to chat. Dawei wrote down each of his chat records with Xiaodong in a notebook. He told me that when he thought about Xiaodong, he would take out the notebook and read it from beginning to end. For Dawei, the unattainable person may be the most important emotional sustenance in his young life. However, in Xiaodong’s life trajectory, what is Dawei, maybe he is just an ordinary friend. Dawei just appeared in Xiaodong’s life like this, without any waves. Dawei was never the one Xiaodong liked, they were just friends. When I was a junior, there was a boy with a good family background, and Xiaodong was with him. Xiaodong didn’t conceal it, and generously shared his joy with Dawei, because there was no need to conceal it. Xiaodong and Dawei said that when she found her boyfriend, we were having dinner together. I saw Dawei’s expression gradually stiffened, and then it became silent. At that moment, something in Dawei’s life suddenly fell apart, even if he had never owned it. Dawei struggled to send out the words of blessing, and it started to rain outside the window. Dawei really stopped contacting Xiaodong this time. He knew that not disturbing was to leave himself the last decent. Before graduation, Dawei returned to our campus, and we had one last time before graduation. That night, we were drunk again. Downstairs in the fifth dormitory, Dawei looked at Xiaodong’s room, where the story began. Dawei yelled out the words that had been suppressed for a long time. “Xiaodong, I have liked you for three years, and I really like it. But in the future, I may not have the strength and the qualifications to like you again. You want to be happy!” The night is still so deep, these words drown In the dark, no one responded. The story ends here. Perhaps many people have seen their own shadows in Dawei. We used to like a person so sincerely and passionately. However, how many really happy endings are there. So if you ask me what is the most inadequate overdraft in this life, I would like to say that it should be for a person’s humble contribution. Because in this world, not everything is rewarded. In the years, there is always someone who can stand next to you at dusk and ask you how warm the porridge is. I hope you can find your own harbour and feel relieved if you don’t get it. Good luck.

6 months ago

First of all, let me put my opinion-a person can never overdraw his efforts in his entire life. That’s right, you read that right, what I said is: You can’t overdraft your efforts. Does it seem ridiculous at first glance? It is obvious to the public that hard work is a necessary condition for accomplishing the goal. Now you tell me not to work too hard, are you kidding me? Don’t worry, let me analyze it slowly for you. 1. When I was in my third year of high school, I fell ill. Due to this illness, during the sprint stage of the college entrance examination, I spent a full three months in the hospital. As a result, the college entrance examination became the worst time I took the exam in three years. As mentioned, interested friends can check it out). Then I went to a school that I had never thought of before. When a person’s hopes fail, there are generally two reactions: one is a sluggish sinking, and can no longer motivate what to do, and the other is a retaliatory effort, vowing to take all that was previously lost. come back. Fortunately I did not become the former, but unfortunately I became a person who overdrafted my own efforts. During that period of time, it was all in my mind-I shouldn’t have stayed in this school, I should belong to a better place. I study and read like crazy, and I don’t give myself time to rest at all. I don’t know if you have ever had this experience. When you keep thinking about what you want to do or thinking about your goals in your mind, you can’t even sleep into deep sleep, and your subconscious mind is all you think during the day. There is no way to calm down my mind. That’s right, I was like this back then. When a person is over-focused on his goals, and at the same time the requirements for himself are almost harsh, he often does not achieve good results. Recall that the most powerful schoolmaster in your high school class is the kind of person who starts to study hard every day before the chicken and sleeps later than the dog, or the person who combines normal work, rest and work. Anyway, the tyrants in my get out of class never study after class, and they always go to sleep during the lunch break. People who are too strict with themselves and who are too hard-working tend to have unsatisfactory final results. When you are too harsh on yourself, you often become an extremely goal-driven person. What is an extreme goal drive? After a person has set his own goal, he will always encounter setbacks and blows in the process of pursuing the goal, because the goal is generally not achieved overnight. At this time, he often looks for a motivation to motivate himself to overcome difficulties. A person will break down their goals into small goals one by one, and in the process of continuously completing these small goals, he can constantly get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This way of accomplishing one small goal to motivate oneself is called process-driven. On the other hand, they focus on their ultimate goal, fantasize about the scenery after completing the goal, and motivate themselves with this fantasy. This way they become goal-driven. In fact, these two ways of self-motivation are not either-or, they can coexist in one person, but they occupy different proportions in different people. Often when you are chasing your goals, you will not only be motivated by the small goals you have completed, but you will also be fascinated by the scenery after completing the goals, dreaming about being the CEO, marrying Bai Fumei, and embarking on the pinnacle of life. But there is a kind of people who have overdrawn their efforts and are too demanding on themselves. As a result, when they set a small goal for themselves, they will unconsciously set the small goal too large, so that they can’t complete it as planned, and they can’t get positive feedback from the joy of completing the small goal. So they focused their attention on the ultimate goal (this is extreme goal-driven), but one difficulty after another in the process of pursuing this ultimate goal will make them feel anxious and lead to their inefficiency. . In the end, the results they get are not as good as those who combine work and rest with ease. 2. When you were in high school, did your teacher say that-now it’s a little harder, and it’s easier when you go to college, when you get back to sleep when you didn’t sleep enough, and play back the games you didn’t play enough. Regardless of whether your teacher has said it or not, my teacher often talks about it anyway. Why do teachers always like to use this sentence to motivate students? Obviously, if they don’t say this, they say: Don’t worry, when you finish the college entrance examination and enter the university, there will be more pressure waiting for you, waiting for you After college, there is a more cruel society waiting to beat you up. Although this is the truth, I don’t think any teacher dares to say that. It is estimated that the students will collapse after speaking. Quite a few people start to indulge themselves after finishing high school and entering university. Maybe in the first semester, I will go to class on time, and it will gradually become a state where public classes must be avoided and professional courses are selected. Watching dramas and playing games in the dormitory every day, sleep until noon, eat breakfast and lunch together, healthy and save money! In fact, this situation is not caused by the words your high school teacher said to you. On the contrary, even if the teacher has not said those words, the situation will not change much. Because of excessive effort, it is difficult to insist on being too strict with oneself, and the indulgence after completing the goal will make people sink. Because the situation in high school is too depressing for our body and mind, it is almost inevitable to indulge in a relaxed environment at university. (Unless the learning atmosphere in the university is particularly good, this situation can be changed.) This situation from high school to university is a big environment, we cannot change it, and we don’t have much discussion. However, we must pay attention to other aspects in our life, study and work, and we must not become a person who overdrafts and works hard. Once you overspend your own efforts, after you complete a phased goal, it is difficult for you to continue to stick to it. Often the people who give up halfway are the ones who demanded too much from themselves in the first place. But my purpose of saying these is not to encourage you to be a salty fish without goals, but to set your own goals reasonably. Of course, if your goal is to be a salted fish, then I am quite envious of you. Congratulations on achieving your goal. Effort is a consumable item, you can’t use it up all at once, you have to allocate it reasonably. For example, you can’t set yourself too high a goal, and you must conform to your actual situation. At the same time, in the process of conquering the big goal, it is reasonable to divide the big goal into small goals one by one. Remember to leave enough room for the small goal so that you can complete it without being particularly strenuous. Such a step-by-step progress, and positive feedback can be obtained from each step of the progress, so as to achieve the ultimate goal. Seeing this, if you think what I said still has a little bit of truth, I hope you can give me a compliment to the serious answerer, and I hope you can become more and more outstanding. 3. Don’t pretend to work hard. Pretending to work hard will not only consume your patience, but also undermine your confidence. When I was in school, I had a roommate who took the postgraduate entrance examination. He always got up at 6 o’clock in the morning to go to the library, and didn’t go back to the dormitory until 10 o’clock in the evening. At first I really admired him, if I would not be able to do this. Then one day I went to the library to borrow books. When I went there, I saw him sitting in his seat and using a tablet to play the drama. When I came out after staying in the library for almost an hour, I saw him playing the king with a tablet. I realized that he was not as serious as I thought. He was pretending to study. Of course, he himself did not realize his problems. He felt that his efforts were enough to pass the entrance to a top 985 college. Of course he didn’t get his wish in the end. Many people usually have this situation. They think that they work hard and go out early and return late every day, but in fact, they really concentrate on studying or work. They have very little time, and they spend most of their time in a daze and daze. They can’t help but buckle their phones after studying for a while, or think about what to eat for lunch for a while, or think about the next drama that they haven’t watched before will develop into. They always pack up their schoolbags in the background music of the closed library after a day of study. They are filled with a sense of accomplishment and feel that they have had a fulfilling day. In fact, they have wasted some traffic today. No gain.

6 months ago

The trust of others. Because I am an enthusiastic listener and a good listener, many people are willing to give me secrets and heartfelt words. With a tight-lipped character and wisdom to advise others, as well as those who are willing to be happy because others are happy, they have been working since elementary school. “Tree Hole”, I started as a “matchmaker” in university, and then continued this habit after work. Last year, I started to answer questions on Zhihu in my spare time. After just over a year, I became a big v. It’s not that difficult, it’s kind of The feeling of success. Whether at work or in life, as long as you can be trusted, everything goes smoothly, saving too much trust cost. Zhihu has made a lot of good friends, and even I have matched 53 pairs of Zhihu fans, which accounts for a large proportion of the marriage. Perhaps many Zhihu friends think it’s not a big deal to have more than 50 pairs, but I think it’s not easy, because I’m not an organization, I’m just a person, and occasionally my wife helps beat me. Sometimes I stay up late in the early morning to help fans change their reports. No reason, just for the trust at the beginning, many fans in Nanjing sent me their information in detail. The situation at home is clearly written. If I am a bad person, I can buy their information and sell it to cyber scammers. This Helping scammers can definitely make a fortune. But I won’t, because this is the faith and conscience of a person trusted by everyone, and it is a arrogant person who does not need money to answer the Lord! So far, I have received thousands of personal blind date reports in my mailbox. Although there are only more than 100 people who can match according to the fans’ own conditions and spouse requirements, some of them will be removed eventually, but I still think I did it. Significant. These reports have also become a source of resources for me to help people introduce people in Nanjing, creating 53 pairs of marriages. I was happy for their friends when they shared their babies. They thanked me for my selfless dedication (fans know that it is free to introduce someone to me). In fact, I also thank them for their trust. Because I have to go to work during the day, I know that I have to chat with fans very late every night, and even many people of the opposite sex treat me as a tree hole, telling many secrets, and even sending ambiguous messages from the opposite sex. I will always stop female fans in time. Report to the daughter-in-law. My daughter-in-law never doubted me and believed me, and I never did anything out of the ordinary, never said anything out of the ordinary. Accept the supervision of any fans. Once a family member is unfaithful, it will be impossible to repair the crack for a lifetime. So cherish the trust of the other party and cherish your feathers. The current society is fast-paced, and there are many people in the information society every day. No one is a fool. If you fail the trust of others, no one will give you a chance again. They will even tell others that you are from now on. Small circles are also labelled as “untrustworthy”. When you find that others stop talking when you are close, it must feel bad. I add too much depression and worry to life and work. More than a year has passed. Although I slept very late every night, I made a lot of friends, interacted and communicated very well with each other, and became quite good friends offline. At the very beginning of this year’s epidemic, the fear of the unknown and the lack of masks must be fresh in everyone’s memory. At that time, I really wrote a suicide note and went to the front line. Many foreign friends and acquaintances know my difficulties in fighting the epidemic on the front line. A large number of masks were mailed to our unit as soon as they crossed the ocean, like snowflake flakes, and I immediately distributed them to the front line of the unit. Our leader still joked after tea and dinner that all the lives of our people in our unit were given away drastically. Actually, it was not given by me, but by the fans. A person’s life is very short, and sometimes it is a very happy thing to be able to live a wonderful life, to take good care of the people around him, and to be trusted by them. Some time ago, I knew there was a topic about me. At first, I was worried. Since I am not a bad person, and I have been in line with many people, some fans are still worried about me. Later, when I saw all the fans praised the butcher list, I felt really happy.

6 months ago

The least overdraft is to “trust” a “deception”, it will always put a question mark on this person, especially a lie from a person who was once considered “trustworthy” plus this lie was discovered by accident and don’t say this What are the actual consequences of this kind of deception on work and life? Just talk about this person, and you will no longer be able to truly trust this person. If you work together, you may need to verify and communicate with each other, and you will draw a few more question marks. When people do things, trust is the most inexhaustible thing.

6 months ago

Perception of small things. Before I was seventeen, I loved paper and pen, and loved everything that can record life. The world is gorgeous and colorful in my eyes, and in my young eyes, it is full of infinite possibilities. After the age of seventeen, I obviously felt that my ability to capture things became less acute. In the past, a warm wind, a gray silhouette, and a walking stranger made me think about their backs and trace the whole story along the lines of inspiration; but now, it’s a piece of cake. I can only look at the photos of the photography contest numbly. The pictures are just pictures. Human creativity is very important but also limited. Whether it is writing, painting, photography, or injecting soul, they seem to come alive and have the ability to make viewers empathize with it. But unfortunately, before the age of twenty, I had overdrawn this subtle perception. The reason is not just because I am too short of money and can’t wait to realize my talents, which has caused me to become more and more disgusted with writing. After that, I no longer miss the feeling of writing and writing, like a grand movie slowly ending, the dark red curtain concealed all my illusions about it. I no longer have a special feeling about life, and the world has returned to the way I first saw it. May the dream chaser not follow in my footsteps.

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