According to a report from the Associated Press on the 20th local time, the verdict was announced for the death of a black Freud by an American police officer. The policeman who killed Freud on his knees was convicted of murder. After the verdict was made public, US President Biden and Vice President Harris delivered speeches. Biden stated that Freud’s death was a murder in broad daylight. Biden and Harris also called the Freud family.

This sentence is the hastily end of a year-long “black life expensive”, first put the black pot on Drake Xiaowan’s back to calm the wave of anger. For the stability of American society, Comrade Xiao Wan shoulders the important task of serving the United States with his sentence. Xiao Wan’s sentence is the guarantee of the happiness of millions of families. Because it was convicted of second-degree murder, the second-degree murder was a temporary intent and unintentional homicide. Then Xiao Wan’s appeal may be a light sentence, because many police murderers were murdered by rebels and received a light sentence after appealing. The following fancy operations have a lot of room for manipulation, but we don’t know where to go in the next wave of operations. But the key issue is that American society has not changed. Black people are still a scary ethnicity. Anyone who sees a black person in an uninhabited alley will instinctively pull out his wallet or run away. When the police saw a black man, they would still instinctively take out and rob, nothing changed. The black people have nothing. Their heads have been filled with mainstream American culture and language in the media. Except for their skin color, they have no cohesion at all. They will always be led by simple and rude concepts. This time the black riots, They were stimulated by simple anger and took to the streets with the slogan “The life of the black man is also the life.” Think about it carefully. This slogan is not a revolution or overthrowing an inhuman white society. It is a slogan of praying, begging, and begging for power from the mainstream culture. Everyone shouted the slogan angrily. But I didn’t know that in the rules of mainstream society, respect is never something to come by, but to be won by one’s own efforts. No one of the black people strives to gain status here, but fumbles at the bottom, even if they go desperately to kill people, they are not willing to change their social status and job opportunities through education. As a result, the essence of this riot was that some people at the bottom wanted to be treated fairly, but it turned into an action of some groups or respect. Looking at this black riot, it was led by the mainstream media. No one stood up to condense blacks because they did not have a unique culture to condense blacks. They left their skin color inside, and they were the people at the bottom of the mainstream, they and the bottom celebrities. The neck is the same, it is stepped under the feet by the mainstream society, but I don’t know that the roar without a gun is no different from the roar of a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in a cage. They think that the freedom that this country advertises is universal, but where there are people, the rules are always greater than freedom. The freedom they thought was just a tool to keep them scattered. The requirements for the country in the 21st century are no longer a simple feudal rule. There is no unique culture for the cohesive blacks, and the lower level of re-education has fallen. They can govern a country, but it is not a 21st century country. Only when they have their own unique unity, and then the group masters the knowledge system of the new century, can it govern a modern country. In this trial, the black elites were angry and said that they were unfair, but they were bought out a long time ago. After saying that it was unfair, they still became me. No one led the black people to change the fate of the group through systematic education. will not have. Xiao Wankang is all that he has. Who will remember him in a few years, and who will care about him.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Some people have said that the brutal actions of the American police against Freud are legal and to defend social order. However, this trial found that the police who suppressed Freud was murdered. Then there are three possibilities for the outcome of the trial… 1. The police’s suppression of Freud has exceeded the scope of the law and exceeded the necessary level. 2. The trial judge is under pressure from public opinion and politics, and violates the principle of judicial independence, and chooses to cater to the public instead of making independent judgments based on their own legal literacy. 3. The jury is weird. Obviously the judge has told them all the norms, but they still insist on convicting the police for murder, which reflects the weirdness of the American judicial system. : Every time I hear about the jury system, I will say, “The combined wisdom of twelve people can always exceed one person”, but I have always felt that “twelve people share the responsibility for the trial, and it is better than one person assumes the trial.” responsibility”.

5 months ago

I believe that under a fair judicial decision in the United States, the police who killed Freud will definitely be punished, and the American people will be given justice and $27 million to their families. From now on, the police in the United States will enforce the law fairly and no longer engage in racial discrimination. All rappers can live in a legal environment. This judgment will surely allow the United States to know its way back and re-adjust its direction. All populations (except Asians) can unite, face difficulties together, fight the epidemic together, and resume normal economic operations. The familiar and powerful United States will Officially return. The United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan and ended the two decades of unnecessary war on terrorism. After the Freud case, the United States has no more injustice. The evil forces represented by Trump will surely be destroyed, and the United States will surely realize Biden’s great ideals in one go: during his tenure, China will never let China surpass the United States. Now China has to be careful, because the United States has returned from the world’s first power to the world’s first power. Although China has never surpassed the United States during this period, if the United States continues like this, China will surpass the United States and it will be Biden. During the tenure, everyone knows that Biden’s tenure is less than four years according to historical law, so Biden’s task is very arduous. A united United States is coming to us, and you may be scared to say it. As long as the United States gets serious, it will play cards all day long. World public opinion is now controlled by the United States. As long as the United States is serious about it, China might be afraid. I will be annoyed that I can’t surpass the United States during Biden’s tenure because he has to be busy defending public opinion wars. The official media of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working overtime every day and exhausted. It will only be after 2025 to surpass the United States. Hey, it’s a pity.

5 months ago

This police evidence is too obvious. Eight or nine minutes of being filmed. If he insists on the possibility that blacks may attack the police with weapons, he may not be sentenced so severely. There is also a young black Wright in the back. He raises his hand when he sees the police, and he can see that he has no weapons in his hands on the law enforcement recorder. Later, he escaped or was killed. This case is probably the key to whether the wind direction changes. How did Trump comment on the murderer policeman before he resigned? That’s obvious support, and I don’t think he has a problem. At that time, the direction of his ruling is that white prevails over black. And the white policeman was not convicted of killing Black, I think he has returned to the original middle ground. If the policeman who killed the black and white unreasonably can be sentenced normally, to me it would be black overwhelming the white. This also means that the conflict of interest between the Democratic and Republican parties has further intensified the tearing.

5 months ago

Not to mention that racial discrimination is deeply entrenched in the United States. China can uproot the feudal system that has lasted for more than two thousand years. It can be seen that the imprisonment and hesitation of thought is not the reason for refusing to change. The United States regards the supremacy of white people as the most important thing, even in modern times, it is barely a coat of equality under the appearance of discrimination. Trump’s superiority is a manifestation of such abnormal contradictions: White supremacists have held back their hypocritical appearance for too long, and Trump has taken the initiative to stand up and become their mouthpiece. As for Biden, the methods are not very clever. As long as Trump has not done it, I will do it. If Trump has done it, I will do the opposite. He is like a tinkerer, applying one patch after another to the originally torn wrapping paper, turning the previous violent discrimination from reality back to the gloom. Even if Freud’s family were compensated, and even if the murderer was brought to justice, each case cannot change the overall American thinking. A case cannot reverse the inequality between races, and it will not cure the symptoms. Money is a charity from the ruling class, and punishment is an explanation to the black community. What Biden wants is peace of mind, reputation, and suppression of Trump’s remnant power. He does not really want to create a beacon society where everyone is equal. I believe that there will be no need to wait until the day when the “black life is expensive” is over, there will be other white policemen who continue to “kneel on the black life”, and the black life is more expensive in the price after death, not in the meaning of life. For the United States, which is always tinkering with the issue of racial equality, only a thorough bottom-up revolution can subvert this idea. Otherwise, American equality will always be a tool for the ruling class and politicians to win votes. As well as the well-known methods of all kinds of food.

5 months ago

According to reports, the second-degree murder accused Xiao Wan of suppressing Freud with his knees, which inadvertently led to the latter’s death; the third-degree murder accused Xiao Wan of being driven by “corrupted ideology” during the incident. The act of second-degree manslaughter refers to Xiao Wan’s “reproachable negligence” that led to Freud’s death. Take a closer look: During the whole process, the US government was not guilty; US laws and systems were not guilty; police work standards and “moderate force” were not guilty. The only guilty one is “excessive law enforcement” driven by Xiao Wan’s personal “corrupt ideology”. In fact, these three crimes: unintentionally excessive manslaughter, volitional murder and impulsive killing by external interference, are contradictory to each other, and there must be only one motive for Chauvan to kill Freud. However, it was just such a few conflicting charges that were all established… Since no one knows and does not need to pay attention to Xiao Wan’s true motives, it is better to condemn it with a single brain (we will wait for the sentencing) and deal with the people’s heart. Convicted that Xiao Wan had over-enforced the law and was not the US bipartisan, system, and police force norms (this norm is also constantly changing. In layman’s terms, Xiao Wan killed people according to the old rules and violated the new rules). Shuai, the court’s task is complete. With the sentence “Thank George Freud for sacrificing your life for justice”, the effect of his death pair and theory comes to an end. Next, “the United States still has a lot of work to do, including the need to reform the system.” Don’t forget that the Republican Party can also defend the system in this way: “The police violated the work norms, it is not the fault of the work norms.” On the other hand, as long as you kneel and press for a few minutes, get the stun gun right, and don’t doubt the old black officer, these tragedies can be taken away in one stroke and “use force reasonably”!

5 months ago

In fact, the United States did not reflect enough. How much reflection is enough? If one day people start to think: Britain and France abolished slavery in their homeland and colonies very early, while the independent United States has not abolished slavery for a long time, so that the black slaves risked their lives before the Civil War and went to the British rule. Canada runs, because the North doesn’t seem to be able to beat the South. Then, if the United States is not independent, will slavery be abolished earlier, and will the suffering of the blacks end sooner? After further reflection, are the American founding fathers all accomplices of slavery? Needless to say, Washington, who pulls the teeth of slaves, did not resolutely draw a line with the slave owner Jefferson and others, even Franklin Hamilton and his like who advocated the abolition of slavery. They chose slavery between slavery and the British king, so only The abolition of the United States is the real solution to white supremacy…At this point, even if there is no action, it will only become an important voice in the public opinion field. People can say aloud, “I don’t care about the republican monarch, I only care about the dignity of black people.” , I think the United States has done a good job of reflection.

5 months ago

The felony conviction of the white policeman in this case embodies the error correction mechanism of American society. In fact, with the change of population structure. There are more and more colored ethnic groups, and their proportion in the jury, police, prosecutors, and judges will also increase. I think that in the future such cases will be less and more ethnically colored and will not favor white police officers. It is worth noting that the proportion of black Americans has not increased. Generally speaking, people of color are criticizing blacks, but the proportion of blacks has not increased. Latinos and Asians have increased, and the per capita income of Asians has not lost that of whites. There are many whites at the top, but there are also many at the bottom. The reason is Kembo. The betting is almost the same, the blog is posted when it arrives, and it goes bankrupt if it loses. For example, the White Brothers went bankrupt when you fought silver to the richest man. In the future society, there will be more and more Asians in Kenbo. This is not the kind of hard work, but the kind of gambling that can make a fortune, stand out and change society. For example, Obama’s 2008 campaign also went to gambling, and Clinton’s 1992 was also. Asians need such people.

5 months ago

The compensation of 70 million US dollars was held hostage by public opinion. Xiao Wen was convicted of murder as well. Improper law enforcement procedures and dereliction of duty are administrative warnings or demerit sanctions. Compensation should also be capped. Regardless of whether the United States has a standard that is a multiple of the per capita disposable income of urban residents in the United States in the previous year, the amount will not reach 70 million US dollars. The normal result is reasonable compensation, the Freud-related charges are dropped, and the police apologize. To spend a little bit of fun, give Freud a title of American anti-racism hero, and then additional relevant subsidies, children’s life education treatment. The so-called dollar has a price, and honor is priceless. This operation also prevents criminals from “killing, arson, and being recruited” in the future. Separating the extra compensation from the compensation, coupled with the unpredictable evaluation standard, put an end to the idea of taking advantage of the loopholes.

5 months ago

There are videos and autopsy as evidence. The matter itself is also very clear that this policeman deliberately kneeled down on the prisoner’s neck and caused suffocation. The whites are legally law enforcement or have slight negligence in the law enforcement process, but do not bear the crime of murder against blacks. At most, it is manslaughter. They are transferred to a post and slightly punished. They continue to be happy every day because the media has begun to spread information before that the deceased was taking drugs. There is a heart disease and a criminal history, and then the police pressured the autopsy. The result was a death caused by a suspected drug-induced heart disease and not entirely due to kneeling pressure. This is the so-called American justice. Justice is incomparable. Who has money, who He has a high social status. Whoever can afford a good lawyer, whoever has someone inside, can get away with impunity. The whole thing is over. The family of the deceased became an internet celebrity and received huge compensation. The state riots have gradually ceased, and the blacks no longer march in the streets. , The beating, smashing and looting stop, the store can be opened in a short time, the number of white police shooting black people will be reduced, the police chiefs will warn their subordinates, less troublesome things, some white police will resign because of American law and order. It’s still that bad, and because black people go to the streets to make trouble without being punished, the crime rate and gun murders of black people will greatly increase. White police cannot protect themselves. If they want to survive, they can only quit their jobs and keep the state apparatus running. After a year or two, everyone. I gradually forgot about this, but the social status of blacks has not improved because of this. Discrimination still exists. Most blacks still live in slums. People are still afraid of blacks. There is still a proliferation of guns in the United States. The police are still tense in law enforcement and have a history of homicide. It will cycle again, except that the next hapless person is not Freud, but only Asian. I wanted to take part in this campaign against ethnic minorities and call for not discriminating against Asians, but black people do not like Asian equal rights. , So their status hasn’t changed much, they’re still at the bottom, maybe even worse

5 months ago

This is using racial labels to strengthen political capital. Through a de facto compromise, it further flattered the ethnic minorities in an attempt to win their support. This just shows the decline of the current government. On the one hand, it was unable to respond effectively to China’s so-called “threats” and lost its face, further undermining the international discourse power and hegemony system; on the other hand, the plan to eliminate the influence of the previous government was very unsuccessful. Trump The support rate of the company is still high. At the same time, domestic issues still cannot keep up, and the people’s trust in the government has obviously decreased. Then the threat from China at this time is even more shocking. In addition to sabotaging China’s plans internationally, the US will continue to create a “red evil China” bubble by doing more acts similar to smearing. It is not necessary for everyone to believe it, as long as someone does not have a good impression of China, as long as the atmosphere of “criticizing China is absolutely justice” is formed in the country. The result of the Freud trial is nothing more than another means by the United States in addition to the above plans: to rebuild American values, or to promote the advantages of American values. This is the United States’ internal defense against the public opinion environment to avoid the out-of-control and impact of public opinion on the government. But what does this kind of operation prevent? It is not a fierce public opinion attack of the same intensity, but a natural force emanating from China’s rejuvenation process.

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