CNBC reported on the 19th local time that the CEO of Coca-Cola said that the company’s beverages would increase prices in response to rising commodity prices. Although it can increase the company’s profit margins, it is bound to affect consumers. Coca-Cola did not disclose which products will increase prices. The company last announced price increases in 2018 due to the impact of aluminum tariffs during Trump’s administration. ​

Coca-Cola did not disclose which products will increase prices. Okay, let’s take a look at the fact that Coca-Cola has 160 beverage brands in 200 countries, including soft drinks, sports drinks, dairy drinks, juices, teas and coffee. Coca-Cola, which ranks first in the United States, obtains more than 40% of its brands. Market share, and Sprite is the fastest growing beverage. Mainly Coca-Cola and Sprite. The ingredients of cola: refers to sweet, caffeine-containing but non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. The name comes from one of the early materials of Coke: Kola nut extract. The essence of cola is carbonated beverages, and some carbonated beverages can cause serious damage to human cells. Sodium benzoate, the preservative contained in carbonated drinks, can damage an important area of ​​human mitochondrial DNA. In addition to sugars that can replenish energy for the human body, aerated “carbonated drinks” contain almost no nutrients. Ingredients of Sprite: Sprite mainly includes: water, grape pulp, white sugar, food additives (carbon dioxide, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate), food flavors. Proper junk beverages, long-term drinking, will not only be unhappy, but also suffer because of a poor image of obesity and can’t find a target. More often, obesity can lead to the occurrence and development of many diseases. At the same time, carbonated beverages can damage teeth. An extra fee for dental treatment was added. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health. At this time, Coca-Cola claims that it is okay to increase the price. The profit rate has increased, but the total profit will definitely increase? Is there a possibility of a decline in sales?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Fat House Happy Water Eternal God In junior high school, Coca-Cola three yuan in high school, Coca-Cola three yuan college graduation, Coca-Cola three yuan. (The gods upstairs pointed out that Coca-Cola is also rising quietly, but relative to the price of goods, the price is still strong for a long time) It is still three yuan to be a legal migrant worker to move bricks. The most terrifying thing is that when the supermarket is engaged in large-scale activities, two cans of Coke are more than two yuan, and the big bottle of five or six yuan gets one free. It is a fat house weapon in the dormitory. Coke freedom is probably the best freedom we can achieve, the closest to us. Of course, drinking more can hurt your body in moderation. After all, the amount of sugar that a person should consume every day is limited. Drinking Coke is not greedy, but then again, Coca-Cola has had at least many years of loneliness and defeat in the mainland. Coke symbolizes the new trend, Westernization, European style and beauty, and some kind of beautiful imagination of foreign land. What’s more interesting than Coca-Cola drinks is Coca-Cola’s jokes, which are endless, true and false, everyone can say a few. The story of Marshal Zhukov drinking Coke to the label, Coca-Cola’s predecessor was cough medicine, Coca-Cola’s unexplainable one-percent mysterious formula, and so on. After all, it is a century-old store. Coca-Cola has a high market share, a large brand, and Pepsi is delicious at the same price. Coca-Cola has been walking for many years along the path of small profits but quick turnover with the taste of a century-old store. The domestic Tianfu Coke, wow haha ​​very Coke, and the classic Jianlibao, have never rushed out. On the runway of Coke, no one may be its opponent. But now again, it is not Coke that will shake Coca-Cola, but the times. This is the same as buying instant noodles. Instant noodles and ham sausage are at their peak, only to find that the times have changed and take-out has become a new favorite. Time comes and the world has the same force, and it is not free to transport heroes. First, people’s consumption outlook has changed, and new products such as Yuanqi Forest and Oriental Leaf are eager to try. It is human instinct to like the new and dislike the old. For carbonated drinks, people are more willing to choose other soft drinks. On the other side, new tea-making forces are emerging in endlessly, tea looks pleasant, and Hey Cha Nayue relied on the high price to do dimensionality reduction attacks, and made the limelight. From the high-priced Naxuexi tea to Michelle Ice City, which focuses on tea-sea tactics, take-out food has also grabbed a lot of shares. And this is what Coca-Cola is facing now, a new runway, and a new challenge. In addition to the price increase of Coke, how to launch better and more popular products is a more difficult road.

6 months ago

I haven’t done it in Coca-Cola, but my youth has been dedicated to another competitor. But these two are the same…So, after more than ten years, I am really clear about the doorway inside. Coke didn’t increase in price, what are you kidding about? For more than ten or twenty years, Coke has been raising prices silently, or working hard to raise prices. Do you know what was the capacity of the smallest PET bottle of Coke more than ten years ago? 600ML! Then ten years ago, Coke came out in 500ml packs, just a few years ago, Coke came out in 300ml packs, if it weren’t for the glass bottle in 250ml, in order to distinguish it from the glass bottle, the cola PET pack would be smaller. The MINI is installed. The same is true for pull cans. Originally it was 355ml, but later quietly changed to 330ml. The production line was strictly controlled, and the filling capacity of 330ml could not be exceeded. This is the compression of the capacity. It seems that the price has not changed, but the capacity is secretly declining… Now a real MINI 200ML can be introduced… The above can be seen, let alone a few invisible. The taste of current cola is different from the previous cola. If there are old users who have been drinking cola for more than ten years, the actual taste can be a little different. The previous cola was a bit bitter and sour in the mouth, and then the pure soft sweetness. The last breath came out. The whole mouth feels fresh and slightly sweet, and the whole person feels refreshed and refreshed. But after adjusting the formula, the Coke was originally made of white granulated sugar, which was later replaced by another cheap sugar (not saccharin, but another cheap sugar, so I won’t say more about it, lest it’s too bad.) But You get what you pay for. The soft and long aftertaste of white granulated sugar is replaced by the sharp taste of sugar. That taste is the bitterness of the entrance. Before it comes back, it is quickly shocked. Covered by the irritating sweetness that came, the last bitter taste that came out of the mouth was astringent bitterness. Although the bitterness would disappear quickly, but I always felt a little nauseous. The above taste can only be experienced by people who have drunk Coke for many years. It is estimated that 99% of people can’t drink it. But since I changed the formula, I basically stopped drinking Coke in the factory, and couldn’t stand the greasy and bitter aftertaste of sweetness. This is the compression of the taste. The other is the compression of raw materials. The PET bottle (plastic bottle) we often drink for cola is blown out of the preform, just like blowing a light bulb. The preform is heated and then inflated to become a PET bottle. More than ten years ago, the weight of the PET preform was relatively large, and the blown bottle was very thick. No matter how you shake it, nothing will happen. Even after drinking, the bottom of the bottle can’t be squeezed, and the top is cut directly. , It can be used for a long time to make a cup. But now the preform is much lighter than before. It’s not a little lighter. Every time I’m younger and older, I see the data from the supplier and feel that the craftsmanship of the bottle supplier is really very good. Temperature control, that airtightness, the bottle is really not allowed to carry any small bubbles, otherwise it will be a mass quality accident, the ultra-thin bottle body, small bottle, you think it is okay, the kind of 2L package, it feels trembling, Be careful when you take it, because the bottle will explode if the vibration is severe. Oh, yes, the pressure of the CO2 filled in the soda has dropped… I don’t think it is to save CO2 money, it is purely because of accidents… The sunshine in the city was too good and the temperature was too high. The Coke bottle burst for a whole summer. After that summer, our quality manager became a lot slimmer. Also, the original packaging of the bottle was in a carton. The advantage of the carton is that It can be insulated from temperature, moisture and direct sunlight. Because Coke is cheap, but in order to maintain the taste, temperature and humidity are still a bit demanding. If the sun is too strong, the taste of Coke will also change a lot. I have tasted Coke that has been exposed to the sun. The taste is really strange and the aftertaste is real. It has a burning smell and a bit of a spicy nose… Later, in order to save costs, many factories used plastic film packaging. This packaging is transparent, not fully sealed… Coke under the wind and sun… How do you say it? , It’s really not as good as a carton. It’s obvious to insiders like us; of course, most people who buy cola can’t taste the difference…Finally, let’s say something that most people don’t know, even though cola is. The product is cheap, but because the ingredients in it have an aging period, there is also a time when the taste is best. According to the experience of several colleagues and me for more than ten years, the best time for this taste is about one month to two months after the coding period, one month in summer and two months in winter. At this time, the cola tastes the most comfortable. At the time, the aftertaste is the most positive, the astringency is the weakest, and the bitterness is the purest… In addition, canned ones are generally better than transparent bottles… Why? Because there is no light…

6 months ago

1. The price increase of Coca-Cola in the past. I remember that in 2011, the price of bottled Coke was 2.5 yuan, and the capacity was changed from 600ml to 500ml. At that time, when you bought 500ml, you would get 100ml free. Later, when everyone got used to 500ml, it was cancelled. Send 100ml to achieve a soft landing. Later, the price rose to 2.7 yuan. In this era of 2.7 yuan, some supermarkets have already risen to 3 yuan. The price of 3 yuan has also lasted for several years, until now. 2. Is price increase a good thing or a bad thing for consumers? In the past ten years, China’s total M2 (currency and quasi-currency) has increased from 76 trillion to 223 trillion. Isn’t it a bit scary? The total amount of money has been increasing, and the corresponding result can only be rising commodity prices. This is an everlasting economic law! The purpose of a business is to make a profit, no one will lose money to do business, and Coke is the same. For consumers, a reasonable price increase is a good thing! Why do you say that? Because in order to survive, if the company does not increase prices, there is only another way left, like reducing capacity as mentioned above; in fact, reducing capacity is not terrible, but the terrible thing is to reduce product quality! If the price of a product rises and consumers do not buy it, then they can only be forced to go another way. This is the law, and no one can change it. Consumers can only be the victims! Let me give you an example. When you go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, do you just pick the kind that looks big and fresh? Are there some people who have been drilled by bugs and are not willing to buy? The result of this choice of consumers is to force vegetable farmers to use a variety of illegal drugs to meet consumer standards. Consumers can only suffer in the end. 3. Will you still buy it? I will definitely buy it. The price increase is normal, and it is not normal if the price does not increase. If the price of Tasty is raised, the next door should follow the price increase. At that time, everyone will still choose the brand according to their own tastes, and it will not have a big impact.

6 months ago

In fact, the profit of each bottle of Coke is only a few cents. Coca-Cola’s main ingredients are sugar water containing carbon dioxide, spices, etc., and a very small part is Coca-Cola’s unique secret recipe. The cost of these ingredients is not high, plus the bottle’s cost. The cost is only about 0.6 yuan. But we can’t just consider the cost of bottles and beverages. Other price factors actually account for a higher proportion. Excluding storage costs and labor costs, it is probably no more than 0.25 yuan per bottle, and there are transportation, tax, and Coca-Cola advertising expenses. These costs are shared, and the cost of each bottle of Coke is about 1.5 yuan, so the total cost is It is equal to about 2.35 yuan, so I estimate that the profit of a three-dollar bottle of Coke is about 65 cents a bottle. With such a low profit, then Coca-Cola’s profit method is mainly small profits but quick turnover. To be honest, now Coke is one of the cheapest beverages, but drinking too much Coke is really bad, and there is also a saying that “Coke kills the essence”. (Dog head) But Coke is not a necessity, and the increase in its price is estimated to have a certain impact on those who love Coke, right? Can you also buy some now? Then increase the price and then resell it at a low price to make money? (Dog head)

6 months ago

There are too many beverage brands: Coke, Sprite, Pulse, Ice Tea, Jiaduobao, etc. With so many beverages to choose from, I will shrink back in the face of rising prices of Coca-Cola. I have to charge more for the same specifications as the previous ones. Coke is not only the Coca-Cola family, but also Pepsi. There is a difference between the two kinds of cola, but under my awkward taste, there is no difference, and even Pepsi tastes better. I spend less price and drink the same Coke from KFC, isn’t it fragrant? The price of Coca-Cola has risen, so I won’t buy it, alas, just play it. Finally, we need to look at the price increase. If it rises to four yuan, then it can be goodbye. Pepsi Osmanthus Coke is only four yuan, and it tastes better.

6 months ago

I personally feel that even this delicious price increase will not change its operating pressure. Fat House Happy Water is now synonymous with unhealthy. Now many people are pursuing sugar-free products, and the sugar-free products produced by Coca-Cola have failed to a certain extent. The taste is weird, and the sweetness is not enough to lose the soul, and too sweet but affect health. Therefore, for people like us who are gradually entering middle age, drinking water is still healthier.

6 months ago

In fact, not only Coke, but also many things are quietly increasing the price of Mimi, but it may not be a necessity in life, so you didn’t feel it. As far as my store is concerned, there are several price increases now…scream, a bottle has already risen to five yuan. Pulsating, a bottle has risen to four dollars and five dollars. Jianlibao, a bottle has risen to four yuan, this is not this year, at least last year’s price. For mineral water, taking Hualong’s as an example, the purchase price of a pack has also increased by a few cents, but the profit margin of a single bottle of mineral water was originally high, so the retail price did not increase. Spicy Tiao, the famous Weilong Spicy Tiao, has risen from two yuan a pack to 2.5 yuan. In terms of proportion, it has risen quite a lot. Tobacco, most of the cigarettes that cost about 10 to 20 yuan, have gone up by one yuan. I haven’t increased the Coke here yet. There is news that the purchase price will increase… Let’s talk about it when it increases. Except for tobacco, the sales of other things have not been affected. So I think even if the price of Coke rises, the impact on sales should be small. As for tobacco, it is mainly because there are almost no cigarettes under 10 yuan. The frugal elderly people like to smoke a cigarette for three to five yuan, which is almost impossible to find now, which somewhat affects sales. It is said that this is done to help smokers quit smoking… I believe it anyway.

6 months ago

In fact, the price of many things is rising now. The fried cake in the small restaurant near my house has risen from 12 to 13, and other rice bowls have also risen. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and the bun slices rose by one, and the pulsation rose by 30 cents. I am so low. Consumers feel that prices have risen, indicating that prices have indeed risen. Therefore, I rarely eat out now, and I basically cook at home at night. Although the price of vegetables has also risen, it is still cheaper to cook by myself. I don’t know how to buy Coke. Some time ago, I bought a box for a cheap price and drank two cans a day. It was cool. Now I feel that one is fatter, and the other is a little bit hurt. So I decided to quit Coke in the future, and the price increase just strengthened. Got my idea.

6 months ago

Coca-Cola has always been a representative of small profits but quick turnover. The price has been maintained at around 3 yuan for 20 years, and the cost of each link is increasing. This price increase is a helpless move to fight inflation and a positive signal to launch an offensive. In the last year, Coca-Cola has also launched sub-brands such as fruity sparkling water ahha and wake-up elements in the face of the encirclement and suppression of emerging forces such as Yuanqi Forest. However, this less obvious effect has allowed Coca-Cola to reach 9 billion U.S. dollars in Q1 revenue in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 5%, (of which the zero sugar product line contributed 4% of the category sales growth), if you still want The financial report goes a step further, increasing the price of classic models and including the 0-sugar bubble water product line completely under the name of Coca-Cola are two good choices. The price increase of the classic model is currently acceptable to netizens, and the psychologically acceptable price is mostly 3.5-4 yuan. Directly using the Coca-Cola brand to peddle these new flavors is something that the Coca-Cola board of directors has always worried about. For the sake of conservativeness, the two groups of ahha and awakening elements have been invited to compete. But I feel that ahha and awakening elements can’t beat the vitality forest at all, and the price is about 3 yuan. The profit of distributors at all levels is very low, and they have no strength to occupy the shelf. Although the profit of the classic model is low, its volume is fast. Coca-Cola is likely to combine the two forces into one for a certain period of time in the future, or cast a brand advertisement madly, and actually let them appear directly under the Coca-Cola logo, which is the most preferred. But ordinary directors do not have such courage. In 2021, the price of Coca-Cola’s classic products will be raised to about 4 yuan, and then the bubble water product line will become famous, and the iterative upgrade of the old antique brand will be completed. This year may be a crucial historical year.

6 months ago

Don’t slip! After reading this answer, you will definitely increase your knowledge. Back to the topic, you Coca-Cola will increase the price, then I will choose your competitor-Pepsi. To me, they are all fat house happy water, the taste is similar, I choose whoever is cheaper. You have to look at the history. Pepsi really used a trick to “increase the volume without increasing the price” and just steal 20% of Coca-Cola’s market share. This case is written in a business textbook and is absolutely classic! Kekou and Pepsi can be said to be a happy couple. Coca-Cola was established in 1886, and Pepsi was established in 1898, a dozen years have passed since then. But before the 1930s, Coca-Cola had always been the leader of the American beverage market, and it was the kind of person who couldn’t see competitors with a telescope.

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