On January 2, 1987, in the northern desert of Chad, the Libyan armored unit with T55 tanks was defeated by the Chadian National Army, which drove Toyota pickup trucks and used anti-tank missiles. According to US statistics, 7,500 soldiers on the Libyan side were killed and military facilities worth 1.5 billion yuan were destroyed or captured. The history of this battle is called the “Toyota War”, and the commander of the Chadian side is Idris Deby. Chad is located in central Africa and borders Libya, Sudan, Niger and other countries. With an area of ​​1.28 million square kilometers and a population of 16 million, the per capita GDP in 2019 was only US$710, making it one of the least developed countries in the world. In the 9th century AD, the northern nomads who believed in Islam entered the Chad region, conquered the local indigenous people, and established several feudal kingdoms. In 1896, the Sudanese Rabah Zubair unified the Central African region, including Chad. But at this time Britain, France, Germany and other countries were ready to carve up Central Africa. In 1900, Rabah Zubair was defeated and killed, and Chad became a French colony. The French forced the Chadians to produce cotton on a large scale, but the construction and governance of the local area was about zero. Since Chad became independent in 1960, he has faced serious internal conflicts and external interference. Internal conflicts are mainly between the northern tribes of Arab descent who believe in Islam and the southern tribes who believe in Christianity and indigenous religions. The main external interference was France, and later Arab neighbors led by Libya were added. The first president, Tom Babaye, was a puritan from the southern tribes. He brutally suppressed the northern tribes and led to civil war. In 1975, Felix Malum, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, who was also from the southern tribe, launched a coup to kill Tom Babaye. In order to obtain the support of the northern tribes, Malum appointed Hussein Habré as prime minister. However, due to political discord between the two sides, they finally met each other in battle. In February 1979, Habré defeated Malum, but soon he clashed with Libya-backed Gukuni Vedai. The armed forces of both sides broke out in a full-scale civil war in March 1980. With the support of the United States and France, Habré defeated Wei Dai in June 1982, and defeated the Libyan army in the Toyota War in 1987, finally securing the presidential throne. However, in 1989 Habré clashed with Idris Deby, the commander-in-chief of his armed forces. On November 10, 1990, Deby’s army invaded the capital N’Djamena, and Habré fled Senegal. On May 30, 2016, Habré was sentenced to life imprisonment by the African Special Court in Senegal for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Idris Deby was born in the northern tribe. He was originally a professional pilot trained in France. After returning to his country, he worked in the Chad military for many years. He has made great achievements. It can be said that he is the final winner of the 30-year civil war in Chad. He has been re-elected five times since he became president in 1991, and finally died the day after his sixth successful re-election (he was reportedly inspecting the front lines of the Chadian army to encircle and suppress the rebels). Deby is a typical tribal warlord, and there is no shortage of corruption to suppress dissidents. During his 30-year rule, Chad’s infrastructure construction was extremely slow, most of its oil revenue was seized by American companies and French banks, and the people were always struggling with absolute poverty. However, compared with several of his predecessors, he at least provided a relatively stable political order. After his death, it may be difficult for his son to control the situation, and the whole country is likely to fall into an endless civil war again. Extension 1: Gaddafi of Libya warned former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the phone that if he loses power, terrorist groups will rise in the Middle East and will inevitably attack Europe. He is not talking nonsense. Since the Libyan War in 2011, terrorist organizations in the Sahel region have continued to grow. They obtained weapons and supplies from war-torn Libya, and attacked the young and middle-aged population, posing a serious threat to the peace and stability of Central and West Africa. Idris Deby is an important ally of France in the Sahel, and his death will undoubtedly bring opportunities to local terrorist organizations. Extension 2: In addition to civil war and terrorism, Chad’s water resources problem is also very serious. Since 1963, the water area of ​​Lake Chad has shrunk at an alarming rate. The water shortage problem may trigger a humanitarian disaster in Chad in the future. Extension 3: my country’s PetroChina and other related companies have invested a lot in Chad. The turmoil in Chad is undoubtedly detrimental to Chinese companies. It is hoped that the country can take practical measures to ensure the personal safety of our personnel.


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6 months ago

This guy’s son has taken the throne and will lead a military and political committee in the next 18 months… Stability-2 real hammer. It seems that there is no hope for improvement at all. Unless internal conflicts explode, there will be no strong enough forces to overthrow these gods and men. This is just news. It can only be said that he deserves to die, and Linden Wan can be regarded as walking the way for the sky. The place where he died was the northernmost province of Chad, and the rebels only crossed the border this year, far away from the capital. In Chad, only 2% of people in the country have access to electricity. The temperature difference between poor mountains and bad waters is 20 degrees a day. Just search and see the pictures to show the capital, which is almost like returning to primitive society. I used to use the information of this country as a curious material with my classmates 2b. Not to mention anything else, this old brother who has been re-elected since the 1991 mutiny is nepotism, and corruption is rampant by domestic power. “In October 2006, Chad was ranked as the top most corrupt country in the world in the article “The most prone to abuse of humanitarian aid funds” in Forbes magazine. It was allocated by the World Bank for the construction of oil from Chad to Cameroon. The funds for the pipeline were detained by the Chadian government under the name “should be used to help the vast number of poor people in Chad.” In fact, this amount of about 30 million US dollars was used by the Chadian government to purchase weapons for the army in order to provide for the rule of Deby Military guarantee.” Then the people there live like this. If I told you that this is a modern house, and that it is a historic site in Mesopotamia, everyone believes that it looks like this ghost and sits well. It’s very big. To the extent it is still located in a remote country, other countries are too lazy to manage, and are backing up with the former suzerain country. It’s like a blind man proclaiming emperor in the mountains. There is a good sentence in the first issue of War History Research: “The people of African countries seem to have a high tolerance for all kinds of bizarre medieval tyrants.” It must be helpless. In a sense, Lin Dengwan can be regarded as Tianzhu in this way.

6 months ago

Although Deby was accused of tyranny and failing to reduce poverty, he was still a firm ally of the West in the Sahel and received strong support from the former colonial power France. France used military power to help Deby defeat in 2008 and 2019. Rebels trying to overthrow its regime. French Defense Minister Florence Pali stated to the parliament in 2019: “We have fully protected the key allies in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.” The Chadian army is fighting against Mali, Niger and Burkina within the Sahel Group of Five. For the militants in Somalia, the establishment of this alliance is very important for France’s “Balkan” operations in the region. Deby’s power is based on the army, mainly composed of members of the tribe to which the president belongs, and led by loyal elements. Observers also attributed his long-term rule to his “political cunning and superb tactical skill, which is in sharp contrast to the repeated divisions of his opponents and opponents in a multi-ethnic, tribal-connected country”. As for the opponents and critics of President Deby, they said: “His cunning and cruelty helped him become one of the longest-serving leaders in the world. He tried to establish a “monarchy” state in Chad. Chad population At 17 million, it is the poorest and most hungry country in the world. 14% of people are malnourished and 24% are facing a food crisis. According to the World Bank, about 40% of Chad’s children under 5 are stunted Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa with an area of ​​1.284 million square kilometers. However, the above economic data is shocking. It is a major oil producer, producing 1.5 billion barrels of oil per year, and is the country with the largest oil reserves in Africa. One. The Chadian opposition accuses Deby of using oil revenues to establish “nepotism” and suppress the opposition, using the Sahel region to fight militants to gain support from Western countries. Recently, protests have taken place in some cities in Chad, demanding a representative Bi stepped down and left the regime, ending social and economic injustice, and urging opposition leaders to boycott the election. These protests were suppressed, and Human Rights Watch stated that Chadian security forces “have severely suppressed demonstrators and political opposition on the eve of the presidential election.” However, the Chadian government announced on Thursday night that some opposition politicians were arrested for attempting to carry out a “terrorist attack” on the headquarters of the Election Commission and rob polling stations. The opposition party Deby said: “Enough, step down. “Deby said that he can still do a lot for Chad. Just kidding, this is not necessarily the military’s hand, but it is not clear whether it was his son’s hand. The late Chadian President Deby’s son Ma General Mahamat Kaka (Mahamat Kaka) was appointed as the interim head of state. Also echoed upstairs, 45 sisters are number one in the world!

6 months ago

It is not that he likes to go to the front, but that the Chadian rebels are already approaching the capital. There is no need to claim that he died for the country. Since the 1991 mutiny, this man has been holding the position of president, nepotism, and corruption rampant in the country. With his death, his son has been appointed as the interim head of state. Chad was previously ranked as the most corrupt country in the world. In such a ghostly manner, he sat on the throne of the president. To a large extent, the place is too small to be useful and other countries are too lazy to care about him. And there is the backing of the former suzerain state, and it is only now. In addition, Chad jumped repeatedly between the mainland and Taiwan. In the 1960s, it had so-called “establishment of diplomatic relations” with Taiwan, and it was maintained until 2006 that it “severed diplomatic relations” with Taiwan. However, his death was a bit strange this time. I went to the front line to give condolences. I didn’t climb into the trenches to charge into the battle. Suddenly it was gone. But after thinking about the average level of African countries, I am not convinced that such a high-tech decapitation can be done. Either there was an inner ghost who should fight him out, or he could just catch up with him. I prefer the latter. I really don’t believe in Uncle Hei’s combat effectiveness… I was shocked to see the news. It was 2021 when the president of a country went to the front and died… He has been living in a peaceful environment since he was born. The so-called wars are just what I have seen in books and news, and now I really feel how happy it is to live in a flower planter. But be prepared for danger in times of peace and sometimes joked with students. When the war came, we hid in the underground garage when the plane rushed over. When the enemy left, we continued to come out to class and do homework, just like in “Wuwen Xidong”… Hope There won’t be that day…

6 months ago

Aiqing, how many years have you been with this lonely prince? Back to your Highness, for thirty years. Thirty years! How can there be a prince who has been a prince for thirty years in this world! Back to Your Highness, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has. But talking about Prince Charles. It is this person who has been the prince for more than 70 years. absurd! He waited and waited, and Britain was about to vote on a referendum. What do you mean by your highness? Aiqing knows the power of the dragon. Uh… uh… this… the lonely father will be driven by himself tomorrow, but the sword has no eyes. Ah… Your Highness… You… Widow, ascend the throne tomorrow! My emperor Shengming!

6 months ago

Idris Deby, president from 1990 to 2021. Deby, the son of the leader of the Chadian tribe, went to France for further studies after receiving basic education. After returning to Chad in 1976, he served as a key member of the country’s army and government. He had a life-long struggle with the former President of Chad, Hussein Habré. The two were comrades in the Chad National Liberation Front in the early days. After the rebel Malum overthrew Chad’s father Tombabaye, the National Liberation Front He also served as an internal responder in the battle to overthrow Malum. After the disintegration of the government, the Libyan army intervened to annex Chad during the chaos of the country. In 1982, he was promoted to the commander-in-chief of the army and barely defended the south. After that, he waited for the support and reinforcement of the United States and France, and in 1987 Repelled the Libyan army in But after a short period of national stability, Habré, supported by the United States and France, was no different from his predecessor Malum, but also used the method of massacring aliens to consolidate power. In November 1990, he established the Patriotic Salvation Movement Party after a military coup, seized power, and proclaimed himself president on December 2. He was re-elected as president in May 2001. In May 2006, the country held a presidential election. The only candidate, he was re-elected under questioning. Both were re-elected as the sole candidate in April 2011 and April 2016. On April 30, 2018, the National Assembly of Chad passed the text of the new constitution despite the strong opposition of the opposition parties. On May 4, Chad’s President Idris Deby promulgated the constitution, which expanded the powers of the President and abolished the position of Prime Minister. The new constitution stipulates that the president’s term of office is six years and can be re-elected once. After Deby’s term of office expires in 2021, he can theoretically serve as president for two terms until 2033. On April 20, 2021, less than a day after his re-election as president, Chad announced that he was seriously injured and died while fighting the rebels on the front line. At the age of 68, he was regarded as the poorest in Africa in terms of his political influence. The overlord of one of the regions did not bring development and prosperity to the people under his governance. This time he died on the front line. Whether it was killed by the enemy or by his own people, it was just a new round for the people of Chad. The reshuffle of political rights.

6 months ago

Idris Deby is not a good person, but he is not as bad as some people say. The former President of Chad, Hussein Habré, is a tyrant through and through. He is famous for torture and massacre. The state administration is in a mess. Anyone who offends him will not only torture and torture to death, but also his relatives and even the entire tribe. All have to be killed. Habré has been in power for a total of 8 years, but has arrested more than 200,000 people and killed at least 40,000. You must know that the population of Chad at that time was only seven or eight million. At that time, on average, one in more than 30 people in Chad was arrested and sent to jail, and one in one or two hundred people lost their lives. Compared to him, Idris Deby is a pretty good African chief. At least Mr. Deby doesn’t kill people indiscriminately, and all kinds of face-saving things are also passable. His problems are basically common problems of African chiefs, such as corruption and appointing private individuals. Deby was not a good president, but he was not bad, basically the average for Africa. Chad’s poverty cannot be blamed on one person. First, Chad is an out-and-out poor place. Most of its land is desert and wasteland, and there are not many natural resources. The most valuable thing is oil, but unfortunately there is not much. Chad’s oil reserves and production are only ranked forty or fifty in the world. It is totally useless to make a fortune from oil. Second, there are many ethnic groups in Chad. It is said that there are 256 different ethnic groups. Moreover, the ethnic population is extremely evenly dispersed, and even a major ethnic group that can account for 10% of the country’s population cannot be found. This has led to a disintegration of the people in Chad, and there is not much common language between them, which is simply a mess. Third, not every country’s government is as responsible and capable and farsighted as the Chinese government, and not every country’s people are hard-working and self-motivated like the Chinese people. I saw a story in Zhihu before that it was a Chinese company building a project in Black Africa and recruiting workers there, but the recruitment was not complete. The protagonist of the story had to bring an interpreter and guide to the local village to recruit people on the spot. In China, a person is described as poor, saying that his family has four walls, which means that the family is so poor that there are only four walls left. But there is not even a wall in the entire village on the African side, and the locals all make do in the grass shed. The protagonist took people around the village for a long time, and only two people were recruited. After a while, I saw a young and middle-aged black man lying lazily outside a straw shed, and asked the translator to ask him if he would like to work on the construction site. After listening, the black man groaned for a while, then stretched his neck and looked into the shed, muttered a word, rolled over and closed his eyes and went to sleep. Lying down the whole time, I didn’t even mean to sit up. The interpreter explained to the protagonist: He said that there are still four bananas in the house enough for two days, so there is no need to work. The protagonist was silly after listening, feeling that the three views were broken. But looking around, several local people, including translators and guides, didn’t think this was strange. They all took it for granted. Even the new recruits still looked envious. In such a place, it is right to be poor, but there is no reason for being poor. Returning to the main story, Chadian President Idris Deby died of serious injuries on the front line on April 20. What impact might it have on the situation at home and abroad? Chad has not been peaceful all these years, and anti-government armed forces have emerged one after another. After Deby’s death, the situation in Chad will definitely be more chaotic. But having said that, it’s just because of the laziness of this group of people and the local poverty situation, the chaos can’t go anywhere. There was a battle in the Yugoslavia, and the economy went backwards for 40 years, which was heartbreaking. It doesn’t matter if Chad goes back 400 years, it’s still the same as it is today.

6 months ago

Chad, a very remote and unfamiliar country. If it wasn’t for the hot spot this time, I might not pay attention to it for the rest of my life. I think this in itself has explained a lot of things. Feeling unfamiliar at least indicates that this country is relatively stable, unlike the continuous turbulence of Syria and Sudan. Miss Zeng Guofan checked the information of this country in detail, and found that some were the same as she thought, while some were quite surprising. For example: 1. Chad is very poor. Chad is listed by the United Nations as one of the 47 least developed countries in the world, and ranks 186 (fourth from the bottom in total) in the Human Development Index of 189 countries announced by the United Nations in 2018. People’s living standards are low, with more than 55% of people living below the poverty line. The so-called poverty is manifested in all aspects. Education, medical care, health, communications and other fields are in an extremely backward situation. 2. Chad is very big. Located in north-central Africa, Chad is a landlocked country, bordering Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west. Chad covers an area of ​​1284,000 square kilometers. It is the 21st largest country in the world, slightly smaller than Peru and slightly larger than South Africa (which is actually bigger than South Africa). 3. There are many ethnic groups in Chad. There are 256 ethnic groups in Chad (more than us). The residents in the north, central and east are mainly Berber, Vadai, Tubu, Bagirmi, etc. of Arab descent, accounting for about 45% of the country’s population; residents in the south and southwest are mainly Sara , Masa, Kotoco, Mungdang, etc., account for about 55% of the country’s population. 4. Chad is very close to France. In history, it has been reduced to a colony or a dependent country of France many times. The current official languages ​​are French and Arabic. The interaction between Chad and France has been very frequent in recent years, including high-level visits by the president, defense minister, and foreign minister. 5. Chad is relatively stable. Chad basically pursues an independent foreign policy, and can basically get along well with major countries and neighboring countries. Although there are more than 240 legal political parties, the Patriotic Salvation Movement has an absolute advantage in national leadership. The party currently holds 118 seats in the National Assembly. Although small frictions continue, it should not develop into a gunpowder keg like Syria. Deby was re-elected for many terms and ruled for many years. At present, Chad has been taken over by his son and I believe it will smoothly transition.

6 months ago

According to BBC reports, Mr. Deby was first sent to France to study as a pilot, and later became an army general and after the coup, he became president and commander-in-chief. It may be this experience that made the president keen to go to the front line to direct the battle (commanding hundreds of people, does it feel like micro-manipulation?). In fact, he has led the team to attack many times. . . Now that he is dead, what are the consequences? The power struggle is indispensable. Now the speaker has jumped out and said that he should be the interim president. In addition, it is said that his son is relatively tender, and even the opposition forces within their family have not been dealt with. So it will probably be messed up for a while.

6 months ago

On June 21, 1990, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China announced that at the invitation of President Yang Shangkun, President Haji Hussein Habré of the Republic of Chad would pay an official visit to China from June 26 to July 1. The two parties agreed: Kazakhstan arrived in Beijing on the 26th. At 6 pm that day, President Yang Shangkun held a welcoming ceremony at the square outside the East Gate of the Great Hall of the People, and then the two sides met in courtesy, and a state welcoming banquet was held in the Great Hall in the evening. On the 25th, on the eve of the President of Chad’s arrival in Beijing, something unexpected happened. Chairman Yang Shangkun suffered from appendicitis and was hospitalized for surgical treatment. To this end, the Concierge Secretary Changjiang Kang urgently met with Chad’s ambassador to China Ali to inform Chairman Yang of his illness and told us that Vice Chairman Wang Zhen would come forward to receive him. Ali said that the president is already on his way to China, and it is difficult for him to be the master. After the president arrives in Beijing, he asks the Chinese side to tell it directly. President Habré’s special plane arrived in Beijing on time at 1:45 pm on the 26th. On the way to the Diaoyutai State Guest House, Chen Minzhang, the head of my company and the Minister of Health, informed Kazakhstan about Chairman Yang’s hospitalization due to illness, but he did not speak after hearing this. After arriving at the National Hotel, Director Jiang Kang seized the time to discuss with the Chadian concierge officials about the visit schedule that needed to be changed, and suggested that the welcome ceremony be held in the Great Hall instead, and both parties would not speak at the welcome banquet (the two parties were originally scheduled to speak). The Cha side said that he would report to the president. At 4 pm, Chak’s ambassador to China Ali approached Director Jiang Kang and said that the president was too tired to attend the welcome ceremony. The Cha side asked to postpone the day’s activities. When Jiang Kang heard this, he couldn’t help feeling anxious, so he asked whether Minister Chen Minzhang, the head of my delegation, could meet the president, hoping to persuade Kazakhstan to give up the idea of ​​postponing the day’s activities. But Ali said that the president has taken a break and he can only see the foreign minister. Minister Chen met with Foreign Minister Omar and Minister of Information Saif. Foreign Minister Omar said that the president was very tired. He was already asleep after taking sleeping pills. It seemed inconvenient to disturb him. He suggested that the afternoon and evening activities should be postponed to the 27th. Minister Chen said that I understand what Mr. Minister just talked about, but the postponement of today’s scheduled activities involves many departments in our country. It is recommended that the President be allowed to rest for a few hours before the welcome ceremony and banquet. Ou immediately stated that in any case, the president could not participate in the activities of the day. Under this circumstance, the reception office asked Foreign Minister Qian Qichen for instructions, and decided that Minister Chen Minzhang and Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Fuchang would come forward together and negotiate with the Cha side again. At 6 p.m., Minister Chen and Deputy Foreign Minister Yang urgently met with Foreign Minister Omar and Director of the President’s Office Mousami. Cha’s side only authorized Frud, Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to talk because they were busy. Fu frankly stated that the main problem is protocol specifications, which can only be solved by the Chinese. He also emphasized that the president attaches great importance to this visit and has been preparing for three or four years. The domestic people have high expectations for this trip and international public opinion is also paying attention. Therefore, the protocol issue is particularly important and China must resolve it in an appropriate manner. Minister Chen once again asked Cha’s side to understand this, and pointed out that according to my country’s constitution, the chairman is absent and the ceremonial activities should be presided over by the vice chairman. Fore said that if this is the case, the public should be made aware of why the chairman is not there. Minister Chen stated that China has no precedent for announcing the state of the state president. But this time the situation is special. The Chinese government intends to release official news about Chairman Yang’s illness and hospitalization, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings. In addition, to make up for Chairman Yang’s regret that he was unable to receive President Habré in person, Premier Li Peng will attend the welcome banquet. Frud said that the Chinese side believes that China attaches great importance to this visit and understands that Vice Chairman Wang Zhen is a historical figure. He has no opinion on him. He is only worried that the outside world does not understand. Since this issue can be resolved, I believe the visit. Activities can proceed as usual. Fu Yun immediately reported to the president and said that he could reply after a while. However, Cha Fang did not reply quickly, but held a two-hour meeting. At 9 p.m., Foreign Minister Omar, Minister of Information Saif and Cha’s Ambassador to China Ali urgently met Minister Chen and Vice Minister Yang and announced Cha’s decision as follows: This is President Habré’s first visit to China and should be as successful as possible. But it seems to be difficult to achieve. It is recommended to cancel this visit before the official visit has started, so that you can come back in the future. Minister Chen was surprised, but he explained calmly and calmly, and showed them the “People’s Daily” with Habré’s photos and news about his visit to China. While saying that the news of the President’s arrival in Beijing today has been published in the newspaper, all foreign reporters know about it. , Sudden interruption of access is bound to cause even greater misunderstandings. Therefore, we sincerely hope that President Habré can continue his visit and achieve success. Foreign Minister Omar repeated the previous words again, saying that the above-mentioned decision was made by the president and it is difficult to change. He asked us to settle down as soon as possible so that we can go through the matters of returning to China. Things have become complicated. Minister Chen and Vice Minister Yang met with Foreign Minister Cha and the Minister of Information for the fourth time at 12 o’clock in the night. Minister Chen proposed a new plan in accordance with Premier Li Peng’s instructions: On the morning of June 27, Premier Li Peng will meet and hold talks with President Habré at the State Guest House. A welcome banquet will be held at the State Guest House at noon. Premier Li’s wife will be present to accompany him. In the afternoon of the 28th, President Habré was invited to visit Chairman Yang Shangkun in the hospital and take a group photo. Foreign Minister Cha asked about the welcoming ceremony and believed that playing the national anthem and firing the salute is very important for the official visit of the head of state. Minister Chen stated that if the welcome ceremony is to be held, Vice Chairman Wang Zhen will still preside over, and then the host and guest will have a brief meeting. The Zha side also emphasized that the draft of the banquet speech has been prepared for a long time. It is an expression of friendship with China and it is necessary to speak. We agree. At this point, the two ministers of Chafang allowed to report to the President the Chinese proposal, but they would not be able to give a reply until the next morning, because the President had been woken up just now and he could not be disturbed anymore. Minister Chen told them that my leader has not slept and is waiting for news. When Foreign Minister Omar and others heard this, they were deeply moved and allowed to report by phone. After a while, Ou waited back and said that they could not speak to the president and did not give an official reply, but they could not refuse the gesture made by senior Chinese leaders, and believed that the president would not refuse either. Ao also said that although he cannot guarantee, it can be said that the Cha side accepts the Chinese proposal in principle. Then, the two parties preliminarily agreed on the schedule of activities for the next day. It was 1 am on the 27th at this time. At 10 o’clock in the morning on the 27th, Vice Chairman Wang Zhen was entrusted by Chairman Yang Shangkun to preside over a grand welcome ceremony at the square outside the East Gate of the Great Hall of the People. In the afternoon, President Habré went to 301 Hospital to visit Chairman Yang Shangkun. This is a special arrangement made by the Chinese side, and only one person from Kazakhstan is allowed to enter. Xinhua News Agency truthfully reflected Chairman Yang’s illness and Ha’s visit to the hospital, and informally announced the news of Chairman Yang’s illness. Before returning to my country from Shanghai, President Habré wrote thank-you letters to our leaders, expressing his satisfaction. Information Minister Saif said that if we made a statement to cancel the visit in other countries, people would not be retained, but China did not like this, showing the metric of a big country.

6 months ago

Posthumous posthumous title: Zha is solemn and solemn, Mu father is kind, filial piety, loyalty, filial piety and righteousness to lead the president. The tried-and-tested deputy director of the production, supply and marketing workshop of the Chad Meiji Petroleum Company, an outstanding anti-human molecule, half-completely swallowed by the dark Idris with the scales of minions. Lilan is the master of the bathhouse in the angry keng. Hao Shou Pifu in the Sahel region, the human development index counts down to the Cangpi old thief, is ohyeah in the battle with the rebels (terrorists) [Rebels]. You know what it means to keep the gate of the emperor, what it means to die for the emperor, and what it means to regain the capital three times.Do you know what Lilanxi’s old friend is, Milliken’s pro-Nati Digo makes itchy? By the way, if it weren’t for a scream, how many people know the mainstay of the 30-year autocratic mass-produced counter-terrorism hand-picked by the international community? influences. . . Take a look at the future presidents of Boko Haram

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