Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 26 (Reporters Jiang Lin, Wang Youling) Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security You Jun said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office on the 26th that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is working with relevant departments to study specific reform plans for delaying retirement . Since delaying the retirement age involves the vital interests of the majority of employees, in the process of plan research and formulation, opinions from all parties will be widely listened to, suggestions from all walks of life will be fully absorbed, and the greatest common divisor will be obtained to ensure that the plan is scientifically feasible and smoothly implemented.

   The “14th Five-Year Plan” proposes to implement a gradual delay in the statutory retirement age. “This is a major decision made based on the overall situation of my country’s economic and social development. It will not only contribute to the full utilization of my country’s human resources, but also enhance the sustainability of the social security system and better protect the basic lives of the people.” You Jun said.

   In his view, my country’s current legal retirement age stipulates that male workers are 60 years old, female cadres are 55 years old, and female workers are 50 years old. They were determined in the early days of the People’s Republic of China based on the average life expectancy, working conditions, and employment methods at that time. Now that my country’s economy and society have undergone tremendous changes, the problem of the overall low retirement age has become very prominent.

   He said that the retirement age does not match the average life expectancy. The average life expectancy in China was about 40 years old at the beginning of the founding of New China, and it has increased to 77.3 years by 2019. The average life expectancy of urban residents is even higher, exceeding 80 years.

   The second is not adapting to changes in population structure and the development trend of aging. It is expected that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, my country’s elderly population will exceed 300 million people, from mild to moderate ageing. Such changes will have a profound impact on economic and social development and society.

   The third is not adapting to changes in the relationship between labor supply and demand. The number of working-age population in my country has been declining since 2012, with an average annual decrease of more than 3 million, and the reduction is increasing. It is expected that there will be a decrease of 35 million during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

  Fourth is the waste of human resources. Among the newly-increased labor force in my country, the proportion of people who have received higher education has exceeded half, and the average number of years of education has been extended to 13.7 years, and the age at which people start working has also been delayed accordingly. When the retirement age remains the same, the average working life will naturally be shortened, leading to a waste of human resources and a decline in the utilization rate of human capital. Especially in universities, hospitals, scientific research institutions and some high-tech industries, these industries and units where highly educated personnel are concentrated, the situation is particularly prominent.

“From an international point of view, delaying the retirement age is a common practice in all countries in the world to deal with population aging. At present, the retirement age in major economies in the world is generally above 65.” You Jun said, “Our plan must draw on international practices. We must fully consider our country’s actual national conditions, cultural traditions, and historical evolution. Only a plan based on the national conditions will be the best plan.”

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is studying specific reform plans for delaying retirement-Xinhua


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Whenever there is talk of delayed retirement, it can arouse the people’s curse. Why did the country make such a ruthless move? In the final analysis, it is forced by the situation: more and more elderly people are receiving pensions, but fewer young people are paying pensions, and pension funds are facing tremendous pressure from deficits. In fact, looking at foreign countries, there are many countries that retire after the age of 60. In Japan and South Korea, it is not uncommon for gray-haired old men and women to still work. why? I don’t have money to provide for the elderly. So now that postponing retirement is the general trend, or we can comfort ourselves: do it for a few more years, and get more pensions?

8 months ago

How much impact will delayed retirement have on our pensions? Can a large number of sub-healthy professionals still live to get their pensions back? Hey, I really helped you figure this out. The pension fund is like a pool. The more elderly people there are, the more water flows out of the pool. Delaying retirement is to rely on young people to add water while tightening the faucet, so that the water storage in the pool may be enough…

8 months ago

The current retirement age is divided into three types according to status: Male workers: 60-year-old female cadre: 55-year-old female worker: 50-year-old Generally speaking, management and technical posts are cadres, and grassroots posts are workers. The specific employment contract shall prevail. . According to the current situation, once the delayed retirement is implemented, the retirement age will be uniformly changed to 65 years old. However, this was not accomplished overnight, but was extended for a few months each year, and eventually transitioned to retirement at the age of 65 regardless of gender or status. There is no doubt that the post-80s and 90s are properly going to be 65 years old.

8 months ago

Retire at the age of 60: Xiao Wang paid a total of 290,000 pensions, and received 8,856 yuan in the first month after retirement. By the age of 62, he received more than the payment, which means he has paid back the cost. Retire at the age of 65: Xiao Wang paid a total of nearly 390,000 pensions, and received 13,635 yuan in the first month after retirement. He can also pay back at the age of 67. Assuming that Xiao Wang lives to an average life expectancy of 77 years and delays his retirement for 5 years, he will have to pay an extra 100,000 pension, but he has received 90,000 less. This increase or decrease is 190,000…Similarly, if Xiao Wang is healthy and can live to 85 years old, it would be a good thing to postpone his retreat, because he has received 410,000 more. Therefore, whether a postponement is good or bad is also related to our lifespan; we will receive more if we live longer, so everyone should exercise regularly.

8 months ago

Is it cost-effective for male workers to postpone retirement for 5 years? People born in the late 1960s have to catch up with the delayed retirement. What impact will their pensions have? Take the 55-year-old Uncle Li as an example. He started paying social security at the age of 26, and his salary and social average salary at that time were 729 yuan. It will increase by 5% per year to 2020, and it will reach 3000 yuan. Originally Uncle Li planned to retire in five years and live a fairy life of fishing and playing cards. As a result of delaying retirement, he had to work for another 5 years.

8 months ago

Female cadres postponed their retirement for 10 years, how much less did they receive? Next, let’s look at women’s delayed retirement. Will it make a difference? Aunt Zhang, who is 50 years old this year, manages a state-owned enterprise. She has paid social security since she was 20, and her salary has been twice the social average salary, increasing by 5% per year to reach 6000 yuan in 2020. As a cadre, she could retire at the age of 55. If she can retire with a delay of 10 years, what impact will she receive from her pension?
If she retires at 55 years old: Aunt Zhang pays a total of 90,000 yuan in pension, receives 2,541 yuan in the first month after retirement, and returns to her capital when she is 57. If she retires at the age of 65: Aunt Zhang pays a total of nearly 160,000 pensions, receives 6,080 yuan in the first month after retirement, and returns to her capital at 67. Assuming that Aunt Zhang lives to an average life expectancy of 77 years and delays her retirement by 10 years, she will have to pay 70,000 more pensions, but she has received 30,000 less. If Aunt Zhang is in good health and can live to be 85 years old, it would be a good thing to postpone her retirement, because she has received an extra 330,000.

8 months ago

What happens if female workers postpone their retirement for 15 years?
The 45-year-old sister Liu works part-time in the factory. She has paid social security since she was 20. The salary has increased from 5% per year to 3,000 yuan in 2020. If she retires at the age of 50: Sister Liu has paid a total of 56,000 pensions, and she receives 1,438 yuan in the first month after retirement, and will pay back at the age of 53. If she retires at the age of 65: Sister Liu has paid a total of 135,000 pensions and received 4,926 yuan in the first month after retiring. She will pay back when she is 67 years old. Assuming that Sister Liu lives to an average life expectancy of 77 years and delays her retirement by 15 years, she has paid 79,000 more pensions, and correspondingly received 40,000 more. If Sister Liu is in good health and can live to 85 years old, it would be more beneficial to postpone her retirement because she has received an extra 460,000.

8 months ago

Is the social security payment in vain if you leave too early?
As can be seen from the above cases, if you want to enjoy the benefits of delayed retirement, you are fighting for “Living Long”.

If the retirement age is not reached, or if the person is no longer there after a few years, will the social security money that has been paid for decades be a waste? ? ?

In fact, it is not so desperate. If unfortunately we go too early, the money we pay will not be lost.

First of all, the 46,500 pension fund paid by Uncle Wang will be returned to the family. In addition, social security will also issue funeral subsidies and family relief, which add up to ten to twenty thousand.

8 months ago

When young people desperately shout “I am old”, delaying retirement is like a big hand covering everyone’s mouth, “No, you are not old enough!” Undoubtedly, delayed retirement will cause problems for many people; but This is the “rules of the game” formulated by the state, and we ordinary people can only face it and make plans as soon as possible. Of course, you can also change your mindset, like Academician Zhong Nanshan, who is in his 80s can still shine for the society.

8 months ago

Now it’s hard to find a job after 35 years of age. May I postpone retirement? Of course, those who sit in the office, drink tea and read the newspaper can delay their retirement. What should migrant workers do, and what about ordinary workers in the factory? Let me say you don’t always say that the retirement age should be in line with developed countries. Welfare benefits, weekends, eight-hour work, and high overtime pay. Don’t pretend to be dead when you mention benefits. When it comes to delays Active after retirement. I always talk about how companies can guarantee the right of employees to rest, and how to punish companies that do not implement the normal working hour system. Moreover, at this stage, many companies are retiring those over 35 years old, and many recruiters require those under 35 years old. This group of middle-aged people cannot find a job and cannot retire. In my opinion, delaying retirement is good for the public examination army, and it will set a new high next year.

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