(The idea of this brain hole is equivalent to enabling a person to have a complete waking life equivalent to life span, at the cost of only regular alternating waking and unconsciousness.)

set up:
It has all the normal physiological functions of human beings when it is awake for 8 hours, but it will still be coma or sleep through drug intervention, and sleep when awake does not accumulate into 16 hours of compulsory sleep;
16-hour compulsory sleep is dreamless sleep, unconscious activity, and only retains the basic metabolism that sustains life. It can be excreted and spermatorrhea by external or internal stimulation, but it is not subject to conscious control and cannot be sensed during sleep.
Unable to independently determine the length and timing of sleep and wakefulness, it is executed alternately in 8 hours and 16 hours, which is similar to programming. When awake, external force interference can lose consciousness or sleep, but it cannot restore consciousness through interference during sleep.

Unwilling. First, I have 8 hours of awake time does not mean that I have 8 hours of free time. 16 hours of sleep is mandatory. That is to say, if my waking time is from 8 am to 4 pm today, then I will lose consciousness after 4 pm and enter a forced sleep state, then the problem is coming. Even if I have such a regular alternating wakefulness and unconsciousness, if I am still an ordinary person without being caught by the mysterious science team for research, I have to go to work to make money. In this case, 996 is completely impossible, you You have to find a company and boss who fully believes in your rhetoric and accepts your wonderful regular schedule. Furthermore, you have really found such a job, and your forced sleep state cannot be carried out in the company, right? Can’t do it on the street? You must go back to your home or your rental house for this 16-hour mandatory sleep state. When you and your bed are some distance away, there will be commuting time back and forth. Generally speaking, the larger the city, the commuting time. The longer, assuming 1 hour of commuting time, 2 hours back and forth, then the free wake-up time you really have is actually 6 hours. Second, you cannot take care of yourself during the 16-hour compulsory sleep period. Under the title setting, I was unaware during the 16-hour compulsory sleep period, but I can have physiological reactions such as excretion by external or internal stimuli, which can cause very big problems. If I drink a lot of water or beverages during my waking hours, there is a very high probability that I will want to pee during the 16-hour sleep time, but during this period, my consciousness cannot control my physiological reactions. Too much fluid is stored, the body can only discharge it, and I have no perception of all this, commonly known as rivers and lakes, bedwetting. If we say that bedwetting is very unacceptable, then excretion is the last straw that really overwhelms camels. The title description does not indicate excretion, but describes the physiological reactions such as excretion and spermatorrhea, then I think excretion It is also included. If I ate a full hot pot lunch during the 8 hours of waking time and a full barbecue dinner before going to bed, but I did not pull out my stool before going to bed, then I would probably also be in this 16 hours of sleep. It produces a very strong desire to defecate. People have three urgency, and urgency is the most uncomfortable one. I used to be anxious on a high-speed car. That feeling is unforgettable in my life. I hold my stomach and punch the window. It’s a way to live more than die. More painful feelings. In the awake state, the urgency is already so intolerable, and it is completely dependent on will and consciousness to control the body’s desire to defecate. Then if it is within 16 hours of complete unconscious control, the body’s choice must be direct discharge. For bedwetting, let’s call it a potty. Bedwetting and toilet bed are unisex. For female friends, there are also those days of the month. Who wants to see the bed flushed after 16 hours of waking up? Unless the aunt towel company can develop an aunt towel that absorbs 16 hours of aunt’s amount. In the same way, bedwetting can be solved by adult diapers to a certain extent, but bed-wetting is a completely unsolvable problem. That is, during the 16-hour compulsory sleep period, I cannot take care of myself. Maybe I need other people’s care. If there is no other people’s care, then it is very likely that I will have clothes, sheets and quilts stained with urine and urine every day. Washing and washing these clothes at the same time is also the extra time I have to pay. Suppose I spend 1 hour to wash, then the free wake-up time I really have is shortened from 6 hours to 5 hours. The above two points are my most basic needs as a person. Under the assumptions in the question, my most basic needs are not met. Higher-level social needs and entertainment needs, such as making friends and having fun Under the restricted conditions, it is almost difficult to meet the requirements of lying down, going to travel, etc., so what is the meaning of such a three-fold lifespan? Secondly, the above two points are still based on the fact that I clearly know that I am awake from 8 am to 4 pm, followed by 16 hours of sleep, so I can also arrange my commuting time, but the crazy assumption given in the question Actually, I can’t decide the length and timing of sleep and wakefulness. When I am awake, I can lose consciousness and go to sleep under the interference of external force. That is to say, because of some external force interference, I may suddenly fall into 16-hour forced sleep? So what does this external force specifically refer to? Does it refer to human factors or natural factors? For example, I will lose consciousness when I see a peerless beauty? Or would I lose consciousness when I hear a husky? Either way, falling asleep suddenly under the action of external force is an unacceptable setting, because it will make you think that the regular alternate wakefulness becomes worse under the irregular situation. In summary, I am not willing. I prefer my current life, even though I can only live 5, 6, 7, 8, or 90 years old, and I don’t know when there will be an accident. Maybe one day, someone who was fallen from a height while walking on the street Millions of cash smashed to death are unknown. But now I have at least a certain amount of free time. If I want to read a book to study, I can read a book to study. If I want to watch a movie, I buy a ticket. On the phone, go to bed early when you are tired, stay up late if you are not tired, and stay up late with revenge, but the work tasks are very annoying, but after all, we are all workers. Working as a worker, working as a soul, working as a master! Of course, if you have such a mechanism, you can dedicate yourself to the mysterious scientist, you are a guinea pig, and you dedicate yourself to the scientific research of human civilization.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The question only mentions sleep and wakefulness, but does not clarify the economic sources of life. Then, the default is that the source of the economy must be created by oneself. In the current human society, especially in our country, it is normal to work eight hours a day (except weekends). This is not considered 996 blessings. But in fact, we will spend more time to work, such as on the way to work, lunch break, eating and so on. Together, a person must be active for at least 10 hours a day. The rest is “free” time, such as going to play or something. But now, you only have eight hours of activity throughout the day. Obviously, you can’t do normal work. Even if you only work six hours a day, as just said, plus on the way to work, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bathing, and the like, your eight hours will not be enough. Let alone do other things. So, if you want to make your life easier, you can only work four hours a day. Then you want to see, how many jobs can be done for only four hours a day? And, you work four hours a day, get promoted and raise your salary, is it difficult? You only work four hours a day. Is the income enough for you and your family? You know, this is not a year or two, but a lifetime. In other words, after you get married and have children or even become a grandfather, you can only be active eight hours a day. Solve this problem first, and then consider whether you want it or not. After all, we still need life!

6 months ago

It’s too rash to conclude that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by comparing the length of awake time to normal people. Have you ever wondered whether a life span of 8 hours a day seems out of place for normal people? I recently swiped a video on station b, which was about prison guards. Because to ensure the management of the prison, the prison guards said that they could not touch their mobile phones, and sometimes they had to stay in prison for a long time. Gradually, he felt that he was out of place in this world. The news that happened recently was also unclear. No one on WeChat sent him a message and was too lazy to reply. In the end, he felt uneasy and resigned. In fact, I also know this feeling well. One year I worked in a cake shop. I was busy every day. When I got home, I was tired and fell asleep on the bed. After I woke up, I took a shower and had a meal and prepared to have a meal. Go to Work. I can’t feel anything except for the two-three-day vacation of a month, but I was asleep during these days of vacation. Thinking back to this feeling now, it’s like I’m out of touch with the society and I don’t know anything. To live in your own small space is just to live. Now it is up to you whether you are still willing, many things are not as good as theoretically thought, and we have to consider our inner world. Being out of touch with this society is not just not watching the entertainment news, but also in every aspect of our daily life, which is not as natural as we imagined.

6 months ago

Don’t choose, you probably won’t have the chance to use up twice your lifespan. The biggest problem in this question is not “sleeping for 16 hours”, but “mandatory”. If you just sleep twice as long, you will know that it is worthwhile after a little calculation, but adding the word “mandatory” is different, it means a red line of life safety. 1. Lost the ability to wake up naturally during sleep, 16 hours more serious than imagined. Forced sleep is dreamless sleep, unconscious activity, and only retains the basic metabolism that sustains life. It can be excreted and spermatorrhea and other physiological reactions by external or internal stimulation. But they do not accept conscious control and cannot perceive them during sleep. Imagine how many times in your life have you woken up in the middle of the night because of certain sudden situations, such as bleeding from your nose, vomiting after drinking too much, holding your urine, such as an earthquake or fire at home. During these 16 hours of forced sleep, the inability to wake up means that even a drunken vomit or a prolonged esophageal reflux may cause you to suffocate and die. A dry nose bleed may lead to excessive blood loss and death. Little life depends on luck at any time. 2. The problem of punctual drowsiness like programming is the danger lurking around you and the threat of death is the inability to independently determine the length and timing of sleep and wakefulness, similar to programming, which is executed alternately in 8 hours and 16 hours. When you are awake, you can lose consciousness or sleep with external force intervention, but you cannot restore consciousness through interference during sleep. This means that you will suddenly “drop out” during normal activities like a narcolepsy or epilepsy patient. If you think that the previous dream event is still happening, then think about how many times have you stayed up late. From then on, not only will you never stay up late in your life, but you must always carry more than one watch and calibrate the time every day, because a certain moment is your “life and death line”. In the little 300 years of his life, even if one negligence fails to return home in time, no matter if you are driving, crossing the road, or going up the stairs at this time, you will fall over the next second, without any protective actions. In order to prevent this from happening, you must return home at least 1-2 hours in advance every day, because no one knows if traffic jams or other things will happen. This makes your already tense 8 hours of daytime activities even more stretched. The key is that when we have an accurate time standard, we always feel that we have control and gradually relax our vigilance. In the first few months or even years, you will be very vigilant and discipline yourself every day to leave plenty of time to go home before the “sleep time”. Gradually you will feel that the control is okay. Going home so early every day causes you to miss a lot of wonderful enjoyment opportunities. It is too silly, and you start to try to extend your time outside a little bit. After that, you may finally encounter a few times when you can’t go home. You urgently find a stable and safe place nearby to sleep immediately, and wake up and find that there is no major problem. This way you feel more at ease. However, in the time unit of a hundred years, as long as there is one negligence, the time is wrong or the table is inaccurate. A few steps may end your life. 3. Abnormal work and rest time will eventually destroy your body and spirit. Even if you keep abreast of the time, the simple work and rest and the nervousness to sleep at the time will make it difficult for people around you to accept you. With only 5-6 hours of free work and rest a day, you are almost incapable of normal work and heterosexual relationships. In the end, he was just a weird man who lived for a long time and lived in the simplest form. The house was full of clocks and watches, always worrying about his own life. What’s worse, you will find that your body gradually goes wrong. People sleep 6-8 hours of normal sleep a day for a reason. During sleep, all the muscles of our body relax, blood flow will slow down, and muscle tension will increase when the body wakes up in the morning. If it takes more than 8 hours, you will find that you feel weak when you wake up. For people who sleep a lot for a long time, the sleep center is always in a state of excitement, so other nerve centers will be suppressed, and the memory and reaction will start to be slow. If you can’t take the initiative to stay awake and go to the toilet for 16 hours, your kidneys and bladder will be under tremendous pressure. It may become habitual bedwetting and suffer from skin problems such as eczema because of the inability to wake up and sleep on excrement. Because you lie down for a long time, your heart will not get enough exercise for a long time, which can easily lead to irregular heartbeat. Sleeping for a long time will not be able to replenish food in time, resulting in the continuous secretion of gastric juice but no food digestion. Over time, the gastric juice will damage the gastric mucosa, resulting in adverse symptoms such as gastritis and gastric ulcer. Although your natural life span may be quite long, these physical and mental problems will make your body go from bad to worse, making it difficult to reach the limit of 3 times.

6 months ago

I am absolutely willing, so that I can live for more than 200 years, and work hard to even live for 300 years. What is the concept of 200 years? It is only 110 years since the Revolution of 1911 and 241 years since the founding of the United States. There are so many things that can happen in 200 years. Can you witness more than 200 years of human history with your own eyes, right? Besides, maybe I lived until 2100 and human beings invented drugs to delay aging, which directly tripled the effect for me, and by 2200, I might directly upload immortal life through consciousness.

6 months ago

Directly earn the Nobel Prize in medicine + open a series of hospitals to die? Not only solve the problem of insomnia, but also extend life! Do you want to be so good? I suspect that the subject of the question is not a male, or less than 30 years old. Anyway, I see that by the age of men, almost half of them have different degrees of sleep problems (may also be related to the nature of the job). There are such good things, no need Depression doesn’t have to think about death, don’t have to live, it’s better to die…I’m grateful? Of course, the nature of some work may not allow this time rhythm, but working with energy for 6-7 hours, compared with exhaustion and pain every day, I believe it is still attractive.

6 months ago

What can a life with only 8 hours a day do? Eating, excretion, and washing, count as 2 hours. There are only 6 hours to study, live and work. Since childhood, you will be treated as a strange disease. Because of the short thinking time, it will be difficult to get into the school curriculum, because you can’t even attend the afternoon class. From 7 o’clock in the afternoon, your parents will have to come and pick you home at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Let alone entertainment. The first half of his life was basically treated as a freak and patient, living in pain and discrimination. Will any company want such employees who sleep in the company on time? It’s okay for you to fish, do you think you don’t put others in the eye when you just fell asleep. Basically, I can only do some self-media or other home occupations. People who are out of place, if they are not particularly lucky, life is basically not too happy. Not even a husband or wife can be found. Women may be better. Being male basically means that your wife has no nightlife at all. Relying on morning erection? Then everyone will be surprised to find that you are old and slow. But generally it will be attributed to your strange illness, to comfort you is to lose your horse, but in fact you have lost more. Middle age will be very long. If you are lucky enough to find a partner, you will find that your child is older than you. Become the ancestor of sleep? This is also a gambling, gambling that there are offspring, gambling that offspring will live well, and can raise this cripple who sleeps every day. Why don’t you take control of your life and strive for something. It takes eight hours of a wasteful life to live three lifetimes… why bother, torturing yourself.

6 months ago

There is a word in Chinese called walking dead. Most people don’t even wake up for 8 hours a day. In addition to sleep, the remaining 8 hours or so is to prepare for sleep. And the sleep is good too, falling asleep and waking up. Sleep is not about staying up. Sleeping for 16 hours is the same as sleeping for 6 hours. Three times the life expectancy is still expected. I am willing, but can you give it to my mother? It’s like the truth.

6 months ago

Usually I don’t answer brain-hole questions in principle, but this discussion is very interesting. There are many places to complain about the subject’s setting. Just share my thoughts. If this mechanism of forcibly switching between wakefulness and sleep is limited to individuals, as many friends have mentioned before, you will not enjoy any benefits with this physique. At least half of the 8-hour waking hours will be spent on commuting and other individuals. In fact, how much time can be left on that day for real work and study? Forced sleep switching is not self-controllable, so even if you know exactly when you go to sleep through precise control, can you ensure that you can return to an environment where you can sleep at ease every day? You have to fall asleep when you arrive home within a few minutes and a few seconds. Lying directly somewhere is like mermaid. If you fall asleep during physical activity, you will fall and break your bones or even die. This is not a joke, even if you can guarantee that it is just forcing Find a safe place to sleep before going to sleep. For the next 16 hours, all physiological reactions (especially excretion) will be completely unconscious. If you have a disease and cannot seek medical treatment, you don’t know how to hang up. Zoom in one level. If this is not your own individual but the whole society, and the human race has obtained this setting, there is also a problem. The overall physiological mechanism of the race has become the precise switching between wakefulness and forced sleep, so even if there are individual differences, most people should switch at about the same time. This will cause the whole society to be completely shut down for about 16 hours, because there are no people who shift work. . Imagine that a driver had an accident because he couldn’t stop before he was forced to sleep. During the emergency treatment in the hospital, all the patients fell asleep and delayed the patient. Some things placed in the hospital caused leakage, deterioration, and damage due to environmental changes without adjustment. This kind of society continues It won’t be too long. And if everyone’s individual compulsory sleep cycle is calculated on a 24-hour clock basis, there is a big personal difference, which will make it difficult for schools and other institutions that need to be managed on a regular basis, and it may also differentiate between daytime people and night pedestrians that cannot live together. The group cannot continue a civilized society well. So without further rationality, this setting is meaningless.

6 months ago

This model is not specific at all. You can point out what the state of life was at that time when you lived to be 100 years old and lived to 150 years old, and whether three times the lifespan is to delay aging, or the double lifespan in the back is in the form of extreme aging of human beings. Alive? Besides three times the lifespan, it is possible to reach the point where science and technology will reach. Maybe you will live for a few more years. Humans have the technology to upload consciousness to the server.

6 months ago

The willing part: First of all, 8 hours of being fully awake is enough temptation. People with low sleep quality like me will be sleepy when they are full, and sleepy when they sit for a long time without doing anything. If I can ensure that I am fully conscious and efficient in 8 hours, this can solve the usual 10 to 12 hours of work. Secondly, technology is developing. The longer you live, the more you benefit from technology. The higher your quality of life every hour. The unwilling part: It is too inconvenient to choose the timing of sleep and wakefulness. Is it okay to faint at one point? If you go abroad and have jet lag, you can’t live anymore. Come to the European Cup Olympics or something, you can’t even watch a ball.

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