I think of one thing about my grandma. My grandma’s grades have been very good since childhood. When my grandma, a chemistry student at Beijing Normal University, was in her seventies, one day she went to buy shampoo, picked up a bottle of shampoo and looked at the ingredient list. The salesperson might think She was an old man and didn’t understand, so she said it was preservative-free and good for the body. My grandma pointed to the word potassium sorbate and asked what potassium sorbate was? When I came back, I was proud to tell us that she still bullied me as an old man and lied. Don’t I understand better than her? The above is the answer I wrote down half a year ago. There have been 500 likes one after another, and some people have started to follow up. I am thinking that being able to get so many approvals also shows that I really have a respectable and lovely grandma. Most of the time, grandma is actually a very serious person. He is very strict in educating children. He treats grandchildren only to fulfill the responsibilities of being a grandma, but he treats me specially. Everyone in the family was a little afraid of Grandma. She frowned. Everyone had to look at their faces, but I was not afraid of her for a day. When I was a child, I was very stubborn and self-willed, and I had a weird temper, but I chatted with her very much. Everyone said that I am the most grandma-like person in the whole family. Now that I think about it, this is really the case. My inherent stubbornness, not admitting defeat, not fighting, and loving to learn, seems to really come from her. When I was two or three years old, I went shopping with my grandma, and my grandma saw that there was a seller, the small one, very cute, and I bought it for me to wear. But the first cost was ten yuan, and it was around 2000 at that time. This matter was later my mother told me. When I was in elementary school, the ipad was just emerging. My cousin had an ipad at home, and I played with it for a long time. When my grandma heard about it, she immediately said that she wanted to buy one at home, but it could only be put on her side, because I would come to see her when I wanted to play games. She wants me to accompany her more. Grandpa was a bit stingy and refused to let me eat his eight-treasure porridge, but at that time I was very greedy and wanted to eat it, but didn’t dare to take it. Grandma took it and drank half of it with me. Grandpa blamed me for eating his food, so she said loudly, “What’s wrong? I want to eat it. You are not allowed to tell me about her.” Grandpa didn’t dare to say any more. what. She is addicted to cleanliness. When I was a child, every time I studied in my grandma’s room, I would make a mess of the table, but she never talked about me. Compared with her usual style of saying no difference, she treated me to the point of indulgent. But when I was wronged by the teacher and went home crying after being wronged, she would seriously reason with me: “If you can’t control other people’s ideas, she will be wronged when she is wronged. There is no need to explain. Be yourself, and one day she will Let others see what you are like, and by that time, she will naturally know that you are the wrong one.” I can only truly understand those principles until now. To me when I was a child, my grandma was just an ordinary grandma, the grandma who messed up her room, and the grandma who I could eat and watch while she was embroidering. But when I grew up, I slowly learned about many other aspects of my grandma that I didn’t know about. Grandma is a truly talented woman, everyone said that if she was born in this era, she could accomplish a great career. My grandma was born in a declining landlord family in the 1940s. My grandfather was old and her health was deteriorating, making it difficult to feed the family. There may also be reasons for the composition. The family has a very difficult life. In desperation, the family could only decide not to let the little daughter go to school, but grandma’s teacher saw her outstanding learning talent. After she dropped out of school, she visited home many times and persuaded her many times, and finally persuaded her to go back to school. In this way, my grandma finished middle and high school with the city’s first grade for several consecutive years. When she was in college, the family could no longer afford to pay for her education. Grandpa also hoped to see her grandma get married in his lifetime, so the grandma’s family agreed with the grandfather’s family to let the two get married, and the man’s family would support her to complete her studies. In this way, grandma continued her studies after marriage and finished university at Beijing Normal University. In school, grandma often writes to grandpa. I have read those letters. The girl is affectionate and deeply affectionate. Grandpa was very handsome when he was young, and he was a national-level pilot. I guess at that time grandma must have thought it was a godsend. However, after a long time together, my grandma gradually discovered that her husband was a stingy, selfish and stupid person (grandma’s words), unable to resonate spiritually, her own thoughts were not understood, and there was too much difference between the two people. Naturally , Grandma’s life is actually not happy. In later days, when there was surplus in the family, grandma always ignored her grandfather’s obstacles and did her best to help the poor. Even though the conditions at home are very ordinary, my mother will try to help others as much as possible. She said: “There are too many poor people in this world. Calligraphy is good at painting, there are patterns, ideals, pursuits, and never lingers on trivial matters, which makes me very admired. A few decades ago, there was an election for the county magistrate and the organization let her grandma and another person be candidates. But when she knew there was another county magistrate candidate, she declined others without hesitation and ran to other cities to learn English. Grandma later said to me: “What am I arguing with others? What’s the point of arguing?” I don’t know much about my grandma’s life. I only knew vaguely that she worked in a chemistry laboratory at first, and then became a chemistry lab. What leadership. But these are not important. For a long time, what grandma has made everyone admire is her charisma, her diligence, freedom, self-confidence and generosity. Grandma believed in Buddhism in the elderly, and lived more indifferently. She worshipped Buddhism daily, savored tea, calligraphy, and embroidery. At the age of seventy-six, my grandma felt unwell and went to the hospital for an examination. Due to the doctor’s careless misdiagnosis, the condition was delayed, and she passed away in more than half a year. It has been seven years since my grandma passed away. In the past few years, my family has rarely dreamed of her, and my dearest friend, I, had never dreamed of her. Amazingly, on the night when the college entrance examination results came out, my mother and I dreamed of grandma at the same time. In the dream, she looked at me as if expressing her approval. The summer when I finished the college entrance examination, a family of children went to see my grandma and wanted to tell her the good news about me. There is a saying here that lighting the yellow mount can call the deceased relatives back. It’s amazing that a large piece of ashes that burned the yellow mount went around in the air several times. Fell on my head. Everyone said that grandma came to see me. It can be said that after my grandma passed away, I gradually grew up and gradually got to know her. Maybe the fate is too shallow, I’m really a fortunate person, if she is still there, and seeing me now, she will definitely like me more. The little girl who always irritated her gradually became mature and gentle, and learned to take care of other people. I know that grandma has not disappeared, and I can feel that she is still guarding me. And I will continue to live hard with her teachings. If you see this, thank you for reading this story with patience. The writing is not good. I would like to commemorate the years my grandma has been with me.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Answer for my wife. I met my wife while studying abroad for graduate school. When I ate together for the first time, I accidentally talked about the major of each undergraduate. At that time, I saw that she was quite dissatisfied with my alma mater and major, so I put down my chopsticks and proudly introduced how the principal of my alma mater, who is the leader of the subject, learned how China and the West are internationally renowned, and they are indeed the mainstays of the intellectual world. At that time, the girl who didn’t even count as a girlfriend listened to me politely for a long time, but she didn’t seem to be very impressed. A few months later, I happened to find that I was Amway with her and her father, orz, all afternoon.

6 months ago

Receive fraudulent calls. Hello, I am a certain department, and you are suspected of money laundering… I interrupt: The public security organ is responsible for investigating money laundering. Where does your certain department have the authority? Uh (thinking for ten seconds), we are the co-organizer, you get the xx road in xx district to report… again interrupt: my address has not changed, if there is a suspected crime, just call the police to arrest me. Dududu…again. This is the Public Security Bureau of XX, you are suspected of xx crime, you come to get the subpoena. Me: At what stage is this case? Is the investigation stage, the prosecution stage or the trial stage? Uh… Trial stage… I: The court should send a subpoena at the trial stage. Besides, I have neither been investigated nor prosecuted, so why am I directly at the trial stage? Toot toot…

6 months ago

About a few months ago, I went to Pudong with a crew member. Since it was for class in the past, I didn’t bring a flight case or a uniform, so I only carried a backpack. This is the background. After getting on the plane, as there were not many economy class passengers on this flight, I sat in the emergency exit row. After all, this row was spacious enough to stretch my legs. I sat in the aisle, and inside me sat a middle-aged couple near the emergency exit. The woman was next to me and the man was by the door. They looked like they were in their forties. As soon as he got on the plane, the man kept talking to the women, forcing him to talk non-stop, and the women didn’t care, so he just listened, and occasionally replied. As they were sitting at the emergency exit, when the boarding was about to end, the flight attendant came over and explained to them what they need to know about the location of the emergency exit. The man just looked impatient: “I know, I fly every day, and I can do all of these!” It is estimated that the flight attendant saw this kind of people who love to pretend, and he just left with a smile. Then after a while, the plane just started to roll out, and the flight attendant broadcast, “The plane has started taxiing, please…” Then the old man said again: Look, this is clearly still rolling out, and taxiing has not started yet. This broadcast is not rigorous. When I heard that it was short oil, something, I took it, yes, this is really not rigorous, this will be the trailer being launched. As soon as my brother heard that, I was listening to him, and all of a sudden the pride came up, and he began to talk about him all the time, telling me that he took the plane every day, and then started talking about the knowledge of planes. My wife and I (I guess the woman should be) were both annoying. His wife immediately closed her eyes and started to sleep. Out of politeness, I watched him smile without saying a word. At this time, the engine started to start, and my brother started again. Let me tell you, lad, that this aero engine has hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute. When I heard it, I was happy and laughed directly. (Usually the high-pressure rotor of the mainframe engine is more than 10,000 revolutions per minute, and the engine parameters of the cockpit are reflected in the percentage of the speed, because knowing the specific speed is of little significance) He saw that I laughed, and I felt that my face couldn’t hold it. , I asked me what you were laughing at. I said, “Big brother, your data is so professional. Where did you come from?” Big brother said, “I tell you, I always fly in the cockpit and visit the cockpit. I know all the meters on it, and the speed on it is hundreds of thousands. Oh, it’s useless to tell you, you haven’t seen it.” After hearing this, my first reaction was shock. Entering the cockpit is a red line. Which company is so courageous to let passengers enter the cockpit? Then I thought, the cockpit did not have a specific indication of the engine speed, let alone hundreds of thousands of revolutions, this old man must be bragging. I smiled and said: “You are really amazing.” When the old man heard this, he was praised, and started to blow again. He said that he was on the Eastern Airlines plane today. I told you guys, I know half of their Eastern Airlines pilots. . (He estimated that he had no idea about the size of our pilot.) Seeing that I have been listening to him with relish, he asked me: “By the way, boy, what do you do?” I said, “I am the other half, it’s not enough. Excellent, you don’t know me.” (Grinning in his mouth, mmp in my heart) Then, the world was quiet, and the old man smiled awkwardly, until the plane landed, he didn’t say a word again.

6 months ago

Playing badminton in the school gymnasium, warming up with classmates slowly before the start. A boy brought three girls to play doubles next to him. Maybe the girl was tired from playing badminton, so she stopped just to stand on the sidelines and chat and listened to the boy and the girl. Said that these two have a slow pace and a single style of play, which is a big taboo in badminton. Playing with this kind of person, you can restrain them with a little change. Then his classmates encouraged him to play with us. He said to me, you go over, you two hit me together, and then I sent a backcourt, looked at his running back posture, and looked at his rounded arms before returning to my service line. The ball, got it. I didn’t kill the ball, didn’t draw it, and even deliberately reduced the speed of the ball. I let him run, run, run clockwise and then run counterclockwise and then run clockwise. Then he tripped himself up

6 months ago

Eating in the cafeteria, two main dishes buffet. Cucumber with sweet and sour zucchini and carrot slices. Pour a spoonful on the rice. Yes, they call this Chinese food. The other is a burger with chili sauce. The stewed cucumber tastes like the prairie toilet used by bees, so I took a plate of white rice, and ran to the hamburger counter. Could you please give me a spoon of meat sauce, ah, yes, no bread, pour it on It’s all right with the meal, thank you very much. Thief TM is delicious. When the fourth plate was eaten, the white aunt who stewed the cucumber couldn’t help it. She told me earnestly: As a child, Chinese food is not eaten like this. Me: You look at my face and say it again.

6 months ago

When I was in university many years ago, I visited the museum with a few students from the university debate team in the same province. A Japanese helmet from the Anti-Japanese War is on display in the museum, which is probably similar to this. There are male and female alumni in the same industry. As debate lovers, there are many of these people who are good at military history and talkative. But they were all wondering why an iron handle was welded on the back of the Japanese helmet. A boy made a thoughtful gesture, and then explained to everyone that it is possible that the Japanese army was good at hand-to-hand combat with bayonet, and then welded the scabbard to the helmet for easy access? There is also speculation, is it because the Japanese army lacked materials in the later period, and used the pot as a helmet? At this time, my ex-girlfriend seemed to suffocate my smile and was in pain, so she quietly asked if I knew it. I said of course I knew that the iron handle was not original at all, it was welded on by the masses who seized the helmet later. Why should the masses weld this? Because most people used dry toilets a few decades ago, there will be a lot of feces accumulated over time. At this time, you need to dig out. There is nothing more suitable as a dung scoop than welding an iron handle on Taijun’s helmet. Inserting a wooden stick, a slow motion with left and right hands, one scoop down can pay more than two catties. Don’t ask me why I know that, Xiaoye used this thing to pick five in elementary school, chasing three high-grade bastards, and Megatron the whole school…

6 months ago

I didn’t buy a train ticket for the New Year, so I went back to my hometown by car with my two classmates. Classmate A is a kindergarten teacher. He went to the orphanage as a volunteer for 3 months and learned a wave of sign language by the way. Simple sign language communication is no problem. Classmate B is a policeman, and I am a naive Internet person. After getting in the car, a female liar pretended to be deaf and mute who wanted to donate and sign the liar. They asked one by one. The driver seemed to be surprised, and there was contempt in his eyes, but he didn’t stop it. When we arrived, classmate A looked at his “professional” smirk and unintelligible sign language, and directly used a standard set of sign language to type out: I think you are a liar. With a kind smile by the way. The liar was obviously shocked by his superb operation, pointed his mouth in a panic, and then waved his hand frantically. Student A can’t stand it and just ask if you can’t pretend to be here. I can’t understand sign language and still cheat money here. The liar seemed to feel that his profession was greatly insulted. After a few minutes after getting out of the car, the liar brought a middle-aged man in his 40s. The man pointed to A and said bullying the deaf, right? Get out of the car! Activity B moved his neck, took out the police officer’s ID and stood up and said: It’s almost New Year, don’t make trouble for yourself. The two crooks looked at each other and got out of the car dingy. I personally feel that the term migrant workers has a derogatory meaning, so I amended the answer. Quite a few people think I made it. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom 8. I wish you all the best in 2020!

6 months ago

I can’t say that I was forced, I can only say that I just happened to hit. One day I received a call from a newly opened 4S store to invite me to the store. I said I often go to the XX4S shop, and you won’t pass if it is too far away. As a result, the other customer’s customer service said: Don’t go to that store, it is about to close, and it is working out. I looked dumbfounded: who told you? Customer Service: This is internal news. Few people know it. Come to our store as soon as possible. There are discounts. Me: Where did you get the internal news. Customer Service: Of course, this is our internal secret, and outsiders certainly don’t know it. I replied: I am the service director of this 4S shop, and I don’t even know about it. The other party hung up immediately.

6 months ago

Whenever someone I know gets a certain disease, and the textbook can’t specify the cause or cause of the disease, my mother can always find a certain shortcoming in that person’s life (such as eating too much meat, eating too much KFC, drinking too much beverages) No more sleep, less sleepiness, etc.), and then pointed out the exact cause of the person’s illness, I knew that my medical book was for nothing, because I couldn’t tell her at all. Seeing everyone’s enthusiastic comments, it turns out that there are a lot of this situation, and everyone has added a lot. Drinking too much cold water, eating too much spicy strips, single, not sitting well in confinement, eating less vegetables, not exercising, etc. In fact, think about it carefully, it seems that many of the elders’ rhetoric are some unhealthy habits in our own body. They also take this opportunity to want us to change some unhealthy habits in their opinion, as to whether there is Sufficient medical evidence does not seem to be important. Everyone is still grateful for the strong love of parents and elders. It’s not too difficult to get rid of a certain habit in a short time to deal with parents. What about those single friends who cause cancer?

6 months ago

Strictly speaking, it’s not pretending to be coercion, it’s just a little overwhelming, and it hits a group of people. Last summer (2018), my daughter and I took advantage of the summer vacation and the whole family went back to the country. During my father’s family gathering, my grandparents and grandparents were gone, and my father’s brothers and sisters were basically gathered together. One of the elder brothers is not in the same city, so he doesn’t usually move around. The invitation came. As a result, after this came, he actually gave the elders Amway’s health care products at the dinner table. Unfortunately, it may have been a long time since he walked around. He forgot one thing: at this dinner table, the aunt is a nurse, and the uncle is a doctor; one of our generation is a senior nurse who is about to retire (yes, the same generation) Is 20 years older than me), one is the owner of a pharmacy, one is a research office director and doctoral supervisor of the University of Chinese Medicine, and another sister is the youngest head nurse in the history of the best local hospital (as a nurse I was 25 years old when I was a long time ago), various skills contests won the championship and got soft, and my Ph.D. in biomedical materials was transferred to Canada as a pharmacist. In other words, regardless of age, I am a younger brother at this table based on my level of medicine. Our peers are just smiling and not talking, taking care of each other’s babies. Finally, the uncle said: “Just eat some health products, don’t be a meal, let alone a medicine. Everyone at this table is expert, it’s almost enough.”

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