On the 19th, the US Department of Defense held a regular press conference. A reporter asked: After the United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were reports that China might send peacekeeping troops to Afghanistan. Is the Pentagon uneasy about this?

US Department of Defense spokesperson Kirby responded: If relevant countries have reasonable concerns about terrorist threats from Afghanistan, they should follow international law and work with the Afghan government to respond to the threat, but we hope that Afghanistan’s sovereignty can be respected.

Twenty years ago, they promised to bring democracy and freedom. Twenty years later, they said to respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan. They once launched a war in retaliation for terrorist attacks, and after defeating local government organizations, they declared that they would build a country more in line with fairness and justice. They sent tens of thousands of level B experts and scholars in the army, and they said that in this way, the Afghan people will have freedom again. But freedom did not come. The war is raging with more turmoil. The original government may be doing evil, but under the new regime supported by the United States, people see little hope. If it is said that under the original Taliban’s high-handed rule, people can at least expect the government to reform. Faced with the new regime supported by the United States, this government is full of corruption from top to bottom, the people dare not even hold a trace of hope. On the battlefield in Afghanistan, the army of the corrupt new government was penetrated by the Taliban intelligence organization from top to bottom, and various types of intelligence were received by the Taliban before being sent to relevant government departments. The incompetence and reaction of the new regime thoroughly demonstrated that they were almost completely comprador regimes, just like the Chinese kmt in the last century. The reactionary nature of the comprador regime is even more serious than that of the feudal lords or warlords…So, the Taliban, an organization that was hated by people during the original ruling period, suddenly became a prestigious resistance organization. It is estimated that the United States did not expect that the new regime that it supports would make the local people hate and even willing to support so-called “terrorists.” Finally, after consuming countless resources, money and even international prestige in the security war, the US authorities began to want to leave this land that was not suitable for them to set foot on. However, the military-industrial complex, which has obtained endless resources from the war, has kidnapped the U.S. authorities and forced government after government to leave this quagmire. Until recently, across the requirements of several governments, under the serious domestic situation in the United States, and the pressure of nationality politics, the military-industrial complex finally gave way, and the United States finally began to withdraw its troops. This group of soldiers from a foreign country who believes that they are fighting for freedom and democracy is about to leave this country that has fallen into chaos because of their arrival. However, how long can the new regime be maintained after the US military is gone? Perhaps the US authorities finally understand that a corrupt and reactionary comprador government is an Adou that can’t be supported at all? Just like kmt back then. However, when American politicians left under the pretext of “respect for sovereignty,” what was left was a devastated land, a displaced people. And they were once the people promised by the United States to liberate and save, but in the interests of the United States, they have always been nothing more than excuses and bargaining chips for the American authorities…The U.S. military who left may be due to a certain occasion at any time. International events, once again traveled to a strange country, repeating the story in Afghanistan that year. They may at any time create a new hell on earth in the name of freedom and democracy. As the founder of the contemporary international order, the United States is often unqualified. As a superpower, the American elite has always had the revenge and arrogance of shaping the world with its own values. But they don’t understand or disdain to understand that the cemetery of the empire is sometimes not specific to a certain country, but to their arrogant mentality.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

“Afghanistan sovereignty should be respected” is correct when spokespersons of other countries say, but if it comes from the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense, it can compete for “the best joke of the year” and “the best sneer of the year.” “, “The best black humor of the year”, “The most shameless remarks of the year”… Because the words of the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense perfectly interpret what is meant by “I want to be a sex industry worker and I want a recognition The building of honor!”, what is meant by “shameless people, invincible in the world”, what is meant by “the intelligence quotient that insults the broad audience”… There is a car in the front and a rut in the back. Wait for the day when someone says “The sovereignty of the United States of America should be respected”!

6 months ago

“Human rights are above everything else” during the offensive. It is not surprising that “sovereignty should be respected” during the retreat is so shameless. After all, the old Angsa has this set. We have seen this when we returned to Hong Kong. We saw the British sent the governor in Hong Kong for 100 years for 100 years. Repressive rule for 100 years of enslavement education suppressed 100 years of rebellion against colonists, the eve of being driven away, the establishment of the “freest and most democratic” parliament in the world, inciting thugs to beat, smash, rob and burn to “protect Hong Kong’s precious freedom and democracy.” If the shamelessness in the world is a stone ounce, it will win nine battles and nine liters

6 months ago

Afghanistan now has a population of close to 40 million, almost four times the size of the Soviet Union in 1989 and twice that of the US invasion in 2001. The population density is three times that of neighboring China’s Xinjiang. Now Afghanistan has an annual trade deficit of US$4.7 billion. , The average Afghan spends $120 on the trade deficit; don’t think it’s high, is it? This is more than one-fifth of Afghanistan’s per capita GDP. The largest category of imports in Afghanistan, as you may have guessed, is food. Staple food alone accounts for nearly 10% of total imports; and it is clear that Afghanistan can support this scale of imports. The import of necessities depends on US aid and US military consumption. Of course, there are some underground industries that should not be mentioned by the relevant US departments. If the US forces under the protection of the US military withdraw completely, the most realistic problem facing Afghanistan is probably not freedom. Democracy is not about anti-war and anti-terrorism, but a very pure issue of food, and this issue depends on Afghanistan itself, I am afraid that it is difficult to solve the problem by other means other than fighting people. In summary, I think the United States may have overestimated the surrounding area. The desire of the country to take over is such a mess. I am afraid that even the Americans who were in the midst of the 1990s may not be willing to take it (see Somalia, Rwanda), but if everyone does not take it, Afghanistan’s future humanitarian disasters that can be foreseen, this responsibility must be made. Who will lose? Is it time to scold the neighboring countries in the East for not being saved?

6 months ago

What is really surprising about this is not the shamelessness of the Americans. In fact, this is the least surprising thing, or that this is the correct posture of realist diplomacy. What is really surprising is that the United States actually intends. Withdrawal. I have been paying close attention to this matter recently. The official statement of the Sleeping King is actually very good. His original statement is “There have been four US presidents who have promised to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. This matter cannot be postponed to the next term.” . And finalized a clear timetable for the formal completion of the withdrawal on September 11 this year, which is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The whole process will take 130 days. And it should be noted that not only the U.S. military will be withdrawn, other NATO forces will also withdraw, and even the military contractors deployed by the United States in Afghanistan will also withdraw. In other words, if this matter can really be done in the end, then this is not asking for money and food under the banner of withdrawing the vassal, but withdrawing the vassal in the true sense. Of course, both within NATO and the U.S. military are opposed to this, but most of them are concentrated on the weak opposition such as “worrying about the instability in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops”, and the King of Sleep is now presenting a trend. In a sure way, the withdrawal itself is raised to the point of view of ethics. Unless there is a major accident, this will happen with a high probability. As for the belief that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan means the failure of the U.S. and NATO’s military operations in Afghanistan for 20 years, this view is meaningless, because the Afghan War is different from the Iraq War. It is essentially a disciplinary action after 9/11. It is a demonstration. “Although far away must be condemned” ability and will is a high-legitimate war within the United States. Even when the U.S. military launched this war, countries around the world had no major objections. At that time, Bush Jr. said “or On our side, or on the side of the terrorists, there is no middle ground.” In fact, countries were frightened by the heyday of the United States at the time, and there was no substantive objection, but one thing is that the essence of disciplinary action is to go fast. It’s the best policy to run the game after playing the game. It would be wrong to delay even one day. Therefore, when the US military has been stationed in Afghanistan for a long time, the political purpose of this war itself has already failed. After that, the U.S. military was stationed there for 20 years. The garrison was decayed, and it was gradually turned into artillery, mules and horses. The cost was as high as 2 trillion US dollars. The exploded feudal town has become a major blood loss point for the political and financial capabilities of the United States. A Spanish ulcer. The Taliban has become more and more prosperous. The Afghan government’s decree is not out of Kabul. It is in chaos itself. Some time ago, it appeared in the country just after the general election. In the end, the two presidents barely reached a compromise. Ghani was re-elected. Abdullah became the chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee. At this point, the U.S. forces can be withdrawn from Afghanistan to stop the loss of financial and political capabilities. It is already a victory for the United States. And if the Sleeping King can really do this… how to put it, this proves that the Sleeping King and his team have at least the ability to integrate and mobilize political resources to overwhelm some marginal interest groups, or at least to reach a compromise with them. This is also the United States. For the first time in nearly 20 years, a major decision was made based on national interests. If this can happen, then we must attach great importance to it, because considering the huge comprehensive national power of the United States, the ability of its ruling group to do things is worthy of our utmost vigilance. Even if this ability is still limited to some relatively marginal affairs, even if the whole process of handling things will still be stumbling, but being able to do things is very indicative of the problem. This matter should not be taken lightly.

6 months ago

Looking at the title, I was taken aback. Look at the content again, crying with laughter! I remembered that Supreme Bao was unfortunately locked up with the enemy…Think of the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Have you considered the sovereignty of other countries? Remember Iraq? Libya? Yugoslavia? The Middle East now, Syria? Years of wars have subverted the regimes of other countries. Can you see that the sovereignty of other countries is respected? We only saw “Meiquan”! The United States is also in the quagmire of war. According to Baidu Encyclopedia: Afghanistan is like a black hole that has not only consumed the lives of nearly 2,000 American soldiers in 11 years, but also cost more than $1 trillion. Mason, a former U.S. Navy officer who worked in Afghanistan, believes that the Afghan War is a replica of the Vietnam War. The U.S. military is stuck in a quagmire and has no hope of winning, so it is the best policy to withdraw the military as soon as possible. The British “Financial Times” recently pointed out in a clear-cut manner: “The West has failed in Afghanistan.” Half a century has passed, and there is still no progress! The United States is now clearly weakened, and it has taken the initiative to propose “respect for the sovereignty of other countries.” This is truly “international news.” To say a few more words, the United States is a country that “respects power.” my country successfully exploded the atomic bomb that year, and the United States soon recognized “Beijing.” The foundation for the United States to respect is enough “strength”!

6 months ago

Eagle sauce: We are withdrawing from Afghanistan! NATO: What are you doing? Are you tossing around? ? Yingjiang: I have more important things to do! NATO: For example? Yingjiang: I want to deal with bears and rabbits! NATO: If you go east in Afghanistan, can you deal with rabbits? Yingjiang: No way, no, the road is too narrow to kill. NATO: Then you are gone, what should I do if the rabbit sends someone over to grab the site? Yingjiang: Don’t worry, they don’t interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. NATO: What if they interfere? Eagle sauce: Then we will condemn the rabbit with Afghanistan and ask the rabbit to respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan! NATO: Do you think rabbits can listen? Eagle sauce: Of course, rabbits don’t care about the outside world. NATO: Then, in this way, Afghanistan will return to stability? Eagle sauce: Yes, everything is back to normal, there are no terrorists, and the situation in Afghanistan is stable. NATO: After the situation in Afghanistan is stabilized, will the economy develop silently? Eagle sauce: Yes, do some small business or something. NATO: Then he will participate in part of the Rabbit’s One Belt One Road plan, and then the one from Xinjiang to the west to Iran will be stable? Ying Jiang angrily picked up the nuclear-powered money printing machine, and said to NATO: If you talk more, I will press this button to let you give me the hard core!

6 months ago

No matter what the U.S. Department of Defense said, all I saw were ten words: “We are to safeguard our own interests.” This is the universal template. All foreign speeches since the founding of the United States can use this universal template. Because no matter what the United States says, it seems to me just to protect its own interests. . (This benefit is not just simple money, it may also have prestige, rights, etc., and so on. Oh, the exquisite egoist finds a fig leaf for himself)

6 months ago

This is like a great poet who slaughtered the city while writing poems expressing feelings about the people’s livelihood: “A hundred fortunes are left to the people, and one’s thoughts are broken.” You have bombarded civilians, killed good works for 20 years, and made people in Afghanistan devastated and devastated. Now you are ready to withdraw. I’m out of Afghanistan, so I’m talking about “respect for the sovereignty of Afghanistan”… Is this human? Throughout the war in Afghanistan, more than 30,000 civilians died, 70,000 injured, and as many as 11 million refugees. Soldiers from the United States, Britain, and Australia slaughtered women, children, and civilians in Afghanistan, did good work, cut their throats, and practiced courage. Scandals were rumored. All over the world… The United States has “anti-terrorism” for 20 years, and the Taliban are now almost occupying half of Afghanistan. Compared with the Taliban, the U.S. military can’t tell who the terrorists are. The United States has neither the ability to export “democracy and freedom”, nor the ability to create regional peace, nor can it allow the Afghan people to live and work in peace… In fact, they are not here for this. The US military has spent two trillion “military expenditures” in Afghanistan in 20 years. Where is the money used? Senior U.S. military officials live in high-end vacation villas in Afghanistan, with helicopters coming in and out; the U.S. military in Afghanistan once spent 6 million airlifting 6 sheep, the reason being to improve the goat breeds in Afghanistan; the U.S. military also donated 2.3 million U.S. dollars to a university in Afghanistan. This amount of money is not seen in the university’s accounts; the U.S. military also provided infrastructure to the Afghan people. They spent 43 million U.S. dollars to build a natural gas station, which is 150 times that of neighboring Pakistan… U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan for nearly two decades The huge military expenditure of about US$40 billion per year has actually formed a huge interest group. The huge consumption of logistical supplies and military materials has fattened a large number of senior officials of the Ministry of National Defense, military-industrial complex capitalists, politicians, and high-level military personnel. officer. Since 2001, the US military has spent 4 million U.S. dollars an hour in Afghanistan, and monthly military expenditures have reached 1 billion U.S. dollars. In 2012, the United States provided a total of US$42 billion (approximately RMB 266.7 billion) in aid to 186 countries around the world, and Afghanistan topped the list with US$12.9 billion. Of the US$12.9 billion in aid to Afghanistan, approximately US$9.95 billion was used for military and security expenditures, including training and equipping local troops and police. The princes of the Pentagon have blacked out nearly one trillion military expenditures on the battlefield in Afghanistan over the years. Afghanistan’s GDP in 2018 was only 19.3 billion U.S. dollars. The military expenditures of the US military are enough to buy several Afghanistans. If there are no more wars, the enemy and the war will no longer exist, where will the arms dealers earn their money? Who will raise the “enemy”? Where does the foreign express of the top US military come from? How to report the military budget? How to fill in the reimbursement form? What about the dividends of the congressmen? This group of “frontier troops” has withdrawn, how should they be resettled? The U.S. military has invested a total of 775,000 troops in Afghanistan for 20 years. Up to now, 2,300 U.S. soldiers have been killed, 20,589 U.S. soldiers have been disabled, and many more soldiers who participated in the war have suffered from serious mental illness…These people have returned to China. After that, a large part of them were addicts and tramps on the side of the road. In the future, when these people are punched and kicked by the American police and sprayed with chili water, they can only shout, “I have been loyal to the empire, and I have shed blood in Afghanistan…”

6 months ago

Every word the United States says about Afghanistan is not credible. The following is an appreciation of the old news. On October 7, 12001, US President Bush gave a speech, stating that the US military retaliation against Afghanistan will continue for several months. Bush said to American soldiers in his speech: “Your actions are just, and we have full confidence in you.” Old news 2 NATO troops accidentally killed cousin Karzai who was dragged out of the house by the US military and killed. Source: International Online, March 2011 On 11th at 14:17; NATO special forces accidentally killed Karzai’s cousin; International online special article: According to the British “Daily Mail” report on March 10, the brother of Afghan President Karzai and Afghan officials confirmed that, In a raid by NATO special forces on the 10th, a cousin of President Karzai was mistakenly killed. The victim was named Haji Yar Mohamed Khan, 65 years old, and the cousin of President Karzai. NATO special forces shot him by mistake while performing missions in the village of Karz in southern Kandahar. Although the British army is in charge of the local area, it is still unclear which unit participated in the raid. President Karzai’s brother Wari said: “Khan happened to walk out of the house during the special forces operation and was killed by mistake. He was not the target at all.” But a local tribal elder said: “Many tanks surrounded Khan’s house. The Americans entered the house to drag Khan out, and then killed him.” This incident will intensify the dispute between Karzai and the international coalition forces over civilian casualties. Prior to this, the United States had rarely apologized for the manslaughter of nine Afghan boys. Karzai’s spokesperson said: “The President calls on the international coalition forces to protect civilians, not to kill civilians.” In 2010, 2,777 civilians died, the highest number of civilian deaths since 2001.   The NATO military stated that they were trying to capture the father of a Taliban leader, and it happened that Khan was holding an AK-47 in his hand, and they were investigating the matter. It has now been determined that the deceased was indeed President Karzai’s cousin. Karzai’s spokesperson said that the president and Khan grew up in the same village. (Reporter: Yang Liu) To be honest, since 2001, thanks to the gift of the United States, I have forgotten that Afghanistan is an independent and sovereign country, as if it had been a battlefield in the beginning. Under the attack of the United States-led NATO coalition forces, the president’s cousin can be shot at will. The treatment of ordinary civilians can be imagined. These words of the US Department of Defense are correct, but on the issue of “respect for the sovereignty of Afghanistan,” anyone has a better say than the United States, except Australia. PS: The first old news is powerful, because I have never seen a report that is filled with countless Flags in just 2 sentences and has a completely opposite trend. To be honest, 20 years have passed, I really feel a little bit reluctant.

6 months ago

horse. Before the army left, they began to proclaim sovereignty for others, but the emperor’s new clothes will eventually be unveiled. In just over a decade, the world situation has undergone vicissitudes of vicissitudes and great changes have taken place in the world. The heroes have come together to compete in Asia. The former little boy has grown up a long time ago, and after all he has become a general to conquer the mediocre emperor. At this time, the old emperor had few warriors around him. The world suddenly realized that if the great emperor who had been enshrined by the gods for so many years was really a big hairy monkey with such plump hair, for so many years, if the general didn’t say anything, he would have thought it was a person. At this time, a few monkeys saw the boss exposed and panicked. They jumped out and scratched people. Scratching and scratching, they found that they had learned how to ride a unicycle, step on stilts, and somersault. The most powerful thing was that they learned to stand upside down, but this handstand is not acceptable. The stolen underwear all fell out, and the red monkey ass was exposed.

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