Yes, they are just stuck. (Previously, the title was “Why didn’t you celebrate your birthday, but now it’s changed, and I feel a little joyful)) Seriously, I don’t like Lu Han, nor Guan Xiaotong. As an idol, what Lu Han did in those days is indeed inappropriate. But for them, I really hope that this pair can go on well. I don’t know why there is a sense of worry that young people can finally get married with their beautiful lovers (joking a bit), and I’m like persuading young people to reconcile their neighbors and grandmothers in the neighborhood. When it was announced that year, it was just watching jokes and watching the excitement. Now I heard that she had posted photos, my subconscious reaction was: Ah! Fortunately, no points! How do you say hhh, a couple of both men and women who are not considered as a good word-of-mouth couple, can be blessed by many passersby. On a certain level, it’s because everyone knows that reality is cruel, not to mention that many of the couples I met in college were not sincere when I entered society. . . Many people in the entertainment circle take love as a joke after the hype. Some people really don’t make enough money no matter how they make money. . This may be difficult to describe for the career, but it can withstand all kinds of adverse effects on their own money, and stay together for four years. It’s not easy. Even if you look at Weibo and know it, under the relationship problem, the basic question is to persuade, the question is inappropriate, and the question is how good the career is. Don’t ask for it, but from the bottom of your heart, everyone still hopes that there will be more in the world. Beautiful. . . Then Lu Han is this person. To be honest, everything must be treated dialectically. You said that fans of his public love relationship as an idol set up by a seller feel that the murderous heart is normal, abnormal, and normal. You said that as a singer and actress, the income he received was not worthy of his work level, really unworthy. But if you say how he is as a boyfriend, he is quite responsible and he has a very conscientious level in the entertainment industry. No matter how soft and feminine he looks, how can I not appreciate him, at least in this relationship, he is a man. Many idols sell boyfriend personalities and fierce men’s designs on the bright side, and pretend to avoid suspicion when they see female celebrities in order to please their girlfriends. Then they fell in love in private, and were announced to respond ambiguously and then let the fans curse their girlfriends, and even their private lives were chaotic. That was a real cancer of idols.


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6 months ago

“What? Are you going to get the pass?” Xiaotong glared. “Yeah.” Lu Han nodded gently, “Xiaotong, I want to…” “Why? You changed your heart? Just because I wanted to cut your bangs?” “No, I…” “Is it because of Shu Qi? You? Don’t you really like siblings, do you? No, do you?” Xiaotong’s veins were violent. “Don’t get me wrong, she…” “She is your moonlight, right? Tell me, why did you stay with me in the first place? I see, you must mind uploading it online, my rumored boyfriend?” “Don’t…” “You say! Do you mind Zhang Yijie or Wang Yibo? I will call them now!” “Stop! Crazy enough…” “Nicholas? Do you want to say Nicholas Tse? When I filmed “The Promise” He was only 8 years old, and Xiao Wuhuan was not Nicholas Tse at the time.” Guan Xiaotong finished in one breath, “I know, it must be in “Promise”, I ate a steamed bun that shouldn’t be eaten.” “Xiaotong…” I let you miss an opportunity to be a good man.” Guan Xiaotong said sadly, “Wuji gave me the best food in the world, the most beautiful clothes, the favor of the man with the most fans, everything in the world is mine. But only A very small condition, I will never get the true love of others, even if I get it, I will lose it immediately…” She was already crying. “I want to take customs…” Lu Han shouted. Guan Xiaotong raised his head in surprise, this man had never yelled at himself like this. “I want to marry Guan Xiaotong as my wife!” Lu Han finally said this sentence loudly.
Guan Xiaotong was stunned. She really didn’t expect Lu Han to be like this on her 31st birthday. “The surnamed Lu, how dare you yell at me?!”

6 months ago

Instinctively, the quarrel was not enough. The woman knows that everyone is paying attention to her today, but I don’t want to say that it is associated with Guan’s character. Some of the previous remarks obviously liked Gang’s character. It should be that the two people quarreled with a little emotion. Lu Ming knows that everyone cares about Guan’s blessings, and he also posted a Weibo wishing his birthday, with a grinning expression, like a boyfriend deliberately propagating to his girlfriend through social media, it’s my birthday, don’t you still Bless me, then I bless myself, dear, just care about me. No matter how big a celebrity is, it is also a person. Boys and girls have the same small routines and emotions when they fall in love. Therefore, I feel that after a quarrel, the two are in a cold war.

6 months ago

I personally think it might be awkward, but it was not a complete breakup. Lu Han’s Weibo “Happy Birthday to Me” really has a kind of “I know you won’t post this year, so I wish myself well”. feel. Brings a little helpless and mischievous. I personally have always been Lu Han’s good road. When it was announced, I also thought that he was a very responsible person. After so many years, so much traffic appeared and disappeared. I also think that other people’s products are the most reliable, that is, to be magnanimous and comfortable. And dare to assume, this “dare to assume” really cannot be done to this extent on anyone. I have never hated Guan Xiaotong. When she was scolded by the whole network, I felt that those dots were really not good. Both of them have been low-key for so many years. I can’t be low-key. I accidentally saw a few candy dots and thought it was really sweet. Tian wants to go and knocks too much and can’t find the material at all. It’s normal for couples to be awkward, just hope that even if they are divided and combined. Finally, we must be together.

6 months ago

The happiest thing today is the Weibo at 23:31. A few minutes ago, I was still watching the Internet rumors of breaking up, various analysis and various reasons, various stone hammers, to be honest, I was a little emotional, I thought this might be the entertainment circle again Xiaotong’s birthday Weibo suddenly popped up after the hype of her customary was refreshed. The whole network was talking about love. When the interests are paramount, this sudden Weibo is that she is telling everyone that I am firmly choosing a person. , Has nothing to do with public opinion. Either there is no punctual celebration or a breakup is not casual, and some dynamics can be distorted. “Our love is not an industrial sweetener. Our love does not have to be tied up by traffic. Our love is just a firm and simple long-term love.” One day in the future, I will be found to be fake and I will always remember the realism that the distant entertainment industry brought to me on that day. Of course, I still hope that it must be 99! And I hope that the idols I like can be truly happy outside of public opinion

6 months ago

Because Guan Xiaotong used to send a Weibo at 0 o’clock every year to celebrate Lu’s birthday. This year, he did not post it for a long time. Many marketing accounts forwarded the breakup of Guan and Lu. To be honest, I was half-trusted at first, Lu Han, personally. I like it very much. I choose to announce my relationship when my idol’s development career is in full swing. My private life is very clean and there is no negative news. I am a really responsible boy. Not to mention Guan, the first place in Beijing’s Beijing Film Academy’s art examination and cultural courses in 2016, she is known as a national girl. This year’s Guan Weibo pays more attention to details. Previously, Guan Weibo was more subtle and only posted to Brother Lu. The photos are shown once a year, and this year is a lot bolder. The details control said that Guan decisively adopted a sweet photo of two people to declare sovereignty. The time point was stuck at 23.31, because Guan was in 1997, 23 years old this year, and Deer 31 years old. Up. It’s really meaningful. I guess the good things for the two are about to come. After all, when two people are dating, they are also for the purpose of getting married, and they have been dating very seriously for so many years. Very carefully guarding the relationship, because a healthy and good relationship must be two people go to each other. The most glass-hearted girl should be his girlfriends. Today I saw some girlfriends clamoring to take off their fans. In fact, it is understandable that Luhan is from idols after all, and idols rely on female fans to vote. Many female fans also regard deer as deer. The imaginary boyfriend comes to accompany. Guan Xiaotong also accidentally hit his girlfriend’s face. If I were Sister Tong, I would use the Douyin stalk to say: If you scold me and I ignore it, I will sleep with your brother. If there is a bad comment, I will talk about it if I don’t read it. Hey, just for fun. Guan Xiaotong’s latest ins sprinkled sugar; I used to see her boyfriend Guan Tanban on Weibo, it can be said that she likes a gray dog ​​and loves her as a long wind. A person’s shallow liking is like a white cloud in the sky, which may float away at any moment. It’s hard to figure out. And deep love is like the wind that accompanies you at any time. Invisible but always accompanied, waiting all day long, so simple but so long-lasting. If you are like a rainbow, you will know it when you encounter it. They also told us to keep the bottom line in the complex entertainment industry and learn to cherish the right people. Fortunately, I know the peach blossom noodles, and the rice paddies have been warmer since then.

6 months ago

I still remember when the two of them made official announcements in 17 years, my roommate called us on the train when they were returning to school on National Day, crying, and still sobbing in the bed late at night. (Old fan for many years) Although I have been talking about Sister Tong, it was also in 1997. When people were in love with the top stream in our country, I was still praying that probability theory would not fail. Time flies, time flies, and now the university has graduated! Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong are still together, “I (we)” is still the single dog, no change at all! harm! Wish happiness! Sweet crit!

6 months ago

What can be said? I blame this damn sense of ritual. I ate a handful of dog food properly, but there is still a little analysis: 1. A small ritual in a normal relationship. Many netizens analyze that 23:31 has special meaning because it is two. Personal age, Guan Xiaotong is rushing to marry love. The little girl’s romantic thoughts are well known to everyone. 2. Having broken up, there may still be contracts like rumors. Both of them have broken up, but the man’s The team over there may have been negotiating, and finally used the gimmick of time to make a wave of heat. 3. If you leave, get together and get away, you are getting along with each other in lukewarm because of mutual resources. One possibility is more. It is said that the young lady is really calm, and the whole network is speculating, and it is still stuck at a specific time for publishing, which is amazing.

6 months ago

I am not fan of Guan, nor fan of deer. But I am very optimistic about this pair. Today, like many netizens, I scratch my head and look forward to Xiaotong’s blog to wish Luhan a happy birthday. The reason for looking forward to this is not because of the mentality of eating melons, but because they simply feel that their pairing is too difficult. At the beginning, the two sides were under a lot of pressure to openly, together, never being favored by others, and gradually being blessed. It’s too difficult to walk, so I hope they are well, I hope they can always be happy. It’s not that posting a blog means anything, nor is it saying that not posting a blog can explain anything. People who eat melons may just ask for peace of mind and hope to continue to believe in love.

6 months ago

Guess, Reuters had said before that Brother Lu wanted to get married, and Xiaotong wanted to work on his career for a few more years. So will it be Brother Lu’s birthday this year, so I proposed to Xiaotong a few days before or even the day before his birthday, and if he agreed, it would be announced on the day of his birthday. But Xiaotong wanted to fight for a career, so she didn’t agree, and the two quarreled. Then for today’s birthday, on the one hand, the woman is not angry because of the quarrel, on the other hand, she feels that if she refuses to propose, she should not give each other birthday wishes, and how the two people should develop in the future. Brother Lu’s Weibo wishing him a happy birthday should be [even if I get angry, I’ll always be fine. Why don’t you fail to send blessings to my birthday today? ] And today, the frequency of Brother Lu’s launch is extremely high, and he may be waiting. It’s definitely not a breakup anyway. Both of them were so stubborn when they announced their official announcements. They have been on the hot search several times today. If they broke up, they would just say it directly. Wait for the official anyway.

6 months ago

“Have your girlfriend blessed her boyfriend this year?” “Did it happen?” “You won’t break up?” “If you don’t get stuck, maybe you don’t need to worry about it?” To be straightforward, you are the same as before. What is the difference between the divorce cooling-off period and the Spring Festival Gala promotion sketch? The personality of young people is really split, they are most afraid of being managed, and they love to manage others the most. Regardless of others, there is a surprisingly tacit understanding between the people and the government. And the folk tube is the most mediocre, the most “innocent”, and the most mother-in-law love is soft and suffocating. It is more troublesome than the official iron fist. You can only say that if you desire freedom, you know what to do. One point, don’t be the rope that binds others. Is it a star? Ordinary people are not much better. Revolutionary marriage back then, who you love, who loves you, what kind of composition, what kind of family, all have to be reviewed and approved by the organization, now divorce, but also for the country, calm and calm, marriage has always been part of the public discourse, but just Doesn’t belong to that man and woman. Marriage and love are given by God, dominated by individuals, bravely realize it into a private domain, without being forced to prove it by outside eyes, and without anyone’s approval and permission, without being prepared by the society, under the collective will and monopolized by the collective will. , Grow naturally like everything else.

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