For example, Lu Bu suddenly lost his interest in martial arts and went to work as an eunuch. Liu Bowen felt that it was really boring to start a shop. Li Bai didn’t want to write poems and turned to brewing with the same brain. Ke Jie entered the field of high math. I just made a hypothesis, I don’t know. There is no actual case, I hope you can share it

Comrade Jiao Yulu.
Born in bitterness, he was caught twice in a Japanese mine and escaped twice, making him a master of escape.
During the War of Liberation and the Suppression of Bandits, I was the captain of the county battalion, playing with two shell guns, an absolute sharpshooter, and now a bunch of airsoft players are crying and shouting about MacGaipu, CQB, and these old revolutions.
In the local area, the gang of hundreds of people was dismantled by tactics and dozens of militias alone. If it were in the western United States, it would definitely be much more powerful than the sheriffs in the movie who relied on their own. The main story is in Lankao. Lankao is a flooded area made by Chang Kaishen. The ground accumulates more than one meter of yellow sand all the year round. There is no way to grow food. The local commune cadres took the lead in fleeing the famine. The superiors sent several working groups. Nothing happened, so I just said that we should just withdraw the county, merge with the neighboring county, and all go to the neighboring county to eat relief food. When Jiao Yulu became the secretary of the county party committee, he issued a military order and took the county to control sand, plant peanuts, paulownia, jujube, and carried a bicycle to conduct investigations throughout the county. He had a basis and led the farmers to produce and save himself, which eventually led to his premature death from liver cancer. It may be that way. (Now a scene in Lankao, this tree is named Jiao Tong)
Look at Baidu. Today, the Lankao Paulownia industry is 6 billion yuan, and it is the main raw material base for musical instruments in the country. This kind of militia cadre, who has dug out 6 billion industries from saline-alkali land, is considered a mess after changing careers? In addition, this person is a handsome middle-aged man.
Just a meal, please understand one: My job is the operation management and construction declaration of a domestic commercial shooting range/live shooting club. Do you think there are live ammunition clubs in China?
Welcome everyone to learn more about our uncommon and emerging industry. Just like Comrade Jiao Yulu’s life, there are always things that surprise you that have existed for a long time.


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7 months ago

Famous cross talker, Guo Ge’s forever daughter-in-law, famous national synchronized swimmer, famous shooting athlete: Niu Li: won the first national women’s synchronized swimming team championship in 1986. In 1990, he won the shooting championship of the whole army. In September 1991, he appeared in the movie “The Great Battle” for the first time. In June 2000, he starred in the costume light comedy “Shuangjiao”. In 2001, he was nominated for Outstanding Actress in the 22nd Chinese TV Drama Feitian Award by virtue of his starring family emotional drama “Empty Mirror”. In 2006, he participated in the entrepreneurial inspirational drama “Crossing Guandong”. In 2011, the starring comic drama “Repay the Money” won the first prize in the short category of the Spring Festival Gala viewers’ favorite Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Rabbit. In 2013, he was awarded the title of Top Ten Actors in the first “CCTV Chinese TV Drama Annual Star Ceremony” with his starring family ethics drama “The New Son-in-law Era”. In 2015, she won the Best Actress Award at the 11th China-US Film Festival for her starring farmer’s epic drama “The Old Farmer”.

7 months ago

No one mentions Mr. Zhao Yuanren, my master of Chinese as a foreign language! He is basically the founder of modern Chinese linguistics in the field of linguistics, and the pioneer of the teaching theory of Chinese as a second language. His most classic deed is to interpret for a foreigner (like Russell?), learn the local dialect on the train wherever he goes, and use the local dialect to translate wherever he goes. Talent is terrible. The earliest work of the famous full text “Shi Shishi Shishi Shishi” is his masterpiece. Okay, let’s take a look at his experience below. In 1919, Zhao Yuanren taught in the Physics Department of Cornell University. In 1920, he taught physics, mathematics and psychology courses at Tsinghua University. In 1921, Zhao Yuanren and his wife came to the United States. Zhao Yuanren worked as a lecturer in philosophy and Chinese at Harvard University and studied linguistics. In 1925, Zhao Yuan returned to Tsinghua University to teach courses in mathematics, physics, Chinese phonology, general linguistics, modern Chinese dialects, Chinese musical scores, and Western music appreciation. Together with Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei, and Chen Yinke, he is known as Tsinghua’s “Four Mentors”. In 1928, as a researcher of the Institute of Language Studies of the Academy, he conducted a large number of field investigations of language and folk music collection. He taught at the University of Hawaii from 1938 to 1939, where he taught Chinese music courses. The whole person is dumbfounded. Really.

7 months ago

I think this answer must be one of my idols-Li Qiang, compared with his life, Li Qiang is a fairy tale. I dare not make a movie like this (maybe Yang Liqing in “The Righteous Way in the World is Vicissitudes” can be compared slightly): Li Qiang (1905-1996), formerly known as Zeng Peihong, academician of the Academy of Sciences, economic expert, consultant of the State Council, member of the Central Advisory Committee, minister of foreign trade . (Political workers, chemical experts, intelligence workers, radio experts, media professionals, industrialists, strategists, businessmen, financial commodity speculators) When they were young, they were quite handsome. The following quoted from the material provided by the Black Tea Magic Cat: 1925 The May 30th Movement of the Year. He sensitively seized this historical opportunity and actively participated in the May 30th Movement in Shanghai. Three months later, he used his performance in the May 30th Movement to join the Communist Youth League and the Communist Party, and took the time to return home [established the first party organization in his hometown]. Two years later, in 1927, the third armed uprising of Shanghai workers broke out. He used his military knowledge to help the Shanghai workers picket [developing bombs]. When Chiang Kai-shek launched the “April 12” coup, he decisively left Shanghai and sought refuge in Wuhan, thus avoiding a catastrophe. In Wuhan, he was appointed [to lead the Special Services Unit of the Central Military Commission]. He found Zhou Enlai and was commissioned to develop a radio. He [made the first underground radio station in the history of the CCP] [trained the first batch of radio professionals in the history of the CCP]. In 1931, Gu Shunzhang, the head of the Central Teco, rebelled. He escaped again and moved to the Soviet Union to continue to study radio technology. He studied at the Academy of Communication Sciences of the Soviet Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, engaged in scientific research, and did teaching work. He published a radio science paper “Transmitting Diamond Antenna”, which caused shock in the Soviet radio community. He was promoted to a researcher by the Soviet government and became one of the 7 radio experts in the whole Soviet Union. , The name is included in the Soviet Encyclopedia. The research result was named “Li Qiang’s Formula”. When the Anti-Japanese War broke out, he came to Yan’an alone and set up gun factories, explosives factories [munitions], steel mills, oil refineries [industry], and pharmaceutical factories [medicine]. He led the creation of [the first branch in the history of the Chinese Communist Party’s military industry. rifle】. Later, he served as [Dean of Yan’an Academy of Natural Sciences]. During the War of Liberation, he changed his career to do news dissemination work, and built a short-wave radio station for Xinhua News Agency to send his voice to the world, so he was called [the founder of New China’s broadcasting industry]. After the founding of New China, he accompanied Chairman Mao to visit the Soviet Union for the first time. Because of Chairman Mao’s sentence, “Is it good for you to switch to foreign trade?”, he changed his career and became the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Commercial Counsellor in the Soviet Union. Under his leadership, he won the [Soviet Union] 156 aid projects in China]. In 1955, he was elected as a member of the Faculty of Education, who later became [Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences]. When the Vietnam War broke out, he was 65 years old, but still went secretly to Vietnam [Inspect the Ho Chi Minh Trail] and resisted During the Cultural Revolution, I insisted on presiding over the work of aid to Vietnam. After the victory of the Vietnam War [Vietnam awarded it the Medal of Friendship]. (Here I would like to express my gratitude to the data collected by Black Tea Magic Cat, and I did not find the original author due to online reprinting. , And apologize for quoting the unsigned author without permission.) But you shouldn’t think that these things are so awesome now-because his next deeds are more vigorous enough to make all of China’s financial and financial affairs. Officials of the People’s Republic of China were ashamed: In 1973, he used gold and commodity futures to resell and made more than 3 billion U.S. dollars for the country. In 1972, China’s foreign trade exports were only 3.6 billion U.S. dollars, and he made more money than China’s exports of goods. The money is still high. The saying back then was: “Chen Yun is in town, Li Xian reads the money, the Ministry of Foreign Trade handles matters, and the International Department of the Central Committee asks for inquiries. “(In 2015, China exported 1.43 trillion U.S. dollars in goods. If you tell you that a leader of the Foreign Exchange Administration or the Ministry of Commerce made 1.44 trillion U.S. dollars in foreign exchange gold this year, what do you think?) He used the International Department of the Central Committee to collect news. According to the data, based on the trading frequency of gold mutual funds on the London Stock Exchange, and 9 questions from the U.S. Congress to the Treasury Department, it is judged that the Bretton Woods system will be disintegrated, and the Swiss franc foreign exchange we hold will gradually be exchanged for gold, completing the epic 1973 Gold hunting. According to public information, it is conservatively estimated that China has added nearly 160 tons of gold reserves. And this reserve has not changed at the beginning of this century. (You can check China’s foreign exchange and gold over the years on the website of the China Administration of Foreign Exchange. Reserves. It will be found that since 1965, China’s gold reserves have gradually increased from 5 million ounces to 12.8 million in 1975. According to the official statistics of those years, there are still negative foreign exchange reserves. It is estimated that he borrowed foreign exchange to buy it. Gold. The gold was almost at a historically low level. It almost laid the foundation for China’s gold ballast after the reform and opening up.) It has to be said that his big hand is higher than the officials who often make China’s foreign exchange gold losses now. Many of us born in the 80s and 90s and 00s also benefited from him. In his later years, he hosted the introduction of Coca-Cola to China for production, and finally passed away while drinking the Coke he introduced (if it was made into a movie, this plot is very Revolutionary romanticism). A person’s life spans political work, chemical industry, sentimental governance, radio, media, industry, strategy, trade, and finance. And every line of life is mixed, you say he is a cross-border vigorous and vigorous. ?

7 months ago

Li Qiang (1905-1996) Academician of the Academy of Sciences, economic expert, consultant of the State Council, member of the Central Advisory Committee, Minister of Foreign Trade. Born in Changshu, Jiangsu in 1905, his real name is Zeng Peihong, and his name is Youfan. He majored in civil engineering at Nanyang Academy. He joined the party in 1925 and grew up as a student movement leader during the “May 30th” Movement. He founded the first party organization in Changshu as a worker in Shanghai. Armed uprising developed bombs. After making the first self-developed radio station “April 12”, Li Qiang went to Wuhan and served as the chief of the special services unit of the Central Military Commission’s Special Branch. Later, Zhou Enlai commissioned the creation of the first underground radio station in the history of the CCP, training the first batch of radio talents in the history of the CCP. At the end of 1929, Li Qiang was ordered to set up a second secret radio station in Kowloon, Hong Kong. In January of the following year, Shanghai and Hong Kong succeeded in reporting, becoming the first pair of reporting stations made by the CCP itself. In 1932, the voice of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was able to be transmitted in time to major bases across the country through secret radio. “Formula of Li Qiang” Gu Shunzhang, the head of the Central Special Branch, was arrested in 1931 and rebelled. After assisting Zhou Enlai and other persons in charge of the Special Branch to transfer offices and personnel in Shanghai, Li Qiang traveled to Moscow, the Soviet Union via Harbin, where he studied at the Academy of Communication Sciences of the Soviet Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. , Doing teaching work, published a radio science paper “Transmitting Diamond Antenna”, which caused a shock in the Soviet radio community. He was promoted to a researcher by the Soviet government and became one of the seven radio experts in the Soviet Union. His name was included in the Soviet encyclopedia. The research result was named “Li Qiang’s Formula”. After returning to China to make a gun, Li Qiang returned home like an arrow and came to Yan’an in early 1938. On the Mang Loess Plateau, he started from scratch and set up a gun factory, explosives factory, steel mill, pharmaceutical factory, and oil refinery… On April 25, 1939, the first seven-nine rifle in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region was produced, also known as the “Anonymous Horse Rifle”, which was the first self-made rifle in the history of our military. From 1939 to 1943, the Yan’an Military Factory produced 9,758 rifles, 1,500 grenades, 580,000 grenades, 198,000 grenadier rounds, 38,000 mortar rounds, 10,000 gun repairs, and artillery repairs. Thousands of doors. He withstood the “Left” policy of Kang Sheng in the “rescue movement” and protected experts and engineers such as Shen Hong and Qian Zhidao to achieve such an achievement. He was rated as a model worker in the border area. Mao Zedong wrote his own inscription in 1944, “Persevere to the End, Book for Comrade Li Qiang”. Since then, Li Qiang has served as the fourth dean of the Yan’an Academy of Natural Sciences, cultivating a large number of future science and technology talents in the new China, and some have become ministers, directors, and even national leaders, such as Shen Hong, Qian Zhidao, Wu Jilin, Peng Shilu , Li Peng and Ye Xuan are equal. During the War of Liberation, Li Qiang was ordered to build a shortwave radio transmission station to spread the voice of Xinhua News Agency to the world. He returned to his old business and became the founder of the new China’s broadcasting industry. Development of Trade Just after the founding of New China, Mao Zedong visited the Soviet Union, accompanied by Li Qiang. Considering that Li Qiang knew both technology and Russian, Mao Zedong ordered Li Qiang: “Will you switch to foreign trade?” The communications expert reluctantly agreed. In August 1952, Li Qiang was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy in the Soviet Union. He is not only the witness and executor of the 156 construction projects aided by the Soviet Union in China, he has made important contributions to the large-scale introduction of production equipment and advanced technology and equipment, and promoted the recovery and development of my country’s national economy. When dealing with technical materials, I was ordered to fight against each other and do my best to protect national interests and reduce national losses. During the “Cultural Revolution”, he carried out foreign trade work under extremely complicated and difficult circumstances, and at the same time served as the head of the Office of the State Council’s Leading Group for Aid to Vietnam. From December 11, 1970 to January 7, 1971, he visited Vietnam secretly at the age of 65 and made field trips to the dangerous Ho Chi Minh Trail to gain first-hand information on the battlefield in Vietnam. In the 13 years from 1965 to 1978, China’s aid to Vietnam alone amounted to more than 18 billion US dollars. Li Qiang has presided over the transportation of aid to Vietnam for more than 10 years and devoted a lot of effort to this. In October 1995, the Vietnamese government awarded Li Qiang the “Medal of Friendship.” At the climax of the “Cultural Revolution”, Li Qiang pressed Chairman Mao’s inscription “Follow the End” under the glass plate of his desk, which had a deterrent effect on the rebels and made them less interfere with the work of aid to Vietnam; Zhou Enlai’s protection also Save him from skin and flesh. He withstood the destruction of the “Gang of Four” and arduously carried out foreign trade work between the East and the West and promoted diplomacy through foreign trade. Promoting the economy In 1973, the United States decoupled the US dollar from gold, which caused a major shock in the world monetary system. Li Qiang gave a report to Zhou Enlai, proposing to use the opportunity to expand the scope of foreign trade and earn more foreign exchange for the country. Then Li Qiang started the futures trade, and the whole foreign trade situation became active. During 1973-75, a lot of foreign exchange was earned for the country. One day he ran into Li Xiannian in the Great Hall of the People. Vice Premier Li told him: “You did a good job and earned more than 3 billion US dollars.” The 3 billion US dollars is more than the export value in 1972, which was a year of import and export. The total amount is only 780 billion US dollars. It is to buy and sell gold and commodity futures. When Chen Yun was in town, Li Xiannian gave the money, the Ministry of Foreign Trade took care of the affairs, and the Liaison Department of the Central Committee inquired. After the “Cultural Revolution”, with his profound knowledge, broad vision, and keen thinking, Li Qiang, who was more than ancient, was the first to propose the use of foreign loans to the central government, the first to introduce the American Coca-Cola production line, etc., and was the first to promote opening up to the outside world. A lot of work has been done in trade with Europe, America, Hong Kong and Macao. The famous Li Qiang retired to the second line in 1983 and died in Beijing on September 29, 1996 at the age of 91. After the death of Li Qiang, a revolutionary, scientist, and economic expert, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China spoke highly of him, calling him “an excellent member of the Communist Party of China, a long-tested and loyal communist fighter, and a proletarian revolutionary.” “He is not only a revolutionary.” He is also a scientist and economic expert. He is a rare compound talent of our party. He has done groundbreaking or pioneering work in the fields of scientific research, military production, broadcasting and telecommunications, and foreign trade and economics.

7 months ago

Lizarazu used to be the main left-back for the French team and Bayern Munich. He has won the World Cup and the Champions League with the team. He was also one of the top players in the same position at the time and can be regarded as the peak of his career. After retiring, he began to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and participated in the 2009 European Championships in Lisbon, where he won the 35–40-year-old blue belt 76 kg championship. It can be considered a mess. But he may not be the following one. Kaha Karadze, the main defender of AC Milan at the beginning of this century, has won the European championship twice with the team. The club level can be called the pinnacle, but his Georgian national team has limited strength and does not have much good results, so Bili Zara The ancestor is inferior. However, his development after his retirement was very surprising-he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia and Minister of Regional Development on the evening of October 8, 2012. He also came to China for a state visit before and was called by the fans as “a man who struggled from CCTV5 to CCTV1”.

7 months ago

Niels Bohr, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and founder of the Fundamental Hagen School, proposed the Bohr atomic model, proposed complementary principles and Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, often argued with Einstein, and later participated in the atomic bomb Research. But few people know that he is the goalkeeper of the Danish national football team. In 1908, he won the Olympic silver medal with the team. It is said that once the opponent took a long shot, he calculated mathematics on the goalpost. In 1922, the general headline of Danish newspapers: “Awarding the famous football player Niels Bohr Nobel Prize.” The dividing line thanked the comments in the comments, and went to consult the relevant information. With the team to win the Olympic silver medal is Niels Bohr’s younger brother, Hanad Bohr. Because of the outstanding performance of the Olympic Games, and famous in Denmark. Both brothers have played for the Hagen AB team, and the Kings don’t seem to be fully separated. Once, Niels Bohr visited the King. The King said, “It’s nice to meet Bohr, a famous football player.” But Bohr was very true. He repeatedly said that in football, his younger brother deserves to be “famous”. Can’t get off the stage. In addition, on various encyclopedias, Hanad Bohr’s profession is: mathematician! Let me talk about two more about football: Conan Doyle: “Father of Holmes”, literary achievements needless to say. He is also the founder and first goalkeeper of the English Portsmouth Club. Albert Camus: winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957, goalkeeper of the University of Algeria Athletic Team. They all seem to be goalkeepers. Does the position of goalkeeper have more time for them to think about life?

7 months ago

Haiyan Tong, vice president of China Tourism Association, director and senior vice president of Jin Jiang International Group, is not only a well-known entrepreneur, but also a senior economist. He once worked in the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, and also served as the general manager of Shanghai New Jin Jiang Hotel, the general manager of Kunlun Hotel, the general manager of Asia Hotel, and the president of China Tourist Hotel Industry Association. Current Vice President of China Tourism Association, Director and Senior Vice President of Jin Jiang International Group, Chairman of Jin Jiang International Group North Company, Chairman of Beijing Kunlun Hotel, and Deputy Director of China National Hotel Star Rating Committee, Vice President of China State-owned Assets Youth Presidents Association Long, master tutor of Beijing International Studies University. Outside of work, Haiyan Tie also engages in literary creation. In 1985, he published the first novel of his life, “Plainclothes Policeman”, and adapted it for the first time as a TV series and presented it on screen. In 1994, he created “Never Look at the Eyes” and won the 2nd China Population and Culture Award. In 2000, because of the adaptation of the TV “Never Look at the Eyes” began to attract people’s attention. In 2002, Hai Yan’s “What Can I Save You, My Lover” was adapted into a TV series and won the Best Screenplay Award for the Beijing TV Chunyan Award. In 2003, he bid farewell to Hairun, joined Century Hero Film Company, and established “Haiyan Film and Television Studio”. In 2004, the TV series of the same name adapted from “Jade Guanyin” won the Best Screenplay Award of China TV Golden Eagle Festival; in the same year, he was ranked 62nd in the “Forbes Chinese Celebrity List”. In 2005, he was ranked 100th on the “Forbes China Celebrity List”. In 2006, with the income of 3.8 million yuan in royalties, it ranked 16th in the first rich list of Chinese writers. In 2007, he once again ranked the second richest Chinese writers list, ranking 17th. In 2008, he won the Most Influential Person Award in the “National Opera Ceremony: 30 Years of Reverberation”; in the same year, he won the 20th place in the third rich list of Chinese writers. In 2009, he won the “Sina Network Festival 60 Years Special” Times Influential Cultural Figure Award. In 2010, Hai Yan won the title of “2009 Chinese Cultural Figure” Lifetime Achievement. In 2013, ranked 4th in the 8th Chinese Writers Rich List Screenwriter

7 months ago

Suddenly found that there are quite a few people who don’t know these two great gods. There is such a German buddy named Jacob Green. Many people should not know about this person. He and his brother William are very fond of law, so they studied law at the University of Marburg together. The school has aroused great interest, and then became a famous scholar in the field of law. However, the so-called Germany at that time was not actually a country at all. It was a loose federation in which each country had its own power and a hilltop and then became king-the “Holy Roman Empire”. At this time, Napoleon, the god and man of France next door, was just a mess. When the water rises, it beats the federation. In 1806, when Jacob Green University was about to graduate, Napoleon formally occupied the so-called Holy Roman Empire. Jacob Green was also a patriotic young man. He was enthusiastic about saving the German nation from falling into a semi-colonial colony. In the semi-feudal internal and external troubles (fog), Jacob Green insisted on the “historicism” of law. He was good at comparing the development of laws in different eras. Compared with the influence of Roman law on German customary law, he also advocated Germanism. He gradually became the leader of a nationalist school of law. Soon after he published a series of “Inherent Charm of Law”, “Ancient History of German Law”, and a four-volume “Judgment of Customary Law”. Important works. It was also when he published these books that he knocked on the blackboard, and he successfully became a librarian in the Kassel Library. It can be said that this profession is very advanced. Soon after, his brother also became an administrator. The two began to have a great interest in German history and language. At the same time, they found that the brothers’ sideline seemed to make a big news, but as for this achievement Let’s talk about it later. In short, both Jacob and William became professors at the University of Göttingen in Germany, and Jacob became the chief librarian (ಥ_ಥ). Later, Jacob and his younger brother opposed the so-called basic law of the state that the king of Hanover where the school is located, because of the joint name of five professors. The king said that it is impossible for you to do it like this, so he expelled the brothers directly and said that you don’t want to do it again. Want to be re-elected. Later, in order to commemorate these seven, Germany called them the “Seven Gentlemen of Göttingen” and created a statue. Picture The statue of the “Seven Gentlemen of Göttingen” in Lower Saxony. However, in the chaotic Germany at this time, a small marginal state “Prussia” gradually became stronger, and the King of Prussia recruited talents widely and invited Jacob and his brother to Berlin together. We also know that Prussia is the place where Germany was unified and the First World War was launched. At this time, the brothers finally found the career they need to do the most-linguistics. In fact, from the time they studied law, they began to study the connection between a large number of Latin, Greek and even Germanic words, and found A law with a high status in linguistics-Green’s law. This rule can be said to be the hypothesis put forward by the people at that time that “Germanic languages ​​(including English, German, etc.), Latin languages ​​(including Italian, French, etc.), Greek, Persian, and Sanskrit have a common ancestor “primitive seal”. “European” hypothesis. Green’s Law is also known as the “first consonant transition”. After comparing a large number of languages, the two concluded that the gh- in Sanskrit often corresponds to the ph- in Latin, and the Germanic language becomes b-. After that, a more straightforward rule emerged—g- in Greek, Latin, etc. corresponds to k- in Germanic languages. Greek and Latin p-, t-, k- correspond to Germanic languages. Of course, we have a better way to remember, that is, compared with other languages ​​of the Indo-European language family, the consonants of Germanic languages ​​always have such a pattern—— d>t>th actually read it, you will find that in addition to that th, Others are very similar to the initials of Hanyu Pinyin, right? Let’s take a simple example. Our constitution of the original Indo-European “you” is *tū ́, and in ancient Latin there is also tū meaning “you”. When entering the original Germanic language, it becomes *thu, and to Old English Li becomes thou. Although you have been replaced by you in English now, we can still see this residue in some classical documents. This is a change from t to-th. Next, we can see something more interesting (the original Indo-European “PIE” with *)——*ped-/*pod- (foot)——Latin pēs——English foot (where p becomes f; d becomes t) *duwo (二)——Latin duo——English two (where d becomes t) * treies(三)——Latin trēs ——English three (where t becomes th) Therefore, Green’s Law makes the relationship between English and other Indo-European languages ​​suddenly clearer. Of course, it includes the very common English “Pro” which means “forward” and “deep” from Latin and Greek. In fact, the root of “for” (such as forward), which has roughly the same meaning as the English itself, is also homologous, and it also has the characteristic that p becomes f. In short, this law established Jacob and William’s important position in linguistics and became masters of historical comparative linguistics. When they were expelled and settled in Berlin, their biggest wish was to compile a book that could fully summarize German and German. Cultural dictionary-“Deutsches Wörterbuch” (Deutsches Wörterbuch) (insert a sentence, you will find that the latter word is actually word book, the English of the same family uses the Latin etymology “dictionary” instead). Don’t look at the name, it’s actually the same as the “Oxford Dictionary” for English. It has been a master and treasure trove of German studies until now. You can find out the sources and records of German vocabulary in various periods through this dictionary. However, due to the huge amount of work, the dictionary was not compiled until the death of these two. After that, the project began to be completed by the government. But here you should have discovered that the collection of “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Frog Prince” and other stories-“Children and Family Fairy Tales”, which is the famous “The Grimm’s Fairy Tales” is a playful by-product of the two when they were studying historical language. Jacob Green went to folk investigations and collected a large number of similar stories to sort out. William Green deconstructed and reconstructed, but this The two seem to have an unusual hatred for creatures like stepmothers, and there are quite a few arguments. In fact, from “The Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, you can also see the state of Germany where there were many princes and a village chief who could be kings, so the princes and princesses were flying all over the sky, and finally gave us a lot of romantic fantasy. I think this can be put in another question. It is really a highly accomplished but “little-known” figure. After all, such an important figure in the field of linguistics is still a popular best-selling author “Green”. brothers”. Then I made an advertisement for myself. My audio lecture series has been officially piloted in the Himalayas. I hope that I can communicate with everyone along the way through sound and see the evolution of civilization. Throw a link: Civilization Evolution_Listen to Historical Stories Online-Himalayan FM Related Reading: An Senyao: There are not many people using Latin. Why do so many middle schools and universities in Western countries still have Latin lessons? An Senyao: What are the incredible cognates in languages ​​around the world?

7 months ago

Irina Levchenko of the Soviet Union. When the Second World War broke out, he was a health worker. He returned from the battlefield to 200 people. He was the first batch of Nightingale Prize winners in the Soviet Union. After being injured, he changed his career and became a tank soldier. All the way to victory, he was discharged from the army with a lieutenant colonel of the Guards Tank Corps; then he went to write a novel and became a member of the Soviet Writers Association…

7 months ago

No one actually said that Yamaha Yamaha’s founder, Yamaha Innan, was a repairer of medical equipment, and then others asked him to repair the organ. He thought the structure of the organ was very interesting, let’s build one… so Yamaha pianos are well-known in the industry. Later, the boss thought that the piano was made, and the guitar was made by the way, so he had a Yamaha guitar. Now that these two instruments have been made, do the other instruments by the way, and then they are out of control, some trumpets, drums, and later professional headphones are also available. Later, electronic music suddenly became popular. Our technology is so hard, so we will do it together. Therefore, Yamaha’s electronic musical instruments include: electric pianos, electric guitars, electric violin, etc., and electric-related musical instruments have also been made. . In the process of making electronic musical instruments, because the components are too expensive, in order to save costs and make more money, they began to make their own digital signal processors. Then he mastered the digital signal processing technology, and the company learned to be a router through the experience of making electronic musical instruments. One year, on that day, the boss said at the annual meeting: “Our Yamaha will become a comprehensive manufacturer of musical instruments, electronic equipment, and network equipment!” But something unexpected happened because the employees of this company created I was too strong, and I accidentally mastered woodworking skills during the piano repair process, and Yamaha furniture also made it. Because the houses in Japan used to be made of wood, they learned how to build houses in the process of making furniture. The construction of the engine was forced to study in a project that the government ordered a wooden propeller. In order to test the propeller, the aircraft engine was borrowed, but the engine was always broken. There was no way. They built the propeller and repaired the engine. After the propeller was good, they also mastered it. The technology of building engines. Now that you have an engine, you can make a car. Let’s start with two wheels. It didn’t take long for a motorcycle to be built. Everyone knows the status of Yamaha motorcycles…Why don’t you make a boat if you have an engine, and then make a boat? In the process of producing ships, I mastered the glass fiber reinforced plastic technology, and built a strong and portable water slide by the way. How to play if there is a slide without a swimming pool, they learn to build a swimming pool again. Some crazy employees have asked, is a domestic bathtub and a swimming pool two different things? So began to produce bathtubs, which are bathtubs with stereos. The ability to expand this skill is also convincing!

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